Tina & Tami (Twins) – Uncle Steve? Or Should We Call You Dad?

by Chrian

Please read the other chapters before reading this! This is not a stand alone story and is better read as a whole so you can understand what is going on.

Uncle Steve drove into the drive and gave a few toots on his horn. Moments later two girls exited the house each with a backpack on and pulling a small suit case thing behind her. He watched only for a split second before he hopped out and took the suit cases tossing them in the back of his truck. Each or the twins removed their backpack and tossed it next to their suitcases.

Without warning both girls wrapped their arms around his belly and held on. This was not the first time they had seen Uncle Steve, however, it had been a couple of years since the last time they had seen him. But this was one hug they held onto. The girls finally knew the truth as to their life long question…who is our dad?

“Alright girls…” He said trying to walk but still both girls held on. It was not the hug that he received the last time they saw him…no this was something else.

Only moments before he arrived, Steve had received a phone call from Lisa. She had told him to tell the girls. With this information was he reading into the girls’ hugs or did they know? He thought to himself…scrubbing each of their heads with his knuckles…messing up their hair slightly.

Tina looked up and had a few tears stains on her cheeks even though he felt her try and wipe them off on his shirt before she looked up. But Tina she had a huge smile and open eyes that seemed to sparkle in the dusk.

“Okay girls I am very excited to see you too but we must get going cause it is a long drive.” Uncle Steve said turning to the truck and opening the passenger side door. Tami climbed in first followed by Tina wiping her cheeks with the top of her shirt.

For the first hour they listened to music, sang, and caught up on regular type stuff before Uncle Steve turned the discussion.

“Girls your mom has asked me to talk to you about something that we thought we should keep secret from you.” Uncle Steve started out. The girls’ mouths seemed to immediately get dry as they listened to Uncle Steve.

“Your mom told me that because of some recent events that took place between you two girls that she thought you would understand where we were coming from. She told me that you two have been…” Uncle Steve paused for a second. “…well touching each other and even licking each other….” Again Uncle Steve paused but both girls sat very still looking at the road straight ahead of them. “Well when me and your mom were younger we too started touching each other and doing the same things that you two are doing…mind you I am a guy and I have a different part of the body than you two do so me and your mom… well….had sex and she got pregnant with you too….Girls I am your dad as well as your uncle.”

Silence fell inside the truck as they drove down the country road. The radio signal had gotten weaker and he had turned it down awhile back so the engine was the only sound they heard for several miles.

“Uncle Steve?” Tami broke the silence. “Should we call you that or should we call you dad?”

“My wife knows that you are my daughters but my kids do not. I am not sure if my kids are ready to know or not. If it was not for you two experimenting with each other like me and your mom did…I don’t think we would have told you. When we are alone or just with my wife you can call me dad. I have been waiting for the day you were able to call me dad and I almost thought that day would never come.” Uncle Steve said turning toward the twins.

Tami unbuckled her seat belt and turned to her dad getting on both knees she leaned in to kiss him. Tami stopped short of his cheek and whispered in his ear. “Dad I want to kiss you.” Uncle Steve put a finger to his cheek and tapped a few times. Tami shook her head no and placed her finger gingerly over his lips. “Here.” She whispered again.

Uncle Steve parted his mouth to say a response and turned to face Tami but before he could respond she kissed him on the lips. It was not a long kiss nor was it sexual but it was a tad bit longer than a mere peck. “Thank you.” Tami whispered again sitting back down and re- buckling her seat belt. Then it was Tina’s turn to unbuckle and climb over her sister, who tried to hold off the weight of her sister with both arms. Uncle Steve turned to meet Tina’s gaze and once again found himself touching lips…kissing his other daughter.

This kiss was a little more passionate. She lingered on, had her eyes closed, and their lips parted slightly feeling the warmth of their breath inside each others mouths. Steve opened his eyes remembering he was driving…also because of the sound of dirt and rocks hitting under the truck…as he had to turn the steering wheel to the left in order to stay on the road.

Tami pushed her sister and Tina sat back down buckling her seatbelt again.

