Our Little Girl

by Amaris

Even though before we had Andromeda, we'd fantasized about incest a lot, I'd never actually believed it would happen. I made it clear to my husband that it was strictly fantasy, and that it would never, ever become reality. Of course, I guess I was wrong.

According to Andromeda, she started spying on us about a month before we caught her. She said we'd accidently left the door cracked, and that she'd walked by the room and saw her father and I having sex. She tells me the thought made her little pussy feel warm and tingly, and she watched until we finished. She said that she used to rub her pussy until she exploded at the memory of her father and I making love. She then took every opportunity to spy on us. She'd hide in the closet, rubbing her sex while watching Mommy and Daddy screw. She thought she was doing a good job at hiding...

I never, ever thought our incestual fantasies would come true. I was against it with a passion. I even stopped talking about incest during sex after Andromeda was born. But one night, after we thought our little girl had gone to bed, her father and I were in the bedroom, lying together naked, carressing each other, and whispering naughty things when suddenly we heard a little moan from the closet. Because we were whispering already, I asked him, "Did you hear that?"

He nodded and put his fingers to his lips. We continued to listen intently, and again heard a similar moan from the closet. My eyes widened and heart quickened as I recognized the voice. It was our little girl! And according to the surprise on my husbands face, he realizd this as well. I moved to get up, but he put his hand on my shoulder and pulled me into him. He kissed me passionately, pulling me on top of him and positioned ourselves so my backside faced the closet. I didn't realize what he was doing until I heard another moan and realized what our baby girl was doing. There was so much pleasure in that moan there was no mistaking it. Our little girl was in the closet touching herself as we had sex.

I didn't know what to do with myself, but the thought made my pussy wetter than it had been for a long time. I looked down at my husband, a question in his eyes, and I gave him the answer. I kissed him with a fiery passion and made love to my husband, rougher and more intense than we'd had in months. And right before I came, I thought about what my little girl was doing in the closet, I imagined her rubbing her little hairless pussy, and a climax rocked through my body so intense it took my breath away. After we were done, we pretended to go to sleep, and heard the closet door open quietly and I peeked out from the covers. Sure enough, it was Andromeda, tip toeing out of our room.

We let it happen again a few more times without her knowing. We made love more intensly and passionate than we both could ever remember. It was like reliting the original fire, but dousing it with gasoline as well. And it was just so hot, my little girl, watching her mommy and daddy fuck. I got to the point where I couldn't control myself. Being a stay at home mom, while Daddy was at work all day, I found myself wet and horny all the time. I touched myself at the thought of my little girl two or three times a day, overwhelmd with desire and lust for my daughter.

One day I was particulary hot. Andromeda was at school still, and I found myself needing to pleasure myself. I sat down on the couch in the living room, and the phone rang. I was so needy that I let it ring, reminding myself to check the voicemail when I was done. I was wearing a light purple button up blouse and long billowy black skirt, with no bra or panties. Lying back on the couch, I thought about my daughter's wet little pussy, her barely budding breasts, her long, dark brown hair, and her full lips as I ran my fingers up and down my thigh, from my knee to my pussy, lightly brushing it with my fingers. Every time I touched my pussy, it would throb and I would moan in pleasure. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter, until I brought my hand up my leg and felt the wetness of my juices oozing out of my vulva. I traced my finger along my vulva, getting it sticky with my juices. I brought my finger out from under my skirt and I licked my sticky fingers, wondering how my little girls clean virgin juices would taste like. The thought drove me wild, and I couldn't take it anymore. I brought my fingers down and slipped one into my pussy, moaning and rocking with the intense pleasure. I slid my finger in and out of my hot pussy, while using my thumb to stimulate my clit. I thought about sucking on my little girls nipples, rubbing her pussy, and making Daddy watch. The thoughts had me so hot I built up quickly to an orgasm that rocked my world. Gripping the side of the sofa and screaming, my body shook as the climax engulfed me, stronger than ever. I swirled my finger around inside my vagina, intensifying my already amazing orgasm, and completely tensed up. Finally the pleasure ebbed away, and I found myself leaning back on the couch, sweaty and heart racing. I looked up and saw my daughter in the foyer staring straight at me.

