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Laura's Story is about the sexual experiences of a beautiful, young, professional, white woman who has a special desire for relationships with beautiful African-American women, including a few teenagers. Along the way it includes sporadic light bondage, a little sado/masochism, a few catfights, one or two rapes, occasional group sex, and several straightforward heterosexual encounters, but it focuses centrally on deep, continuing emotional and physical relationships between Laura and her various lovers.


Miranda's email address has changed! You can reach her now at:

Miranda Mars is a 'feedback junky' and loves to know how you feel about the story. Feedback on Laura and her sexual experiences is welcome. I respond to every email. Promise.

ZIP files of all chapters but the most recent ones are available (in html format). See ASSTR's instructions for FTP access to ZIP files. Sometimes the zip files somehow become corrupted. There is is a small program stored with them called 'zipfix.exe' that I am told works like a charm to fix them. I have checked it for viruses with Norton Anti-Virus, but you may want to check it again with your own anti-virus software before using.


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