“I have always wanted to hug and kiss my daddy.” Tami said. “It has always been a dream for me to meet you. I was always younger and you would hold me in your lap and carry me everywhere…” The words trailed off as she refocused her gaze on the road.

“You said your wife knows about us being yours?” Tina broke the silence this time.

“Yea we were all kids at the time. Your mom and Amy were best friends. Your mom started talking to Amy about having sex and then offered me for Amy’s first time. Lisa…your mom…was in the room and…” Cutting himself off. “I can’t be talking to you girls about this kinda stuff. Your too young it’s not right.”

“We are not too young! You already know that Tina and I have been eating each other out, and finger fucking each other.” Tami used these words to illustrate a point to Uncle Steve…Dad…that they did too know about sex.

“Dad we know what fucking is…” Tina piped up. “We already know that you and mom fucked and she got pregnant by you…her own brother but now you wont tell us about what you, mom, and Amy did? That’s really not fair.”

“Ummm does your mom know you cuss like that?” Steve asked not sure just what to say. He was shocked at this whole conversation…How could he have let it get this far? He thought.

“I would like to know more about that night too.” Tami chimed in. “It’s not fair that mom told you that we were licking each other’s cunnies and sticking fingers in each other but now you won’t tell us anything.”

Steve noticed his pants were getting tight in the front. Tami also noticed how there was a larger budge in his pants. “Dad what did you, Amy, and mom do?” Tina said. “I think it is making daddy hard Tina look at his bulge.” Tami said smiling. “Come on…dad…please!” Tina requested again.

“Well it actually started a lot longer than your mom thinks. In fact probably before I can remember either. But your mom and I took baths together because mom and dad said it would ‘conserve on water and money that way.’ I would wash her…you know.” Uncle Steve was cut off by Tami “Her cunny! You were washing her cunny.” “Yes Tami, I was washing your mom’s cunny every time we took a bath together.”

“Did grandma or grandpa ever catch you?” Tina asked remembering when Derek had seen them in the bathroom last night.

“No they never ‘caught’ us because they told me to wash her. We took baths together and we did not need to be told to take baths or showers together. In fact we started enjoying them more and more… probably like you girls are enjoying each other more and more. One day in the shower she was facing the wall and my dick got hard and I stuck it up inside your mom.” Derek noticed a musky scent in the air that he recognized as cunny juice and his cock was so hard it felt as if it were going to bust the zipper. “Your mom and I started fucking that day and not just in the showers. We fucked in the bed. We did not let our parents know what all we were doing but I am pretty sure they knew and did not care. They never said a word or even asked who your father was.”

Tami lifted her little skirt around her waist and spread her little legs apart feeling Uncle Steve’s leg on one side and Tina’s leg on the other side stopping them from opening wider. Steve looked down to see her hand disappear beneath her panties and felt her leg shacking from the motion of her hand rubbing her slit and sliding fingers into herself. Tina had on shorts and was not too happy that Tami was able to get to her cunny so easily.

The cunny smell was now very intense in the truck and Derek felt his cock jerk a few times…He knew it was forcing out some pre-cum and was trying to warn him that it needed some attention.

“The day Amy came over mom had talked to her about sex…I’m not sure all that was said but when she pulled me into the room Amy was laying on her back naked. Lisa told her to spread her legs…Hell my mom and dad were just in the other room…and I got on top of her and I fucked her right there in front of my sister. After I came…” What in the fuck am I telling these kids all this stuff for! Steve thought as he continued his story. “…I rolled over on my back and Lisa and Amy started to lick each other at the same time.”

Tina could not take it any longer and she unbuckled her seat belt, unbuttoned her shorts, and pulled then down to her feet along with her panties. Uncle Steve flicked on the light and took a good look at the little mound that had just a few light color strands of hair and as Tina started to finger herself he turned the light back off. He had gotten a good look at both of these girls going to town. Never in his wildest dreams would he have thought this would happen. Two preteen girls masturbating in his truck, on top of that they were his nieces and to top that off his own daughters masturbating to a story about how he fucked his sister…their mom.

