Mommy Can't Help It

by Alice

Alice shut the door as quietly as she could. She hated these after-hours office functions, but it would be bad for her career to miss too awfully many of them. She'd have been fine, but Bill insisted she have those drinks—you'd have thought they'd have been alcoholic the way he was pushing them on her.

She paid and thanked the babysitter, then plopped on the couch. Home. Finally. God, she had gotten so horny in the car she thought she was going to have to pull over somewhere. She was glad she didn't, though. Whenever she got into these moods, it was always the most fun to just pull up her Internet messenger and fantasize with a friend. And tonight she felt like she could last and last, so intense was her arousal.

She tiptoed past Cathy's room, and saw that her little girl had fell asleep on the bed with her jumper still on. Alice sighed and smiled. How innocent Cathy looked, her hair askew, her jumper half-wrinkled, her feet...

Alice felt a twitch in her sex that nearly made her gasp. I really need to boot up, she thought. Especially if the sight of Cathy's bare feet affects me so.

You see, while Alice appeared from all other aspects to be a single mom with a decent profession, in her heart she was a fantasy-fetishist about tickling. This was the kind of fantasy she would play out with her online friends—tickling scenarios that always evolved into gratifying experiences.

She tore her eyes from her daughter's bare pink soles. The room could use some cleaning, but that could wait. There were toys everywhere. Dolls, plastic teacups, a dress-up white feather boa...

She twitched again. The boa would be fun to play with tonight, she thought. Cathy won't mind. Of course, the little girl had no idea what her mommy would be doing with the boa, but that didn't matter. Alice picked up the boa. Cathy moaned a bit in her sleep, her feet wiggling slightly.

You're not thinking this, Alice told herself as she tiptoed past the foot of Cathy's bed, the boa dangling. She allowed herself another glance at the tiny soles, then looked at the boa. Well... maybe just a playful little tickle...

She sat on the bed and softly let the feathers drag over Cathy's bare left foot. The toes twitched a little, and Cathy let out a soft sleepy giggle. Alice brushed them again and was rewarded with another musical little-girl titter.

Online chatting was forgotten as Alice grew bolder with her feathering of Cathy's bare feet. Her mind was fogged, her body ruled by the intense arousal between her thighs.

"That tickles, Mommy," Cathy said sleepily with a tiny laugh.

"I know, baby bear," Alice said dreamily. She felt she should be half-startled that she wasn't stopping the tickling. But I need this, she thought. The urge had become more than an idle thought—it was primal, it was needed. She wanted to tickle more than anything right now.

She lifted Cathy's left foot onto her lap and ran the end of the boa around it. Cathy stretched and giggled, her foot wiggling frantically in her mother's grasp. "No-ooo," she moaned through her giggles. "No more."

Alice smiled. "It's only tickling," she chided. "Yes, more, I think." She took the boa and quickly used it to secure one of her daughter's ankle to a bedpost, then stretched it across and did the same to the other ankle.

What am I doing, a little voice inside her cried. I can't do this.

But her libido burned hot, and drove her on... she climbed onto the bed, holding her baby girl's wrists out toward the headboard posts.

"Mommy, what's going on," Cathy asked.

"Hush, baby girl," Alice cooed. "Mommy just wants to play a little game with you. It's okay. It's all right." She pulled the pillowcases from Cathy's pillows and wound them into cords to tie her wrists.

Cathy tugged her wrists. "I don't like this game, Mommy," she whined. Her toes wiggled down by the feather boa, each loose end of the feathery rope dangling over her feet. Alice spied this and felt a warmth flush through her that made her temperature skyrocket.

Oh God, she thought. It's so hot. Almost without thinking, she pulled her turtleneck over her head. The slacks followed suit, and before she knew it she was naked in her daughter's room, her clothes scattered about covering the strewn toys.

She stood at the foot of the bed. Cathy was staring at her, confused and scared. Alice moved closer to the foot.

"Mommy?" Cathy asked, her lips trembling. "What's going on?"

"Oh..." Alice whispered, dry-mouthed. "Don't be afraid, honeybee. Mommy isn't going to hurt you." She lightly pet the top of her baby girl's toes. "Mommy promises you'll like this game. You'll laugh and laugh..." She wiggled her sharp fingernail at the sole of Cathy's foot, making her yip. "...and laugh."

Cathy squealed with ticklish laughter. "Mommy, don't! Hahahahahahahahahaha! Stop hahahahahahahahahaha!"

