Tina & Tami (Twins) – Amy Breastfeeding

by Chrian

Amy walked to the crib in her room and picked up the crying little baby in her arms. She smiled as the little boy opened hiss mouth in search for her already naked breast. She waited until the baby opened his mouth wide and planted him firmly on her nipple making sure that he had a good solid vacuum so he would not be sucking in air that could lead to excess gas or an upset stomach.

She continued standing there by the side of the crib because she was just going to give him a little snack and put him right back in bed. She was still desperately needing fucked by her husband. Pussy juice flowed down her leg and milk flowed down her belly from her other nipple that was now flowing. It had been a few hours since the baby nursed last and both of her nipples were starting to feel that built up pressure and a little sense of discomfort.

She was not expecting Steve to wait for her. She actually thought he would jack himself off and then leave her to tend for herself. Instead she felt his hand sliding in between her legs. As she told him not to do that while she was nursing the baby she bent over some and Amy’s ass rose in the air as she cocked her hips making her hole easier for Steve to find. His finger found the hole and two fingers easily slid up insider her. As he pused and pulled them in and out her pussy it was making a lot of slurping sounds as the air rushed in and then was forced back out of her cunt. With that she let out a moan and thrust her hips back to meet his fingers.

Instead of continuing to finger her he wrapped both hands around her waist and pulled her backward. She took tiny steps till the back of her legs met the side of the bed. Steve pulled gently and she lowered her bottom to the bed. He positioned himself sitting behind her and rubbed her back and shoulders. Amy moaned and ran her fingers over her babies head to straighten out his tiny hairs.

Derek reached around and cupped her free breast giving it a little squeeze and milk shot out in a quick stream. “Steve…” Amy said laughing. “You know how I feel about that.” Still laughing Steve squeezed again and another jet of milk squirted onto the floor in front of her. “Yea and you know how I feel too.” Steve laughed with her. “I started this after Erik was born.”

“And I have not gotten you to stop yet…even though this is our fifth child.” Amy said slapping the back of his hand jokingly. Then raised her arm and put it behind his back pulling him around her. “If you are going to do it then do it right.” Amy said placing his mouth on her free nipple. His mouth connected and made sure he had good suction as the warm sweet fluid squirted in his mouth. His tongue licked her nipple in complete circles. He knew how sensitive they were and one tiny mistake with his teeth would end this perfect night.

Steve’s first experience of breastfeeding was right after Erik was born. Like tonight Steve and Amy were in the middle of fucking when Erik began to cry. Steve was so horny and always loved to play and suck on her tits could not just sit back and wait for her to get done breastfeeding so he had joined in. These thoughts were going through Amy’s mind as she noticed something move.

What Amy actually saw move was a shadow and turned toward the door seeing one of the twins in the door way with her hand down her pants. Amy turned back around and tapped her husband on the shoulder. “Umm I think Tina is watching.” She whispered very softly into his ear. ‘Was that a shrug he just gave me?’ Amy thought as his shoulders both rose and fell and he continued. She turned again to the door and Tina was still there with her hand in her panties watching them and definitely fingering herself while doing so. “Tina is at the door.” Amy whispered again. “Mmmhmm.” Steve mumbled still sucking and Amy swatted him on the back of the head. “Okay.” This time Steve looked up and saw Tina standing there at the door with her hand down her panties fingering herself.

“What’s a matter, sweetie?” Uncle Steve asked his daughter. I can’t sleep daddy my cunny is tickling. Tami fell right to sleep but I tried and can’t. I came in here to see if I could sleep in here with you but I did not want to disturb you. But then I felt even itchier down there and I had to itch it.” Tami stated.

Steve already knowing what had happened earlier knew just the kind of girls these two were but of course his wife still does not know…nor was he going to tell her just what had happened tonight.

“Okay Tina, hop in here and lay down. Try and get some sleep but me and Amy are going to finish this before we go to bed. She is itchy down there too.” With that Tina pulled her hand from her panties ran over to the bed and lay down right in the center of the bed putting the pillow she had brought with her up against the headboard some she lay down…well more like sat down watching her half brother and dad nurse on her step mom.

Amy slapped Steve’s head again as he went to continue sucking on her breast but that did not stop him this time. Tina lay there with her hand back in her panties listening to Steve and the baby slurp. She could not see much at all. Amy’s back was to her but her dad was positioned really funny trying to stay laying on the bed and suck on her breast at the same time so she did have a good view of his hard cock. Every now and then he would grab it and stroke or tug on it some in order to keep it hard.

