They Grow Up So Fast, Part 1

by 1000 Monkeys

A newbie to both fiction and erotic writing, I've discovered that it's a lot of fun to take a vague fantasy and realize it fully in words. I'm sure I still need to work on things, but if you think I should continue please let me know. I hope you enjoy!

Alice pushed the supply cart down the harshly lit terrazzo hall, emptying garbage cans and sweeping up trash as she went. She worked in a public recreational facility as part of the maintenance late shift, helping keep the place orderly in the busy afternoons and at night after everyone else had gone home. Or rather, she corrected herself, due to budget cutbacks she was now the entire after-hours crew save for Judy, who looked after accounting and other administrative duties.

Blond with a curvy hourglass figure and full C-cup breasts, Alice stood 5 foot 6 inches tall and weighed about 120 pounds. She had recently turned 33 and still considered herself fit and quite attractive. Married just out of college and now with a daughter of 13 years, Alice had been living happily as a stay-at-home mom until her husband was forced to take a lower paying position in his company due to the recession. A housewife for almost her entire adult life, Alice suddenly found herself hunting for a part-time job without an impressive résumé, and realized that she couldn't be picky. She had been working at the recreational center for the past six months, but certainly didn't consider cleaning up after spoiled kids and indifferent adults her dream career. Although there was indeed a bright side to her employment: as a bisexual (much to her husband's continual delight) she particularly enjoyed looking at all the young teens running around in skimpy swimsuits by the pool. Yum.

Feeling a bit horny from her people watching that day, Alice worked quickly so she could get home and enjoy some quality time with her husband. The last task of her evening was to clean up the pool locker rooms, which always took the most work. She first tackled the boys', emptying trash, sweeping floors, gathering wet towels, and collecting dropped items for the lost and found. Finished, she turned off the lights and made her way to the girls' room.

Opening the door she found that the lights were already off, and grumbled as she'd have to walk a good 20 feet in the dark until she'd get to the main switch by the janitorial closet.

She was just about to flick it on when a banging noise from the other end of the room made her pause. The facility was supposed to be empty. The door from the pool area swung open, flooding the room with a blaze of light. It then closed, plunging her once again into total darkness. She heard some shuffling noises and suddenly half of the room's fluorescent lights flickered on with a loud humming sound. Well, at least someone else knew where the switch was.

Alice, who was still hidden in the dark half of the locker room, watched as a young brunette girl with her hair tied into a ponytail, maybe 11 years old, padded from the door over to the shower area in flip-flops that made a thwacking sound against the bare soles of her feet. Alice glanced at her watch: it was 8:30 at night and the facility should have been empty a half hour ago. The girl was wearing a bright yellow floral one-piece bathing suit with a frilly modesty skirt around her midsection. What was she doing here? She wasn't very big, perhaps four and three-quarters feet tall and slight of build – no more than 70 pounds soaking wet (which of course she was at this moment). Overall she was pretty, with a round, innocent face, full lips, and a pale white complexion scattered with brown freckles on her cheeks and arms where the sun hit.

Now Alice wasn't a prevent and knew that she should speak up and demand to know why the girl was in there at this time of night, but a little voice in her head suggested that it might be more interesting to remain quiet and watch. Although Alice hadn't ever had a sexual encounter with a girl that young, she nonetheless appreciated all female forms and didn't feel the need to discriminate over age. So she crouched down behind the half wall that separated the shower/locker area from the restroom portion.

The girl turned on the shower and spent a couple of minutes rinsing off the chlorinated pool water. Alice watched as she tugged the front of her bathing suit forwards and let the warm water run down her bare chest and stomach. The suit snapped back and Alice noticed two large bumps on her chest where her nipples would be. That thought caused a tingling to radiate in Alice's crotch, and immediately her face flushed – she had a daughter not much older than this girl. Even though Alice had caught herself staring admiringly at her own daughter's budding figure in the past, she had no intentions of ever following through on those desires.

Her attention was drawn back as the running water shut off. Dripping wet, the girl made her way to the stack of clean towels, grabbed one and wrapped it around her body. She continued to the changing benches, about twenty feet from Alice's hiding place. Alice quietly shifted her position so she could get a better view. Facing away from her observer, the girl dried her hair then stretched the top of her suit to pull out one of her arms.

Oh God, she was going to undress.

Alice averted her eyes. But what did you expect to happen? Feeling horny well before the girl's arrival, her pussy was now fully awake – and it demanded that she see more.

