Tina & Tami (Twins) – Gotta Run!

by Chrian

Mandy and the twins ran as hard and as fast as they could away from the barn. They headed back the way they came on the dirt trail that led them in the woods back toward Mandy’s house. They were all thankful that they had made it out before the preacher drove up. Even though they could no longer see the barn behind them something in the back of their minds told them to continue running.

By the time they saw the playhouse they were all out of breath. This was the first time that they felt safe. Reaching the playhouse door Mandy fell to her knees exhausted. Tina knelt down next to her cousin placing her hands on her own knees breathing heavily trying to catch her breath as Tami walked around holding her sides.

“Shit!” Tami said as she found a place to sit down on a fallen branch.

“That was not good timing.” Tina said panting.

“Just when things started to get exciting!” Mandy pouted. Sitting on her bottom holding her knees to her chest still breathing hard. “I can’t believe that Miss Samantha was doing that!”

“I wish my cunny wasn’t hurt or I could have felt the dog or horse in me.” Tina dropped her head in disappointment.

Both the girls looked at Tina and almost in unison as if they were the ones who were the twins. “What are you talking about?”

“You know how the dog was licking her mom when we came into the barn?” Tina asked.

“Yea.” They both said nodding.

“Well she let’s the dog and horse put their things in her and she was going to let them do it to me too but because my cunny is so sore I said no.” Tina had disappointment written all over her face.

“Did she show you?” Tami asked wide-eyed

“She sucked him and then let me suck him…” Tina started but was cut off.

“Suck who?” Mandy interrupted.

“The horse… and then she laid down on that table under the horse and she put almost his whole thing in her.” Tina finished.

“Wow! You sucked a horse.” Tami said excitedly.

“And you saw her fuck it too? I knew I should have staid at the barn.” Mandy pouted shaking her head in disbelief.

Tami noticed the huge wet spots on Tina’s shirt. “Did he cum on you?”

“He came in my mouth. She wouldn’t let me move my head. She held on tight so I couldn’t back away and it filled my mouth.” Tina explained.

“Wow, I think that I need to rub myself after hearing that!” Mandy stated as she undid the button on her pants and then stood to unzip it.

“Me too.” Tami said following Mandy’s example.

“Not fair!” Tina said in a louder voice.

“What’s not fair is you got to suck on a horse and play with Miss Samantha.” Mandy said making a face at her cousin.

“But you got to ride the horse and you get to have fingers play with you down there and I can’t.” Tina argued back.

Tami and Mandy had removed their pants and Mandy led them all into the playhouse leaving the door open and their shorts outside.

Tami took hold of Mandy’s panty elastic and tugged them down with her thumbs revealing the ten-year-old’s tiny bottom. Standing with her belly to Mandy’s back Tami ran her hands under her half-sister’s shirt feeling her ribs and stopping only when she reached the tiny nipples on her cousin’s flat chest.

Mandy stood still with eyes closed as she felt the soft touch from her cousin make tingles in her tiny nipples so that they poked out. Her shirt was raised almost to her underarms but hung down over her cousin’s hands so that she could not watch what Tami was doing. Mandy reached down with one hand gliding over her panties feeling where her hair would eventually grow before she slid her middle finger down to find her tiny clit.

Tina stood in the doorway with a frown watching the two girls wishing that she could do more with them.

Tami lowered her hand to Mandy’s panties and slipped her hand under the waistband cupping her cousin’s puffy mound.

Mandy leaned back and turned her head kissing Tami on her neck.

Shivers went up and down Tami’s spine as she felt her half-sister close down slightly with her teeth in a pretend bite, not to try and actually hurt her. Feeling this feeling for the first time ever Tami stuffed her hand farther down her cousin’s panties. She found her cousin’s entrance that was already wet and slick. Inserting a finger was easy and once it was fully in her cousin she tried to pull up on her in a feeble attempt to pick her up with one finger.

Mandy moaned and bit harder as she felt the pressure of Tami’s finger pulling up on her. It was a mixture of overwhelming tingles and a slight tinge of pain.

Tina stopped trying to pick Mandy up as soon as she felt the teeth tighten on her neck and even let out a tiny ouch sound but quickly started working her finger in fast long strides in and out of the wet cunny.

“Another finger…” Mandy moaned as the tingles from being pulled on multiplied quickly as her cousin’s finger stabbed in and out of her fast and deep. Then she put Tami’s ear lobe in her mouth flicking it with her tongue.

Tami bent her middle finger and pressed it against the ten-year-old folds and the walls stretched tight around the two fingers. Tami noticed that once the second finger was as wet as the first that the tightness feeling that she felt around her fingers slowly went away and sounds of wetness and air being pressed in and out of the hole could be heard.

Tina could no longer take it any more her cunny tingled like crazy and she felt the heat radiate on both of her legs as she squeezed her legs together trying to ignore the sensation below. Shaking her head she approached her twin sister and dropped to her knees. Placing her fingers in the elastic waistband she slipped Tami’s panties down to the playhouse floor. Spreading her sister’s bottom cheek with both hands she pressed her mouth and tongue to the only part she could easily reach, which was her sister’s puckered bottom hole.

Feeling the warm wet sensation on her bottom hole at the same time that her ear was being nibbled on made Tami tighten her cunny muscles as a slight wave ran through her that caused a tiny thin short stream of liquid to erupt from her clit. Tami moaned, as her breathing became quick and shallow.