“This was the first time I ever saw two girls playing with each other but it was not the last time. As we got older we continued to play together but once your mom got pregnant our relationship just sorta died. We never talked about it and it was as if it never happened. However, me and Amy continued to have sex and got married and are still together today.” Uncle Steve finished.

“I bet your cock is hard because my cunny is wet.” Tami said being the more outspoken one. She was also a little braver and would take more risks…and a risk she took by reaching over and laying a hand on her dad’s bulge. It was a long think shaft that angled down his left pant leg. She rubbed it a few times. “Yep it sure is hard and probably ready to squirt.”

The girls playing with themselves is one thing but for them to touch their own dad is another thing. “I can’t let you touch me there.” Steve said in a not so powerful way and it did not convenes Tami either. “Tami…you really shouldn’t.” Steve tried again putting his hand on hers. He felt how tiny her hand was to his and how soft. Every part of his sanity told him to take her hand off of his cock and put it back on her…her…her what? Here she is sitting with one hand in her panties and one hand on his cock. ‘Should I put her hand back on her cunny?’ Steve thought as he pressed her hand harder into his crotch pushing his bottom off of the seat as well to mash his member. ‘I can’t let this continue!’ Steve thought again forcing himself to put her hand on his inner thigh and patting it on the back of her hand as if to tell her to stay. Then he was shocked to find himself unbuttoning his pants and unzipping it all the way. He lifted up his bum a little to pull the pants just a tad bit down and reached into his underwear pulling out his cock. It stood high and erect, jerking ever so slightly to being free.

Without a word Tami’s hand grabbed his thick shaft and it sure felt warm to her. Her tiny hand was like ice on his shaft as her little digits worked in unison to pump up and down. He could tell that she was not very experienced but could also tell that this surely was not her first time playing with a cock.

“I have to pee!” Tina squealed grabbing her cunny with both hands. “I can’t hold it any longer playing with my cunny always makes me pee.” Steve looked around nothing but cornfields and woods. They were still 30 or so minutes from his house and knew she would never make it. He turned off on the first dirt road and drove behind a thicket of trees that were between them and the road. Out here any one would stop for a car that they thought was broken down just to be friendly and he definitely did not want someone finding them in the middle of peeing. Steve cut the engine and lights and both doors opened as everyone piled out.

“Come between the woods and the truck girls.” This just happened to be his side of the truck. He stood there with cock still hanging out as he watched the girls remove their panties and squat. He heard them both peeing. You could describe it as if a person held a finger over the end of a hose. Tina watched wide eye at her dad to see if he too had to pee. Ever since she had seen Anna get peed on she has been obsessed with it. She knew how dirty and nasty it was but that just made it that much more exciting.

“Can I hold it while you pee?” Tami asked standing up and not putting her panties back on. Without waiting for a reply she took his cock with her hand and aimed it to the ground. “I often wondered what it would feel like to have a cock and to pee.” Tami felt the vain in her hand jerk and fill up and a stream of pee made a puddle on the ground.

Tina listened as the stream died down. She walked over and stood in his puddle, kneeling down on her knees, opened her mouth wide. And took his cock into her mouth. A gasp came from Uncle Steve as her little tongue worked every last drop of pee from his cock hole. ‘She had done this before! Oh fuck yea…she has done this before.’ Steve thought taking the back of her head with one hand and gently prodding her mouth to go a little farther with each movement.

Tami knew what Tina was kneeling in and just made a little face. She did stand and watch her sister giving their dad the first blow job but she knew she was not putting her knees in pee.

Steve let out a long loud moan and held her head still as little Tina’s cheeks bulged like a squirrels cheeks that are filled with nuts. Tina coughed and choked a bit as the cum flooded her mouth in think huge jets. She did manage to swallow some before she opened her mouth allowing the rest to run down her chin in thick globs. Looking up at Steve…her dad Tina just smiled. “I love you Uncle Steve…I mean dad.” “I love you too sweety.”

“Okay are we ready to get home??” Steve asked the twins. “Um no not yet…” Tami said. “…my cunny still needs to feel good.”

