Was it a Dream?

by Alice Gee

Linda Grant sat on the couch deep in thought and stared unseeing at the TV set in the corner of the room. Her husband Richard sat next to her totally engrossed in the CSI episode showing on the TV; her three children also appeared equally absorbed with the trials and tribulations of the fictional forensic detectives. The two eldest children, 14 year old Michael and 12 year old Donna sat on another, identical couch while 7 year old Richie Junior lay on the rug with his chin cupped in his hands as he watched the action unfold on the screen.

Linda's thoughts were in fact thousands of miles away from her New York home. Her thoughts at this precise moment were centered on a beautiful blond haired girl who lived somewhere on one of the Hawaiian Islands.

Linda, the respectable upstate New York wife and mother had a secret, a secret that she dare not reveal to her family and her friends. In her spare time and when she was alone in the house Linda wrote intergenerational lesbian stories and posted them on the Internet. It had long been a fantasy of Linda's to have sex with a young girl but she had never had the courage to attempt to turn fantasy into reality.

Even as late as a few short years ago Linda had not considered herself to be a lesbian and most certainly not a pedophile. She was happily married with three wonderful children and enjoyed a very comfortable life style. She still enjoyed sex on a regular basis with her husband and outwardly appeared to be perfect example of the contented American housewife. But in the darker recesses of her mind she knew that something was missing. She yearned for something more and her wandering eyes settled on the slim willowy bodies of her daughter's friends when they visited her house. She began to admire their youthful bodies, bodies that were beginning to blossom into womanhood, slim girlish bodies that were starting to develop breasts, shapely hips and thighs. It did not take long for these thoughts to turn into speculation of what it would feel like to get closer to one of these sweet young things. She would look at Donna's friend Juliet and admire the curve of her pert young butt and wondered what it would feel like to pull down her shorts and run her hands over the smooth flesh. Linda would also look at another of Donna's friends by the name of Karen. Karen's breasts were just starting to bud and she sported a pair of enticing little bumps under the front of her T-shirt, Linda longed to be able to pull up that T-shirt and lick and suck on those two small protuberances.

These thoughts and many others would make Linda's pussy tingle and she knew that she would already be staining the crotch of her bikini briefs. Even when the girls had left the house Linda's mind continued to be filled with thoughts of lithe young thighs, smooth rounded bottoms, small budding breasts and most of all, of moist and tender young vaginas. Her mind's eye could conjure up the vision of a young pussy, prominent outer labial lips bisected by a well defined slit. There would be a few sparse pubic hairs but not enough to spoil the vision and the few hairs that there were would be soft and silky to the touch. It was the thought of inserting a finger between the soft, pouty folds of a young virgin pussy that inevitably caused Linda to find somewhere to masturbate. If she was home alone it would be on her bed with a towel under her ass or if someone in her family was in the house it would be behind the locked door of her bathroom. Whether in bedroom or bathroom she would orgasm with the image of her thumbs opening the plump outer lips to allow her tongue to lick and lap at the delicate pink interior and taste the first fragrant secretions of a young girl's virgin cunt.

Soon this longing began to encompass any pretty young female. She seemed to be particularly smitten with girls passing through puberty though she did not restrict her lecherous eyes to these girls alone but would run them over the body of any lissome teenager and sometimes girls even younger. As she gazed at the slim young bodies she wondered what it would be like to make love to a young girl.

At first she did not recognize these new yearnings for what they were, the stirrings of latent Sapphic desires. She later came to realize that, giving the opportunity, she would willingly seduce any young girl though fear of rejection and possible exposure held her back.

Linda had it really bad and so she started to write erotic stories as an outlet for her forbidden thoughts, very often she would end up masturbating while describing pushing her finger passed a tight resisting sphincter while her mouth sucked on a newly awakened clitoris. Linda took a lot of trouble over her writing and would read and re-read them while eliminating the errors in spelling and grammar while tweaking the storylines to her satisfaction. She never grew tired of reading her own stories and would inevitably end up on the bed rubbing her clitoris to orgasm while dreaming of seducing a delectable young flower.

