A Fan's Notes

(reflections while reading Laura's Story)

[used by permission]


Chapter 150:

The next Camille chapter doesn't occur for almost another fifty chapters which is almost six months Laura time. I had a pretty strong suspicion before I started reading the chapter I knew why and I immediately discover I am right. Camille is initiating the encounter by phoning Laura and complaining with a forlorn voice that Laura has been avoiding her and she is right. Laura reflects that while she knows it wasn't Camille's fault that she was truly raped by her husband and his brother and that she couldn't have stopped it, she is guilty by association. She is the wife of the man who violated the sanctity of Laura's body. Though one may try to overcome that mentally we are still only human and it is hard to get past this basic truth. It is cute to read that Laura knows if she didn't have so many wonderful women to fuck she probably would have sought Camille out. But with her plethora of angels to fuck she could afford to let Camille slip into the misty past.

But Laura being my girl [But as soon as she heard Camille's voice, Laura knew she had to have her again, and as quickly as possible.] I love how she is able to finally let go of the past and want Camille so desperately. I have loved Laura for the way she loves all her women so completely when they are in their presence. I also try to give my lover my all when I make love to her. She deserves nothing less from me. Camille immediately apologizes for her part of what happened and defends herself when she correctly says she was powerless to stop the pricks. Camille is your classic voluptuous love goddess. She is made for sweet fucking and not for physical confrontations. Camille now makes it clear that she wants Laura immediately and wants her with absolutely no chance of interruption from Rob. Now that she has separated from the cad I hope she is getting plenty of sweet lesbian fucking. I love this next communication between them ["Can't we get together? Somewhere, you know, where he won't even know?" "You want to come over here?" "You mean your place? Sure. I could make it in about . . . oh, I don't know, I could come right now." "Right now? Sure. Come right now."] I can just here the aching need in her voice and the way her cunt must be moistening with fresh fuck nectars knowing soon she and Laura will be consummating their lust and love for each other.

I am smiling great big at this next part. I love the absolute thrill Laura gets over getting to fuck this exciting lovely creature and all the other women she is fucking. I feel the same exact way. I always am so giddy when I get in a woman's panties. I always hunger for new pussy. I try to never forget that a woman is giving me the most precious gift she can when she makes love to me: herself. Thus, I feel so deeply honored that I can't help but be giddy and I have the deepest desires to love them to the best of my abilities and make them come with great extravagant orgasms. This is how I feel when I am in the presence of a woman I am about to fuck [She met Camille at the door, beaming and swelling with sexual excitement. She had to control herself, fearing it would be too obvious how delighted she was, and how horny] I guess now that I think about it a little bit more, with Joann and Maria and some other lovers that I have a history with, I don't have this giddy exhilaration of discovery but I still have that deep need, desire and respect for them. I still hunger to fuck them heatedly and deeply and as often as I can get it. I want all of their pussies desperately. I so love them for themselves and for the fact that we give our bodies to each other so heatedly and so sweetly.

I like the idea that Camille uses her money to maximum affect [Camille and Rob had no lack of money, and Camille dressed to the nines. She had a very slender waist, and very large, thrusting breasts, and shapely hips, so that she was altogether a masterpiece in her designer clothes. She smiled politely, almost shyly, at Laura.] A woman should use all in her power to show off her assets. The next part is something that only you do. Real honest to goodness communication. They want desperately to fuck but they must clear the air about the debacle in their last chapter. Camille states she was afraid that Laura didn't want to see her anymore and Laura tells her that she simply wanted to avoid anything and anyone from that incident. Camille states her case succinctly ["But I didn't hurt you," Camille said, plaintively.] They dance a little more with Camille stating that she desperately wanted to call but just didn't know how to approach Laura.

I love this next part where you show two women yearning for each other on an almost subconscious level [Laura could feel her blood beginning to heat up. She had enjoyed Camille's spectacular body already, and yet is was as if they had never touched. On the sofa, they were even leaning toward each other, as if they couldn't wait to undress and get into it.] This is two women's souls singing to each other. Their bodies are saying to each other with sweet whispers "lets fuck with sweet abandon till we come in each other's sweet embrace". The next part is so cute because of the shyness. They are almost like high school girls here. It is absolutely cute. Laura offers her a drink but Camille doesn't drink and Camille herself remarks on the awkwardness despite their past history. Laura does remind Camille that only once have they fucked truly alone all the other times Rob and or Eric where involved. They flatter each other's looks and then you have one of those moments that is so touching and would happen in real life that I find myself almost agog reading it [Camille fidgeted. "Maybe I should . . . you know, just go into your bedroom, to check my makeup, say. And then you could come across me by accident in there, in a minute or so." Laura smiled and blushed at the same moment. How enchanting! "Like a game," she said. Camille beamed a very winning little girl smile. "Yes, like a game!"] This is just so natural it is almost unbelievable. I can assure you that other authors don't even come close to touching such sweet moments as this.

Camille takes a deep breath and gets up and [Camille smiled demurely, and Laura knew if the girl wasn't so richly and beautifully brown that she would be blushing too. For a second, Laura thought she might curtsey. Then she turned and walked toward the small hallway, in the direction of Laura's bedroom, where she had never been.] To me this part of the story is so rare and special. I have commented in the past that I find almost all other erotica to be "TV episodic". What I mean by that is they have characters that go through a script but that is all they are. Just characters going through situations that almost seem false. The characters have no nuances or depth. You on the other hand give your women such great depth and true character. Your characters live and breath and do things like getting all shy and blush. You allow your women to say the cutest things and have interactions that are very subtle. What this means is that your women are truly alive and mimic real life. You are the only author to really make your women sing with individuality and life. All I can do is thank you for that. The sex is of course divine but it would lose much of its pleasure for me if you didn't wrap around these living breathing women and their dynamic interactions with each other.

I like this next part because it reminds me of me [Laura watched, her eyes dropping to Camille's spectacular legs. Her exquisitely-shaped calf muscles flexed as she walked, glossy and strong, tapering to beautiful ankles. She disappeared down the hallway without glancing back at Laura.] I so love every part of woman and revel in every part of a woman that I can observe. I love watching strong calf muscles working when a woman is walking. I try to admire every part of a woman's body. I love how Laura sits on the sofa waiting a few minutes while fuck juices are boiling in her pussy. Once I know a pussy will soon be in my mouth my pussy just starts to flood with fuck juice. I love what Laura finds in her bedroom when she arrives there [There she found Camille standing in front of her dresser, reflected in the mirror, two Camilles now, both stunning. Camille had removed her shoes and her blouse and stood there barefoot in her skirt and bra. She could not have been more desirable.] Just another wonderful touching moment that only you provide.

You now have the interesting dynamic of Camille showing a totally different side to her personality here. Again this is something that other authors would never think of. They keep their characters so one-dimensional that they are not given these delicious sub-facets. During their first time together, Camille was the woman leading the seduction. Her husband was out of town and she thought she was going to get some lesbian "strange" on the side. She wanted pussy soul deep bad and was going to do anything she needed to get a sweet pussy humping her hot sucking mouth. But now the dynamic has totally changed. The event of Laura's violation and her part in it has made her timid and unsure about her relationship with Laura and thus she is waiting for Laura to lead this seduction to show Camille that she does indeed still long and desires her. I love how you show this [Camille was shy, submissive, fawn-like, her big brown eyes limpid with wonder as Laura bent to kiss the nape of her neck.] and [aside from suggesting this charming game, she was all questioning eyes and passive beauty. She's bewitching, Laura thought.] This is just so beautiful to read and I can just feel the environment here and feel the simmering lust starting to simmer here.

On top of this wonderful shy persona of Camille here, you flood the reader with those divine visual details that always make my pussy moisten and start twitching [The pure white of her lacy bra was enchanting against her deep brown skin. She was facing the mirror, with Laura kissing the back of her neck, and the smooth skin of her shoulderblades. Laura gently turned her around.] This is just so pure to read. This is real life women cherishing their lover. I can understand why Laura wonders why every man on earth is not trying to bed this lovely vision of beauty. Geez, I will never tire of how you show the sweet seduction of real life [Laura kissed Camille's throat, her smooth chest, and the deep valley between her large, jutting breasts, still inside her white lace bra. Then she raised her head and her lips caught Camille's sensual mouth almost in passing. They kissed very tenderly and slowly, without otherwise touching, their mouths communicating deep, aching need for one another, overflowing desire that soon became insistent.] This starting with slow kisses is just perfect. I love kissing breast while still in a bra. I love kissing what I can get my lips on and if lacy enough work the nipple a little with some tongue swipes and sucks. They love it. You are the only author to ever kiss a woman in the valley between her breast and you also give me that wonderful detail of kissing the bottom of a breast and especially that crease where breast meets body. Thank You! Then you show how women will move up usually with lots of kissing on the way to your lover's mouth and starting the kissing sensually. So many authors always have the women start the kissing with mouth rapes. Sure, sometimes the dynamic demands this, but most of the time you start slowly and then wind up, maybe quickly, to the mouth rape and swallowing of tongues.

Camille now admits that Laura is the only woman that she has ever made love to and Laura is duly appreciative. I can only hope that now that Camille and Rob have divorced that Camille remembered how Laura gave her pleasure far in excess of even her very skilled husband. I can tell Camille that Rob is the exception and most men are nowhere near as skilled. Personal observation and told by plenty of women. Camille needs to have become a lesbian to truly find happiness. Beyond the sex, only another woman will truly honor and treasure her as a person. Only women truly respect women. Men are to self-centered as evidenced in chapter 102.

Geez, you really know how to move things forward in such a beautiful natural flow that I am simply stunned. Other authors always feel so artificial while your scenes sing of real life like here [This time they touched, embraced, their second kiss far more searing than the first. Laura allowed herself the luxury of running her fingertips all over Camille's deliciously smooth skin, until her fingers found the bra clasp. Slowly, she undid it, felt the bra loosen, then brushed the thin straps from Camille's shoulders without breaking the kiss. When they stopped kissing and pulled slightly apart, the bra slid down Camille's arms, stopped from falling further by their touching stomachs.] I can't tell you how beautiful this is to read. My pussy is starting to get very wet and I think a masturbation session is coming on soon. I can just feel Camille tongue deep in my mouth and her sucking my tongue and lips as I work that bra clasp and feeling all that delicious skin under my fingertips as I work that bra off to expose these wondrous beauties. Love you showing them so close that their stomachs are mated together as they kiss deeply. Sigh, my belly is quivering thinking about Camille's belly gently grinding against mine while I plunge my tongue deep into her warm receptive mouth.

Laura quickly gets her top naked also and now their naked breasts are almost touching. Laura makes an observation [Even though Laura's were perfectly shaped, she felt they looked so small and uninspiring next to Camille's spectacular beauties. Only Karen had breasts this large and well-formed. Camille's nipples were very large, with spreading dark brown areolas and thick nubs in the centers.] I can understand Laura here. I have been blessed with a large endowment and so has Maria. In fact, Camille's body is close to Maria's shape (that soft voluptuous body with those wondrous flaring hips and meaty ass) though her breast are more like my Ada's. Joann on the other hand is built kind of like a short Taneesha with curvature with Dee Dee sized breast for her body and a bunny butt. I sometimes call out "bunny butt" and Joann will start hopping around and start twitching her nose and ass and then gets in my face and just wiggles her bunny butt all around. She sometimes feels inadequate against our measurements though. Sometimes we need to buck up her self-image. That we adore and desire deeply her perfect sized tits, ass and body. Having big tits can be a pain in the ass (it gets tiring having guys just staring at your chest during a conversation) and sometimes literally in the back. I wished I had tits like Yvette's. I love how Laura absolutely adores the breasts of her current lover. She never thinks that Taneesha is too flat chested, that Ada is top heavy, Sara's splay out too much or April's are not beautiful because of her way large nipples. Instead she finds each one is a wondrous creation to be savored. I have loved every woman's breast that I have ever made love to. I don't care the shape or firmness or totally flat chested. I just want to love them and let them know that I am totally besotted with their breast. I try to never go into lovemaking with preconceived notions of what I expect and desire to find. I let my lover's body sing to me.

You continue to move things forward at this slow divine sensuous pace [She raised her hands to cradle the firm, jutting globes from beneath, moving forward slightly at the same time and guiding Camille's large nipples into her own. Both of them shivered slightly, then caught each other's eye. They giggled.] This is such wondrous game to play. Digging those nipples into each other's breast, arousing them for further loving. I love the playfulness and mirth this often produces. Wiggling and getting those breast to swaying and slapping each other if large enough and then slowly starting to press and grind them together. Working those nipples deep into your lover's breast and scarping nipples hard together feeling that burning pleasure in your breast. Love those arrows of pleasure that shoot out at unforeseen moments that makes my knees weak and that sudden arrow that pierces my womb with pure unadulterated pleasure and makes my pussy gush and run with nectars. They comment on how beautiful this is and that they need to get naked and in bed and take things to the next level. They need this fuck to put the past behind them and make pure sweet lesbian love.

These next two paragraphs show lovers starting to truly revel in each other's flesh. Again you are the only author who shows how these two women are slowly ramping up the passion of their lovemaking. Other authors make their lovers seem more like elk routing. Mount lover with no foreplay and fuck with no imagination as fast as possible till orgasm. Lesbians don't fuck like this. They fuck like you write here [Now they embraced, feeling their smooth, completely naked bodies rub together, kissing in a slow, passionate way, knowing that nothing would stop them now from a full enjoyment of each other, and that there was no need to hurry. Laura could not keep her mouth from Camille's lovely, large breasts, and huge dark brown nipples. She spent a long time licking and teasing each nipple before finally sucking it, bringing a sharp gasp of excitement from Camille each time. She sucked them softly, gently at first, but soon was pinching them with her fingers and sucking them harder, harder. Camille's nipples were so big that they nearly filled Laura's mouth, and she sucked Camille's breast deep into her mouth, feeling it fill with nipple and areola, then gently clamping her teeth on it to give the girl a thrill.] This is how a lesbian slowly explores the wonders before her and slowly ramps up the foreplay and tries her hardest to bring her lover pleasure while deriving ultimate pleasure herself because she is pleasuring her lover. Lesbians are winners because the woman giving receives so much pleasure in giving. I will never tire of your lovers twining their flesh and pressing it together and then starting to love the

breast with increasing passion I never tire of reading of nipple pinches and sucking breast meat deep into a loving mouth and totally pleasuring it with tongue, nips and deep love sucks.

Love the famous "Am I sucking to hard?" and Camille's response is basically "harder". It so true that this kind of breast worship will always make your women squirm and dying for more. I love making my lover squirm from my foreplay. Laura reaches for her cunt and finds [She tossed her head and churned her hips desperately. Laura knew she was very close to coming. Still sucking her wet, erect nipples hungrily; she dropped one hand to Camille's crotch. It was dripping. Oh baby, you're going to come, she thought. If men only knew how easily they could make a woman come by sucking her nipples hard to get her ready.] I love making that first contact with my lover's cunt with my fingers and finding it completely sopping wet with fuck juice. That is my barometer that tells me that my foreplay has been up to my expectations. I need to find my lover totally wet for me. I need to know that I am pleasuring her so highly. By now Camille is whimpering that she is going to come. Music to my ears.

I like how Laura decides here that she is extremely aroused also and in need of a good hard come and decides to go for a trib fuck. I love how she sets up and gets her leg under Camille and brings their sopping cunts together. I can just feel her mashing their cunts together forcefully and how this sudden sensation must be flooding Camille's cunt and then her body causing her eyes to roll up in her head. Seeing that happen to my lover, the eyes rolling up, always makes my pussy burn with an extra squirt of fire. I so adore Laura grunting to Camille to "fuck her" and Camille responding with grunts of effort. Quickly the mutual orgasms arrive with much pussy ripping pleasure [In another instant, they were both coming unbelievably, groaning aloud, their pelvises rocking and quaking together in a perfect rhythm as keen jolts of ecstacy ripped through their bodies. "Aunnngghh! Oh . . . oh god oh Jesus! Auunnggghh! Yes! Yes!" Camille cried out, her beautiful, large breasts jiggling as her body rocked with spasms. "Ohhnnnnn! Oh god! Oh!" Laura whimpered as an acutely pleasurable orgasm gripped her quivering body.] It is such a turn on seeing a woman's large breast swaying, swirling and quaking on a woman's body. Again something only you have described. I love feeling a woman's spastic groin thrust when she is coming in a trib fuck. The love rhythm has been lost and now you are getting wild thrusts of lost abandon.

Laura is still on fire for Camille and wants to bring her even more pleasure. You show so clearly how lesbians long to GIVE pleasure. She crawls on top of Camille and sucks her tits sharply and now starts to frig her now flooded cunt. You now show some delicious frigging [Her two fingers found Camille's clit and scissored it, rubbing it frantically. With her other hand she held one of the girl's incredible breasts, sucking Camille's huge nipple deep into her mouth. Come again, baby, come again! she thought wildly. Do another one like that! God, I love fucking you!] You are the only author that shows a woman really frigging a clit with her fingers. I love scissoring a clit. I love to press in if they are fleshy enough around their clit and make that clit pop up and then scissor hard and fast. That extra pressure really makes it pop hard. I am always verbally expressing or thinking to myself how I want my woman to come with the most cunt wrenching orgasm of her life. Always my goal. I always want that nipple as deep in my mouth as possible as I love suck it hard. You finish Camille off with the beautiful encouragement that women

always coo to their lover ["Come . . . come again, honey, come again! Right now . . . now, now!" "Ungghh!" Camille lost it. She erupted in a fresh orgasm. "Oh!

Auunngggg!"] The spoken word is such a powerful aphrodisiac.

That is a cute moment when Laura is thinking of trying to make her come again and suddenly Camille like the fuck cat she is revives and turns the tables and quickly hand fucks Laura to a stunning orgasm. I love how they then immediately kiss to further seal their love for each other with their twining and sucking of tongues. I need my post coital time of caressing and deep kissing to seal my love for my lovers. I need to twine our flesh and feel her body all over mine. You now show that desire that most women seem to have to want another woman's body type. Camille wishes she were thin and small breasted like Laura. I think we all must feel this from time to time at the least. Laura rolls over on her back and brings Camille on top of herself so she can get Camille's delicious tits hanging in her face. I can spend hours like this while a woman feeds me her tits, which I softly kiss, knead and gently suck and then when the time is right devour like a famished lion. I love a voluptuous woman's tits stuffing my mouth to the bursting point. But then I like tits like Joann that I can almost stuff the whole tit into my mouth and just try to swallow in wild lust. Even with flat chested women it is like feed me that nipple girl and I will work that nipple like you have never felt before and I can usually suck at least a little flesh into my vacuuming mouth. I will pleasure my women with my breast worship.

Laura pleasures Camille with her divine breast worship to get to the next moment [Camille had thrown her head back and was luxuriating in the feel of Laura's busy, passionate mouth and hands on her dangling breasts. "I know," she gasped. "I want you to, but god you are driving me crazy!" "I want it, I want your beautiful pussy, I want to slide my tongue deep into it," Laura panted, pinching and teething Camille's large brown nipples in the way she knew excited Camille so much. "Oh god, yes!" Camille gasped, sliding down beside Laura and then rolling onto her back, spreading her dark golden thighs to give Laura complete access to her pussy.] I love how you show the pleasure of the women receiving pleasure. The reader can just feel the exctacy streaming through their veins that is pumping out form their womb and cunt. I then cherish how you have your women express their desires like Laura telling Camille here that she needs some tender sopping wet cunt meat. I love what Camille does here. She is overwhelmed by this verbal foreplay and just falls on her back and opens her thighs. For me this is a supreme moment watching my lover open her groin and pussy like a flower showing me her most intimate flesh. I salivate with lust when I see a cunt being presented to me.

Knowing a woman is giving me her most precious gift.

I am pleased as pink when Camille confesses to Laura that she now likes it when Rob rams his cock up her asshole. She has become a devotee of anal sex. She asks Laura to penetrate her asshole while she gives her head. Of course Laura is excited by the prospect of ramming fingers up Camille tender asshole while slurping her cunt. I smiled when Camille is surprised when she sees that Laura has baby oil at bedside for moments just like this. I like using pillows like you show here [She oiled two fingers, then helped Camille uptilt her ass by placing a pillow under it, using her unoiled hand. Camille bit her lower lip as Laura quickly inserted the two fingers into her anus, rotating them and pushing them in up to the second knuckle.] Yum, I love feeling my fingers working through a tight sphincter and feeling it clamp my fingers while I work my fingers around in her soft bowels softly massaging and working her bowel flesh. You now give us that verbal interaction that lovers use to stroke the fires even hotter ["You like that?" "Oh god, yes!" "Does it really turn you on?" "God . . . Laura, yes!"] Communication is such an important part of lovemaking as far as I am concerned.

You now show how multiple things happen at once while other authors only keep the lovemaking one-dimensional with only one thing happening at a time. Here you show [She grabbed her beautiful large breasts and began twisting and pinching her own huge nipples, which aroused Laura just watching it. And Camille's beautiful black pussy was a festering pink feast inside, beckoning Laura's mouth. She began to fuck Camille's tight asshole rhythmically with her fingers, watching them slide into it, then slide out, watching Camille's face reflect the intensity of the sensations her fingers caused.] I love watching a woman pleasuring herself. I love watching a woman pulling her nipples out from her breast like Camille does here. I love doing this to myself to bring myself more pleasure when I am being fucked. I then love how you show Laura watching her fingers working in and out of Camille's tight asshole. I love watching my fingers fuck a cunt and asshole. Some assholes really cling to your fingers and will actually clutch and bow out with the outstroke. I so love seeing that right in front of my face. Of course I love looking up at her face and watching my ministrations bring her that pained bliss.

Laura starts to dine on her tender cunt meat [She bent her face close and began licking Camille's clit and wet pussylips, peeking up over the girl's black furry mound at the same time to see her pulling her nipples, which stretched tautly up from her breasts. The desire Laura felt was immense. She wanted to devour the beautiful, writhing girl. She wanted to do more than it was possible to do, to consume Camille's luscious, squirming body entirely. She wanted to rape her ass and tongue-fuck her lovely wet pussy and sharply suck her beautiful big nipples all at once.] That is a nice detail so cutely expressed of Laura looking over Camille's bush to peek at her face to see her pleasure. Then you show that wonderful detail of a woman pulling her nipple out as far as possible. Then that quandary you feel sometimes wanting to fuck your woman many different ways at once but having to settle on one and the focusing on that to bring maximum pleasure to your lover.

Laura concentrates on cunt slurping and ramming and rotating her fingers up Camille's clutching asshole while watching Camille do what Maria and I do often [She undulated and whimpered and even pulled one of her large breasts up to her mouth, sucking her own nipple inside, squeezing the firm globe and half-swallowing the large, erect bud.] Why not pleasure myself as much as possible? I love sucking my own nipples while I strongly squeeze my breast pumping pleasure down my throat to my quivering womb. You then deliver the final payoff like only you can [Her body began shuddering involuntarily, and Laura knew the end was near. She assaulted Camille's clit with her tongue, then sucked it hard several times. Camille erupted in a hot geyser of coming. At first her cries of release were clotted, strangled in her throat by the fierce shocks of her orgasm as her body arched and quivered, her groin pumping spastically as Laura continued to fuck and suck her vigorously.] You are simply the only author that does the orgasm credit. Only you show how the woman doing the ministration is doing everything they can to bring as much pleasure as possible. Laura's only focus here is to bring Camille the ultimate pleasure. Any pleasure Laura is deriving here is the pleasure she is giving. This is why lesbians are the best lovers. Period. I so love sucking a clit hard during orgasm with deep love sucks and hard tongue lashes and then quickly moving down when I know more sucks would only be wasted on a sensitized clit and start lapping up all that love cream pumping out.

You then have that wonderful detail of Laura letting Camille's body desensitize enough for her to ramp up again and starts love assaulting her cunt again while once more twisting her fingers in that divine asshole until Camille is destroyed by another orgasm. Camille is stunned by this kind of fucking that men don't have the stamina for. Camille is ecstatic over being given three orgasms so close together. No man can do this. Nice change of pace here ["I want to rub my nipples in your wet pussy." She kissed Laura passionately, grabbing Laura's head and pulling her face up. "And I know it's wet, isn't it."] Having a hard nipple worked in wet slit and roughly worked over your clit is a divine experience indeed. Guaranteed rupturing orgasms. Damn girl, I just said how I love this and then the next paragraphs so perfectly capture this my pussy just spasmed and my head lolled to the side [It wasn't exactly easy to maneuver their bodies into position, but Camille's breasts were large, and in a few seconds she was guiding one with both hands into the wet soupy lips of Laura's very runny pussy. She pushed her large nipple into it, then rubbed her breast up and down, drawing her erect nipple up across Laura's clit. Laura propped up her head with a pillow so she could watch. The sight of

Camille's large, shiny brown nipple, wet with her own cunt juices, sliding up and down between the curves and folds of her vulva was wildly exciting. When it brushed her clit, the sensations nearly made her faint.] I love you showing Laura watching this to increase her pleasure. I love watching fucking. Myself being fucked or watching others. I don't care it all brings me pleasure. Your erotica writing should be declared a national treasure by congress. Have congress do something useful for a change.

I love how you show that good fucking always produces that primitive instinctual fuck rhythm [She ran her spastic fingers through Camille's hair, panting, her hips beginning to gyrate in a smooth fuck-motion as Camille rubbed her breast more aggressively into Laura's pussy, growing freshly aroused too.] Our genes know what needs to be done to bring oneself the deepest pleasure. Laura comes suddenly and this only arouses Camille again [Wildly excited by Laura's sudden orgasm, Camille slid up to embrace her, twisting and panting, her eyes glazed in heated lust. They kissed passionately, pressing their breasts together and dropping their hands to each other's groin. They hand-fucked one another vigorously, both coming again in seconds.] I love it when lust totally grabs control of our bodies and produces this wild rutting of wanton fucking. I so love to fuck with wild lust. I need this kind of fucking in my life to truly satisfy me. I deserve to be pleasured as all my lovers deserved to be pleasured and the male dominated society can totally fuck themselves. They will not control me as I seek what is my birthright.

The end is cute when Camille is giggling with all the orgasms and pleasure she is experiencing. No man has made her come more than three times and that only infrequently. We discover that she has only known two other men. Laura teases her about being an almost virgin and this excites them to [This kind of talk made her devastatingly horny, and she and Camille fucked exuberantly again for another half hour, this time doing a smoldering sixty-nine and ending up squealing rapturously into each other's pussy when they came. By the time Camille left, they were exhausted, but both very happy.] One more sweet orgasm to remember your lover by. I love 69 and being on the bottom especially with a voluptuous woman like this when I can feel all that weight pressing down on me. They part with promises of more trysts to come.

Alas, she never appeared again. I so loved Camille and was sorry to not see her appear again. I so loved how she completely accepted her lesbian self and was a total fuck slut like Laura. She knew how to accept the pleasure that Laura offered her. I can only hope that now she is free of Rob that she has found her a rich lesbian to love and fuck her and hopefully get a little nooky on the side. Actually, it is cool how you show women disappearing from your life or moving away and only meeting irregularly. Again you are capturing elements of real life. This saga you have developed allows you to capture all aspects of relationships and thus allows the reader to experience this by twining our memories into this drama.



Chapter 185:

This chapter starts with Laura really becoming attracted to April. I think she had felt a little attraction before but now it is starting to really grow and become stronger. What I really like about April is that she is not classically pretty like most of Laura's other lovers. Not all of Laura's other lovers may be "runway model" beautiful but they have beautiful bodylines and are attractive to the max. April is more what I call that hidden diamond that others overlook but Laura and myself do not [Laura couldn't keep her eyes off April. It was remarkable because, compared to most of her lovers, April wasn't that gorgeous. She was a good five inches or so shorter than Laura. Her face was pleasant though nothing special, and her body was square and fleshy. She had a submissive, quiet personality. Maybe it's just because I'm around her all the time, Laura thought.] Reminds me of a girl I worked with right out of college. I hate to say it but my first thought when I saw her was how could I work with a woman this unattractive. By the time she left one and half years later I thought she was a complete fox. Some friends met her and were shocked when they saw her because they told me she was so plain. It didn't matter to me because her personality had totally won me over. The more I came to dig her personality and pleasantness the more I wanted to fuck her. Alas, she was completely straight and never responded to my overtures and thus we stayed just great buds. I would have fucked her in a minute if given the opportunity. I now that a lot of my lovers and friend girls would have thought her beneath their standards. I have had many women like this and I am thankful for everyone that has graced my beds. I have found many of them to be absolute fuck animals in bed and have simply fucked me to heaven and back. I am so thankful that Laura is that special kind of woman that can see the complete beauty that every woman has.

I like again how you compare your women to each other like we all do. Again she realizes that though she doesn't have the great body like Mavis or Charise she is still immensely desirable. Since Laura is April's boss she has resisted her desires until now but April's charm has weakened her resolve and now Laura MUST start trying to seduce her. I have only had two women under me so far and both have been completely weird and I have no desire for them what so ever despite their good looks. One is a bitch and the other was just simply and plainly weird. We now get to see Laura trying to ask her out for a drink which I think April must know is the beginning of "something". April refuses Laura's advances and again like real life the more one is rejected the higher one's desire becomes for that woman as shown here [The more April refused, the more Laura wanted her. I wasn't planning to rape you or anything, she thought. But gosh, maybe I would have if I got the chance. The more oblivious you are to me, the more I want you.] So true. Laura is able to get April to commit to doing something in the near future. Laura is slowly wearing down April's ability to resist and April doesn't even know it.