Until this Steve’s cock had started to go limp but hearing his daughter say she needed her cunny to feel good started to make him rise once again. Steve realized what Tina was kneeling in and at that point decided to go to the bed of the truck. He helped the girls up and then climbed in as well. Not sure what to do next Steve just sat there.

Tami laid down on her back with feet pulled back to her bottom and her legs bent at the knees. “Daddy touch me like you touched mommy…” Tami said rubbing her fingers over her very small entrance to her golden honey pot.

Without being told twice Steve knelt right down grabbing her little legs and pulling her bottom off the truck bed to meet his starving mouth. Tami had never had such a hungry man eat her out. She had been liked by her mom and by Tina. She thought that Derek might have licked her some too but mostly he had just laid there and her and mom did all the playing so this was definitely new to her. With both of her hands she grabbed his hair above his ears. She was not sure if she wanted him to stop or to continue. If felt good but if tickled. She placed her legs over his back and so that her knees were in his arm pits. Using her leg muscles she lifted her bottom off the truck bed, and rocked her hips into his face. It was good that they were so far away from houses because her moans were now screams as she bucked underneath her dad as he licked and sucked on her cunny unlike anything she had ever felt before.

“Okay…enough…stop…fuck…” Tami said not being able to take any more and pushing on his head. Steve backed away and looked at his daughter laying back panting for breath. He had made his twelve-year-old cum.

“My turn!” Tina almost yelled with excitement laying down beside her twin pushing her over some. Flopping one leg over Tami—Tina spread her legs. Steve cupped his mouth to her almost bald little mound and like a vacuum sucked her little clit…stroking it with his tongue. Then spreading her little lips his tongue darted in and out, tracing her little lips and working circles on her clit before encompassing as much of her tiny cunny in his large mouth and giving her the same treatment he gave his other daughter.

Tina bucked wildly too. The only tongue she had ever had on her was her twins and she sure did not do this to her. She copied her sister grabbing his hair and wrapping her legs under his arms. But as she started to shake and shiver a stream of pee shot out. Steve felt this flood of salty liquid shoot into his mouth and pulled his head back realizing that she had peed into his mouth. His daughter had pissed in his mouth. “Don’t stop! Eat my cunny…” Tina cried out and Steve placed his mouth back on her and sucked some more.

A few moments later she too was begging him to stop. He looked up, face glistening in the moonlight with cunny juice, driblets of pee, and his saliva. “I think it’s time to get home.” Steve said standing up and pulling his pants over his hard cock.

Back on the road Steve shared another story about when he and their mom was younger.

“When ever I had to pee and there was mom or Lisa on the toilet my mom would tell me or dad to pee between their legs. They would sit with legs spread open and lean back giving me a great view of their cunts and I would aim for the water. There were times when momma would laugh and tell me not to pee on her and then she would move her leg, or flip my pee pee so that the stream would land on her. The first time she told me to pee between someone’s legs was your mom’s. She held my little pee pee and got me very close to your mom’s cunny hole. I peed and she shot it on Lisa who was already done pissing and ready to get off the toilet but momma said not she was not done and had to sit there while I went. Mom or Lisa would touch my pee pee and rub it on them before, during, of after I was pissing. I did not even remember most of that until you knelt down in that puddle of piss, then cleaned my cock of the piss that was still there and then pissed in my mouth.” Steve looked over at Tina who sat smiling watching the road while Tami made icky faces.

It wasn’t long after that when they pulled up into the long driveway of his farm house.

“We have some animals here on the farm and the neighbors have a couple of horses that they let my kids ride and I am sure they will let you ride them as well. It is way past your bed times. I will help you get settled in.” Tina and Tami grabbed their backpacks out of the truck bed as Steve grabbed their suitcases. All three headed to the front door of the house.

