Summer Love, Chapter 7

by callmeQ67

It's been over a year since I submitted the previous chapter. This story will make a lot more sense if you read the other chapter first.

When we left our young heroine, Courtney and her best friend had offered up their bodies to a crowd of randy lesbians. But the two girls would give up a lot more before the night was through.

* * *

From her position outside, the stout masculine bouncer tried to picture what might be going on in the bar. Maybe the two sexy little girls with the 'FUCK TOY' collars were doing a strip tease for the crowd? God, that would be hot. Maybe, judging from the sounds she heard, they were even putting on a sex show for the women inside... The more she thought about it, the more she fumed. It seemed to her that people like Brooke got whatever they wanted, while she was always left out in the cold.

"Fuck 'em all," she said as she left her post.

Once inside she could hardly believe her eyes. The scene she beheld was far beyond her wildest imaginings. The two gorgeous teens were each circled by women licking, stroking, and fondling their tender young flesh. It was the most depraved thing she'd ever witnessed, and she'd seen a thing or two in her day.

She instantly decided to get her own share of Courtney's nubile thirteen-year-old body. Shoving a college age girl out of the way, the tattooed bouncer paused to drink in the sight. Courtney was naked but for her white knee socks. Her skin was damp with sweat, and her pubic hair was matted with saliva from dozens of mouths and her own slippery girl goo. As she recovered from yet another orgasm, her creamy breasts rose and fell with each ragged breath. The bouncer noticed that even though the girl lay flat on her back, her firm young titties held their shape, pointing straight at the ceiling.

In other words, she looked ravishing.

"You are a dirty little fuck toy, aren't you?" growled the bouncer.

"No," whimpered Courtney.

"We'll see about that," the bouncer said, and she picked up Courtney in her strong arms and carried her to one of the heavy oak trestle tables in the center of the room. The little brunette was utterly helpless as she was laid out amid the bottles and glasses and spilled beer.

The thickset bouncer dropped her jeans and straddled Courtney's face, pressing her heavy thighs together. Cradling the little girl's head in one of her meaty paws, she used two fingers of her other hand to spread open her shaved cunt lips. She had a gold ring in one of her labia.

"Eat me, little girl," she said.

Meanwhile, Kristen arched her back as yet another shattering orgasm ripped through her slender body. The college basketball player who'd just finished with her was exchanging high fives with her teammates. "Please," said Kristen, "no more. I can't take it." The thin blonde tweener appeared spent. Hair was plastered to her forehead with sweat, and her arms and legs hung limp.

"Don't quit on me now, girl," said Yolanda. "I need to get me some of that pretty little cootchie." When the little girl struggled, two of Yolanda's teammates spread Kristen's legs wide while another held her arms stretched over her head. The big woman squeezed the young girl's pussy lips together with her fingers, making her tiny clit pop out. "Mmmmm," she said. "That do look sweet." Then she covered Kristen's entire sex with her mouth, burrowing her tongue in the virgin channel, drawing out the juices from within.

"Oh fuck," sighed little blonde Kristen. "Oh my god..."

Another of the black members of the team began to pinch Kristen's fat pink nipples, making her squirm. "Look at the size of these things," she said. She looked over at the table where Courtney was noisily licking the bouncer's pierced cunt. "Your friend seems to like eating pussy," she said. "I think it's your turn to show what you can do." She quickly climbed onto the bar and lowered her crotch to Kristen's mouth.

Kristen had never seen a black woman's pussy before. The outer lips were dark purple, almost black, but inside was bright pink. Not only that, the curled inner lips protruded a good inch. The smell was musky, enticing. As the other girls on the team cheered, the tweener spread the flaps and began eating her first black pussy.

Waiflike blonde Kristen had eaten Courtney's pussy for the first time less than a week before, and now here she was eating a total stranger as dozens of women and two bartenders watched. And she loved it.

Her surrender was like throwing a switch. Suddenly everyone decided that they, too, wanted to be eaten by the cute teenagers. Brooke had long since given up trying to maintain any sort of order. The women crowded and jostled each other in their hurry to have Courtney and Kristen lick their gooey honey pots. Brooke didn't mind since most were handing her fifty, sixty, or even one hundred dollars for the privilege, and the locker room fund was growing faster than she had imagined possible.