Alice looked up to observe the preteen peeling the yellow swimsuit down her slim body, first revealing the top of her butt crack before shimmying it past her protruding white ass into a pile on the floor. Everything about the girl's nude body proved that she was young and immature, certainly still a child and not yet a teenager, but already there were signs of her emerging maturity. The baby fat had started to melt away from all the right places, and her hips had begun to widen past her waif-like waist. Her cute little bubble butt was made of two perfectly shaped globes, with a dimpled crease below each where they met her flawlessly tapered legs. Her chubby ass jiggled as she moved her arms, drying the top half of her exposed body and humming a song to herself that Alice couldn't place.

Then she put a leg up on the wooden bench and bent over to dry it off, causing Alice to nearly fall over backwards as the girl's glowing white butt cheeks parted to expose her most private area. There, winking suggestively at Alice, was the girl's glistening wet pink anus. Surrounding it on all sides was a large patch of reddish skin that grew up and along the insides of her butt crack before fading out, obscenely drawing attention to the location of her asshole amid the otherwise faultlessly pale flesh of her bottom.

But it was what was between the girl's legs that caused Alice to nearly stop breathing. Dangling there in all their feminine glory was the longest, fattest labia that she'd ever seen on a fully grown woman, never mind a petite little schoolgirl. The shockingly pink meaty flaps stuck out and drooped downwards by several inches, stuck to each other and wobbling back and forth as she dried her leg. She stared mesmerized as the girl's motions caused the two giant lips to slowly peel apart from each other, suddenly flaring open to expose the wet insides of her vulva like a bird spreading its wings.

The girl straightened up and turned around to face towards Alice. Although she was still invisible in the dark, Alice crouched a little lower and idly began to rub her aroused clit through her loose-fitting pants.

The girl's budding breasts were as yet only small round swells, rising soft and fleshy against the angular bones of her rib cage. Each tiny pure white handful was topped with a puffy red-brown areola at least an inch and a half across and perfectly round in shape, darker in color at the edges and looking tender, swollen and shiny. Large nipples the size of dimes stood proud in the center of each puffy dome. Alice shifted her gaze lower, noting how the smooth lines of the girl's stomach pooched out slightly below her belly button and formed a V-shape reaching towards her pubic area, which remained shielded by the towel. Alice took her right hand and worked it inside the front of her pants to rub her throbbing pussy through the thinner and tighter material of her panties. She noticed they were damp.

Just then the young girl pulled the towel away from her waist and revealed her preteen sex to the room. Her mons was nearly hairless, with just a wispy tuft of brown fuzz at the top of her slit. Her outer pussy lips were pressed tightly between her thighs, hairless, fat and puffy, forming a perfect camel toe with a single deeply cut vertical slit.

Alice's gaze was drawn towards something poking out between the soft white bulges of flesh at the top of her furrow. It was a rather large bump made up of folds of darker skin, and it had to be at least half an inch across. As the girl parted her legs and her pussy opened a bit, Alice saw a flash of pink and realized that this... protrusion... was her clit. Her remarkably big clit. And at the bottom of her slit, hanging down like so much extra flesh to fill the gap between her legs, was that glorious long labia, wrinkled and glistening in the cold florescent light as it brushed sensuously against her skin.

Satisfied that her legs were dry the girl started to work on her crotch area, rubbing the towel back and forth between her legs and up the crack of her ass. Alice couldn't take it any longer and quietly undid her pants and lowered them around her ankles, followed by her panties which had managed to develop a rather large wet spot. She resumed rubbing her clit, feeling increasingly aroused now that she had direct contact with her skin.

The girl seemed to be enjoying the attention on her crotch, spending more time drying than was really necessary... and then as she focused on one spot in front she unexpectedly drew her breath and exclaimed "oh!"

Alice stopped rubbing and crouched motionless as the little girl paused drying herself and looked down towards her pussy with an almost surprised expression in her innocent blue eyes.

As she peeled the towel away Alice was shocked see that the recent attention had made her clit grow. A lot. It now stuck out at least an inch beyond her puffy slit, looking for the world like a tiny penis compete with a shaft and little pink head peeking from beneath its wrinkled hood. The little girl stared at it for a moment and then dropped the towel on the bench behind her. She reached down with her left hand and, with a finger on each side of her hard clit, drew the flesh of her soft mound back and thrust her pelvis outwards, spreading her legs and bending her knees. The pointed head of her clit popped from its hood, sticking out nearly two inches in front of her and pulsing red with her heartbeat.

