My Secret

by Cheyenne

Her name is Evelyn. She's a little 10 year old that lives down the block from me. She has long dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a small thin little body.

I became friends with her mom and I would drive her daughter to school and watch her from time to time. I would help her with her school work and we talk about girls and boys. mostly girls and we would talk a lot about touching and kissing other girls. I thought she might be curious about it so I invited her to my house to swim in my pool.

She was wearing a little bikini top and bottoms. So I was aroused seeing her jumping in and out of the water in this little bikini. I started rubbing and touching myself as she hopped out of the water. The warm sun was glistening on her wet young little body.

It wasn't long till she came out of the pool and she started walking over to me dripping wet. I was on one of those beach chairs you lie in. She sat down between my legs with her back to me. She wanted me to dry her off. I took the towel and started drying her back. The sun was so warm beating down on us. Her little body felt so good.

I dropped the towel and began rubbing her shoulders, sliding my hands up and down her soft young skin. I leaned down and began kissing her little neck, small little pecks down along her neck and arm. I started to undo the little straps on the bikini top, undoing the strap around the back of her neck then her back. The little top fell down exposing her little chest.

I began fondling her little breasts rubbing them making her little nipples hard.

She didn't stop me so I kept doing it till she started to moan. She leaned back in my arms and turned her head to me, I leaned down and began kissing her little mouth our tongues played as she let out a little whimper and moan as she spread her little legs.

I couldn't believe this does she want me to rub her down there?! Just then she took my hand and slid it down her tight smooth little belly and then over her bikini bottom. I began fondling her little mound with my fingers, her breathing got heavy as she moaned and let out little whimpers as we kissed.

I was still kissing her as I slowly slid my hand in the little bikini fabric. I could feel her soft hairless little cunny. I began sliding my pointer finger up and down her little slit. She began to roll her little hips back and forth grinding my finger. I could tell she wanted me inside her.

I took off her bikini bottoms and slowly slid my pointer finger in her tight little cunny. She exhaled as I slid my finger in and out. She was sliding up and down taking my finger deep inside her. She started to moan and told me not to stop.

I thrust harder and faster! in! out! in! out! Her butt started to rise up from the chair! I could feel her cunny pumping my finger. Her eyes went back in her head as her body shook and her sweet juices came squirting out. She rose up closing her legs around my hand as she came for the first time.

She slumped down into my arms as I took out my finger. Her sweet juices were dripping from it. I sucked on it to taste all her sweet nectar. I had her taste her cunny. She sucked and licked all her juices from my finger.

I leaned back in the chair. She lay on top of me. I held her in my arms as the hot warm sun beat down our bodies.

My name is Cheyenne and this is my secret.