Lesbian Panty Stories

Erotic writings by Jenny Kay & her friends

Fiction by Jenny

Curiosity   A couple of college girls decide to experiment with lesbian sex    [FF oral anal F1st]

Business Deals: Part 1   Happily married Jayne finds herself in trouble during a meeting with a gorgeous Latina businesswoman    [FF nc oral anal humil F1st]

Business Deals: Part 2   A year has passed since Jayne's first encounter with sleazy Diana Sanchez and it's time to renew the contract    [FF nc oral anal humil]

Connoisseurs   Two panty-peeking lesbians go into town with their digital camera on a warm summer afternoon    [FF voy]

Hearts and Elephants   Kelly just can't understand why her housemate would want to steal her underwear.    [FF voy humil]

Leggy Up   Lesbian panty-flashing is a source of amusement for three unsuspecting office girls.    [FF voy]

Austrian Holiday: Part 1   An English lesbian's vacation turns into an erotic adventure.    [FF voy]

Austrian Holiday: Part 2   The sexy adventure becomes even more hot and steamy.    [FF oral voy]

Jenny's flash fiction (mini-stories)

First Lesson   [FF oral F1st]

Stories by guest writers

Train Ride  by Yasmin   Smart executive Madeleine shares a railway journey with a sexy schoolgirl.    [FF voy]  

In The Pink  by Stella   Nicki the chambermaid finds something left behind by a hotel guest.    [FF]  

True stories

Mandy   Real-life panty fun involving Jenny and a beautiful hetero girl.    [FF cons oral anal rim]

Shopping   A note from a "sexy diary" Jenny started to write in 2004.    [FF voy]

Jenny's musings

No Knickers   A rant about the British word for panties.    [FF humor]

Solo Fingers   Here Jenny reveals the secrets of her masturbation technique.    [FF Fsolo bd voy]

Questions   Jenny's answers to some intimate questions from a reader.    [FF nosex]

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