Tina lay there looking at her daddy’s cock wanting to take it in her hand and stroke it, feel its warmth, feel how hard and horny he was, and most of all she wanted to taste his cum again. She had sucked him off on the side of the road when they stopped for a piss break and she thought about how her knees were all muddy and how strong the pee smell was even when they got back in the truck.

Tina moved her bare foot over to her dad’s cock and put it close by. Each time he would move his hand away from it she would put the bottom of her foot along the shaft of his throbbing cock. She kept a close watch on Amy and any time she even moved her head a tiny bit she would move her foot away from her daddy’s cock. As she pressed the bottom of her foot against his cock he would push his cock against her and he would thrust his hips making it slide up and down the bottom of her foot. There were a few times it tickled.

Within a few minutes Amy stood up with a very silent baby in her arms. As he fell asleep his mouth got wider and relaxed and her oversized swollen red nipple slipped from his mouth. She put laid him gently back into his crib.

Once again Steve reached out to stick his finger’s into his wife’s cunt. He rubbed his hand along her soft bottom cheeks and squeezed it spreading her ass apart to see her ass hole that opened slightly as well. Tina could also see her Aunt Amy’s puffy pussy lips.

Steve stood up and turned to look at Tina who lay on the bed with her panties pulled over to one side and legs wide open. Two fingers worked their way to her last knuckle then she would hold them in place and tighten her lower half and as she relaxed she slipped her fingers back out only to repeat it again over and over.

Steve positioned his cock and started to push his way up inside of his wife while she still leaned over the crib looking down on her tiny son. Remembering who was in their bed Amy once again put a stop to things saying “You have to be out of your mind to do that with her in here.” And stood up straight. She stood there for a few seconds to see just what Steve would do but she heard the bed squeak and she turned around.

Steve already moved to his side of the bed. Tina had gotten under the covers and had turned away from her dad laying on her side so that she would be facing Amy. Tina had her head on her dad’s arm and his other arm was around her belly. Amy looked at the arrangement and just knew no sex tonight and even gave a little sigh of disappointment shaking her head side to side, pulling up the covers and climbing naked into bed.

She was the only odd ball among the three. The other two lay on their side facing her but she lay on her back. Both nipples were flowing but not at much as her cunt was. She wanted to lay there and finger herself like she had seen Tina do at the door way. But she was the adult and could not act that way even if a child did.

“What does it taste like?” Tina asked quietly. “What dear?” Amy asked with a puzzled look on her face. “Your milk Aunt Amy.” Amy shrugged I don’t really know but I wont try it.”

“Can I try it?” Tina asked bravely just knowing that if it were Tami in this position she would have asked without any hesitation at all.

“I don’t think that’s a goo….” But Amy was cut off as Tina said “Pleeeeaseee….” And at the same time Steve chuckled and said let the girl try your milk honey. Amy felt a little hand cup her breast, the bed shift, and warm breath over her breast as Tina got into position. Then felt her warm wet mouth cup her breast. Tina was now kneeling on the bed her butt facing Uncle Steve…her dad with just her panties showing under her nightshirt. Steve noticed the obvious wet spot between Tina’s legs but dared not to touch her…at least not touch her yet.

As he was fighting against touching her cunny Tina moved her hand back to her cunny while kneeling down ass facing him. She knew her dad was watching and she did not care if Amy saw her finger herself again and she pulled her panties to the side again. She spread her lips using two fingers and then jabbed the same two in her cunny. She tried working a third in her hole and found she had a little discomfort doing so. She thought back to watching Grace stick four fingers in her hole and how she stuck her fist in Mary. Thinking these dirty thoughts made it easier for Tina to want to push her limits as well as make the discomfort subside. She was able to fit a third finger…for the first time…in her cunny hole as her daddy watched from a foot away.

Tina had seen her dad squirt the milk onto the floor earlier and with her other hand she cupped Amy’s other breast squeezing it and watching the milk squirt. Although this did not taste like regular milk and was far sweeter Tina was okay with the taste. Amy turned to face her and said. “This one really needs to be sucked some more.” Tina took the long, hard, red nipple that she had been playing with her hand into her mouth. Amy was now able to look over at Steve now that she was laying more on his side. He lay there with cock still hard but surprisingly enough he was not jacking off. ‘Was it because Tina was in the bed with us?’ Amy thought as she placed her head on Tina’s head and combed through her hair. She noticed that Tina was fingering herself again and then really could not believe Steve was not jacking off to his daughter fingering herself inches from his face while sucking and nursing on his wife’s tits.

