Little Sister

Copyright 1993 Lance Edwards

The door slammed, tires screeched, and I sank back on the couch in relief. My girlfriend Jeanne had just stormed out after yet another bitter, raucous fight, and it was just me and the TV. Or so I thought. There's not much on at 2 a.m., but I finally settled on what looked like a pretty good soft-porn movie -- thank God for cable. Anyway, just when it started to get interesting, I heard a gasp and the padding of quick bare feet. Oh, shit. 

"Oh my God! What are you watching?" 

It was Andi, Jeanne's, shy, virginal little sister, who had recently turned into Jeanne's shy, virginal big sister. Just 18 and very sheltered, she'd bloomed late but extremely well. The thin, oversize T-shirt she wore as pajamas did little to hide the enticing curves of her swelling young breasts, and I looked away nervously as she joined me on the couch. 

"Oh, you know ..." I replied vaguely, waving a hand at the set, where a naked couple were locked writhing on a bed. "Saturday late-night ... I call it 'Skin-amax'. A poor substitute for when your woman walks out on you." 

"Oh," replied Andi, biting her full lower lip, then continued, "I heard you guys fighting. She can really be a bitch, huh?" 

"No argument there" I said. "Look, I'm going to make myself a drink. You want one?" She batted her eyes, looking side-long at me with a mischievous little glint. 

"Why Tommy, you know I'm not old enough to drink!" Then she laughed, saying, "but that's never stopped me before. Just don't tell anyone, okay? No matter what happens." 

I got up, wondering what the hell that meant, and went to mix us a few drinks. Only then did I realize how much the movie--and Andi's unexpected arrival-- had effected me. The front of my shorts stuck out like the prow of a ship, my erection straining the elastic waistband and threatening to pop into full view. Embarrassed and uncomfortable, I tried to hide it, but it was no use. The monster was awake, and he wasn't going away. I saw Andi eyeing the bulge as I returned to the couch, and when I handed her the drink she giggled a little and eased closer to me. 

We sat there through three or four drinks, watching the movie, and the action on the screen just kept getting hotter and hotter. Sophisticated college student and shy little virgin, our nervousness grew into a sexual tension that was nearly unbearable. My trapped cock strained against my shorts, and I could hear Andi's rapid breathing right next to me. Her face was flushed, and her nipples stood out in sharp, hard little points as she watched the couples on TV wallow in pleasures her eager young womanhood had never experienced. Finally she cried out in frustration. 

"How come they never show the guys? It's just tits, tits, tits! I want to see ..." she trailed off, her eyes going to the obvious bulge in my shorts, then quickly back to the set. Patiently I explained the difference between soft- and hard-core porn to her, and why they can't show the latter on TV, but Andi wasn't mollified. She pouted, pursing her beautiful full lips, and then said "I want to see, damn it. I've never seen one before." 

Once again her eyes darted to the bulge in my shorts, and they lingered a little longer this time. By now I could take no more, so I caught her eye, trying to determine how far she would go. "Do you really want to see?" I teased her. "I've got one too, you know." 

She gasped a little, her face coloring, but didn't look away. The alcohol must have added courage to the hot stew of hormones racing around her young body, for after a minute she swallowed, and whispered "Yeah, I really do." 

"Well," I said, "I'll tell you what. I really want to see something too." My eyes went boldly to her nubile breasts, their nipples so hard and erect I couldn't believe they didn't cut right through her threadbare T-shirt. "Why don't we play it like little kids. I'll show you mine if you show me yours." I grinned at her, rubbing the hard length of my erection through my shorts, and to my joy she agreed -- on the condition that I go first, of course. 

I couldn't believe my luck. I got up from the couch, and instructed Andi to cover her eyes. She did, and with enormous relief I slipped quickly out of my shorts and shirt, freeing my raging hard-on. Positioning myself in front of her, my hugely swollen cock jutting sharply up and out from my naked body, I told her to take a look. 

She immediately opened her eyes, and gasped at the sight of my hard prick pointing out at her, inches from her face. Her eyes crawled greedily over me, studying my erection with awed fascination, and soon she whispered "Can I ... can I touch it?" 

Without waiting for permission her hand crept out, stroking it, feeling the velvety purple head and tracing the straining, rigid shaft down to its base. Her hand cupped my balls, hefting them, rubbing and exploring their texture, and finally she seized my cock in a clumsy but deliciously firm grip and began tugging on it, pumping it rapidly through her tightly closed fist. I moaned aloud, in helpless pleasure, and she giggled softly. 

"Is this what you guys do? Is this how you play with yourself?" I could only nod, moaning, as she tightened her grip and increased her speed, pumping and jerking and pulling down harder and harder against my straining cock's naturally upthrust curve. 

"You like that, don't you? You like me pulling on it." Andi giggled again, her face shining with excitement, and she pulled harder, faster, pumping me like a pro, enjoying my moans and groans and obvious arousal. Then she shifted on the couch, rising to her knees, and I felt her hot breath on my groin. 

"I want to taste it," she said, and the next thing I knew her soft, wet tongue was stroking my cock, running over and under and around the head, tracing its contours. Finally she gathered up her courage and licked the clear glaze of pre-come leaking from the tip. Her hesitant face was instantly transformed with pleasure. 

