by 2yooung2sexx

Cally and Zara had been friends from the first day they met at Elementary School. Now aged eight years old, they were virtually inseparable and on this particularly sunny afternoon, they were walking home from school.

When Zara suddenly stopped walking and held her hand on her lower stomach, her friend stopped with her and asked in a concerned voice, "What's wrong? Are you okay?"

Zara was standing with her ankles crossed and her thigh pressed tightly together. Her fingers slid slightly lower and although she wasn't cupping her crotch, only the fact that they were on a public street prevented her from doing it as she hissed, "I really need to pee Cally. I should have gone before we left school, but I forgot."

Cally bit her bottom lip as she listened to her friend and was genuinely concerned as she asked, "Will you make it home?"

Although she wished she could, Zara knew that it wasn't possible and she shook her head. She rushed through the route to her home in her mind, frantically trying to think of any public restrooms, but nothing came to mind. Some of the larger department stores had toilets, but they were further away than her house. While she was thinking this, Cally was also trying to work out a solution and she smiled and said, "We can go into Jackson Park. There's an entrance just around the corner."

Zara's brow furrowed in confusion before she replied, "There aren't any toilets in the park."

"I know that silly," Cally said, "But you can pee in the bushes. I'll keep a lookout for you."

Zara didn't look entirely comfortable with the plan, but as the only alternative was to stand in the street and wet herself, she reluctantly nodded her agreement.

Cally led the way into the park and Zara's heart fell when she saw that it was busy. People were walking through it as a shortcut, others were sitting on the bench type seats and there were children running around or playing ball. She was just about to announce to her friend that this plan wasn't going to work, when Cally took her by the arm and steered her into the bushes at the side. The further in they went, the more secluded it became and when they couldn't see anybody around, Cally said, "This will do. Pee here!"

Zara really didn't want to do this, but her straining bladder left her no alternative and she dropped her schoolbooks onto the ground and lifted up her skirt to skim her white cotton panties down to her knees. She squatted down, and even before she had managed to get comfortable, her yellow waste spurted out of her cunt. Despite being out in the open, the eight year old couldn't help but sigh with relief, and then she looked up at her friend. She was surprised to see that Cally was staring between her legs, and she hissed, "You're meant to be keeping a lookout, not watching me pee!"

"Relax," Cally replied, "There's nobody anywhere near us, besides, I like watching you pee. I always watch myself doing it, don't you?"

It was quite remarkable that in all of the years they had known each other and became the best of friends, this was the first time they had mentioned their bodies. They continually discussed the normal things that eight year old girls found fascinating, like fashion, make-up, the latest pop sensation and even boys. They had also seen each other naked many times as they always seemed to be staying over in each other's homes, but they hadn't talked about their bodies!

Seeing that her friend was expecting some form of an answer, Zara nodded her head as she replied, "Sometimes I do."

Her urine was foaming and frothing as it spraying onto the grass between her feet and Cally broke the tension as she giggled, "God Zara, you really needed to pee!"

Her friend laughed softly in response and a thought struck her as the flow lessened and then reduced to the last few drips. She chewed on her bottom lip as she whispered, "I don't have anything to wipe with!"

She looked up at her friend as she spoke, clearly asking if Cally had anything, but the young girl shook her head as she replied, "I don't think I have anything either."

As she said this, she squatted down in front of Zara to open her school satchel and rummage around. There was nothing suitable however and she looked into Zara's face as she shook her head. It wasn't the answer she wanted, but Zara shrugged her shoulders and was about to just stand up and pull on her panties when Cally said softly, "Let me help dry you off."

Before Zara could even begin to think about what her friend intended to do, she reached out and pulled the flat of her hand over Zara's cunt. As Cally rubbed the palm over the grass to dry it, Zara was shocked into complete immobility. Her mind whirled and churned as she tried to rationalise what Cally had just done. She had touched her most intimate place and the preteen didn't know what to do about it. Should she protest, should she shout, should she run away! Or should she just remain where she was and hope that Cally would do it again and send another electric jolt of pleasure through her body.

Zara would probably have been reassured to know that Cally's heart was hammering wildly in her chest, her mouth was dry and her entire body was trembling. She took it as a good sign that Zara hadn't moved away, even although she still wore a shocked expression on her face, and Cally whispered, "I think just one more wipe should do it."

She deliberated for a couple of seconds after she had spoken, and before she moved her hand. She figured that if Zara didn't want her to touch her again, this was enough time to jerk away, but as her friend hadn't moved a muscle, Cally reached out, and this time the movement was much slower and much more deliberate.

Cally cupped her friend's sex and as she pulled her flattened hand over her slit, her index finger pushed gently into her cunt. With about half an inch of her finger in Zara's hole, Cally stopped and looked straight into her friend's eyes. They continued to stare at each other as Cally pushed a little deeper and she could see Zara's eyes open wide and hear a little moan of pleasure as the finger slid into her body all the way to the knuckle.

