Amanda and Tara, Part 5

by Amanda

Disclaimer: This story contains fictional accounts of adult / child sexual encounters in a positive and loving relationship. If the idea that such relationships can exist disturbs you then stop reading now. If you recognize the beauty of consensual relations, emotional and sexual, between adult women and young girls then please read on.


Tara knelt in the closet, looking through Amanda’s toys. Her aunt was at work and she had been entertaining herself for hours now with television. After she had gotten bored with that she made her way into the bedroom and began picking through the toys, wondering which one she should ask Amanda about first.

Tara’s eyes widened, she reached deep into the bag and withdrew a magazine she had missed before. She sat down on the floor and began leafing through, growing more excited with each page.

The little girl understood what she was looking at, she saw the pictures and clearly remembered doing those things with her aunt. Now, as she sat looking at all the pictures of women kissing, touching and licking, she understood why grown-ups liked to look at that type of magazine. She felt heat between her legs—the familiar tingle that always meant she was getting wet. She hardly noticed that she was rubbing herself through her pants. It seemed so natural and her attention was wrapped in the photos before her.

Tara closed the magazine around her thumb and climbed up onto the bed. She lay on her side and opened the mag back up. It was a picture of a woman, reaching out with her tongue toward the lovely pink and glistening vagina of her partner that captivated the little girl.

The little girl’s hand slid down under her pants and she rubbed herself through her panties. Waves of electricity ran through her and her eyes drooped. Soon the material separating her from her hungry sex was cumbersome and she slid her hand inside her panties.

Her tiny fingers did not cover her clit as well as her aunt’s tongue or even her fingers. Still it was enough to satisfy her desires. Tara rubbed her finger around her clit in little circles, moaning softly in time with her hand. She laid her head on her arm and the magazine slid off the bed forgotten.

A smile played at the child’s lips and her jaw dropped as she felt the orgasm building in her. She was loving this new discovery of hers. She would never have guessed that she could do such things to herself. Since her first time with Amanda she had thought of sex as something that required two people but now, now she had discovered that she could bring herself that wonderful pleasure.

Tara squeaked and rolled onto her belly, clamping her legs around her arm. She rubbed her clit firmly, drawing out her orgasm for as long as she could.

Finally spent the little girl rolled onto her back and stared up at the ceiling smiling. “I wonder if Aunt Mandy knows,” she asked herself out loud.

An hour later the bag was sitting in the closet perfectly restored. Tara was afraid that Amanda would be upset if she knew that she had been looking through it.

The child was excited. She wanted to tell her aunt about what she had learned. She wanted to ask her if they could do it together but she did not know how without betraying what she had been doing in the closet.

Finally Tara surrendered to the idea that she would have to confess. “Mandy,” she said quietly. “I have to tell you something.” She was almost whispering.

“What is it princess?” Amanda looked down from her cooking to see the serious expression on her niece’s face. Immediately Amanda led the girl to the kitchen table and sat down with her. “Is everything okay?”

Tara nodded her head timidly. “I looked in your bag,” she confessed.

“Did you?” Amanda smiled and patted the girl’s arm. “It’s nothing to worry about, that bag is for me and my girlfriends. And now,” she trailed of looking closely into the girl’s eyes, “you’re my girlfriend.”

Tara smiled and was visibly relieved. She relaxed in the seat but it did not last long. “I looked at the magazine,” she continued with her confession.

“Did you like it?” Amanda asked.

“One of the girls was pretty.”

Amanda smiled. She was sure she knew which one Tara referred to. “I’m not going to get angry at you sweetie.”

“I did something,” she finally managed to say. Amanda cocked her head to the side slightly. She was curious. She wanted to know if the child had been playing with the toys. The girl bit her bottom lip and looked up at her aunt. “I touched myself,” she finally said, “sort of like you touch me. I didn’t know I could do it; I want to show you how,” Tara blurted in a single breath.

Amanda smiled. The little girl had discovered the wonders of masturbation. “I’d love for you to show me,” she finally said, not wanting to steal Tara’s thunder. “After dinner we’ll go to the bedroom and you can show me what you did.

With dinner on the table, the girls sat down to eat. “Did you like the magazine?” Amanda queried. It was an inheritance from a previous girlfriend. She herself did not prefer visual erotica. For Amanda the written word held much more power.

“Some of it,” Tara answered, keeping her eyes on her plate. “There was a picture of the girl’s—you know what, and I liked it. It was pretty.” Tara’s cheeks darkened as she blushed.

“Did you play with the toys?”

“No.” Tara looked up. “I still want to though.”

They finished dinner and cleaned up the dishes before heading for the living room. Amanda put her arm around her niece while they watched television. She pulled the girl close and just enjoyed holding her.