Made prominent by her current position, Alice could see that the girl's dangling inner labia grew from the bottom of her clit's split head and shaft with long arches of skin that eventually doubled around and joined with her hood. This abundance of flesh was slowly forcing her puffy outer pussy lips to gape open, offering her hidden observer a perfect view of her entire pink center, including the clearly defined teardrop-shaped entrance of her gleaming tunnel and the slight swelling of her peehole in the point... there was even a hint of the dark skin around her asshole peeking from between her clenched buttocks.

This girl – no, this child – had one of the most sexually stimulating pussies that Alice had ever seen, and she was barely even old enough to grow pubic hair. With only the young girl's petite frame for comparison, the abnormally large clit and lips looked that much lewder, like they were the keystone of this girl's being.

The girl flexed her clit up and down one, two, then three times. She looked at the throbbing flesh sticking out of her like a little boy's penis and took a finger, running it slowly along the smooth underside between her parted labia.

The preteen smiled to herself and whispered softly. "Well, I'm just going to have to take care of you now, aren't I?"

She then started working her fingers up and down the sides of her clit, pulling the hood back and forth over the head and wanking it like a little cock. Alice marvelled at how small and immature those fingers looked next to that monstrous organ. The girl closed her eyes and moaned again, then sat on the bench. Spreading her legs wide, she lifted her feet up on either side of her and sat spread eagle, her obscenely developed vulva opened wide to the (almost) empty locker room.

As the girl continued working her big clit, her meaty labia flapped back and forth like butterfly wings and her dark little hole began to ooze with excitement. Alice couldn't believe what she was looking at and resumed stroking her own damp pussy, running her hand up and down between her own dangling labia and paying special attention to the hard bump of her inflamed clit, trying to mimic the little girl's actions.

Soft mewing sounds came from across the room as a stream of white cream began to flow from the young girl's lustful hole, running down the hollow between her buttocks and dripping onto the bench below. With her right hand she dipped her fingers in the cream, then rubbed them over the head of her clit and along the shaft for lubrication. The pale skin of her face, chest and plump pussy mound gradually turned a deep red color as she closed her eyes and concentrated on her pleasure.

After a minute of this the girl turned sideways on the bench and lay on her back, bringing her knees up towards her chest and interlocking her feet behind her head. She now had a clear view of the swollen bulge of her sex. She played for a few moments by pulling the tender flesh between her legs apart firmly with both hands, watching as her wrinkled asshole stretched to many times its normal size and the tight skin of her dark, gaping tunnel opened and closed.

Flexible little minx, thought Alice.

Watching herself intently, the girl resumed rubbing her clit, pulling and tugging on it in a growing frenzy. Thick creamy lubrication forced its way from her upended pussy, running along the stretched skin of her perineum and gathering in a pool on the puckered ring of her anus. With one hand she covered her fingers in the stream of sticky fluid and immediately sucked them into her mouth, savouring the taste of her excitement with a lustful moan. She then took her saliva coated fingers and started to plunge them in and out of her sopping wet cunt, dragging her long labia in and out, in and out, while her other hand worked her now deeply red clitoris back and forth in increasing urgency. The room filled with moans of pleasure and the wet squelching sounds of the girl's fingers invading her cunt.

Grunting "huh, huh, huh" in time to her motions, frothy droplets of pussy juice began to fly from the girl's hand onto the underside of her thighs. Her slender fingers became white with lubrication as they pistoned in and out. Alice's own hand was a blur as it flew over her throbbing clit and dipped in and out of her hungry pussy, hardly believing the erotic spectacle she was witnessing. She knew she would have to cum soon.

Suddenly the girl cried out and, curling her spine into a circle like a contortionist, pulled her ass above her chest and planted her knees on either side of her head, positioning her pussy directly above her face.

She grunted out load "Uh, uh, uh, here it comes!" and quickly yanked her fingers from inside her tiny cunt and switched to furiously rubbing the smooth underside of her long clit in sharp pulling motions.

Reaching a plateau she groaned "It's coming oooouuut!" and made short gasping sounds as the first wave of her climax hit, causing her entire body to tense as her stomach muscles heaved, the tendons in her legs strained, and her toes curled. Her eyes opened wide and Alice watched as a thin stream of nearly transparent liquid squirted out of her glistening preteen pussy and splattered across her flat chest and dark, puffy nipples.

"Ahhhh!" she cried in a high pitched whine. Desperate for more, her shaking hand moved to stretch her cleft wide open, while the other started pawing roughly at the tender flesh around her asshole with her fingernails. She shrieked again as the second stomach-clenching convulsion took over her body and the next stream of hot milky-colored girl cum fired from her spasming cunt straight into her face, hitting her chin and running down her neck, some landing on her parted lips.

