Carole's Awakening, Part 1

by Carole4Girls

First of all a bit about myself: I'm Carole, 20 years old, 5 feet 0 inches, size 8, with B-cup boobs. I have no pussy hair, in fact, other than on my head, no hair anywhere on my body. I totally adore sex and kinkiness, as you will no doubt find out in due course.

My father is extremely well off with his own business and interests in industry, and I lacked for nothing materially. My mother died when I was 4 years old and I was 'brought-up' by my father on his own. Looking back, he just gave in to any demand I made so as to keep me out of his hair. I had a succession of nannies until I was about 10, but was so spoilt, they never lasted long at all. In the end, in total despair my father asked what it would take to keep me from being the 'child from hell', so I told him. "I know you have no time for child raising, and that I remind you too much of mother, so, to stop us from bickering as we do, if I had my own space nearby, you could keep and eye on me and I wouldn't get in your way." After more explaining, and a couple of weeks discussions, father bought me a nice flat less than 2-minutes walk from home. It was however decided that this was only for weekends for me because of my age. So, there I was, just before my 11th birthday with a place of my own and father in peace once more not having me pouting and throwing tantrums. But there were rules to follow. He checked up on me often by phone and in person, but, within 6 weeks fell into a pattern of Saturday morning and night and the same on Sunday. My foodstuffs and shopping was taken care of on his accounts, and anyway, I also had a credit-card on his account for needed things as and when. (This I found started most of the things that happened to shape me as now.) All in all, a happy arrangement for him and me. Weekdays were spent at home, weekends at the flat. But that was a challenge, for me to be there full time. Within a year, I had proved to my father that I was in fact a level-headed and quite trustworthy person for 11 years.

The flat father bought me was 2 bedroomed in a very private block, right on the seafront in Essex England. Every morning in summer, the windows to the balcony were open and I could hear and see the start of everyone's day, from those working to those on holiday/days off etc. I must confess to feeling bored at times, and wondering what to do with myself often, but generally this was bliss. At school I couldn't tell anyone that I basically lived on my own weekends, as this would undoubtedly have brought unwanted attention from school authorities and the like. But, I did tell my best friend Veronica, after she swore an undying school-kid oath, not to tell anyone. In a short while, thinking that I lived with my mother, she was often allowed to stay with me at weekends, as her mother worked in a restaurant. And later, sometimes during the week as well, depending on her shifts.

This is how I came to be the way I am, and found the things I like to do and have done to me.

Veronica and I would often sit on the balcony at weekends people watching. This was fun as our seafront is very busy at weekends, especially in summer. Our conversations often came round to 'boys'. Those at the school next to ours, but, more often those on the seafront. Eventually it came round to sex. (Or more what we thought we knew). You know, about touching ourselves, and such stuff. That is when I started to look on the Internet at what it was really about, and show these sites to Veronica at the weekends. It always amazed me what was so open on the net even and especially at that time in 1994. It was magical to us. Every question answered, even if it took a while to search for it. This is when I/we found out about sex toys. We checked some sites and found that a credit card was all that was required. And I had one from my father. As I'm sure all can imagine, it wasn't long before a parcel was delivered for me. Just to see.

This was a package containing 3 different toys, some lubricating gel (very recommended by the site), 2 magazines, 2 films and various brochures (promising many things lol). I phoned Veronica at home and told her. I promised to wait to open it when we could be together on Friday. This couldn't come soon enough, but wait I did. So on that day at school we were giggling like there was no tomorrow and, that evening, rushed home together to see what was what. Upon opening the package, our first thoughts about the toys was, "God they're HUGE." Our mouths were open in incomprehension and disbelief. But, we came to a magazine and video, and although we found it hard to believe, discovered much more.

We started to use these toys by rubbing and not inserting. We thought them to be far too big for us. It was fun together. We knew what orgasms were, as we had talked of it and experimented as kids do, kissing and touching ourselves and each other. Well we had orgasms with these toys—different, stronger, sensual, and fun. It was about July 94 (I turned 12 in September 1994), on a Friday night, I think it was, Veronica couldn't come round as she had a family party to attend, so that, alone in the flat I found a web site about lactation. I poured over this site and was shocked to find it was 10pm and I hadn't stopped looking, or saw it all. I got up and made myself a drink (coffee to stay awake with). I went back to it, having saved it to 'favourites', and continued looking. I felt the familiar tingling, and realised I wanted to do things. I fetched one of my toys, a 6 inch strap-on type, went back to the computer, and sitting in my chair took off my knickers. I used some lubricant on myself and on the end of the toy, placed it against my pussy lips, and switched it on. Immediately the buzzing started, I continued looking at the pictures and stories on this site, getting more and more tingly as I went on. I even started pushing the toy more and more, I just felt it was so good. I realize now, I was getting so excited, that I couldn't have stopped for anything. I actually had 2 good orgasms while engrossed in this site and, got so carried away, I pushed the toy harder than normal. At this I felt a sharp pain, a pop inside of me, and I was left with only about 2 inches of my toy outside of my pussy. I slowly pulled it back out, and there was a little bit of blood on the end of it, and I thought "shit - I've broken myself in." Losing all immediate interest in the web site, I continued with my pussy exploring and found that now I could take all but one and a half inches of my toy in myself. And the feelings it gave—these were out of this world, and I eventually went to bed about 1am. By the next morning, when I awoke, I was still shattered. My pussy was sore, and felt quite opened up. It was delicious to have that feeling. I wondered if it would last. I showered, taking great care around my pussy, dried, brushed and talcumed, then went and got my toy again.