"Don't stop?" Alice said with a smirk. She scooted closer to her girl's foot, pressing her exposed sex against those tiny toes. "Maybe if you wiggle your toes for Mommy?"


"Wiggle your toes, sweety-pie."

Cathy frowned, but gave her toes a little wiggle. The squirmy feeling against her labia was heavenly.

"More wiggles, baby," Alice said. "Show me how you can wiggle your toes." Cathy wiggled a little more, but she was too confused to show much enthusiasm.

"Here baby girl," Alice said. "Let Mommy help." She reached down with both hands and tickle-tortured the sides of Cathy's feet. The reaction was instant. Cathy screeched with glee, quite against her will, and her toes spasmed left and right, wiggling frantically.

Oh yes, Alice thought, this is what I needed. The giggling, the pleading, the toes vibrating against her pussy. Yes, this is...

She came violently, coating her girl's sole with her juices. She groaned loudly, and it was a few seconds before she realized she was still tickling Cathy's feet. Cathy was in tears.

"Mommy! Please! No more!" Yet she continued to laugh. She couldn't help but laugh violently, defenseless against her mother's tickling assault.

"Yessss," Alice whispered. Oh God, such a beautiful laugh, such a pretty smile. "Yes, more. Kootchy kootchy koo." She slipped Cathy's slender big toe inside her pussy lips. "Tickles so much, doesn't it babydoll." Her fingers danced up and down and under Cathy's restrained foot. Tears streamed down Cathy's rosy cheeks, but she was laughing too hard to protest any longer, helpless to do anything but laugh hysterically. Alice came again against the wiggling toes. And again. But her libido remained hot.

Slipping herself off Cathy's foot, she stepped around the side of the bed and began unsnapping Cathy's little brown jumper. As the sides came unsnapped, she pulled it from beneath Cathy, leaving her in just her undershirt and panties.

Cathy, for her part, was panting hoarsely, too weak and helpless to having her Mommy take her clothes off.

"Mommy just wants to tickle her little baby," Alice said, lifting Cathy's shirt over her belly and sliding her fingers beneath it. "Mommy just wants to make her baby girl laugh." She reached under the shirt and began tippling her fingers up and down Cathy's skinny ribs and up into her underarms.

Cathy jerked and screamed, screamed again, then could do nothing else but laugh as her mommy's fingers expertly found every tickle spot the little girl had. Her mommy even found tickly spots under Cathy's titties that made her squeal with false glee.

She felt something funny and wet. Looking down, she saw her mommy had put her lips against her bare tummy and...

Alice felt the supple flesh of Cathy's belly against her lips, letting the sensation linger a moment before she blew a raspberry, sending her little darling into new heights of gigglefits. She continued tickling Cathy's ribs, but let one hand drift down and massage the ever-present horniness in her own clit. She raised Cathy's shirt higher. Higher. She blew raspberries along Cathy's ribs, on each of her tiny pink nipples, and inside her underarms. Each tickly kiss (yes, they were special kisses, she thought as she blew another one in Cathy's armpit) made the little girl thrash and squeal.

Cathy could no longer beg for mercy, and her mommy didn't seem like she was ever going to stop. But then she did stop.

Alice came hard and collapsed atop her bound daughter, gulping for air. God, these orgasms are so strong! she thought. Why didn't I ever try this before.

She looked at her baby girl and kissed her cheek. Well, one thing's for sure. Cathy isn't going to have to wait like I did. She scooted back on the bed and tugged Cathy's panties down over her legs. When that wasn't far enough, she took the band in her teeth and tore the thread, allowing her to peel the shredded panties away.

Cathy lay there sobbing, her chest heaving trying to recuperate from the horrible tickling. Maybe Mommy was done now? Maybe she was going to quit and go to sleep.

Alice looked at her baby girl's exposed sex; so hairless, so smooth, so... so perfect, she thought. She let her fingernail lightly graze one lip. Cathy sharply inhaled and giggled, expecting another tickle. Alice was lost... she ripped a handful of feathers from the boa and began to dabble them over Cathy's sex. As sensitive as the tickling had made her, the touch of feathers on her pussy instantly made her twitch and giggle, although not as loudly as before. She didn't protest—Mommy wasn't going to listen anyway.

Alice was slow and methodical now, letting the feathers find their way around the crevices—inside and out—of Cathy's tiny pinkness. She watched for signs of arousal, and smiled when she saw the tiny clitoris begin to slightly swell, like a pink pearl.

