Under The Covers

by Cheyenne

Hi my name is Vicky. I'm 10 and my sister Kelly is 6 and we love to fool around, mostly under the covers, you know so we don't get caught. I have always been attracted to my little sister. It first started when we would take baths and my mommy would tell me to wash my little sister.

My cunny would start to tingle as I soaped up her back and front. When my mommy wasn't looking I would slip my hand below the water rubbing my cunny and wrapping my arms around her waist grinding her backside. She would giggle when I was doing it. My mommy would giggle with us but she didn't know I liked the feeling of rubbing against my little sister.

That night and many more nights my sister would sneak in my bed we would kiss and touch each other under the covers. We would rub our cunnies over our nightgowns with our fingers.

We then started to strip naked and lie under the covers holding each other kissing and caressing exploring our little bodies. I would rub and grind my cunny on her leg till my body and cunny got all tingly. We would then fall asleep in each other's arms naked.

We then started sneaking up late and watched dirty movies on cable. It showed a man putting his thingy in the lady's cunny. We would giggle and laugh covering our eyes as we rub our cunnies. My sister said it was gross but I was aroused a little. But then we saw two girls together kissing and touching just like we do. We took our panties off and started rubbing our cunnies as we watched the two girls kiss and rub. Then the one girl put a finger in the other girl's cunny. When my little sister saw this she did something we had never done before. She reached over and started rubbing and fingering my cunny, just like the girl did on screen.

I spread my legs as she slid her fingers deep inside my cunny.

I then reached over doing the same, sliding my finger up and down her little slit opening her little box up.

We both started to moan along with the girls in the movie.

Then the other girl started using her mouth on the other girl's cunny.

When I saw this I came for the first time as did my sister.

The next day we were swimming in the pool. We both had bikinis on and we couldn't keep our hands off one another. When my mommy wasn't looking I would slide my hand under the water rubbing Kelly's cunny. I wanted to use my mouth on her just like the girls did in the movie.

That night my little sister and I fell asleep in my bed with our bikinis on. I woke up with her in my arms. She looked so sweet and felt so good against my body. My mouth and cunny got all tingly I wanted to use my mouth on her. We were under the covers and pulled them off us when she woke up. I lay on top of her kissing her lips.

"Mmmm what you doing Vicky!!! What if Mommy catches us?"

"Don't worry little sister, she wont. It's late. I want to use my mouth like the two girls did."

"I don't know. I'm scared."

"Don't be...."

I started kissing her on the mouth, and she kissed me back, then I slid up the fabric of her bikini top exposing her little lumps. I began sucking and kissing her little nipples. She started to moan.

I slowly started to work my way to her cunny. I slid off her bikini bottoms.

I could see her smooth hairless mound.

She spread her legs as I buried my face between her legs. My mouth started to water as I licked and sucked her little slit, penetrating her little cunny as I slid my tongue in and out munching and sucking her little pink button, shaking my head back forth.

She held the back of my head as she ground my mouth moaning my name.

"Vicky! Vicky! Vicky!

Her head thrashing back and forth gripping the sheets as I sucked harder on her little button, sucking and slurping as I slid my tongue deep in her cunny.

Grinding her cunny in my mouth faster and faster as I sucked harder and harder, her eyes rolled back in her head as her body shook and her breathing got faster. I gave my little 6-year-old sister her first orgasm.

"Ohhh wow! that felt so good big sister!" as she cought her breath.

"Mmmmm I bet little sister... now do me?"

"OK," she said with a smile.

I lay on my back. As we kissed she slid off my bikini bottoms.

I spread my legs and slid her head down between them.

I began grinding her little mouth as she sucked my button licking my slit, sliding her tongue deep inside my cunny.

I grabbed the back of her head rolling my hips forward as my butt rose off the bed grinding my cunny in her mouth.

My eyes rolled back in my head and my body shook as wave after wave of an intense tingling feeling flowed throughout my body, till my juices flowed in Kelly's mouth.

I put my butt down on the bed, my chest heaving up and down I pulled her on top of me. As we kissed I could taste my cunny on her lips.

We fell asleep in each other's arms.

That morning our mommy did catch us sleeping in bed together..... So now are in different rooms. But I do sneak out late at night and we still play naughty under the covers.

Well that's the end of our naughty little sisters. I hope you all enjoyed them as much as I did. ;) I love your comments so tell me your thoughts. Keep them coming. I love to hear how my stories turn you on 'cause they turn me on.

And I love that you liked my last story, you're all so sweet :) I love you all. Come back for my next story about an older women getting naughty with a young teen on a train.

licks & kisses
Cheyenne :)