This time I didn't sit to test it, I wanted something else. My armchairs had padded arms, and this strap-on fitted on one beautifully. Once it was secure, I coated it liberally with baby oil, smoothed a good amount around and in my pussy, then stood looking at my toy. I stood astride the arm and the toy, then slowly lowered myself down onto it. It went in so smoothly, with a rippling pleasure, that I gasped at the feelings it gave me. I lowered myself gently (remember, I was still a month and a half from my 12th birthday), and felt it enter me, opening as it went in. I slowly moved myself up and down, feeling the opening and vibrating with each downward movement. Within 2 minutes I had an earth shattering orgasm that rocked me from head to toe. After taking a breather and feeling between my legs I found that I was sitting on the base of my toy and that it was 'in to the hilt'. What a gorgeous feeling that was. I stood up and was pleased to see that there was no blood on it and thought, 'wow, what else now.' So I checked out the other toys. One was a butt plug and the other was another strap-on, but 8 inches and thicker. This I took to the chair and put it in place of the smaller one, again with a good coating of baby oil. Positioning myself over this monster, I lowered myself down until it touched my pussy, wiggled a little to line it up, letting its tip stroke gently along my inner lips, then switched on the vibrate button. As it vibrated just inside my pussy lips I put a little bit of pressure on it and immediately felt my pussy open and the tip enter me. It opened me more of course and felt a tighter fit, but I found that by being slow and gentle it went in with beautiful feelings all through my tummy. I couldn't take it all but, even with 2 inches outside, moving up and down gave an incredible orgasm. Afterwards I washed and dried my toys, and repacked them away, then myself, and dressed. I couldn't wait to tell Veronica, but she wouldn't be home till late that night, so had to wait till Sunday. I decided to take a walk to the shops, about 10 minutes away, and browse around the clothes shops. Most of the stuff in my size of course, was for kids, but some things looked really sexy.

Back home on the net later, I found a site for a specialist clothing shop that cater for the smaller woman, and some of the things on offer. I hadn't thought of it before, but they had a wide variety of suspenders, basques, teddies and other underwear. Nearly 3 hours later I sat back having ordered nearly 200.00 of underthings that looked really sexy. Then, I thought, maybe I should have learnt more of sewing, so as to make the adjustments I knew would be required. I took the smallest and thinnest pair of my knickers, my sewing kit and scissors into the living room. I had seen on the lactation site, women with tiny G-strings and ordered some in the underwear section of the online lingerie shop. Taking a pair of my sheerest and smallest knickers, I cut and measured, cut and measured again, sewed cut and sewed. Until, eventually I had a G-string that fitted. A bit tatty at the edges, but it was my first attempt. On wearing these, with a loose skirt, I walked around a bit and found to my delight, that it gave a fantastic feeling to have my pussy just covered but my bottom as good as bare. I decided to go back to the shopping arcade, but this time wearing them. I also wore just a T-shirt, and must admit at first worried that a gust of wind might blow up my skirt. This came to about the middle of my thighs, with pleats similar to a gym skirt, but in white.

At a well known clothing shop, I bought a black suspender belt, transparent black briefs with matching soft bra, and 2 pairs of black stockings, all in the smallest sizes possible. (I somehow don't think the teenage assistant believed me when I said I was shopping for my mother, lol), and rushed home to see what they would be like. The belt was easy to make smaller, the shaping of it helped immensely and I made sure it was a nice snug fit on my waist. The briefs cut down and sewed nicely using my previous attempt as a template, with white crayon to mark it. The bra was easy, no underwiring, the softest see-through nylon, with a centre band about one inch long. This I reduced to a quarter inch, and at the back rearranged the hooks and eyes evenly so it fitted my flat chest. The stockings though...

