My Little Darlings, Part 2

by Amber M

Many people have been anticipating Part 2 but it may have things some people may find offensive please re-read the "story codes" before reading. If none of that offends you please, enjoy. Emails are welcome.

I woke up to Snowflake and Jack whimpering at the door, I sat up slowly, trying not to wake up Kayleigh. "Shh Jackie, Snowy , I'll get you out soon enough.." I said quietly to my puppies. I grabbed Snowflake's leash from the key-rack by the door, Putting it on his collar, then doing the same to Jack and opening the door, taking them outside to do there "Business".. Soon enough they were done and we were back inside the house and I looked at the clock and saw what time it was 2:30PM..

I peeked into the living room to see if Kayleigh was still asleep- She wasn't. She had her little cute legs dangling from the side of the couch, watching TV. "Kayleigh, darling what do you want for lunch?" I asked "Mm, a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich please Mommy!" She replied. "Mmkay, I'll call you in here in a few"..While I was making the PB&J I thought about a few hours before, with Kayleigh's little tongue doing magical things to my clit, and I was aroused-again. I finished making Kayleigh's and I's sandwiches, calling her into the kitchen. She pranced into the kitchen like a cute little kitten. We ate and chatted a bit, about nothing of importance, when were done it was close to 3:00-

Almost time to get Grace off the bus! I hurried to get dressed, grabbed my keys and unlocked the door re-locking it behind me, then hurried off to the bus stop to wait a few minutes for the bus. About 3:10 the bus came, she ran off the bus and hugged me saying "Hi Mommy! How are you? I missed you." "We've been doing well today, how was school?" I asked. "I didn't get into any trouble but one of the boys was mean and cut in line at lunch."she said with a twinge of anger in her voice. "Well some boys can be mean but, Maybe we can go to the park later on today since you did good at school." "Okies Mommy"

She followed me into our yard going up the steps to our house I slowly unlocked the door and pushed it open, walking into the kitchen and then into the living room where, I sure did get a good surprise that made me sooo horny. Kayleigh was lying on the floor with her little legs and pussy lips open with Jack sitting between them Licking her little clit, Her tiny moans were so sexy, almost instantly I was dripping from hornyness, so I looked over at Grace and she seemed almost as horny as I, she had even stuck her fingers up her mini-skirt playing with her little pussy, now dripping as much as mine.

Kayleigh then looked over to me and said "Mommy, I want Jack inside of me.." "I'm sorry darling, but you aren't big enough for him yet, but he can still lick you for awhile if you want."I said. "But pleeeaseee Mommy I can take the head of daddy's cock with out it hurting!" "Yes, but a dog cock is a lot different then your daddy's cock, Jack has to put all of him inside of you, not just a little bit." I said. "So, what? Mommy, I can take him!" "No! Kay, Your sister has been practicing for a long time and is much older then you, but I promise when you get old enough and are big enough for him you can have him inside of you." Kayleigh then had a look of annoyance on her face which quickly turned to a look of pleasure as Jack continued licking her dripping wet three year old pussy, letting out sweet little moans.

I then turned to Grace and knelt down, kissing Her cheek and asking her if I could take off her clothes. "Mm, that sounds nice Mommy!" She replied as she continued working her little nub of a clit under her skirt. I slowly unbuttoned her little pink and white striped button-up shirt, Kissing and sucking on her little nipples making them become hard and erect in my mouth as she giggled and moaned slightly. After a few moments I then pulled her top fully off, throwing it to the ground, next working on her little pink skirt, sliding it down her hips rubbing her butt and kissing her little belly. I tossed the skirt away too, and continued in the taking the clothes off. I then pulled her little princess panties down over her hips, brushing on her swollen pussy lips on the way down making her moan and push her hips forward.

I then asked if she would like me to lick her little Pee-Pee. "Yes momma! I would loooovee that. Watching Kayleigh get her little Pee-Pee licked by Jack is making me sooo wet down there..!" "Well then lie down on your back like Kayleigh and I'll lick your little Pee-Pee." "okay!!" She said excitedly as she lied her cute little body down on the floor in-front of me, making me moan in pleasure at how hot her little body was, her little perky pink nipples, Her hot swollen red pussy, her beautiful Blue eyes and curly brown hair. I lied on my belly in-front of her, smelling her wonderful aroma, licking my lips, I stuck my tongue gently into her little folds, making her gasp in pleasure. I wiggled my tongue around on her clit fast making her squirm and grab a hold of my long brown hair, she seemed to be peaking quickly so I licked faster a few strokes of my tongue later she was cumming on my tongue--hard. Her juices were so wonderful and warm on my tongue, like honey, but better.

I rubbed some of my juices on my fingers and rubbed them on her hole, making it even wetter. I slowly slid my finger into her wanting pussy, feeling a slight resistance to my finger but as she relaxed more I was able to get two fingers in, making her moan loudly in delight. "Oh Mom that feels so good! Deeper please!!!!" I did as she wished and slid my fingers in a little deeper, slowly pulling them in and out feeling her little juices coat my fingers, but suddenly I felt something wet, large and big against my pussy, I looked behind me, wondering what it was, seeing Snowflake's large tongue lapping at my pussy and his large 8" cock hanging long and hard against him, I moaned and went back to licking my little girl, spreading my legs open wider so Snowy could do as he wished. I finger-fucked Grace harder making her scream my name in pleasure and start squirting her warm little girl juices all down my arm.