Entering the house they found Amy sitting on the couch reading a book. She hopped up and ran over to the girls and wrapped their arms around them as they each dropped their backpacks and returned the hug. “Hi Aunt Amy…” Both girls said in unison. “I missed you two!” Amy replied obviously excited. “It’s late…the kids are in bed…plenty of time to talk in the morning…what on earth is that smell?” Amy looked down noticing the little brown stains in Tina’s knees and a hint of urine in the air. “Okay fine you two run up stairs and get a shower ready…” Amy said grabbing up the book bags and heading up the stairs. Steve smiled “Taking a shower together will conserve on water and money.” Each girl grinned at each other then toward their dad.

Steve dropped their suitcases off into their bedroom and lead them to the shower. All three went in as Amy headed back down stairs. The girls started undressing and Steve regulated the water. As Tina bent over Uncle Steve poked a finger at her cunny hole. “Yea…stick it in me…” She whispered as his think finger entered her hole. Tami worked her way next to her sister and she too bent over the bathtub. Steve worked a finger from his other hand into her hole as well. Both were tight but he knew he did not have long to play. With that thought he removed his fingers from his daughter’s cunny holes and left the bathroom.

“These last few days has been crazy!” Tami said shaking her head. “I can’t believe how much sex we are having and with whom.” With that the girls climbed into the shower. “Let me show you what Mary showed me” Tina said picking up the bar of soap and getting her hand all sudsy.

“Tina can you put your finger in my butt this time?” Tina’s face took on the same shape as it had when she tried to put her finger in her bottom hole as she watched Mary sticking three fingers into Grace. Tami bent over and spread her bottom cheeks and Tina aimed two fingers at her puckered hole. With a little prodding Tina was able to push them inside of Tami’s bottom hole. Tami’s mouth opened wide and her breathing increased as Tina worked her two fingers in and out using the soap as lubrication.

Once her bottom hole was used to the invading fingers probing her ass Tami started to hump her sister’s hand.

Meanwhile downstairs Steve found Amy and stopped her from going back upstairs to check on the girls. “Um…We have not talked about this for a long time but I do know that you remember.” Pausing… Amy saw the look of concern on Steve’s face and nodded yes trying not to make this any harder on her husband. “I know the girls are your and they don’t know.”

“But they do know…Lisa wanted me to tell them on the trip back here. She called me when I was closer to town and my cell could get a signal. So I told them.” Steve said looking at how Amy was going to take this news.

“And how did they take it?” Amy asked calmly.

“They actually took it rather well…” Thinking about being sucked off by his daughter and how they had fingered themselves listening to his story and how he was able to suck and lick each of their tight cunny holes and how he had stuck a finger into each of their holes was making him hard all over again. “…actually they took it remarkably well.” Smiling and chuckling inward.

“That is good…I am glad that the cat is out of the bag.” Amy said kissing her husband who was in deep thought about two little kitties out of the bag. “Oh! Yea…” He said snapping out of it as her lips met his cheek. “It must be a shock for you now that they know.” Amy said giving her husband a gentle hug. Steve’s mind was elsewhere as he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her toward himself. Mashing his think hard cock up against her pelvic bone…she smiled and patted him on the shoulders also in a way to push him off of her saying… “Thinking of old times are we?” Amy smiled planting both hands on his shoulders and pressing firmly so that he had to back up a few steps.

“The girls are right up stairs and could walk down on us at any time.” Amy said swatting him on the bottom and then dashing away like a mouse running from a tiger. In his mind Steve knew that if the girls saw them fucking it would not matter to them but how could he tell Amy, could he tell Amy? With all these things going through his mind he knew just what to say.

“Do you know why Lisa wanted me to tell the girls?” Steve asked. “Um… not really, no. Why?” Amy said freezing in place and cocking her head to the side as in thought.

“Lisa said the girls were experimenting on each other like you, Lisa, and I did.” Steve answered. “Honey if you call outright fucking, sucking, fingering, and god knows what all else we did together experimenting then your under exaggerating it a bit. We out right fucked like horny kids.” Amy said chuckling. ‘This is going better than I thought.’ Steve thought. “Yea and that is the kinda stuff their doing right now with each other and maybe other people too. They admitted it was true on the way here and I bet they are messing around in the shower right now as we speak.”