Strangely these forbidden thoughts never centered on her own daughter. She loved Donna as a daughter and was proud to be her mother as the girl grew into a pretty and well adjusted adolescent. The same did not apply to any other young girl that came within Linda's orbit, whether it was Donna's school friends or just strangers that she saw at the mall. Linda lusted after them and would very often go out of her way to follow a sweet young thing as she admired the enticing ass walking ahead.

As a consequence of Linda's erotic literary efforts she began to receive email comments from people who had read her stories. Most of these comments would be compliments on her writing and the sexy storylines. There was the occasional negative comment but these usually amounted to the reader complaining that the girl in her latest story was either too young or too old. As her literary heroines ranged from six to sixteen years of age Linda shrugged these comments off and reasoned, not unreasonably, that she could not please all of the people all of the time. The comments she received would be from men as well as women and although she always wrote back and thanked the person for taking the time and trouble to write Linda rarely gave any thought to the person that had written to her.

This had all changed when she received an email from a young girl calling herself Rachel. The message was at first unimpressive, it was written in the abbreviated text style that normally irritated Linda. This is the style that dispenses with upper case and shortens words to their phonetic alphabetical equivalent. Where the word are becomes r, or you becomes u and so on. Also the message was littered with misspelled words, whether through ignorance or indifference Linda did not know. She was about to discard the message when she noticed that three photographs had been attached.

Linda opened the first of these photographs and fell in love. The photograph was a head and shoulders shot of a beautiful blond haired young girl. Linda tried to judge her age and made a guess at fifteen. Her straight blond hair hung down to her shoulders, a center parting ensured that the hair framed the enchanting face. A face that displayed finely sculptured features with a wide easy smile and eyes that seemed to sparkle even in a photograph. The girl was dressed in a dark top with spaghetti straps that formed a contrast with the lightly tanned smooth skin of her exposed shoulders.

Linda gave out a soft sigh as she stared at the beautiful young face. Her tongue licked unconsciously across her lips as a feeling of desire rose inside her body, a feeling that caused her heart to beat faster and her pussy to ooze with the juices of her arousal.

The second photograph was full length and showed the same girl dressed in a brief white bikini. The photograph had been taken on a beach and showed the sea behind her. Linda gazed longingly at the enticingly smooth skin of her flat tummy and the delightful indentation of her navel. The girl appeared to have the well developed body of an older girl therefore Linda adjusted her guess upwards to possible sixteen but more likely seventeen.

The third photograph totally enamored Linda and she stared entranced at the beautiful image before her. This photograph was again full length but was side on and slightly from the back. The girl was again on the beach and dressed in the same white bikini, she was stood on the tiptoe and peering into the distance. The way the girl was standing, on the tips of her toes, made her long shapely legs appear even longer and Linda's eyes greedily took in the wonderful sight but it was the girl's ass that took Linda's breath away. The girl had the most beautiful rounded ass that Linda had ever seen. The stretching stance that she was in seemed to accentuate her bottom and it stood out proud from her body. Linda stared mesmerized at the girl's enticing ass and sighed. The ass was not large but it was perfectly formed and Linda tried to imagine what it must feel like to run her hands across her bare skin of her bottom. She imagined kneeling down behind her, pulling down her brief bikini bottoms before spreading those gorgeous butt cheeks with her thumbs and placing a lick the full length of the girl's ass crack.

Linda shuddered with desire and then realized that her hand had already crept beneath her dress to pull aside her panties and reach for her saturated pussy. Linda swiftly divested herself of her sodden pants and she sat back down before the computer her hand rubbing her clitoris as she clicked through the photographs once more.

She stared at the first photograph and imagined the girl's face between her own spread thighs as she was about to pay homage to Linda's pulsating pussy. She then clicked on the second photograph and pictured herself running her tongue over that smooth flat tummy as her hands smoothed and caressed the girl's sleek, toned thighs. Then the third photograph and she saw herself again kneeling behind the girl, pulling down the bikini bottom before spreading the delightful ass cheeks and using her tongue to lick and probe at the girl's tight, pink rimmed anus.

It was at this point that Linda crested the wave of her orgasm and her mind reeled at the exquisite intensity of it. Her legs trembled and shook as she sat on the computer chair as waves of pure orgasmic pleasure coursed through her body. Copious amounts of her love juice poured over her fingers and coated the leather seat of the chair.

