Little girls mom and their dog

by Dark Lezz

Keywords Fg, beast(M), ws, d/s, inc

The divorce caused Brithina to hate men. Even her own dark magic had not protected her, causing her to doubt its power, and the force of her modern Celtic deities. Power from animals was needed now. She pulled her daughters from school, and shut up the house. Then she sat her daughters down in front of her.

"Kella," she said. "How old are you?"

"Seven. Of course you know that, Mommie."

"I'm nine! I'm oldest!", piped up little Seana.

"Then you have no hair!" Brithina said softly.

"Sure we do, see? Look--" and the girls shook their heads.

"No. I mean here. You don't have hair here!"

And the gorgeous Brithina stood up, gathered her long white skirt, and slowly raised it to her belly. Her pussy was exposed. It was a thick bush of blonde, curling hair. She had brushed it out into a huge muff.

The girls gaped at their mother's cunt.

"Look at my hairy pussy!Your mom islike an animal in my sex organs. And I have sex with beasts, girls. Animals like Trevor."

"Oh my fucking God," whispered the little girls, looking at each other.

"Trevor!! Here boy."

The family dog--a large brindle pit bull with a nine inch prick--heaved himself up from the kitchen and approached the beautiful mother. Then he paddedover and began a gentle licking of the mat of hair. Brithina'sbreathing became heavy as the charm started to work. She parted her legs and pulled the heavy animal upcloser. As her young daughters watched, their mother was licked by the dog until she shrieked.

"Cock--cock-sucking, motherfucking --beast!", Brithana screamed. Then the woman started pissing her pleasure as the dog---well-trained to be sure--lapped it up.

"Here girls, help me lickup the ejaculate."

All three of the excitedwomen went down on their hands and knees and licked up Mommie's pussy juice.

"Strip off your clothes and put these on. From now on, our Lord inthis house will be Trevor. We will minister to his needs." Brithina's face was slimedwith her own pussy juices. She began to kiss Kella and Seanaon the lips.

"Take off your clothes. Put these on."

Soon Brithina's daughters soon stood nakedbefore her. They had put on the black studded dog collars. The dog tagssaid "I Am Trevor's Bitch."

"None of us in this house willwear clothes from now on. And you two girls will be down on all fours in case Trevor has need of you. We will all sleep in one large bed. And as our stories unfold, you will suck and fuck that nine inchdog cock until you don't haveany souls left."

"Yes mama. We don't want souls."

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