Everyone there was affected by sight of the two sexy teens gobbling pussy like there was no tomorrow. At one table sat four members of the Westchester College branch of Chi Omega sorority. All were twenty-one-year-old seniors. All of them came from upper middle class backgrounds and drove expensive cars purchased by their fathers. Two were blonde, one a brunette, and one a redhead. They teased the boys unmercifully but never fucked them.

They were the kind of girls about whom it was said that butter wouldn't melt in their mouths.

The four sorority girls hadn't contributed to the locker room fund. They got enough pussy back at the Chi Omega house, and they thought it was beneath them to pay for it. But it was impossible to watch the young teenagers service women of all ages, shapes and sizes, and not become aroused. The problem was that Andrea, one of the blondes, had begun her period the day before. Like most women their age living in close quarters, they all tended to get their periods at the same time. The other three started to bleed that morning.

Andrea was the first to say it. "I'm so fucking horny. I wonder what that little girl would do if I stuck my dirty cunt in her face."

"Oh my god!" said Beth, the redhead. "That's so nasty."

"Don't tell me you weren't thinking about it," Andrea said.

"Well...I'm horny, too. But I can't imagine anyone eating my pussy when I' this."

"I can't imagine any of you doing it," Andrea said. "But one of those little tramps..."

The four girls watched as Courtney ate the hairy snatch of a woman in her late fifties or early sixties. "Oh, yes!" the woman cried. "Shove your tongue all the way inside me!"

"Fuck it," Andrea said. "I don't care what anyone thinks. I've got to get some of that now." She stood and walked over the table where the sixtyish woman had just cum hard. The other three sorority girls followed.

Courtney wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and looked up. A very pretty blonde wearing fashionable designer clothes stood before her.

"Hello there, little fuck toy," Andrea said. "Do you think I'm sexy?" She posed with a hand on her hip. With the other hand she tossed her hair back over one shoulder.

"Yes," Courtney said. "You're beautiful."

Andrea smiled. "You're pretty cute yourself. Wanna have some fun?"

"Okay," said our intrepid heroine.

Andrea began unbuttoning her pink cashmere sweater. "I need to get a little more comfortable first," she said. In fact, her comfort had nothing to do with it. Andrea had a superb body and she was excited by the thought of so many women admiring it. She unzipped and removed her skirt and pulled off her pink camisole with the lacy trim. Under it she wore nothing. Her upturned B-cup breasts needed no bra.

"Do you like my tits?" she asked Courtney.

"Yes," Courtney said. "They're perfect."

By this time a number of curious women were listening. "Come here and suck them," said Andrea imperiously.

Courtney crawled to the edge of the table. She looked up at Andrea with her big brown eyes as she sucked the college girl's nipples until they were stiff.

"Mmmm, that's good," Andrea said. "Are you ready to do my pussy?"

"Yes," answered Courtney. "I want to."

"You have to ask nicely."

"Please," said little Courtney. "I want your pussy."

"That's better," Andrea said, and she took a step back from the table and turned around. Looking over her shoulder at Courtney, she slid her panties down slowly, wiggling her perfect round ass. Everyone but Courtney saw the telltale string dangling from her vagina.

The crowd stirred.

"Now lie on your back," said the blonde sorority girl, "with your head right here." She used the tip of one flawless nail to indicate the very edge of the table. Courtney did as she was told, her long chestnut mane falling nearly to the floor. Andrea looked around at the circle of women and pulled out her tampon. It was almost completely soaked with menstrual blood. She tossed it away casually, then backed up until she straddled Courtney's face.

"Do you think I have a pretty pussy?" Andrea asked, stroking Courtney's cheek. The pussy in question was shaven, plump and seemingly perfect. It looked clean and fresh. Courtney nodded, looking at it hungrily. "Then eat it, bitch," Andrea said, and she shoved the little girl's face against her crotch.

Courtney ate. There was a collective gasp from the women around them.

"Oooooo, yeah," said Andrea. "Lick my clit, you dirty little slut." She grabbed the back of Courtney's head with both hands and rubbed the girl's mouth over her sex.

"Jesus, that's fucking nasty," said Beth, as streaks of blood appeared on Courtney's cheeks. "But so hot." She pulled her panties down so as to save time when her turn came.