Amanda took a cruel delight in knowing that Tara was doing her best to be patient. She knew the girl wanted to hurry off into the bedroom to show her what she had learned.

The evening news came on and Amanda lowered the volume. She switched the channel to VH1 and moved to face her little niece. “Do you want to show me?” Amanda asked.

Tara nodded her head enthusiastically. Immediately she got up to go to the bedroom but Amanda stopped her. “I wanna go in the bedroom,” Tara whined. Amanda acted as if she were thinking about it carefully before she got up and followed the little girl into their room.

Tara immediately jumped on the bed and rolled onto her back. The child was used to being the student. She was used to taking instruction and being the one learning but tonight she had discovered something new and she could show the woman she loved so dearly what it was.

Amanda smiled to herself. She knelt on the bed, then lowered to her elbows moving only inches from Tara’s face. She kissed the girl’s nose. “Show me princess.”

“First, call me it.” Tara bit her lip and smiled waiting to hear the pet name she loved so much.

“Teach me what you learned my nubian princess.” Amanda kissed the girl’s lips playfully and sat back on her heels.

Tara slid her pants off, soon followed by her underpants. She lay back on the bed and looked deep into her aunt’s eyes. The girl slid her hand down her belly to her mound. She slipped two fingers down her slit and began rubbing her clit in slow circles.

Amanda listened to the child’s breath growing quicker and more shallow. She watched as her niece’s lips began to glisten with wetness. The woman felt herself growing more excited watching Tara’s display. Normally she was not a visual person, and she had seen many girlfriends masturbate. This was different; like everything she had experienced with the child, it felt right; it excited her, captivated her.

Amanda’s watched the child’s little fingers working around her clit. Tara had begun to moan with each breath. She was building. Amanda knew the tone well; soon her pitch would rise and she would begin to move her hips.

Tara bit her lip absently and without thinking brought her free hand up to her little nipples. She squeezed them the way she liked to have Amanda squeeze them. She ground her teeth and clenched her eyes shut tightly. Adding the sensation from her nipples to the experience made it far more intense than it had been that afternoon. More than that though, the feeling of being watched—having her aunt right there engrossed in her every moment—brought its own excitement.

The girl’s moans had turned into high pitched gasps. She was bucking her hips and rolling her head from side to side. The fire was building in her belly. She coaxed it out further with ever circle she made on her little clit.

Tara snapped her legs closed around her arm and rolled onto her side biting her lip “Oooo,” she purred. “Ah, yesssss!”

The girl seemed to melt into the mattress as her orgasm subsided. She smiled, almost giggling. “I like doing it for you,” she said quietly.

Amanda could not say anything. She was too enraptured with what she had just witnessed. Her own breath was coming quick and shallow and she knew she must have the dumbest smile on her face.

“I want to try,” the woman finally managed.

Tara rolled onto her back sleepily and opened her eyes. She smiled and pushed herself up on her elbows. “Let me,” she said reaching out for Amanda’s pants. The woman watched as her niece opened the buttons on her pants. She then rolled onto her back and slipped her jeans and underwear off. Tara lay on her belly and propped her head on her hands between her aunt’s legs. She leaned forward and kissed the woman’s mound, smiling mischievously at her.

“Show me what you did,” Amanda cooed.

Tara pushed herself up on her knees and reached out for Amanda’s hand. She moved it slowly to her sex and pressed the woman’s index finger against her clit.

Slowly the little girl coaxed Amanda to move her finger in small circles. Eventually she released her grasp on her aunt’s hand and let the woman take over for herself.

Amanda kept her eyes on her niece. She watched every tiny movement of the girl’s face. Tara watched her intently, her tongue pressed against her bottom lip and a half smile lighting her face.

The woman began moving her finger faster. She moved her hand to her chest and began playing with her breasts. “Kiss me,” she whispered breathlessly. Tara made her way up along her aunt’s body and leaned in kissing her. The girl parted her lips and pushed her tongue into her aunt’s mouth. She held the kiss for only a few seconds before backing away and returning her gaze to her aunt’s hand.

The woman was rocking her hips now and moaning. Tara could tell she was close to orgasm. The girl reached out and began rubbing her aunt's belly and up to her breasts. “I love you Aunt Mandy,” she whispered into the woman’s ear.

Her tiny voice and the warmth of her breath was all Amanda needed. She began rubbing her clit in long strokes, groaning loudly as she did. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over her like the ocean lapping at the sea shore.

Amanda relaxed into the bed and smiled up at the lovely little girl she adored so much. “That was nice,” she said. Tara laid her head on the woman’s chest and closed her eyes, listening to her aunt’s slowing heart beat. “My nubian princess,” she whispered, running her hand through the girl’s hair.