Cally's finger began to move in and out of Zara's cunt and in the small clearing in the bushes, Zara's breathing got heavier and louder. Her eyes may have been looking into her friends face, but her mind wasn't seeing the image. All of her senses had focused on the sensations radiating out of her preteen cunt and she suddenly shivered and shuddered in climax.

It was a small cum but it still took her breath away and she toppled back onto the ground. Even as she orgasmed, she watched Cally rise to her feet and smell her sticky finger before she pushed it into her mouth and sucked it clean. When Zara recovered a few moments later, Cally glanced around before she said, "We should be going now."

Nodding her head, and functioning on something like automatic pilot, Zara took her friends offered hand to help her to her feet, pulled up her panties and collected her schoolbooks before following Cally out of the bushes. For the rest of the walk home, Cally chatted normally, but Zara's mind was in such a whirl, that she just gave one word answers, or didn't reply at all.

As it was Friday and the end of the school week, the girls had made their normal arrangement to sleepover. This weekend it was in Cally's house, and for the first time in her life, Zara didn't really want to go! What she needed was some time to carefully think about what had happened in the park, and to do that, she wanted to be alone.

The whole situation would have been a lot easier to handle if the girls had allowed their frequent talks to stray into the subject of sex. That was when they would have learned that they both masturbated regularly, in spite of their young age. For Cally, it had happened just over a year ago when her father had forgotten to remove a porno DVD from the machine. On finding the unmarked disc, Cally had played the movie and that had pretty much been her sex education. One scene showed a girl lying on the bed masturbating, and it had seemed logical to copy what she was doing. The lovely feelings she got from rubbing her immature clit had become addictive and her fingers had quickly become regular visitors to her cunt.

For Zara, it had been more a matter of curiosity about her body and one night she had touched her cunt when she was in the bathtub. It had made her feel good, and as she continued to rub her little slit, the good feelings got stronger and suddenly something quite wonderful, and also quite frightening started to happen to her body. She began to feel light-headed, and a tingling began to spread all through her body until she felt like something was going to explode inside her. As glorious as the feelings were, they were so unexpected that she snatched her fingers away from her hole and it was only then that she realised how heavily she was breathing. She tried to work out what was happening to her, but she had no experience to base any ideas on. The only thing she knew for sure was that whatever the feelings were, she liked them. Rather guilty, and also with some trepidation, Zara's fingers went back onto her cunt! This time she didn't stop playing with herself when the tingling sensation began again and the preteen girl cried out and thrashed about in the bathtub as she experienced her first orgasm. From that moment on, Zara had been a compulsive masturbator!

Of course, Zara knew nothing about Cally's activities and she considered that touching her pee hole was her darkest secret. She would never stop doing it of course, but it was so dirty that she could never tell anybody about it. Now, in the space of a few moments, her world had been turned upside down. Not only had Cally put her finger into her cunt, but she vividly remembered the girl licking her cunt juice from it.

By the time the girls had reached Cally's home, Zara was beginning to relax a bit, mainly because her friend had kept on speaking to her as if nothing had happened. Zara had also reasoned that as she had taken her own finger up her cunt many times, there couldn't be anything really wrong with Cally doing it to her. Perhaps Cally had just been playing around a bit and that it would all be forgotten about.

That thought lasted for around ten minutes. That was the time it took to say hello to Cally's parents and follow her friend into her bedroom. It had a small en-suite attached to it and Zara's heart lurched when Cally said, "I need to pee now. Do you want to come and watch?"

Zara had no idea why her feet moved because she clearly didn't want them to. She wanted to stand exactly where she was and couldn't quite understand why she was walking behind her friend and into the small toilet. Cally on the other hand appeared to be completely relaxed as she dropped her panties down to her ankles and sat down. She opened her knees as far as she could and a few drips of her pee fell out of her cunt, followed by a little squirt, and then she got into full flow.

Zara was mesmerised at the sight of Cally's cunt and although she had seen it many times before, she had never seen it like this!

Cally was watching Zara's reaction and she could see that the eight year old was breathing rapidly and that her skin was flushed. She smiled to herself and then reached down between her open legs. She was still peeing as she pulled her cunt open with her fingers and said softly, "Sometimes when I pee, I like to rub myself like this."

The index finger of her other hand pressed onto her immature clit with little circular motions, as she carefully studied her friends face to try and gauge her reaction. She had been thrilled when Zara had followed her into the bathroom and now she was sure that the young girl was aroused. As she continued to gently rub her clit, Cally said in little more than a whisper, "You can touch me if you want!"

Zara seemed to be captivated with the sight of the piss flowing out of Cally's cunt, and also the slight movements of her finger on her little pleasure bud. The preteen knew just how good that would feel and without really being conscious of what she was doing, she reached out with a trembling hand and pushed a finger into Cally's hole. The hot urine sprayed everywhere and Cally laughed as she said, "You might have waited until I'd stopped peeing!"

Zara's eyes were sparkling as she returned the grin and replied, "That's okay, I like pee! Sometimes I pee on my hand when I go potty."

