Tina & Tami (Twins) – Harsh Consequences

by Chrian

Angela ran toward the house as fast as she could and then froze in her tracks.

“Angela! Get over here now!” The preacher yelled and the last word was deeper in tone and emphasized.

Shivers went up and down Angela’s spine and terror filled her. Every ounce of her wanted to run and hide but she knew the preacher’s temper. She knew that if she did run she could never come home because as soon as he saw her again it would be that much worse.

Angela turned to see him enter the barn. ‘Run!’ Screamed out in her head. She felt a lump in her throat and a sick feeling in her stomach as she took a tiny step toward the barn. Tears began to fill her eyes as she took another step in the direction of the barn. Totally opposite of what her brain was telling her to do. And then another step. Her chin began to tremble uncontrollably. And another step. Her bottom lip began to shutter. And another step. Her chest began to rise and fall as her belly tightened with each breath. And another step. Sounds of desperation in the form of sobs escaped from her mouth. Another step.

“No!” Erupted from the barn in a horrifying scream.

Angela knew that it had come from her mom. And another step.

Another wail came from the barn.

Once again Angela knew that it was her mom. Another step.

“Girl, get in her now!” The preacher screamed.

And another step. Angela gripped her tight stomach and bent over with a sickening sound.

“The longer you make me wait girl.” The preacher yelled again.

Heaving up what was left in her stomach Angela took another step.

Another scream of desperation followed by a loud cracking sound that only could have come from his belt on skin erupted from the barn.

Another step.

“I’m warning you, girl.” The preacher growled.

Another step.

Angela did not want to turn the corner and into the barn. Her mind still screamed out for her to run. Her face felt cold and damp. Her palms were clammy. She did not want to face the preacher.

Seeing Angela turn the corner into the barn door the preacher’s face turned a darker shade of red, if that was possible considering how red it already was.

If Angela felt sick before it was only minor to what she felt now as her gaze fell upon her mother. “Mommy!” Tears clouded her eyes as Angela fell to her knees in the dirt floor of the barn. Her hands went to her face to hide from the preacher.

“Angela can you tell me what was going on here?” The preacher asked lifting the belt high over his head and with a blur and a whistle that ended in a crack on Samantha’s bare bottom.

Angela opened her eyes at the shriek of her mom and the loud smacking sound that echoed in the barn. Her mom was laying face down on the breading table with her dress pulled up and her panties were still on the floor where she had tossed them when the twins and Mandy were still here. Samantha cried out in pain as she felt each blow sting into her flesh. She gripped the breeding table tight with her arms and legs in anticipation of the next downward strike that came all too soon.

“Daddy nothing happened.” Angela said shaking her head like mad side- to-side.

“Don’t you lie to me girl. You know what God does to liars don’t you?” The preacher warned.

Angela could not answer as her crying took over her. She shuddered and shook and took her knees in her arms as she fell over to her side lying the fetal position.

“See what you did to her?” The preacher asked looking down at Samantha. When he did not see her shake her head or hear her answer him he lifted his arm over his head and.

“Ah! Oh God please.” Samantha cried feeling the sudden sting against her bare flesh. “I did not know you were asking me.” Samantha explained. “Oh God please!”

“What were you doing in here?” The preacher asked again.

“I was…I was…” Samantha stammered for words trying to think of a logical reason for her to be laying on the breeding table with her dress torn and her daughter in the barn to, but in such short notice only one thing came to mind. “I was cleaning the barn and tore my dress.” Samantha said and then gripped the breeding table as hard as she could with both arms and legs waiting for another sting. But to her surprise she did not feel another slap from the belt.

For what seemed an eternity Samantha refused to let go of the breeding table waiting for the preacher to spank her again. What horrified her even more was that none came.

Looking up from the breeding table and turning her head slowly toward where the preacher stood she hesitantly opened her tear stained eyes.

The preacher stood there with his arms bent so that his forearms pressed against his head right above his ears. She knew that his hands were behind his head gripping his hair. She looked toward the barn door seeing Angela crying uncontrollably laying on her side with her knees pressed to her chest and hands clenched together holding her knees in place. ‘What the fuck have I done?’ Samantha thought seeing the belt lying on the floor next to the preacher’s feet. She noticed that the preacher was crying.

It appeared that his sobs fueled his fire. His breathing increased as if he was becoming upset again. Samantha buried her face against the wooden breeding table and tightened her grip once again as she watched the preacher reach down for the belt.

