My Eleven Year Old Lover, Part 2

by Cheyenne

That day I slept in late 'cause I was up all night thinking of my sweet baby. The hours seemed to go by real slow. I was getting real wet just thinking of her. I wanted to feel her soft skin aginst mine, her little lips kissing mine. My whole body was on fire.

Just then there was knock at my door. Ahhhhhh! It was her—my sweet little angel. I opened the door and let her in. She had on the sexiest outfit. It was a light blue tube top, a little white skirt and these cute little white heel shoes. Her lovely long hair was in a pony tail flowing down her back stopping at the top of her butt. I wanted her so bad. My pussy was throbbing for her sweet little mouth.

We walked to my kitchen and she stood at the table. Her back was to me.

"You want anything to drink sweetie?"

"OK," she said. She was a little quiet as was I.

"So how was school?"

"OK," she said.

I gave her some water but I couldn't focus.

She said, "All I was doing was thinking of you and me."

I walked over to her, her back still to me. "Mmmmmmmm me too. Do you like when I touch you Alysa?"

"Yes," she whispered.

"Mmmmmmmmm can I touch you?"

"Yes," she said.

I slid my hands down her soft smooth skin, up and down her arms. She fell back into me as she moaned, "Ohhhhhhh yessssssss!!!!" I put her hair to one side as I kissed up and down her little neck, then to her shoulders. She put her arm around my neck and turned her head so we could kiss. I began to suck her little lips, sliding my tongue in her mouth. She did the same. I slid my hands up and down her waist as we flicked our tongues. I then slid my hands to her little breasts. I was rubbing and caressing them over her tube top.

"Ohhhh! Yes! Ahhhhh yeah!" she moaned.

I pulled down her top till her sweet little tits came out. I leaned down and stuck out my tongue and flicked her tits and went around her nipples.

"Yes yes yes hooooo yes you feel so good."

I then slid my hand under her skirt. I could feel her getting wet. I rubbed my finger up and down her slit over her little wet panties.

She began to moan as I slid my finger up her skirt.

"Mmmmmmmmm yeah! You like that you nasty little girl don't you?"

"Yessssssss!!!!!" she hissed.

I rubbed my fingers in circles as she moaned louder. Her pussy began to open. "Ohhhhh yeah, that's it. Open up for me. Ahhhhhh yeah, good girl."

I went down to one knee. She leaned forward, bending over my table putting her ass in the air. I lifted up her skirt and started to kiss her tight little ass, rubbing and squeezing it. I then pulled aside her panties and started licking her pussy, long slow strokes with my tongue. "Mmmmmm your pussy tastes so good Alysa mmmmmmmmm!!!!" I moaned.

She began to moan as well. She then rocked back and forth.

"Mmmmm yeah, that's it you slut! Fuck my mouth."

She rocked back and forth real hard as I slurped her little folds and sucked her clit. I then slid my tongue in and out her pussy. She moaned louder an louder. I opened her wider with my two pointer fingers. I stuck out my tongue more. My head went back and forth as I tongue fucked her hard. She reached around and held my head to her cunt. I then sucked her little clit into my mouth.

"Oh..hooo!..haaa! haaa! oooooooo! yes! Emily!!!! Don't stop," she moaned.

I began to suck harder on her clit, sucking it in and out, my head moving side to side real fast. She then went forward more on the table. I spread her legs apart and slid my finger in her pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!!!" she moaned out loud!!!

"Mmmmmm yeah that's it. You like that finger don't you? Mmmmmm!! You nasty little girl yeah good girl take it mmmmmm yeah good girl fuck it! Fuck my finger hard Alysa."

"Oh...oh.oh ah ahhhh ahh ooooooo oh yeah oh yeah yes! Mmmmmmmm haaaaaa," she moaned as she fucked my finger hard and fast.

"Yeah that's it, faster....faster."

I then put one of her legs up on the table and slid in two fingers. I started to mount her. I put her head flat down on the table holding it there to one side. I started to thrust my fingers in and out fast and hard. She moaned louder and louder. "Ahhhhhhhhh ohhhhh ohhhh mmmmm yes! yes! yes!" fucking her faster and faster, "ohoooooooo Emily!!! ohh!! ohhhh MMM MMMM Emily im!! IM CUMINGGGGGGGGG!!!!!" she yelled out, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

Her body began to shake all over as her sweet juices poured out of her cunt. I put my mouth there so I could get it all in my mouth. I then picked her up and put her sitting on my table and poured her juices in her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmmm ohhhhh yeah dirnk it down you nasty little girl mmmmmmm you like the way you taste?"

