Babysitting Adventures With My Girlfriend Kim

by Angie

I'm Angie and want to tell you about what I and my girlfriend Kim got up to on Saturday night. We are both 16 and love to babysit but what happened on Saturday night changed us forever and we found a new love.

See myself and Kim are both 16. We are lovers and have been sexual with each other for about a year now. We both had thoughts of what it would be like to make love with one of the cute little girls we had babysat in the past, but had never done anything about it till Saturday night.

See Kim was asked by her neighbour if she could babysit her 8-year-old daughter Sarah and Sarah's 8-year-old friend Mandy who was staying over, as well as her 7-month-old baby girl Fiona. Kim agreed and asked me to come help her so we got dressed, a little tarty I might add, in mini skirts, low-cut stretchy-knit tops and of course tan pantyhose and knee-high black leather boots. For some reason we just love this outfit and love to undress each other slowly when making love, and we love to feel each other's legs when we are wearing our pantyhose.

So getting on with the story, we ended up at the house about 6pm and said goodbye to Linda that we were babysitting for and ordered some pizzas for dinner and cheched on the baby who was sleeping soundly in her cot in the nursery. We started chatting with Sarah and Mandy and were laughing and giggling and Sarah and Mandy kind of seemed in a hurry to get to their room so we let them go off and play. I and Kim settled in front of the lounge.

We were watching some tv and eating our pizza and we thought we heard what sounded like crying coming from the baby's nursery and as we approached the door to the nursery we both froze. There was 8-year-old Sarah and her 8-year-old girlfriend Mandy and they had the 7-month-old Baby Fiona laid on her changing table and were holding her little legs apart and were licking her tiny little pussy. They were taking turns and as one was licking Baby Fiona's puffy little pussy lips the other would be tongue kissing her little mouth. I and Kim looked at each other in shock and I'm sure that Kim's pussy twitched at the same time as mine and we both felt our panties get damp as we watched the scene in front of us. Watching these two 8-year-old girls lick and kiss this 7-month-old baby quickly had us very wet and we knew we were in for a wonderful night ahead.

I made a sound and both Sarah and Mandy nearly died in shock as they stopped and turned to find me and Kim standing there watching them. Sarah and Kim got a little scared thinking we would be mad at them and tried to make up some excuses, but instead I rushed over to Sarah and kissed her and Mandy and said, "Keep going and let us watch."

Kim was obviously thinking the same thing as we stood next to each other leaning against the wall and lifted our skirts and started to play with our pussies as we watched Sarah and Mandy continue what they were doing. I and Kim rubbed our pussies as we watched Sarah and Mandy take turns to lick and suck on Baby Fiona's puffy little pussy as Baby Fiona lay on her changing table cooing in delight as she sucked away on her pacifier. I and Kim were sopping wet as we rubbed and fingered ourselves silly as we watched Sarah and Mandy spread Baby Fiona's little pussy lips. They licked the insides of the baby's pussy and sucked on her tiny pussy lips and then stopped and looked over at me and Kim and asked if we wanted to have a turn. I and Kim were wanting to watch them instead for a while longer and we watched as Sarah and Mandy then got undressed and Sarah laid the baby on a rug on the floor and Sarah and Mandy took turns to sit over the baby's face and lower their pussies over the baby's mouth for Baby Fiona to suckle on there pussies.

We watched and fingered ourselves silly as Baby Fiona sucked and licked on Sarah and Mandy's pussy and we watched them each have a little-girl orgasm. After Sarah and Mandy had cum, they took turns to kiss the baby's mouth passionatly and then they re-dressed the baby in her diaper and dress and placed her in a pram and they pushed her into the loungeroom.

We all sat around and talked and I and Kim wanted to know everything. We wanted to know how long Sarah and Mandy had been playing with the baby—we just wanted to know everything. Sarah and Kim had told us they had been playing with the baby for about a month and had been taught by a previous babysitter. Sarah and Mandy wanted to watch us play with Baby Fiona and I and Kim couldn't think of anything better. We told Sarah that we needed to cum again and would love to have the baby suck on our clits and lick us to orgasm.

I watched as Sarah and Mandy undressed the baby and removed her diaper and laid her down between my legs as I lay down on the floor and Sarah placed the baby's mouth against my pussy as her friend Mandy started to play with my nipples and suck on my breasts and Kim started deeply tongue kissing my mouth. Here I was lying on a rug on the lounge-room floor with an 8-year-old girl holding her 7-month-old baby sister's mouth against my pussy and making her suckle on my clit while Sarah's 8-year-old girlfriend played with and suckled on my breasts and my girlfriend Kim tongue kissed me, and my God, it was the biggest cum I've ever had in my life.

After I came down from my orgasm and I looked down to see I had cum all over the baby's face and that Sarah was down there licking me clean, I looked over at Kim who was fingering herself silly yelling out, "Quick it's my turn," and I knew we were in for a long night and one I'll never forget.

to be continued in part 2.............