Then Laura gets a pleasant surprise. Reading these stories out of sequence like this I see that evidently Kendra has wanted to setup a love rendezvous with herself, Marshall and Laura. This is exciting because Marshall is black and Kendra has made it clear that he must have at least an eleven or twelve cock that must be approaching two point five plus inches in diameter. Yum!!! Oh to be able to find guys with these cocks. I sometimes fantasize about being eighteen and taking your stories to south LA and somehow setting myself up a production company and producing these chapters as a weekly serial. I would love to take the basic premise of each chapter and the basic acts in them and then having these women in my bed for endless glorious fucking. The orgasm count within reason must be matched. The thing is I would be half way tempted to fuck the guys in these stories. I'm not sure about the early chapters where she got abused raped but loved it anyway. Shoot now that I think about it, this is acting out a script. It is the fucking that is important. I know there are enough well hung guys to give me the nine to twelve inch cocks necessary for being in "Laura's Story". I would demand that these guys fuck me completely like Rob or Marshall. Kiss me, make love to my breast and stroke me, caress my body while fucking me (except for the rapes). With guys all I wanted was their dick fucking me and then getting the hell away from me when finished. This way I could get dynamite fucking and then not have to listen to any ego crap or bleating. Plus I would just have to audition a lot of other black women for these roles before we select your women. So many beautiful black women to fuck. Plus, I would have my free time to prowl LA looking for sweet pussy.

We now discover that until this phone call Laura was evidently lukewarm to the idea of sharing Kendra with a man. I think Laura is already becoming more comfortable concentrating on just women. Still, when she thinks of the blistering sex with her, Camille and Rob and how Rob took Camille's virgin asshole makes Laura quickly desire this tryst. Had to smile at Laura's preparations for the fucking [She quickly phoned Kendra, and they arranged to meet in the lobby in fifteen minutes. Laura changed into some sexy underwear, perfumed her pussy with a spray of very expensive stuff, then joined the stunning Kendra for an evening of ., . orgiastic sex? she wondered.] Laura has quickly talked herself into wanting this possibility of divine fucking bliss. They have some cute banter about what to call the tryst as Kendra drives them to Marshall's place. You so often sprinkle some nice humor in your conversations ["I call this 'Mister Penis Meets the Lesbians'."] They get to Marshall's and we discover that he is a stud with manners [Laura was delighted to find that, unlike Arthur and Gerald, Marshall was a very good-looking guy, educated, personable, and friendly. He had excellent manners, and even though all three of them knew he was going to fuck these two girls to kingdom come in a few minutes, he treated them with very courtly respect. He took Laura's coat and hung it in the coat closet.] What a rare find.

It is cute how Laura is nervous and shy in this situation. It is equally cute Laura wanting Kendra to have spoken well of her to Marshall. We find Kendra flirting with both when she confesses Laura is special to her. Marshall keeps things moving forward with an offer to fix drinks. The great thing about having Joann around when introducing new women to our abode is she knows how to keep things moving and keep the environment always at ease and moving forward unlike [He returned with drinks for all three, and Laura began wondering how they were going to get beyond this chummy phase. She had been in situations like this before, and it was always interesting to see who would break the ice, though with Kendra along it wasn't too hard to guess.] With multiple partners I need someone else to make things move forward. One on one with a woman I have been trying to seduce I feel comfortable with her and I can lead things but when a stranger is thrown in the mix I do become more unsure of things and really desire another leading things. I can lead if necessary but I prefer to let others do it if they will. In the end though, I will do what is necessary to get things going forward. I will not be denied pussy if I can help it. I'm like that at work. I'll do the work and let someone else lead in public if they like. Just my nature.

Finally after some more idle talk Kendra decides to make the evening proceed. She goes over to Marshall and sits beside him and whispers in his ear that they need to get the proceeding started since they already know each other and Laura is the odd person and thus nervous. Kendra comments on his large dick and they banter [She patted his crotch. Marshall smiled. "What did you think we ought to do?" he asked. "I think maybe we could start by letting me give Mr. Penis a great big kiss for him being so wonderful and all," Kendra teased, slowly unzipping his fly.] It seems things are progressing nicely. Of course Marshall is all smiles as Kendra pulls his pants and shorts down reveling his hug black cock. I absolutely love its dimensions and what Kendra starts doing to it [She knew Rob's and Eric's and Danny's all came in, by her estimate, at around nine or nine and a half inches. In thickness, they might have been an inch and a half. But Marshall's cock was not even erect yet, and it was longer and thicker than any of those. Kendra began to shower it with kisses, and his cock began its ascent, throbbing and jumping as she licked it, then took the swelling, shiny black head of it into her mouth.] I did love taking a hot throbbing cock into my mouth and working my magic on it. I love how you describe vaginas and I love how you describe cocks.

Oh yeah, this is a cock to dream about [Now, with a glance at Laura, she took the shaft in both hands. There was at least another four inches protruding from her top hand, as she had told Laura. Laura bit her lower lip, imagining what it would feel like to have that thing in you. Neither Arthur or Gerald had been hung like this. But she felt like she had seem some horses that were.] This must be a twelve-inch cock like Johnny Holmes length which we have and use sometimes. Yum! Love feeling that monster ramming up my cunt and ass all the way up to the balls. Love how Kendra starts at the balls, which I assume she sucked into her mouth and worked around and then slowly worked up to that ballooning head and starts to work her magic on it. Kendra is nice and asks Laura to come and share with her and in fact hands Marshall's dick off to her so she can undress. Kendra really knows how to lower all the inhibitions to three-way fucking by totally sharing her man. This is such great way to bring in the person who is the "stranger" to the mix.

I may be gay but if I am going to suck dick I am going to be like Laura here and get totally into it. Sex is sex when you get right down to it and if I am going to do anything I am going to give it my all. I love how Laura feels at this time that Marshall is just like one of her angels that she can make come at will and she is going to do just that. She produces need in Marshall that I would be trying to create here [But what mostly excited her was the way Marshall was reacting. He groaned and panted, now upfucking with his hips, forcing his huge dick into her mouth, groaning again as she swirled her tongue around the sensitive, bulbous head.] I would be running my tongue all over that head and clamping tight with mouth and trying to suck his dick inside out. I would love feeling him ramming his cock head to the back of my throat feeling my head rock back with the power of his strokes. Just make me clamp on all the harder and try to suck him deeper down my throat. Let his dickhead feel the back of my throat and slide down some on his in thrusts. Seeing Kendra get naked would only make me crazier with lust.

Kendra quickly wants to get some of this black cock and tells Laura to get undressed and she immediately attacks it with equal vigor sucking for all she is worth. I love how Laura is undressing so quickly because she wants to be the one to make him come. She wants to give pleasure but her competitive streak is showing again. Laura quickly strips and shares Marshall's meat with Kendra as they take turns devouring his cock. Oh yeah, this is how you give head [Then it was Laura's turn, and she did the same, opening her throat and letting his incredibly long cock slide down it. As it slid back out she could feel it twitching and jerking against the insides of her mouth. That, coupled with Marshall's strangled groans, let her know that he was about to come.] I want to feel that cock sliding down my throat as it is stroked into my mouth. That is what I miss about the real thing is that twitching that let me know the end had occurred. I loved it. Here is where I would get greedy an clamp down tight with my lips and get that cock in the middle of mouth and start buffeting it with my tongue and sucking hard to make it explode in my mouth and feel that come jetting into mouth and how I know my head would be jerked about as his hips jerked in spasms of exctacy as I remained locked down on his spewing cock and more often than not feeling him thrusting his spewing cock to the back of mouth and on the outward thrust clamping down again and sucking as hard as I could. I made men roar out in pleasure. Here Laura's pulls it out and shares the ejaculation with Kendra and sprays his jets all over their faces and bodies. I guess in this situation one does need to share his ejaculation with your partner who helped get him off. They all laugh with sexual happiness and the girls clean themselves off with the napkins they had with their drinks. A nice prelude to the main course I think.

Kendra is immediately ready for round two ["Girl, you ain't seen nothing yet," Kendra said. "Marshall, c'mon, let's go in your bedroom and show this girl a good time. She dyin' to feel that monster up inside her pretty pink quim, ain't you Laura?"] Cute how Laura gulps thinking about taking such a large cock up her pussy. She is about to be taken to paradise. Laura and Kendra know that Marshall is out of commission for a little while his cock recharges. It is so right how performing for another is so exciting. I love having someone watching me pleasuring my lover(s). Makes me feel like a porn star. I am so happy that Laura has a private place now because she has the freedom to moan loudly and scream likes she does here in Marshall's house with its privacy. Laura quickly forgets about Marshall due to Kendra's beauty [She was very much captivated by the beauty of Kendra's hard, naked body, as usual. Kendra's breasts were so firm that they didn't slacken out even when she was lying on her back, and Laura squeezed the hard balls, licking and devouring Kendra's big black nipples, teasing them with her teeth.] I would so love to love assault these firm tits and their tasty nipples.

I like Kendra's taunting of Marshall that she is getting some while Marshall is recharging. They get in a sixty-nine to get some pussy again while taunting Marshall that they are getting all the pussy. While it can be hard to get the ending of a sixty-nine right, with trying to get both off near the same time, the beginning is always an energetic slurping of cunt and devouring of clit. I just go wild. When on top I just dig in as hard as I can with my mouth devouring the sweet pussy before me and I can grind my cunt down into my lover's mouth. I'm just ramming my tongue in hard and deep and digging in with my chin and using it as a masturbation aid on the clit and then sucking that stiff clit into my mouth and sucking hard and pulling it and tender cunt flesh out with much gentle tugs and suctioning. You capture this wild dynamic here [And for the next two or three minutes they made love passionately to each other's flowing pussy, licking and tongue-fucking each other heatedly, finally sucking each other's clit until both were squirming and pumping energetically, having forgotten completely about Marshall, who was again totally aroused by the spectacle. His cock stiffened again, and he joined the two fucking girls on the bed without their even noticing it.] Now I see a new dynamic is about to be added.

I love while being in some fuck position and concentrating on my lover and then having this happen [Marshall was there, crouched behind her, and she could feel the monster already deep in her tight slit, pushing harder. But she was not surprised to find that he was a skillful lover, and he knew it would take some time for her to get used to his massive organ. It felt like her cunt was stuffed with the business end of a baseball bat, and he slid it in and out of her slowly, not pushing it in too deeply.] I have had this happen and gotten a large cock pushed up my cunt or asshole while munching on some tender cunt meat in the ole classic on the belly eating pussy position. I love having that sudden pleasant penetration that you knew was coming just not exactly when. Nice detail of having your cunt all lubricated from a previous orgasm or good pussy munching. I love feeling that cock pushing up my tight cunt. Women and the few skilled male lovers know how to let a woman get accommodated to her cunt being stuffed with large cock. Feeling that cock slowly pushing deeper and deeper into your belly. I love clamping down on that cock and making men groan with my cunt contractions.

You capture so perfectly that instinctual swirling of hips into a cock seeking deeper and harder thrusts [She swirled her ass and pussy back into Marshall's thrusts, growing more heated each second. And she knew Kendra was too, the little cock-hungry slut. Kendra was licking the shaft of his cock as it passed into Laura's pussy, then licking Laura's clit too, participating excitedly as the tempo began to accelerate.] I love licking a dildo as it slides into a cunt and then lapping that same cunt. I want to love it all. Kendra is my kind of woman who just wants to fuck when her juices get to flowing. She wants to experience all the pleasures her body can give. You now do what I so dearly love. You don't say that Marshall fucks her harder you say that he "began ripping his huge pole up into her pussy." That is just so much more exciting to read and captures the essence of having a big cock worked hard up your cunt. You then show the grunts and animal sounds of pleasure a woman makes when being fucked well. Other authors never give the reader the sounds of a woman rutting in a fuck dance.

You now capture all the dynamics of fucking with multiple partners [Marshall's eager hands crawled all over creamy naked body, and so did Kendra's. They caressed and squeezed her flesh, and Kendra's fingers ran up over her ass, squeezing the cheeks hard as Marshall rammed the thick, fleshy spike of his cock deeper and deeper into her throbbing cunt. Laura tried to remember if it was every this exciting when she was fucking with Rob and Camille. Maybe so, but it certainly had been no better. She groaned and bucked her pussy back into his plunging prick, gagging and moaning, feeling it pierce her now deep inside her body as he began driving it all the way in.] So many things for me to love. First your lover's are always using their hands to stroke their lovers. I am very tactile and I almost need to do this and love to have my flesh stroked. Caresses alone can make my womb quiver with delight. I love how Kendra works Laura's asschecks with strong kneading. I love Kendra's strength and willingness to use it. Working my ass while a cock is rammed deeper and deeper into my love aching cunt probing my depths probing for the most pleasure possible. Then I love how Laura always finds her current fuck to the best ever. Thinking like this always makes the here and now so powerful. This makes you fuck with abandon and revel in all the pleasures flooding your body in the here and now. I strive for maximum pleasure each time I fuck. Last you always show so clearly how a woman works her pussy on her rod of impalement and groans in divine pleasure. I love to have a large cock drilled into my body with increasing force.

I love how Marshall reaches around Laura and massages her breast and pulls her nipples as he starts to coil and launch his cock deep into Laura with deep lunges. Laura not having the deepest pussy is starting to gag as it rams her cervix. Maria can't take a foot of cock drilling her. One must leave plenty of cock short on the strokes. I can take it with some discomfort and yelping while Joann is fucking away with no fear. I love that Lexington Steele size cock ramming deep into my cunt and ass. I love seeing a cunt clinging to a large, thick cock on the outstroke. I love howling from a deep fucking pummeling my overtaxed flesh. I want and need deep hard fucking with large cock for the utmost pleasure most of the time. Smaller dildos are okay but I much prefer their larger cousins. Though to be fair, with a smaller dildo they are easier to control and one can work them faster and that definitely has it uses from time to time. I so long for the type of fucking that Laura is receiving here [Her breasts in his hands felt crushed and pulped as he clutched them fiercely, slamming his hard prong into her again and again. Laura whimpered, clenched her teeth, prayed for it to be over, then prayed for it to go on, writing and twisting deliriously in her lust between Kendra and Marshall as the inevitable climax approached.] I want to feel my body overwhelmed with sensations and this is how you do it with old fashion het fucking. I want to continue forever feeling that cock(s) rammed hard, deep into my body. Here Laura is in additional heaven with Kendra inhaling her pussy lips and clit. All women should experience this kind of pleasure. To have two skilled lovers working your body like a violin making the sweetest music.

Finally Marshall cracks and makes one last loving killing thrust and fires his first bolt in the depths of Laura's vagina and then pistons his cock hard as he continues to erupt with blasts of jism. Geez, what a beautiful hot detail of semen leaking out with all his pumping and leaking into Kendra's hot hungry mouth. I love lapping up any kind of come so I love this detail. Wish dildos could give me a divine meal like this. Oh god, another divine detail of clamping down on his dick with Laura's cunt to bring herself to heaven [Laura's whole body clenched. Marshall had stopped thrusting, but his huge piledriving prick was still buried deep inside her pussy. She bore down on it, feeling it cram her channel, feeling it pulse in the aftershocks of his own orgasm, and she erupted in a volcano of fierce coming. "Aunnnggghiiiieeee! Ohhnnggg . . . unghh! Aanngghiiieee!" she cried out, feeling the wrenching spasms of a sharp orgasm tear at her quivering flesh.] I FUCKING love your sex. Laura continues to shiver with aftershocks with her face near Kendra's lovely cunt but is too wiped out to finish Kendra off. That does happen. Two reach nirvana and the third must either finish herself off or wait for someone to recover.

Finally Laura recovers enough to coo to Kendra that she needs to come and Kendra pants yes. She needs relief now or she'll have to masturbate on the spot. Laura attacks her super firm breasts and kneads them hard and super sucks her nipples, which quickly drives Kendra crazy with need. I love your communication between lovers like here ["I'm going to lick your pussy until you come, you beautiful creature," Laura panted to her. "I'm going to make you come twice, so Marshall over there can see how superior we women are. It'll make him feel so bad he'll have to crank that giant up again and come over here and fuck us both silly."] Words are such a powerful fuck aid. Now Laura delivers [as Laura continued to devour her stiff, wet nipples. Still pinching the erect buds, Laura slipped down between Kendra's hard, sleek thighs and attacked her oozing pussy ravenously. She knew Kendra was so close that almost anything would make her come, and she was exactly right. Pressing the flat of her tongue against Kendra's erect clit, she waggled her head to and fro, as Mavis had taught her to do, and Kendra came in five

seconds. "Ungghh! Oh . . . oh shit oh ungghh!" she cried out, suddenly inundated by a fierce orgasm, her deliciously taut body surging and shuddering. "Auunngghhh! Ohhnngggiieee!" she wailed, turning her head from side to side, her face torn by sharp pleasure.] I love doing that with my tongue too on a clit that is about to burst with exctacy and then that detail of thrashing your head from side to side during your orgasm. I do that often when crushed by a heavenly orgasm ripping my womb open like Kendra is here. I often make whimpering groans of helpless pleasure drooling on myself with all my head thrashing.

Laura being a woman wants more for Kendra and wants and desires to take Kendra to heaven again. That is such a nice detail of Laura slipping fingers up Kendra's plundered pussy as Kendra starts to slacken from her just experienced exctacy. I love taking a woman to heaven again just as she is coming down from the orgasm I just gave her. I love how Laura's key thought is she needs to make Kendra come again. I love seeing the evidence of my ministrations [encouraged by Kendra's soft whooping and keening, and by the spastic clenching of her thighs, which let her know that Kendra was again in the grip of an approaching climax.] Seeing this only inspires me to love her more ardently and deeply. Laura sees Marshall's cock hardening again and Laura is determined that she will give Kendra her next orgasm and not some man. She quickly makes Kendra come again [This time clutching and twisting her own breasts, she shuddered and undulated, keening and whimpering for about thirty seconds while her body strained in convulsions of intense pleasure. She moaned and twisted, pumping her hips into Laura's hand, squeezing the last spasm of bliss out of it.] I so love you showing women loving their own breasts to bring themselves pleasure. Women so deserve to bring themselves pleasure. I really like that detail of Kendra pumping her pelvis hard into Laura's hand. I so believe in doing everything possible to wring as much pleasure out of our body as possible. Women deserve this pleasure that only other women can provide.

They banter some with that delicious communication that you give me. They joke about getting Kendra ready for "Mr. Penis". Kendra beckons Marshall over with his reviving cock to come and do his magic. Kendra is a bi woman who prefers cock and needs what Marshall can give. I hope Laura can educate her with her strap-ons especially with her dual penetrator. Marshall can't match that! Laura gets off the bed and gets in a chair to take in the show. I love doing this. I love to see a woman get fucked where I can just watch without being involved. This way I can focus on the details like Laura sees here [Theirs was a touching intimacy, and they kissed long and romantically while Marshall with one hand guided his erect cock into Kendra's open pussy, already wet and puckered due to Laura's earlier attentions, and Kendra's two powerful orgasms.] Ah, that sweet mingling of tongues and exploring of each other's sweet mouth and then that beautiful detail of slipping a cock into a cunt that is fully open and lubricated form previous orgasm(s) and thus totally ready for penetration.

Sigh to have a skilled man fuck you. I found very few back when I fucked guys. The few who did actually fucked me good. No emotional connotation with the fuck and they didn't do much in the way of foreplay but the cock in pussy and ass was quite good. And I still wanted them to get the fuck away from me once I couldn't use them anymore. They were just a fuck toy to me. I love what Marshall does here [They started off slowly, fucking missionary style for quite a while, still kissing. As he had done with Laura, Marshall didn't shove the full length of his monstrous cock all the way into Kendra's pussy. In fact, he pushed it only half way in, and Laura, watching intently, realized how really long it was. It was fat, too, and Kendra's beautiful cunt looked truly stuffed as the huge black pole slid in and out of her.] What skill. With a big dick it is a skilled maneuver to not insert it all quickly. With a new lover you can slowly plumb the depths of your lover's pussy and it is such a turn on to slowly push your dick in deeper and deeper in intervals. Pleasuring new depths of your lover's vagina. Hitting new nerves not normally stroked is such a turn on. I love seeing a cunt stuffed with big fat cock, all swollen and flaring and running with cunt juices and that clinging of lips on the outstroke.

Marshall has gotten Kendra's cunt stretched out and accommodated to his big cock and is ready to start thrusting in earnest [Now his huge cock was going deeper into her pussy with each thrust, and Kendra was yelping too each time it pierced her. Laura knew how it felt. Your body was on fire, but at the same time you knew each stabbing thrust was going to send hot daggers of pain through you. The pain mixed with phenomenal sexual excitement, and all of it drove you both crazier and crazier with urgent lust.] I love that mild pain I get sometimes when I have a very large cock plowing into my depths. I love this large penetration to the hilt. With most strap-ons I can take them with ease but the super large models due truly stretch me out and it sometimes hit the ole cervix. I feel it and yelp right out. With Maria you have to leave plenty out on the in stroke. Thus, we like to stay with the basic Stryker model sized models.

Kendra's pussy is deep enough to take Marshall's cock and he opens her vagina up with [By now the two on the bed were fucking and groaning and yelping and twisting in a wild delirium of lust. Marshall lifted Kendra's legs up high, over his shoulders, exposing her vulnerable pussy to a fearful plowing now that it was uptilted to his deepest plunges. Kendra began to cry out each time he drove it home, and Laura raised one fist to her mouth, wondering how the girl could take it.] This is a great position to help work a big cock into a tight cunt by opening her cunt. This helps to get maximum penetration. I am quivering her thinking about opening my cunt and getting that angle just right for a deep plunging fuck. I need to feel that cock punching into my cunt's depths searching to batter my womb. Marshall can fuck longer because of his two recent orgasms but a strap-on never gets soft and can always fuck as long as you need to reach paradise. What a beautiful picture of a woman coming in this position. I love seeing those legs kicking in total abandon [But Kendra beat him to the wire. With her legs high in the air, her heels kicking behind and above Marshall's head as he pumped her hard, she began to squeal and come and squeal and come as if she were being murdered, fucked to death in a beautiful, killing explosion of ecstacy. It was wholly different from any orgasm she had ever had with Laura.] I so love being fucked like this. Just dying from exctacy from a good ole het fuck.

Marshall is totally spent with this orgasm. Laura is ready to fuck again and remarks to herself that Marshall can't help right now because guys can't fuck like women and needs a whole lot more time to recover than a woman. We find that Marshall is a little competitive with Laura but he is easy about it. I have never really been competitive about sex so I have found this a little strange personnally. I always want to perform at my best and want to equal others in pleasure giving but I always want to share. It is just my nature. Laura was hoping to have a more direct three-way fucking but decides to love Kendra solo while Marshall recovers. Kendra tells Laura that she can fuck her as often as wants but she must stay away from Jane her daughter. Unfortunately, this is impossible because Jane is too beautiful and alluring to ever refuse. One must simply fuck this divine angel. To do anything less would be a crime. Jane has chosen what she wants and has the right to expect to get the fucking she needs from Laura.

Laura starts her love assault [she unleashed her passion again and began to suck Kendra's nipples aggressively while finger fucking her wet pussy rapidly at the same time.] Laura tries to get Kendra to let Marshall fuck her in the ass but Kendra refuses the offer and Laura is not in a situation to try and seduce her on this. But I like to think a seed has been planted for hopeful harvest sometime in the future. Instead a recovered Marshall now fucks them both in the pussy taking turns plundering their wet and totally open cunts too their depths I'm sure. I can do this for long periods of time fucking several waiting sopping wet cunts back and forth bringing them such pleasure. Finally, Laura gets the classic two on one with Marshall plowing her cunt with Kendra love mauling her tits until she comes with much agonizing spasms of exctacy. Now Marshall concentrates on Kendra and fucks in most of the basic positions [He had come so much already that he was able to go on and on. He fucked Kendra doggy-style, missionary-style, with her legs waving high in the air again, then lay on his back while she rode his pole, groaning and whinnying in an almost mad delirium of lust.] I can just see her riding cowgirl on that twelve pole with her cunt juices running down that pole and saturating their groins and thighs. I can see her breasts bouncing as she slams her groin down on that magic pole.

I think this next part describes how I fuck when I do strap-on sex and I have gotten to that fuck delirium stage and I'm besotted with passion and I am fucking like a rutting animal [Laura, though she knew Kendra was crazy about cock, which Kendra freely confessed, had never really seen her in this state. But it explained a lot. The more and the harder Marshall fucked her, the more she seemed to fall into a feverish trance of sensuality, grinding her hips, whimpering when his huge cock penetrated deep into her body, moaning when he rammed her fiercely again.] I just love how you tell of Kendra grinding her hips into his thrusts and her sounds of helpless pleasure. Now Marshall tries to get his cock into Kendra's ass. You would think she would be totally ready with the pleasure that is flowing through her veins. I think I would stop trying to get in Kendra's asshole for this time with this response ["Aiieee!" she screamed, scooting away from him. "No! No . . . you ain't putting that horse dick up my booty! No . . . Marshall, no! I'm telling you, now! Stop this instant!"] I would have to say that is a definite no. They proceed to fuck the old fashioned way again and reach a truly satisfying orgasm.

They have now fucked each other out with Laura reflecting that three-way fucking can really expend a lot of energy in glorious fucking. As they part we see that Marshall is flirting with Laura. Marshall is not stupid and already desires Laura. As we discover eventually, this will cause a major split between Kendra and Laura.



Chapter 186:

I really like how this chapter starts. This chapter hits two points that I have mentioned in the past. [Three-way fucking with Kendra and Marshall was an exciting twist for Laura, but she still could not keep her eyes off April. At first she had not found her very attractive, at least by comparison with most of her other girlfriends, but April grew on her. She was demure and quiet, good-natured and sweet, dark and pretty.] Like Laura, I am always besotted with the woman in my life at the moment. It doesn't matter how exciting my last fuck was or how recent, when I am around women I like and desire I immediate start dreaming, longing and planning in getting in their pants. Often it takes little effort with existing or old lovers and then I have to work like Laura will this chapter to get new pussy. I so long to get new women in my bed and to share with Joann and Maria. The next thing I so like is how you show April growing on Laura. April is not a classic beauty but she is not ugly but more along the lines of a "plain Jane" but she has the personality that makes up for this. I have had more than a few women that when I first met them I was not impressed with their looks. But as I got to know them and their personality started to influence me it is amazing how quickly I start to find them attractive and I am more than ready to make love to them. Every time I have taken one of these women into my bed I have been so thankful that I did not deny myself this wonderful woman. After I get to know most women I desire them on at least some level. Unless the woman is just plain fat or hit with the ugly stick one can always find things about them to stoke your desire for them. Some of my best fucks have been with women that others I know wouldn't even look twice at. Actually I like this because it leaves all this sweet pussy for me. Yeah!!

Laura now remarks that at first she was not impressed with April's thick body unlike Yvette or her teenage angels. She has a big butt which I personally like. I guess she is voluptuous with curves. But Laura does what I do and looks for the positive [She had very smooth, very black skin. She had nice, high breasts and attractive, shapely calves, though she never dressed in anything revealing. She seemed uninterested in attracting men (or women either, Laura thought).] Because of this, Laura now desires strongly to take this woman and show her the wonders and pleasures of lesbian fucking. She is ready to rock April's world. We get to a Friday which is causal day at the company and April is wearing tight jeans and showing off her ass which is definitely affecting Laura. Laura being Laura gets caught [Then the worst thing possible happened. April caught her looking. Staring was more like it. Fortunately, April was good-natured. She smiled. "What are you looking at?"] All women like to find people attracted to them. It is human nature to be flattered though society has brainwashed so many women into not accepting overtures from other women that are anything more than innocent. This is so sad and unfair.

Wow, I had really forgotten this part. I remember Laura and her little lies to get pussy but I had forgotten just how big some of them were in the past. She first says she is daydreaming and then makes it a golly whopper when she says she remembers last year at this when she was in Paris. Laura has never been to Paris but April is immediately drawn into the web and asks if she went with a guy assuming like most hets that must be the case. Laura thinking she may get some sympathy adds embellishments that yes she did and he was her fiancé and he dumped her for a Turkish girl. Egads, what a lie. I could never do that but it is fun to read and it is cute the way that April just falls for it hook, line and sinker. Of course with the success she gets here I can't blame her [April looked at her very thoughtfully now, as if Laura had suddenly become a deeper, more inspiring person because of her suffering over love. Laura, throwing caution to the winds, decided to press her advantage. "I'm still ready to take you out for that drink. How about this evening, after work? I can drive you back to Oakland so you don't fall asleep."] This shows April's compassionate way. The way she feels for Laura's supposed loss.

It seems April is like me and doesn't drink alcohol. For me I don't want anything dulling my sense of reality. Just something I'm anal about. Anyway, April not being interested in going to bar invites Laura back to her apartment for a dinner. How very nice and at this stage she is completely innocent in her actions. Many of Laura's angels by this time are already starting to realize their true lesbian self and somewhat or strongly leading the seduction. Here April is still stuck in her brainwashing of being a straight woman. Laura still has work to do to undo this heinous damage. Laura is very happy to accept this offer. She senses that things are slowly coming her way. Laura starts doing what I would be doing in this scenario. Laura quickly finds that April's boyfriend has only been in the scene only for a year and thus probably not that deep of a relationship yet since they aren't living together. Time to break this waste of April's time. Also, Laura discovers that he lives on campus at his college. Laura now knows she has the freedom to try and seduce this angel.