"Mmmmm yes," she said.

"You just took two of my fingers. Did you like that?"

"It hurt a little."

"Oh," I said. "Well I have something I want to use on you and it might hurt but it feels better than my fingers and tongue."

"Better?" she said.

"Yes, wait here baby."

I got undressed and put on my strap on and came out and she looked so scared what is that she said? pointing to the penis shape, this is what little boys have but this isn't real. It's for us. It goes in your pussy. Would you like that?"

"I guess," she said.

I pulled out a chair and sat down. I told her to come to me and she did. "Get on your knees." She did.

"Mmmmm now lick the tip of it. ohhhhhh yeahhhhh! Like that yes yes in little circles mmmmm good girl lick from the bottom ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah!!!!!"

She licked it in long strokes with her tongue.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhh yeah like that." I began to slide it in her mouth. It opened wide and I thrust a little each time I did. I pulled it out the strap on was dripping wet from her spit. "Ohhh yeah, look at that," I moaned. "Mmmmmm yeah, that's it, suck it, Mmmmmmmmm, like that yeah." Her little head was bobbing up, and as she sucked and slurped the strap on, I leaned back in the chair. It was such a turn on seeing this little girl take my strap on in her mouth. She started to moan as I thrust it in and out, fucking her mouth.

I told her, "Finger my pussy."

She slid her fingers in and out as she sucked up and down.

"Yes yes yes ohhhhhhh mmmmmmmm that's it fuck my pussy Alysaaaaa!!!!" I then took off her tube top and slid off her skirt and panites. I turned her back around and slowly slid her down on the strap on. She let out a moan as she sat down on it. She was on it in a reverse cow girl position sitting on it like you would a chair. She began to slide and bounce up and down. "Oooooooo ohhhhhh mmmmm, that's it Alysa fuck! my strap on."

She started to bounce harder and harder faster and faster. "Ah ah ah ahhhh ahhhh ohh ohhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmm," she moaned out loud. I leaned back in the chair as she fucked me harder and harder. I put my hand on her ass gripping it as it bouced up and down. I put my hands aroung her little waist and slid her up, and every time she bounced I thrust in and out, fucking her harder and harder. She then sat more upright as she rolled her hips back and fouth side to side. She then leaned forward reached around and grabbed my legs as she slid bounce pump up and down fucking me hard. I then leaned back in my chair and started finger my pussy.

She then got up off of the strap on and turned around and faced me. She got up on the chair in a squatting position and slid down on top of the strap on again.

She began to bounce and slide up and down, fucking hard and fast and started to moan. "Ahhhhhh oh, oh, oh, mmmmm Emily yes, yes, yes," she yelled out. I cupped her little butt with my hands and slid her up and down faster on it. She moaned louder.

It was such a turn on seeing this young little girl take this strap on. "Mmmmmm ohhhhhh yeah that's it fuck me. Mmmmmmm fuck me hard Alysa! Yeah thats it, take it, good girl," I said out loud. She put her hands around my neck and thrust her hips back and forth hard and fast. "Ohhh mmm, yes that's it fuck me hard baby, yeahhhh you like don't you?"

Each time she bounced, her little tits bounced too. I leaned forward and started to suck and slurp her puffy little mounds. I could feel her start to come, her breathing got faster and faster as she bounced and slid up and down, taking my strap on deep into her little cunt.

"Oh ohhh yeah that's it baby, are you going to come? Mmmmmm yes that's it come! Come for me baby!!!," I said out loud. "Yes ohhhhhh oh, oh, oh, Emily yes, yes I'm coming!! Ohhhhhhhhhh, Emily I'm going to come! I'm, I'm, cominggggggg," she yelled out.

Her body began to shake and quiver. She let out a loud moan each time she went up and down, her sweet nectar came pouring out of her little slit all over me and the strap on.

She got up off the strap on and flopped forward putting her arms around my neck. I put my arms around her back. She was still quivering and shaking. I was sliding my hand up and down the small of her back.

Her tight young little body felt so good up against mine. Her wet sweaty body felt silky smooth. Her smell was so intoxicating. I held her in my arms as my hands went up and down her back. She then turned her face toward mine and I did the same. I was sucking her bottom lip caressing her face, kissing her lovingly. I couldn't believe what we had just done.

She was like a drug, I couldn't stop myself. I wanted her more and more.