Mommy's Naughty Little Girl

by Alice Gee

This story was inspired by a young Italian friend of mine. She in turn wishes to dedicate it to her friend Caterina in the hope that they both can learn from each other.

I pause outside your bedroom door. I hear the faint sound of you giggling inside. Cautiously I open the unlocked door. A smile crosses my lips as a note that you had failed to take even the most rudimentary precaution of locking your bedroom door.

I poke my head around the door and see that you are sat naked in front of your wardrobe mirror. I ease unseen into the room and gaze down upon your naked body.

“What do you think you are doing young lady?”

Startled, you jump up and attempt to cover your nakedness. You stammer out, “I’m sorry Mommy. I’m just taking a picture of myself. I’m not doing anything bad.”

“I will be the judge of that young lady. I think that you are very naughty and must be punished.”

With that I walk purposefully towards your bed and sit down. “Come here Petra and stand before me.”

“Please Mommy; I’m not a bad girl. Please don’t punish me.”

I look up into your tear stained eyes. I then run my eyes down your body. One hand still clutching the camera is across your chest trying unsuccessfully to cover those enticing orbs. Your other hand is placed over your pussy with its soft downy fuzz of nascent pubic hair.

“Petra, you have been a naughty girl and you must be punished. Now put your hands by your sides and let me see what it is that you consider is worth a photograph.

My heart races and I draw a deep breath as you move your hands reluctantly to your sides revealing your young, succulent body in all its naked splendor.

“Well, I can see that you are not a little girl any more, that’s for sure. But while you live in this house you are still my little girl and will obey my rules. And those rules include no naked photographs to send to your friends on the Internet.”

“But Mommy I…” You begin to protest your innocence.

“Shush child. I know all about you young girls and your dirty little minds. You think I do not know what you get up to on the Internet. All those erotic story sites that you visit. I know you better than you know yourself young lady. Now, put that camera away and lay yourself across my knees because it is about time that I showed you who is the boss in this house.”

You step forward visibly trembling and lay your sweet young body across my lap. I run my hand over your smooth rounded bottom and say, “You will grow up to be a very beautiful young woman Petra. Very beautiful indeed. But you have to learn your place and now is as good a time as any.”

With that I bring my hand down smartly onto your exposed bottom. You cry out in pain as a red stain suffuses your left buttock.

Another sharp smack lands on your right cheek and then again on your left cheek. Six blows in all land on the soft roundness of your bottom as you continue to cry and wail beneath me.

“OK. Hush now. That is all over. You can stop crying as I will not smack you again if you will promise to be a good girl from now on.” My hand is now gently smoothing across your red hued bottom cheeks. “Shush now my pretty Petra, you know that your Mommy loves you. Are you going to be a good girl from now on?”

Y…Yes Mommy.

“Good, now spread your legs a little my precious and Mommy will make it all better.”

You awkwardly spread your legs while remaining across my lap.

My hand leaves your red stained bottom cheeks and slips into the crack of your ass to gently probe at the puckered rim of your anus. Then moving on, the finger crosses your perineum and onto the soft wet folds of your vulva.

“My oh my, Petra. I think you must enjoy having your bottom smacked. You are absolutely dripping. You are so wet.”

With that my searching finger reaches the hard little nub of your clitoris. I begin to rub and gently pinch the rigid projection.

Your breathing becomes faster and soft moans emanate from your mouth as my caressing finger increases the pace of its attention to your sensitive organ. Your legs begin to tremble uncontrollably as you begin to climb up to the peak to your first orgasm.

As my finger continues it frantic rubbing of your immature clitoris I place my other hand to the entrance of your vagina and insert two fingers into the sodden orifice.

I slowly begin a slow fucking motion with those fingers inside your saturated love channel.

“Oh. Oh. Oh. Yes Mommy. Yes. Yes.Yes. Faster Mommy faster. Oh Mommy I’m cumming.

With that on unnatural keening sound comes from deep within you. Your legs shudder and tremble as you crest the peak of your orgasm and waves of pure pleasure rush through your body.

Knowing that you are not yet finished I continue my rubbing of your ultra-sensitive clitoris whilst my fingers leave your sodden love channel and I press one against the tight resisting rim of your sphincter. The well lubricated digit easily enters up to the first knuckle due to the copious amounts of love juice coating its outer surface.

Your body responds as you begin to climb another peak. This one even greater than the last.

High pitched screeches are now issuing forth from your mouth. You no longer have any control over your limbs as you unconsciously hump your crotch against my pant covered legs, legs soaked with the copious amounts of love juice flowing from your virgin vagina.

Suddenly your ass arches up while strange, distorted sounds tumble from your mouth. Drools of spittle dangle from your lips and your eyes squeeze shut as the intensity of the second orgasm takes hold of your body.

Your body comes back down onto my legs as your humping motion takes on a frantic nature. Wave after wave of delirious pleasure course through your body and finally you mutter, “Enough Mommy enough. Your little girl cannot take any more.”

I withdraw my fingers from your body and pull you into a sitting position. I look into your tear stained face as I slowly lick my fingers dry of your secretions.

“Well, young lady. Have you learned your lesson? Are you going to be a good girl from now on?

A smile tugs at your lips as you answer, “Maybe Mommy maybe.”

The End