I really like this next paragraph [She and April made small talk. April cooked, and they had a nice dinner, though Laura had little appetite. Being alone with April, in private, where anything could happen, made her very excited sexually. The more she looked at April—her lovely, smooth black neck, her wide, gleaming forehead, her sensual lips, her small high breasts under her shirt, and of course her round, alluring ass—the more she wanted her.] You are the only author who really captures the little moments in life that make up our lives. This simple talking while dinner is being prepared. Having Laura slowly getting more and more worked up as she is finally alone with this divine angel and letting her lust start to simmer. This is so me what Laura is doing. The more she looks at a woman, the more she desires that woman. I think women with some exceptions are just so desirable. They don't have to be beautiful for me to want them. I think average or that "pretty" look and a personality are such a strong allure. Once I get a hint of interest I am soon working to get in her pants. I so desire bringing a new woman into my bed and

pleasuring her to the heights of exctacy.

Now you make me smile because you now show how life just flows sometimes. Laura and April set down to eat and they share some more quality time with congenial conversation but Laura is so worried over April's heterosexuality that it is affecting her though she tries to hide it. She desperately wants this angel but knows in her mind she won't taste her sweet pussy. What is so great is that April picks up on this and though Laura tries to say she is just tired and it is nothing, this is what sets up the seduction. This is totally unplanned for. This is how life works. Things almost never happen exactly the way we plan. April trying to be supportive offers Laura a back rub to relax her. April is proud of her skills. Her boyfriend says her backrubs are better than sex which makes April blush when she mentions it. Laura is cautious here ["I guess I would like that . . . if you mean it," Laura said softly, trying not to think ahead.] She is trying not to get to excited though she knows things are slowly coming her way. I would be starting to feel butterflies now knowing I am getting closer to my prize.

Things immediately start to get more interesting when April shows Laura the sofa to lay down on but then innocently asks Laura to remove her blouse and undo her bra because to give the best rubs nothing can be in the way. Laura knows everything is still innocent on April's part but Laura knows that the situation is coming her way and she not having to do any of the work. It is such a wonderful feeling when events seem almost preordained for your success in seducing a woman. Laura shows her that her bra unclasps in the front but April is still nonplused. Laura reflects that there is nothing going on here. She disrobed many times in the past in locker rooms and felt nothing and she shouldn't read anything into this. Not me, I always was drooling for all girls around me though I did have to hide my lust most of the time. You could only let your eyes show the truth when your gaydar gave the all safe signals. Laura gets a little squirt of excitement when April does look at her boobs with more than causal interest but April still is only complementing her on her beautiful doves and thinking how these doves must only be seen by men. She is soon to know the truth.

It is nice how you don't make things turn sexual immediately when the massage starts. In fact it is perfectly innocent to begin with. April is so good that Laura at first forgets all about sex and just enjoys April's relaxing fingers as evidence by [Finally, she opened her eyes and smiled dreamily. "You can just keep that up forever," she said.] April eats up the compliments and Laura dreamily offers to give her a backrub. She knows she can't match this skill but she wants to reciprocate and also maybe get some pussy. Hehehe. April is thrilled and is happy to accept. Now Laura expresses my thoughts so well [April smiled. "Are you sure? I think I could really use it too." "I'm sure," Laura smiled back, feeling a definite stirring now deep inside her pussy. My pussy wants you, April, she thought. She sat up, watching April's eyes on her naked breasts again. Then she tried to control her own eyes as April removed her own shirt. Her body was beautifully smooth and deep black.] When I am this close to a woman I desire and things are going my way my pussy is absolutely on fire with a raging need. I feel like a fire is raging in my veins and I get dry mouthed thinking of her pussy soon being in my mouth, licking out every ounce of love juice and sucking that by now rock hard clit deep into my mouth and butterfly stroking it with my tongue while giving hard love sucks and her screaming her orgasm out with her cunt pumping hard into my mouth.

Another shot would have hit my cunt when I saw April's eyes on my breasts again. Unfortunately for Laura, April's bra unclasps in the back and April gets on the sofa and lets Laura unclasp it. April is not giving any but the most subtle signs of falling into this seduction. Laura will have to work some more. When I give backrubs it is usually a prelude for sex so [She gave April the kind of thorough massage April had given her, but she wondered it she was enjoying it more since the feel of the girl's delectable black skin and resilient flesh under her hands made Laura's pussy flow and ooze with warm fuck juice.] I want to please my woman but I'm also pleasuring myself deeply feeling that wonder skin and firm muscles under my loving fingers. I can't wait to see how Laura continues this seduction. Geez, you give my real life subtle seduction here, not the over the top stuff most other authors give me [Finally, as she was rubbing the tops of April's shoulders and shoulderblades, she leaned down and let her nipples brush April's back. She knew April could feel it, but April gave no sign. Laura pushed her breasts harder into

April's naked back, and she saw a faint smile curl the edges of April's mouth.] Oh yes, when a woman doesn't stop this immediately and gives these subtle responses it can only mean one thing. She wants to be seduced. She might not really realize it yet and you may have to work like hell to seduce her but she wants it. Sometimes they let their societal brainwashing stop the proceedings but they want it whether or not they let it happen. If they stop me and I never seduce them I know it will haunt them for a very long time to come. They will always wonder about the pleasure I could have given them. Also, brushing my nipples along her back would have sent pleasant sensations coursing though my breasts further stroking my desire.

I would be feeling real good about life at this point. She seems to be falling under my spell. Laura feeling embolden bends down and kisses the nape of April's neck to which April smiles. She seems so close. April rises up and their lips are so close and their breast are brushing each others. Laura is thinking who will go first. Laura decides to kiss April and at first she thinks April will kiss her back but ["What are we doing?" she asked hoarsely, bleary-eyed from the pleasure of having her back massaged. "Whatever you want to do," Laura whispered. "I don't think I want to do this."] My mind would be racing here. I would try to kiss her again but if I got rebuffed I would have to admit defeat for this time and hope for another chance. I so hate this. So close and I know they want it but they are letting the brainwashing of our male dominated society ruin their true lesbian self. I can see the desire in their eyes and the fear they use to control it. I blame society from the dawn of time for this. They are always trying to control our natural impulses.

Poor Laura in this situation. Watching April crossing her arms over her breasts and knowing this is ending what should have been. April goes to the bathroom to put on a sweatshirt over her bra and torso. I can just feel the despair flowing through Laura's veins. It is not fair being denied when you are so close. I could taste April's sweet pussy Laura was so close. April comes back with a tee shirt on over her bra and Laura has got her bra and blouse back on. This next part is way so true when things go bad [She acted as if nothing had happened, which was not so bizarre as it seemed, since Laura had seen other girls do the same. A potential lesbian affair could be diverted like a river into another channel, if you ignored it.] Too many act this way. Some get cold and some freak but this is the response you get sometimes. Lets just pretend this never happened. Grrrrrrrrrrr. One tries to work toward minimizing this heinous possibility. Already my spirits would be reviving a little when April thanks Laura for the backrub and is flattered that Laura tried to seduce her. No anger and an easy acceptance of Laura's advances.

There is hope. Laura lies about never trying to seduce a woman before. Sigh, I hope Laura is beyond this now and will only say this if that is the only way she can seduce a woman.

I love how you capture what happens in next moment. Your seduction has failed and now it is time to see what happens next. I try to only go after low hanging fruit (with a few exceptions). When it comes to straight women who have shown a perceived interest and then have chickened out on me. My instincts are usually right thank goodness and usually in the end I get my woman. I can see and almost smell their need. After some hesitation, April asks Laura to leave but she makes it clear that she has no ill will towards Laura and is in fact flattered at Laura's attention. Love the comment by Laura that their relationship has changed. Once sex comes into a relationship it must change. Hopefully, for the best. Sex is such a strong binder of souls. I think it makes things better as long as everyone is honest with each other with your desires and wants. I just have to make clear that I want to be your lover but not your "love". I make a wonderful lover and friend. They part with April saying they will meet on Monday. I would be bumming thinking that I came so close and hoping that April will not let this ruin our friendship and hoping for another chance to seduce her.



Chapter 187:

This chapter picks up with Laura on the way home from April's apartment. I know she must be thinking about how close she came. I know I would be thinking what could I have done different. Should I have been more forceful or tried more subtlety. Will I get another chance? How could she have stopped this beautiful seduction. I was so close. Laura's cell phone rings. She answers and it is April asking her to come back to her apartment to "talk". That can only mean one thing. Yes! Thank goodness for cell phones. It allows the other woman to change her mind and call you before she has a chance to chicken out again. I can just sit here and think about the elation that would be flowing through my veins on my way back to April's apartment knowing that soon her sweet flowing pussy will be humping hard into my starving mouth.

What greets Laura at April's apartment door would make my heart and more importantly my pussy sing [When Laura got back to April's apartment, she noticed one thing that was different. April smiled nervously and let her in. She was still wearing the same tee shirt, but this time Laura could not see her bra straps under it. You little temptress, Laura thought. You took off your bra and then put your shirt back on!] I would have been thinking on the way back about the situation, thinking about the sex to come but in reality there would have to be a few seeds of doubt about what is to happen. Now all the doubts are gone and my hunger would be raging and I would be so anxious to commence the seduction and start partaking of this oh so sweet flesh. Of course Laura's eyes drop to her breasts and sees those wonderful thick nipples and I bet her nipples are stiffening with desire. Thank you for showing this moment of victory [She locked the door and casually fastened the bolt, though both of them knew she had not done that earlier. We are going to fuck, Laura thought. She felt her whole body relax now that she knew there were no obstacles to overcome.] I so cherish and long for these moments with a woman I am seducing. It is so wonderful fucking with lesbians and bi woman that are going out with you to fuck but seduction is such a nice special feeling when that woman comes into your arms and you know you soon be burying your face in her hot humping cunt.

Laura being wise in the way of seductions knows that April though she has decided to give in will still be a little skittish. Laura gives her a big warm loving smile to help put her at ease. For a seduction to be sweet it must be slow and filled with love. April is ready for "some adventure" and they decide to move things forward with another round of sensual backrubs. I love how April is now ready for setting the environment for sweet fucking to come [Laura began to unbutton her blouse, while April pulled the tee shirt up over her head, shaking her hair free. Her perfectly round breasts jiggled temptingly. Her areolas were huge, and deep black. Almost half of each breast was areola, with thick, springy nipples in the centers.] I am almost drooling here and I am only reading of this beautiful event. I had a few women with these large areolas but not too quite this degree and I have simply died with desire when I first saw them in all their naked glory. With most I knew that a special treat was waiting underneath their bra but to actually see it made me wet my cunt with love cream.

Laura is sure to tell April how beautiful her breasts are and April returns the compliment when Laura removes her bra. I love how you show them getting close. Feeling each other's body heat and smelling each other's sweet body. April asks if this is wrong and Laura tells her the truth [Laura shook her head. "I think it's right."] It is a shame that women even think this. I find this to be so wrong. I love having a woman tell me she has never desired another woman before. I am honored but my goal is to introduce her to the complete world of lesbianism and quickly show her the many fruits to partake of. We definitely believe in sharing and I am more than happy when a woman goes off on her own and finds other women like April has found Yolanda. My heart sings for her and I am so happy. Women need sweet pussy for them to be truly happy. Reading this next part is making my belly feel real warm [Laura took April's face in both hands and pressed her lips against hers, kissing her slowly, tenderly, then more aggressively as April responded. In seconds they were embracing, their tongues coiling, their naked breasts mashing together. Laura ran her hands all over April's smooth upper body.] Finally, April is embracing all the pleasures that Laura can offer her. Oh to feel April's tongue coiling with mine and thrusting down my throat.

Laura has stoked the fires in April's belly and it is April who recommends they get naked and in her bed. Lesbian lust is raging through her veins. I love planting that need in a woman. I so love it when Laura tells her lovers what she so loves about them. Here it is April's very black skin. Laura kisses April's back and caresses it with building lust and love. I really like this next part and the confidence that Laura has here [Laura encircled April from behind with her arms and cupped April's breasts in her hands. She kissed April's shoulder blades and the nape of her neck again, feeling April shiver with excitement. This is why she called me back, Laura thought. This feeling. She remembered this feeling. I'll bet it made her pussy wet. April had dropped her panties and was kicking them free. One of Laura's hands left her breast and descended to her crotch, slipping between her thighs. She felt April's wetness.] My heart sings when my hand reaches a woman's crotch and discovers that I have made her sopping wet with need. I have filled her body with need and lust. I so love your gentle pacing and giving this slow build up in your lovemaking. This is how women love their women with a slow building up of passion and love. Slowly exploring each new area and raising your lust by degrees with this slow foreplay. This is the slow stoking of a fire into a raging fire of need and passion.

April confesses her excitement and they embrace and lock lips and coil tongues falling on the bed. Laura must start getting her some of April's lovely breasts. She must have these wonderful nipples deep in her mouth. I so love Laura for making April proud of her large nipples and deeply black skin. I so love women of color and love this deeply black color. The contrast is so beautiful to see. Oh how I wish this were me doing this [She dropped her mouth to one of April's lovely round breasts and began to tease her nipple with her tongue. Then slowly she sucked the entire large areola and nipple into her mouth. It was large and firm and very sensitive. April mewled deep in her throat.] I can just feel that large areola slowly filling my mouth and that nipple hardening and thickening in my stuffed mouth as I give it deep hard love sucks trying to work my tongue around this treat in my stuffed mouth. Yum!!!! I can just taste her sweet flesh filling my taste buds. Oh god, you kill me with your breast worship details [Laura held April's breast in both hands. For about a minute, she sucked and tongued and pinched the wet nipple and areola, watching the stippling bumps appear, watching the center stem spring erect. Then she sucked it back in deep, sucking hard. April moaned.] I so love to work a breast like this and look at what my loving ministrations are doing to her breast before I devour it again. Pulling it out so I can observe my lover's tit all excited, areola stippled and nipple stiff with need. Then lashing with my tongue, gentle teeth rakes, breast strokes and massaging with my hands before I suck back into my warm hungry mouth. I will do this over and over switching between breasts until my woman is thrashing and absolutely pleading with me to move south and take her pussy to paradise.

Laura works her breasts lovingly for a few more minutes and starts thinking it is time to move south for some pussy and April starts to ["Oh yes! Oh yes!" April panted, as if reading Laura's mind.] April is ready to have her pussy devoured. What I love here is that Laura first moves up and gives April some scorching kisses. I love all the detours that you put in your stories. Lesbians love to make detours to explore every inch of our women and you capture this perfectly. Other authors make their sex so boring with their straight to the pussy approach. I have had lesbian virgins tell me this so often that they come slow or almost never. I am about to show them what their body is truly capable of. They are finally about to be made love to by an expert. A knowledge that almost all lesbians bring to the bed. We long to love our partner and not ourselves and this makes us experts in the art of giving pleasure and making our women scream with pleasure.

Laura continues to heat April's body with kisses to her face and shoulders and then moving down and consuming one of those tit treats filling her mouth with it. Laura is filling April's body with sweet sensations and a building need. Foreplay fills the body with such desire and need that by the time you get to their pussy they are already dying for it. Laura senses the time is right and [But this time she did not linger. She continued down, sliding between April's parting, black velvet thighs. April had a small pussy, fringed with shiny midnight black hair. Her glossy labia gleamed, glistening with warm fuck juices, and the interior was fiery hot pink. Laura could hardly control her desire. Even the sweet odors of April's pussy made her head swim in a frenzy of lust.] I so adore how you have Laura just filled with happiness when she comes to a woman's vagina. She just gazes with love at each woman's masterpiece of sexuality. She looks at each unique feature and takes in its excited flesh and the juices coating her lover's cunt and the heavenly aroma of arousal emanating from her festering cunt beckoning your tongue to bury itself deep inside its mystical portal looking for it's hidden treasures. I so love looking at any pussy but especially a virgin pussy to my eyes and just gazing at it, memorizing all its uniqueness and being so thankful that soon my mouth will be buried in it.

Again I love the confidence that Laura has knowing she is by far better than any man and that she will deliver the best orgasm in April's life [She had no doubt, in spite of the boyfriend, that she could make April come in under five minutes just by licking her. But she also figured that licking plus some penetration would accelerate the process, and so, after eagerly exploring the tangy wet crease with her tongue for half a minute, she slid two fingers into April's warm, juicy cunt and began slowly fucking her with them. At the same time, her lips and tongue found the swollen purplish marble of April's clit at the top and began to sweetly torment it.] As usual I so enjoy the little details of Laura feasting on April's tangy slit and working April's clit to April's great pleasure. Plus, you show a woman using her fingers, lips and tongue in concert to bring your woman maximum pleasure. Other authors do show this but don't bring it front and center like you do and thus allow the reader to really get into the actual lovemaking. This is what I need to truly get into the lovemaking.

Laura, as she fucks April finds herself becoming even more enchanted with this woman's body. She is coming even more to love her thick squarish body as April rocks her thick torso and pelvis up into Laura's loving mouth. Laura finds her unique breasts to be such a turn on as they roll around on her chest. She loves her deeply black skin. She savors her hot pussy as she pumps her fingers in hard and deep. I never tire of you showing a woman pleasuring herself [She whimpered and writhed and pinched her own large nipples and areolas as Laura increased the tempo, fucking her faster now with her fingers and sucking her clit now between her lips.] April proves to be a slower comer but all this does is give Laura a prolonged show of April writhing and churning striving to reach an orgasm. This is a show I can revel in until the end of time. I love how Laura starts verbally encouraging April to reach nirvana. The spoken word can be such a powerful thing as you continue your ministrations ["Come on, baby, come on," Laura murmured softly into April's fiery red, sopping wet slit, jabbing April's clit with her tongue, driving her two fingers deep into the tight, hot, slippery trench.]

I love how you show April moaning and trying to articulate her pleasure and then stopping in mid sentence as a powerful orgasm hits her from nowhere, shattering her with pleasure [Then the orgasm ripped through her. More devastating than she had expected, it crushed her flexing body with sharp spasms of ecstasy. Moaning and whinnying softly in terrible throes of rapture, she twisted and shuddered under Laura.] As I like to say only you really show with your beautiful word pictures the beauty of wonderful orgasm. This is the supreme event that our body can give us and should always be shown with great reverence. As usual only you give me the screams of a woman being torn apart with extacy. I so long to hear these sounds coming from my women. What I really, really love is how Laura is filled with such joy in bringing April such joy with her oral ministrations. This is the wonder and joy of lesbian sex. The joy we receive in giving pleasure. Making a woman come longer and with more soul crushing pleasure than any man has ever given them before.

I always love to kiss my woman after one of us has gone down on the other. I love to taste the essence of a woman in her or my mouth. To me it so natural to want to kiss after going down on a woman. This is something I have to work on some women to get them to love this. Every since I was just a girl and started masturbating I have loved tasting myself on my fingers or dildo. Now Laura has to do some ego building. April is not blessed with a traditional pretty body. She is a little thick of torso and has unusual breasts with large nipples. Instead of everyone, especially the girls, revealing in her uniqueness they teased her unmercifully like humans are so guilty of. Laura lets her know that these other girls were stupid and didn't see the beauty before them ["I know you could. You have a very beautiful body that inspires me to want to make you come over and over." "It's not so beautiful," April frowned, looking down at her nakedness. Laura cupped one of her round, firm breasts in her palm, brushing the stub of April's nipple with her thumb. "I love your breasts. They're extremely beautiful." "My nipples are too big," April frowned again. "Look how big they are. It's like I'm a freak or something. In high school they used to make fun of me. I was the only one with these huge nipples."] If a woman shows me this insecurity I always do everything I can to let them know they are truly beautiful. It is so hard though to undo what society has spent a lifetime damaging. When I meet a woman who is not the prettiest thing I concentrate on what I do find attractive. I am completely convinced that every woman has features that one will find attractive. Concentrate on that and soon, after you have gotten to know her and her personality has come to play you find her totally hot and you will want to fuck her so bad you can taste her essence. A woman has to be just absolutely fat or beaten with an ugly stick for me not to find her attractive with time. Also, a totally bitchy personality is a real thrill kill for me and makes even a beautiful woman totally unattractive to me.

I love how Laura cradles one of April's beautiful tits and starts to consume her plump nipples and quickly winds up April from her first time and showing her she can have two orgasms while making love. I have chuckled when I show a straight woman that this is possible. They are so fucking amazed when they are used to faking having just one and way to often none. [With her free hand, Laura rubbed April's pussy at the same time she sucked both large nipples ravenously. April lost it. She began whimpering excitedly and churning her hips almost immediately, careening toward another explosion. She had never come twice, and Laura was determined to make this the first time.] As usual you show how you do multiple things at one time to bring your lover pleasure. I love producing that desperate fuck need in my women. Especially a woman new to lesbian love and who is still shocked that so much pleasure is easily available with another woman and not with men. Love that detail of frigging the clit and pinching it with your fingers. Of course all this stimulation produces a shocking orgasm for April and she can't help vocalizing her pleasure ["Aunngghhhhiieee!" she cried, her lovely young body convulsing in spasms of violent pleasure. "Ohngghh! Ungghh! Auuggghhh!"] Sweet music to my ears.

You now show the sweet afterglow when the orgasm starts to wane but pleasure is still pumping through your veins from your still spasming pussy [Laura's mouth finally released her nipple, and Laura's hand eased up from her pussy, letting the throbbing aftershocks run their course. April lay in her arms quivering and mewling as she absorbed the full impact and afterglow of her second orgasm. A beatific smile spread over her face as she beamed up at Laura.] I so long to hold a woman in my arms as she is coming down from the orgasm I have just giving her. Feeling all those tremors and hearing those sounds of bliss so close to my ears. I am smiling great big when April keeps exclaiming that she "did it" when she comes twice for the first time. I am just revealing in her unbridled joy. Now Laura tells April that a little oral action will make her come quick and April responds that she can't wait but she is still uncertain having never done this before. She is still a virgin in so many ways of lesbian love. But as I have found, once a woman accepts her true lesbian desires they want to do it all and as soon as possible. I love having a woman discovering her true self on my body. They may need to learn the finer skills but their sheer enthusiasm is so exhilarating.

I love how you are always putting little touches of humor into your story. The little one liners that so often crop up in everyday conversation ["At that I am. Okay, lay down and let me get to work." "It isn't work," Laura said. "I hope."] Of course this embarrasses April a little but she quickly makes it known that she really wants to make love to this woman with a movie star's body. I really like how Laura further seduces April here making her die with wanting her first taste of sweet pussy [Laura lay on her back, smiling at April. She spread her thighs and ran her hands down them, framing the open wet pink gash of her own pussy with her fingers, exposing it to April as if asking April to make love to it. April's eyes widened as she stared at Laura's pussy. "Laura, your pussy is even more beautiful than the rest of you, if that's possible," she said softly. "I want to kiss your pussy."] I love flaunting my body to my lover's eyes knowing they want it so bad.

April now gets between Laura's thighs and wastes no time in devouring Laura's inflamed pussy. I love it when a newbie just dives in but often it takes a little verbal and body language encouragement. I love watching them being so tentative and getting that first taste of Sapphic love. I can tell that most love it immediately while some have that look of thinking it over and then burying their face deep in my cunt and trying to devour it. Love that wild enthusiasm. I have had to have a few back off they were lapping so hard and so wildly they actually get too rough and painful. They are so eager to learn and please that it makes my heart soar. I love showing a woman the ways of Sapphic love. I love how you again verbally tell what is happening and letting the reader use their imagination to see it with our mind's eye ["Will you come if I tickle your clit like this?" "Oh god, yes! Ungghhh! Suck it . . . please suck it! Yes! Unghhh! Ohnnngg!" "Oh yes, you're going to come, Laura. Aren't you? Are you going to come?"] I love how you give such vivid details and then use this device to draw the reader even deeper into the scorching sex. I love how April is already talking to her lover and verbally exciting Laura as well as physically giving her pleasure. Women are such natural lovers.

April quickly brings Laura to a crushing orgasm and is totally shocked by this. I have chuckled about this in the past. Some women are brought up by society to be so reserved in their self-expression that they are often shocked to see a woman coming so hard. I have to educate them to let go and enjoy without abandon the joy their bodies can give them. Let themselves and as important their lover know of the joy erupting in their body. Vocalize their pleasure for all to enjoy. Some women have had a hard time overcoming this brainwashing but once they start to experience the joy of letting go they quickly leave all that brainwashing of Man's world behind. We need to let them stop controlling us and trying to keep us under their thumb. I love how Laura is now encouraging and praising April for her virgin efforts [Laura nuzzled her smooth black neck. "I come especially fast when a beautiful young virgin is sucking my pussy," she purred.] This verbal reassurance is so important. It lifts their egos and you can just see them preening with pride.

I am smiling again when Laura now lets April know she is ready for yet another round of lovemaking. The third round. April is a little shocked but now is quickly willing to explore this new wonderful world where she gets to come again and again. Something no man has ever been able to give her. ["I do want to," April beamed, making a new discovery. "Only I never did it more than twice. And my boyfriend comes twice. I only come once." "See? We already beat that record. Now we'll beat the other one. I love your delicious pussy, darling April, and I'm going to make you come so hard you'll think last time was only practice." April seemed doubtful. "Well . . . if you think so."] It is really a joy to show a woman this wonderful truth of lesbian lovemaking. Sex for us doesn't have to be limited by the limits of the male body and our desire to please our partners makes us wonderful lovers beyond the belief of het woman. They are always so stunned and grateful to learn the truth. With the bi-curious female they so often turn into complete animals in my bed. They simply want to devour me and I am only too happy to let them have their way with my willing body. I love feeling their desperate hunger and ravenous appetite.

They now get face to face and start to frig each other. I think you are the only author to have this. Other authors have one frig the other but not the mutual. Again it seems authors forget the mutual aspects of lovemaking. It is usually you first and then me. This is the usual way but variety is the spice of life and this you show so completely and so well. I hope others are learning from you. I love how you show them loving the whole body like you always do [They maneuvered their legs so that they could be face to face and still rub one another's pussy with their hands. They were so close that their naked breasts brushed, and they began to kiss tenderly, then more heatedly.] Love the rubbing of breast and touching of bellies and thighs in this position. Love feeling my lover's flesh against my own. Laura keeps telling April how beautiful she is. I wonder if Laura is the first person to tell her this. If so, this is a fucking crime to have April denied what we all crave. To be told how wonderful we are.

April is totally into it now and begs Laura to let them come together. April can't wait to get her fingers in Laura's cunt and start thrusting for all she is worth. April is falling under the spell of sweet lesbian love. It is cute to see April coming much quicker than she has with any man. It is amazing what happens to a woman when she is with someone who truly knows how to pleasure the female body. This part really captures the essence of lesbian lovemaking [She managed to slip one hand down to Laura's groin too, and Laura's eyes rolled up as she felt April's fingers enter her juicy, tingling slit. Silently, they kissed and slowly hand-fucked each other, totally immersed in a slow rhythm of fucking that allowed them to savor each minute sensation that flowed through their bodies.] We so know how to give and receive such divine pleasure. Love the slowness of your lovemaking before the final conflagration. Laura confesses her desire for April from the start and April's is shyly surprised. I love how Laura is really fucking her well now [Laura's was too busy devouring her neck, then letting her lips slide lower to one huge black nipple, sucking it in deep. Her fingers rubbed hard against April's clit. She sucked April's huge nipple and fucked April hard with her hand.] Like I say you are the only author to show this complete loving. It seems every one else is so linear in their portray of lovemaking. Much to their detriment.

You now capture something that other authors have never touched [April was unable to keep fucking Laura with her hand since she was completely delirious and consumed by the excitement Laura was arousing in her. But her fingers were still inside Laura's slippery cunt, and Laura ground her crotch down into them, rubbing her clit against April's palm and fucking April's wet pussy frantically with her own fingers. They bounced and churned awkwardly on the small bed, which now made a fearsome racket, pounding the floor and the wall.] Other authors always keep their lovers perfectly focused no matter how hot things get. You on the other hand show the real life predicament of having one's body totally overwhelmed with pleasure. April is not being a bad lover here. She is simply being overwhelmed with so much pleasure that she is almost comatose with pleasure. Love how Laura uses those fingers and palm to still give herself pleasure. I love reducing a woman to that helpless state of pleasure. Once they revive they will make it up to you. I love how you show Laura falling into a trance of wild fuck need and letting her body lead her actions [In their excitement, they fell naturally onto their sides, and then Laura rolled over so that she was nearly on top of April, still fucking her wildly, and grinding her own cunt down into April's sporadically-moving hand. Again she dropped her mouth to April's breasts, now to the other one, sucking her huge black nipple hard. This was all it took to finally tip April over the edge.] I love "love raping" and being aggressive in my ministrations with my women. It makes them come so hard and so deep. I always try to pleasure them as much as possible with my hands, mouth, body and words.

