Me & Jenna, Part 12 Jenna Brings Home a Little Friend

by Cheyenne

After having an amazing orgasm with Jenna there was a knock at the door. "That must be her!" she ran up and opened the door. What I saw blew me away, I almost had another orgasm.

The most beautiful little girl. She looked about 9 with long dark-blond hair. It was in two braided pony tails that went down her back. The darkest eyes cute little nose and luscious little mouth. Small thin little body, Jenna is taller so she was a little bit smaller than her. A little tan and long thin little legs. She had on a yellow tank top with thin straps with flowers on them that covered her belly button, and little light-blue hot pants.

Jenna walked in behind her and brought her to me. She then sat down on the couch.

"Cheyenne this is Holly."

"Wow! Hi Holly you look very pretty."

"Thank you," she said with a shy voice.

"So you're curious about girls are you?"

She shook her head yes.

"And have you done things with Jenna?"


"Mmmmmm like what," I moaned out.

"Ummm we kissed and touched each other."

"Mmmmm oh and do you like to be kissed and touched?"


"Can I kiss you?"


"Does she kiss you like this?"

I brought her closer to me I leaned in and I started giving her little pecks on her soft little luscious lips. She opened her mouth and started to give me tongue. I couldn't believe she knew how to do that. Our kisses got more intense. She was really turning me on. I couldn't believe I was kissing a 9 year old.

I started to caress the side of her face sliding my tongue in and out her mouth. Her eyes were closed and she was letting out little moans as I kissed her. My one hand was around her back while the other was caressing her face. I then started kissing down her neck with soft little pecks. I then started moving down to the top of her shoulder.

I slid the little strap off her shoulder and then started to kiss down her arm. Her skin was as soft as velvet. I could see Jenna on the couch. She took off her panties and tank top, but she kept her skirt on. She started to play with herself.

Seeing Jenna like that and kissing Holly really turned me on. I wanted to do more to her.

"Mmmm your kisses are so sweet baby. Why don't you stand up on the table Holly?"

She got up on the table. Her little cunny was eye to eye with me. I got on the floor and got on me knees. She lifted up her arms and I took off her top. Her chest was tiny and cute—barely there. I reached up and started caressing her little chest. She let out little moans. I then started to kiss down her belly grabbing her hips, sliding my hands along her smooth thin little legs. She moaned out more as I slid my fingers over her shorts with my pointer finger and my thumb.

I can tell she had no panties on so I took her shorts off her. Her hairless cunny looked so good. I leaned down and started to slowly kiss her soft little mound. Then I slid my finger along her slit. She started to moan louder! With my two pointer fingers I spread her little pussy lips apart.

"Oooooooo yeah! Look at that pretty pink pussy! Mmmm I want that pretty pink pussy!" I moaned out.

I pulled back her hood and started munching, sucking, slurping her little pink clit.

"Ohhhhhh ahhhhhhh! miss Cheyenne!!!!! Awwwwwwww!!!!!" she moaned out.

"Yeah oh baby! Moan for me? Tell me you like it." I moaned as I munched on her clit.

She moaned louder and louder! Her whole pussy went in my mouth. I sucked and slurped and shook my head back and forth. She took her hands and put them on my shoulders to hold herself up. She started rolling her hips forward grinding my mouth.

My mouth started to water. I could feel her juices starting to roll down my mouth. I then started to slid my finger in her tight little cunny. I got the tip of my finger in when I felt that she had no hymen. I could go farther so I did.

I slowly started to slide my finger in and out her wet tight little cunny. My whole finger went right in. Sliding it in, out, in, out slow at first then my rhythm got faster and faster. Her breathing got faster, her mouth opened as she slid up and down spreading her legs, still standing on my table, fucking my finger.

I looked over at Jenna on the couch. Her legs were spread apart and she was fingering her pussy. My sweetie baby looked so good so I started finger my pussy.

"Ohhhhhh! Jenna come see how her cunny sucks up my finger."

"Mmmmmm yeah that's a good girl! Take that finger baby!!!" Jenna moaned.

"You want to taste her baby?"

"Mmmmmm yes please Cheyenne." Jenna cried out.

Holly stopped sliding up and down. I pulled out my finger and sucked Holly's juices from my finger. I then went back to her cunny and got some more on my finger and made Jenna suck my finger off.

"Mmmm she's so sweet Cheyenne."

"Yes she is and so are you baby."

I leaned in and started kissing Jenna. Her lips tasted like Holly's cunny.

"Mmmm do you want to eat her pussy baby now sweetie?"

"Yes! Oh you know I do Cheyenne."

WOW! Well I hope you like my mouth-watering tail so far. This really got my mouth watering for some young little pussy. Tell me what you think again. I love the nice feed back. You're all so sweet. I'll get started on the other half if you want me to. k

licks & kisses,