Cally filed that piece of information away for later, and she concentrated on the wonderful feeling of having somebody else's finger up her cunt. For the first time in her young life, there was a finger up her cunt that wasn't her own and it felt incredible. Her butt moved back and forth on the toilet seat as she finished peeing, but it was the way Zara's finger was flashing in and out of her hole that was making her feel so good.

So good in fact, that she didn't want it to stop too soon and she whispered, "Keep doing that Zara. Please keep doing that!"

Zara was chewing nervously on her bottom lip and her little heart was beating rapidly in her chest as she fingered her friend. She could see from the way Cally was squirming about on top of her finger that she was getting close to a cum and that made Zara even more horny.

She was wet after being fingered in the park and as she walked back with Cally to her home, Zara could feel her juices ooze into the crotch of her school panties. Now, squatting down on the bathroom floor and fingering her friend's cunt, Zara's preteen hole was dripping like a leaky faucet and her underwear was soaked.

She would have loved to get her fingers onto her own cunt, but she also wanted to get Cally off so she kept on fingering the girl, and listening to her breathing get faster and her moans get louder. Her friend's mouth was hanging open and her eyes had a glazed look about them as she got closer and closer to her release and the wonderful tingling feeling between her legs intensified wildly. When her orgasm exploded deep inside her body, Cally shuddered violently as she sat on the toilet seat, but she held her knees wide open as the finger continued to flash in and out of her hole.

She slumped down as the shaking took control of her body and as her eyes had closed, Zara pulled her finger out of the eight year olds slit and carefully studied it. The finger was covered with Cally's girl cum and the rest of her hand was wet with pee. Bringing the finger to her face to smell it, Zara savoured the scent before she began licking her hand clean. The cunt juice tasted incredible, and she had to admit that Cally's pee didn't taste too bad either.

The preteen stood up as she watched Cally slowly recover and straighten up on the toilet seat. Her knees were still open and Zara pulled off a wad of toilet tissue and she reached down between Cally's legs to gently wipe away the few drips of pee that still clung to her skin. When Cally stood up in front of her friend, she stepped out of her panties, leaving them on the floor, as she said softly, "Thanks Zara, that was awesome. You made me cum!"

Her friend smiled, and then Cally added, "I guess that wasn't the first time your fingers have been in a cunt, was it"

Zara chewed the inside of her cheek as she pondered the question, and also thrilled at Cally's use of the "C" word. She always used that word in her mind when she thought about the slit between her legs, but it was such a bad word that she didn't think anybody else would use it, and here was her friend saying it out loud to her. It was that thought that was uppermost in her mind as she shook her head in response to the question.

She still didn't speak however, and Cally asked, "Do you rub yourself off and make yourself cum?"

This was the one secret that Zara had vowed she would never tell anybody about, and now her best friend was asking her the direct question. After what had just happened in the bathroom and in the park however, there didn't seem to be any point in denying it, and Zara blushed as she nodded her head.

Her friend's face broke into a grin as she hissed excitedly, "So do I! I'm always sticking something up my cunt to make me cum!"

That revelation took Zara slightly be surprise and she was thrilled to find out that she wasn't the only one who touched herself between the legs and her face broke into a grin as the eight year olds hugged in the middle of the bathroom with Cally's stained school panties on the floor at their feet.

When they broke apart, Cally led her friend back to the bedroom and, as normal, she slid open her wardrobe door and tossed some clothes onto the bed. It was a ritual that the eight year olds had got into where they took off their school clothes as soon as possible and put on normal clothes. This time was different however because when Cally took off her school skirt, Zara couldn't help but stare at her friends cunt. Cally knew exactly where her eyes were directed, but she kept on removing her clothes until she was naked. Giggling softly, she then hopped onto her bed, lay on her back with her legs open and asked, "Do you like my cunt Zara?"

Despite the fact that Zara had wiped Cally's hole dry, some cunt slime had already oozed out of her body and her slit was glistening in the light. The image was gorgeous and Zara eventually found her voice and replied, "I love your cunt Cally. It looks amazing!"

It thrilled her to use the "cunt" word and it also pleased her to see that her friend's sex looked very similar to her own. She was shaken out of her lovely daydream when Cally said, "Well, don't just stand there. Take your clothes off and come up here beside me."

Without having to really think about what she was doing, Zara unbuttoned her school blouse and pulled off the white vest that her mother insisted on her wearing. She kicked off her shoes and pulled off her socks, but hesitated when her fingers moved to the zipper on her skirt. The preteen could feel that her panties were soaking wet and she was embarrassed at the thought of Cally seeing how horny she was. Reaching below her skirt, she quickly skimmed her underwear down to her ankles and kicked the soiled material towards the side of the bed. Now she did remove her skirt and she stood with her legs slightly apart and let Cally look at her.

Cally's fingers moved to rub her cunt as she stared at her friend's body, and on seeing what she was doing, Zara also moved her hand between her legs and rubbed at the sticky opening.