In the end with the second pair (yes I buggered the first up) I turned them inside out without stretching them, ran them with my machine 6 times, 4 inches above the toe area. Then having cut the surplus off, turned them back the proper way. Having completed all this it was nearly 6pm and I was famished. I stripped off all my clothes, put on the suspender belt, then the stockings (I wished I had help with the clasps) the bra and finally the G-string. I felt really pleased, they actually fitted snugly, even with the suspender straps and stocking tops coming to just above the middle of my thighs. My white skirt was too thin on its own, so I pulled out a cream one that was a bit thicker, a cream blouse and black cardigan. Then I brushed my hair back with a black 'alice band', and left home for my local McDs.

Walking along knowing what I was wearing underneath, I felt really sexy. Whether I looked it???? At McDs, I ordered my favourite and sat down to eat. There was only a few adults in and all the rest were kids my age, and older and younger. I didn't know what to do there, but enjoyed just being there and knowing. I went back home feeling slightly empty, not understanding how I was feeling really. At 8pm, a lifesaver. Veronica was home and wanted to know if it was OK to come round. She arrived about 15 minutes later brought by her mother by car, and rushed up to the flat where I was waiting. We went to the balcony, and waved to her mother to show she was OK and she said it was OK to stay. Then I told her all that had happened. Starting with the toys, moving on to the lactation site, the underwear, and then showing her everything. She was so turned on herself by what I told her, she was fingering herself like it was the end of the world. That night in bed together was a whole new world for us.

Within 3 weeks, after the lingerie order arrived, both of us were fully kitted out in what we thought was the sexiest ensemble ever worn by two nearly 12 year olds. We both wore stockings and suspenders, mid-thigh skirts, tight tee shirts, and, I must admit, felt we were the bee's knees. For most of September, we stalked the shopping area of town. Often stopping by one or other of the open refreshment areas for a Coke or juice. Always, when we sat, it was with crossed legs etc, so as to show a bit of thigh, and hopefully, stocking top. This flashing however was mainly met with disdain by most people, although many a 'dirty old man' would stop and stare (lol). Twice we went upstairs on a double decker bus, with people behind us. One guy, about 30, nearly fell back down the stairs again. Things changed however, for us on the second week of October. That was when we met a lovely lady by the name of Jessica.

At this time, Jessica was 27, 5 feet 7 inches, with a slim willowy figure, and long auburn hair. For the weeks since I found that lactation site, both Veronica and myself had been engrossed in thoughts of milky tits, all sizes and shapes. We debated what it would taste like, what it would feel like. Everything was taken up with these thoughts. This weekend in October, Saturday morning was pleasantly warm, but with a bit of a breeze. We dressed as normal (for us at weekends), stockings, suspenders, soft see-through bras and G-strings, mid-thigh flowing skirts and blouses with a cardigan for me, and a pullover for Veronica. At the open refreshment area in the shopping precinct, we stopped as usual for a drink, and sat about 3 rows from the outer edge. This lady, with a young girl about 6 - 8 and a baby in a buggy, stopped and sat at an outside table, facing inwards. Once they had ordered and been served, the lady took the baby from the buggy, and proceeded to suckle him, holding him close and lowish to the table. We were so entranced by the sight, we couldn't help but look. After a few minutes, the lady looked around and, I could sense, her eyes locked on my bare thigh above my stocking. I sat looking back with what I hoped was a friendly and welcoming smile (more like an idiotic grin I should think), uncrossed my legs, and opened my knees slightly wider than I probably should have. At this, she seemed quite shocked at first, but, looking at me for maybe the third time, she smiled back. God, I thought, I hope she can see that as well as stockings, I'm wearing the tiniest and sheerest piece of material that only just covered my pussy. With a smile still on my lips, I craned my head somewhat, as she shifted the baby to her other breast, still showing an interest in the sight of an infant being fed. Veronica was doing much the same as I at this point, and then, this lady smiled and nodded at the two vacant chairs at her table.

Well, we couldn't move fast enough at this invitation, but we kept as cool as two clowns possibly could, picked up our drinks and took the two chairs offered. After the pleasantries of introducing ourselves all round, we found that Jessica often brought her daughter Sarah (8) and baby Kieran (5 months) to the precinct on a Saturday. Veronica and I told Jessica that we were fascinated to see her breastfeeding Kieran, and hoped we didn't put her off by staring. Jessica replied that there was not much that could put her off, as to her, it was the most natural thing in the world. Well we chatted for some time, during which Jessica kept looking at my legs it seemed, so sitting there, I crossed them again, allowing my skirt to ride up a little, and show my stocking top and a little thigh to her. She immediately commented on it, saying we both had shapely legs, and asked if the display was for her benefit. Now it was at the crunch, I didn't really know how to reply without stammering slightly, and neither did Veronica. We both blushed at her comment, and Veronica said that we had hoped someone other than males would notice. I told her that we were glad she did, and asked if she liked the way we were dressed. Jessica immediately replied how she liked the view very much, and wondered if we knew how much we could be turning anyone who saw us, considerably on. So I told her about the guy on the bus behind us who nearly fell back down the stairs, and all of us laughed at the thought of it for quite a while.