She was so proud of him for not jerking off. In fact if she had seen the little girl masturbating and seen her husband getting off to it she might have gotten made at him, but for some reason seeing her doing that and seeing him do nothing but watch made her cunt even wetter. She really needed some attention down there.

After a few minutes Tina lay back down on the bed and got back under the covers. Once again turning toward her aunt. Again Amy lay down on the bed on her back. Her cunt felt like it was on fire. Even though there was no actual smoke…pussy smell filled the air. Steve got an idea and told Amy to lay like the other two and to scoot closer to Tina.

The two adults sandwiched their little twelve-year-old niece. Steve put his arm out so that both girls repositioned their heads to use it as a pillow. His other arm he placed over Tina and laid it on Amy’s hip. With a soft firm touch he slowly massaged her hip bone and followed her inner thigh down to her warm wet cunt. She parted her legs and allowed him entry into her moist spot. She sure did need some scrubbing. For a second she thought about poor little Tina and how she too had an itch problem.

As soon as she started feeling good Steve moved his hand away from Amy’s cunt. He placed his hand on Tina’s and their hands moved as one. Steve rubbed over Amy’s flesh from neck, to breast, to belly and to her leg. He wanted Tina to feel how soft Amy was and he wanted to break the ice by heating things up between the two, more so than they already were after Tina had nursed on Amy’s tits. Steve stopped Tina’s hand on Amy’s belly and then removed his hand leaving Tina’s hand still there.

Amy had no idea what all the rustling was going on behind her but before she could look she felt his cock enter into her cunt. ‘How is he doing that?’ Amy thought knowing that Tina was still in between them. Looking down toward the end of the bed she saw Tina’s leg raised up in the air making the covers look like a tent and Steve was passing through Tina’s legs to reach her cunt.

Amy felt a little hand wrap around her belly and go practically still as one little finger traced the surrounding area of her belly button hole. Amy felt the coolness of the little girls relaxed arm against her hot sweaty flesh but the more her niece…step-daughter’s finger danced around her belly button the more she pushed her hips back to meet Steve’s thrusts. IT was different this time because Amy knew the girl was doing the rubbing on her own without coaxing from Steve. ‘This little girl does know what she is doing.’ Amy thought being happy she was now getting some cock, finally.

Steve got tired of holding Tina’s leg in the air and repositioned it so that it lay on Amy’s leg. Amy felt the new flesh touching hers and once again she warmed up. ‘If I get any warmer the covers are going to set on fire.’ Amy thought pushing the covers off of her and kicked them to the floor.

All three lay on the bed a tangle of bodies laying on top of one another now exposed so that any of the three could now see what was happening.

Tina looked down first at the throbbing member that was snaking between her legs and into her Aunt Amy. Tina’s only free hand was laying on Amy and there was no way that she could reach her own cunny mushed in there like she was. “Dad…my cunny needs itched too and bad.” Was all Tina had to say and Steve moved the hand that was holding her leg up right, to her butt crack. He followed her crack of her bottom down till it met her puckered little bottom hole and she tensed up so he continued on and felt a warmth of wetness waiting him. He had no idea that a little twelve-year-old girl could get this wet but his finger only paused for a second as he slowly pushed his finger in deeper and deeper.

Tina let out a little moan of her own as she felt her daddy’s finger penetrate her cunny. He continued to fuck Amy but because it was awkward to have his hand between his belly and Tina’s back he could not move as fast. But Amy was the one who picked up the pace and started moving more to meet his slow thrusts.

Tina moved her hand down to play with Amy’s clit. Tina pushed with three fingers right on Amy’s nub and using her middle finger stroked it very fast moving up and down still putting pressure with the other two fingers. Thinking back this was what she thought Mary had been doing in the bathroom on the toilet as she was in the tub fingering the six-year-old named Grace she was babysitting the night before.

Amy was past the point of rational thought as she lay there thrusting her hips to meet her husband’s long cock that was between the legs of a twelve-year-old and that same twelve-year-old had her hand on her clit making her feel very good and she did not care at all.