Neither of the eight year olds was seriously masturbating, but they continued to play with themselves for a few moments before Cally said, "Get onto the bed beside me."

The difference between the two preteen's sexual education was that Zara's had been limited to her own fingers and her own imagination, while Cally had carefully watched every second of her father's porno tape. Not only had she seen her first erect cock, but she also knew that it was meant to fit inside her cunt. She figured that she would have to wait a couple of years before she was able to have fun with boys, but what was uppermost in her mind as she lay on the bed beside Zara, was the sex scene near the end of the tape where the two girls got together and licked out each other's cunts. Her preteen body shivered with lust as she wondered if Zara would let her do it to her, and after taking a deep breath, Cally decided that there was only one way to find out!

Zara had just got comfortable on the bed and she loved the feeling of her naked body touching Cally's as they lay side by side. That feeling was quickly lost however and Zara looked questioningly at her friend as Cally got onto her knees and crawled between her legs. She figured that her friend just wanted to look at her cunt again, and then Zara opened her legs wide when she had another thought that Cally might want to finger her again. She hoped she was right and she smiled shyly in the hope of encouraging her friend to touch her again.

She was so completely occupied with that erotic thought that it didn't register in her brain that Cally had just lowered her head and was moving her face towards her crotch. When realisation broke through her thoughts, she only managed to say, "Cally, what are you............."

At that moment, her friends flattened tongue swiped over Zara's cunt and she suddenly stiffened and finished her sentence with a soft, "Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh!"

That moan was pure pleasure, and Cally's spirits soared as she took it as a sign that Zara wouldn't stop her, and she also loved the delicious flavour of the preteen juice that was being pulled into her mouth.

Cally's father's DVD player was a top of the range model with a remote controller that had dozens and dozens of buttons on it. Not even her parents knew what every button was for, but after a lot of experimenting, Cally had learned to operate the player on slow motion, freeze frame and even frame advance. When it came to the part of the film where the two girls were fucking each other, she had used every one of the machines features to study and to learn how to suck cunt.

That information was now stored in her head and as this was the first time she'd had a chance to do it for real, she was determined to do it right.

Zara's mind was in turmoil as she tried to come to terms with the fact that her friend was licking the slit that she peed from. It was also trying to come to terms with the face that Cally's tongue was the most wonderful thing she had ever experienced in her short life. Whilst part of her brain was struggling to accept what was happening to her, the rest of her body was demanding that the amazing sensations continue, and without thinking about what she was doing, Zara opened her legs wider.

"Oooohhhh Cally," she moaned. "That feels so good. Please keep doing it to me!"

Her friend never had any thoughts about stopping and Zara gave a little squeal of delight when Cally's stiffened tongue wormed into her fuck tube. As it flicked about inside her cunt, Zara's butt began to squirm on the bed as the familiar rush started to build up between her legs. Most of her climaxes were quite small and although they gave her a lot of pleasure, the preteen lived for the occasional orgasm that blew her mind. For many months she had tried to work out what she did different when masturbating to produce the two different cums, but hadn't been able too. There didn't seem to be any reason for the difference because she could play with herself for ages with just a mini climax, but when Cally had pushed her finger up her cunt in the park, she had cum quickly and cum hard.

The only reason she was thinking about this now was because the intense tingling deep in her cunt told her that this orgasm was going to be big! She practically held her breath as the tongue stimulated the inside of her fuck tube like nothing ever had before and although she was expecting her cum to explode any second, it didn't happen. Instead, the tingling got more and more intense until she felt like she couldn't bear it any longer. Her eyes were closed and she was gasping for breath in between moans and groans of pleasure as she threw her cunt up at Cally's mouth. She was delirious with ecstasy and she hadn't a single thought in her brain except her need to cum!

Cally had started eating Zara's fuck hole in the hope that she could make her friend cum, and because it had seemed like a very grown-up thing to do. This had all changed for the eight year old when she had got her first real taste of Zara's cunt, and now she was lapping furiously at the dripping hole for her own pleasure. She had tasted her own juices before and had also licked her finger after it had been up her friend's cunt, but nothing compared to the sweet and sticky slime that flowed out from the bottom of Zara's fuck tube.

The flavour was incredible and the smell of Zara's cunt was intoxicating as it filled her senses. Cally licked as deep as she could get and she was concentrating so much on her own enjoyment that she never noticed how close Zara was to her cum.

The young girl's back was arched up from the bed and her mouth hung open as the most incredible and indescribable sensations shot through her preteen flesh. Her eyes were closed and she no longer knew or cared where she was or what noises she was making. Every sense she had was focused on her cunt, and when she climaxed, her body stiffened and turned to stone. She couldn't move a single muscle for what seemed like days and after an eternity, she collapsed back on the bed and convulsed uncontrollably. She was thrashing about so violently that Cally couldn't keep her mouth in contact with her friend's spasming cunt and just as she raised her head up, there was a ragged scream of ecstasy torn from the preteen's throat. Thankfully, it was half strangulated, but Zara took a massive breath for her next shriek as she continued to shudder and shake,

Before she could utter another sound however, Cally jumped up like an Olympic gymnast, grabbed a pillow from the head of the bed and pushed it into Zara's face. She was acutely aware that her parents were downstairs and a full-blown scream from either of the girls would have brought them running. Careful not to smother her friend, she maintained a pressure on the pillow sufficient to muffle all sounds and kept it in place until Zara's body started to relax and her senses began to come back to her.