"Mmmm, yes, you dirty whore," Andrea said. "Tongue-fuck my hole." She humped the little girl's mouth as she came, her pretty face a mask of lust. If Courtney had any idea what was happening, she didn't show it. She had totally given herself to satisfying this beautiful older girl. A circle of cheering women had grown around them, but Courtney paid them no heed.

Linzie, the brunette of the foursome, found the cute little teenager irresistible. "I've got to have a taste of her," she said to her friends, and climbed onto the table and began licking little Courtney's very wet pussy. The other two squeezed and played with the tweener's mushroom-capped tits.

When Andrea was finally sated, she looked down at the brunette cutie, whose mouth and cheeks were now smeared with dark blood. "You're not bad," she said, and walked over to pick up her drink, as comfortable in her nakedness as a Greek goddess.

Beth instantly took her place. She didn't bother to undress, merely hiked up her skirt and settled her crotch on Courtney's face. She had already removed her tampon. Andrea strolled back to where her three friends were amusing themselves with the young girl. She took a sip of her drink and said, "Those really are some great tits for a thirteen-year-old."

Andrea began to roughly squeeze Courtney's puffy nipples. The blonde sorority girl, in case you haven't guessed by now, had a cruel streak a mile wide. She enjoyed hearing Courtney's squeals as she twisted the young girl's fat nips. "Hold her other arm, Meghan," Andrea said to the fourth Chi Omega girl. As redheaded Beth held Courtney's mouth to her cunt, Andrea began to slap the young girl's breasts. She liked they way they rebounded to their original shape, and the way her red handprints slowly blossomed on them.

Brooke had watched the scene with interest, but she thought the bitchy college girl had gone too far. She was on her way to Courtney's rescue when the little girl managed to free her mouth from Beth's pussy long enough to cry out, "Don't stop! I'm gonna cum!"

Linzie had been eating Courtney all the while, and she had a silver stud in her tongue that she was using to great effect. Beth and Courtney came at the same time, the redhead holding the girl's mouth to her dripping sex, Courtney's body thrashed on the table while Linzie's tongue drilled her virgin fuckhole.

That Courtney is a natural born submissive, thought Brooke, as she watched the last two menstruating college coeds use the little girl to get themselves off.

When they were finally through with her, a pair of women, both aging hippies, took pity and led the teenager to the ladies room. Courtney was shocked when she saw her face in the washroom mirror. Her chin, lips and cheeks were covered with drying smears of blood and girl cum. "Oh god," she said. "What is wrong with me?" The collar around her neck spelled out exactly how she felt about herself at that moment. It's true, she thought. I'm just a dirty fuck toy.

But her good Samaritans would have none of it. They dried her tears, helped her to wash her face, and reapplied her makeup. They told her she was beautiful, and how much they had enjoyed watching her. They hugged and caressed her. And in spite of their noble intentions, they were getting turned on.

"This will make you feel better," said one, lighting a joint.

When Kristen walked in a few minutes later, Courtney was slouched in a toilet stall smoking weed, while the two women knelt on the floor, taking turns eating her juicy thirteen-year-old cunt. The tweeners finally emerged from the ladies room nearly half an hour later, dressed once again in their schoolgirl outfits, their hair brushed and makeup restored. They had both cum at least twice, and they were both stoned for the first time in their lives.

Some of the women left the bar during this interval, deciding they'd had enough debauchery for one night. While the bouncer was letting them out, she greeted two other women who had been waiting to get in. They quietly took seats in a dark corner. Oddly, they were both dressed in dark suits and fedoras, like 1930s gangsters.

Brooke was waiting for the two sexy teenagers, microphone in hand. Order had more or less been restored. "Now that our two guests of honor have returned looking much refreshed," Brooke said, "it's time for the second part of the evening's entertainment. As promised, before this night is over Kristen and Courtney will be virgins no more."

A cheer went up.

"In keeping with the purpose of this event," Brooke went on, "we're going to have an auction to raise funds for the new locker room." She looked out at her audience. "Can you guess what's going to be on the auction block?"

"That's right," said Brooke, acknowledging the applause. "Up for auction is the privilege of deflowering our two young virgins. We'll start with Kristen here. Kristen, climb up here and give everyone another look at you."

Several women helped the child up onto the bar and none could resist touching and caressing her. "Now then, ladies," Brooke said, "you've have had a chance to sample Kristen's charms, and you know how hot she is. And I'm sure many of you can confirm the fact that her, ah, maidenhead is still in one piece."