They come explosively and you show the wonderful shocking power of truly stupendous orgasms. Orgasms that wrench the body and pleasure the soul to its depths. Wow, I really like this next part [Still coming, now in secondary aftershocks, they found each other's mouths and kissed hungrily, moaning and whimpering and holding one another through the final, quivering sighs. Because of her experience with other girls, Laura at this instant often felt a need to make her partner come yet again, and she knew it was possible when the other girl was already on an erotic plateau. Instead of feeling less desire for April, she felt even more.] I love kissing hungrily in the sweet throes of aftershocks and feeling that body quacking against mine and the helpless mewling of my overwhelmed lover. I so cherish those animalistic sounds of pleasure deep in their throats. I myself feel this hunger sometimes to take my lover again. The only thing that stops me when I get like this is if she has one of those clits that simply can't take anymore without a lot of rest. Fortunately, I haven't run into too many of those. I feel sorry for them when I do.

Now Laura devours April's pussy like I would after we have been fucking for a while. It is time for hard and dirty fucking. We have fucked sensually already and now the body is primed for immediate pleasure like here [She slid down April's flexing body, kissing her breasts again, sucking both nipples hard, then quickly dropping lower. She pressed her mouth to April's swollen pussy and began to ravish it, fucking her also with two, then three fingers, while devouring April's hard little clit. April was shocked by this but not unhappy.] I love devouring a pussy that is all love swollen and simply awash in fuck cream from our previous fucking. Feeling all that cream smearing my nose, lips and cheeks and running down my neck. I love how you show us April swirling her pelvis up into Laura's starving mouth. Pumping her cunt forcefully into Laura's loving ministrations. Of course she comes hard though she can't hardly believe it and loves what Laura does here [She came, thrashing and struggling in the rumpled sheets, her lovely young body flexing and arching, her pelvis shuddering as new spasms of intense pleasure shook her. Laura cradled the firm moons of April's bottom, which she planned to ravish on a future date, in the palms of her hands while April moaned and twisted through the last waning moments of her orgasm.] I love cradling a woman's ass in my palms and squeezing them and helping her hump my mouth before and especially during orgasm. I just love feeling that flesh under my palms and fingers and feeling the quivers and shocks. What I especially love is feeling that weight in my hands. For some reason that is a huge turn on for me. I love how Laura is already planning the taking of April's sweet asshole. Something to dream and long for in future couplings. I love making love to a woman for the first time and thinking how we will make love the next time and the beautiful things we will share between us.

I hope April has overcome that totally illogical aversion to tasting her own come on Laura's lips. A woman should cherish and long to taste her own juices. One of the things I love about masturbation is devouring my own cunt cream I lovingly scoop from my running cunt to my starving mouth. I simply love my own cunt cream and can never get enough. I sometimes wonder if that makes me narcissistic. Cute little tease by April here ["You are one crazy white lesbian . . . boss," April said, mischievously. "You know you're my boss, right? What are you doing licking my pussy? Isn't that behavior supposed to be off-limits?"] Laura is naturally a little chagrined by this but April quickly lets her know that she is only teasing and is in fact completely grateful for her loving. April is completely appreciative of this wondrous gift she has been given.

Unfortunately, reality rears its ugly head ["I loved it. But I can tell you one thing," she said, glancing at the clock radio. "My boyfriend is going to hate it, and he said he was dropping by here after the basketball game. If he finds us in bed like this, he's going to blow a spark plug."] While it is a bummer it is a complete thrill to fuck a woman and know her boyfriend or husband is a complete loser in bed compared to me. In a way it is great because they supply the financial and stability things and I get to supply the hot fucking that makes the rest bearable. A lot of guys would be shocked at just how many bi woman are out there satisfying their love needs with me and women like me. For some women it is our lovemaking that keeps them going with their boring and unimaginative male lovers. I am doing them a service by giving their girlfriends / wives what they need and they don't even know it. Hehehe. I love giving their wives the pleasure they can't and they are totally clueless. Their wives just give them what they have too and I give them what they truly need. Like how Laura is looking out for April and making sure she gets to make sure her boyfriend uses a condom. Laura is such a great woman looking out for the women in her life.



Chapter 188:

This chapter starts with an interesting dilemma for Laura that I have known. This is something that other author's are not able to show in their stories because they don't have any continuity. The trouble of the "day after" kind of dilemma. Laura has spent a night of glorious fucking with April. A night filled with pussy wrenching orgasms that filled their bodies with such sweet bliss. The only problem is that April reports directly to Laura and the can of worms that opens. I can fully understand why Laura finds this situation hard. I have had two women under me now. One was and one is nuts. Maybe in the future I will have a woman under me I desire but I hope I can resist. Not sure if I can but I absolutely don't want to do anything to put my job in jeopardy. I just simply need the money too bad. I couldn't live with Joann and Maria if I wasn't pulling my weight even if only temporarily. That is the reason I don't touch my angels from work at work except for a little kissing and groping when we are in absolutely safe place where we can watch all points of ingress and egress. I know that burning desire but I resist at work as best as I can. A guy recently got caught with his hand down his subordinates pants. You can guess what happened.

I know what Laura is feeling when she gets wet being near April. I get wet around my lover and sexual fever is burning in my veins. It can be difficult with a new affair in the office. I have found some of the single women are brazen and have to be told to cool it while at work place. While some of the bi curious married women are desperate for more lesbian loving they know to be circumspect. One has to cajole and control the situation while in the work place. Several men and one woman have been fired over the years for getting caught in the sex act. Flirting, light caressing and kissing is okay. That can be explained away. Just stay away from the vagina or penis. Everything else has been tolerated in the past around here. I do know having conversations like Laura is having here. Expressing our desire for each others bodies and for me that sometimes having to combat the second thoughts. I nearly climb the wall when I hear those infamous words "I'm not really that way." Usually I have been able to help them overcome their brainwashing. I really cringe when I hear these lame arguments though. I was starting to cringe when April was giving her variation but I felt better immediately when April makes it clear she is thinking about cooling this new wonderful relationship because of a fear of losing her job and not that silly fear of loving another woman. I love how April shows her true desires to Laura [April's eyes twinkled. "Wouldn't be so difficult if you'd stop staring at my pretty little butt."] April may be saying she wants to cool the relationship and yet she taunts Laura with her delightful ass. April will quickly be back in Laura's bed. When a woman has tasted Sapphic love and she doesn't succumb to man's brainwashing she will quickly be back in your bed.

I love how the fates are always working in Laura's favor. To help her resist her natural desires for April. Rhonda calls Laura up and asks her to pick up Stevie at the airport for her. I'm not sure if Rhonda has caught Laura with Stevie yet but I love all the conflict here between them here. I love how their jealousy is so out front here. Though Laura is acting all innocent Rhonda sees right through it [Rhonda sensed something. "Don't you touch her, you bitch! Never mind, I'll find someone else."] Then Rhonda confesses her undying love for Stevie. It is obvious Stevie's loving has really got Rhonda under her spell ["I love her, Laura. I'm still lovesick like a teenager over her."] Wow, Stevie must really be something in bed to get this sophisticated woman so besotted with her. Laura works to calm Rhonda's fears and convinces her to let her pick Stevie up from the office. This is like letting the fox loose in the hen house. I love it. One can never pass up the chance to fuck a rival's girl. All is fair in love and war so to speak. I want to avoid conflict wherever possible but I would not be able to resist fucking Stevie. I would fuck her most definitely. We would just have to be very careful is all. And if caught I would have to say, "please join us". The three of us could bring the walls down. Let us share. I would have to tell her point blank that I will fuck your brains out if you will let me. I am happy that they have made up but I do love reading this delicious conflict and warring for Stevie's affections.

You show Laura's basic goodness when she is a little torn when she senses just how much Rhonda is feeling towards Stevie. Laura decides that she will try to keep herself from having sex with Stevie. She doesn't want to come between Rhonda and this sense of euphoria she is feeling. Me I would smile and make her feel good and then fuck the living hell out of Stevie. What Rhonda doesn't know will never hurt her. If this woman has taken women from me then I have the right to take her women. I would never throw it in her face but it would be impossible for me to resist such a wonderful woman such as Stevie. I would simply have to have her in my bed as soon as possible if I got the opportunity like Laura is being presented here. I had to smile at the fates when Laura trying to be good asks Rhonda if she wants to her to drop Stevie off at her place. Since Rhonda will be working late and Stevie doesn't have a key Rhonda asks her to let Stevie stay at her place for the night. I had a great big smile on my face when I read this. Ah, sweet debauchery is soon to commence. I had to smile again with Rhonda's parting warning of literal death and mayhem if Laura sleeps with Stevie.

I like the interlude that Laura has driving to the airport and reminiscing about Lorrie the airline stewardess and the sweet fucks they had after Laura had picked her up from the airport. I love to think back on the women in my past and the wonderful fucks we have shared. Throughout my day I will frequently think back on super hot fucks and get myself to squirming with fresh need. I smile when I think how I try to make my squirming non obvious. I just so love thinking about fucking. I can't blame Laura with thinking with pride that she has slept with two Playmates of the month. I am proud of some of the local beauties I have slept with but I sure wish I could claim that. She picks Stevie up at the airport who is truly surprised to see her. I love her greeting to Laura ["Oh god," Stevie said under her breath, "it's the 'G Spot Girl'. Gee!" She smiled satirically. "Laura, you shameless seductress, it's so good to see you!"] Seems Stevie has many wonderful memories of their previous tryst. I love her happiness in seeing Laura.

I bet you the wheels are already turning in that beautiful head of hers.

I will never tire how you so positively and lovingly describe these women [Of course Stevie was utterly ravishing, as usual. Everyone else departing from the airplane looked haggard and grouchy, but she looked like a magazine cover: stylish, poised, shockingly beautiful, her auburn hair swirling in shimmering curls around her ears and forehead. I must ask her how she does that, Laura thought.] You make all these women so desirable with your loving word pictures. When Laura explains that Rhonda is detained I love Stevie's first question [Stevie's eyes grew veiled with meaning. "Are we going to your place or hers?"] I know she is already planning on getting her some of Laura's sweet, sweet pussy. Laura reminds Stevie that Rhonda is very suspicious but Stevie tells Laura she hasn't forgotten the six orgasms she gave her. Laura realizes [Laura stopped walking for a moment. She turned and looked at Stevie's beautiful baby face, her sensual lips, her dangerous black eyes. She knew there was no way she could spend an entire evening without touching her. I want her, she realized. She wants me too.] In this situation I would be feeling the same way. I must have this woman in my bed. Now. I love seeing desire in my woman's eyes I knowing that it is all for me. It makes me so fucking wet.

They whisper to each other their desire to bring each other to repeated orgasms. I would be hopping around in lust by now. It is time to get back to Laura's apartment. It is cute how discretion is the better part of valor once they arrive back to Laura's apartment. They are almost certain Rhonda will be checking on them. They kill fifteen minutes in small talk but by now the lust is starting to simmer. Stevie is ready to move things forward [After fifteen minutes of not touching, Stevie turned into a devastating coquette and began to tease Laura mercilessly.] Stevie requests a bath knowing that will mean her getting naked and that soon Laura will join her in that state. I can just feel the tension this restraint would be causing me if I was trying to restrain myself like Laura is here. Laura confesses her building need to kiss Stevie and Stevie is playing the coquette. Stevie loves making her lovers die from wanting her. Finally Stevie stops teasing her and [Stevie reached out with one long, sinuous black finger and traced an invisible line down Laura's cheek to her jaw. "Maybe you should join me in the bath, and then we might not hear the doorbell."] Oh geez, such sweet words. My pussy would be flooding my thighs having soaked my panties completely through. This restraint would be killing me. Once I am behind closed doors so to speak I would be desperate for Stevie's sweet flesh.

Fortunately for the love birds they have hesitated in their lovemaking. Rhonda calls checking up on Stevie. I do feel for Rhonda when she almost sequels when Laura ["Of course. She's right here. Want to talk to her?" "God, yes!"] Rhonda has it bad but she should be wise enough to know to share her good fortune. By sharing you will hopefully be reciprocated in the future. All this jealousy is wasted. Stevie is wise to seek pleasure where she can. She knows how to satisfy the lesbian's cravings that she has. I hear that many of these high profile models are gay and bi. I would be totally besotted fucking all these oh so beautiful women. I simply love that Stevie is able to act so beautifully on the phone with Rhonda allaying her fears all the while making smoking eye contact with Laura promising sweet fucking is soon to commence. Rhonda lets the girls know that she won't be free until midnight and thus they now have three hours to fuck gloriously in peace. I think Stevie captures the mood perfectly [Finally, she hung up. "We've got about three hours to rock and roll," she grinned.] I love sass and confidence in my women.

They quickly revel in the fact that they have three hours to fuck gloriously. I feel I need lots of time with my lovers. I will take a quickie if that is the only way I can have them but I much prefer to make love over a stretch of time to explore each other's bodies completely. I hate to fuck and run so to speak. I love how you always vary things. So often your lovers kiss with a slow sensuousness at the start but sometimes the dynamics demand [They kissed, quickly growing fiercely passionate, trying to eat each other alive. When their mouths finally parted, both were panting.] Being with a woman you haven't seen in a long time will often have the lust at a raging level that demands you start with great fervor. I love sex all ways and love having a woman taking my mouth forcefully and deeply right from the start if that is what she wants. Makes me all weak in the knees and makes my cunt flood with love juice. I can just feel my panties soaking and my juices weeping onto my thighs when we are mouth raping each other in hot abandon.

Laura now quickly pulls Stevie to the bedroom. They must make love NOW!! I love the passion here. I love how you caress Stevie's body and show Laura's complete love for Stevie's body [They undressed on the way. Stevie's underwear was pure white lace, which accentuated her sleek dark skin and made her stunning. God, she's perfect, Laura realized again. A perfect body, a perfect face. How can there be such perfection?] I love seeing a beautiful woman's body being reveled to me. I love darker skinned women because their skin is so beautiful in contrast to everything. I love all women but darker skinned women are just the bomb. I love how they softly tell each other how the other is so beautiful. One should always tell their lover why they find them so beautiful. They now come together like only you describe [She took off her own lacy white bra and brushed her swollen, gleaming black nipples against Laura's. Their tongues tangled and danced excitedly.] You are the only author who shows this coming together and taking your lover lovingly into your arms and just wrapping yourself around her and she around you as you bring your mouths together and start that slow twining and sucking of tongues that so stoke the fires deep in our bellies. Only you show the true beauty of lesbian lovemaking in all its soft, intimate moments. Only you capture the soft tender aspects of lesbian lovemaking. A few try but only you truly capture this intimacy and you have my deep felt thanks.

I love how Stevie gently taunts Laura here with [are you going to fuck me hard? Harder than Rhonda does? And make me come more times than before?"] She knows of Laura's jealousies and competitiveness and is stroking these to get Laura's ire up a little to make sure she gets Laura's all. She would have anyways but she knows Laura will now be extra aggressive. I love for women to talk trash like this to me. I don't get jealousy but it does arouse me mightily and makes me want them all the more and all the harder. My women who like it hard know to taunt me to get me really going. I love it. Of course Laura replies that she will fuck her like she has never been fucked before but the odious requirement to keep quiet rears its ugly head. I am just so happy that Laura now has her private nest where they can scream gloriously in peace. Sometimes screaming into a pillow has its own charm but only as the rare exception and definitely not the norm.

I like how you describe Laura's first assault upon this love goddess [Her beautiful small naked breasts were a feast for Laura, who devoured them passionately. Stevie was used to being the center of attention, whether in public or in bed, and so she lay back and surrendered her beautiful body to Laura, who swarmed over it, caressing her and kissing her everywhere, finally arriving between Stevie's thighs. She gazed again at one of the two or three most beautiful pussies she had ever seen.] I have made love to truly beautiful women who have the ego to go with it and most have lain back just like this. They know they are beautiful and know they will be worshipped. No other thought crosses their mind. I love this confidence in a woman and it only inspires me to more passionate feasting. I love the size of Stevie's breast. Just the right size to manhandle with each hand and then stuff a good portion of that delicious tit in my mouth to tongue maul and give nice hard deep love sucks to while love massaging hard the rest of her tit flesh. I so love stuffing my mouth with a woman's nice warm breast and loving it with my all before switching to the other one and back and forth till they are cawing in helpless rapture. Then pulling that sweet treat out of my mouth and working just the nipple over with my tongue and teeth before I try once more to swallow that nipple deep into my starving throat. Makes them keen like wild animals in heat. Such sweet music to my ears.

Cute comment Laura makes about having Stevie's beautiful cunt on the cover of Playboy. Cute. It is a paragon of beauty. I like how Laura now gets down to business on this gift from the gods [She slithered her tongue into every wet crease and crevice, toying with Stevie as she brought her along. Stevie was soon a wreck, a quivering, churning mass of need, her voice whimpering deep in her throat, clotted with urgency and mad fuck-hunger. Her eyes fluttered open to watch Laura's mouth skillfully making love to her throbbing pussy, and then her head fell back as she nearly swooned in anticipation of the killer climax that was slowly building in her luscious, lean body.] Other authors always make their women so driven in their pussy eating while you show the joy of exploring a new vagina for the first time or getting reacquainted after a long absence. Exploring every facet and crease and savoring each drop of love dew coating your tongue. Once more learning all its secrets and where all those secret nerves that drive her wild are hidden. Again unlike other authors who make their oral love so routine you use word pictures like "mad fuck-hunger", "throbbing pussy" and "slithered" to make it all seem so hot and slutty. This is the imagery that truly makes your sex so earthy and thus satisfying. You make is so primal and rut-like and yet still beautiful (if that makes sense). Lastly, I love how you detail that Stevie takes a little longer to come and that is only a gift from the gods. A pussy that you can go wild on and not have your women let go too fast. I love having a pussy that I can just devour with all my skills and hunger and know that I have long minutes of feasting before the climax. I love ramping up the need in my woman till I kill her with an orgasm that rips her body and soul apart with the most extreme bliss imaginable. A woman in the depths of orgasm is the most beautiful sight on this Earth. Period.

Now I love how you reverse the gentle taunting. Laura knows she now has Stevie close to orgasm and she urges her on with urges to "come now" and that she is "better than Rhonda". Words like this are a dagger to my pussy that makes it quiver and burn with bolts of pleasure. This produces in Stevie what it does with me when I am on the edge ["Unhh! Unh! Oh god . . . you're right! Unngghiiieeeee!"] It is amazing how the spoken word can be such a powerful aphrodisiac. It really can push me and my lovers over the edge into bliss. Now we have the odious covering of noise because of Kendra. Though, I do have to admit that here I like it. Occasionally screaming into a pillow for all I am worth has its own charm. Of course Laura being the excellent lover she is [It was a very long and thorough orgasm, and Laura stayed with her through the whole thing, coaxing every last sweet spasm out of her delicious body until Stevie finally stretched out and smiled like a cat.] I so love working my lover's body and giving her every ounce of pleasure that I can. I try to read their body and if a regular lover use my past experience to do whatever I can to give her more shocks and jolts of bliss pouring forth from her womb and cunt to shatter her soul with sweet pleasure. I live to please so to speak.

Stevie is so appreciative that Laura can bring her off so quickly. Much quicker and much more satisfying that any fucking man in her life I am quit sure. We now find that she has been putting off odious men since her last time with Rhonda which was three weeks ago. Geez, I would simply die without sex for that long or BOTH my hands would have fallen off from overuse. I hope Stevie has found many models and female photographers, makeup artists and such to fuck. One hears that that world is full of lesbians. Let me in!!! Forget those men and their pathetic attempts at seduction. Instead Stevie knows why Laura wants her so desperately [Stevie pushed Laura onto her back and began to make love to her now. "Because you love me for myself. Tell me you do." Laura teased her. "Rhonda's the one who loves you. I only love to fuck you." Stevie made a moue. "Same thing. Now open your thighs so I can get even."] Stevie knows the truth. It is masked in the loving teasing that lesbian lover's use with each other. Our love will always shine through are humor. You are the only author (really) that shows this humor between lovers. Very strange or else we have some grim writers out their.

They continue to tease but Stevie can't wait any longer. She has gone way to long without tender sopping wet cunt meat. She simply has to bury her face in Laura's sweet, sweet pussy and start feasting to satiate her starving soul. I love this next part [Further conversation was out of the question as Stevie began to eat Laura's aching wet pussy passionately, knowing from their earlier experience how quickly Laura could come. A few months with Rhonda had turned the girl into a decent lesbian lover, and she seemed to enjoy going to bed with Laura a lot. In only a few minutes, Laura was grabbing the pillow herself, pushing her face into it, her pelvis shuddering and pumping wildly as a delicious orgasm wrenched her.] I love how you always tell of your women being so "passionate" in their oral lovemaking. I can just feel their hunger. Their need to ingest every drop of love cream and explore and love maul every square centimeter of their woman's hot, wet cunt. You make me feel it and for that you have my deepest thanks. I really like reading of Stevie's improving skills. I love teaching a newbie her new skills. I love to teach but I also like what Laura observes here. I love having a woman bring a new skill to me I didn't teach her. I have introduced lovers to other of my lovers and soon been rewarded with them doing new for them and totally unexpected things to me. Most women learn so fast and really want to use what they have learned as soon as possible. Since each woman is unique I then learn new things and variations that I can share and pass on. This way I think everyone wins. I so love feeling my body being

pummeled by sweet bliss that my lover pours into me with her new found skills and honed skills.

They are sharing some sweet post coital time but Stevie suddenly jumps off the bed and produces a videocam from a suitcase. It seems she wants to be a movie star. Joann sometimes talks of filming us and our lovers. Maria and I like the idea but somehow we haven't gotten around to doing it. No one wants to be the person doing the filming and not being able to participate fully. If she ever does it we will do whatever she wants. It would be hot to watch though the thought is always there that somehow the wrong person will get a hold of it to torment you with it. It would be for private enjoyment only. I do love how this shows Stevie's hedonist streak. They now fuck for a glorious hour before the tripod mounted camera. Knowing that I am fucking a beautiful woman on film would definitely have its appealing aspects.

Laura takes the camera off its mount and proceeds to film up close and personal and starts [She slid two fingers into Stevie's delicious wet pussy and began fingerfucking her while she video-taped Stevie's undulating body. Stevie was wildly beautiful when she was being fucked, and Laura wanted to videotape her having an orgasm.] I so love to finger fuck a woman. I like to get on my knees and hunch over and get close while I pump my fingers into her clutching cunt. I love the smell and seeing my fingers disappearing into her hot tight cunt. What I really love is the wet squishy noisy a sopping wet cunt makes. I will pump for long minutes varying my rhythm and angles to give her pleasure but also to listen to that cunt sing to me with its watery sounds of sodden pleasure. Another thing I like to do is work two or three fingers in her cunt with my hand wedged into her cunt while I work her clit with my thumb. I love all that noise and feeling her juices working past my fingers and hand. I just love rocking my hand swirling my fingers in her steaming cunt working her muscles from all angels and fluttering my fingers to buffet her inner walls. Sometimes I will work her cunt open and just watch her inner love muscles clinch as she pumps her pelvis. This always fills me with crazy lust. I will either remove my hand and bury my face in for nirvana or work my hand back into her hard and hand-rape her to a furious, screaming orgasm. I love feeling myself being rocked and jerked about by my fingers buried in her spasming groin with attendant screams of pleasure. Sigh.

I see Laura does what I was just describing while reveling in the beauty of a super model approaching orgasm ["You are very beautiful when you come," Laura murmured. She let the camera sweep up and down the girl's lean, gleaming body, focusing on her small, jiggling breasts, and her long, smooth stomach, then on her pussy. She rubbed Stevie's clit with her thumb at the same time that she slid her two fingers into the buttery, warm slit of her cunt.] I so love to gaze at a woman's body as it starts to tense with approaching orgasm and that pained pleasure that starts to fill a woman's face and her eyes going opaque with the approach of bliss. Laura hooks her fingers and is rewarded by finding Stevie's g-spot and heaven on Earth has arrived for Stevie [As it turned out, all she could do was hold on for the ride. Stevie's body clenched, and she came immediately. "Auungghhhh! Ohnngggg! Ungghh! Ungghhh!" she groaned, arching and quivering, her thighs flexing, her pelvis shuddering.] The times I have found a woman's g-spot I have been rewarded as Laura is awarded here. It is truly wonderful and awe inspiring to watch a woman trying to survive this heaven on earth. I always preen with pride when I succeed in providing this ultimate gift.

You capture how the waves of orgasm just crash over the woman as you hang on while continuing to stimulate her trying to prolong her pleasure as long as possible [She came convulsively, groaning and tossing her head, coming again, whimpering and then whinnying helplessly as successive orgasms wrenched her lovely smooth body. Continuing to hand-fuck her, Laura could only hold on for the ride. The bed bounced, and the camera jerked up and down in her hand, but for the most part, she kept it focused on Stevie.] I so love how you show your women always trying to give their partner maximum pleasure. That is just so fucking true how you show Laura working hard to keep her fingers pumping and curved fingertips scraping Stevie's g-spot to keep her orgasms coming. Always showing this focusing on the other and not oneself. This is how true happiness is achieved. This giving instead of taking like men always do. I love giving a g-spot orgasm gift to my women who can achieve them.

Stevie finally surfaces from her orgasms and giggles cutely like a young girl. She has a wonderful idea on how to use the camera next ["Mmmm, why don't you hold it up and point it down here, and you can tape what I look like when I'm eating your pussy," Stevie purred sexily.] Sigh, I do love looking down my body while a woman devours my hot, steamy cunt. Of course this makes Laura hot. I like how they get three pillows behind Laura so she can comfortably set up and tape while getting eaten out. I do that sometimes, propping myself so I can fully watch the show. I miss that letting my head flop back on the mattress or floor when my neck tires out or they hit just the right spot and I lose control though. I love seeing my lover craning her neck up to watch me and watching her head disappearing and feeling the mattress reverberate with its impact. Of course Laura comes hard and looses control over the camera.

Stevie is bemused to find the camera still running on the bed after she stops her feasting on Laura's succulent quim. I like how they squabble a little over who gets to keep the film. Of course Stevie wins with her sassy ways. It is cute how they decide for Stevie to shower to remove any smells of their lovemaking and Laura puts a heavy dose of perfume on to mask any scent on her. They are saved from any problems when Rhonda calls and asks Laura to drop Stevie off at her place for her. I love how the fates are almost always looking out for Laura. They know what a treasure she is to the female race. She must be protected and nurtured by the fates for women like me and her angels.

Cute comment by Stevie about needing energy to fuck Rhonda when she gets to her place [Stevie put a finger on Laura's lips. "You've had your way with me tonight, sex fiend. I don't think I've ever come so much in one time. Please let me rest. I will no doubt have to fuck with Rhonda a couple of times before sleepy bye." "Poor dear. Just close your eyes and think of me." Stevie smiled her most enchanting covergirl smile and was silent.] I think Stevie's silence has a meaning. She is being cute and coy with Laura about Rhonda but Stevie is a hedonist and a fuck slut like myself. Once she is in Rhonda's beautiful presence she will immediately revive and hunger for Rhonda sweet flesh. Rhonda is a beautiful woman in her own right and immensely desirable. Once Stevie sees Rhonda again with her own eyes and hears Rhonda's sweet voice and smells her musk she will be stripping off her clothes in a desperate hurry. Her body will be hungering to now bury her face deep in Rhonda's hot cunt and bring her off to stunning orgasms and then lying back and waiting to be worshipped like she so richly deserves. Beauty such as Stevie possesses must be worshipped and brought to the deepest, hardest, longest orgasms achievable. She deserves to be pleasured to the depths of the soul. I just wish I was the woman with my tongue and fingers buried in that hot tight pussy. Sigh.



Chapter 189:

This chapter starts out with April being difficult. It seems she is trying to resist the truth [At work Laura and April tried hard to treat each other as if nothing had ever happened. It was very difficult.] Unfortunately, this happens too often. You fuck gloriously with a woman and then man's world starts messing with them making them feel guilty. I have just shown them the best sex in their life that they came to me for or that I fairly easily seduced and then they are befuddled by it. I am almost always able to help them through this though sometimes I can't. It is amazing the damage that we women allow the world of man to inflict on us. Getting these women to deny the best sex in the world. Even though April is resisting her eyes are giving her away. Laura can easily see the desire burning in them. April foolishly resists Laura's offer to come to her place after work and throws I got a date with a boyfriend at Laura. Fucking a guy trying to refuse the awakening truth of her lesbian desires. I really, really hate having that thrown in my face. I love bi-sexual women who embrace sex with women and then give their husbands or boyfriends just enough sex to keep them happy and quiet and then go to women for the real thing. I love helping women to become more comfortable with their lesbian desires. Getting them to except their desire for me and then hopefully open them up to fucking other women to really see the truth.

Fortunately, Laura's tryst with Stephanie has kept her libido in check along with sessions with Charise and Randi. I always love reading of Laura getting nookey on the side in these chapters. Laura is like me. She needs lots of pussy to keep her happy. Now Laura gets a pleasant surprise while shopping at her local Walgreen. She runs into Mavis and immediately wonders if she is looking for another white woman to pickup and then sees a beautiful black woman behind her. We quickly discover that the lovely creature is her sister Brenda. I remember the first time I read this chapter thinking, ah sweet incest. I have always never had a problem with siblings that have been willing to break the taboo that society has put up against this. If they have developed a deep longing for each other and act on it then it seems natural to me. When siblings or other family relatives grow up together it is easy for these feelings to develop if they are truly close to each other. (I absolutely abhor parents who break their scared trust though.) I find they fuck with a deep almost mystical hunger for each other. Their closeness allows them to connect on a level that other couples spend years getting to. It is cute Brenda going into this knowing nothing about Mavis's relationship with Laura but Laura knowing everything about her and Mavis's relationship.