Then I looked over and noticed Jack trying to hump Kayleigh but failing miserably at trying to get inside of her tight pussy. Kayleigh then asked "Grace, Would you like to take Jack since I can't?" "Can I, Mommy?" Grace asked. "Sure! As long as Kayleigh lets me lick her little Pee-Pee instead". "Ooh, yes please Mommy, can you please lick me like you did this morning?" Kayleigh said. "Sure baby, just let me help Gracie get Jack into her Pee-Pee!" I replied.. Scooting over so Jack could get positioned as Gracie flipped into the "doggiestyle" position, I then helped him guide his doggie cock into little Grace's wet and awaiting pussy. Once he was inside he started humping her little pussy.

I watched for a little bit more letting Snowflake lick me more watching Jack's little doggie knot grow bigger and him shove all of it into Gracie's pussy, making her moan. "Ooh Mommy I feel soo full!". I just nodded in response and tugged Kayleigh over by her cute little legs, making her giggle. "Come here and let Mommy lick your beautiful Pee-Pee Kay!" I said. She giggled and scooted closer, opening her little puffy pink lips for me. I kissed her little tummy, planting kisses all down her belly. Slowly inching down her belly to her little pussy lips, grazing the little hairless lips with my lips, making her shudder with pleasure. I moved to her inner lips, gently licking them with my tongue, making her moan loudly. I gently probed her little clit with my tongue, making her squirm, I shoved my hand into my pussy -around Snow's tongue- and got lots of my juices and then slid my littlest finger slowly into her feeling her little walls clamp around it gently.

I felt the heat in my pussy grow as snow decided he finally wanted to fuck me. He put his paws on either side of my body and shoved his 8" cock into my wanting pussy. Oh did it feel good. It was like heaven. Almost as good as both my little girl's cum, but not quite!. He shoved his big doggy cock into me a few times quickly before knotting inside of me and starting to cum. it felt like an ocean was being released inside of me -SO MUCH CUM!- it felt so good but I just had to have more of Kayleigh's wonderful cum!. I heard Grace moan beside me, so I looked over and watched her get fucked. Oh how a wonderful sight that is! I went back to licking and fingering little Kayleigh, she was a ball of passion. She pulled on my hair forcing me to lick her deeper, making her get closer and closer to her wonderful peak, soon she squirted her wonderful juices all over my face, which I licked up gratefully, so sweet and so sticky. I licked all of her little juices up.

Then, I heard a "splish" beside me. As I looked over I saw Jack pulling out of Grace, it was such a hot sight to see all the cum leak out of her fully-fucked, cum soaked little pussy. She moaned as it came out of her, sticking her finger in her pussy and getting some cum on it and licking it off her finger. I moaned at that sight and came hard on snowy's cock. Making a decent amount of his cum slide out of my abused pussy onto the floor. Soon Kayleigh asked "Gracie can I lick some of that doggie cum out of your Pee-Pee, please? You can sit on my face!" "I want Mommy to!" said Grace. "Please can I lick you Grace?" Grace replied. "No!" I then lifted my head off of Kay's little pussy and said between moans "Girls girls!, calm down, Gracie, I can lick you after a bit, before we go to the park, Can't you just let Kayleigh lick all the hot doggie cum out of your nice wet Pee-Pee??" "I guess Mom." Grace said. So Grace came over and reluctantly sat her cum-dripping pussy onto her sister's waiting mouth, It made all three of us moan, all in pleasure and delight. Snowflake pulled out of me soon, apparently finished and he trotted into the other room, the cum splashed out of me like it had been stuck in there forever.

I then asked Grace if she would like to lick some up and she said "Of course Mommy! Doggie cum tastes soo good, and so does your juices. I'd love to lick them out of you!" I stood on the floor above Grace and Kayleigh and let little Grace lick the doggie cum out of my recently fucked pussy and oh my goodness, it felt soo wonderful like someone had turned a switch on inside my pussy. Grace dragged her fingers down her sister's body, putting one of them inside of her little sister, wiggling it around making Kayleigh moan. I pulled her little now cum soaked face further into my waiting pussy making us both moan. I could feel grace licking faster, knowing she was getting close to her peak, and I was too, since I had a beautiful little angel licking my pussy out!. She moaned and squeaked first, me coming not far behind her. Our juices ran down our legs, making us giggle.

I stood up, going back between Kayleigh's legs, wanting her to cum a last time too. I stuck my pinky finger inside of her little wet waiting pussy rubbing her G-spot and licking her little clit fast and hard, it didn't take long for her to have a body-shaking orgasm. I stood up and pulled my little girls onto the couch with me, asking them if they wanted to have a "Mommy meal" they both said in unison "Yes, please" "I am so hungry now" Grace added. we then watched TV with Kayleigh on the left sucking my nipple and Grace on the right sucking my nipple. And Damn did it feel good!