My First Girlbang

by Allie Jones

This is a story of a trip I took with some of my mothers friends, while she was out of town on a trip. I have 4 sisters all have had similar or the same sexual experiences as I have. Although I started sneaking out at 10 to meet women, I have lots of stories to tell from my little diaries. I will never give out the real names of women I met, to protect their privacy, as well as their families.

I was about to get one of my biggest wishes, I had lost my cherry about 3 weeks earlier, and it opened up something inside me that made me want to have sex with every woman I met.

My mother who loves to travel decided she and her girlfriend would take a trip without us her kids, her girlfriend who we will call Sandra, just turned 14, and her mother had gladfuly consented to her going with Mom, on the trade of me going with Sandra's mom, who we'll call Cindy, was 45 very pretty, brunette, who I noticed many times staring at my crotch when I would visit to play, and 6 of her friends to Tulsa, to see some old friends of hers.

I was excited, I knew or felt that Cindy wanted to mess around, and knew that me and Sandra had been having sex with other women, and with my mother too. The last night I stayed at Sandra's a week before the trip, I needed to pee, so I went into the restroom and as I walked by Cindy's door I heard her moaning, but was too afraid to peak in, so I peed and hurried back to the room to tell Sandra that I think her mom is having sex, but Sandra was gone. I couldn't sleep the rest of the night and I was afraid to go peek in.

About two hours later, Sandra came back in and was holding her butt. I waited till she was about to lie back down and asked her where she was, and she said, "Mom told me to pretend like I was you and she used the strap on, on me and did me in the butt for like 30 minutes, until she collapsed from orgasm and being worn out." I instantly got wet, and after she lay down I spent the rest of the morning eating her, hoping her mother would come in and catch me.

When Mom came over about 9 that next morning to get me and we picked up my sisters, she told us that her and Sandra were going to be going on a trip and that I would be staying with Cindy and making a trip with her and some friends, instantly in my mind I pictured Cindy and two women doing amazing things to me and my body. I must have been daydreaming for 10 minutes, when Mom touched my nose with her finger and said, "Lil Allie bear what are you doing?"

"Nothing Mom...."

It seemed like an eternity for that Wednesday to get there but when it did, I couldn't help but hug Cindy after she closed the door and bury my face right between her tits and even caught myself grinding into her leg. She put both hands under my jaw and lifted my head up and kissed me on the lips and said, "Allie, I want you to have fun while you're with us, and if you say no we know to stop. I just smiled and kissed her back. I was hoping to mess with her that night but she was busy packing and getting everything ready.

I fell asleep on the couch and the noise of several women woke my up about 11 that night, and as my eyes focused I noticed 6 women and Cindy standing by the couch and talking, I could have swore I heard them say we will take turns and then all at once on her little pussy. The next thing I remember is them waking me up at midnight at telling me we were leaving and that I needed to wake up..

I woke up excited or hoping that I had heard what I think I heard, I got into the suburban at the far back and Cindy was on my left and one of her friends was on my right, she just kept smiling at me and said, "It's amazing what you can get a chance at with the flip of a coin."

When we got started down the road, it was pitch black, and I was wondering what they had in mind for me, when I felt Cindy's hand touch my thigh and start rubbing it, and I felt another hand on my other thigh. I turned to Cindy and when I did she kissed me, and I felt my legs get pulled apart and my pussy being gently rubbed. It felt so good. I was moaning when Cindy said, "Turn and kiss Becca."

As I turned to Becca she met me with a fierce wild kiss and I felt her finger slide inside me, and I felt my shirt being moved up and hands being ran all over me. Now I felt Cindy slide her finger inside me too, and then one slide in my butt. I was rocking my hips up and down it felt so good. I lay my head back, and Cindy turned my legs toward her and she went down on me and I came within just a few minutes. Becca was still kissing me and the three women in the seat just in front of mine had all turned around, and I could hear them saying, "Fuck that little slut, fuck that little whore."

Then I heard Becca ask me, "Do you want to be our whore Allie? do you want to fuck all of us?"

I looked around and before I could think I was saying, "Yes, please, please don't make me beg for it."

I heard them say, "Pull over at the next motel," then the woman driving said, "Fuck that, I know where to go."

After a few more miles both women in the back had me sucking on their strap ons while the women in front took turns fingering me and pulling my hair. I was so wet, that it was running all the way down my leg. We turned down a dirt road and ended up at an old barn that had to be a 100 years old. We pulled inside and leaning up against the poles inside were three big mattresses. That's when it hit me. I wasn't the first girl for them to do this too.

They all eagerly jumped out set the mattresses down and all had strap on on except for one, she was Becca's oldest daughter, around 35 or so, very pretty. She was on her knees and had strip naked and crawled over to me kissing me, and helping me remove what little clothes I had on. She then lay me down and started licking me. I was looking at the women begging for them to fuck me. Finally Cindy knelt down and turned me around pulled me back and said, "This is how me make sluts our sluts."

She lubed her fingers and strap on, it was 10 inches long and inch and half thick. I was scared but I was going to show them I could take it. She rubbed the head against my pussy then she surprised me by pushing it inside my ass. I am not going to lie, it hurt like a mother fucker. I had tears in my eyes, but I knew it had to get better, and once she got it in, I felt a hand grab my head and lift it up and one of the other women told me to suck her strappie, it would take my mind off of it.

I glanced over to my left and saw Becca's daughter on all fours getting fucked so hard from behind it was like thunder when she got slammed into. I slowly took it in and as I did I felt Cindy start pumping inside me, and now I knew why so many women liked big things in their ass. In a few minutes she was going in and out so fast, that my hair kept bouncing in front of my eyes.

Then after I came so hard that I balled up, one of the other women got on top of me and slid inside my pussy. She did not waste time starting to fuck me, and as I looked into her eyes, I seen that same look in Mom's eyes when she would fuck us. I wanted to kiss her but all I could do was suck on her tits, and wrap my legs around her back.

She told then that this is where they used to bring my mom and older sisters when they fucked them. She came after telling me about how they used to fuck Mom in the back of a truck at football games, and some women even paid to fuck Mom. The next woman got up and she lay on her back and picked me up, and slid inside of my pussy and she grabbed my shoulders after a few minutes and pulled me down. Then I felt someone sliding a strappie in my ass. I got scared, are they trying to rip me, or hurt me, but it soon passed as she slid in and after a few strokes I came again. I lay like that for at least two hours as they all took turns with me.

The rest in the next story.