Betty and Lisa, Part 1

by Anonymous Idiot

Lisa and Betty were sisters, Lisa was 10 and Betty was 12. Both girls hadn’t developed yet, although Betty had a tight little ass and nipples that stuck out all the time. Krista, their cousin, was staying in the house for a few months because she had been kicked out of her parent’s house for an unexplained reason. Krista was 17 with a great ass and nice large tits. She wasn’t home that often but when she was Betty tried to spy on her, just to see what grown ups’ titties looked like. (The girls’ mother was very strict and inhibited and Betty had never seen her naked.)

One day, when Krista was out, Betty was feeling bored so she decided to snoop in Krista’s room. She looked in all her drawers and found some sexy lingerie which she was fascinated by. Underneath some regular panties, Betty found two strange little toys. One was a long plastic-looking rod, and the other was a small toy about the size of a battery. Betty was curious about those, but she kept looking and found a stack of magazines under Krista’s bed. She looked at the top one and gasped! It had pictures of naked women in it, doing various things. Betty looked closely at the women’s tits and cunnies. She hoped hers would look like that some day. Then she came across a picture of a woman sitting upright, facing the camera, with a funny expression on her face. She was rubbing her cunny with her left hand and squeezing her nipple with her right. Betty was confused; why did she look like that? It looked like it might be painful so why was the girl rubbing down there. Also it was really dirty to rub your cunny, Betty thought. That’s what her mom had told her one day so she stayed away from the little pouting slit between her legs. But now, Betty wanted to try it; maybe it felt good!

Betty took the magazine back to her bedroom and studied it carefully. Then she tried to mimic the girl’s hand position on her jeans. She didn’t feel anything so she took the jeans off. “It’s not dirty if I just rub through my panties,” she thought. As she began to rub through her panties nothing happened for a few seconds but then, when she rubbed the little button at the top of her cunny, she felt a electric thrill run through her body. Betty squeaked and stopped her hand movement right away. That felt weird! But she was still curious so she began rubbing again through the thin cloth. She rubbed up and down the little furrow around her lips, which weren’t really sticking out yet, at her young age. The feelings got better and better so she chanced another rub of her little button. This time it felt REALLY GOOD.

Betty moaned and began rubbing her pleasure button slowly. The feelings were building up and up. She looked up at the magazine and saw the woman squeezing her tits so she tried rubbing her own little stiff nipples at the same time. “Oooh,” she moaned, and her hand began to pick up speed. She didn’t know what was happening but she knew it felt great and she didn’t want to stop now. Then she realized her hand was quite wet.

“Oh no!” she said. If her mom found these new panties stained, she would kill her! She ran to the bathroom and washed out the panties as best she could, then she got an old towel that she used and brought it back to the bedroom. Because she didn’t want to get anymore panties ruined, she left them off and placed the towel under her. She was a little ashamed of wetting herself ’cause she hadn’t done that for a few years. She dried off her little cunny, and in the process, started to feel good again.

She began to rub her cunny with her bare hand, too far gone to worry about it being dirty anymore. “Wow,” she thought, “it feels even better with no panties on!” The rubbing became faster and faster and she began to moan in time with her fingers “Uh Uh Uh Uh OOOh OOOH OOH OOOOH UUUHH UHHH UUUHHH OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD OHMYGOD!” she screamed as she felt something strange going on between her legs. She was really scared of what was going to happen but it felt too good to stop. She pinched her nipples between her fingers and rubbed all over her cunny as it built up to a frenzied speed. Then she experimented with pinching and rolling her little button in her fingers. The pleasure became too much for her to handle and she screamed out “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.” Her little 12-year-old body spasmed on the floor. She rolled around clutching feverishly at her crotch and rubbing her cunny while pinching her little button. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her, and her hand, pussy and the towel she had under her, were wet with her girl juice. Finally the waves became less intense and the moans died down. She came back to earth just in time to see her sister, little Lisa, open the bedroom door and look at her in concern.