I guess one of the things that so quickly hooked me on your stories is how you develop these women. You are simply the only author that makes her women seem so alive and real to me. Other authors don't develop their women. I guess a lot of is because they give only one-shot short stories while you have given me this saga of the life and times of Laura. This is kind of letting the other authors off the hook though. This is because you always immediately start giving us word pictures of your women. You have already started letting us know what Shaniqua looks like and she hasn't even really entered the story yet. You do that with Brenda here on her introduction [Brenda was gorgeous and looked very different from Mavis. She was dark, but not nearly as black as Mavis. Her eyes were instantly alive with erotic promise as she gazed very sharply at Laura. She was obviously every bit the sexual creature Mavis had hinted at, one who would corrupt her own fourteen-year-old sister. Her dark, flashing eyes were hard and probing, inquisitive, tough. She wore a touch of silvery eye-shadow, and reminded Laura a little of the stunning porn star Midori, whom Laura had once seen briefly in a photo. And when Mavis stepped aside, Laura could see that Brenda had a stunning body.] With Brenda's first appearance we discover that she has eyes that speak to you and we see she is full of self confidence. Her eyes let you know she is a very sexual animal. I like to think my eyes speak to my would be lovers in such a way. I want to look into your soul and whisper to you what I can do to you in my bed. We see that she doesn't look like Mavis and uses funky silvery eye-shadow. The reader now knows that Brenda has the same fire that Mavis has burning in her soul and womb. This will not require much seductive work by Laura. This is a woman who did seduce her sister. Lucky girl.

Where you would have exhausted other authors with your above paragraph you now really paint her physical picture [She was not tall or willowy, but her incredibly slim waist accentuated her knockout body. Her breasts were only slightly larger than Laura's, not the mammoth jugs Mavis had described, but of course Mavis's own breasts were so small that perhaps she thought of Brenda's as huge. Brenda wore tight clothes to show off her spectacular curves. Laura tried not to stare at her body, but Brenda was used to having people look. She smiled ambiguously. Laura wondered how much Mavis had told her.] I now have a good mental picture of Brenda even without the photos. This is something that other authors don't even come close to giving me. I am forced to keep the women very generic and bland which I find very frustrating. It is like making love to a store mannequin. There is no beauty in their descriptions of their women. Heck many times with these authors there isn't any. Cute the description of Brenda having breasts much like Midori must have had before she had those over-the-top breast implants. I always love it when your women have that confidence in their beauty. I am a big believer in "if you got it flaunt it." If you have a great body, show it off. I believe in making myself as attractive as possible. I want to catch your eye so I can start working on getting your sweet pussy buried in my starving mouth as soon as possible.

I am always happy when you remind the reader that the women Laura meets find her to be very beautiful. Brenda is already starting to be captivated by her beauty and a curiosity as to whether she is sleeping with her sister. No anger, just curious. I love this woman already. A woman who understands that seeking pleasures with another woman is a natural thing. I love how you are continuing to describe Brenda with her fine delicate hands she shakes Laura's with. I love how Laura throws down the gauntlet [They sized one another up. "I'm so glad to meet you too," Laura said evenly. "Mavis told me so much about you."] This will either soon have them in bed together or Brenda will be put off. Let's see what happens. What I love is how this is real life. Sometimes one must make a gambit and hope you have read the situation correctly and you have cut through to the chase so to speak and gotten yourself in bed very quickly. When in a pickup bar it is fun to see how quickly you can get a woman in your bed fucking her brains out. Other times you just have to play it by ear and go by her vibes as to how fast you can get her in bed. Sometimes it happens so fast my head is left spinning, not that I am complaining.


I can understand why Brenda seems a little curt here. A woman she just met is making it clear she knows of her incestuous past with her sister. She must be wondering if she is in danger here from this beautiful woman. Mavis quickly moves things forward like the young vixen she is. She makes a purchase and then leads them [Outside the store, Laura couldn't take her eyes off Mavis, and Brenda saw her looking. Mavis did too and relished it. Is she using me to make her sister jealous? Laura wondered. How bizarre! I never would've thought of such a thing. "You should see her apartment," Mavis bragged to Brenda. "She got some killer digs. See that building over there? She lives way up on one of those floors--what is the floor you live on, Laura?"] I know Mavis is using Laura to make Brenda jealous. It is only natural. She is now broaching the topic of Laura's nearby apartment. I know she is already wondering how to get the three of them together in that apartment for some soul shattering threesome sex. I love how Brenda saucily says ["I guess you've seen it," Brenda said drily.] Mavis easily admits the truth knowing and what that signifies. Brenda agrees to visit for "a few minutes". With all the undercurrents here, the reader knows that Brenda is already close to being seduced. This is a woman who knows all about taking pleasure where possible. Her eyes say it all.

In her own way Laura is conservative. She always gets flustered when one of her teenage angels gets aggressive with their flirting and taking the lead in the seductions. Her teen angels are always discombobulating Laura before they fuck her brains out in sweet youthful, energetic fucking. But it is not Mavis that leads the flirting. Brenda first asks Laura if she is planning a cozy tea party when Laura asks what they want to drink. Brenda then goes for the kill when Laura gives her the first opening [Laura looked at Brenda. "I've got Earl Grey and Camomile." Brenda's eyebrows raised spontaneously.

"How kinky. Are you hiding them in the bedroom? Earl and Cammy might be doing the Big Nasty in there." Laura, in spite of herself, blushed beet red. It was a sexual innuendo, and she instantly betrayed her excitement. She turned and headed for the kitchen.] I love innuendo especially when the other woman is leading it. I am told I am witty and will lead things when necessary but I love for the other woman(s) to lead things. It makes me so wet and makes me feel so desirable and wanted. Laura is just so precious when she gets easily embarrassed and blushes so deeply red.

They banter a little more but then Brenda lets things simmer for now. She has produced the spark and now waits to see it catch. While they banter Laura reminisces about her past sister lovers. I love her history of past lovers. She reflects that only once has she had sisters in bed both at the same time. Fucking sisters is so fucking hot and soul stirring. Mavis follows them into the kitchen and asks Brenda [Mavis joined them in the kitchen. "Isn't Laura beautiful?" she asked Brenda. "She looks just like that model."] With other teenagers this might be innocent but with Mavis the reader knows she is trying to move things forward. They move back to the living room to watch the sunset and Laura thinks she knows they are waiting to fuck with adore but are not sure how to do it. Laura and Brenda still being total strangers is slowing things down. Now that I think about it, Mavis and Brenda are the only two women (at least in the last two sets of books of Laura's story) where she fucks them on the first meeting. Almost like going to a pickup bar for a one night stand but way, way more romantic and soul stirring. Only with Laura she always connects with her women and desires them for repeated fuckings. Cool how this happens with these sisters and one sister leads to the other sister fucking Laura on their first random meeting. This is better yet, with her present and joining in.

After things simmer for a half hour Brenda goes to use the bathroom. I love how you are the only author who lets events take there own sweet time in occurring. Not everything happens immediately. Sometimes you need to let the sweet wine of love age a little for sweet perfection. Laura cattily wonders if she is going to look in her medicine cabinet. I personally think she goes away for a moment knowing Mavis's nature. Letting her little sister move things forward and she immediately does just that [She noticed Mavis standing in front of her. "You haven't kissed me," Mavis whispered.] Laura flustered explains she can't in front of her sister but Mavis moves in for the kill now that they are alone [Mavis bent down. Her wildly sensual and warm mouth curved into Laura's, making Laura's pulse leap. Mavis's tongue slipped into her mouth. They kissed heatedly from the first instant.] I so love aggressive women. Mavis knows what she wants and will not hesitate in taking it. This next part is especially yummy. Brenda comes back into the room very quietly. Brenda isn't shocked and gives no warning and walks right up to them. I know this exactly what she planned on happening. I love this devious woman using her own sister to lead to the sweet fucking to come. She is MY kind of woman. She loves what she is seeing. Mavis of course is not the least bit shy about being caught. She doesn't even pull away from Laura and ["Oh . . . she caught us," Mavis said, disingenuously, smiling at Brenda.] You have got to love how this girl plays the seductress.

Unfortunately, Brenda does what a lot women do. Joann is guilty of this. She wants to be the alpha wolf in this situation (she just does it in a totally cool way I so love). She starts baiting Laura about wanting sweet black pussy. She isn't mad at Laura for drinking at Mavis's sweet well. She has drunk from it. She isn't shocked at the proceedings. She just wants to have control of the unfolding events. She is using things like this ["And here you are messing around with this rich white lady who looks and dresses like some fancy model. She just like you for your pussy, girl. Ain't that true, Laura?" Laura glowered at Brenda, lowering her eyes menacingly. "It's not true," she said evenly. "Mavis knows it's not true."] The battle of wills is on. I think Brenda is winning. Unfortunately, for her, Mavis loves tweaking all the women in her life ["You used to kiss me like that too," Mavis pouted to her sister.] Now Brenda is blushing and on the defensive.

Mavis uses this to weaken and seduce Brenda. It seems that Brenda stopped making love to Mavis when she got married. Mavis wants her again. I hope that Brenda now that she has once more tasted Mavis's divine pussy will forget her stupid reasons for stopping and will once more take Mavis to her bed. Mavis presses her advantage [Now Mavis whispered something to her that Laura couldn't hear. Brenda slowly reached up with both hands and cradled Mavis's face in them. Then she placed her mouth against Mavis's and kissed her passionately. Watching, Laura could feel her own pussy getting wet.] I love how Mavis has these adult women in the palm of her hand. I like not knowing exactly what beautiful words Mavis used to crumble Brenda's senseless defenses. I can remember having adult women under my thrall. They wanted me and couldn't resist me. What adult woman doesn't desire having a teenager desiring them and willfully giving themselves to them? I did it gladly and every single opportunity that was presented to me. I loved having mature women taking me into their bed.

I really love this next part. I wish I had had a school girl outfit like this when some of my adult lovers took me back in high school. I can just see it in my minds eye. It is so fucking hot. [When they broke off their kiss, they were both panting softly. Mavis was bent over, her short plaid school uniform skirt riding up and exposing the smooth black flesh of her thighs. Laura couldn't take her eyes off them. Mavis looked back and grinned as she saw the direction of Laura's glance. She stood up, smirking, self-satisfied, devilish, bristling with mischief. "Face it, both of you guys want to fuck me," she said. She crooked her finger, teasing them, walking across the room toward the hallway. "Come on into Laura's bedroom."] I too had this confidence once I know that they wanted me. It is so easy to tell when a woman is thinking she is getting the forbidden fruit. You basically have them eating out of the palm of your hand. They are almost helpless until they got me in bed and then I easily let them take control again. They loved fucking a teenager who so willfully showed her desire and actively worked on seducing them. I really had a hunger for older women like Mavis does. Horny mothers going without great sex or never had great sex can be an easy target when they are suddenly given attention and made to feel desirable. Many were reawaken to old bi drives and some just needed good fucking period. Some were predators like Joann can be. I was easy game. Thus, I always love your seductive teenagers because I was like that at their age. Other girls wanted older men, I wanted older women. I cherished the ones who really knew how to fuck me with all their acquired skills and passion. I learned so much from them. While some were a lot less experienced than me or even lesbian virgins but just completely desperate to have me after I had played my wiles on them. I so loved fucking their brains out and shaking their worlds.

I like how Mavis is so confident as she walks to Laura's bedroom. She knows that she has her sister and Laura completely under her spell. They both can only admit to each other their helplessness before Mavis's charms. Nice moment when Brenda confuses her Midori's. It is funny as a child she was homely but as an adult she looks much more attractive. She came through our city last year and she came on stage for us early birds and seeing her talking and animated makes her seem so alive and alluring. Plus, I know of all the work she does trying to bring classical music to disadvantage youth. Joann and Maria still turn their nose at her but I would do her in a minute if I could. Her personality has won me over. Joann did like seeing a woman that was smaller than her. Of course Brenda turns to butter when she discovers who Laura really means. Cute moment when Mavis is waiting impatiently at Laura's bedroom door. She finds it heinous that she is not the center of attention and that Laura and Brenda are hitting it off. Joann can be this way. She must be the center of all that goes on in her presence. We don't mind but sometimes we forget to pay her proper homage. She is cute when she gets her little girl pout and gets jealous. She is able to do it cute, which is kind of rare. Mavis being the attention hog she is removes her sweater and bra. I love a woman who takes charge of the situation and leads things along. I will lead if necessary but I much prefer following. Mavis is such a cute minx. There is nothing devious or mean in her actions. Only youthful exuberance and joy of this wonderful thing called lesbian lovemaking.

I really like and I'm smiling at Mavis working to get the attention focused back on her ["Are both of you going to fuck me with your clothes on?" she asked coyly.] This gets the two women to stripping but instead of focusing back on her like Mavis thinks it should be they can't help but see the beauty being exposed before their eyes. I love seeing a woman's sweet flesh being exposed to me and drooling over what will soon be under my hands and tongue [The more of Brenda's body that came into view, the more aroused Laura became. The woman was just as beautiful under her clothes as Midori was, too. Her breasts were full and firm, round, and unlike her sister she had large circular areolas and thick, jutting nipples in the centers. Her waist was tiny, one of the slenderest Laura had ever seen, which emphasized the swelling curve of her hips.] I will never tire of the female form. You are the only author to really show the beauty of the female form. You caress and love the female form. You put us on a pedestal like we should be.

I love the little things like telling us Brenda's panties are yellow. I love how that minx Mavis walks over to her sister and buries her tongue down her throat. I know she must miss desperately her sister's sweet, sweet pussy. I have absolutely nothing against sibling incest. I would be shaking with lust too with all this passion before. The sisters now take Laura to bed. Yumm!!!! I love how your women always compliment each other ["Looks like Miss Vogue Model got a beautiful body of her own," Brenda said, running her hands up Laura's naked midriff to her breasts, squeezing them hungrily.] Men are so guilty of not telling their woman how beautiful they are. It is now time for Laura and Brenda to drive their tongues down receptive throats. I so love twining and sucking a new tongue deep into my mouth and then ramming my long tongue down her throat and exploring every square centimeter of her mouth and tongue. I get so hot when our mouths are melded together exchanging tongue and spittle.

I simply have to smile at Mavis here ["Hey, who the fuckee here anyway?" she whined, pulling each of them apart by the arm. "You two supposed to be doing me, not each other."] I love that petulant self-centered desire to be the center of all things. Joann is like this and I love it (though sometimes it does get exasperating, but that is my selfishness talking). I want my women sassy if they have it in them. Maria is like me. She is just too sweet to try to be the alpha. She just pleads for her loving which makes me happy and feeling sexy to satisfy her needs. When Brenda and Laura tell Mavis they may want each other, Mavis knows how to focus the events back on herself ["You have to wait," Mavis replied with an impish smile. "Look . . . look what I got for you." She lay on her back and opened her young thighs, exposing the wet, festering gash of her pussy, running the tip of her forefinger up and down in the glistening slit. Her finger came away shiny, and her eyes were glazed, beseeching them both.] Oh yeah, that would have me under her spell. I love watching a woman touching herself. I can just sit there and watch a woman masturbate herself to orgasm and feel mighty satisfied as I diddle myself.

Of course they both fall under her spell and immediately turn upon her and start to feast on her sweet young willing flesh. They immediately devour her tits. I love having both of my tits sucked and kneaded at the same time. Feeling all that fire and pleasure filling my breasts and streaming down to my now quivering wet cunt and lust glazed mind. The beauty of having two women working your tits is this [Brenda glanced over at Laura, then slid down the girl's supple young body, sliding between Mavis's yawning thighs, while Laura began to spread her attention between both of the girl's small breasts, squeezing them, pinching and sucking Mavis's sensitive nipples.] I love feeling one of my angels sliding down my body and spreading my thighs and feeling her nestle down between them and knowing I am about to feel her hot mouth working my love aching cunt.

I think you capture a very true facet here. Incestuous female lovers really know their partner and seem to have an almost mystical soul deep connection. They almost instinctively know all of their partner's secret erogenous nerve endings. You do feel left out witnessing such a deep connection. I understand Laura's light jealousy witnessing Brenda pleasuring Mavis so deeply and completely. Of course wonderful cunt lapping will do that to a girl [Laura glanced down to see Brenda fucking Mavis's pussy with two fingers and frantically tongue-flicking her little swollen clit, just as Laura would have done. She knew Mavis was going to come in seconds. Mavis's face was exquisitely beautiful when she came, and Laura wanted to see it. She sucked and pinched the girl's erect, wet nipples passionately, looking up to watch the various expressions of sexual tension and growing ecstacy pass across her face.] I love feasting on a festering, sopping wet cunt while I'm pistoning two or three fingers into her love hole right below my chin, feeling those knuckles just grazing me as I feast. Suctioning a clit hard and fast with tongue flicks while finger fucking her hard and deep. All guaranteed to produce screaming, bucking orgasms with much love juice to swallow in greedy elation. You also show how women just love to gaze into a lover's face while an orgasm approaches. I love seeing all those twitches and grimaces of extreme pleasure crossing a woman's face. It is just so fucking beautiful. I love finger fucking a woman face to face just to see this or working with another and me working her upper half to witness this most beautiful sight on earth. I miss my tender cunt meat but I can always get that with our next round of lovemaking for the night.

Of course I love how you make each orgasm just so fucking beautiful to behold just like they are in real life ["She's gonna come . . . she's there," Brenda panted, still working Mavis's hot little pussy for all she was worth. And she was right. Mavis's entire lovely sleek black young body seized up, flexing and arching, and she came explosively, crying out as a strong orgasm ripped through her. "Anngghiiiiiieeee!" she wailed, writhing and pumping, her hands flailing, grasping Laura's naked shoulders as Laura continued to suck her breasts sharply.] I do that from time to time, announcing the obvious. Of course Brenda immediately buries her face back deep into Mavis beginning to convulse cunt. Can't miss feeling all those contractions on your deep thrusting tongue. I so love that moment when the orgasm truly hits and the body just seizes up and then you're not exactly sure how it will convulse this time and then you just get to watch and revel in the pleasure exploding right before your eyes. I so love watching an explosive orgasm ripping a woman's straining flesh apart with soul searing pleasure. I love how you show that though Laura is reveling in witnessing Mavis's ecstasy she is continuing to suck

Mavis's nipples hard to keep pumping as much pleasure out of Mavis's body as humanely possible. Women always strive to give all the pleasure they possible can to their partners. Love that little detail of Mavis grasping a hold of Laura in her moment of orgasm crises. I love feeling those fingers digging into me in desperate pleasure and I know I have gripped many a woman hard when my hands are flailing around and I find a part of my lover to latch onto and just hold onto as my body and cunt are exploding with pleasure.

One of the beauties of having two women love you is having both of them holding you as you come down. I love to just lay my head on my lover's lover abdomen and kiss their belly and hips while stroking their lower body after feasting on her cunt while my other lover kisses and strokes her face and upper body. I also like the front and back that Laura and Brenda are doing here. I love how the sisters coo and remark that it has been a long time since they had did this while obviously reveling in their current coupling. I think they need to resume their obvious love for each other in sweet fucks of incestuous bliss.

Despite this bliss, Brenda does have another beautiful woman to love now. With Mavis satiated, Brenda and Laura quickly come together and coil their bodies in rising, raging lust. Brenda is excited to be fucking a white girl. Cool! I love how this time there is no slow build up. Lust is raging and Laura swarms all over Brenda in mad lust. She inhales her breasts and makes Brenda gasp and Laura asks her famous "am I sucking to hard" question. Of course she isn't!!!! I love how you always detail the progression of love making [Brenda's breasts were not small beauties like Mavis's. They were big, round, firm, with wide swelling nipples, and Laura feasted on them hungrily. At the same time, she dropped one hand to Brenda's crotch and felt the matted wetness of her groin hair, slithering two fingers through it to the warm, slippery cleft of Brenda's pussy.] Working a woman's tits and then introducing your fingers up her hot, tight, slippery fuck hole and plunging up hard and deep. Working your lover harder and harder to bring the most powerful of orgasms. As I so often say you are the only writer who writes of the communication that lovers do in bed ["I know . . . I know! Want it to last! Fuck me and make it last!" Laura fucked her pussy hard with the two fingers. Brenda became delirious with lust, panting and pumping and squirming. "Unh! Unh! Unh! she grunted softly. "Oh . . . eat my pussy, Laura, I'm gonna come so hard! Please!"] This is how lovers work together to give and take maximum pleasure from each other.

I like this next part. Brenda has made the mistake of crying out that she wanted it to last. This gives you the green light to do the following [She knew Brenda was very close to an orgasm. But this was just the kind of situation Laura relished, since she knew how to prolong the agony until Brenda was literally begging her for release. Slowly, skillfully, she began to make love to Brenda's juicy, flowing pussy, increasing the intensity, and then slowing back down, bringing Brenda back up to a quivering, whimpering frenzy, then backing off to let her down again one rung.] I love working a pussy like this. Taking a woman to the brink and then backing off. I love all the pleasuring I am giving and seeing that body start to tense up and then taking them down and seeing the rising desperation. I so long to have my face buried deep in a convulsing cunt and feasting on copious love cream. Still I deny myself this pleasure of really prolonging the feasting often unless I hear what Laura heard here (plus, want to keep this a rare special treat). Then I feel obligated to give this maximum build up and then when the time is right and one knows that prolonging it might ruin the moment, then you finish them off with a blinding assault on their clit. Completely assault it with vicious hard love sucks and hard tongue swipes and strokes. Sometimes doing what Mavis likes to do is just right, taking the flat of your tongue, pressing hard against the clit and then shaking your head for all your worth. Much screaming and bucking are always the immediate soul satisfying result with much love cream to swallow as sweet payment for services rendered.

As Laura works her closer to orgasm I love how only you show this [She twisted and squirmed, pulling her own nipples, squeezing her breasts, panting and gyrating her pelvis, pushing her pussy up into Laura's mouth. "Fuck me, girl . . .fuck me! Please fuck me . . . let me come! Laura, make me come! Please! Oh god . . . I can come! Please!"] The twisting and maybe sucking of ones own nipples and then the vocal cries of to your lover for sweet release. It is amazing how other authors don't show this at all or only gloss it without the sweet details to draw the reader into this magical moment of desperate need and craving for sweet release. Now things get even more special as a previously spent lover has recovered and [By now Mavis had again become overheated just from watching them, and she could not stay on the sidelines. She began massaging Brenda's luscious breasts and sucking her erect nipples, and this further excited Brenda so much that Laura knew there was little use to prolong it further. You're going to come now, Brenda, now, so get ready.] With multiple lovers after the first usual half way thought out planned tryst everything becomes fluid as to how lovers couple, join, leave the lovemaking. This sudden infusion of Mavis's loving ministrations must be sending fresh, unexpected fire straight to Brenda's already overloaded cunt. An orgasm of maximum proportions is now guaranteed.

Now you finish off Brenda and the reader with this wonderful coup de ta [Holding two fingers stiffly inside of Brenda's pussy, for her to buck and ram her pussy against, she did something Kendra and Mavis herself had taught her: she pressed the flat of her tongue against Brenda's swollen, throbbing clit and waggled her head wildly back and forth. She herself had simply exploded when this was done to her, and it had the same effect on Brenda. "Auunngghhiieeeee!" she cried, flipping and surging off the mattress as her body was wrenched by the powerful shocks of a thrilling climax. "Oh! Ungghhhhh! Oh shit yes yes! Auugghhhnnnnn!"] I so love finishing off my lover and being rewarded with such a wonderful orgasm and all that love cream to lap up and get all over my face, upper chest and maybe hair if things get really wild. This is what fucking is all about.

I love how you talk of the orgasms seeming to last for a long time most of the time. I know in reality they don't, DAMMIT, but while I am sunk in the middle of a fuck delirium from a stupendous orgasm ripping my flesh and especially my womb apart with wrenching spasms of pure bliss I do feel like I am floating on a cloud and touching the face of eternity. Coming down I just love mumble and coo in bliss. While watching a woman experience her orgasm I just focus on her with all my senses reveling in her pleasure always thinking it ends to soon though I am trying with all my skills and energy to prolong her pleasure as long as possible. Now Laura is all wrought up and Mavis is attune to this like almost all women are and moves to take care of Laura's plight [Mavis knew this, and she smiled at Laura as if promising her it wouldn't be long. "Better let me at that pretty pink pussy, Laura," she murmured.] I will never tire how you are always showing the communication between lovers and the obvious affection and love that these women share for each other. I sure wish other authors in erotica would capture this vital element of lesbian love.

You very pleasantly surprised me the first time read this chapter. I was expecting some hot mouth to pussy action but instead you give me this wonderful treat [Laura spread her thighs, but she had no idea Mavis would do what she actually did. She felt the girl's fingers in her hot, slimy trench, pushing, then harder, and then Mavis's small clenched hand slid into her pussy. It was so wet from the sexual excitement of having fucked both Mavis and Brenda that nothing could prevent this penetration.] I almost always save fisting for after that first round of lovemaking. A pussy is so much easier to penetrate once an orgasm has it fully lubricated and loosened up from its orgasm. Plus, having small hands help. I have large hands so I have to go slow and gentle until my little haven is all stretched out and accommodating and then I can get down some serious love stroking hard and deep. As Brenda surfaces from her sexual stupor, Mavis makes an offer to her ["I can do you both at once," she grinned. "I'll be the champ."] That has got to rank up their with Jane's "oh Laauuurrrraaaaa" from the shower as my favorite cute lines. Oh god, yes, this is fucking heaven [Brenda was so feverish with sex that she grabbed Mavis's outstretched fist and drew it forcibly toward her open cunt, which Laura had just been licking so happily. Still slowly moving her small fist around in Laura's pussy, Mavis's eyes locked with Brenda's and she pushed her other fist into her sister's cunt.] This caused quite a masturbatory frenzy the first time I read this story. It is simply FUCKING hot!!!

This is something I learned from you. The idea of fucking two women at once with my love fists. I have not tried to complete the circuit like Laura does here. I love just concentrating while fucking and have not tried to move the bodies into this position when fucking and I am just to far gone when receiving to be trying to arrange this. I will have to try sometime like Laura does here [It suddenly occurred to Laura that if she twisted her body forward just a little, because of her long arms she could reach around Mavis's thigh from behind and get her own fist into Mavis's pussy, which she could see, all wet and puckering and fiery pink.] I had kind of forgotten this third penetration. I will have to make this happen the next time I get to do this. Laura quickly gets herself and Mavis in position introduces her loving fist up Mavis's tight welcoming cunt. This is usually the reply you get when you fist a woman ["Annghiiieee!" Mavis yelped softly. "Ooooh shit, that feels good!"] I so love to have a fist worked into my cunt and then pumped hard and deep once I'm ready for the ride.

I love how you go beyond describing just the basic position and the act of sex in each part of the story. This is how the majority of authors leave things. You are the only author to fully detail and describe the heat and passion of intense fucking like [Mavis had a fist sunk in both Laura's and Brenda's pussies, and Laura was fist-fucking Mavis heatedly. Each time she drove her hand deep into Mavis's pussy, Mavis groaned and fist-fucked both Brenda and Laura wildly, her hands agitated and rough, plunging deep into their bodies.] When you use words like "agitated, rough and plunging" you are giving the adjectives necessary for the reader to really get into the act of this fist lovemaking. The rough passion that makes it into something just so fucking fantastic. Like the detail of their awkward circle of love and how they are working each other hard for the brass ring [All three of them drove one another to the brink, gasping, crying out, wincing, groaning as a final excruciating wave of killing pleasure began to break over their struggling bodies.]

I love fisting two women like this now because I get to work both hands into a willing wet cunt. Once they start to lose it, I love all that thrashing and sounds of increasing pleasure. I love feeling my body being jerked about and feeling all that tugging on my shoulders as their bodies start to thrash around and their unsynchronized gyrations jerk me about while I continue to plunge away with loving force. As the end gets near I love to work my knuckles with twisting sweeps and flutter my fingers as I loosen my fist some while I twist my fist in on the in stroke and then ball up again and twist out. It just makes them scream and pump like crazy as they come with rupturing orgasms. It was cute when I first suggested this to Joann and Maria. Joann eyes just lit up and she wiggled into position with total abandon and lust. I love this being able to bring to two women to orgasm at roughly the same time with my fists. I so love giving pleasure that I just absolutely love this. Sometimes when Dodie's husband is away on another business trip she will come over for the weekend. We have had some wild fisting orgies with her. She is fist hog. I have fisted her from behind while she is fisting my two angels. I love resting my face on her voluptuous ass while I plunge and twist my fist deep into her hot tight cunt. We try to keep everything in sync and get everyone coming together. So much screaming and flailing bodies. The smells of thick, love juice filling the air as my angels die from coming. The great thing about Dodie is that she always gets these little tremors in her groin, ass and belly when her orgasm approaches and they just build and

build and until she ruptures and erupts into wild flips and surges of the utmost ecstasy. I love feeling those building tremors on my cheek while I rest my face on her belly or ass while I do her digitally and feel them building. I don't mind not coming with them. I know I will get mine in a little while. I just so love feeling and seeing all this pleasure before my eyes. I feel so content at times like this.