When she removed the pillow, Zara's face was flushed, her skin was shining with a film of sweat and her normally radiant hair was flat and plastered to her face. None of that bothered her however and she gazed up into Cally's face as she said, "God, what you did! You licked my cunt!"

"Yeah," her friend replied with a grin, "I thought you might notice that. Did you like it?"

The last few ripples of her massive orgasm were still flowing through her flesh, but Zara was starting to feel more in control of her limbs and she sat up on the bed and grabbed Cally's arm as she gasped, "Enjoy it! Are you kidding, I fucking loved it!" It was one of the few times that Cally had heard Zara swear, but somehow it sounded appropriate, as she continued, "I came so fucking hard. Where did you learn to do that? When did you learn to do that?"

Cally laughed and slowly nodded her head when Zara finished by lowering her voice and asking, "And will you do it to me again?"

As Zara grinned from ear to ear, Cally said, "But only if you promise not to scream the fucking house down. There's no way I want Mom and Dad rushing in here and finding me with my tongue up your cunt!"

They both laughed and then Zara's face had a more sombre expression on it as she said, "No but seriously, where the hell did you learn to do that?"

For the next few minutes, Cally explained about finding her father's porno disk, and the very thought of actually seeing what her friend was describing made Zara's fuck hole drool again, and she asked, "Can I watch it too?"

With a rueful smile, Cally shook her head as she explained, "I've no idea where he's hidden it, and believe me when I tell you that I've looked. In fact, I've looked so hard for it that I think he must have taken it out of the house."

Although disappointed, Zara nodded her head, and then blushed when Cally said, "By the way, I love the taste of your cunt!"

Although please at what Cally had said, it set the preteen thinking and her mind spiralled back to when she had fingered her in the bathroom. Her hand had been dripping with pee so it made it difficult for her taste buds to pick out the flavour of cunt, and she looked into Cally's eyes as she whispered, "I want to lick your cunt now!"

Cally grinned as her heart lurched inside her chest, and she said eagerly, "Okay!"

She made to lie down on the bed, but the troubled look on Zara's face stopped her moving. As she remained still, her friend chewed on her bottom lip for a moment before she admitted, "I don't know how to do it!"

"Sure you do," Cally replied, not wanting to admit to all the time she had watched the porno movie on slow motion to try and perfect her skills, "Just lick my cunt and then you can push your tongue into me. It's easy!"

Zara didn't look convinced, but she wanted to taste Cally's cunt and to give her friend some pleasure, so she nodded her head and said, "Okay, I'll try!"

Locking her eyes with Zara, Cally flopped onto her back with her legs open and watched as her friend crawled between her feet. Cally's cunt had been wet after climaxing in her bathroom, but now her hole was dripping wet and the smell of her arousal flooded Zara's nose.

Cally's slit was puffy and flushed with her excitement, and it gaped slightly open, letting Cally look into the pink tube. On some primeval level, the sight made Zara's mouth water, and any fears she had felt evaporated as she lowered her face into the wet sex slit. The closer she got, the stronger the smell became and Zara's tongue poked out to lick her friend's cunt from the bottom, all the way up to her immature clit at the top.

Cally shivered at the first touch, and she then relaxed back on the bed as Zara's licking became more focused and concentrated on licking out the sticky slime that covered Cally's crotch. The flavour of her friend's hole made Zara's taste buds tingle and zing, and the eight year old flattened her tongue and licked harder until Cally's cunt was squeaky clean.

Zara may have lapped all of the slime from the outside of Cally's slit, but she knew where there was more and she stiffened her tongue and slithered it into the preteen's fuck tube. That was exactly what Cally was waiting for and the sensation was exquisite enough to make her moan and for her butt to lift off the bed and push against her friends mouth.

Zara was acting on pure instinct now and an hour ago she would never even have considered putting her mouth anywhere near a cunt. She had heard stories at school of course about sucking a boys cock, but the eight year old had never even heard of a girl sucking on another girl before. Now that she was actually doing it however, she found that she loved the smell and the taste of cunt and her tongue flicked about inside Cally's body and pulled delicious tasting juices into her mouth. Not content with just using her tongue, the preteen moved her fingers onto Cally's slit and pulled it open, before pushing her tongue deeper.