Lisa had been in the kitchen eating and was coming up the stairs when she heard strange sounds coming from her sister’s room. She was curious so she went to investigate. As she got closer she realized her sister was screaming. Lisa ran down the hall and opened the door to her sister’s room. Betty was lying on the floor with her hand still slowly rubbing her cunny. Lisa had seen Betty naked before but this was different. This time, Betty’s cunny was red and puffy and very wet. It was even dripping onto the towel on the floor. As for Betty, she was panting and her face was flushed. When she noticed Lisa she was shocked and tried to cover up what she had been doing. Lisa ran into the room, more concerned than embarrassed.

“Betty Betty are you ok?” she asked.

Betty nodded but couldn’t speak just yet.

“What happened?” asked her sister?

Betty regained her voice and tried to deny everything. “Nothing happened I was just practicing screaming for if a stranger tries to kidnap me.”

Lisa didn’t believe it but wasn’t sure what her sister had been doing either. She wondered if Betty was sick. “If you don’t tell me what you were doing I’ll just have to ask Mom,” Lisa said. “You could be hurt or something.”

Betty sat up, “Oh NO please don’t tell mom!” she said. She knew that whatever had happened to her, her mother would NOT approve.

“Alright,” Betty said. “I was rubbing my cunny because of this picture I saw.”

Lisa was confused, “Why were you rubbing your cunny? Did it tickle?”

“Kind of,” said Betty. “It felt really good though.”

Betty showed Lisa the picture of the woman rubbing herself and Lisa looked at it intently. After a while she looked up shyly and said, “Can I try?”

Betty was surprised but thought it was only fair. She guided Lisa through what she had done. “Ok, the first thing I did was take off my jeans. Lisa promptly removed her own jeans. “Then,” said Betty, “I tried rubbing it through my panties but then they got stained so you should take your panties off too.”

Lisa took them off, but more reluctantly this time. She was exposing her cunny and she wasn’t sure if she was being dirty or not.

“Then, you rub your cunny all over,” said Betty.

Lisa couldn’t bring herself to touch her little pink cunny. “I don’t think I should,” she said. “Plus my hands will be dirty, and I’m scared of what it will feel like.

Betty was caught up in the moment and tried to convince her but Lisa just shyly shook her head and reached to put her panties back on.

“Wait,” said Betty, “I’ll do it for you once to show you how it feels. You don’t have to worry and I’ll do all the work.”

She placed her hand on Lisa’s bare cunny and began slowly rubbing up and down the slit. Lisa half-heartedly tried to stop, but then decided she was too curious to give up. Lisa didn’t notice anything and was about to say it wasn’t working when Betty mischievously rubbed right at the top of her cunny, where the little bump stood out. Lisa shrieked and closed her legs tightly on Betty’s hand.

Betty stopped for a while, then said, “Didn’t that feel good?”

Lisa was scared but then she realized, it did feel good! “Uh huh,” said Lisa.

Betty pushed her sister’s legs open again and began rubbing all over her cunny again. Lisa concentrated on her feelings and noticed that the rubbing felt good. She closed her eyes and relaxed, settling her back against the bed and opening her legs a little more. Betty took her cue and started rubbing Lisa’s button again. Lisa gasped as the feeling shot through her. Betty noticed Lisa’s cunny-lips were getting red and slightly wet. Betty always thought of her sister as a burden but now Betty was actually having fun rubbing her sister’s slit. Lisa was beginning to lose control. She was panting hard and slowly grinding her cunny into Betty’s hand. Betty remembered her experience and reacher her other hand up to Lisa’s flat chest. She started to rub Lisa’s little nipples and sped up her hand on Lisa’s cunny. Lisa began to make little gasping sounds in time with Betty’s hand on her now very wet slit. “Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh,” Lisa gently moaned. Betty increased her hand speed even more and Lisa began to jerk her arms around, grabbing at the bed and holding on to Betty. The feel of her sister’s hand on Betty’s little chest made her pinch Lisa’s nipples back. Lisa moaned, “OoooOOOOH.”

Betty knew that Lisa was close to the feeling she had had so she tried pinching Lisa’s little pleasure button and her nipple at the same time. Lisa shrieked and spasmed around against the bed. “AHH AHH AHH AHH OOOOOOHH AAAAAAAH OH MY GOD IT FEELS SO GOOD!!” Lisa ground her cunny frantically into her sister’s hand as she felt the pleasure wash over her. With one last, “OOOOH MY GOD!!!” she finished and lay back panting. Betty looked down at her tired, flushed face and said, “I told ya!”