"Does that tickle there, baby?" Alice cooed. "Does it make her laugh when Mommy kitchy-kitchy-koos her on her little girl spot?"

Cathy, her teeth clenched and her eyes squeezed shut managed to nod. It tickled so much there—she'd never been tickled there before. And it was starting to feel funny, too. She hoped Mommy hadn't broken her.

Alice leaned forward and kissed the clitoris, rewarded with a small gasp from Cathy. She kissed it again. Cathy sighed, glad that the tickling had finally stopped. And the kisses felt... nice.

But the tickling hadn't stopped. As Alice leaned down and nursed on the clitty, she reached up and began finger-tickling at the sides of Cathy's belly.

"Oh noooooo," Cathy cried before the giggles overtook her. Within seconds she was again a quivering mass of ticklishness, trembling beneath the kisses and tickles of her Mommy. But through the tickling, she felt something new—Mommy's wet tongue was licking her peepee. Gross, thought Cathy... but... but it feels pretty.

Alice was again masturbating herself as she listened to the peals of her little girl's laughter. She put her tongue flat against the inside of Cathy's inner walls, and felt them tense back against her. She could taste the juices of Cathy's arousal.

Soon, baby girl, she thought. Any minute now. She brought her hands down and held Cathy's butt cheeks apart with one hand, lightly tickling the pucker inside with the other, then went back to licking and sucking. Let Mommy hear those precious happy giggles, she thought.

And the orgasm came, just as Alice began scratching her fingernail against Cathy's anus. Alice sucked hard and reached back up to tickle rapidly at Cathy's sides, forcing her to laugh like never before through the cascading waves of pleasure that rode through her little body.

When Cathy awoke, a little after, her Mommy was sitting next to her, stroking her hair. She tried to roll over but found she was still tied.

"What's happening, Mommy?" she asked.

Alice bent over and kissed her. "I told you, babydoll, it was a game. You won, too!"

"I did?"

"Yuppers," she said. "Did you feel it when you won, right at the end?"

"I felt something," Cathy said. "It was... It was nice and tingly, but it tickled so much before that."

Alice smiled. "Well, that's what happens when you win the tickle game, sweetie. Mommy tickles you, and if she does it long enough, Cathy wins. And because you won, you know what you get?"

Cathy swallowed. "What, Mommy?"

Alice walked to the door. "You get to stay up all night like a big girl." Alice turned off the light, throwing the room into darkness. Cathy couldn't see at all. But she squealed a moment later when, invisible in the dark, she felt Mommy's fingernails dancing over the bottoms of both her feet.

"All night," Alice teased again as Cathy fell into helpless laughter. "Tickle tickle tickle, baby girl."


Alice woke up the next morning, laying naked on the floor. She rubbed her eyes, trying to remember. She looked, and saw the near-naked form of her daughter, tied to her bed, still asleep.

Oh my god! she thought, as the events of the previous evening came back. What did I... Oh god, my baby!

The party... she remembered Bill saying something to someone about Vixen, a new pharmaceutical product that was out on the market to increase libido in women. So that's why he was forcing those drinks on me, she thought with horror. Oh no...

She quickly set about to untying the feather boa from around Cathy's feet. Cathy stirred, awoke, and tugged at her wrist restraints. "Mommy?"

"Shh, baby," Alice said, frightened. "Mommy will have that off you in a second."

Cathy yawned a big yawn, then smiled. "Can we play the tickle game some more today?"

Alice stopped in her tracks. What would she do? How could she tell her little girl that... about...

"But this time, I wanna play your side," Cathy said, innocently.

Alice felt the familiar tingle in her pussy. But was it leftover from the Vixen? Or her natural reaction to the thought of being tickled. A mental image flashed before her eyes of her being tied to her own larger bed, the naked form of her daughter scampering over her, tickling this spot, then another, scratching her feet, kissing her underarms, feathering her pussy...

Her legs trembled.

"Maybe later," she said, her voice catching. "After you've had a bath and breakfast." And maybe you'll forget all about it, she thought, half hoping.

Cathy smiled a dreamy smile and stretched her released body. "Goody," she said, sitting up and kissing Alice on the cheek. She pulled the shirt the rest of the way from her body and nudely padded out of the bedroom to the adjoining bath. "I can't wait," she said. "I bet I can tickle Mommy better than she can tickle me."

Half of Alice's mind was whispering, Oh I hope she forgets. But the other half was suggesting that she lay out her adult toys for her little angel to find.

The other half was winning.