by Cindy1

I always enjoyed having extra money when I was 12 and 13 and the only way was babysitting. It had more benefits than just money! When the word got out I was fairly busy and made some good extra money. One of my favorite kids to babysit was 7-year-old Amanda. She had blond hair down to her shoulders and was the cutest child! She used to love to sit on my lap while we watched TV.

Part of my job was to clean up around the house when the parents were gone. Many times I found Amanda's panties just lying on the floor and they were always dirty! like she had worn them for 2 or 3 days. I didn't mind though. I would pick them up and take them to the hamper but would usually take them to the bathroom first for and inspection. I would sit on the toilet and put the panties to my nose and smell that wonderful young pussy smell mixed with her pee. It was intoxicating! I would end up sucking those panties and rubbing my clit till I orgasmed. God I loved her panties! Then I would take them to the hamper.

One time when I was babysitting her I walked into her bedroom and she was sitting on the top bunk of a bunk bed. She was wearing a short skirt and I could see these cute white panties with a flower design. I was already dripping into my own panties! I said, "Amanda, have you changed your panties today?" She said, "No." I said, "OK. It is time to change them. Please take them off and give them to me." She complied. When I had them in my hand I inspected them and told her that they were pretty dirty. I asked her how many days she wore them for and she said "Two days." I couldn't help but put them to my nose. I said, "Yes. These look like they've been worn for two days." I almost creamed my panties as I sniffed and stared at her bare cunt.

I said, "Amanda, is it OK if I look at your ... vagina to see if you need to be cleaned?" She looked a little surprised and said, "OK." I opened her legs to see that she had quite a wet little pussy. I remember my pussy was really wet at 7 years old too. Of course, then I was 12, and my pussy was really wet now too! I told Amanda, "Is it OK if I clean you down here?" She again looked a little surprised and said, "I guess so." I moved her closer to the edge of the bed and began licking her sweet 7-year-old pussy. It was delicious! Her face was precious as she watched me lick. She was in shock but also had a little smile. I asked her, "Do you like this? Is this alright?" She just nodded and smiled. As I licked deeper and deeper her breathing was quickening. I could tell she was about to have maybe her first orgasm in MY mouth!

I began licking that little clit. It was so cute and throbbing! As she started to cum she grabbed my head to make sure I would not leave her little cunny. As she orgasmed I heard her moan and her little 7-year-old cunt started dripping juices. My hand was inside my panties as I licked her and I was creaming as well. It was the most beautiful moment I had ever had. Her cheeks were so pink! I think she came like 3 times in a row and I licked up all the juice that little girl had.

When I was done I said, "I think you are clean now. Sorry I got carried away with that." Amanda just smiled and said, "That's OK." Then I put the sheets on her and covered her up so she could take a nap. I took those dirty panties home with me as a momento. Babysitting was a fantastic job!