Some of the women nodded at each other knowingly.

Brooke continued: "So what is it worth to take the virginity of this little blonde cutie? It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We'll start the bidding at one thousand dollars. If that's too rich for your blood, pun intended, too fucking bad! The idea is to raise money for our alma mater, and if you don't want to participate, you can still watch as the lucky high bidder makes a woman of our adorable little Kristen."

Miss Jenkins, Kristen's former fourth grade teacher, opened the bidding at $1500 but she didn't stand a chance. On her teacher's salary there was no way she could compete with lawyers, business executives, and the idle rich. Kristen's virginity was finally sold to Melissa Grey, a physician who had once played for the Westchester College basketball team.

"As a pediatrician who specializes in gynecological issues, I've seen a lot of little girls' hymens," she said to crowd. "And I've always fantasized about ripping one open. This is a dream come true."

"We have an assortment of toys available," Brooke said.

"That won't be necessary," said Dr. Grey, who stood six feet tall. She held out her long, capable hands. "These will work just fine."

She began by taking Kristen in her arms and kissing her tenderly. "I'm going to make this good for you," Dr. Grey told her. Kristen didn't doubt her. The marijuana she'd smoked had given her a feeling of euphoria in which all her senses were heightened. When the doctor kissed and caressed her it seemed every touch went straight to her pussy. She trembled with desire as the doctor undressed her while everyone watched. The sight of the lovely blonde girl's body excited the crowd all over again.

Dr. Grey lifted Kristen in her arms and placed her gently on the bar. "Give me your tongue," she said, and when she sucked it Kristen felt such a wave of desire that she couldn't help touching herself. The doctor kissed and nibbled on Kristen's pointy little breasts, and the youngster moaned with need. She spread Kristen out with her legs wide apart and bent at the knee, almost as if she were on an exam table. The doctor explored her delicate labia, stroking the folds softly until they opened like a flower.

"You have a beautiful pussy," said Dr. Grey.

"Oh..." whimpered Kristen. "Oh, please..."

Dr. Grey knew what the girl wanted and gave it to her. She quickly licked Kristen to a mind-blowing orgasm, then savored the juices that ran from within, investigating every part of the pretty blonde's sex with her lips and tongue.

"You're really good at that," said Kristen, her voice dreamy.

"I'm a professional," the doctor said, smiling at her. "Are you ready? You're certainly wet enough."

"I think so. I'm kinda scared." The little blonde girl spotted her best friend sitting nearby. "Courtney?" she said. "Will you come and hold my hand?"

Some of the women had tears in their eyes as the two thirteen-year-olds held hands while Dr. Grey began to penetrate Kristen's virgin fuckhole. She held the lips apart with one hand and slowly inserted her index finger. Kristen winced as her hymen stretched. When her finger was completed inside, Dr. Grey looked up.

"My fingers are plenty long enough," she said. "But I'll need more than one to do the job." She sucked on two fingers, wetting them with saliva.

Dr. Grey slid two long fingers into Kristen's hole until she met the thin membrane. "You might feel a pinch," she said in her best clinical voice. And then she rammed them in, shredding the little girl's hymen.

Kristen yelped in pain, and Courtney squeezed her hand tighter. Dr. Grey held up her bloody fingers as the crowd of women cheered. She licked the girl's virgin blood from them and pushed them back in. She pulled them out a second time and offered them to Courtney, coated once more with the blood of her best friend.

"Mmmm," moaned the little brunette as she sucked the doctor's fingers. "That's so fucking sexy, Kristen. You're not a little girl anymore."

The doctor put her fingers back inside the child's tender fuck channel. "Does it still hurt?" she asked.

"A little..."

"It will feel better soon," said Dr. Grey, as she slowly began to fuck Kristen with her fingers. She knew girls' bodies intimately, and sought out the places where Kristen liked to be touched. She quickly found the child's g- spot and massaged it, while thumbing her clit. Kristen thought she might swoon. She began to rock her hips in time to the doctor's movements, faster and faster.

"Oh my god! Oh my god!" Kristen wailed. Her body began to spasm so violently that Courtney was afraid she might hurt herself. When she came, her body arched up from the bar like a bow drawn back to its limits. When she reached her peak, ejaculate gushed from her pussy soaking the doctor's hand and splattering on the bar.

"Holy shit, you squirted!" said Courtney as she hugged her friend, who lay shuddering in a foetal position.