Mandy noticed that Tami was not working her fingers in and out of her cunny as well as before and quickly realized that it was because Tami was a bit preoccupied. Mandy dropped to her knees and spun around to face Tami and spread open the twelve-year-old’s cunny lips and pressed her mouth and tongue to the girl’s little clit.

Tami now had her twin sister licking on her bottom hole and at the same time she had her half-sister Mandy licking and sucking on her clit. All she could do was spread her legs wider and then bent forward slightly so that she could place her hands on Mandy’s shoulders. This allowed her to steady herself as her knees started to shake and grow weak.

Mandy and Tina’s tongues explored their sibling’s cracks and crevices. Their tongues touched a few times on accident before they started doing it on purpose while continuing to flick the tips of their tongue on Tami.

Mandy ran her fingers along the inner part of Tami’s thigh and then across Tina’s rosy red cheek before returning it to Tami.

Tina smiled at Mandy as she ran her hand along her sister’s leg moving close to her puckered bottom hole with every stroke. Almost at the same time Tina and Mandy placed fingers at Tami’s entrances and pressed in.

Tami moaned out loudly as she was double penetrated by the girl’s fingers. Tami’s hips began to rock as she felt the invading fingers working their way deeper inside both of her holes and she wanted them in as deep as they would go. Her cunny was so warm she thought it was on fire. Tami lifted Mandy’s shirt so that she could feel the softness of her cousin’s skin.

Tami caressed Mandy’s back with her finger tips but as she felt Tina and Mandy both trying to force another finger tip into each of her holes at the same time her caressing turned into more of a scratch.

“Fuck yea…That’s what he does to me as I sit on his cock.” Mandy blurted out as she felt the finger nails dig into her flesh. As soon as she felt the nails digging into her flesh Mandy pressed hard and fast no longer trying to be gentle to her slightly older cousin.

“Ahhh!” Tami moaned but did not make any attempt to stop Mandy or to step away.

Tina was twisting as far as her wrist would go back and forth without pulling or pressing in and out of her twin’s bottom hole.

Tami nearly fell to her knees as she scrambled on top of Mandy trying to get to the perky little bottom that arched upwards. Doing so caused them all to have to reposition themselves. It was Mandy who directed them all to get into a circle with their heads between the next girl’s legs. Each girl was then able to have a cunny or ass to lick or finger and at the same time have someone else return the favor for her.

Tina felt Tami’s mouth circle her clit. Her mirror-image pressed her tongue into the youthful folds of her sister’s puffy flesh and her tongue worked frantically over the small nub. Tina felt Tami’s finger press against her bottom hole. For the first time feeling something pressing on her bottom she relaxed and opened her bottom cheek with her free hand so that Tami had an easier time getting into her.

Tina pressed three fingers into Mandy’s back door working them in and out of her with slow deep repetition.

Tami moaned into Tina’s cunny as she felt two of Mandy’s fingers penetrate her bottom. “Yes…” Could barely be made out as Tami continued to work her mouth and tongue into and around Tami’s entrance.

Tina normally did not like things put in her bottom hole but because she felt so excited and was so wet and because her cunny was still sore she had no problems with letting Tami do any thing she wanted to her back door.

The three girls lay in the circle on the floor of the playhouse licking and fingering each other. The sounds of little girl orgasms filled the playhouse.

Mandy broke the circle working her way from between Tami’s legs over to where Tina lay on her side.

Tami and Tina closed the gap between them so that they lay licking, sucking, or fingering each other.

Mandy spread Tina’s legs so that she could see Tami pressing her finger into Tina’s bottom hole as she slurped and sucked on Tina’s cunny. Mandy wetted her finger and placed it along side of Tami’s and as Tami removed her finger part way Mandy began pressing inward.

Tina nearly bit he3r sister’s cunny as she felt the second finger invading her bottom hole. There was no pain but it was a weird awkward feeling as if she had to poop as her bottom hole was stretched.

Mandy and Tami took turns seesawing into Tina’s bottom door for quite a while as Tina lay between her sister’s legs moaning into her sex.

It was Mandy who changed things up a bit pushing her finger at the same time as Tami did. And once fully in she did a little downward pull to make her anus stretch and open so that Mandy could see the red lining inside.

The noises that Tina made were undecipherable as Mandy and Tami worked over her bottom for the first time.

Seeing that there was more room Mandy pressed a second finger into Tina’s bottom hole filling it with a total of three fingers.

Tina did bite Tami’s cunny hard enough to make her withdraw her finger from her twin’s bottom hole.

As soon as Tami removed her finger Tina loosened her bite so instead of pressing her finger back into the already full back door Tami reinserted her finger into Tina’s puffy hurt little cunny.

“IIIEEE!” Tina yelled as she tried to wiggle free of the two girls.

Tami was practically lying on Tina. Her leg was wrapped around her top half and when she felt Tina struggle to get up she tightened her leg muscles. Mandy was working a third finger into Tina at the same time Tami felt she had her sister locked down with her leg. Feeling comfortable that Tina was not going anywhere Tami pressed a second finger into Tina’s sore cunny entrance causing her to yelp again.

“Ouch!” Tina wailed. “Let me go…Let me…oh!…Let Mmm…oh!” With Tina’s last protest she pressed her mouth against her twin’s cunny finding her entrance with her tongue and working it between her sister’s folds. She had given up trying to resist and lay there as five fingers worked in and out of her two sore holes.

It was not too long after that that they noticed the sun was starting to go down. Picking up their discarded clothing and dusting it off before putting it back on they all headed home.