"That's so good!" she cried. "So sweet!" Immediately Andi slipped the whole head in her mouth, wrapping her soft, full lips on the shaft and sucking it like a popsickle. I groaned uncontrollably, and my hands went straight to the sides of her head. Burying them in her thick blond hair, I held her steady and gently pumped myself in and out of her wonderful mouth. Soon my cock found the back of her throat, and she gagged a little, as virgins will, but soon enough she got the hang of it. Then her hand found my balls, rubbing and cupping and squeezing them, while her wet lips and tongue worked my throbbing purple head as though it were her ten-thousandth blow- job, and not her first. Eventually I had to step back, gasping, pulling away from her before she could bring me to orgasm. 

"What's the matter, Tommy?" she asked sweetly, giggling again. "I want to play!" she reached for me, but I backed away, panting. Finally I found my voice. 

"Nothing's the matter. It's just your turn." I gestured at her sweetly rounded breasts, demanding that she honor her part of our agreement. Clearly reluctant, she stared wistfully at my throbbing, bobbing cock, wanting to see if she could make me come. It was only when I promised she could play with it again once her shirt was off that she finally agreed to switch places with me. 

So then I sat on the couch, watching as she prepared herself. She'd obviously never shown her breasts to anymore, and was a moment working up her courage. But then she grabbed the hem of her T-shirt, and in a flash of elbows she had it up and off and on the floor, and it was my turn to gasp. 

The T-shirt had been her only garment, and we were now both totally naked. And naked, she was an incredibly stunning sight. From her smooth, perfect legs and rounded little hips to her amazingly full, heavy breasts, Andi's tight teen-aged body was firmer and riper than I'd ever imagined. She postured there before me, squirming and blushing with embarrassment as I avidly studied her flawless curves. Then she slowly approached, reaching again for my lap and the stiffly upright rod of my prick. 

My hands found her breasts, heavy, firm, and I cupped them, gently rubbing the stiff pink points of her nipples with my thumbs. Suddenly it was Andi's turn to moan, and she stopped in her tracks, forgetting everything. Gooseflesh broke out all over her trembling young body, and she didn't resist as I slowly drew her forward and sought out her swollen, rock-hard nipples with my mouth. Clamping my lips on one I slurped it in, sucking deeply, hungrily, taking long, slow, steady hard pulls on it, as though actually feeding at her breast. 

"Oh God, Tommy, what are you doing?" For an answer I slipped my hand between her legs and began gently rubbing her soaking-wet crotch. "Noooo ..." she began, but it was too late. Her refusal turned into a long, drawn-out moan of ecstasy as my probing finger skated lightly over her clit and slid deep up into her virgin pussy. 

She slumped forward, the strength going from her legs as her weight settled firmly onto my supporting hand. Gasping, she writhed and twisted against me, slapping me with her heavy breasts, rubbing her crotch against my invading fingers in an unconscious, urgently pumping rhythm. Panting and moaning, her silken hair hanging around our faces in a shining curtain, Andi finally managed to squirm onto my lap, straddling me. 

"Do it to me, Tommy, please," she moaned, her groping hand fumbling around, searching between us for my cock. Finally she found it, and almost weeping with grateful ecstasy she pointed it into her tight young cunt and slid down on it. 

She cried out sharply, and I gasped, each of us blown away by the exquisite pleasure of that first stabbing penetration. Her virgin cunt accepted me only grudgingly, so slick and hot and tight that it took me several slow, gentle thrusts before I slid all the way in. Even so she cried out each time, so piercingly that I feared I 'd hurt her. But then she began throwing herself forward in a series of desperate, heaving lunges, pushing that hard hot spike deeper and deeper up into her, finding a relentless, rocking rhythm through sheer instinct. 

Soon she was lost in an ecstatic oblivion, riding my manly cock as though possessed. Her fingers ground into my shoulders, and her heavily hanging breasts jiggled and joggled and bounced wildly in my face. I raised my hips, grabbing her firm little ass and helping her rhythm, pulling her back and forth, teaching her the ropes but also letting her use me as she would. 

Andi learned quickly. Humping and pumping and bucking and fucking with furious energy, she showed none of a virgin's usual reticence. Deeper-deeper-harder- harder-faster-faster, she built up a frantic, frenzied rhythm, finally climaxing with a desperate stream. Her ripe young body shuddered, wave after wave of ecstatic contractions pulsing through her, and the mindless look of utter abandon on her sweet young face pushed me over the edge. 

My burning, tingling cock and balls suddenly spasmed, spitting a hot load of come deep into the recesses of that firm, tight little teen-aged body. Then at last Andi collapsed atop me, panting, sobbing with joy and covering my face with kisses. 

"Oh my god, Tommy I never dreamed ... I just never dreamed ..." She said it over and over, running her fingers through my hair, kissing me. Eventually she relaxed, resting against me, and we dozed off with my shriveling cock still trapped inside her. That's how Jeanne found us, an hour later, when she finally returned home. Needless to say, we no longer see each other, but that's all right. These days, I'm too busy with little sister.