Tina’s little hand ventured toward Amy’s cunt and felt her dad’s hard cock thrusting in and out of Aunt Amy. Tina lay her hand flat against Amy’s mound and placed one finger on one side of her dad’s cock and three fingers on the other side. She tightened her fingers enough so that his cock was rubbing her fingers and at the same time she rubbed on her Aunt Amy’s pussy lips. Within minutes of feeling his little girl’s fingers on his cock while fucking his wife and at the same time fingering this tight little girl…his tight little daughter…he was shooting his load into Amy who froze, not moving her hips as he pressed into her mashing Tina in the process. He rolled back onto his back removing his finger from her cunny hole and collapsing on the bed behind him.

Tina moved her leg off of Amy now that she was not wedged into place any more but kept her hand there at her Aunt Amy’s cunt. The think white goo rolled down Amy’s leg and puddle between her legs. Amy lay there with head up looking down at the preteen girl in between her legs playing with her daddy’s cum dripping out of her cunt. Now that Steve’s cock was out of the way Tina’s fingers entered the partially gaping hole. With every squeeze more of Steve’s goo squished out of Amy and each time Tina used it to coat her fingers. Amy, feeling her niece’s fingers slipping and sliding in her wet cunt filled with the little girl’s daddy’s cum made Amy spasm. Watching Tina lick her daddy’s cum off of her fingers made Amy just about die.

Amy repositioned herself with her head at the foot of the bed facing Tina’s open legs as one knee pointed at the ceiling with foot resting behind her knee and Amy mocked Tina doing the same with her leg. Both girls lay looking at the others private part that was begging to be loved. Tina was the first to move and her mouth went right toward Aunt Amy’s cunt placing her nose at the entrance of Amy’s ass hole and lapping at Amy’s over flowing hole. With both hands Tina held Amy’s pussy lips apart and licked at the mixture flowing out of Aunt Amy’s cunt.

Amy lay there looking at the preteen’s cunny. It was so young and innocent was what went through Amy’s mind as she thought about her first lesbian experience with another girl. In fact the person Amy was thinking about was Tina’s mom…Steve’s sister. Steve’s sister Lisa was the first person to lick and finger her little cunny and now many years later she was going to do the same thing to Lisa’s daughter. Realizing this Amy’s cunt tightened up and more of her husband’s goo was forced out and Tina lay there mouth still attached making sure not to let any more drops reach the bed.

Amy just could not lay there and do nothing. Her pussy was on fire but was being cooled by her step-daughter/nieces lips and tongue. Then Amy moved her head in, closing her eyes she stuck out her tongue and tasted her first pussy in twelve years. Amy also followed suit as she parted Tina’s lips with her two fingers after just a few licks. Amy took a good look at the young girl’s cunny. Aunt Amy noticed how pulling the two lips apart made her think about a butterfly with wings open. The inside of Tina’s cunny was so wet and soft to the touch. The velvety, pink flesh glistened in the nightlight. “Eat me…” Tina moaned because she did not feel Aunt Amy moving on her cunny and like that Amy’s tongue dipped into the darkness of the girl’s parted cunny, tasting the sweet innocence of this little girl for the first time.

Steve lay there watching. Remembering this same type of scene play out in front of his very eyes many years ago when Lisa, his sister, had told him to fuck Amy for the first time. Ever since then he had thought about that day almost every time he and Amy fucked but it was one of those things they seldom mentioned to each other…even during sex.

Amy felt her cunt begin to stretch unlike anything she had felt before as Tina pushed four fingers and a thumb into Aunt Amy’s gushy hole. Amy breathed in heavy as Tina worked the whole fist into her hole and started to push her arm as if it were a cock. ‘Damn this girl is a nasty little slut.’ Actually both Amy and Steve thought almost at the same time.

Steve was rock hard again watching his wife get fisted for the first time ever and by his daughter of all people. An underage daughter to top it off! Steve turned on to his side pointing his cock at his daughter’s cunt. He knew by fingering her she was still pretty tight and it would be near impossible for him to stick his cock up in her cunny and have her enjoy it at the same time.

So instead he moved his cock over to her and started rubbing it on her baby-soft bottom cheeks. Amy watched as her husband rubbed his cock all over the little girl’s backside but he was not going where she would like him to go. She reached through the little girl’s raised leg taking hold of his cock she slid it right between her legs.

This was the first cock that had ever touched Tina. But she was so glad that it was her father’s cock that was rubbing on her parts.

