The danes prick and mommys little girls

by Dark Lezz

Keywords inf(g), g, beast(M), inc, lac, oral, femdom

Evelyn sat on the couch nursing Emma, who was age two. She watched her other daughter, Erin, rig the harness and the stand in the center of the room. Evelyn kept her leg spread wide, following the rules of the house--to be "available" as needed to Karl, the Great Dane they kept. Erin disappeared for a moment, then returned, Karl on a lead; she wrapped the lead to the stand's upright front post. The dog was to the side, so Evelyn could watch the action. The Dane's huge, swinging, grey ballsack was clearly visible, an inviting treat. His sheath, covering his foot-long penis, held delicious promise. The animal was almost four feet at the shoulder.

"He's ready Mommy!", Erin announced.

Then the six-year old girl smoothed the high back of the dog, and, going around in front, began to kiss him, sucking his mouth, eating doggie slobber. So good! Erin kissed and kissed her "husband" as Mom called him. The animal shifted his stance. So little Erin, with her tiny nipples and face already covered with animal drool, strapped the animal's four feet loosely to the stand--the beast was now upright on the lead, and had been trained not to move.

"Suck his balls, suck them!" Evelyn ordered. "One at a time. Into your cocksucking young mouth. I want to watch." She reached between her legs, as the baby nursed and sucked on her huge brown nipples.

Erin found Karl's balls and squeezed gently.

"Do you like that? OMG, your puppies are in here, aren't they? Your semen has puppies! Let me warm them, warm them with my hot little mouth."

The ball was so large the little perverted child had to literally push the testicle into her mouth with her fingers so she could suck on it. Her mother kept swearing and masturbating as she watched. Once Erin began sucking hard, the dog made humping motions, so Erin smoothed his flanks and kept sucking.

"Suck, that's it! That's it, you fucker! His pink prick's beginning to poke out. Jesus Christ!"

Erin sucked the other ball.

Her mother started shrieking as she came.

"Oh my fucking God!! Oh Jesus Christ 'm cuuumming!"

Trembling, Evelyn got up off the sofa, carrying little Emma. Her eyes looked wild.

"Take him out of the harness. Hurry up!" the mother ordered. "Karl, lay down! Now, get his dick completely hard."

The huge dog lay on his side while Emma fisted him. His penis was so huge! With a mighty bulge in it.

Emma held it up at an angle while Evelyn lowered the baby's mouth to the red pointed tip of the dog's engorged, slimy, purple prick-head. Naturally the little girl started to nurse. And the little one nursed and nursed as Emma and her mom giggled, jacking the dog till the baby was rewarded with streams of the beast's ejaculate pumping into her tiny mouth and overflowing down her chin. She liked it. Dog spunk soon covered her whole face and torso.

It was fun to watch Karl hump a girl and, after his jizzing, lick himself off in the corner. He never remembered a thing.

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