“You’re such a filthy liar.” Amy smiled and swatted him on the butt again. “Go up and give the girls a towel then.” Steve said with a smirk as to say try me. With that Amy walked up the stairs and grabbed two towels out of the linen closet and entered the bathroom. Even though she was pre warned Amy really thought that Steve was just pulling her leg. There was no shower curtain and one of the girls were bent over with the other one probing her bottom hole.

As soon as they saw who it was that entered the bathroom door they both popped to attention. Amy stood in shock mouth partly opened…then would close…then open again. “I uh…I uh…brought you some towels. It is getting late girls…after your shower…” The words trialed off as Amy shut the door behind her.

“We are always getting caught!” Tami said rinsing the soap bubbles from her bottom crack. “This is getting ridiculous!” Tina said rinsing her fingers. There was a little brown on the tips of each of her fingers and she had felt something blocking her way up inside of Tami’s bottom but she had continued anyway. “I have to poop!” Tami said grabbing her belly and almost slipping on the wet floor trying to dash to the toilet.

Amy was as pale as a ghost and walked pretty slowly down the stairs. Steve just laughed as he saw her expression of surprise. “I told you… I told you…”

The girls finished up in the bathroom and climbed into their big bed together under the covers. Tami’s hand found her way to Tina’s bottom hole and started slipping a finger in. Tina jumped “Noooo…” She said in almost a low whisper that don’t go there...” Moving her sister’s hand so that her fingers were lined up with her cunny hole she continued “…it does here!” Tina spread wide as Tami’s fingers went to work.

“So what are we going to have the girls call me? Can we even tell our kids?” Steve and Amy headed upstairs and stopped at the twins door. Steve opened the door softly and say that the girls were still awake… in bed but still awake. He knew that because the girls lay there with the covers moving and soft moans filled the air. Leaving his wife at the door he walked over to the bed. Sitting on the edge.

The girls opened their eyes and saw who it was who had once again snuck up on them. “Hi dad…” Tina said and then went back to her soft moans. “Hi daddy…” Tami said pausing from the treatment she was giving to her twin. “I came in for hugs and to say goodnight.” Both girls popped up out from the covers showing both Amy and their dad that they had not a stitch of clothing on under those covers. The girls both wrapped their arms around him taking turns planting kisses on his lips. Until Tina saw Amy standing at the door. Steve’s arms were wrapped around them and his hands were on their backs rubbing on their soft smooth skin. Tina tapped Tami lightly and got her to look at the doorway to see Amy standing there and both girls stopped kissing and lay back down on the bed and covered back up. Laying still as Steve got up and walked to the door.

“Girls…” Aunt Amy started “I was shocked to see you two in the shower but I am not mad. Can I get a good night hug and kiss too?”

The girls both nodded and sat up again letting the covers fall to their laps. Amy sat on the edge of the bed and bother naked girls wrapped their arms around her too. Tami was the first one to kiss Aunt Amy on the lips but soon both girls took turns. Each kiss getting longer and more daring. Amy stood up again pretty pale in the face. She had been thinking about how her and Lisa used to play these kissing games together before they added Steve to their games. But what made her pale again this time is that she was getting wet as the girls were kissing her and thinking about them touching their cunnies as well as their twin’s cunny.

With that she met Steve in the doorway. The two headed into their room. Laid down in bed and before Amy knew what had got her Steve was pulling at her blue jean shorts and panties. Amy did not hesitate this time as she snaked her way out of them. Steve was also working on getting his own member free from prison with his other hand. As soon as Steve’s cock was free he started pressing against Amy’s bottom to find a hole any hole. She cocked her back as she lay facing away from him and felt his cock enter her pussy. He rolled over on her forcing her to lay on her belly and drove his cock hard and fast into Amy’s cunt.

“Fuck yea…you have not fucked me like this since we were kids…” Amy cried out and with this Steve even fucked faster and harder sending her into a continuous cycle of moans that became one long siren. Even though Steve came once in Tina’s mouth and once in his wife so far he continued to fuck her fast and hard. He was in no way shape or form ready to stop fucking for any reason…Until their baby started crying…