Amy placed the head of Steve’s cock in her mouth getting it all wet and then spit on Tina’s cunny lips. She placed his swollen head at her little entrance and rubbed his cock along her lips pushing them apart with every pass. Every second or third time Amy slid him through his daughter’s cunny lips she would return it to her mouth rewetting his head making sure to keep them both nicely lubricated.

As Amy stroked Steve’s cock and rubbed it against Tina’s cunny Steve just knew he wanted to push it inside her hole no matter what. He put his hand around his daughter’s waist cupping her cunny and repositioning her tiny body with ease so that her hole was better aligned with his cock. Amy held her breath knowing many times how he had positioned her in this way before he crammed his manhood into her cunt.

Meanwhile Tina seemed oblivious to what was going on down between her legs…besides the moans and groans she let out letting them know she was still getting something out of it. But she continued to push her hand in and out of Aunt Amy’s cunt.

After Steve lined himself up to enter his daughter’s cunt his wife took his cock in her mouth again whispering to him that it needs plenty of lubrication and to stop if she says ouch or to stop. Then she aimed it at Tina’s entrance and slowly Steve started to press into her.

Amy watched as Steve’s cock parted the little girl’s cunny lips and stop right before her opening and then he relaxed. “You can get it in farther than that.” Amy whispered again. He moved forward again pressing a little harder against her hole. His head mashed as it tried to force its way into her cunny but then he relaxed again. “Don’t stop yet.” Amy said but once again wet his cock and licked and sucked on Tina’s cunny getting them both nice and wet. Once again Amy positioned his cock toward his daughter’s tiny cunny and he began to press into her.

Amy watched as his cock head actually pressed farther into her cunny hole and felt her tense up and hesitate fist fucking her. “Yea…she feels it now…” Amy grunted because as Steve pressed harder into the little girl Tina buried her arm deeper into Aunt Amy’s cunt.

Amy let go of her husband’s cock and placed her hands on the girl’s hips to hold them still. “Come on Steve. I got her held.” Steve could not see exactly what all was going on down between his and Tina’s legs mainly because he was watching in awe as his wife being fisted by his twelve-year-old daughter. All he did know that was talking place down there was he wanted in.

Tina began to moan and a tinge of pain could be heard. She did not stop what she was doing nor did she try and pull away. She continued to work her arm three to four inches past her wrist. Steve did not let up either as he heard her little moan. “Come on Steve…” Amy wanted to encourage her husband to fuck his little daughter right in front of her eyes.

Amy watched as his cock head disappeared into her cunny hole. “Yes… Fuck yes….” Amy said. She knew that the hard part was over, which was getting the head in but she also knew that if he went to deep he would really hurt her. “Push it in deeper.” Amy said.

Tina felt her cunny spread wider than ever before. It did not hurt because her dad was taking his time and being very gentle. Right now as his cock head was fully penetrating her he had lay absolutely still. She felt wet fingers and Aunt Amy’s tongue rewetting her cunny hole but what she could not feel or see is that her Aunt was also wetting her dad’s cock shaft too. Tina felt her aunt’s hands move back to her hips and once again tell her husband it was time to push again. Tina’s eyes bulged out of her head, mouth flew open, and she inhaled in a wheeze and exhaled saying quickly. “Aye…aye…aye…aye… aye…” Followed by another gasp for air followed by a sharp high pitched squeal. It was not very loud but it was enough to let them know it was staring to get a little too much for her.

“Yea get it in her cunny…that’s it fuck her little hole.” Amy was actually surprised at how still Tina was. Amy thought for sure she would have to wrestle with Tina to keep her hips still so that her daddy could push his way into her preteen cunny, and Amy was a bit disappointed that Tina did not squirm so she had to hold her still. But instead Tina surprised her again by pushed her hips into Steve’s forward thrust. Feeling Tina thrust backward Amy helped by pushing once Tina and Steve both stopped forcing a tiny bit more of her husbands cock into her niece. Hearing Tina’s high pitched squeal Amy and Steve both froze in place.

The two lay there while Amy went to work again surrounding his cock shaft with her spit and licking on and around Tina’s cunny hole. She worked Tina’s underdeveloped clit with two of her fingers.

Steve broke the silence and said. “I am not going to move any more. I want you to take it nice and slow since you know how your tiny cunny feels. So start by sliding me out a tiny bit then back in and continue this as often as it feels comfortable. A little disappointed Amy watched as Tina started to move her hips on her own. Although Amy did keep her hands on Tina’s hips just in case.

