Zip Files of Laura's Story

Zip files of this story in 20-chapter increments may be downloaded from The author requests that readers use these files only for personal reading and enjoyment, and that they make every effort to observe fairly and equitably the U.S. copyright laws that are meant to prevent theft and/or fraudulent piracy of another's intellectual property.

The Zip files were made with WinZip version 6.3. It should be possible to open them with any unzip software, but if there are problems, this version of WinZip should probably be tried.

See ASSTR's instructions for FTP access to ZIP files. Sometimes the zip files somehow become corrupted. There is is a small program stored with them called 'zipfix.exe' that I am told works like a charm to fix them. I have checked it for viruses with Norton Anti-Virus, but you may want to check it again with your own anti-virus software before using.