She still had her shoes on and her backpack hung from one shoulder, and she was staring at me open mouthed. I panicked. I looked around for escape, tried to find something to say, but just sat there in silence for a long moment. What was I going to do? She saw everything! What did she think? Why is she looking at me like that? Why can't I figure out what to do. I had never felt so at a loss in my whole life. Finally, I looked at my daughter and said, "Why aren't you in school?"

Andromeda took a moment to respond, looking shyly at her feet. "I wasn't feeling well, so the nurse called Daddy and he said I could come home. Every one tried to call you, but Auntie Susan had to pick me up. When she saw the car and the lights on, she dropped me off out front. Then I came in and...." She trailed off, face turning beet red and looking around for some kind of escape.

I looked at my baby girl, the one who watched me and her father have sex, the one who made my pussy so wet, and I made a decision. I wanted her.

"What happened then, Andi? When you came in...?"

I gave her a look of compassion, and waited for an answer.

She looked at me with surprise. "I saw you, Mommy, on the couch...doing..."

"Doing what, baby girl?" I asked.

"Doing...doing...touching yourself." She turned even redder, if possible, and looked down at her feet.

"Do you ever do that to yourself, dear? Do you ever touch yourself until you explode?" I asked the question with no hesitation, but gently and quietly as not to scare her. I could feel my pussy growing warm, the need for pleasure building yet again.

She looked up at me, looking like she felt caught.

"Baby, touching yourself isn't a bad thing! Don't look so shy about it. Every one does it. It feels good, right? It the most amazing feeling in the world, baby, and that could never be bad."

She looked at me. "So it's not bad? Then yes, I do it all the time! It feels so good, Mommy."

I looked at my daughter, my baby girl, seeing her from a new perspective. I looked at her thick dark brown hair, her petite body, slim and long like her father. I looked at her chest, the bumps under her shirt just barely noticable. I looked at her with lust in my eyes. But I also looked at her with love. I loved my little girl more than anything in the world. I wanted to share myself with her. I wanted to love her in a different way than most. I wanted to make love to my ten year old daughter. I wanted to make her feel good, to show her how to make me feel good. I wanted to kiss those plump lips my daughter had been blessed with.

I beckoned her over to me. She quickly kicked off her shoes and hung up her coat and backpack, and came over to the couch, looking uncertain. I put my arm around her, and held her close. She cuddled against me on the couch, her face buried in my breasts. Since I was the one with the intent, I expected I'd have to do a lot more. But my baby girl then caught me by surprise by pulling open my already unbuttoned blouse and feeling my breasts.

"When I touch myself, Mommy, it feels good when I touch my nipples. I like to feel them get hard. Does it feel good to you, Mommy?"

I was shocked my baby girl was making the first move, but she looked up at me, so intently and innocently, I let myself relax.

"Yes, baby girl, my Andi, it does feel good when you touch my breasts...ohh."

My baby girl had put a nipple in her mouth and suckled, making my stomach fill with butterflies and my pussy tingle.

"I saw Daddy do this to you, Mommy."

I looked at her, and said, "You know what I would really like, Andi? To suck on your nipples." She looked at me and nodded. I pulled off her shirt and leaned her back on the couch. I pulled off my blouse and straddled my little girl. I brought my mouth don to her little, budding breasts and started to tease her nipple with my tongue. I flicked at it and rubbed her other breast with my hand. I heard her whimper and looked up to see her watching me lcik her nipple. It stiffened, and I could feel my nipples stiffening as well. I moved to the other breast and sucked on the nipple, making my little giel moan, and feeling her nipple stiffen in my mouth. I started to kiss my way across her chest, one nipple to the other, flicking each with my tongue a few times, then heading back across. I then kissed my way up her collarbone and to her neck. I lightly licked her neck, and she squealed.

