The Train

by Cheyenne

Hi my name's Dianna. I'm 35 and I work in the city at a women's modeling agency. We look for fresh new talent, all kinds of girls mostly young girls teens and younger. It's a great place to work seeing that I'm a closet lesbian and pedophile.

Did that shock you? I have always liked young girls it was my secret I kept to myself.

This one time I was working late and took a late train home.

The train had some people in it. I was sitting there on the seat watching people get on the train, when these rowdy young girls got on. They were talking and being loud. It then got quiet. "Thank God," I said to myself.

I then looked across from the train and noticed this red-haired girl was kissing her friend. She looked to be about 16.

At first I didn't look, but then I got aroused. I sat there watching this young girl kiss and fondle her friend. She saw me watching her I thought she would stop but she didn't, she just looked up at me with a little smile giggling kissing her friend

I watched as she slid her tongue in and out her friend's mouth slowly kissing her as they caressed each other, exploring their young bodies.

My pussy got wet I wanted to touch myself but people were in front of me. I couldn't believe that no one else saw this. Just when the red-haired girls friend was about to slide her hand over her crotch the train stopped and people got off along with the young girls.

The next day at work, all I could do was think about that little 16 year old on the train. I didn't get much work done.

I would go on the computer and look at little girl porn, little girls posing nude in sexy poses, rubbing my pussy dreaming of that 16 year old on the train.

I left work late and got on the same train hoping to see her again. I sat there the rest of the night watching people get on and off the train. It was just me and a few other people on the train. I was about to get up and leave when I saw her.

That little red haired 16 year old from the other night.

She had on a strapless sleeveless top that covered her mid section. and little denim short shorts that went up her young silky smooth thigh and little white sneakers.

I sat back down and she walked passed me. I could see the little pink straps to her thong poking out the sides of her short shorts.

She sat down across from me. We sat there facing each other.

She looked at me, smiled and waved at me.

I did the same.

She then looked around and made sure no one was looking.

She started rubbing up and down her legs, rubbing her knees, sliding her hands higher up and down her leg. She then spread her legs and started to rub her crotch.

I had my legs crossed. My pussy was wet on fire wanting to be touched by my hand.

The little 16 year old looked around again and made sure no one was looking.

She unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down a little exposing her little pink thong panties.

She spread her legs and slid her hand in her panties and started rubbing her pussy.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing this young little 16 year old putting on this show for me. My pussy got hotter and hotter I looked around and made sure no one was looking. I spread my legs and put my hand up my skirt rubbing my pussy, watching her rub hers, sliding her finger up and down her little slit. Her panties getting wet, my panties getting wet.

I hiked up my skirt so she could see me playing with myself.

I slid my finger in my pussy wishing it was hers. She did the same, sliding her finger in and out. We became in synch with one other as if we were the only two on the train.

We both began thrusting our fingers faster and faster, long deep thrust in and out in and out. We both looked at each other as we both came together.

Mouths open eyes rolled back, bodies tingling, chest heaving wanting to scream out letting our orgasms be heard.

WE both just came together. It was so intense, something I never felt before.

We then fixed ourselves and she got off the train and then I did. That night all I did was masturbate all night thinking of my little 16 year-old wanting to be with her.

The next day at work all I could do is think about last night on the train. I would get aroused as I would interview young girls that would come in. I started touching myself looking at these young teens tight little bodies.

Finally the workday was at an end.

I quickly left and got on the same train hoping to see my little friend.

I waited and waited watching people leaving and getting on the train.

I stayed on till it was just me. The train stops and she gets on. She looked amazing like a dream.

Her hair was straight long and flowing down her back. It looked silky smooth.

She had on a little blue satin mini dress, with thin little straps, the dress stopped just above her little bum exposing it a little, and black high heels. The dress hugging her tight little young frame.

She looked like she could be a model.

I couldn't believe it was just me and her on the train.

She walked down the train to me and stopped at those polls you hang on to, cause the train started to move.

I walk over to her and came up behind her gripping the poll. I leaned in and started talking to her.

"So what's your name sweetie?"

"Jessie," she replied

"I'm Dianna."

"Nice to meet you Dianna," she said with a smile.

"Mmmmmm you look so sexy in this little dress," I said, as I put my hands on her hips.

"Glad you like it I put it on for you."

"I think you know what's gonna happen next."

"Yes I know," she said as her voice cracked.

Standing behind her I started sliding my hands up and down her hips. feeling every inch of tight young body.

She grip the poll as my hands slid down along her thigh, hiking up her little dress.

My hand slid down along her bum feeling the tight roundness of it.

She gripped the poll with both hands as I reached down under her dress rubbing her pussy.

She spread her legs apart as I slid my finger up and down her silky smooth slit.