I love everything about your story writing. The character development and beautiful descriptions of these angels. The way the story evolves and living the vagaries of Laura's life. Seeing women come and go like real life. I love it all but what I love the most about your writings is how it focuses on the payoff. The reason we love our angels is to reach the highest levels of bliss. This is really, really, REALLY captured with this [She came hard, her young, gleaming body flexing and straining, her cries wildly erotic as the spasms made her silky flesh quiver. Best of all, her wild, jerky movements drove both of her hands deeper into Laura's and Brenda's cunts, exciting both of them into fierce orgasms of their own within seconds. "Ungghhh! Oh god . . . oh yes Mav---" Brenda gasped, her words suddenly interrupted by a sharp moan as her body convulsed in repeated spasms from a clenching climax. "Aunnngghhhh! Ohhnnggg . . . unhh! Auungghhhh!" And Laura, deeply aroused by the sight of Mavis's slender, flexing,

gleaming, jet-black body straining through her orgasm, and by her equally beautiful sister Brenda's face torn by intense shocks of acute rapture, came in hot, wrenching shocks herself. She could feel every knuckle of Mavis's fist turning deep inside her pussy as the waves of an excruciating orgasm began to drown her. "Ohhhh! Oh Mavis . . . oh god! Owwngghhhhh! Ungghhhh! Oh yes oh shit yes yes! Ohhnnn!" she moaned, pumping her pussy into Mavis's fist, and grabbing Brenda too, as Brenda grabbed for her.]

Sigh, this is what I love for. The rapture that only orgasm can give one. This supreme moment that only you capture. I can just feel these women's orgasms ripping through their flesh. My belly just quivers and tightens with sympathetic spasms. You always produce in me a great horniness that I need desperate fucking to soothe or intense masturbation sessions to calm. I love how you always capture a woman's body being pummeled with extreme shocks of bliss that just attempt to ripe your body apart with burning rapture. Nice detail of how bringing one lover off can make her so spastic in her

ministrations that this in turn gets off the woman she is loving. And, ah, the sweet sounds of love and rapture filling the room. I so long to be made hoarse from screaming and having my ears filled with the screams of my love delirious lovers. I so love to feel my lover's fist sweeping my cunt sleeve as it plunges deep into my quivering flesh. I love grasping a lover close to me during orgasm and just rubbing against her and ramming my tongue down her throat or just love sucking whatever is available to my hungry mouth if I can't kiss her.

I just get dreamy reading of them cuddling each other and feeling the aftershocks ripple through each others flesh. They all must be slicked with sweat that makes for such nice friction as you gently slide your bodies together as you coil and twine arms and legs. I love licking my lover's sweat and tasting her essence and saltiness of exertion. I love how Laura asks for Brenda's phone number but Brenda asks for hers after gnawing on her lower lip. One does have to worry about the odious husband. I like how Mavis after drying her hands off in the bathroom announces ["Well. Are we ready for more?" she asked, full of mischief.] This is what I like in my women, plenty of stamina to fuck and fuck. I need lots of loving and want my women to be able to keep up with me.

You now give us those little real life moments that other authors never give us. Brenda now pulls the older sister looking out for the younger sister routine and tells Mavis they have to go because she has homework to do. Mavis is pissed at this mother hen routine and shows her teenage self with ["Hate homework!" Mavis said. "We don't get to fuck with Laura every day," she pleaded with her sister. "Ain't you having fun, Bren?"] That is just so cute and yet so true at the same time. I look at some of the girls we associate and fuck with and I keep asking myself, I didn't act like that did I when I was their age? I have always thought of myself as being mature for my age, especially in the ways of sex, but I am quite sure I had some of Mavis's ways in me at her age. It is just so easy to forget those things. I like to think I have always been sophisticated but I know that isn't really true.

Laura wisely goes to Mavis and embraces and caresses her with promises of them getting together soon, maybe even tomorrow. Of course this makes Mavis's belly melt with love and desire. She knows that soon she and Laura will be fucking heatedly again. Laura invites Brenda over again with words and smoldering looks of seduction and romance. They all dress and Laura slips Brenda her card with her phone numbers on it. The ending is especially cute [But this was a mistake. They ran into Kendra and Jane in the lobby, just coming in. Both of them looked hard, eyes wide and knowing, at Brenda and Mavis. Laura wondered whether Jane knew Mavis from school, but she saw no flicker of recognition. She looked down and hurried them out the door, afraid that Jane, fearless and bold and cutting, would say something, or that Kendra might say something herself. She would be jealous of Brenda and angry to see Laura again fucking a girl the same age as Jane.] I can just feel Kendra and Jane's jealousy. They want all of Laura's sweet pussy for themselves. And I do mean both of them hunger for her sweet cunt. Poor Laura just can't get any true peace with these women. I felt sorry for her but happy for me because this jealousy always produced such rabid fucking with Kendra and Jane. Poor Laura has to kill time at Brenda's car until they move on. Ah sweet angst. Sweet angst that leads to completely hot fucking.



Chapter 190:

This chapter starts with Laura learning the responsibilities of being a supervisor. I myself have had my training classes on sexual harassment and how to comport oneself with subordinates. I have lovers from work but no one under me. As I have said the two women who have reported to me have been bitches. That is a total thrill kill let me tell you. Poor Laura gets all dispirited thinking of her sexual encounters with women at her place of work. The women I fuck at work are in totally different business units from myself so I don't have to worry about fraternization with them. The main thing is to not "do it" at work. People have been fired for that. People are definitely doing it at work and not getting caught but I just haven't done it at work. I am real coward when it comes to my job. It is funny; the training has actually had lesbian scenarios on the training tapes. At least in this area we have caught up to the hets it seems. Of course this training with Laura's sweet disposition has her all in a quandary over her burning desire for her secretary April. It would be tough working for a woman that you know you are not supposed to not touch and yet you have and now she is resisting further advances. I so hate the bi-curious female that nearly dies in your bed from coming so hard and who buries her face in your cunt with an almost desperate hunger and they then freak the next morning and you are almost back to square one. With coaxing one can slowly get them more comfortable with wanting lesbian sex but it can be such a drain and sometimes it just isn't worth the fight. I hate man's world keeping these women brainwashed from accepting these natural desires that most if not all women feel. The world just tries to crush it out of us.

It has been two weeks since Laura has had April. Since that time April has felt the guilt of the patriarchal world and denied herself the pleasure I know she is now craving. I have had this happen with women I associate with at work and back in college. You have a night of wonderful sex and then you are denied their sweet body as they work through the guilt that they are brainwashed with right in front of you which just makes one so frustrated. It is hard not having a woman once you have tasted her sweet flesh. I never forget a woman's body once I have seen all its wonders. It is burned into my mind. I always get to know my women so I then start using whatever I need to get them back in my bed as soon as possible. I have found that once you have them twice they are almost always ready to fuck convention from then on and start seeking all the pleasure they can get from me and the women I introduce them to. I desire to make all women I possibly can into lesbian sluts and nymphos. We desire all the pleasurable we can get in this world and nothing is more pleasurable by far than sweet hot intense lesbian fucking.

Laura cannot forget how sweet April's body was in her small bed. Those awesome breasts that are almost wholly nipples. I have had a few women like that. They had smaller breasts but they were almost all nipple and areola. I loved working them hard with hard licks and deep love sucks and just watching and more importantly feeling those nipples plumping up with blood. I love taking them into my mouth while not erect at all and then sucking and licking them while in my mouth and just feeling them swell with blood and getting rock hard while keeping their entire breast in my mouth. My women just mewled like fuck cats and writhed in extreme pleasure. Even though April is denying the truth and herself she is still sending signals that she has not totally brainwashed herself into totally forgetting the truth her pussy must be constantly telling her ["Like your new office," April twinkled at her the morning after she moved in. "Pretty soon you'll be the president of the company."] She is subtly flirting and coming into Laura's office. Setting up the situation to be seduced again. I have found that most women with a het background and no lesbian background are always overwhelmed at the pleasure their bodies are suddenly giving them. On a sensual level they will never forget their lesbian sex. They may deny themselves, but they will never, never forget.

It is obvious that April wants it. She knows that Laura hungers for her but she is very easily led inside of Laura's office and lets the door be shut. If she really wanted to avoid this she could make sure that Laura understood the situation and that any further advances would be her last. Instead she lets Laura draw her in and [It was only seven-thirty in the morning. Few people were there yet. She kissed April ravenously, trying to rape her mouth. April started slowly, but then kissed back.] She does not push Laura away or violently turn her aside. Instead she allows Laura to plunder her mouth until her body starts to give into its natural desires. Still she is unsure about her true desires. She is right about them being dangerous for doing this in the office and that Laura is jeopardizing her job by bringing sex into the office. What April is totally wrong about is her thinking lesbian desires are wrong. That is just so fucked up. I have read enough history to know that man has tried to crush us since the beginning of time and only now in the West are we just starting to shuck our shackles. We are only now becoming free to explore our true natures. Still it is only the beginning stages and we still must fight so much shit in our lives.

Laura is on a mission here. She has started this seduction and is going to let it proceed. She needs to make April see the light and acknowledge her budding lesbian self. She must make April accept her true self. I have found that so many women who protest are only doing it to make them feel a little bit better about being seduced and what women doesn't like to be seduced. April shows that here [She kissed April's smooth throat, and then her neck. April shivered and giggled. Laura unbuttoned the next button. April pulled back.] Her words have said stop but her actions are saying "please seduce me please". I have had these kind situations myself over the years. A woman is telling me "stop" and pushes me away from time to time but I easily get my lips back on her lips and throat. She is telling me to stop but I find no real resistance while I am unbuttoning her top or sliding my hands underneath her sweater, blouse or pullover. They fucking want it; they just want me to seduce them. They want the thrill of the seduction.

I love how Laura works through April's weak prostrations and gets her sweater unbuttoned and starts kissing the tops of her breasts and the valley formed by her bra. I really like to kiss breasts that are still encased in a bra. To me it is a promise of things to come and it makes my women so hot for my next ministrations. Laura mock complains that April's now exposed bra doesn't unfasten in the front. It is fist pumping time ["I'll buy you one." Laura kissed her mouth again, a searing kiss. "I want to suck your big nipples." "Just pull it down," April advised, panting, her eyes glassy.] I always feel like a little girl who just got a great present when I finally get my woman to start begging ME to proceed. They finally start to express what they have truly desired but trying to hide away from me and themselves. I feel so fucking triumphant. They are mine now.

I know how Laura must be feeling now that April is succumbing to Laura's seduction. Raw and wanton hunger for hot sweet flesh. Finally given permission to consume your "reluctant" lover's flesh [Laura pulled down the cups of her bra, completely exposing the girl's naked breasts. She could feel herself growing sexually delirious with hunger for April's delicious body. She knew they had to be careful, but she wanted everything. She wanted to fuck April on the spot, hard and fast and completely.] Sometimes I feel like my body is filled with a consuming fire to have my lover. I usually try to pace myself but sometimes the situation demands that you literally consume your lover and take her to heaven NOW. Oh geez, head lulling time [Laura held one beautiful naked breast in each hand. She ran her tongue all around one wide black areola. April gasped softly. Laura's tongue finally found the center nub of her nipple and licked it hungrily. April gasped again. Now Laura closed her lips over the whole big bud and sucked it into her mouth.] To finally get that heavenly tit in my mouth after all that longing and work. Tasting that sweet flesh as I lick it to once more savor the taste of my lover. I so love tasting the flesh of my lovers. I can just feel that tit as I suck it into my mouth forcing as much tit flesh into my mouth as possible as I try to swallow her nipple. I then like just positioning it in my mouth where I can lick the nipple with all parts of my tongue as I lightly suckle my tit.

I really think you are the only author to talk of using your hands to work a woman's breasts. I really can't think of another story where after the initial squeeze they aren't totally left alone by the woman loving them. Using your hands allows you to do such more to your lover like [Laura squeezed April's firm breast at the same time that she sucked her nipple. It quickly grew erect in her mouth, a delightful, large, pulpy bulb, and she sucked it harder. April moaned softly and shuffled her feet.] Using your hands allows you give so much stimulation while you are also using your mouth. You are really depriving yourself by not using them. It really helps you to drive your lover crazy with need and lust. With smaller tits like April's you can just completely incase them and totally control them according to the dynamic. With large tits you can guide, squeeze and jiggle them to your desire. I love to squeeze them together and get those nipples close together and just go from one nipple to the other like a drunken bee sipping pollen. With a large breast you can squeeze from all angels and lift and heft to position exactly like I want them into my waiting, starving mouth.

All this work has put April exactly where Laura wants her. Laura finally realizes that this fucking in the office is too dangerous. When Laura suggests they go to her apartment immediately to complete this seduction all April wants to know is if Laura can do that. When Laura tells her "she's the boss" that is all it takes. April has been seduced and is extremely ready for some intense lesbian fucking. This would have been a perfect opportunity for April to stop the proceeding if she had wanted to. Of course she doesn't. Laura has seduced April, just like April wanted her to. This next part is true to life on how negative emotions can ruin the moment. April is seeking some reassurance about leaving work so early and Laura gets exasperated and shows it. This beats April down and she gets all docile and thus when they get to Laura's apartment she refuses to go in. Laura is flummoxed but drives her back to work. I think Laura deserves what she gets here. I hate myself whenever I beat someone down like that. I hate hurting other people's feelings. I do it all too much and it puts me in a funk. I think I get more upset about it than the other person most of the time. Sometimes when I go to apologize they look at me strange and tell me "what?", that everything is cool and forget about it.

Once they get back to work Laura can't take her eyes off of April but to her credit she doesn't try to use her position to force April. Her juices are smoldering and I am positive so is April's. Laura's patience is rewarded when at three o'clock April comes to her and says she is ready. Hopefully, Laura will be completely nice to her. I like April's gentle ways. I am so happy that she has Yolanda now. In fact Laura freaks a little once she gets April to her apartment worrying about her forcing anything on April. The sexual harassment training must be working. :-) Now April has to reassure Laura and get things moving forward [April shook her head. "Nice place. Where's the bedroom?"] Yes, it is now April who is showing her lust.

This next part emphasizes something that I think is important about your story writing. Other authors always make things seem the same. The facets of their lovemaking is always the same. The example here is kissing. They kiss with passion but after a few stories it gets to be always the same. They don't have any nuance to their lovemaking. They never vary the descriptions of the actual kissing (or other parts of lovemaking) and they never use adjectives and adverbs to change the tenor of the lovemaking. This is an example of what they lack [Laura smiled and took her hand. In the bedroom, they kissed more romantically than they had ever done. Carefully, and slowly, they undressed each other. Again, Laura unbuttoned April's sweater. This time she removed April's bra properly.] Earlier in Laura's office they kissed with "ravenous" hunger and this installs certain mental images in the reader's mind (primarily a wild exciting mouth rape). Now they are kissing "romantically". This one word changes everything. Now I have images of our mouths coming together gently and me gently pressing our mouths together and just kissing with our lips and then gently using just the tip of my tongue to start exploring her lips and then slowly using more of my tongue to explore her lips and running my tongue in the groove where lips meets gums. Now I start stroking her teeth for entry if she hasn't started moaning and giving me entrance already. Then I slowly enter her sweet mouth and sweep with slow sensuous strokes her inner mouth and tongue. Nothing fast or furious. A slow leisurely exploration and then slowly stroking her tongue and coiling with it. I then love to work my tongue underneath hers and really explore and fill that cavity. I love all that soft flesh. All the time one changes ones exploration until it is time to coil tongues again and slowly draw your tongue into your mouth dragging her tongue into your starving mouth and let her have her way with your willing mouth. All the time going slow and sensuous. This always is so hot while you remove each others clothes to start stroking sweet flesh to add further fuel to the fire. By the time my women gets to my panties while kissing like this I can guarantee you that they will be sopping wet and love juice is trickling down my thighs. Just a simple choice of words on your part makes me feel so much and I thank you for that.

They quickly strip and get on the bed and Laura tells April ["Darling April," she murmured, "I am going to make you wish you hadn't waited this long to let me make love to you again."] My head just lulls when my woman tells me this. I love confidence in a woman. I love expressing what I am going to do to my women. It makes them so hot and wet. April confesses what all het women truly feel once they have tasted the forbidden fruit. She WANTS it and desperately at that ["I already wish I hadn't," April smiled. "I've thought about it plenty of times. Here, you want to suck my nipples, don't you? Nobody ever sucked my nipples the way you do."] I really feel only women can truly pleasure another woman completely. We love the body and the soul. I love the enthusiasm you show in your women. Other authors do show this but you somehow show the mirth and extreme joy and life affirming nature of lesbian lovemaking [Laura straddled her thighs and bent down, scooping up April's lovely breasts in her hands, licking April's huge nipples thirstily. "I love your huge, beautiful black nipples," she murmured, beginning to tongue and suck them passionately. "Nobody ever loved your big nipples as much as I do. That's why I suck them so hard and make you feel so good."] I so love sucking a large nipple into my mouth. It gives me so much to love and play with. Plus, you show how women are so verbal and how we hunger to tell our lover just how beautiful we find her and how much we treasure the perfection that is her. We don't just fuck our love mate like men do. We worship our woman. What man can compete against that?

I am simply almost besotted that I found an author who really, really understands breast worship. When I love a woman's tits it is not for a few moments. I worship them and love them for long moments. I can spend long, long minutes loving your breasts. I so love it and I absolutely hunger for what it does to my women. It usually isn't long after I meet a woman before I am fantasizing about her body. I look at them in their clothes and get the best picture I can about her cup, measurements and firmness and then imagine how I can pleasure her breast with my all. Then if she becomes my lover and see those dreamed for breast becoming visible to me I just feel my belly quivering with now unrepressed desire and need. I can actually feel my mouth starting to salivate. I am usually pretty close on in my earlier estimations. With large tits I can plan to bunch together and really dig my fingers into and really squeeze hard if she likes that. I so love to massage large tits and kiss all the hidden areas that so many ignore and kiss and

lick every square inch. I love to give gentle love sucks all around them and leave love marks if they want them. With smaller tits I can just so work with my hands and love maul them and guide each one into my starving mouth stuffing my mouth with breast meat and love suck hard and deep. So much to do and no time to write about. April's breast are beautiful round balls with to die for nipples. Nipples that demand this [April's entire nipple was so large that Laura could not get the whole thing, areola and all, completely into her mouth. But she tried, and the effect on April was very arousing. She whimpered and twisted, and then bit her lip and whinnied softly as Laura began to bite her nipples gently, sinking her teeth into the silky surrounding corona, tongue-pinching the stiff rubbery center against the roof of her mouth.] I have had women with large puffy areolas that just swell with blood when excited that I just stuffed into my hungry mouth. I love sucking them through my clinching lips. Hearing my woman hiss in pleasure. Then I love sucking deep and hard then moving back out to the front of mouth and laving with my tongue getting it all nice and wet and then suctioning in and out of my lips and then cramming deep in my mouth and pressing up with my tongue and love sucking hard again and then pulling out some and lashing with my tongue inside my mouth and just keeping this up for long minutes of pleasant feasting for me. Switching between nipples while using my fingers to keep the other nipple at the highest state of arousal. At one time or another you have captured all of this in your stories and I am so thankful for that.

I love hearing April's gasped pants of pleasure and them communicating just how wonderful Laura is making April feel. You show what all this wonderful breast worship produces [And for the next minute or so, she did her best to swallow them, sucking and slurping and biting April's nipples until April was delirious with need, twisting and whimpering, her hips churning reflexively. Laura slid one hand down to the girl's pussy and felt the wet, soupy cauldron of her open slit.] I love running my hand down my woman's body and slipping a finger or two into her pussy or just running up and down that drenched lubricated slit. I know it will be flooded. Sometimes I will I frig my woman to orgasm will I continue to work her breast with my other hand and mouth. It really does make them come with screaming bucking torrents of coming. I love trying to keep it all going; giving maximum pleasure through all the trashing. Wow, you do it again with doing what I just wrote ["Do you want me to lick you or fuck you with my hand?" "Ohhhh . . . bite my titties and fuck me with your hand! Hurry! Oh! Yes, god it feels so good when you do that! Oh . . .yes Laura! Ungghhh!"] More of that communication that I so love. Finding out exactly what your lover wants and needs and then giving it to her.

I am the type of normal girl that the more my woman gets excited as I love her the more excited and happy I become. I absolutely love giving and I'm supremely blissful loving my lover well. Here Laura evidences this same excitement [April couldn't control her urgent panting and writhing, and Laura couldn't control herself either. She felt even more lust for the girl than she had felt before, and she swarmed all over April's delicious naked body, sucking and biting her nipples, dropping one hand to April's gooey crotch and slipping two fingers up into the juicy folds of her pussy.] I just want to consume my lover. I can just feel and taste that nipple in mouth and feel that heat, tightness and wetness envelope my fingers as I penetrate my woman's pussy. Feeling them sink in deep. I love women who don't come quickly so I can have long minutes of pistoning my fingers in her sopping cunt. Sometimes I will get on my knees and use my other hand to steady my right hand and just pound her cunt with some nice strong finger fucking. Ramming my fingers all the way in and making sure to curve slightly and flutter at random intervals with corkscrewing thrusts thrown in to give her all kinds of stimulation.

Of course I also do what Laura does here and give nice sensual rhythmic fucks also. Setting up that gentle rhythm and letting her rock into my thrusts and feeling her muscles clamp and wetness completely wetting my hand if she is copious. This way I can just watch if I am not busy kissing her or loving her breast or worshipping some other part of her body. I love to see the pleasure skirt across her face. I love producing that deep need in my lover and making her cry out for ["Do me hard . . . yes, do it hard!" she panted to Laura, pumping her hips, pushing her flooding pussy up into Laura's hand. "Are you

going to come, baby?" "Not yet. I mean . . . yes, any second! Do me hard, Laura . . . please!"] I really love this next detail [Frantically, April pinched her own large nipples, then held one breast and fed her nipple into Laura's mouth. Laura sucked it and gently sank her teeth into it, which aroused April wildly. She mewled insanely and began churning her hips in rapid fuck-motions. Laura realized she was going to come, any second now.] Watching a woman pinch her own nipples always make me happy. Even happier is when they cradle a breast and offer to me with that age old motion of "come feast" and taking that tit in my mouth and clamping down with my lips and lashing her nipple hard with my tongue before love sucking it hard and deep. Having her continue holding her breast and letting her nipple slip out of my mouth to then kiss, nip and lick before sucking back in between hard pressed lips and teeth rakes. All the while she is continuing to hold with her hands that are trembling more and more as her orgasm approaches. It just makes them keen when I do this as I continue to turn up the heat with more and more savage tongue lashes and deep throat love sucks.

This is what I live for, driving my lover over the edge ["Aunngghh! Oh! Ungghhiieeee!" she cried out, arching and quivering, pumping her hips into Laura's hand, whinnying softly as the spasms died away, then crying out again as they returned, wrenching her a second time.] I want to feel her pumping my fingers hard and feel my hand being jerked around in her frenzied bucks of ecstasy. I love women who are noisy. I want to hear as well as see your pleasure. I see Laura is worrying about Kendra and Jane hearing. I am glad that is behind Laura now. You now show one of the biggest differences between men and women. Laura wants to pleasure April again. She is only focused on her lover and not her own needs. This is what makes lesbians superior lovers. I love the detail that Laura's fingers are slavered with April's love juice. I would have to stealing a few slurps while proceeding. I love bringing my hand up drenched and dripping with cunt love juice.

I always love how you describe these women's vaginas. Other author just basically let you know that the women have one. Hello, each one is unique and should be described with loving detail, though to be fair, I quake at trying to give the accurate but oh so loving verse that you do [But then she quickly grew overwhelmed by new, urgent sexual fires as Laura teased and tongue-lashed her still-throbbing clit. Both of them realized that April was going to come again, and far faster than she had realized. Laura loved the hot little pit of April's pussy, not a long, sinuous masterpiece like Yvette's or Shavon's or Jane's, but instead a pretty little puckered hole bordered by short, glossy black lips, and cherry red inside.] Having read that I am totally hungering to bury my face deep in that beautiful pussy and dine away. Licking and stroking deeply, feeling all that wetness and heat on my tongue and tightly pressed up cheeks. Feeling her honey pouring down my starving throat. I NEED pussy!!!! Laura's tongue quickly makes the slow coming down April was experiencing change into another wrenching orgasm. Women will quickly become your fuck slut when you make them come back-to-back. Such pleasure will make a het into a raving lesbian whore. They hunger to make up for lost orgasms. I so love having a woman coming in mouth. I need it.

Laura basks in April's innocence and they kiss sweetly. I love stabbing my tongue deep into a woman's mouth I have just brought to orgasm with my mouth. Letting her taste her own essence on my tongue as I stroke her tongue and mouth. I have found almost all newbies have this enthusiasm ["Okay, your turn. I may not have any skill, but I remember I made you pop a couple of times over at my place. You lay back and let me get to work."] Especially after you have made love to them a few times and can feel pretty sure that society's brainwashing is not going to kick in and make them reject the truth. Once they start to accept these wonderous and right feelings they can become absolute animals in bed and I love it. Let me be your prey. Love the humor you interject here with Laura's response to April [Laura pouted playfully. "I hope it's not 'work'."] The mirth of lovers in love. I absolutely cherish the fact that April thinks of Laura when her boyfriend is most probably unimaginatively fucking her. Her wild ardent enthusiasm quickly brings Laura off to a crushing and totally satisfying orgasm.

As Laura comes she has to reach for the pillow to absorb her screams of rapture. No woman should be forced to hide her screams of rapture. I agree totally with April ["Too bad," April smiled. "I like to hear you moan. Makes me feel good."] Hearing the sounds of sex and especially orgasm are just so divine. Laura is now ready to love April again but she unfortunately has a date with the boyfriend and has to leave. This is a real shame because Laura was massaging April's meaty ass with obvious lascivious intent. Can't wait for the next April chapter. Virgin asshole to ram Laura's tongue down (and through

her me!!!). Laura being the good person she is feels a little bad when April teases her that "the boss" will have to wait till the next time to have her beautiful butt. I love how April puts her at ease ["Laura, you can sexually abuse me any time you want," April said, kissing her. "But right now you better take me home, like you promised."] Interesting and I think it is true what you say here when April is looking at her boyfriend as a potential mate for the stability he can offer. The safety of a doctor's salary he will achieve when he gets through medical school. So many marry for this and then need the real loving on the side to keep them sane. Love the humor and banter at the end here [Laura acted mock-brave. "I don't care . . . as long as I can fuck you." April giggled. "You have a dirty mouth, you know. How about 'make love to you, April darling'?" "That too," Laura said, pinching her delicious ass as they both rolled off the bed and started pulling their clothes back on.]



Chapter 193:

This chapter starts with Laura contemplating a neat dynamic. She is remembering a blistering interlude with Brenda. I so love to reminisce on recent fucks. It just makes my womb quiver and do little jumps in belly. It always makes me long for my next tryst with a particular angel. I love the situation where Laura has to think through the situation. She has to make sure Mavis doesn't find out because of a sibling rivalry. But she knows the fact that Brenda is married will make things so much easier. I find married women who first discover lesbian loving simply go nuts and can be very demanding and you must feed their hunger but eventually they must balance their lust with their married duties. It does keep them from becoming to demanding. I always quickly try to introduce them to other women so they have other angels to fuck and don't think of me as more than what I want to be with them. I am you lover not your love. I can understand the intensity of incestuous relationships. I have been involved in some incestuous dynamics over the years and it is simply wild. There is a level to the heat that is really deep and almost mystical. I see her that Deshona has not yet been brought into the fold. I love how you are describing so much more than just the physical attributes [But Laura could still not get her mind—or her eyes—off Deshona Reed. Finally she realized that it was not only her physical beauty but her intensity that was such a sexual magnet. Deshona was consumed by bitterness over something, but it gave her a kind of hard shell concealing a vulnerable interior that attracted Laura more than ever. Laura wanted to

break through the shell, touch her, touch her intimately, make her cry out helplessly, make her faint, make her climax so strongly it would wipe out anything else in her life, any pain, any sorrow, any anger.] I have seen this in many women. Anger or just being beaten down by life and I always want to buck them up. And of course with me, I want to fuck most of them also. To give them pleasure to the soul and give their body strength to continue and hopefully improve their situation. I always want to listen and being a sounding board. I usually just get them talking, and listen and make comments here and there to get them thinking. You can never really tell anybody anything. They must come up with their own solutions. All you can do is listen, support and give a little advice here and there and just hope they can help themselves. I have found when a woman is once more happy and excited about her body and sexuality she can start to overcome her problems in her life. I love giving a woman pleasure in our bed and seeing that new found joy radiating into the rest of her life.

Laura is like me. She is sure that if she can just get inside the shields she can help Deshona overcome her polite though aloof personality and obvious bitterness seething underneath her cool exterior. What is great about doing these earlier glosses is I now know that Laura has indeed changed Deshona. I nearly squealed with her last appearances because I have seen that Deshona has become so much warmer and caring. She has lost so much of her icy nature. She is still tough as nail at business I am sure and I bet her cad husband doesn't merit much warmth but Deshona definitely has warmth around Laura and now Dee Dee. I hope she ditches that cad Charles and fully embraces her true lesbian self. I am hoping her Rhonda and Yvette become fuck mates. I can just see Deshona, Rhonda and Yvette blistering themselves with heavenly nights of intense fucking. I can just see faces covered with girl come and strap-ons disappearing deep into tight cunts and delightful squeals and screams of coming. I wonder if any of these proper women would suggest anal sex. I would love to join them and show them this still hidden treasure to them. We also discover that this was a time when Laura and Randi are spending a lot of time together. I love it when I see Laura sharing her life like this with an angel. They are just spending time together doing things they both like. Of course they go home to fuck like "cats in heat". I like to do stuff with my angels and then take them home and fuck them blind. Sharing our bodies like only women can.