Making "uh, uh, uh" sounds between convulsions, she adjusted the aim of her butt and this time just as the feeling hit jammed her middle finger hard into her already lubricated anus right up to the last knuckle. She screamed out loud and her eyes rolled up into her head as the largest stream of cum yet erupted straight from her urethra into her waiting mouth. It made an unmistakable hissing sound as it filled her up and overflowed her eager young lips. She sputtered at the volume of her ejaculate and tried to swallow as much as she could, but it spilled out around her mouth and ran up her nose.

Although Alice had stopped fingering her pussy in astonishment when the girl first started squirting, the sight of her aiming it purposefully into her mouth was more than enough to push her over the brink. The housewife grunted in utter lust and shoved her fingers deep in her cunt to massage her G-spot as her orgasm exploded deep in her pussy and radiated throughout trembling body. Her molten hot canal grasped greedily at her invading fingers while Alice's mind kept looping back to the incredibly erotic sight of this horny little girl swallowing so much of her own pussy juice like it was soda – hell, she actually wanted to drink it straight from the source!

Heart racing and barely daring to breathe, Alice couldn't peel her eyes away from the anonymous girl across from her as she moaned and continued gushing hot pussy juice for nearly 40 seconds, all the while slapping her clit and rocking her tense body back and forth. The flow of liquid was nearly continuous, cutting off only as the muscles in her vagina clenched, resuming with even greater pressure when they released. She drank as much as could, gasping desperately for air between each swallow. How could there be so much in that little body?

Eventually the force and quantity of the girl's fluid tapered off to small dribbles, but as her tiny hand relaxed its grip on her clit Alice saw that her body still hadn't finished releasing its sexual tension.

The girl lay on the bench with her head thrown back in an almost painful position, legs spread wide above her and trembling uncontrollably with a finger still wedged deep in her asshole. Her sex organs twitched rhythmically as the orgasmic pulses went on for another half minute... that long clit flexing up and down as muscles deep in her vagina caused her entrance to open and close like the gaping mouth of a fish blowing bubbles of white cream. It was such an intense, jaw dropping orgasm, and all from a grade school girl barely old enough to wear a training bra. Where did she learn to do something this nasty? How long had she been doing it? Kids really were growing up faster these days!

With her orgasm finally complete, the little girl popped the sticky finger out of her ass and let her chubby butt drop down to the bench with a wet slapping sound. She lay there motionless with her face and body completely plastered in girl cum, breathing deeply as she savoured the afterglow. Milky liquid continued to trickle from her swollen pussy with the occasional aftershock contraction, forming a new puddle of cum under her ass.

Alice realized that her own orgasm had ended long ago and relaxed the fingers she still had deep inside her pussy. Bringing her hand out from between her legs, she saw that her fingers were coated in sticky white cream that stretched in long strands back to her over-sensitive pussy. Alice had never been an especially wet cummer before so she was amazed at the amount.

Alice looked up as the girl on the bench suddenly started giggling; a little girl's giggle like she had heard coming from her own daughter so many times in the past over much less obscene events. Grinning broadly and looking completely pleased with herself the girl said almost inaudibly, "Oh wow, that was so good... can't believe how much it had... so good."

Smiling, she licked the remaining wet droplets from around her lips and sighed contentedly. Alice watched in amazement as her whole body shuddered one last time and her tiny cunt belched forth a final load of thick white cream that trickled down over her now protruding asshole to land splat in the middle of the growing cum puddle. The girl brought her hand down to her young pussy to collect some of her juice, lazily rubbing it into the skin of her stomach as though it were body lotion. She purred contentedly as her now fully satisfied clit slowly softened and retreated into the pudgy baby fat of her outer pussy lips.

Just then the silence of the room was broken by the shrill sound of a cell phone ringing. Alice looked at her watch – 8:50, just 20 minutes had gone by... 20 minutes that had given her a completely new outlook on the potential sexuality of young girls. She wondered if her own daughter was doing stuff like this already. The young girl bolted upright, pulled a phone out of her gym bag and answered it on the second ring.

"Mom! Yes, I'm done swimming... yes, I'll be out in just a minute! I'm just drying off now. Okay – be right there."

She put down the phone and jumped up, quickly grabbing her clothes out of the gym bag. Without cleaning off any of the cum that had already starting to dry into a filmy coating on her skin, she yanked on her panties – which instantly turned dark in the crotch from all of the sexual juices that continued to flow –

pulled up a pair of tight, light blue denim jeans, shrugged on a red baby doll shirt, and stepped into her flip-flops. While she was doing this Alice fixed her uniform and moved into a corner where the girl wouldn't see her.