That extra few millimetres of her tongues penetration worked wonders and Cally gasped as Zara's mouth found a particularly sensitive spot to lick. She could feel that the familiar tingling between her legs was increasing and she humped her slit into her friends face to encourage her to lick faster. The gorgeous tingling and somehow numb feeling spread through her butt and into her thighs as she moaned and writhed on the bed. She was so close to her cum, and she held her breath and closed her eyes just a few seconds before it detonated inside her. She shuddered and convulsed, but managed to grit her teeth and stop herself from crying out. It wasn't helping that Zara's fingers continued to hold her friends cunt open as her tongue pulled sweet girl cum into her mouth.

Long moments later, Cally had recovered enough to shuffle her butt backwards on the bed and drag her fuck hole away from Zara. With the stimulation stopped, Cally collapsed back on the bed, breathing heavily as her body slowly came back to normal. She looked up into Zara's face and giggled when she saw that her friend's nose, mouth and chin were coated with her cunt slime and she watched as Zara licked as much as she could get into her mouth Both preteens were still very aroused after their new experiences and they knew instinctively that they were nowhere finished with each other's bodies yet. Just when Zara had started to think about asking Cally to eat her out again, they heard Cally's mother shout up the stairs "Cally, Zara, dinners ready!"

The last thing on their minds was food, but there was nothing they could do but to scramble into their clothes, give their hands and faces a quick wash, and go downstairs.

When the girls were staying over, the one who was visiting never bothered to take any clothes with them. They both preferred to wear each other's clothes and Cally had thrown her friend a clean pair of panties, a tee-shirt and a short skirt. Cally had chosen a similar outfit for herself and as they sat down at the table with Cally's mother, both of the preteens could feel the wetness of their horny cunts already staining their underwear. Despite all of their sexual activities, both eight year olds were still incredibly horny! They found it very hard to concentrate on the meal that Cally's mother had prepared and they were shovelling the food into their mouths in a silent agreement that the sooner they were finished eating, the sooner they could get back to the bedroom and find new ways to pleasure each other.

Their horny little butts were squirming about so much as they sat on the chairs that Cally's mother said, "Why can't you two sit still tonight. Anybody would think that you had ants in your pants or something."

The girl's giggled at what Cally's mother had said, but the woman had no idea why the girls found her statement so funny. She couldn't possibly have known that it wasn't ants in their panties that were making them squirm, but sticky and syrupy cunt juice that was oozing out of their aroused fuck holes.

At the end of their meal, they couldn't escape back to Cally's bedroom as quickly as they hoped because her mother stood up from the table and said, "Listen girls, I've got loads of work that I had to bring home from the office and it would really help me if you would wash-up here."

There wasn't much the eight year olds could do but agree, so they started clearing away the dirty dishes and decided that Zara would wash and Cally would dry. As they began their chore, Cally's mother went into her small office, closed the door, and a few seconds later the girls heard music coming from the room.

"She always puts on the radio when she works," Cally explained. "She'll be in there for hours."

Zara put the dishes into a large basin of soapy water and started washing up, but both girls were very giggly, mainly because they were so horny. Cally had only dried two dishes but she couldn't resist and longer and she slid her hand over Zara's butt and between her legs. Her friend stopped washing and moaned softly as she opened her legs and whispered, "That's nice!"

Cally could feel the wetness in Zara's panties and she hissed into her ear, "Dirty fucking slut!"

Her friend turned to face her and immediately retorted, "Fucking cunt sucking bitch!" and then they were suddenly kissing with their mouths open and their tongues entwined.

The girls were breathless when they broke apart and Cally's hand was still cupping Zara's sex mound from the back. They stared into each other's eyes and Zara stayed very still as she felt a finger push into the leg hole of her panties. The stiffened finger very easily entered her cunt, which was soaked. Cally wisely decided not to tease her friend about how wet she was because she knew that her own fuck hole was in exactly the same state.

"I want to lick your cunt," she said softly as she fingered her friend, and Zara made a soft gurgling noise in the back of her throat before she replied, "I want that too!"

Cally kept sliding her finger in and out of Zara's cunt for a few moments and then with great reluctance, pulled it out and said, "Let's hurry up a finish here."

Nodding her agreement, Zara watched Cally suck her finger clean before she turned her attention back to the sink and the girls were soon racing through the washing up.

There wasn't much left to do, but as Cally was stacking some dried dishes in the cupboard, her eyes were drawn to the vegetable rack standing in the corner of the kitchen. As usual, they were a selection of potatoes, onions, parsnips and carrots. What really attracted her attention was one bright red carrot that was sitting on top of the rest.

Cally had a very rudimentary knowledge of sex, mainly from her father's DVD and from whispered conversations with her school friends. She knew about cocks and that when they got hard, they could go into a girl's cunt. There had been great excitement a few months ago when Gloria Simmons had brought some photographs into school that showed naked men with hard-on's. The reason that all of this was flashing through Cally's mind, was that the carrot reminded her of the hard cocks. It might not have been so thick, or as long as the cocks in the photographs, but they were meant to fit women older than her. That carrot however might just be a more suitable size for her and Zara.

Her friend didn't see Cally pick up the vegetable, and she giggled when Cally stood right behind her and pushed her crotch into her butt.