Brooke gave the two girls a few minutes to comfort each other before she announced that it was time for Courtney to take center stage. The bidding went even higher this time, with many women hoping to be the first inside the sexy tweener's cunt. Courtney tried to feel excited, but a nagging sense of disappointment penetrated her drug-induced haze.

Where was Mrs. Lunsford?

The beautiful blonde socialite had still not appeared. Melinda had introduced Courtney to the delights of girl/girl sex. She was the first to touch the brunette teen's breasts, the first to lick her pussy, and the first to show her how wonderful it could be to give pleasure to another woman. Courtney didn't feel it was right to lose her virginity to anyone else.

As the auction progressed, several prominent women, including Brooke, drove the bidding higher. No one paid any attention to the two strangers in the corner. That is, until one of them effectively ended the bidding by making an offer that was more than a year's salary for all but the wealthiest women in the room. Everyone stared as she approached the bar, the brim of her hat hiding her face.

Courtney was more than a little frightened. She was about to lose her virginity to some weirdo dressed like a man in an old movie. Maybe it was a man! One of the most important events in a girl's life, and this was not how she'd imagined it.

"My sexy little fuck toy," said the stranger. She took off the hat, letting her blonde hair spill over her shoulders.

"Mrs. Lunsford!" Courtney squealed. She threw her arms around Melinda and hugged her, tears of joy on her cheeks.

"Did you really think I'd let someone else fuck you first?" Melinda said.

Courtney didn't answer, just pressed her face tight against her lover's bosom. It reminded Melinda of the first time they'd met, when Courtney had cried on her boobs in the country club showers. She let the little girl exult in the moment before exerting her dominance once again.

"Strip," she said, pushing Courtney away.

"But-" said Courtney.

"Up there," Melinda said, indicating the bar top. Courtney felt wounded by the coldness in her lover's voice. Why treat her so cruelly when she had just spent a fortune for her virginity? Even so, she was going to be fucked by the woman she adored in front of a crowd of admiring women. Her cunt throbbed with need.

She noticed that her hands were shaking as she climbed up on the bar. More than ever, Courtney felt she had to make Melinda want her; to make every woman there want her. She needn't have worried. Just standing there in her schoolgirl outfit had the women panting with lust. By the time she tossed the last of her clothes into the crowd, the roar was deafening.

Melinda was waiting, and several women helped Courtney down from the bar, taking the opportunity to touch her all over. As she walked through the throng dozens of hands fondled her hips, her round ass, her perfect breasts. Each touch sent sparks flickering down to her loins.

Her lover had removed her suit jacket but was still wearing the white shirt and dark trousers. A circle formed around Melinda and her still-virgin fuck toy. Melinda shoved Courtney roughly back onto a table. With every eye on her, Melinda unzipped her trousers. She reached in through the opening and pulled out a huge lifelike dildo. It stuck out obscenely like a fertility idol.

The women whooped and cheered, and Kristen noticed that even the two bartenders had come out from behind the bar to join the crowd. An attentive reader might have wondered why two healthy young men hadn't yet joined in exploiting the teen hotties. The answer was simple: both of the men were gay. They were just not attracted to members of the opposite sex, which is why the pair was trusted to work this party. But even they were becoming aroused by the scene before them.

"Hold her," Melinda said. At least two women held each of Courtney's arms and legs, spreading her out wide. Lying back on the table, the girl's cunt was at the perfect height for Melinda's strap-on penis. "Kristen, make sure Courtney is ready."

Kristen gladly ate her best friend's juicy cunt as the onlookers cheered. Courtney squirmed in the grasp of all those hands. They held her securely, but couldn't stop her hips from gyrating. She was soon moaning with pleasure. "Oh yeah, eat me! Don't stop, I'm gonna cum!"

"Enough!" Melinda said, pulling Kristen roughly by the hair. "It's time." She lined up the head of the dildo with Courtney's virgin fuckslot.

The other stranger in the corner rose from her seat and joined the circle of onlookers. No one noticed her at the fringe of the crowd-no one except Melinda, who locked eyes with her for a brief instant.

"Oh yes, Mrs. Lunsford," sighed Courtney as the head of the false penis slid between her fat cunt lips. "Fuck me. Go on, pop my cherry. I want you to."

"Are you sure?" said Melinda. "Once it's gone, you can never get it back."