The only thing she heard was his footsteps walking around the barn. She dared not open her eyes and had no worries about him attacking Angela because she was in front of her and he was behind her. But what happened next Samantha would never had expected.

The footsteps got closer after he rummaged through the barn a bit and then she felt his hands grip her hair. As his grip tightened she felt the sudden sting on her scalp. She did not fight against his grip as she raised her head. She stood up quickly as his fingers tangled in her hair.

“Get up!” The preacher did not leave any room for argument in the tone of his voice and immediately she got to her feet.

Samantha realized that the preacher was holding a spool of rope in his other hand. Shaking her head no. “What are you going to do to me?”

Without a word he led her to the truck. He opened the passenger door and pushed her inside before turning from her and tossed the rope he had gathered from the barn into the back of the truck.

He went right over to Angela kneeling down to her and grabbed her up by the hair. She continued to cry and not to move as he tried lifting her up. He assumed that if he tugged hard enough she would get up because of the pain. Instead she continued to lay there sobbing.

“Get up now! Angela get up!” The preacher commanded.

He tugged several times before he even got her to acknowledge him.

Angela, paralyzed by fear and unaware of her surroundings, slowly rose first to her knees and then her feet, terrified of what the preacher was about to do.

As she stood up she almost immediately stopped her crying and shaking. With just a blank stare looking at nothing the preacher led her to the truck. She sat next to her mom and the preacher shut the door. He returned to the barn and removed the saddles from the horses.

Brandy had seen the preacher yanking on Angela’s hair. Angela’s head raised and lowered with each tug. Brandy reached over and ran her fingers through the tangled hair of her sixteen-year-old daughter as the preacher unsaddled the horses. Too many strands of hair fell out into Brandy’s hands as her crying intensified. Brandy flinched as her fingers got caught in a small knot of hair and watched as Angela sat expressionless.

“What the fuck has he done. What the hell have I gotten you into.” Brandy cried and lowered her head on Angela’s shoulders. “I’m sorry baby. God I am so fucking sorry.”

As the preacher knelt down to pick up the pair of panties he realized that there was a puddle at the base of the breeding table.

Saint ran up wagging his tail and licked the preacher in the face and then looked down to the puddle at the preacher’s feet. Once again Saint lowered his nose to the horse cum and began licking.

The preacher’s face heated once more as he realized that this… was indeed a lot of cum. ‘There were guys over here.’ The preacher thought. ‘That is why all the horses were saddled.’ The preacher’s jaw tightened smashing upper and lower teeth together. ‘She’s been in the barn having sex with God knows how many men.’ The preacher’s knuckles grew white as he clenched his fist. ‘And Angela, Angela knows or watched…or participated!’ The preacher bounded to his feet enraged at his little girl having sex with multiple men with her mom here in the barn.

Samantha watched her husband spend several minutes kneeling down at the breeding table picking up her panties. She gasped and pressed her dress down between her legs feeling very vulnerable and exposed as the preacher walked at a very quick pace shoving the panties into his pocket. Samantha swore he was mad enough to rip the truck door off the hinges as he yanked it open.

The preacher slammed the door with intensity before he put the truck in gear and peeled out on the dirt road.

The whole time in the truck was deadly silent. Samantha dared not cry and Angela looked like she was in a coma hardly blinking. The truck skidded to a dead stop and he slammed on the breaks and threw the truck in neutral.

“Out!” Was all that the preacher said harshly.

The three of them climbed out of the truck and headed to the doors of the church. The preacher got there first and unlocked the doors holding them open for his wife and daughter to go in before shutting it so that the echo rang through the church. The preacher clicked the lock and turned to face his family.

“Who are the men you’re having sex with?” The preacher asked with sternness on his face.

Shaking her head viciously from side to side. “I am not having an affair on you.”

“So you’re telling me that that puddle of cum in the barn came out of thin air!” The preacher spit getting closer to her face.

“No…” Samantha cried.

“Who are they? Who are they!” The preacher shouted taking out her panties and putting them within inches of her face.

“No one…I swear. I am not having sex with any one.” Samantha pleaded.

The preacher grabbed her arm and pulled her to the altar and pushed her down to her knees.

“Confess your sins to God!” The preacher began. “For the sins of the flesh shall destroy your eternal soul.”

“It’s not what you think.” Samantha tried to stand up and look into the preacher’s eyes but the look in his eyes froze her and she stopped.

“It’s not what I think? It’s not what I think!” The preacher pushed on the back of her head.