"I thought we were going to wait," she said softly, but that didn't stop her from pressing her ass backwards.

"Sushhhhhh," Cally whispered in her ear and she reached under Zara's skirt and eased her panties down her thighs.

Thinking that she was about to get fingered again, Zara opened her legs but then jumped when she felt the touch of the carrot against her hole. She knew that it wasn't Cally's finger and she stiffened slightly and then giggled, "What are you doing to me?"

"Sushhhhhh," Cally said again, and then pushed the vegetable into Zara's cunt

"Oh," the eight year old cried, but then the word changed to "Ooooooohhhhh," as the carrot stretched her fuck tube and slid deep into her hole. There was about an inch of the carrot still sticking out of her cunt, and Cally pulled up her friend's stained panties, trapping the vegetable in her fuck tube.

Zara stood absolutely motionless as the most delicious sensations flowed through her stuffed cunt and her friend whispered in her ear, "Nice?"

"Oh God, its fucking wonderful," Zara breathed. "I don't know what you just slid up my cunt and I don't want to know. I just want it to stay forever!"

"Slut!" Cally laughed, and then pushed her hand onto the hard bulge in Zara's panties caused by the vegetable. When she moved it in small circles, Zara clamped a soapy hand to her own mouth to stop her making any noise, and she shuddered violently.

Both girls were now more aroused that ever before and Cally was desperate to try the carrot. The next ten minutes were pure torture because they had to finish their chores and then Cally sped off to her bedroom. Zara followed her, but at a much slower pace because the carrot was still embedded deep inside her hole.

By the time Zara made it into the bedroom and closed the door behind her, Cally was already naked and kneeling on the bed. She watched as her friend pulled her tee-shirt over her head and dropped her skirt around her ankles. Zara's panties were bulged out around the makeshift dildo and she pulled out the front of her underwear and peered inside. Although there was only about an inch of the vegetable visible, she could easily tell what it was and there was an incredulous expression on her face as she stared at Cally and hissed, "You stuck a carrot up my cunt?"

Her friend giggled, and then said huskily, "You can always take it out, if you don't like it."

Zara pushed her underwear down to her ankles and Cally got her first look at her friends stuffed fuck hole. She couldn't resist sliding off the bed and crossing the room to stand in front of Zara, and it seemed the most natural thing in the world for them to kiss. As their tongues danced in each other's mouths, Cally's fingers found the end of the carrot and started sliding it in and out of Zara's hole.

The eight year old moaned and opened her legs wide as the imitation cock produced the most glorious sensations in her body. It also produced the most obscene rasping and slurping noises as it whipped the girls juices up into a thick cream that flowed out of her hole and down the inside of her legs. She had often tried to imagine what it would feel like to get fucked properly, and now she thought she knew.

Just to make it clear to her friend what was happening, she broke their kiss for just long enough to gasp, "I'm going to cum soon!" Zara clamped her mouth back onto Cally's after her outburst and a few moments later the action of the carrot rubbing over her hard clit took her over the top. She shouted into her friend's mouth as she started to shudder and Cally was very glad that her mother had the radio on downstairs and would be unable to hear the distinctive sounds of an eight year old girl deep in climax.

Zara started to shudder uncontrollably and Cally held her tight, covering her mouth with her own and keeping the carrot sliding in and out of her hole. When the girl's legs started to shake however, Cally had no option but to quickly drag her friend over to the bed before she collapsed onto the floor.

Zara looked so slutty as she writhed naked on the bed with a thick, red carrot imbedded in her fuck tube. Thick girl cum was oozing out around the makeshift dildo, and Cally waited until Zara's shivering had nearly stopped before she learned forward to pull the vegetable out of her cunt. That caused Zara to groan loudly and when her eyes fluttered open, she watched Cally lick the cunt cream that covered the surface of the carrot. "Dirty slut," Zara hissed huskily as she watched her friend lick her juices.

""Me?" Cally replied with a giggle. "You're the one who took a carrot up her cunt!"

After that, they were both laughing, and then Cally licked her lips and looked at her friend as she asked quietly, "How did it feel?"

That simple question was all that was needed to bring the sexual tension back into the bedroom, and even although she knew the answer, Zara asked, "The carrot?" When Cally nodded her head, her friend sat up on the bed and enthused, "It felt great. It really stretched me open and although there was a little pain, the sensation of it sliding in and out of my cunt was amazing. I don't know what a cock feels like, but if it's as good as the carrot, I definitely want one up me!"

Cally was gently swaying from side to side as she listened to what Zara was saying, and her bottom lip was being held between her teeth. It was very obvious what she was thinking, and her heart lurched when Zara reached out to take the vegetable from her fingers.

Holding it in her hands, Zara asked, "You want to try it?"

Cally's eyes were fixed on the vegetable that her friend was slowly twirling in her fingers and her heart was beating wildly. The eight year old had pushed many things into her cunt before, but nothing as thick as the carrot. Although it scared her slightly, there was no way she was going to admit that to Zara, so she nodded her head and threw herself onto the bed.

