Me & Jenna, Part 14 Jenna Brings Home a Little Friend

by Cheyenne

Jenna comes in with the strapon. She helps me put it on. I walk over to the couch and lean back. Jenna and Holly get on their knees in front of me.

"What is that?" Holly asked.

"It's called a strapon sweetie. Jenna show her what to do."

"Mmmmmmmm I love to," Jenna moaned.

She took the strapon and put it in her mouth, started bobbing up and down taking it deep down her throat. "Mmmmmmmm," she moaned as she sucked on the strapon, jerking it in her mouth, sucking and slurping it as she looks up at me.

"Mmmmmmm yeah baby. You look so good doing that. Now let Holly try."

Jenna then gave it to Holly. She took it in her hands and started to lick it, first the tip then the head of the strapon. She slowly started to put it in her young willing mouth. Her head started bobbing up and down. I heard sucking and slurping. I couldn't believe that a little 9 year old could take suck a big strapon, but she did and she looked amazing doing it. I had a few orgasms just watching her.

Jenna held the back of her head as it slid up and down going deeper and deeper down her throat. I then thrust my hips up and down fucking her little mouth. Her moans were muffled by the strapon.

"Ohhhhhhhh yeah!!! Mmmmmmm that's it baby. Take it all the way down. That's a good girl. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!."

Jenna then took it out her mouth and started sucking it—they both started to—Jenna the head of it and Holly the shaft. It was such a turn on watching my 13-year-old lover and little Holly go down on me.

"Mmmm you two look so good. Did you like that Holly?"

"Oh yes Miss Cheyenne. I like the way it feels in my mouth," she said as she giggled.

"Mmmmmmm well there's a better place you can put it and it feels really good, do you want to try?.

"Yes ok, this won't hurt will it?"

"No it's better than my fingers. Come here baby."

She got on top of me cowboy style. Jenna started playing with her little cunny, spreading it rubbing it spitting on it, making her nice and wet. She did the same with the strapon.

Jenna slowly slid Holly down on the strapon. It was tight but with one big force her pussy opened and it was in. She let out a little scream. She leaned forward in my arms. I cupped her little bum with my hands and slowly began to thrust in and out, in, out, in, out, her tight little cunny. Her moans got louder and it sounded like it was hurting her but I couldn't stop I was so turned on. I couldn't believe what I was doing, fucking a little 9 year old.

Jenna was on her knees in front of us. She was rubbing her back as I fucked Holly.

"Mmmm yeah that's Holly. Take it baby. Yeah that's a good girl," Jenna moaned out.

"OH! OH! OH! AHHHHHHH! It's getting better Miss Cheyenne. OH! AH! OH! AH! OHHHHHH my cunny is feeling so good Miss Cheyenne ohhhhhhhh!!!!" Holly screamed out.

She then got in a squatting position. She put her hands on my shoulders and started bouncing up and down, fucking the strapon.

"Oh yeah that's it sweetie. Fuck me! Fuck Miss Cheyenne," I cried out.

I started grabbing her hips, thrusting her up and down, back and forth, grinding it in her tight little cunny, feeling every inch of her soft little body, hips, bum, belly and chest, as she fucks me.

I then have her turn around in a reverse cowboy position. She put her feet on my legs and started sliding up and down. She leans back in my arms and turns her head to kiss me. Her moans of pleasure are muffled when I cram my tongue down her throat. I reach around and start to fondle her chest, rubbing her nipples, making them hard between my fingers as she slides up and down on the strapon, grinding back and forth.

Jeanna was kneeling in front of us. She took the strapon out her cunny and started suckling it, her head bobbing up and down as she sucked and slurp Holly's juices from it. She then put it back in and Holly started thrusting up and down. Jenna then did it again, sucking it and sticking it back in her pink little cunny.

"Mmmmm Jenna, your pussy is looking really good. I want to eat you baby. Come here."

Holly went forward and put her feet on the floor. Then Jenna got up and stood on the couch and put her sweet little cunny right in my face. She started grinding her pussy, grabbing my head, thrusting her hips up and down. I put my face in her pussy, shaking it back and forth, sucking and slurping, sliding my tongue in and out, grabbing her butt as she ground my mouth. Holly rides me as Jenna fucks my face. Their screams get louder and louder as I give both my girls an orgasm.

Jenna got down off the couch and a took Holly off the strapon. "Come her Holly I want to fuck your cunny more," I moaned.

I put Holly on her back on the couch. Standing over her, I put in the strapon, grabbing her ankles and spreading them apart in the air. I started thrusting my hips in and out fucking her hard and fast. Her eyes rolled back in her head as the strapon went deeper in her pink cunny. She started moaning and saying nasty words. It made me fuck her harder and faster. "Ohhhhh yes! Fuck me! Miss Cheyenne!!! Fuck my cunny!!! Harder! Harder! Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!" she yelled out.

I let her legs go and Holly puts one foot on the couch and the other on the floor and raises her bum in the air. I grab her hips and start fucking her more, long hard strokes in and out fucking her little pink hole, grinding up and down long strokes. I then grabbed and held her thin little arms to her sides and fucked her hard and fast. With each hard thrust she rocked back and forth on the couch screaming in pleasure. Turning my head to the side, I see Jenna standing next to me. We kiss as I fuck Holly's cunny harder and harder till her juices come squirting out. Her body shakes and her eyes roll back in her head.


"OH WOW! Baby that was amazing. You came so hard for me. Good girl."

But I wanted more I wanted Jenna.

"Mmmmm Jenna I want to fuck you from behind while you eat Holly's sweet juices."

Jenna got on the couch kneeling down and started eating little Holly's cunny.

"Mmmmm ohhhh, yeah that's my good little girl. Yeah eat that cunny. Mmmmm stick you ass in the air baby."

Jenna put her bum in the air. I slid in the strapon and started fucking her from behind, rubbing and grabbing her tinny little ass, grabbing her hips sliding her back and forth on the strapon as she sucks that little cunny.

"Ohhh yeah, fuck me Cheyenne. Fuck me like that. Yeah ohhhhh yeah!!!" she screamed out.

Grabbing her hips, I thrust in and out, long hard strokes. Reaching down to the back of Jenna's head, holding it to Holly's cunny, I fuck her harder and harder, pounding Jenna's pussy till we all cum together.

Jenna flopped down on top of Holly. I pulled out and got on my knees on the floor beside them stroking Jenna's back.

"Mmmmm I love you so much Jenna. Mmmmm thank you so much for bringing Holly, you were both amazing."

"I love you too and thank you. You make me feel good all the time. I'll do anything for you."

I leaned down and kissed my 13-year-old lover and my new little lover Holly.

I'm sorry I took so long. I have a lot of stories to tell. I have them down and I will post them. This is the last of Me & Jenna for now. There will be more. Tell me how you like this one. I love your feed back. Hope you all touched your cunny :) like I did lol. Tune in for my next story about a little 8 year old exploring her body. Mmmm getting wet thinking about it. Her name is Alli. Then I'll go into her and her parents have fun with her.

licks & kisses,

Cheyenne :)