Now we get an interesting twist. They meet Rob. Laura quickly reminds the reader that the last time she slept with him was when he and Eric fucked her and Camille. Unfortunately, he and his brother got totally carried away. They without PERMISSION and loving seduction double vaginally fucked Laura. That really made me mad. I happen to like this and double anal too but only with complete communication with my lovers and the right sized cocks. Geez, two monsters at one time is simply more than I enjoy most of the time. Dodie and Maria love to have two large cocks up their ass. I love having my asshole filled with a big pole ramming up my ass and then feeling that other cock working around my sphincter and then feeling that head starting to worm it's way in it. It is just so fucking intense as I feel it working past my clenching and spasming sphincter. I just hiss and grimace as that invader works my sphincter so fucking tight. I can't describe how wonderful that second cock feels as it slides up my

stuffed rectum. Any pain so quickly fades away to stretched sphincter searing pleasure burning my womb and mind with fucking stabs and arrows of sudden body clenching soul deep pleasure. I so love feeling my sphincter sawing with that friction of two cocks pumping and feeling my bowls just stuffed with sawing cock. Joann always gets the biggest cock and we often downsize just for situations like this. That is such delicious friction when your cunt or asshole is totally stretched and you can feel those cocks see sawing in and out our love aching holes. I can just feel those heads sawing into my body and they way they work against each other and slip around just that little bit that makes your sphincter spasm and your cunt muscles clamp and seize up on your cocks ripping up your channel. I just rip my head back and curse and scream out my pleasure. You will definitely be hearing a lot of "fuck, faster bitch, harder you fucking whore, fill me up and FUCK me" and such. I really get in animal mode with this kind of fucking mode. I will just snarl at you and I am told I just get that fierce look on my face. It is pure fuck hunger and mania. One way to really kill me is to fuck me double vaginal and then move one cock to my asshole and finish me this way. I have had orgasms that really made my black out for a few moments. I so love having my body destroyed from such intense pleasure. Having sung rhapsodies about this kind of fucking, not once has this been done to me without my permission and never have I ever taken this. It has been given to me. A woman would never take what is not freely and wantonly given. I hate men for thinking they can take something like this. It is that fucking male ego and the right they think it gives them. Geez, I have to giggle a little at myself. I still think from time to time about sport fucking some skilled men. I know some of my bi lovers keep pressing me. Maybe one day I will. A sport fuck like Laura may have in Chapter 280 and then forgetting about him and only remembering a hopefully great fuck.

We find that Rob has divorced Camille (I sure hope she is a complete lesbian now) and has the roving eye. I can't blame him. Laura and Randi are two beautiful women. I would be trying to angle for a tryst. Rob already knows Laura is not averse to three ways. I love to fuck with more than one woman at a time as my home life shows. Unfortunately, for Laura (but not for the reader) we find that Randi is also eating up Rob with her eyes. Randi can't help but be Randi [Randi grinned salaciously at Laura. "Boyfriend? You been holding out on me, girl." Laura frowned at her, exasperated. Her eyes said: I have fucked you, darling, from here to Kingdom Come. I never held anything back from you. And you know I occasionally do it with a guy. Why are you trying to impress him with your little coquettish ways and your beautiful black body?] I have always loved Laura's sassy women. I love confidence in a woman and I love it when they have sass and are coquettish in their manners. Makes me come alive with happiness and playing the game of seduction when you know already she will be in your bed but still get to play the game. It makes my pussy sing with totally happiness. I believe a woman should always use every charm she has to advertise her beauty and desirability. I love the fact that you make your women so positive and full of confidence. No one is taken advantage of in your stories. They may be seduced but it is through pure sweet dynamics and never though intimidation or being beat down. You, only, portray women as being positive and strong which I just eat up with pure happiness and glee.

It is funny reading Laura getting all catty. I don't have much of the green eyed monster, especially with women, but I can feel my spine stiffen when a man is hitting on one of my angels or a woman I am angling on. I am not so sure it is jealousy as just being miffed that a man is trying to pouch on my territory. I feel he has plenty of women to hit on. Leave my women alone. I feel sorry for Laura in a way because she should know that Randi will never turn away anyone worshipping her body. I can't really blame Rob in this situation. He is with one woman he has fucked deliciously and knows she is a lesbian and that the other woman must be a lover of hers. He can immediately pickup on the vibes from Randi that she must be bi. He must know he is already close to burying his manhood deep in their pussies and hopefully assholes. He has to go for the brass ring. I feel for Laura here. Her jealousy is flaring once again. This was her "tragic flaw" to quote Shakespeare. She seems to have gotten this more in control as of late. I am happy she is not letting the green eyed harpy tear her insides into shreds. I try to avoid this deadly adversary and move directly too [The thought of Randi giving her body to Rob made Laura physically sick, but somehow the idea of being in bed with them both at the same time stirred her lust with a red-hot poker.] I always feel lust's coils wrapping around my womb. I always plan and work toward getting my women in bed. I have even gotten rivals and women who didn't really like each other to bury the hatchet long enough to have a round of scorching sex. Sometimes it has even led to a mending and reconciliation. I always feel like a Girl Scout doing her good deed for the day. I love helping to rid the world of a little negativity. Sometimes women waste way too much effort baiting and hurting each other. I love helping some healing take hold and bring some positive emotion into the world.

Randi must be killing Laura with her blatant flirting with Rob. I love to watch flirting period and love to watch two women flirting with each other. They know that I'm totally a slut and will be in their bed already. I love the banter and all the body language. It is just so fucking beautiful to watch. Outside of sex, this is one of the most beautiful things to watch. I had to smile great big when Rob suggests ["Why don't we go back to my place for a drink?" Rob suggested. "You can give me decorating ideas for my new bachelor pad."] Laura tries to glare at him and say they will only stay for one drink while telling herself that he will not be dipping his prick in Randi's beautiful pussy. I smile because Laura has to know deep down that there is no other course but wonderful fucking ahead. She can't be with these two persons who can fuck like Dionysus himself without delicious wonderful fucking occurring. I could never deny myself such pleasure. Our bodies where designed to give and receive pleasure and we shouldn't deny nature what she has given us. I so dearly love fucking and want to do it as much as possible. Hehehe, if I can't I will quickly get my hands and fingers going and give them to myself. Thank goodness for masturbation.

Humm, I wonder if this is the first quote of the [I fall in love too easily, ….] refrain. I feel for Laura mourning the thought of Rhonda before and now Rob fucking Randi. I always want all my angels and women the world over to get all the loving they can. Take what man's world has tried to deny us since the beginning of time. Of course I would prefer it they get it from women but if they want to be bi that is okay too. I just wish every woman could shake their brainwashing to experience what only lesbians can give them. Pleasure that will rock them to the foundation of their souls. It is cool that you have given us this saga that allows you to show your protagonist going through these negative emotions. Other authors don't have the time in their short stories to develop any kind of emotional depth. I always smile when Laura feels that familiar itch deep in her pussy. I love feeling that itch deep in my cunt. I so love feeling it and that fucking hard to satisfy it. I know that when I feel that itch and I am going to be satisfying it soon with fucking or masturbation that my cunt will soon be exploding with ecstasy and killing pumping pleasure. I so love feeling that deep spasms that explode deep in my womb and shatter my body and mind with pure pumping pleasure while the rest of my muscles are just clenching and or spasming and I'm jackknifing or flipping around if I am not restrained. I love feeling my whole body giving me such dear sweet pleasure.

I like how you show the dynamics of sexual situations. Other authors keep it so boringly unexplained that I have come to see that as the norm in erotica while only you give us the details that make sex so unique. Laura remakes that she knows that Randi can be adventurous having fucked a stud in Mexico while her boyfriend took scuba diving lessons. I really like that idea. Here Randi is evidently hiding her sexual excitement [And yet all that showed on her beautiful face right now was the thrill of being attractive to Rob, who was, Laura had to admit, a very good-looking and charming guy. Randi appeared to think they really were going over to his place to help him with decorating ideas. She would have the opportunity to flirt with him further.] I can think of many situations where I or the woman(s) I was in the presence of gave this act of seeming innocence. I have smiled inwardly knowing that soon we would be fucking with wild abandon. Looking around at smiling faces and easy banter and knowing that people who might be seeing us have absolutely no idea that soon our faces will be buried deep in each others hot wet cunts. Wow, you know give us the nice dynamic of Randi going to the bathroom when they arrive at Rob's and Rob cornering Laura in the kitchen and making his case for some hot fucking and Laura tells Rob to keep his hands off of Randi, that she is in love with Randi. I can't blame Rob for his response [Rob made a long face. "Why don't we ask her? Maybe she'd think it was exciting. You know, to do it with both of us."] I always try to respect people's feelings and opinions but I can really, really understand Rob here. Why is Laura frustrating the situation when he knows hard sweet fucking is so close at hand?

Randi returns cutting off any further objections from Laura and pleadings from Rob. Randi takes them in the living room and proceeds to go about the changes she would recommend to the décor. I love how she is moving around the living room [Intuitively, Randi seemed to know how both of them were focusing so hotly on her. Her every movement suggested that she knew they both wanted to fall on her and fuck her in a wild frenzy. She smiled and teased them, flaunting her body, her stunning face, her splendid long legs.] I so love watching a woman just moving around and showing off the grace and beauty that she has. I love women who know they are hot and know how to show this off to you. Knowing that you are dying to get in her knickers and fuck her brain's out. Laura has to go to the bathroom and she makes sure to take her time since she knows that when she comes out [When Laura finally had to leave them alone and go to the bathroom herself, she found them kissing when she returned. She had given them long enough to complete the longest kiss, but they were still going at it. Then they broke off, as she entered the room. Randi looked over at her like a schoolgirl caught doing something bad. "Oh Laura! He . . . just grabbed me," she said, disingenuously.] I love how they don't try to break off their kiss quickly. They know this can only inflame Laura catching them. Plus, you absolutely kill me with the sass of some of these women. Lines like this are what made me fall for Randi so hard. I am a complete sucker for sass. I may be rolling my eyes at your line but I so truly love hearing it.

This is why I like seeing such displays of lust before my eyes because it fires me up like Laura here [Laura smiled and walked over to them. She took Randi's breathtakingly lovely face in both hands and kissed her too, passionately, fiercely, jamming her tongue deep into Randi's mouth. I can fuck you just as good as he can, she thought.] I love kissing a woman and tasting another person's salvia. Taking her mouth and showing her that my skills are just as good if not better than the other woman kissing her. I so love kissing a woman hard and deep and feeling her reciprocating with her tongue following mine back into my mouth and probing hard and deep. Taking my mouth completely and subduing my tongue with much energetic tongue wrestling. I so love feeling a tongue being super aggressive in my mouth. It just makes me mewl and quiver all over with need and love. I want it to explore every crevice and plane of my mouth. My regular lovers know to kiss me hard to make me complete butter in their arms. Laura asks with her eyes if she wants to proceed. Of course this is the answer [Randi clearly did. Her dark eyes were shiny with excited lust. Laura had dropped her hands, and now Rob lifted his to her beautiful face, turning her mouth his way and kissing her again, a scorching kiss just like Laura had given her. Randi began to mewl softly as he kissed her, and her hands rose along his back, caressing it through his shirt.] This is the beauty of multiple lovers. Two or more skilled lovers working your body with their great skills simply feeling with unbearable sexual heat that needs sweet hard fucking to be put out. I so love making my women mewl and feeling that desperate stroking and clutching of women in fuck need. I can just feel their need and lust in their clenching fingers.

I love reading how Laura knows that Rob will love seeing Randi naked. Laura is always filled with the most positive emotions for her women. I love to make love to my women naked but I love also to paw and squeeze their flesh when they are still clothed. Feeling my fingers stroking her flesh through her clothes and squeezing her tits while stilled hidden away. I know this excites them as much as it does me. I love feeling those first love squeezes. Feeling the fires igniting in my womb and knowing the sensations will only get more intense as our clothes are shed. Rob suggests they go to the bedroom knowing that Laura is too inflamed to resist. I always felt for Laura here when she knows that Randi and Rob fucking will change the dynamic for her and Randi. I always felt for Laura when jealousy clawed her so viciously. I am happy that she seems to have less of the green eyed monster currently. I never like to see anyone in pain. I had to smile at Randi's innocence in getting to experience her first threesome. It is always so nice to experience new sexual highs.

I have always liked Rob in his cad like way because he is the rare find of a man who actually knows how to make complete love to you [Now Rob was kissing her peerless neck, her throat, her perfect clavicles. Randi wore a scoop-neck blouse, as she frequently did, having a spectacularly lovely neck, throat, and smooth upper chest. Rob's lips explored it while Randi looked over his shoulder at Laura, her eyes veiled and smoking, imploring Laura to help, to help her, also to fuck her, to help him fuck her, to fuck her along with him.] I so love making love to all of my woman. I don't want to miss any square inch of your beautiful body. I have often given and received this smoky eye contact when one lover is loving me and I am making eye contact with my other lover telling her with my eyes to add to my pleasure. I want to get everyone involved to quickly turn the heat up to a feverish level. I so love working with another to do this [There they undressed her together, while Randi quivered and panted in the

thrill of being the center of their attention.] I love having an angel between us and making her panting and weak with need. Working with another to expose all her lovely flesh for us to devour in gluttonous joy and exuberance. I love how we get to read Laura and Rob working together to disrobe Randi and kissing and stroking her sweet flesh as it becomes exposed to their starving eyes, fingers and mouths. I love feeling multiple hands and mouths loving me. I feel like I am the center of the universe at such times.

I have felt this need for a woman's breasts many a time ["Ohhhh!" Randi moaned as her bra fell away and Rob's hands quickly clutched her naked breasts. "You are one beautiful girl, Randi," he breathed, twisting her big, swelling nipples in his fingers as he cradled them in his palms.] I so love getting my woman's breasts in my hands and feeling their weight and warmth in my loving palms. If larger, I like to heft them a little to make them jiggle and really feel their weight and unique firmness. Then starting to love her breast and rubbing her nipples with my palms. Igniting the fires of pleasure in her tits. I so love feeling nipples hardening in my palms or between my fingers. With a new lover I am always excited to see her completely excited nipples. To see how long or how short and their plumpness. The scientist in me just loves such visual details. Randi knows how to get her mouth to Rob's ear and French it while whisperings hot sexual words to him. Of course Rob is immediately ripping his clothes off. Randi knows how to use words to increase the heat, like one thousand percent. I am so happy to see that lust has for the time being buried Laura's jealousy with sweet sexual heat. I always smiled when Randi never stops playing the innocent ["Oh god . . . oh god!" Randi whimpered, ever the shy, about-to-be-violated maiden, as Rob and Laura pulled her down between them on Rob's bed.] As many times as Joann and I have fucked Marie she still whimpers and acts like the innocent maiden while we are disrobing and leading her to our love nest. I always smile because she talks like a maiden out of the bed and fucks like a

complete slut and talks like a whore in it.

I had to chuckle when Randi feels Rob's cock brushing her leg and she looks down and sees his large manhood. I have women get all goggled eyed when I show them my larger strap-ons. For the women who like good strap-on sex and after I have slept with them for a while or they are obviously adventurous like myself then I will give them option to upsize if you will. Most at least want to try the eight or nine inch model. That is the great thing about not being born with a cock; I get to choose my own size!!! This way I can be all things to all women in a way. One thing I don't do is surprise them with anything over normal. Women are too considerate to give a woman more than she is comfortable with. It is just our nature. Of course Laura and Rob know how to help Randi over her initial surprise. They love assault her senses to make her soon cawing and calling to have Rob's nice big, thick cock ramming up her tight pussy. Randi is swooning like I do when [Rob scooped up both of her naked breasts in his hands and began to devour them, moving from one nipple to the other and back, sucking and licking them hungrily. But Laura knew how it felt to have your breasts sucked by two people at the same time, and she quickly joined him. Each of them took one of Randi's breasts and sucked her large, gleaming nipples, until Randi was whimpering and twisting heatedly, stroking their hair and biting her lip.] As anyone reading these glosses knows I love aggressive rough loving and always long and encourage for my women to simply inhale my nipples and suck hard with teeth rakes and I want my tits love squeezed and massaged with strength. I want to feel you kneading my tits with hard loving pleasure. I love for women to do what Laura does all the time; take one of my tits in two hands and hold and squeeze my tit with force while sucking my nipples supper hard. I want you to swallow as much of my tit in your mouth possible while your tongue is working my nipple and areola for all your worth. Also, Randi is discovering just how pleasurable it is too have two hot, hungry mouths working your body. Having one tit sucked while the other is squeezed is great but even greater is having have both sucked hard and having TWO sets of hands working your tit flesh. It is simply heaven on earth. I love seeing my woman biting her lip in helpless pleasure while you work her body. I know I am doing my job well.

Laura and Rob's ministrations have Randi begging to be fucked like the good slut she is. I love to hear my woman pleading for me to fuck her. I love making my woman die for it. I have to give Rob credit. Randi is ready for it but he wants some good gash, getting on his knees and thrusting his tongue deep and hard into Randi's now inflamed and open pussy. A pussy that needs to be devoured by a hot hungry mouth. I always need to eat your pussy and taste the wonderful essence that is you. Laura exalts because she now has both of Randi's beautiful tits for herself which she promptly devours. Sharing is nice

but being a complete glutton is even better. I want to devour every square inch of your body that I can lay my mouth and fingers on. Rob being a guy is quickly ready to guide his cock into Randi's totally lubricated channel and slowly buries his cock to the hilt. Regular cocks are nice for the control and speed you can use them but a big one has this unique pleasure ["Anngghhhh!" Randi groaned, feeling it penetrate her and fill and cram her pussy. "Oh god!"] I so love feeling that rigid cock buried deep in my belly seeking out my cervix. I just lie back if on my back and revel in that stuffed feeling while moaning and squeezing my eyes shut tight and just feeling that pole as it works in deep in my channel clenching tight against it. I had to smile at the picture of Randi face having both "pleasure and shock" register on it. I have had women just be shocked that their pussies can take such a large cock. Most can and they simply go nuts fucking themselves into a stupor on your cock. Let men match that; I never go soft. Hah!

I have to so agree with this next part [Watching Randi being fucked was only second in excitement to actually fucking her. She writhed and whimpered and panted, twisting as Rob jammed his prick harder and harder into her clinging wet cunt. But he wasn't only fucking her. He was devouring her, kissing her shoulders, her throat, her breasts, running his hands along her legs, as he slid his huge pole in and out of her. "Oh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" she grunted softly as he began to pick up the pace.] I so love to watch lovemaking right in front of my face. I will just lay down on the bed or floor and prop my head on my chin and just watch a woman giving head or pistoning her cock up into a tight cunt or asshole or watching a mini orgy with mouths and cocks working fast and furious. I so love it all. The sights of course but the aural like you always capture. Most women will chuff and moan while you are fucking them with a strap-on. Those nice hard in strokes produce nice moans while out strokes so often produce those nice sighs and mewling. I can watch for long minutes absorbing these heavenly sounds and the sounds of a sodden cunt squishing with that cock working in and out and her cunt juices clinging and glistening on the shaft. Yum, sometimes I pull that cock out and just lick it clean and deep throating to get that heavenly taste down my throat.

I really like this observation [Laura fervently loved Randi's pussy, but she now had an entirely different view of it. Crammed by the thick, glistening stalk of Rob's huge stiff cock, Randi's pussy revealed its wet fiery pink interior each time he withdrew it. Randi was wildly aroused, and her pussy was swollen and engorged, the glossy black hood at the top like a sleek black tent sliding over the hard top ridge of Rob's plunging prick.] I absolutely think that nothing is more beautiful than a woman's passion flower. I love to just look and coo to your pussy but seeing a pussy stuffed with a cock gives it a beauty all its own. Seeing a pussy with a cock jutting out of it and sawing in and out is simply a wonder to behold. Seeing a woman's face buried deep in a cunt and seeing her cheek and throat muscles working frantically as she inhales her precious cunt meat is simply beautiful. Watching fingers plunger deep or a fist jamming and twisting deep makes me giddy. I love to see a pussy all alone in its beauty and is equally beautiful when it is being loved. I love the sights, sounds and smells of a pussy being fucked well. I so love to watch a cunt or asshole being fucked deep, hard and very well. I love how you show Randi and Rob kissing warmly and deeply. You are the only author to really show their lovers kissing while making love. Other authors have their women kiss during foreplay but seem to completely forget kissing once their women progress to actual lovemaking. Sex would be so less wonderful if real life mimicked these authors. Lovers always kiss whenever the opportunity presents itself. I had to smile when Randi starts pleading for Rob to fuck her harder and deeper. Women just need to have their love box pounded nice and hard to bring ultimate joy.

As I have said often, I love to watch but often the stimulus of great sex is to powerful to keep oneself removed from the delicious fucking right before your eyes and you must [By now the bed was bouncing and squeaking, and the sexual tension was unbearable for Laura. She had to be a part of it, and she slid down beside them, sliding her hand between Rob's hard chest and Randi's jiggling breasts, squeezing them and pulling Randi's stiff, excited nipples. Both of them were going to come any second, she knew.] I love reaching in like this and squeezing tits and nipples or rubbing her clit furiously or if she is one top and her asshole is available lubing up two fingers and finger fucking her asshole with deep rabbit thrusts. I love reading of Laura scooting in and latching onto a nipple and sucking hard when Randi starts to come. Women just want as much of their woman as possible. I love getting close to a woman who is coming and touching or latching my mouth to some part of her as she is coming. I want as much of my women as possible. I simply bask in how you show women coming hard [Randi's luscious body froze momentarily, while Rob's cock was still spurting into her, and then she whinnied uncontrollably as the convulsions of a shattering climax gripped her flesh. "Auungghhh! Oh! Annghhiieee! Oh . . . god ohnnnggg! Uungghh! Auunnggg!" she cried out, arching and shuddering as wave after wave shook her hard.] I am smiling so great big thinking of that moment you so often show. That moment when a woman often just freezes up the first moments her orgasm is hitting her. I love seeing that paralysis and watching it dissolve away into the scalding bliss you always show of a woman having an earth shattering orgasm. There are those orgasms that just make you thrum and hum without the jackknifing and wild thrusts and those are just as beautiful to observe. You can just see the flesh rippling and rending itself in bliss and how her limbs are so stiff with love aching pleasure. I love to see those toes curling and fingers clawed in rigid ecstasy.

I love how you show your women being so in tune with each other. Randi as soon as she comes back down to earth and Rob rolls off of her she observes Laura frantically rubbing her pussy. Randi love coos to Laura that she wants very deeply to bring Laura off. Women just need to give pleasure to her women. Laura asks Randi to freshen up first and once Randi comes back from the bathroom they [Randi returned, still hot for sex, and she and Laura proceeded to set the bed on fire, while Rob watched them. Now Randi became the aggressive lover, and with Laura on her back and Randi crouching over her, they performed a scorching sixty-nine. Laura was almost ready to come anyway, and Randi, who knew her well after months of fucking, brought her to a climax almost immediately. She wasted little time on the preliminaries, going right for Laura's swollen clit with her sensual lips, sucking it insistently. Laura, after a few seconds, her hips churning and bucking wildly, simply exploded in a hot, jolting orgasm.] You show here the wild lust that is often coursing threw your veins. Many times you must simply forego any and all preliminaries and go dive deep into your woman's pussy. Getting into a sixty-nine and immediately burying your face in hot steamy cunt and simply devouring it. As so often happens while loving in this position Laura comes long before Randi is ready. This is okay, after you recover and realize where you are at again, you simply bury your face back in her divine cunt and devour until she comes or you move on to another position and finish her off that way. When on the bottom I love feeling her weight holding my down as my body spasms and jackknifes or if one top feeling my woman's arms encircling me and holding me down as my body is scalding itself with dire bliss. I so love moaning and screaming out my pleasure like ["Ungghhh! Ahnnn! Ahhnnn! Oh god . . . Randi yes! Yes yes! Oh Randi! Aunngghh!" she groaned, coming in sharp spasms.] Sometimes in sixty-nine I while glue my mouth to your cunt when I am about to come and let my wild screams and spasming mouth work your cunt. Sometimes this makes my woman come. Almost like repaying them for the bliss they are currently giving me.

You now show us one of the glorious reasons why it is rad to be a woman [Randi didn't move. She just waited for Laura to regain her senses, then resumed, and soon they were both eating each other heatedly, squirming, moaning, begging each other for more. Laura licked and sucked the beautiful black pussy that Rob's huge hard cock had just plundered, but now clean as a whistle and oozing fresh fuck juice. She knew how to make Randi quiver and squeal too, and in a few minutes they were both out of control.] Men simply can't match our ability to recharge our batteries. Except for the poor women who

clits' get supersensitive, we are able to get back to loving fairly quickly. I so love my body for being able to give me wonderful orgasms without long waits where a man must wait, wait and wait for him to be able to get another erection. I love eating out a pussy that has just had a recent orgasm. It is so swollen and red. Her cunt folds are just sodden with cunt cream that I love rutting around for and devouring in gluttonous glee. I like recovering in this sixty-nine position especially when I am on the bottom. I love feeling all that delicious friction of her coming as she is spasming and jackknifing against my body. I always enfold you in my arms to bring your body close to mine so I can feel each heavenly jolt as your body spasms or jackknifes hard against my body. I love the way a strong spasm just grinds into my body. I love lying there with a spent woman resting heavily against me. Weighting me down. I love to push her forward a little and just feeling her swollen, sodden cunt against my neck and feeling its wet warmth pressing into my throat and clavicles. I can just feel your cunt juices leaking out and trickling around and down my neck and maybe some pooling in that depression below my Adams Apple. I so love feeling a woman's cunt juices slavering me up and trickling over any part of my body. Then as she recovers gently encouraging her with gentle tugs on her hips until she once more settles and melds her delicious cunt on my watering mouth and I can once more feast on tender swollen red cunt meat. I do love sixty-nine when you do it top to bottom because of all that squirming friction and just being able to grab hips and hump that delicious cunt into your mouth. When I'm on the bottom I love cupping your buns and just jamming your cunt hard into my mouth. Pressing in deep with stabbing tongue and mashing mouth. When I'm on top I really like to intersperse that humping motion with grabbing her buns hard and lifting and holding in place while I power suction her cunt and clit with super deep throat sucks and buzz sawing clit and wildly wiggling tongue in her cunt. This is usually guaranteed to cause that beautiful ripping of belly and clenching of thighs and curling of toes.

I love how you change positions during your sex. Laura is on the bottom but wants to have a little more freedom that Randi's pressing body doesn't allow and she rolls them over until she is on top and gets face to face. Now she attacks Randi like a lustful whirlwind. I love to pound my fingers up my woman's tight cunt while I am sucking her tits and moving up and burying my tongue deep in her mouth. Just trying to consume her with my lustful love. I love pounding my fingers hard up into her cunt and feeling my base knuckles jamming her mound and feeling her body judder from my loving impacts. Looking at her beautiful face as I pepper it and her upper chest with little love kisses and working slowly up to her mouth. I love to kiss the edge of your mouth and oh so slowly kiss the edges of your lips as I position our mouths and then moving up and sensually locking lips and twining our tongues in love. I always bask in the communication you give your women ["Oh honey . . . I'm going to fuck you so hard, you're going to come any second," she panted into Randi's beautiful black ear. "Unh! Unh! Oh god!" Randi gasped, her lovely young body quivering as Laura brought her closer and closer to the peak. "Oh yes . . . oh yes!" "Oh, I love you, I love fucking you, darling!" Laura whimpered, feeling Randi's thighs suddenly clench.] I so love talking to my women and hearing the pleasure I am giving them. I love the chuffing sounds a woman makes as you are jamming your fingers deep up into her cunt when you jam your knuckles into her mound.

I love to jerk you off while looking into your eyes but the siren call of tender wet cunt meat is just too strong sometimes [She wanted to suck Randi's pussy as the girl came, and quickly she slid down between Randi's spastically jerking thighs, pressing her lips against the glistening, puckering red slit just as Randi seized up, gulping air, her pelvis churning crazily. Quickly, Laura slid two fingers deep into the slippery, tight channel and began to fuck her very fast and hard while also sucking her swollen clit.] I love sliding down a sweat slicked undulating body and arriving at a cunt almost ready to explode and burying my mouth in and finishing her off. I so love to have a cunt exploding into my mouth with all those wonderful pelvis thrusts of a woman going crazy with pleasure. I so love to have my head rocked back or even jammed by a pelvis thrusting hard and strong into my starving mouth. I love to grab buns to help that humping or conversely grabbing her hips or spreading my fingers on your lower belly and actively resisting your instinctive thrusting. That resistance just makes them pump harder and with more abandon which makes all those muscles in her lower body, belly and pelvis tighten and strain which makes the pleasure more intense I think. It sure does for me. I love the detail of adding piercing finger fucking at just the right time when inhaling cunt meat. That sudden influx of intense stimulation is just guaranteed to make a cunt just rupture with divine deep womb shattering spasms of intense dire fucking bliss. Wombs so wish and need deep scalding orgasms of rupturing, destroying contractions to be truly happy. I so love that

feeling of having my pussy and womb tearing themselves inside out and looking down my torso and seeing my pussy humping desperately into my woman's busy mouth or if frigged or fucked with a dildo seeing my twat shuddering and juddering above the mattress and then feeling my eyes bulge out as I just watch my cunt lower that brief fraction for a split second and then wildly pumping as high as my digging heels can pump and feeling that scalding pleasure geysering out my cunt and burning down my body, burning every cell with fucking bliss and whitening out my brain with pleasure so intense I just scream my bliss to the gods.