As the orgasm waned Linda raised her fingers to her lips and absentmindedly licked them clean while staring entranced at the girl's face.

"You, my lovely, are going to get my extra special response. There will be no simple 'Thank you for your kind comments' in my reply to you. You are going to get the full treatment." Linda whispered to herself while her heart slowed to its normal pace and her legs ceased their trembling.

Linda wrote back to the girl that same day. She showered the girl with flowery compliments, she was fulsome in her praise of the girl's beauty. She completely ignored the texting style of the email but heaped plaudits on the girl for taking the time and trouble to write to her adding that so many readers failed to do this and that it was gratifying that one so young should prove so thoughtful. She also enquired into the girl's age and location though she did not expect the girl to reveal where she lived. Linda believed that everyone followed that basic online safety rule of never to reveal your whereabouts.

Linda was overjoyed to receive a reply from the girl the very next day. The message was in the same texting style but Linda cared not a jot for that because she could forgive this young beauty anything. The message started by saying that the girl was happy to get Linda's email because she had not expected a reply. She stated that she was thirteen years old and lived in Hawaii. She further stated that she believed that she was a lesbian because she had absolutely no interest in boys but preferred to read lesbian stories on the Internet. She particularly liked the stories where a young girl was seduced by an older woman and she imagined herself in the role of the young girl.

Linda squeezed her thighs together as a delicious tingle grew in her pussy. She looked again at the photographs that she had printed out and at the moment had pride of place on her desktop. She marveled at the girl's body and was amazed that the girl had stated that she was only 13.

"My God, she has a wonderful body for a 13 year old." Linda whispered breathlessly.

Linda took in the generous swell of her breasts and judged them to be a C-cup. She then ran her eyes down to the seductive curve of the girl's hips and finally settled on the her bikini clad crotch. She peered at the image and believed she could make out the slight bulge of her pudenda beneath the cloth of the bikini bottoms.

Linda let out a soft sigh as she stared at the photographs. She felt a stab of disappointment that the girl lived so far away. She had not expected the girl to reveal her location but now that she had Linda wished that the girl had said that she lived somewhere in New England. Linda knew that if that had been the case she was certain that she would be already making plans to meet up with this seemingly enthusiastic young girl who craved to find an older woman to introduce her to lesbian sex.

"We are made for each other my young darling. You want an older woman and I so want a young girl. This is so unfair; the distance between us is going to be difficult to overcome." Linda said while looking longingly at the photographs while her fingers crept inside the leg of her shorts to seek out her receptive clitoris and bring herself to the inevitable climax that her senses were demanding.

So began a regular correspondence between the two diverse females, a thirty seven year old upstate New York housewife and mother and a thirteen year old schoolgirl that lived in Hawaii.

They wrote to each other almost daily. Rachel sent Linda more photographs which Linda printed out and secreted in her personal drawer. Linda sent some photographs in return though her photographs were not as revealing as the bikini shots of the young girl. The older woman found that she possessed very few photographs that did not include one or more of her family.

Linda also began writing short stories for the girl, stories that described what Linda would like to do to her if and when they manage to meet up, It was after sending one of these stories to the girl that Rachel revealed that she got home to an empty house after school as her parents were both working and her mom did not return until five thirty. She further revealed that at that time she logged on to her computer and read erotic stories and very often masturbated while doing so.

Linda had the idea that it might heighten their pleasure if they co-ordinate their diddling sessions. At this time of year four in the afternoon in Hawaii would be nine at night in New York. She suggested to Rachel that they should both play with themselves at the same time and could each imagine that it was the other's fingers that was bringing them pleasure.

Rachel responded the next day and said that she was sure to be in front of her computer that afternoon and would start playing with her pussy at four o'clock on the dot.

Linda read that email and started counting down the hours until nine o'clock.


So it was later that evening that Linda took yet another glance at the clock and saw that it is almost a quarter to nine. She thought to herself that Rachel must be getting ready in her room.