Samantha lowered her head down so that her forehead touched the floor. She felt a cool breeze on her bare bottom as the preacher lifted her dress onto her back.

“I think you are still wet with their slime.” The preacher cupped his hand down by her opening and pressed two fingers inside. “It is still slippery with their sin!” He preached

Samantha was expecting him to spank her naked ass. Instead she moaned as she felt his fingers press into her. She arched her back presenting herself to him.

“Whore!” The preacher spat. “You enjoy this while your daughter is watching.”

Samantha could not help but to moan even louder with the mention of Angela watching. She felt his fingers twist and turn inside her.

Pulling his fingers out of her dripping wet cunt he smacked her red streaked ass where he had left all of the marks, her wetness and the cum splattering. “Who were they whore.” He raised his hand again and froze as he heard.

“Stop!” Angela shrieked for a good half a minute before she closed her mouth again. She walked up to the preacher and sneered into his face. “Don’t touch my mom!”

Startled at her newfound courage the preacher just stood there looking at her.

“She’s not having sex with men…” Angela started.

Samantha held her breath waiting for her to tell that it was little girls that she was playing with instead.

“It was Saint and Victory. I had friends over and we rode the horses not guys. I caught mom and kept the other kids out of the barn until she….” Angela tried to explain.

Samantha was horrified that the truth came out.

‘God does not want us to tell secrets’ Angela heard in a small kid like voice echoing through her mind.

The preacher stood there motionless, not moving as the reality of the situation sunk in. Other men he could have handled, but this was too much. Calmly he turned back to his wife, “As it says in the good book, Leviticus chapter 18 verse 23, ‘Neither shall thou lie with any beast to defile thyself wherewith; neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down with,” again the belt rose in the air, the fervor in which the Preacher spoke rose as he spat forth the bible “and if a man lie with a beast, he shall surely be put to death; and ye shall slay the beast!” and to punctuate the word beast. He gripped his belt and slapped her across Samantha’s already bruised ass, leaving another long thick strip where leather met flesh.

Samantha screamed out in pain.

“Mommy!” Angela said as she stepped between the preacher and her mom.

Continuing his sermon as he pushed Angela so that she fell onto the alter. “And if a woman approach unto any beast, and lie down thereto, thou shalt kill the woman, and the beast!” again beast was accompanied by a savage strike with the belt across her lower back, causing her to scream as she crawled toward Angela grabbing onto the alter to pull herself up on her shaky knees.

“Whomever lieth with a beast!” Samantha’s scream of pain again rang out as the preacher angrily recited the religious rhetoric to her “shall surely be put to death!”

‘Oh my fucking God he is going to kill us.’ Samantha thought hugging Angela as she felt yet another flash of pain across her back.

“Daddy stop! Daddy…daddy you can do it to me! Daddy you can have me like when I was little. Daddy take me.” Angela pleaded laying over her mom protecting her from another vicious strike but none came. Only sobbing could be heard from all three of them as the preacher fell to his knees.

Standing up the preacher said. “There is a demon in these two oh Lord. One is a liar and the other is filled with sexual lust. I pray to you to cast these demons out of these women. Let their souls be pure and their…”

Samantha did not even listen to the preachers ranting as she lifted her sore body up embracing Angela. “What did he do?” Samantha watched as Angela’s eyes filled with tears.

“Oh my God.” Samantha squeezed her daughter tight. “I never knew. I never even had a clue.”

“…the power You have given me I use to draw out the demons…” The preacher babbled.

“Mommy it’s okay, really. I…I liked it just like I liked you touching me…but then he changed his mind just like you did and said it was dirty and evil.” Angela sobbed.

“Lies! I hear lies from the Devil himself. He is here inside of you.” The preacher continued.

“How old were you?” Samantha whispered in her ear as the preacher continued to rattle on.

“I was eight.” Angela whispered back.

It all made sense now. This was around the time she found out she could not have any more kids. This was around the time that the preacher began his odd sermons. This was when the preacher changed his whole preaching style and became…well a madman to live with. He refused to be called dad or husband any more giving up those titles and only staying with preacher or the preacher.

“Shut the fuck up!” Samantha stood with newfound vigor and with fire in her eyes she turned to the preacher. “You are the one that is demon possessed. You feel guilty for touching our daughter when she was eight and since then you have acted like a horse’s ass. If you’re a horse’s ass and I was fucking you then I was fucking a beast eight years ago. Those beasts were better to me than you were these last eight years.”

The preacher raised his hand and swung.

Samantha closed her eyes and waited for the impact. She heard the sound of his hand hitting flesh and she heard Angela cry.

