The Girls Pull a Train

by Bobby Joe

A year has passed at Camp 28 and Nora is now in grade 9. Many new girls have come to the camp and Ivy, Gerry, Annie and Nora have made the most of the introductions.

On fine fall day, Gail arrives and calls the girls together. She has seen a new game for the olympics in California that she would like the girls to try. The heteros call it pulling a train, we have to adapt it to our special pleaures.

The idea is that the stage in the audirtorium have a central throne for the station girl, and five on each side for the train cars (girls). Two teams compete. Each eater has five girls to lick to an orgasm, and the first one to reach the central girl is the winner.

That afternoon, the principal calls an assembly of all the students for a special show. ON stage are eleven girls, with five on the left wearing only red knee socks, and those on the right blue. The girl in the middle has frill anklets only. The audience consists of the students, teachers, and about 100 parents.

Now the eaters come onto the stage. On the left, representing Camp 28 is Nora, and on the right for Camp 11 is Amy. The girls are dressed in gym clothes with their hair pulled back into ponytails. The two girls meet in center stage, shake hands and go to the ends of their respective lines. A bell tinkles and Nora leans forward to her first pussy. It is her school chum Sindry that Nora knows is an easy cum. She begins to lick slowly, increasing the pressure as the juices begin to flow. She can hear the girl at the other end cuming already and begins to worry, but then Sindry lets loose with a loud cry of I'm cumming and Nora, her mouth wet from girl juice, moves to the next girl. This one is a new cunt and Nora tries the tongue fuck method, rapidly poking into her hole with her stiff tongue. This time, Noras girl cums first and she is on the thrid before Amy gets her second off. This time Nora tries the clit lick, moving very fast and almost lifting her girl off the seat. She flows a huge amount and Nora feels satisfied with her progress. Nora is now at the fifth clit and Amy is well along on her fourth. Nora tries her best methods, licking from top to bottom, sucking the clit, driving her tongue in and is soon rewarded by the sound of aw aw aw. Amy is on the fifth also, but Nora is in the Station, eating her sixth pussy of the day. This girl, a senior, has the most beautiful tits, very puffy and large nipples and Nora is tempted to suck them first, but the rules say only pussy eating, no hands, only tongues.

Amy is now standing over her as Nora eats her last girl, rubbing her pussy furiously, her gym shorts around her feet. As the station girl finally cums, so does Amy. The audience begins to cheer the home team girl as Nora stands, takes a bow and sticks her tongue out is a very suggestive manner. Ivy comes forward with a lovely bunch of flowers and a girl from Camp 11 does the same for Amy. The two contests now kiss and can taste the eleven flavors of cum juice on their faces. they then embrace, shake hands and exit the stage.