They drifted in and out of sleep for some time before actually crawling under the covers. Amanda knew that someday Tara would realize that masturbation was a normal thing that all people did, but tonight she had let the girl have her moment. She enjoyed the feeling it gave her. She knew that her niece must be feeling some of what she did when she taught the girl something new.

Amanda awoke before her alarm clock went off. She lay in the half light of early sunrise and looked up at the ceiling. The little girl curled up against her had come so far in such a short time. When it all started she had been afraid that the experiences would corrupt the child, that the girl would loose her innocence but she had not. Tara was no less innocent than she had ever been.

The woman made breakfast for Tara and herself before waking the child. Amanda loved the way her niece looked in the morning, her hair disheveled, padding through the house rubbing her eyes and squinting against the early morning light. The girl sat at the table yawning. She looked down at her plate and smiled. It was pancakes; she loved pancakes.

“Good morning princess,” Amanda said, kissing the girl on the head.

“’Morning,” she replied. The girl drowned her plate in syrup and began eating almost immediately.

“How did you sleep?”

“Good,” Tara answered around a mouthful of pancakes made mushy with syrup and butter.

She ate silently for some time. Her plate was almost clean and to Amanda’s distress the girl was collecting syrup on her fork and eating it. “Oh Tara, please don’t do that,” she said, almost laughing.

“You told me we made love once,” Tara said, looking up from her plate. Amanda nodded, not sure where this was coming from. “So if we play with your toys, will we be... You know.”

“I know what sweetie?”

“Yooouu knooowww,” she said through a shy smile.

“No, tell me sweetie; you know you can ask me anything.”

Tara contemplated this for a moment. Her forehead wrinkled and unwrinkled several times before she looked up with an embarrassed grin. “Yooouuu knoow,” she said again. “If we play with those things will we be...” She paused for so long that Amanda thought she was not going to say anything. The woman was about to try and reinforce the child’s confidence when Tara finally spoke again. “Will we be fucking?” She gasped when she said ‘fucking’, almost as if she were surprised to hear herself say it. Amanda was shocked but tried not to show it.

“No,” she finally answered.

“Is it ‘cause you’re not a man?”

“No. It’s because I couldn’t just fuck you,” Amanda answered.

“But that’s when a boy puts his thing in you, and you have toys that look like boys’ things, soo...”

“No sweetie,” Amanda interrupted. “Fucking is not a nice term for sex, but when you do that to someone it’s just sex, it has nothing to do with love.”

“So people that don’t love each other fff... have sex?”

“All the time. But even people who love each other can do that. When you just fuck someone, it’s purely animal sex. Love, tenderness, all that stuff that is the difference between making love and sex is gone. It’s just two people satisfying animal needs.”

Tara looked at her intently, trying to understand the difference, but she didn’t. For the girl, sex and love had been so wrapped up in one another that she could not imagine just doing with someone else the things she did with her aunt.

“It’s like what we did last night.” Amanda tried to explain it differently. “You and I were there and we love each other even without touching each other. But earlier that afternoon, did it feel the same?”

“It felt really good, but...” Tara tilted her head to the side and furrowed her brow. “It wasn’t as nice as when you’re with me.” It was starting to make sense to her. “It felt lonely,” she finally said. She wrinkled her forehead thoughtfully, “Why would anyone just do that if they would feel lonely?”

“Well, that’s harder to explain. But a lot of the times, well they just don’t know anything else.” Amanda felt proud of her niece.

“I want to play with the toys tonight,” she said, changing the subject.

“Have you picked one?”

Tara nodded, smiling and biting her lip. “Yeah. The one that looks real.” Amanda knew immediately what the girl referred to. She chuckled to herself, but a part of her was afraid that it might be too much for a child.

For Tara the day passed slowly. She paced the house, played outside, talked to friends on the phone and generally did anything to distract herself. She was excited about getting to use Amanda’s toys that night.

Amanda came home to find that Tara had made dinner—hot dogs. It was all she could really cook. They sat quietly and ate. All the while Amanda was drawing the meal out, enjoying her niece’s impatience.

Tara would not wait for the evening news that night. Instead she dragged Amanda to the bedroom as soon as the plates were in the dishwasher. She hurried to the closet and riffled through the duffle until she found the seven-inch flesh-tone dildo.

With wide eyes and a funny smile she walked to the bed, her gaze locked on the implement in her hands. The girl handed it to Amanda and waited to be undressed. She was so excited she wanted to tear her clothes off, but there was something about the gentle way her aunt did it that comforted her when she felt nervous, and she was nervous in spite of her excitement.