Linda stood up from the couch and announced that she was going to take a shower. Her husband nodded his head to acknowledge her words but continued to stare at the television screen. The children were absorbed with the television and Linda doubted that they had even heard her words.

Linda climbed the stairs and entered the bathroom and closed and locked the door behind her. She quickly disrobed and placed the clothes into one of the laundry hampers. She stood naked before the full length mirror and appraised her body.

"Well girl, you look pretty good for an old married broad. Still the same shape that you were when you got married. 34-27-36. Well, almost, there is an extra inch on the waist and hips but it is not bad for a woman with three kids." She whispered to herself as she ran her hand up a cup her left breast. The nipple was already hard in anticipation of the solo sex session that was to come.

"Hmmm, my young darling must be in her room by now. I just know that she has already started. I wish that I could be there to taste her delicious pussy. Ah well, this will have to do. Knowing that she is masturbating at the same time as me will add to the glorious feeling. It will bring us closer together."

Linda's left hand continued to caress her B cup tit as her right hand moved down to smooth over her tummy. She looked at her crotch through the mirror as her hand caressed her tummy. The junction of her thighs was completely hairless save for a blond one inch landing strip that ran upward across the mons from the top of the vulva.

Linda's hand moved over to feel the soft curls of the trimmed landing strip before moving lower to cup the slight swell of her vulva. She could feel the slick wetness that signals the beginning of her arousal. Her finger slipped between the folds of her labial lips and she trembled as she thought of the pleasure to come.

"Are you rubbing your darling little clit now honey? Are your fingers wet with your juices as you rub your oh so sensitive organ?" Linda moved over to the toilet to prepare for the masturbation session. She placed two laundry baskets in front of the toilet so that she could rest her heels on them as she sat on the toilet lid.

She lowered the seat cover and sat her bare ass upon it, and then positioned her feet on the two hampers. Linda realized that she was all open and exposed with her feet up on the hampers. Not only was her pussy fully exposed but also the knurled ring of her anus would be open if there was anyone in the room to see it.

Linda began to slowly rub her pussy, letting the fingers slide between her lips and enter the vaginal channel. Her finger, wet with her arousal, moved up to gently rub her erect clitoris. She proceeded to rub the clitoris with a gentle circular motion to bring herself up to a heightened state of awareness. She closed her eyes as she entered into her fantasy.

In her mind's eye she brought up the images of the photographs of her darling Rachel. The sweet, beautiful face floated in front of her as she took in the sparkling eyes and the gorgeous smile.

Another photograph appears in front of her, one of Rachel, dressed in a pair of skimpy, multi-colored shorts and a pale blue halter top, sitting on a stone wall. The way the girl was sat with her feet up and resting on the top of the wall revealed her long, shapely legs all the way up to the swell of her buttocks.

Another soft sigh escaped from Linda's lips as she imagined removing the colored shorts to uncover the immaculate vision of her young cunt. She pictured sparse blond hairs surrounding the delicate freshness of her perfect vulva.

Linda's finger increased its circular motion as she imagined the young virgin cunt moments before her tongue tasted her sweet juices.

Suddenly her eyes flew open in shock as the bathroom door swung open. She was too shocked to move as the door opened to reveal Rachel standing there before her.

Rachel entered the room and gently closed the door behind her. She gave Linda a bright, conspiratorial smile before raising her finger to her lips in the age old sign for silence. Rachel glided across the bathroom floor to stand between Linda's splayed thighs.

Linda managed to blurt out. "How… how have you come here? How did you get here? I thought I had locked the door."

Rachel said nothing but raised her finger to her lips once more to indicate that Linda should be silent.

Linda obediently closed her mouth and gazed at the vision of loveliness before her. The girl was dressed in the same skimpy shorts and halter top that she wore in the photograph.

Rachel lowered herself down between Linda's thighs until she is kneeling on the bathroom floor. She took hold of the older woman's inner thighs and spread her legs further apart. She looked at Linda's sodden cunt and then into her eyes. The youngster had a shy, secret smile on her lips as she breathed out just one word, "beautiful."

Rachel then leant forward and placed her nose against the folds of Linda's labia. She breathed in deeply before leaning back with a dreamy look upon her face and repeated that one word, "beautiful".