She gripped the poll with two hands as I slid my finger deep inside her.

She stuck out her bum and rocked back and forth with each thrust of my finger.

Her pussy began sucking my finger deeper and deeper inside her. She began to moan begging me not to stop.

"More! More! More! Ohhhh don't stop!"

I reached around and pulled down the front of her dress exposing her breast.

I began fondling her breast as I thrust faster deeper in her pussy.

"Oh! oh! Ohhhhh yes that's it FUCK ME! FUCK ME harder that's it don't stop!!!" she moaned out.

Hearing her say this really turned me on.

I started thrusting harder and harder, faster and faster.

Slamming my finger faster and faster deep inside her. I could feel her squeezing and pumping my finger as her breathing got more and more faster.

"Ohhhhhh god! I'm gonna cum I'm gonna cum!!!!!! I'm I'm cumming!!!!! OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"

Thrusting back an forth as she fucked my fingers, her head cocked back, as she came all over.

I sucked her juices from my finger, her sweet nectar tasted like candy.

"Oooooo now fuck me fuck me with your mouth!" she cried out.

I got down on my knees and lifted up her dress exposing her tight little bum. She spread her legs apart even wider, I leaned in and spread her pussy lips wide with my pointer fingers. I buried my face between her mound.

My tongue probed her pussy sliding in and out wiggling it around exploring her little pink hole, swirling my tongue deep inside her. I grabbed her hips as she fed me her young little pussy, grinding my mouth, as I sucked, slurped and munched her pussy.

"Oh oh ohhhhhh yeah FUCK! Your mouth feels so good! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!!!!!" she yelled out.

She reached around grabbing the back of my head with her hand while gripping the poll with her other hand.

She arched her back as I shook my head back and forth, her body shook as her juices squirted in my mouth taking every drop. She then turned around facing me. I reached up and slid off her dress, it dropped down on the floor. She stood there naked against the poll.

I leaned in and began licking her clit flicking it with my tongue, sucking and slurping it making her pussy dripping wet.

Long deep strokes as my tongue plays with her little pink button. I take my two finger and rub her clit between them sliding up and down slick and wet feeling her clit swell between them.

Her moans of pleasure filled the train car.

She reaches back behind her head gripping the poll rapping her legs around my neck as I held her bum in the air.

She crammed her pussy in my mouth as she rocked her body back and forth grinding my mouth. Her body thrashing all around as she fucked my mouth with her pussy.

She came again and again squirting into my mouth till I gagged on her l sweet juices.

She flopped down on the flour body shaking quivering by the pleasures of my mouth.

Just then the train started slow down. She got up and put on her dress.

Some people got on while we were kissing.

She leaned in and said in my ear.

"Tomorrow it's your turn."

And she walked off the train. The next day at work I was horny all day wanting to be with Jessie.

I left late again and got on the same train. This time she was there I walk over to her and sat down.

She had on a tight little mini dress with little sandals on.

She looked so hot I wanted her right then and there.

I began kissing her on the lips and fondling her right there in front of everybody, it was I real turn on. She pulled back and stopped me.

"What's wrong baby?"

"Not here we should go where we won't be seen."

"I think you're right."

She took me by the hand to the back seat. We were hidden by the seat in front of us.

We started kissing and touching, our hands roamed exploring our bodies.

She then got down on her knees and went up my skirt and pulled down my panties. She hiked up my skirt and spread my legs as she slid two fingers deep inside me.

I grabbed her hand thrusting her fingers in and out using her like a dildo. Her head went down between my legs and began licking my pussy as I fucked her young fingers.

I pulled her fingers out and grabbed the back of her head grinding my pussy in her young little mouth, her braces scrapping my clit adding to the sensation.

It wasn't long till I came in her mouth, my juices dripping from her chin. I let out a big moan as my body shook and eyes rolled back in my head.

"OHHHHHH FUCKKKKK!!!!!" I yelled out. Everyone in the train heard me. It was quiet and they were looking at me. Jessie got up from between my legs her mouth dripping with my juices.

I wiped the juices off her and put on my panties. The train stopped and we both got off and went our separate ways.

The next day I went to work missing Jessie knowing I would never see her again. Until my boss came over to me.

"Dianna this is my daughter Jessie."

I looked up and couldn't believe it was the same girl from the train. We shook hands and smiled.

"She wants to become a model. take her in my office and give her an interview I'm going on a break."

"Take your time Miss Silver. I think your daughter will do just fine," I said with a wink and a smile...... THE END?

Well I hope you all enjoyed our little train ride as always tell me what you think of my stories. I want to know how many times you all came, me I couldn't stop ;) I hope you liked my first story of 2011 the year is just getting started... ;)

licks & kisses
Cheyenne :)