Amanda pulled the girl’s shirt off, taking her time afterward as she kissed her chest and teased the girl’s nipples with her tongue. As she suckled her niece’s tiny breasts, she began unbuttoning the child’s pants. Tara lay back on the bed and Amanda slid the pants off along with her underwear.

“Now you,” Tara said. She sat up and started pulling at her aunt’s shirt. Amanda helped her get it off before lying back and letting the girl unbutton her skirt. The woman slid her skirt and panties off, then sat back up on the bed.

“I love you so much angel,” she whispered, leaning in close and kissing the girl’s neck.

The woman worked her way down her niece’s body. She wanted to make sure the girl was wet enough to use the dildo. She snaked her tongue down along the girl’s slit and around her hole. The woman sucked her niece’s clit, pressing her tongue hard on it. “Uuuusssseee iiiiiiit,” Tara begged breathlessly.

Amanda sat back, She slid the dildo into her mouth quickly, lubricating it with her saliva. She then pressed it gently against Tara’s opening. “Are you ready angel?”

“Yesss.” Tara hissed a giggle as she spoke.

“It might hurt just a little at first, you’re still very young.” Amanda pressed the head just inside the girl’s opening. She glanced to the side to see Tara’s toes curled up and her calves tensed. She kept an even pressure on the dildo, letting it slide in naturally.

Just before half of the toy had vanished, Amanda stopped and slid it out. She pushed it in a little more quickly than before. She started working the dildo in and out of the child. She watched as the dildo vanished inside her niece. There was something almost dirty about watching the toy slipping in and out of the girl. Something obscene and yet she found herself excited by it.

Tara was moaning almost constantly, rocking back and forth. She reached down and wrapped her fingers around her aunt’s wrist coaxing her to push the toy deeper. Her breath was coming in short gasps. Suddenly she squealed out, and pulled hard on her aunt’s wrist taking in almost half of the dildo. Her legs kicked on the bed and she rocked from side to side, clasping her legs around her aunt’s wrist.

The child relaxed into the bed, lying on her back and staring into the shadows of late evening. “Wow,” she finally said. “That felt so different.”

“It feels really good,” Amanda agreed.

A funny look came across Tara’s face. “I don’t like boys,” she said firmly. She looked very distressed. “It doesn’t mean I like boys! Does it?” Tara’s eyes went wide and glassy and she covered her face with her hands.

“Oh, no no no sweetie.” Amanda pulled the girl up hugging her closely. “No, a woman’s body is made for penetration. Just because you like it, it doesn’t mean you like boys. I like it, and I’m still a lesbian.”

Tara leaned back and looked into her aunt’s face. She seemed relieved at hearing this. She nodded her head and leaned in hugging her Amanda tightly. “You really like it?”

“Mmmm hmmm,” Amanda answered. “Do you want to see?”

Tara nodded her head against her aunt’s chest. “Can I use it on you?”

Amanda let the girl sit back before handing her the dildo. “I would love for you to use it.”

Tara began kissing her aunt’s breasts, nibbling her nipples. She coaxed Amanda onto her back. The girl made her way down Amanda’s belly. The girl quickly sucked on the woman’s clit, before sliding her fingers inside.

Tara sat up and slid the dildo into her mouth like she had seen her aunt do. She then pressed it against Amanda’s body. Tara was surprised by how easily the implement slid into her aunt’s body. The girl’s eyes opened wide as the entire dildo disappeared into Amanda’s vagina. “Does it hurt?” she asked.

“Mmm, God no,” she whispered.

Tara began sliding the dildo in and out of her aunt. She watched the woman’s reactions carefully, wanting to see if she acted differently than when she used her mouth.

Amanda began rocking her hips. She was pinching her nipples and rubbing her breasts as the child slid the dildo in and out of her more quickly. The woman reached between her legs and took Tara’s hand in her own. Amanda helped the child move the toy in and out.

Warmth flowed from her opening and up through her clit. She pulled hard on the dildo, driving it deep inside herself as a wave of pleasure washed over her. The woman groaned deeply, drawing the toy and in and out of herself more slowly.

Tara giggle as she watched her aunt writhing on the bed. When the woman finally stopped she lay down next to her. Amanda pulled the dildo out of herself and let it fall onto the bed. She rolled on her side and looked into her niece's eyes. “I love you so much angel,” she whispered.

“I love you Aunt Mandy.” Tara put her arm over her aunt and leaned in, kissing her softly on the lips. “And you really liked it?”

“Very much,” Amanda answered.

“If you like it then I guess it’s okay.” Tara leaned in close to her aunt and closed her eyes.

They lay on the bed for almost and hour before making their way back to the living room to cuddle on the couch in front of the television.