First Time Babysitting

by Amy Smith

Hello, I'm Amy. I'm 24/f and a single mom. This is my first time writing a naughty story, so I hope to get feedback and know what everyone thinks.

New to be a babysitter, I had never really baby sat before. I had not long turned 14 and I had put posters around advertising for if someone needed a babysitter to look after their little ones while they went to work or wanted to just get some time away for peace and quiet.

I often received some phone calls asking if I could come babysit for them during the day, but it was hard for me to babysit through the day time because I was still in school. But then it happen, I got my first call to come babysit at night time, I was really excited because I had never been able to look after a little one before without someone else being around.

I had noticed when I did look after an infant when I was also supervised, that seeing an infant all nakie was such an exciting feeling. Seeing the 1 year old toddler without her one piece outfit on and without her diaper, made my young pussy tingle and get so moist at that site and I could never do anything because someone was always around. That is why I started to advertise to be a babysitter and to experiment with a baby girl.

I was on my way to the house to look after my first child, the parents told me on the phone before I came over that Rachel had not long turned 1 a few months ago. I couldn't believe my luck that I was getting to babysit a girl around the same age as the other girl I had got to see naked, so I knew I was in for a treat when I got to see her smooth little bald baby pussy.

I knocked on the door and they answered holding Rachel in her mom's arms, they asked me to come in and make myself at home, I was thinking to myself that I will be making myself at home with their tiny toddler as soon as they leave the house, she was such a little cutie. I was nervous waiting for them to leave to actually think I was going to try licking this gorgeous little girl's baby cunt once they left the house. My pussy had so many tingles rushing through it that my legs felt wobbly.

The mom passed Rachel to me and showed me around the house before they left and told me where everything was for Rachel when I needed to feed her and change her. I walked her parents to the front door and told her parents that little Rachel is in good hands. Little did they know, I was going to be feasting on their tiny daughter's little baby cunt during the night to satisfy my thoughts of what it would be like to taste an infant's smooth, soft, bald and very puffy cunnie.

Well her parents had left and I wasted no time in undressing little Rachel. I already had her top bottom undone before her parents car had left the driveway. I was so nervous that I was shaking undressing her. I almost had second thoughts of not going through with what I was about to do but I couldn't help myself and I needed to know what it was lick between Rachel's little baby legs.

I got her one piece night suit off and then it was time for her diaper to come off, but before I untied the Velcro straps to her cute little princess diaper, I slowly slide my finger inside her diaper just to have a feel of what I was waiting all day and night for and oh my God, it felt so soft. It was amazing to feel this baby cunt on my finger. I rubbed up and down her puffy baby slit that I wanted so badly by now.

I untied the straps that held her diaper on and there displayed the most amazing site I had ever seen. Her tiny legs opened wide as soon as I untied her diaper, her gorgeous and very delicious looking toddler cunt stared at me, wanting to be licked and played with, so smooth and soft looking, I knew that my tongue had to taste her and lick her.

I leaned my head down between her legs and I took a deep breath in and then I did it, I slowly kissed up her soft little thighs, moving closer and closer to her baby honey pot, I could smell it, it smelt amazing, then I did it. I licked right at her baby cunt lips, I could feel how fat her lips were around my tongue. My pussy was on fire now, I had never had my pussy feel this way before, so I slide a finger inside my panties and slide it right into my cunt hole, it went in so easy from my wetness.

I took my other hand and parted her tiny cunnie lips with my fingers and there it was, the pinkest baby hole I had ever seen, I knew I had to do it, I licked at the opening of her cunt hole and slowly worked my tongue inside it, it was so tiny that only the tip of my tongue would enter. I spent the next half hour just licked her tiny toddler baby cunt lips and then back to her infant hole, just prodding my tongue back and forth into the yummiest tasty treat I have ever had.

I stopped licking for a minute and then I noticed how red and puffy her baby pussy lips had become. So I thought I better stop for now just in case she was still red when her parents got home. Well her parents got home about an hour later and by then my pussy was still soaking wet and still so horny. I told them that she was an angel to look after and that it would be my pleasure to look after her again anytime. I said all this while I still had the fresh taste of their baby daughter's tight little baby cunt in my mouth, I felt so naughty having her taste in my mouth while talking to her parents. I walked home licking my lips and thinking of everything I did tonight, I am so glad I became a babysitter!!