After ordering more Cokes etc, we talked much easier, Jessica making a face when I uncrossed my legs, so I felt I should recross them again, which I did of course. We all sat there for about two and a half hours, during which we told her and Sarah about our liking for sexy undies, and how we had to make major alterations for it all to fit us. Even Sarah liked what we were wearing and showing. Jessica told us where she and the children lived, and asked if would like to go with them for lunch (having already been told there was no partner, as he had left before Kieran was born). Veronica and I couldn't have accepted any faster. Their home being 5 minutes walk the other side of the town centre from my own, we were soon at their house. We walked along with Sarah between Veronica and I, with her sweetly holding our hands, until we arrived.

After settling down with some more soft drinks, Kieran wanted feeding again, and Sarah, Veronica and I watched avidly. I don't remember how it was exactly, but as Kieran suckled, I wondered aloud what breast milk tasted like, and to my surprise, Sarah said it was lovely and sweet, and best of all, there was the cuddle that went with it. At this, I told her how really jealous I was of her, and Veronica stated the same as well. Jessica giggled at this, and said that if we were to wait until Kieran had finished, we could try for ourselves what it was like. We both sat there with our mouths wide at this, as it had been all we had thought and talked about for the last few weeks. After Jessica had sorted Kierans nappy/diaper and bits, and placed him in his recliner, she ask which of us would want to try first. Sarah just looked at us smiling. Veronica looked at me, so I said I would if it was really OK. Jessica held out her hand for me, with a smile that could have meant anything. Taking her hand, I stood towards her, she motioned to the seat beside her on the settee, so I sat. She put her arm around me, so I lay across her lap to her left breast. She then unfastened the front of her blouse, then the nursing flap of her bra, and cupped her left breast, offering me her nipple. I was shaking like a leaf, Veronica was looking on agog, and Jessica smiled much more warmly, as I opened my mouth, and drew her nipple in, secured my tongue underneath it, and started to suckle.

This was what I had wanted for weeks since finding that site. As I suckled, Jessica's milk flowed, far more than I thought it would, onto my tongue, tasting sweet but a little chalky/bitter, but absolutely gorgeous. I swallowed, then sucked some more as I made myself suck to a rhythm. I WAS BEING BREASTFED. Wow. It was all I dreamed it would be, but so much more. Being held close, that lovely soft nipple swelling as I sucked, and the cuddle and slow rocking from Jessica as I drank all her milk down. I brought up my hand, and softly caressed the breast I was suckling, and then slipping my hand over, and into her top, softly caressed Jessica's right breast. At this, I heard her moan softly, and on opening my eyes, saw her smiling at me in contentment. With my head cradled in Jessica's left arm, her right hand started stroking my left shoulder and moved slowly to my waist. I snuggled deeper into her, and her hand moved to my hip.

Jessica said to Veronica, that it would probably be a while before I was finished, so why didn't Sarah show her around and her pet rabbits. When they went to the garden, Jessica kept her hand on my hip, and, as I suckled, I slowly wiggled my bottom, at which Jessica started to softly caress me, saying that my bottom was beautifully rounded. Lying on my side across her lap, I lifted my left leg, bending the knee, and letting my legs open some. My skirt rode up my thigh, exposing not only my stocking tops and suspenders, but the small triangle of see-through mesh covering my pussy. Jessica gasped at this, looking me in the face and then at my pussy mound. Her hand slowly moved from my hip, down my thigh, back to the bare thigh above the stocking, and gently stroked across my nylon covered pussy.

The effect this had on me was to cause me to moan, suck, and squirm, pushing my pussy up to meet her fingertips. She asked if I liked this. I nodded, continuing to suck at her nipple and feed, feeling all those tingly feelings flooding through me, squirming now, wanting her to put more pressure to her touch. She smiled, then ran her fingertip down the length of my little slit, and told me she could feel my wetness so easily through the nylon. I squirmed more, reached down my left hand, opened the top of my thong exposing myself to her completely, and looked into her eyes, as if begging her to touch me. She did, slowly, gently, slipping her hand down my tummy to the top of my pussy. Her finger just lightly stroked over my clitty and down the length of my by-now wet slit, at the bottom of which, she stopped, and slowly stroked back up, her finger pushing a little harder between my lips. It opened, coating her finger, making it more slippery, until it reached my clitty again. That finger circled round, and round my clit, rubbing over it, and pressing my hood open so my clitty was rubbed directly. I continued suckling, but harder now, as I could feel that familiar build-up. And, with a large and greedy suck, a gulping swallow, Jessica gave me the first of many orgasms, that was to continue as our friendship grew.

Did you like? There's so much more to tell.

Kisses, Carole