Tina followed her Father’s directions as she moved her hips allowing his cock to slide out just a tiny bit before she pushed back on him. She remembered doing something similar to this with her sister’s fingers as well as the little dildo. She realized that even if her cunny hurt a little bit that all she had to so is take a moment for the hurt to fade then start again. As she started increasing the pace she felt his cock enter deeper and deeper working it’s way in until it felt like it was pushing on the inside of her belly.

Amy watched as half of Steve’s seven inch cock was buried in Tina. As Tina slowed down her movement her dad started to pick it back up again. They increased speed and with a quick push from Amy as the girl was about to stop only inches from being completely in his shaft became buried into Tina’s hole. Somehow she managed to get the whole thing inside of her cunny and without her screaming bloody murder. Well screaming too loudly that is.

Aunt Amy had to get up and get the baby again who started crying from Tina’s noise. Amy was not mad at all about Tina waking the baby in fact she was quite pleased with the girl’s performance. Tina wrapped her foot behind her father’s leg. Steve felt Tina’s leg pull on his and he noticed her leg muscles stayed tight as he pushed inside of her she met his thrust with a push of her own.

Amy lay the baby down in front of Tina’s face and began undoing the tape of the baby’s diaper. The inside of the diaper was wet and yellow. Amy turned to throw away the diaper and to get a fresh one…as well as some baby wipes. When she turned around the little baby boy started to piss again but this time without a diaper on.

The baby’s piss shot straight up in the air like a guesser coming down on his belly. He began to cry as he was splattered in the face. “Oh no!” Amy yelled trying to rush to the bed to put a fresh diaper on and watched in shock as Tina took the infant’s pee—pee into her mouth like it was a straw. Amy stood there watching and was shocked once again that she was not mad. In fact she was glad that Tina had stopped the piss before it made too big of a mess on her side of the bed. She did not want to sleep in baby piss tonight.

Tina moaned and rocked as Steve continued to ram into her from behind. She tasted the salty, bitter, flavor of the baby’s strong urine. Once the baby was finished pissing Tina removed her mouth looking up to meet Amy’s wide eyed view and then started moaning and grunting again as Steve was fucking her harder and faster than ever before. At this point Tina did not care what Amy thought. She had already fisted Amy and when the baby was pissing in front of her she was not about to let that opportunity pass. Now she knew just what Anna felt like having her brother piss in her mouth and she liked it.

Amy lay down on the bed with the infant between her and Tina and propped her head up with one arm looking into her step-daughter’s (or niece’s) face as her father fucked her from behind. Amy looked at her small infant boy wiggling his legs naked from the waist down. Amy took Tina’s hand and placed it on the infant’s pee—pee and Tina started to stroke it between two fingers. Amy watched the infant get an erection at the touch of his step-sister’s fingers. While helping Tina masturbate her infant baby boy she looked at the golden wetness coating her baby’s belly. Amy wanted to make sure her son was clean before she put him back to bed and leaned over licking his piss off his flesh. He giggled as his belly was tickled by his mother’s tongue. Then she would blow on his belly ever so often making a loud noise.

Then Tina stopped and took Amy’s hand and guided it to her son’s pee— pee and right before Amy touched it she tightened her arm muscles so her arm was frozen in place. Tina tugged a little harder and Amy gave in taking hold of the infant’s tiny, yet hard pee—pee and started stroking it. Within seconds Amy’s mouth engulfed the tiny pee—pee. Her tongue felt the flap of foreskin move inside her mouth and noticed how soft and fleshy his hard pee—pee really was.

Seeing his wife suck their son’s pee—pee was all it took. Steve grabbed a hold of Tina’s hips with both hands. He rocked his hips into hers like he would fuck his wife. Tina began to feel pain and pleasure all tied up in one as her cunny was pounded by her father. Moaning and groaning does not describe the noises that little girl made as her father fucked her cunny for her very first fuck.

Needless to say that it was not very long before Steve shot a load of cum straight up inside his twelve-year-old preteen daughter. Amy diapered her baby boy and stuck him back in the crib getting between Tina’s legs once again. Only this time she was able to eat her husband’s cum out of his daughter’s cunny. She did notice that there was a touch of red mixed in with the white but she was sure not going to let that stop her. In fact she kissed the little girl’s cunny several times to make it feel better.