Angela saw his hand raise to smack her mom. She ran in between them as the impact landed on her cheek.

The preacher stood watching as if in slow motion his daughter’s head spin toward her mom as her mouth opened and her lip flopped.

Raising his hands to his mouth. “Oh my God.”

“You bastard. You don’t see the pain you caused in both of our lives. You are as blind as the man Jesus healed.” Samantha blurted out. “Angela liked when you made her feel special and it was when you told her it was wrong that she…” Samantha added but giving up she tossed up her hands in frustration. “The pain I went through needing to be touched by you and that led me to the barn.” Emphasizing the last two words. “I need you…Angela needs you.” Samantha placed her hands on the preacher’s pants.

“I am a man of God!” The preacher stated.

“You are a serious asshole jerk of a has been husband.” Samantha undid the button of his pants. “But I know who you were and I know who you can be.”

“Daddy I miss you. I don’t like how you have been. I love you. But the way you were when I was little and you put me to bed or gave me a bath, not the way you are now.” Angela added.

“Come back to us. Let that demon out of you like we had to do.” Samantha opened his pants and found his cock already stiff.

“I am a…” The preacher started as Angela knelt down in front of him, wrapped her small hand around his thick cock and inserted the head into her mouth.

“Human. You are a sinful human.” Samantha finished for him as she looked down at her daughter, her father’s large dick sliding deeper into her mouth.

“I am a sinful human.” The preacher repeated as he looked down at his daughter. She pulled back on his cock, letting it slip from her mouth and looked up smiling at him for the first time in eight years.

“Come back to me.” Samantha leaned over and pressed her mouth to his, slipping her tongue into his mouth for the first time in eight years. Angela extended her tongue and licked the head of her dad’s cock, swirling her tongue around its head.

It was as if the preacher was a beast sucking and biting her lips and thrusting his tongue into her mouth, moaning as he felt his daughter lips again encircle his cock.

“This is wrong…” The preacher’s old tone started to come back as he tried weakly to pull away.

Samantha pressed on her daughter’s head forcing more of her father’s cock into her mouth. His cock hit the back of her throat, causing her to gag slightly before her mother released the pressure slightly, allowing her to throat to relax as her head started to bob up and down on his cock, just like when she was little. What she wanted was to feel her daddy again. Nothing else mattered than to have her loving daddy back.

Samantha kissed her husband deeply again, relishing the feeling of his tongue deep in her mouth. She had prayed for the day that he would return but never in a million years did she think that Angela would be on her knees sucking hard on his cock. Samantha reached down with her free hand and began stroking her daughter’s soft hair as she felt her head bobbing up and down on her father’s cock.

Angela closed her eyes, feeling the warmth of her mother’s hand in her hair as she felt her father’s cock spearing in and of her mouth. She thought back eight years to the last time she felt his cock inside of her. She reached over and placed her hand on her mother’s leg and slowly lifted her hand raising her mother’s torn dress in the process. She slid her hand up to her mother’s hot, slimy pussy.

Samantha moaned into her husband’s mouth as her daughter’s fingers sliding into her cunt. Feeling two of her daughter’s fingers sliding in and out of her felt good but there was still something missing. Samantha found her husband’s hand and pressed it against her clit. As Mark rubbed his wife’s clit he also felt his daughter’s hand there too. He moved his fingers down caressing the back of her hand then followed her fingers siding two of his own finger’s inside his wife’s opening alongside his daughter’s fingers.

Feeling her cunt spread with both her husband and her daughter’s fingers, she moaned into Mark’s mouth as four fingers, two large and two small fucked into her steaming cunt. She broke the kiss and laid her head on her husband’s shoulder and leaned against him for support. She could hear the sound of her sloppy cunt mixed with the sound of her daughter’s lips, slurping up and down her husband’s cock. It did not take long for Samantha to cum several times before she pulled herself up on the altar. “I need you Mark.”

Mark gently placed his hand on the top of Angela’s head as he slowly pulled his cock from her still sucking mouth. He softly stroked her hair down to her cheek as he looked lovingly down at her again. He looked up at his wife, now sitting on the altar. He stared at the welts that he had left across his wife’s ass as he reached out and gently traced one, causing her to suck in her breath sharply at the pain.

Angela reached up between her mother and father and aimed his cock, dripping with her spit, at her mother’s sopping cunt. He pushed forward until the head was touching her cunt where Angela rubbed his cock against her wet lips and she watched as her spit mixed with her mother’s juices before he pushed his cock softly into his wife. Samantha groaned as her husband’s cock entered her slowly. “Now is not the time to be gentle. Now fuck me hard.”