She took hold of the hand that had so recently been massaging Linda's clitoris and looking deep into the older woman's eyes she proceeded to put the fingers one by one into her mouth to clean all the juices that were clinging to them.

Rachel again raised her finger to her lips to indicate silence, then that same finger moved down to trace the outline of Linda's dripping cunt. Linda moaned softly as the finger weaved its way across her labial lips and entered into her vagina. The finger made a few strokes in and out before moving on to press against the enflamed and sensitive clitoris.

Another moan escaped Linda's lips as her pussy throbbed with tingles of pleasure brought about by this unexpected visit. Linda no longer wondered or cared how her darling had arrived in the bathroom but she was just thankful that she was. All thought of her family below had been forgotten as her darling girl weaved her magic on Linda's cunt.

The finger left Linda's clitoris and another moan passed her lips but this time it is a moan of disappointment. But the moan of disappointment soon turned to an exclamation of delight as the finger found its way to her anus to gently rub and massage her anal ring.

Linda's eyes looked down on the massaging finger and then looked into Rachel's twinkling eyes.

An imperceptible nod of Rachel's head accompanied by a twitch of her lips preceded the application of a stronger pressure to the sphincter. Then aided by the ample coating of pussy juice sticking to the girl's finger and the rivulet of juices running down Linda's ass crack the finger slid easily past the resisting sphincter and into the hot, moist confines of Linda's rectum.

Linda's eyes are wide open in a mixture of shock and awe as she felt the slim digit enter her back passage. The size of the finger being totally at odds with the feeling of fullness that it gave Linda's appreciative ass. She had never felt such a warm, glowing feeling of satisfaction before. It was wondrous feeling and Linda was amazed at how good it felt to have her asshole filled by Rachel's knowing finger.

Rachel then bowed her head to place her lips against the older woman's saturated pussy. Her tongue snaked out to gently lick along the length of Linda's slit.

Linda was wriggling and moaning upon the toilet lid. Emotions that she had never felt before were rushing through her body. With the finger in her ass and the tongue against her labia she is in an ecstasy of delight.

Rachel's tongue moved up Linda's slit to lap against the clitoris as she gently teased the rigid nubbin with the tip of her tongue.

"Please Rachel darling I want to come, I need to come," Linda panted breathlessly as the girl's finger began to move back and fore, lubricated by the copious juices running down her ass crack from her dripping cunt.

Rachel placed her lips over Linda's throbbing clitoris and began to suck gently on that sensitive organ while still teasing it with the tip of her tongue.

The combination of the girl's invading digit finger-fucking her ass and the sucking lips stimulating her clitoris had Linda reaching higher and higher as she crested the wave of her orgasm.

Linda screamed out in delight as the orgasm overwhelmed her senses, her heels beat a rapid tattoo on the laundry hampers as wave after wave of sheer animalistic pleasure coursed through her body.

Eventually Linda slumped back against the toilet tank as the waves of pleasure reduced her to a slobbering wreck. She felt the finger withdraw from her ass and though she wanted to feel that wonderful feeling of fullness again she is powerless to speak.

Suddenly, Linda heard a pounding on the bathroom door and her husband's voice call out, "Linda, are you alright? I heard a scream. Are you alright in there? Linda please speak to me."

Linda stirred on the toilet and looked around to tell her darling Rachel to be silent while she got rid of her husband but her darling is nowhere to be seen. Linda's tired, numbed brain cannot take it in. Jumbled thoughts rush through her mind, 'Where has she gone? What happened to her?'

"Linda, are you alright? I am going to break the door down if you do not answer me."

Linda's mind cleared at those words and she called out, "I am alright Richard. I slipped on the wet tiles and almost fell. It gave me a shock but I am not hurt. Go on back downstairs and I will finish up here."

Linda could hear her husband retreating down the stairs as she sat on the toilet and tried to figure out what had just happened.

'Was I dreaming or was Rachel somehow transported here. It certainly felt real but how is that possible?'

These and many other confused thoughts tumbled through Linda's confused brain until at last she said softly to herself, "I have no idea how this all came about but one thing's for sure, I certainly hope that it is not the last time."

The End