Mom has daughters sucks a dog

by Dark Lezz

Keywords Fg, beast(M), coercion

I had been worried about my daughters a bit since they were very close to one another as young children, but seemed to have few friends outside the house. As they grew up they would often hold hands, and once, when they were ten and twelve, I had to reprimand them for kissing on the lips once in public. Since the divorce there was no man in he house--just me and the two girls and Kane, our grey weimerainer, who protected the place. Once the dog came into the kitchen with half its boner hanging down and the girls asked me what its "pink thing was"--so I said it was his cock; thata dog's cock gets stuck in a bitch; and they just stared at it. Suddenly Lisa blurted out, "Mom, can I just touch it?" "Sure--get down on your knees. Stroke it," I said approvingly. "Kane's dick is beautiful." "Yeah sis stroke it, pull on it." Lisa and Sarah reached under the animal and began a gentle tugging--soon it's eight-inch dick was throbbing in their small hands.

"Listen to me girls," I said, "I want eachof us to start molesting this dog. Every single day I want his hairy ballsack sucked and emptied, understand? Now let's begin by getting him on his side Good. Look at the poor dumb brute drool."

"Quick, Sarah, start sucking the tip! Suck! Suck," I yelled at my youngest daughter, as I guided Lisa to cup andsqueeze the animal'sinviting balls.

"Oh my fucking God," Sarah wailed, "Kane's is spurting something into my mouth!"

"That's good. That's good," I cried. "We want him to! It's his semen. You always have to eat it, understand. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mom," the girl's promised.

I pushed Lisa's face down to the dog's testicles. "Suck the balls! Lick them. Or I'll whip you hard."

Lisa moaned and started licking, lapping at the dog's balls.

"OMG, I'm drowning. There's too much to swallow!", said Sarah--so I pulled her off the dick

and made Lisa change places and start blowing the canine, who was shuddering, tongue lolling out. Sarah frigged the dog-cock with her small hands to get the jism as I smiled approvingly. That little bitch got slimed with a huge fucking load of dog sperm.

Then to finish, I had both girlsquat down in front of me, and rub between their legs.

"Now piss, understand? Piss like a female doggie. Because you'll bebitch-doggies to Kane, your Master. Oh, you're pissing, girls! Good, Good. Oh that's're pissing for mommy so well, you little fucking cock-sucking whores."

I got my hands wet with the piss and licked it up, while my daughters rubbed their young pussy slits.

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