"Mommy that tickles! She laughed. She looked at me, and said, "Mommy, will you kiss me like you do Daddy?" I looked at my little angel and whispered, "Yes," before passionately kissing my daughter, pressing my body into her, and pulling my fingers through her hair. I felt her hips thrust up into mine, and I slipped my tongue into her mouth, teasing hers, inviting it into mine so I could suck on it. We kissed and sucked each others tongues until our bodies were rocking together, pussys grinding against each other.

I pulled away and took off my skirt. I asked my little girl, "Do you want to see Mommy's pussy?" She nodded and pulled off her jeans and her panties, dropping them on the living room floor. I stood in the middle of the living room, naked and legs spread, and she got down on her knees and looked closely at my pussy. It was so wet it was dripping down my leg, and she trailed her finger up my leg, cleaning up the mess.

"Wow Mommy, you're so wet!"

"That's what you do to Mommy, dear. Because you are so sexy." I looked into her eyes. "And because I love you, baby."

"I love you, too, Mommy."

I let her look at my pussy for only a moment before I led her back to the couch. "Now Mommy wants to see your pussy, baby."

I laid her down on the couch, and spread her legs, positioning myself between them. I looked at my baby girls clean virgin pussy and smelled the sweet smell of her flower. I would be the first person to touch my baby girls pussy. I couldn't wait any longer. The hunger for my daughters pussy took control and I started to lick my girls vulva. I heard her whimper and felt her body tense. Eagar to make her feel good, I slipped my tongue between the lips of her pussy and licked up from her vaginal opening to her clit. When I reached her clit, she thrusted her hips up, pushing her wet pussy into my face. I started to flick my tongue on her clit in a steady rhythm, while my hand reached around and cupped my girls surprisingly plump ass. I always loved her ass, and finally I got to feel it.

I spread her cheeks and started to rub my thumb around her rosebud, an she started to writhe and moan loudly. Her thrustly because faster and harder as I licked her pussy, and she reached down and grabbed my hair, squeezing her fist and pulling it as I quickened my rhythm. Her body began to tremble and I knew she was close to cuming, so I moved my hand from her ass to her pussy, putting a single finger in, just deep enough to not touch her still intact hymen. I swirled my finger around in her vagina, and I heard her gasp. Her body tensed and I took her clit in my mouth and sucked on it gently, bringing her over that edge into a climax. She bucked and screamed and I continued to suck on her clit. She grabbed my shoulders as her cum reached its peak, and I flicked her clit again, giving her one last jolt of pleasure before her orgasm ebbed away.

I pulled back and looked at my little girl, lying back on the couch, body limp and chest rising and falling fast. She looked at me and giggled, and I smiled at her.

"Wow, Mommy, that was amazing! I didn't know it could feel that good. When I touch myself it isn't even half as good as that! You're amazing Mommy! I love you!"

"I love you, too, baby girl." She sat up and I hugged her to my chest, my heart filled with happiness and love for my daughter.

"Can I make you feel good too, Mommy?" she asked.

Before I could answer, she put her hand down in between my legs, and brought back up a wet, sticky finger. She brought it to her lips and tasted it. That was so hot, I thought.

"You taste really good, Mommy. I want to do what you did to me, Mommy. I wanna lick your pussy."

I nodded and leaned back on th couch, positioning myself. Andi go down between my legs, and kissed my wet vulva several times, before licking all over my pussy. It was clumsy at first, but I showed her where my clit was, and she started to lick it in little circles. It felt amazing. I bucked and moaned, and in only a few short minutes, my daughter brought me to the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced. I screamed and tensed up, engulfed by a shockwave of pleasure as my little girl continued to lick my clit, until I breathlessly put my hand on her head, telling her I could handle no more. After I was done, she climbed up next to me on the couch, and we lay there naked, in each others arms for a long time.

That night, when my husband came home, I told him what happened. He told me to tell him in more detail, and led me to the bedroom. He said he was more than okay with it, and that he wanted me to make even more memories with our baby girl. He asked if he would ever be able to join us, and I winked at him.

"Maybe when she's older, but she's my lover now."

That night, after having amazing sex with my husband, my heart was filled with warmth as I thought about how much I loved our little girl.