"Yes, please fuck me," whimpered Courtney. "I'm yours, every bit of me. Fuck me and make me your bitch."

Melinda looked around the circle of women. "You heard what she said, ladies. Should I give her my cock?"

The was a resounding cry of, "Yes!" from the women, and even from the two gay bartenders, who were getting more excited now that there was a dick involved, albeit a fake one.

Melinda thrust forward, and Courtney gasped as her hymen stretched. Her blonde lover gazed down into her adoring eyes. "Last chance, little girl."

"Take me," said Courtney, and Melinda did, shoving the thick dildo into the girl's unexplored depths. The women cheered as Courtney cried out in pain. "Stop! It's too big!" squealed the teen, but Melinda paid no heed. She thrust until the dildo bottomed out against Courtney's cervix. The little girl's adorable face was a picture of shock and pain. She struggled as if to escape but her arms and legs were still held firmly by the women.

Courtney was in agony as her tender young vagina stretched around the foreign invader. "Please don't," she said. "It hurts." Melinda growled in triumph as the tears ran down her little fuck toy's cheeks. But as Courtney's girlie secretions and virgin blood oozed into her channel, the big cock began to slide more easily. Even the women holding her to the table couldn't have said exactly when the girl's cries of pain turned to cries of pleasure, but it was pretty obvious when she began to move her hips to meet the thrusts of her older lover.

Courtney's head thrashed from side to side as an orgasm wracked her small body. The women rejoiced in her ultimate surrender. "Look at her!" they marveled. "She loves it!" Numerous hands groped her thighs and breasts, and when someone kissed her lips, Courtney opened her eyes to find that it was Kristen. The girls smiled at each other and kissed deeply.

Moments later, Brooke led the two bartenders through the crowd of women. "There you go, boys," she said. "Cum all over her pretty face."

Kristen was amazed to see that both men were stroking their hard cocks. She had never seen an erect penis before. They looked angry and red and not at all attractive to her, but when Courtney saw them she said, "Fuck yeah, give me your hot cum. Shoot it in my mouth, give it to me."

The bartender named Jack stepped up to the table until he was jerking his hard dick over her face. Kristen moved quickly out of the line of fire but still held her friend's hand. "Unh...yes," Jack grunted. "Here it comes, little girl."

His first shot splattered Courtney's chin but most of his huge wad found her wide-open mouth. Henry, the other bartender, was not so accurate. He coated her cheek, forehead and part of her neck, missing her mouth entirely. Kristen was horrified that her best friend was being used in this degrading way by men. Even worse, she seemed to be aroused by it. Courtney moaned and swallowed the goo in her mouth.

Melinda's fake cock drove Courtney to another toe-curling orgasm, cum still hanging in globs from her pretty face. When she had sufficiently recovered, the newly deflowered cutie continued to lick the sticky mess from her lips and scoop it into her mouth with her fingers.

"My work here is done," Melinda said, pulling the dildo from Courtney's still-bleeding box. "She's all yours, ladies."

"No!" Courtney said. "Please, Mrs. Lunsford, fuck me some more-" But Melinda was already walking away. The women surrounding the sexy thirteen-year-old fell on her like wolves on a wounded animal.

Miss Jenkins, Kristen's former teacher, happened to be in the right place at the right time. She was on her knees between Courtney's legs in seconds, licking up the young girl's cum and virgin blood.

She was followed by at least a dozen more, each relishing her chance to taste the lovely young girl one more time. Courtney's hymen was in tatters, but she was still only thirteen and she was still delicious. Even Kristen took a turn. She couldn't resist her best friend's cunt, sloppy as it was with girl cum and saliva. Sweet Kristen was gratified that she was able to make Courtney reach orgasm again even as she trembled with exhaustion. A few of the women got up on the table and rubbed their wet pussies on Courtney's face. The little brunette was helpless to stop them even if she had wanted to, pinned as she was by numerous hands.

Finally the women had all taken a turn with little Courtney, all except one. The mysterious woman in the dark suit and fedora knelt between the young girl's sticky legs and removed her hat. Kristen's mouth fell open in shock.

"At last it's my turn," she said.

Courtney knew the voice instantly, of course, but-no! It couldn't be! Not here! Not now! She raised her head and pushed a sweaty lock of hair out of her eyes.

"Mom?" she said.