Cally rolled onto her back and open her legs wide as her friend crawled between them. Her cunt was red and swollen, as it had been for hours, and with her thumb and first finger, Zara easily opened up the girl's fuck tube. There was no need for any lubrication because Cally's cunt was soaking wet inside, but Zara couldn't resist lowering her head and swiping her flattened tongue over her friends slit.

Cally laughed softly at the touch, and while Zara was enjoying the flavours in her mouth, she gently pushed the thin end of the carrot into Cally's hole.

After having spent so much time rammed up Zara's fuck tube, the vegetable was now at body temperature, and it felt good as it was pushed deeper. By the very nature of the vegetable, the carrot was a cone shape that increased in diameter. The deeper it went into Cally's cunt, the more it stretched her tube, and the preteen gasped occasionally when a sharp pain lanced through her flesh. Knowing that Zara had taken the carrot without any protest, Cally was determined to do the same, and she was pleased to find that the pains quickly receded and she was left with the wonderful sensation of having her eight year old cunt stuffed full.

She was lying back on the bed and not watching what Zara was doing, and it surprised her when her friend hissed, "It's in!"

Lifting her head, Cally could just see the top of the carrot sticking out of her hole, and she grinned at her friend. A few seconds later however she moaned loudly and flopped back down on the bed. The reason for this was that Zara took hold of the vegetable and slowly started to slide it in and out of Cally's fuck tube.

Zara's face was only inches away from her friends filled cunt, and she loved the way that Cally's slit bulged out as the carrot slid deep. She could see that the surface of the vegetable was already covered with her juices and the scent of her arousal drifted into Zara's nose. She gradually increased the speed of the makeshift dildo, and grinned when Cally groaned and her butt started to squirm about on the bed.

Cally adored the feelings that the carrot was producing and her fuck hole had never been stretched so much in her life. She imagined that this must be what it felt like to take a real cock up her cunt, and the thought aroused her even further. Her eyes closed and her back arched up from the bedcovers, but Zara kept the same rhythm and continued fucking the girl.

The familiar tingling was intensifying between Cally's legs and she was gasping for breath as her climax approached.

Forgetting where she was, she shouted, "Yes! Oh fuck YES!"

The words had just left her mouth when she started to convulse wildly, and Zara had to fight a flurry of flailing arms and legs to keep the carrot jammed up her friend's cunt. She just about managed to do it however and the flashing vegetable held Cally in orgasm until she crashed back onto the bed completely exhausted and groaning softly. Grinning at the sight, Zara pulled the carrot out with an audible plop, and happily licked it clean while she waited for Cally to recover. <=>

Both girls were shattered after all of their exertions and their cunts certainly needed a rest. By mutual agreement, they put on some clothes and went downstairs to watch some television. Although Cally's mother checked in on them a couple of times, she mainly stayed in her office and left the two eight year olds to fend for themselves.

By ten o'clock, the preteens were yawning and fighting to keep their eyes open. They went back up to Cally's bedroom, stripped off their clothes, and even in their exhausted state, they rolled together in a classic sixty-nine position and licked each other's cunt until they both had a good cum.


Despite putting on clean panties to go to sleep, both girls had heavily stained and very wet underwear by the morning. This was because Zara had waited until her friend had fallen asleep before she crawled under the covers, pulled the panties to the side and licked out her cunt again. Cally giggled when she woke up with Zara's mouth on her fuck hole, but she was soon making other noises as she orgasmed.

Cally then decided to return the favour, and she too waited until Zara was sleeping before eating her out. This continued all through the night with mouths, fingers or the carrot being used to make the other one cream.

By morning, the eight year olds had a wad of soiled underwear lying on the floor of the bedroom. There were their school panties, the panties they had worn last night and also the panties they had worn while they were sleeping. Well, not sleeping, but fucking each other's brains out.

They were going to have to do something about the growing pile because the bedroom was already stinking of cunt and if Cally's mother saw the state of their underwear, there would be no mistaking what they had been up to. Thankfully, Zara thought of a solution, and it was nice and simple.

Opening the window to let some fresh air blow through the room, the eight year olds took a shower together. They threw all of the dirty panties into the base of the unit and then took a long shower where they peed on each other, sucked each other's cunts and washed away all of the smells that would reveal what they had been up to. All of the time they did this, the soap suds were sliding from their skin and their feet were trampling over the panties in the base of the shower, where the agitation gradually washed out the stains. Once they were finished and dried, they wrung out the panties and draped them over a radiator to dry.

It was just after nine o'clock in the morning and the girls stood naked in the bedroom and stared at each other. Their preteen cunts were red and swollen with overuse and their nipples were hard and tight. Trying not to grin, Cally asked, "What are we going to do today?"

The serious expression on her face suddenly cracked, and both eight year olds giggled as they fell into each others arms and toppled onto the bed with their legs intertwined and their cunts rubbing together.

The End