Lesbian Panty Stories

The stories listed here are published on Yasmin's website "Lesbian Licks" which can be reached from Jenny's links page.

Lesbian panty stories by Jenny Kay

Kath Personal   Ellen assumes she is happily heterosexual until she develops a strange obsession at the office.

Jojo   The plumber does a lot more than fix a leaking pipe for a lonely housewife.

Hoopertown   A very explicit letter from a young lesbian to her girlfriend in prison.

Lesbian panty stories by Karen (Jenny's lover)

Dominique   Two women with a passion for panties pick up a stunning blonde in a bar.

Cell Block Zero   A parole officer takes an unusual revenge on her husband's mistress.

Lesbian panty stories by Yasmin

Hidden Truth   Two gorgeous Indian movie stars pose in their panties for a UK lesbian magazine.

Pleasing Janine   Shy young Shona doesn't want to wear a transparent dress to a lesbian party.

Trust   Lois can't understand why her gay flatmate has a manic obsession with panty-sniffing.

Midnight Storm   A young actress becomes a lesbian icon after her latest movie role.

Ripe   Two women stay at their friend's apartment while she goes on vacation.

Too Hot   Tennis lessons turn into steamy sex for a lesbian teen and her older lover.

Grace   A young lesbian shares an erotic experience with her girlfriend's mother.

What's It All About?   A very explicit essay on the strange joys of girl-on-girl panty sex.




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