Hearing his wife’s words, Mark grunted and picked up his pace slamming harder into her cum filled cunt. He felt her slimy walls, still filled with dog and horse cum, squeezing his and milking his cock as he fucked his wife hard for the first time in eight years. He grabbed her legs and pulled her hard against his body, his hips pounding against her ass cheeks making obscene slapping sounds with each hard thrust.

Angela watched wide eyed as her father fucked her mother hard on the alter in the church. She climbed on the altar and kissed her mother softly on the lips, tears leaking from her eyes again, “I love you mommy,” she whispered before moving up on the alter and then kneeling down over her mom’s face and lowering her cunt down to her mom’s mouth.

Samantha raised her head towards her daughter’s aroused cunt. She extended her tongue and slowly licked up her daughter’s cunt from asshole to clit. She flicked her little clit back and forth before wrapping her lips around her daughter’s click and sucked it into her mouth as far as she could. She nipped at her clit with her teeth making her daughter jump and moan. She released her clit from her mouth and began mashing it with her tongue.

Angela moaned loudly and leaned over hugging her father as she shuddered from her mom’s tongue licking through pussy. She held on to her mother as she felt her father fucking her mom. She ground her cunt onto her mother’s face, feeling her lips, tongue and even her nose pleasuring her young pussy. Her fingers dug into her father’s flesh as her mother sucked and nipped at her clit.

Mark stood watching his sixteen-year-old daughter kneeling over her mom on the church altar as his cock slid in and out of his wife. ‘This is wrong.” The preacher thought ‘I’s the devil in me.’ ‘But I have my family back, how can this be the devil? I can’t fight it any more.’ Mark thought. The preacher pulled his cock out of Samantha but before he could say or do any thing he felt Angela’s hand lovingly stroking it.

“Daddy…I love you.” Angela said softly as she wiggled over her mom’s face, feeling her juices smearing on her. She laid down on her mom so that her mouth was level with her dad’s cock. She looked up at her dad and opened her mouth, waiting. He pushed his slimy cock into her mouth again. She tasted his precum mixed with Saint and Victory’s cum. She greedily licked and swallowed everything, cleaning her dad’s cock as he slowly pumped his cock in and out of her face, “I missed you.” Mark said as he pressed his cock into her mouth.

Angela pulled her mouth off of his cock and smiled up at her dad. She couldn’t remember the last time that she’d been this happy. She climbed off of the alter stepping between the alter and her father, she turned to face her mom and laid down on her body, her mouth opened and sucked in one of her mom’s nipples. She sucked hard on her mother’s hard nipple as she felt her mom’s fingers slide carefully into her hair and holding her softly as she suckled like she did when she was a baby. Mark moved in behind his precious daughter and pressed his cock against her tight little crack and pushed forward. When she never made a sound he continued to press into her until his cock her cervix. He quickly realized that she was not a virgin, but her cunt was incredibly tight. He started to slide his cock in and out of his daughter as he just had done to his wife. He looked down at his family, Angela was impaled on his cock as her mother held her as she suckled on her breast. He fucked his cock harder and harder into her cunt, his hips slapping over and over again as he impacted her perfect ass.

Angela pulled her lips from her mother’s breast and looked back over her shoulder at her dad, “Fuck me daddy, please show me that you love me,” she pleaded before turning back to her mother and sucking on her other breast.

Mark moaned as he continued to fuck his little girl. She began thrusting her cunt back against his cock, her orgasm building, her mother’s breast forgotten as she laid her head down on the breast, her mother’s hard nipple pressing into her cheek. Her mother stroked her soft hair, “Fuck your daddy, baby,” she whispered to her.

Angela moaned loudly as she fucked her father harder and harder. He grunted loudly as he felt his orgasm building deep in his balls. He let out a loud groan as he felt the first of his cum shooting into her tight little cunt.

Feeling her father shooting his cum deep into her sent Angela over the edge. She screamed out, “I feel clean mommy!” tears welling in her eyes as her orgasm washed over her.

Mark shot load after load of his hot goo into her cunt, filling it and even leaking out down her leg. Angela fucked her cunt back on her dad as her orgasm thundered through her body. She held her mom as more and more of her father’s hot cum emptied deep in her belly.

Mother and daughter lay holding each other on the altar as Angela softly cried as her father finally did what was best for the family.