The hurried girl gathered up her swimsuit from the floor and shoved it into her bag, ran over to the mirror to straighten her hair, and then quickly rushed out the main door, leaving behind nothing more than the sweet, pungent aroma of her sexual adventure.

And a puddle.

With the room now empty, Alice straightened up from her hiding position and walked over to where the little girl had been sitting, the smell of her sexual release growing stronger with each step. There on the bench and shining in the light was proof of the her orgasm. The field of cum droplets that had squirted over her face that she hadn't managed to swallow. Further over, the large pool of juice that had formed beneath her ass as she recovered, complete with a quarter-sized glob of thick white cream in the middle that had oozed out of her pussy as a final offering.

Alice knelt on the floor and brought her face close to the bench, inhaling the preteen girl's pungent pheromones. They burned in her nostrils and caused sparks to fire wildly in her brain and her swollen pussy to burn with renewed desire.

"Oh God."

Did her young daughter do stuff like this? Did she masturbate and shoot sweet cum from her pussy? Has she tasted herself before? Unable to control herself, Alice brought her lips down to the milky liquid and sucked some of the now lukewarm ejaculate into her mouth. It was almost tasteless, but she detected something slightly sweet... slightly salty... and discovered that it was completely addictive. She moved over to the glob of thick white cream and gathered it up with her tongue. This was different – much stronger, sharper, but equally as delicious.

As she continued to lap up the little girl's orgasmic aftermath she wondered if this was what her daughter's young little pussy would taste like, and it was with that thought that her brain went into complete sexual overload and she orgasmed for the second time that evening, this time without even touching herself.

After recovering she stood up and, thinking quickly, went to her cart, grabbed a clean dusting cloth and a plastic bag, and proceeded to clean up the rest of the little girl's juices, sealing the now soaking wet rag in the plastic bag and stuffing it into her pocket. She would enjoy her scent again.

Alice finished cleaning the locker room in record time and exited to the main facility.

Suddenly a voice came from behind her, "Oh Alice!"

Alice nearly jumped out of her skin and swung around. "Oh, hi," she said, slightly too quickly.

It was Judy, the administrative assistant, walking towards her from down the hall. She continued, "There you are – just wanted you to know that I have to head home early tonight, and you should lock up when you're done."

"Sure, okay," replied Alice, relieved that her co-worker didn't suspect anything was amiss.

Judy continued. "My husband's out of town this week so Pam had to stay with me after school, and I've got to get her home early enough to sleep".

Alice raised her eyebrows in surprise. "Pam?"

"Yes Pam, my daughter. Haven't you met her?"

Just then a voice came from the end of the hall. "C'mon Mom, we gotta go!"

Alice looked towards the new speaker and saw a skinny little brunette girl standing by the exit, wearing tight denim jeans, a red baby doll shirt, and holding a gym bag. The same little girl with the amazingly well developed pussy that she had just watch bring herself off to the most intense, erotic and downright nasty cum squirting orgasm she had ever seen – and all in a public locker room.

"Come over here Pam," continued Judy, "and meet Mrs. Sanders."

The little girl trotted over and stuck out her right hand. The same hand that had been relentlessly plunging in and out of her pussy only a few minutes ago... which she hadn't even had time to clean off.

Alice grasped it and managed to mumble, "Um, hi Pam, you can call me Alice."

"Pleased to meet you Alice" she replied politely with a twinkle in her blue eyes. As Alice released the girl's hand she could feel that it was slightly sticky. No wonder.

Her mother smiled. "Pam'll be here tomorrow again. Would it be okay if I had you keep an eye on her for a few hours? There's going to be that meeting with the town council..."

With one hand Alice felt the baggy in her pocket with the cum-soaked rag and replied. "Sure, it'd be my pleasure."

"Oh thanks – goodnight!"

Judy and her daughter started towards the exit, when Pam accidentally dropped her gym bag. She bent over to pick it up, revealing a dark wet stain on the inside of her jeans that extended across her crotch, halfway up her chubby ass crack, and ran a least a third of the way down the inside of each thigh. She glanced back at Alice, who could have sworn that she saw her wink.


This story is my first attempt at writing an erotic fictional fantasy, so I apologize if it isn't very good. But if you like it and would like me to continue writing, please let me know by sending me your comments, suggestions or even hate mail.