I had to smile at this next part. When you have more than one sex partner it is so easy to lose track of where they are and what they are doing. And when it is a man or my case a woman(s) armed with strap-on this can often happen [Randi came in a shattering explosion. Laura, however, did not get to enjoy it thoroughly because just as Randi began to come, Rob's huge, stiff cock slipped into Laura's uptilting pussy, and he drove it in deep.] There is nothing quite so pleasurable as having a nice hard cock sliding up your well lubricated cunt when you are not expecting it. I mean you know it is going to

happen but just not when. I so love feeling a cock sliding deep up into my tight cunt and being a little surprised as to the when just makes belly flutter as I feel that pole burying itself deep in my belly. Once at work a took a forms ruler and scooted to the edge of my chair and put one end at the entrance of my fuck hole and leaned back in my chair and laid the forms ruler on my belly and looked down and my eyes nearly bulged out of my eye sockets when I measured nine, ten and twelve inches. Egads, no wonder I love having my holes stuffed balls deep with long hard cock. I guess they really are buried deep in my belly and bowels. You know how deeply they are fucking you but to see it with a ruler was just fucking rad. I love big but smaller is equally nice because they offer more control and you can really rabbit fuck with them and still feel pretty full. I just love that feeling of being stuffed to the gills and seeing that big pole disappearing in my fuck holes and knowing all that length is deep inside me.

I love being fucked so hard that my body is rocked forward or down into the mattress. I want to feel your power fucking into my body. I have been fucked so many times like this when I am lying out or kneeling eating gash. I have found one has to get in sync with the thrusting to really get your gash eating in sync with your body. Often during hard pounding I just have to lay head on your belly or thigh and let my woman fuck my cunt or asshole. I am simply rocking too much and towards the end am I just to fuck ruined to eat you out. I must listen to my impaled love hole or asshole and bask in their sweet whisperings to me. I love when my woman whose alter I was worshipping at gently caresses my face as it is on her belly or thigh and she just gently encourages me to come hard. I will just grab a hold of her as I am coming and keep my face buried in her sweet flesh as I jackknife against her while digging my face into her sweet flesh and scream against her body.

I like this next part because you show how "no" can really mean "yes". Rob loves to fuck assholes just like I do and takes his cock out of Laura's sweet pussy and opens her cheeks for some anal adventure. His cock is already lubricated form her fuck juices and he quickly slides his cock next to her beautiful rosebud. Laura seems distressed with her head whipping around and glaring at him and saying "no" and calling him a bastard and yet [But the excitement was too intense for any of them to pull back. Randi slid down Laura's body, between her thighs, and held her asscheeks open, while Rob quickly snatched a small plastic bottle from the bedstand and began dripping oil on the head of his cock to lubricate it further. Oh god, Laura thought, he's going to do it. And she's helping him!] I love this. Her words say one thing and yet her body is clearly saying something else. I so love pretending to resist when what I am resisting is exactly what I want. I find a lot of women like playing this game. Still, I have had women I thought were ready for my cock up their ass but their screeches told me to stop or that sudden jerking away of their body or simply rolling over onto their back stopped me. Sometimes one can misread the signs. I quickly and sincerely apologize and then find out how I misread them. I then assure them and listen to them and love coo to them and stroke their lovely bodies with more tender foreplay and seduction. Soon I am almost always gently working my way into their rosebud and then sliding deep into their clenching rectum. I love it when I soon having them slamming their ass into my deep killing anal strokes and they are clawing and pulling on the sheets while moaning "deeper" and "harder". I always exult as I'm gently working past your sphincter and feel that little jump as my head gets clearance and that lack of resistance makes my cock leap an inch or two up her rectum. Yum!!!

One of the beauties of having multiple lovers is how they work together to fuck their woman. I love that picture of Randi' spreading Laura's ass cheeks as Rob works his cock in. Spreading those cheeks just make you feel wide open as that cock is ramming you deep. It just stretches out that sphincter which makes it all the more sensitive. This alone will make my cunt cream. I love how they roll Laura onto her side in a spoon position to allow Rob to start working his cock up her loving asshole while Randi settles in between her thighs and starts sucking her pussy while finger fucking her. Sigh. I love for a woman to be fucking my ass with her cock while another woman is sucking my pussy. Love the contrast between a rock hard rod jamming up my asshole and a soft, womanly mouth devouring my cunt simultaneously. Life doesn't get any better than this. I love feeling that cock working my asshole and making me ["Owwwnngggghhh!" she finally groaned, feeling her whole anal track completely impaled on his fierce hard penis, as hard as a steel rod inside her.] I love grimacing out pleasure from a heavenly spearing. I love watching my woman getting fucked up the ass by another of my lovers. Women's faces are so cute and beautiful as the same time as they get accommodated to their assholes getting speared. I love watching that scrunching up in mild pain and discomfort giving away to that sublime bliss that only anal fucking can give. So often they just kind of a get dreamy look interspersed with grimaces of anal pain / pleasure and seeing her face scrunch up with pained pleasure as she starts ramming her ass back or down onto the cock as your are spearing inward and hearing your thighs slap and her animalistic grunts of exertion and pleasure. She has now entered anal slut mode and I fucking love it!!

Laura is in heaven, maybe a slightly pained heaven, and is reveling in having her ass speared and cunt inhaled by Randi. I love to have things explicitly described to me during sex and I would have felt my belly clench if Randi said this to me ["Oh Laura . . . oh god," Randi panted, "it's all the way up into your booty. So far! It's so damn big!"] I so love talking about sex and being talked dirty too. I swear sometimes I almost just swoon from hearing dirty, nasty, slutty talk. Life doesn't get any better than what is happening to Laura here. The mild pain and discomfort and killing pleasure is starting to burn out from her impaled asshole and her cunt is on fire from Randi consuming it in wild glee and abandon. I so love feeling my lover getting more and more excited and doing this to my increasing plundered asshole [The next few minutes were unbearably intense. Her asshole adjusted to the plunging monster inside it, and Rob began to fuck her more and more fiercely as his cock sank deeper and deeper into her ass each time, making Laura quiver and moan piteously. "Ownnchhh! Ungghh! Oh god . . . please! Ahhngghhh! Ohnngg! Oh shit!"] I love feeling myself moaning and yelping out my pleasure from such good fucking. I want my spooning lover to massage my tits and be kissing my shoulders and back and lifting up their head from time to time and tilting my head back over my shoulder and letting us devour each other's tongues. I love how you capture the need of impaling one's asshole [She was impaled on his plunging rod, as hard as a steel pipe, but she jammed her ass down on it each time he reared up, stabbing deep into her tortured rectum and grunting with fierce physical need.] It is a fierce need that MUST be satisfied. I so need to slam my ass back into your thrusts. Getting that perfect instinctive rhythm of love and getting your cock buried deep and hard into my seizing rectum. Giving me the pleasure I so fucking crave.

I love to be taken with rough love so I really love reading this [And Randi was not exactly fucking her tenderly either. She jabbed two fingers into Laura's pussy and licked and sucked Laura's clitoris until the hammering cock in Laura's ass and the raping fingers in her cunt drove her over the edge. She felt her entire body gripped by a huge spasm, a wrenching cataclysm that suddenly gave way to a scalding flood of intense pleasure, exploding in hot pulsations through her skewered ass and her ravished pussy. "Auungghh!" she cried out, writhing and groaning as wave after wave of punishing ecstasy wracked her twisting body. "Ohhngggg! Ainnnggiiieeeeee! Unghh! Oh! Ungghhh! Auunggghiiieeee!"] Only you capture so truly why it is we women fuck. Why I love having my lovers pound their love into my aching cunt and asshole. When a woman has gotten in tune with her body and gets what it craves and seeks then heaven is so within reach. Feeling heaven exploding out from your impaled asshole and ravaged cunt is just what a woman should be living for. Feeling pleasure that is simply indescribable erupting from your center and filling every single cell of your body with screaming bliss and rapture that makes even the gods themselves envious. I notice that the Greek gods where always taking human form to have sex. Hehehe. This is why. Laura fucking a guy gets the added pleasure of bolts of hot jism shooting up her ass and a man's strength lovingly mauling her tits massaging bliss into love tortured tit flesh. Sigh, I so love having cunt, tits and asshole working in concert pumping raw pleasure to my starving brain and filling it to overflowing with fucking bliss. I revel and worship each spasm that rocks my mind and soul.

I love keeping us all connected after a glorious fuck. I want to feel your sweat slicked body against mine and feel your labored breathing and feeling it slowly return to normal. I had to smile big as Randi continues to inhale Laura's exhausted cunt until she realizes Laura is simply too exhausted to respond anymore to anyone's touch. She then moves up and they love coo to each other and Randi is simply shocked that Laura took Rob's huge pipe up her ass. Laura knows Rob would die to get it up Randi's booty and makes the offer for him but Randi is simply to fearful. Sigh. The girl is really missing out. She needs to accept all the pleasure her body can give her. After recharging Rob and Randi fuck once more basic missionary style. This is a romantic fuck with love and tenderness. The kind that makes your cunt melt from the inside and makes your whole body slowly thrum with pleasure until your backing is arching and your gagging and groaning out your pleasure as your cunt hammers out waves of rolling bliss and you are wrapping your arms and legs around your lover and humping your body up and down on that beautiful cock with each sweet killing spasm. I love just feeling my cunt melting with each rolling spam of rending bliss. I tend to get a little sleepy with such womb warming orgasms. I often need a little power meower thirty minute nap to get my wits about me. Unfortunately, this chapter ends with Laura fretting that things have changed between her and Randi. Randi is so fickle; Laura knows that introducing Rob into the mix will only hurt her in the future. Unfortunately, she was right. Randi could be so hurtful in her self-absorption sometimes.



Chapter 205:

This chapter starts out with Laura having to avoid Deshona because of her back having scratches. Reading these out of order, I'm having to assume it is because of Earlene or Randi and their violent couplings with Laura. It is interesting to read Laura's self loathing and desire all mixed together. I know that Deshona must be hurting having Laura avoid her like this. I know Laura has been giving good excuses, but Deshona is a smart woman and her suspicions must being aroused. This is shown in her querulous voice on the phone. I like it when Laura's lovers get jealous when they can't have her. This is such a clear indicator of their deep feelings for Laura. Plus, it adds so much emotion that adds kick to the story and the exciting sex it gives in later chapters after all this emotion has a chance to fester for a while. This dwelling on the situation with Laura must be winding Deshona up like a spring that will be ready to explode when they finally do couple again.

I see she is by now mooning over Tamara. I can tell this is not the first time that Laura has noticed Tamara and her almost divine beauty. What I think is wonderful here is that initial seduction doesn't occur for another ten chapters. Wow. That is unbelievable that you have the patience and skill to prolong this so long. Also, Tamara is introduced before this chapter. Your saga allows this natural flow of events to happen. Tamara personality required such slow deliberate seduction. I have felt this in my life. Women I have pinned for years and I have never had. One just has to learn to accept that some straight women are simply beyond reach. Then sometimes one falls into your hands and I have felt wonder when I have been so fortunate. That is what you capture in this saga with Laura. Other authors always just have it happen with no preamble. With Laura you have a beginning, middle and beautiful end. It is the journey that is so sweet.

Now we see Sholandra being jealous over Laura's mooning over Tamara. That must hurt Sholandra some to see that right in front of her. She kind of deserves it in a way though. She is bi and mainly leans in the het direction, and has made this abundantly clear to Laura. Thus, Laura has to some degree written her off her list of angels. Sholandra has taken herself out of the picture so to speak. If a woman makes it clear to me and throws it in my face she prefers cock, it is like fuck you. That is what I feel. I keep myself distant from them and they have to come to me and hope I feel like fucking them (I almost always do) when they desire a taste of strange from time to time. They know I am going to take my strap-on and fuck the living hell out of them after I eat them out to some screaming orgasms. They always leave me worn out and with a big fat smile on their face. I do wonder why they go back. Oh Well. Still, Sholandra can't help but be jealous. It is a woman thing I fear. I really try to control my jealousy but I still feel the green-eyed monster from time to time.

I like the biting remarks. This is just something that other stories don't really supply because they are to short or the story focuses on easy seductions and thus don't' really develop their characters. By developing your characters, we get to see all aspect of their personalities including their not so flattering ["You're eyes be falling out of your head, Laura," she said. "Better not let her catch you looking. You look like a sex offender. You'd really like a piece of that juicy little hair pie, wouldn't you? You and Rhonda and every guy in the building. New girl on the block, and everybody wants to fuck her, right?"] By giving us real women you are able to give us these humorous jealous remarks. I then like the back and for the between them about Sholandra's sexual antics with her two boyfriends. I am also reminded that Sholandra has also been screwing Rhonda. I had forgot that. I know that must have really upset and angered Laura. While not a fan of course of the real thing from the male of the species, I did love the talk of penetrations, especially the anal and the dp. Thank goodness I am not a politically correct lesbian. I would be missing so much. Even I can't help but get hot like Laura. I know the need to be pounded and have my holes fucked long, hard and deep. I love how they work each other up and Laura's cunt is now runny with nectars.

It is so cute to see Sholandra flirting with Laura. It is time for Sholandra to have a taste of strange. She prefers male cock but from time to time needs the real thing and get some lesbian loving. She knows that Laura can fuck and give her orgasms like no one else can.

It was a kick to see Sholandra putting Laura's love life on the table so to speak once she arrives at Laura's apartment. Interesting dynamic that some women have. She is coming over for loving and she is razing Laura instead. She seems to be well connected with gossip mill. I like how Laura doesn't really get upset but uses sex to try and quite her. I had a smile on my face when Sholandra listed Yvette, April and Deshona as her lovers and didn't use the nicest of words to describe them. A hoot to read but in real life I would be swallowing bile over having my angels attacked. One should always be nice. Still Sholandra is almost cute in her actions. I sense a little jealousy here. I know we won't be seeing Sholandra again, but now that Laura has discovered strap-on sex, she could show Sholandra that women can fuck you up the ass also. Poor Sholandra prefers men, her loss really.

Next you give us some verbal foreplay. I love this line ["You only want my pussy.

Everybody only wants my pussy. Except for Eric and Danny, who want my ass too."] You always have such witty and dynamic dialog in your stories. Laura murmurs to her and squeezes her ass. Sholandra can be a real thrill kill with her continued declarations of liking male cock in her pussy. Laura is such a beautiful woman for handling this with aplomb and continues with her seduction. Sholandra wants it but only says that "sentimentality" reasons are driving her. Grrrrrrr. Still Laura smoothly moves forward with her seduction remembering Sholandra over their initial meetings and the lust that Laura felt for Sholandra from the very beginning. Of course Sholandra basks in this. Laura lets Sholandra know that her desire for her is unabated. Now you have one of those little dynamics that only you use ["You remember that pale yellow underwear I had on that night when I showed you my evening dress?" Sholandra asked, coquettish and alluring now. She had a deeply sensual, fuck-me look in her eyes that was devastating to Laura, who could remember everything. The yellow underwear against Sholandra's smooth, molasses-colored skin had been an unforgettable sight. She recalled the dark circles of Sholandra's very large nipples showing through the lacy pale yellow gauze of the demi-bra. "I could never forget it," Laura half-croaked softly. "I'm wearing it now,"

Sholandra tilted her head provocatively. "Want to see?"] This is such a beautiful moment that other authors never ever provide. Makes me wonder if Sholandra rushed home to get into this "special" underwear. Not only is it the situation but also the way you have your characters emote to each other and the sweet emotions that only you are truly able to convey. I am always in awe at your talent

I love how Laura just looks at each woman with total worship [She had a deeply sensual, fuck-me look in her eyes that was devastating to Laura, who could remember everything. The yellow underwear against Sholandra's smooth, molasses-colored skin had been an unforgettable sight. She recalled the dark circles of Sholandra's very large nipples showing through the lacy pale yellow gauze of the demi-bra.]. I will never tire of how you so lovingly describe your women. No one else is in your league. It is so obvious that you love these women so dearly and want us to love them too. And I DO!!!! You make it so clear that Laura finds the woman she is with to be the most wonderful creature on the face of the earth. It is really quite touching. As you always do, you describe the woman as a person and not just as a fuck bunny [Laura drank in every part of the girl. As she often did, Sholandra wore a scoop-neck blouse to show off her flawless skin, and perfect bones, her clavicles straight and sculptured, her throat pure and shapely, her breasts just large enough to make a tantalizing shallow cleavage below the neck line. Laura could actually feel nectars flowing into her tingling pussy as she looked at Sholandra. No wonder I had to have her, she thought.] Other authors make a woman seem like she only has a face, pussy and an ass. You make Sholandra a unique woman who deserves to be desired to the highest levels.

I like the little dynamic about the noise that can be made. I am so happy that Laura now has her own place where she and her angels can scream out their rapture. I like how Sholandra wants to know if she can scream in peace and Laura tells her to scream all she wants. Laura will let nothing interfere with the divine fucking that is soon to occur. She is willing to risk hell with Kendra if that is what it takes to get some pussy from Sholandra.

Sholandra now sets the stage by slowly starting to remove her clothes. I love how you make the taking off of ones clothes the sexy event it so easily can become. Other authors just say they removed their clothes while some try to have eroticism by having them strip hurriedly. You are the only author who knows that slow can be even more devastating to one's libido. You make the removing of ones clothes into sweet foreplay [Laura didn't know why, but one of the most sexually electrifying things for her was watching a desirable woman remove her own bra. It was seductive and alluring, a moment of almost hypnotic temptation.] This is so true. Other authors just say that they 'quickly disrobed'. Boring. I have to agree that watching a woman remove her own bra and panties is so magical. Seeing her sweet flesh come into view by her own hand just makes my cunt spasm and run with fuck nectars. I have watched Joann and Maria strip for each other and me a thousand times it seems and I still hunger to see it again and again.

I know exactly how Laura feels here [Sholandra could sense Laura's fascination, and she slowly removed her blouse, watching Laura's eyes. Her large black nipples were again visible through the filmy fabric.] This is so fucking hot. My lust would be going off the scale. As more and more of a woman's flesh becomes exposed the more horny I get. Whoever invented lingerie deserves a billion dollars. This is the essence of Laura and what makes her so special ["Girl . . . you've seen my body before," she whispered. "No," Laura swallowed nervously. "It's like the first time."] I think Laura and I are exactly the same in this regard. This was one of the first things I so deeply admired about Laura was this totally love for her angels. It is just so positive and life affirming.

You just continue to stoke the fire that is developing deep in my belly and making my womb contract with [This sparked Sholandra's mischievous, flirtatious streak. She curved one delicious shoulder archly, sliding the bra strap over it and down her arm with two fingers. Laura quivered internally. Sholandra did the same thing with the other strap, so that now they were both dangling down her arms.] Forgive my going on so much with this slow removing of clothes but this is so real life. Using ones disrobing to you're your lover wet with need. Your making me wet just reading it. The reason I am going on so is that no other writer gives me this and it makes me a little light headed when you give it to me. Again, this is just so real life and I'm thankful for it. Other authors must live in nudist camps because they sure don't know how to write this.

I like how Sholandra tells Laura that she has "rape" in her eyes. Laura agrees that yes she does want to love rape Sholandra. Sholandra finally removes her bra to show her treasures [Because her skin was not as dark as some other girls' skins, her nipples seemed jet black by contrast, round, puffy, bulging. To Laura it seemed she had sucked them hard a thousand times. Sholandra thoroughly enjoyed Laura's enchantment. She cupped her naked breasts in her palms and ran her thumbs across her nipples. After two or three times, the centers sprang up, stiff and excited.] I love how you so lovingly describe Sholandra's breast and she uses her thumbs to stroke them to erection. I love how Sholandra is cupping her breast and exciting her nipples solely to make Laura want her more desperately. I also like how it is so clear that Laura still desperately desires and needs Sholandra even though they have made love many times in the past. I always hunger for my women.

Laura decides it is time to take things to the bedroom and Sholandra remarks

["Ooohhh Miz Laura, you up to no good," Sholandra smiled. "I do believe you got rape on your mind indeed."] I always love this "old plantation" talk from Laura's angels. It is so sassy and makes my pussy melt with need. I always thought it cute when Laura would shut the door to her bedroom once she and her angel had entered. I like how you have Sholandra slowly remove Laura's dress and bra and have her gently kiss the scratch marks Randi left and how they kiss romantically. What is really nice is how out of character this is for Sholandra. She is normally rough and straight ahead in her sexual appetites. I love the tenderness here [Sholandra was rarely tender. Laura turned and kissed her, very romantically. They embraced, rubbing their naked breasts together in a smooth, sensual, luxurious motion, enjoying every minute sensation.] This is real life and almost all other authors run rough shod over this gentleness between women.

Sholandra quickly moves to get her some tender breast meat and again you make this so special with ["Oh!" Laura gasped as Sholandra took one of her aching nipples into her mouth and clamped it lightly with her teeth. "Does that light your pretty pink pussy on fire?"] Other authors have this but without any of the emotional connotations that real life have. Theirs read more like a doctoral thesis. Sholandra expresses the need for them strip even while she continues to love maul Laura's little doves. I have this problem too; I simple want to devour my angels completely and totally. I can never get enough of their sweet tender flesh. This next paragraph expresses that need I feel so desperately for my women [In another twenty seconds they were both naked, squirming together on the bed, kissing heatedly, groping, and sucking. Laura finally got her mouth on the delicious feast of Sholandra's small, beautiful breasts, almost swallowing the girl's plump, gleaming black nipples, bringing tight little squeals of delight from deep in Sholandra's throat.] Thank you for so perfectly capturing this burning need we women feel for our lovers.

You never cease to amaze how you so perfectly capture every aspect of lesbian love making and use such hot visuals to drive it home to the reader ["God, girl, how could you stay away from me for so long?" she panted, holding both marvelous little breasts in her hands, squeezing them, watching Sholandra's stiff, saliva-wet nipples expand and point upward so that she could attack them again with her tongue.] This leads to some gentle sweet moments between the two of them. Sholandra likes her male dick but she misses the sweetness that only a woman can provide. She asks Laura to not "fuck" her and take her only with her mouth. She wants a change from pounding. Of course Laura is only too happy to comply with this sweet request. I love this next moment and the great reflection that Laura has [Without replying, Laura gently pushed her down onto her back. Often it seemed to her that she was spending most of her time trying to persuade some gorgeous creature to let her do this. She had even spent a lot of time trying to persuade Sholandra, long ago. It gave her a great thrill to be asked to do it.] I can see this from Laura's viewpoint. Since she is having to seduce these women into the truth she is rarely asked at this time. That is one thing I like about her current situation, she is surrounded by enough angels who have accepted their lesbian desires that all aspects of lesbian lovemaking comes easily for them now. This doesn't mean though I am not hungering desperately for Shaniqua's soon to be seduction. I love these women being brought into lesbian love by a knowledgeable lesbian. Having these women shown pleasure they never even dreamed existed. I know my pussy will be melting with happiness and glee.

I love how you never cease describing these women's body so lovingly even when they have coupled with Laura many times [And Sholandra had a delicious, perfectly-proportioned body, a beautiful warm-molasses colored body that Laura now kissed everywhere, exploring and enjoying every inch of it on her way down to fulfill Sholandra's request. She didn't want to hurry it.] It is so obvious that you truly love these women. Laura takes her time exploring this treasure of a woman and soon has Sholandra ["Ohhhnnnn . . . yes! Oh, it feels so good!" Sholandra moaned, twisting and biting her lower lip, cupping her own delectable breasts in her hands and squeezing them.] I love hearing and seeing this need in my women. Taking them to the highest level of need before I take them to heaven.

Now we get to the point where you so lovingly describe Sholandra's vagina. I can truthfully say you are the only women to describe this and I have really come to find this strange. How can writers, especially female writers not write loving praise of this treasure that lies between every woman's legs. Strange. Fortunately, for me, you do [Compared to some of the exquisitely shaped cunts that Laura had devoted her attentions to, Sholandra's was only average, a smallish seam enclosed by dark, unexceptional flaps. But her clit was big, a thick nubbin that was now swollen to twice its normal size, glossy and, Laura knew, throbbing, pulsing, tumid with need. Carefully, she opened Sholandra's cuntlips with her finger and began to lick the girl's hot, glistening pit slowly, well aware that the slightest misadventure would make Sholandra come in a fierce, clenching spasm.] Sigh, sheer perfection. This is the real deal. I can close my eyes and see this masterpiece in my mind's eye. What I also love is you go beyond describing the purely physical, you imbue it with so much more when you tell of it being "swollen" and "glossy". These descriptions fill me with great hunger to bury my face in Sholandra tender cunt and sucking her too repeated screaming orgasms.

This next part you capture several neat things [Her warm, tangy juices began to flood

Laura's tongue, one of the things that aroused Laura wildly, and Laura had a hard time controlling her urge to ravish this lovely, flooding pussy aggressively, making Sholandra come quickly and violently, so that she too would get to come. But she managed to slow them both down by kissing the smooth, velvety insides of Sholandra's delicious thighs, teasing the girl almost satanically by inching her lips closer and closer to the inflamed crotch flower, making Sholandra gasp and shudder from a pent-up excess of lust.] First is the divine taste of pussy and the hunger it inspires. Once I get this taste and smell in my mind I am filled with deep hunger and I just want to consume and love rape my woman's cunt with my mouth. I know about having to fight myself to make myself slow down to enjoy the feast before me. I love controlling my hunger and using my skill to prolong my feast knowing I am also increasing my lover's need. I love how Joanne gets almost rigid sometimes with need and her hands just get into rigid claws of need and want while Maria just whimpers and pleads to be finished off. Then I love how you detail Laura kissing Sholandra's thighs to distract and then slowing inching up toward her hot slick opening. Letting your lover know you are coming back to bring her divine pleasure and getting some more wonderful cunt cream for yourself.

Oh geez, another paragraph of sheer perfection [And even now she had not yet touched the swollen, purplish marble of Sholandra's erect clit with her tongue or her lips. But she knew neither of them could keep this up for long. Sholandra was going mad from need, and Laura herself was on fire. Her eyes kept drifting up to the girl's contorted face, and to Sholandra's fingers, busily pinching and twisting her plump black nipples as she writhing and moaned in a terrible fit of sexual need, pumping and gyrating her pelvis, pushing her pussy up into Laura's eager mouth.] Seeing an erect clit popped out of its hood will almost certainly make my womb quiver with excitement and hunger. Then you detail the need I was talking about. Only you really capture this. Other authors say their character feels this need but only you actually show us the need. By showing us and describing it, you allow us to thus experience it. For that you have my eternal gratitude. Finally, I love how Sholandra is pinching her nipples and rotating and thrusting her hips and pussy into Laura's mouth. I never tire of that eternal rhythm of love that comes so instinctively to lesbian lovemaking.

Laura uses words to taunt and stroke the fire of Sholandra's need while her tongue explores her folds. Laura has brought Sholandra to the edge [Laura absolutely loved reducing a beautiful woman to complete helplessness. Sholandra was totally hers now, desperate for release, her lovely brown body undulating and flexing, her lovely face grimacing with sexual tension. Her eyes implored Laura. Her hands clawed at her own small breasts and stiff, pointing nipples. Her breathing was labored and scratchy, and her clit seemed to swell up even further.] I can't really add anything to this. You capture all moods of lovemaking from rough, gentle, a little kinky to this great teasing. I am in awe how you are able to capture all facets of lovemaking so perfectly. Other authors don't even come close.

Laura finally moves in for the kill and drags the flat of her tongue up her sopping trench and then runs it up and over to the tip of her tongue on Sholandra's tumid clit. Laura then fans the fires a little more with taunts of "needing to come?" This winds Sholandra to the breaking point and Laura delivers [Sholandra was speechless, quivering and mewling hysterically, begging Laura with her eyes. But Laura had already given in. She pressed the flat of her tongue to Sholandra's throbbing clit again, then sucked the entire spongy little ball into her mouth. Sholandra came seconds later, a fierce, explosive climax that buckled her body and almost flung both of them off Laura's bed.] I can just feel that love bundle of nerves quivering as I suction it in and out of my mouth. Yum!!!!! I can just feel her bucking her divine cunt up into my hungry mouth. You perfectly capture the thrill of experiencing you lover's orgasm. I always let it flow over me like Laura does here [Sholandra's orgasm was so overpowering that Laura wanted them both to enjoy every last aspect of it, including Sholandra's helpless cries of ecstasy, which thrilled Laura to the quick every time she heard them. Just the sight of the lovely girl writhing and coming in her own bed, completely destroyed by a sweet, shocking rapture, was nearly enough to make Laura come too.] I love the motion of a wildly bucking body and her screams of exctacy are the sweetest music to my ears.

Cute little dynamics of Laura throwing caution to the wind and not worrying about

Kendra or Jane overhearing Sholandra and then Sholandra not wanting to kiss Laura because her cunt cream is on Laura's lips. I love the taste of my own pussy and would have been all over Laura like white on rice. I also so like the fact that all your women are so different. Sholandra is not a gentle lover but more in the lines of Dawn [Laura smiled, welcoming this invitation, lying back and surrendering her body. She was very overwrought from what had just occurred and knew she too would come in a flash. Sholandra was not, Laura remembered, a subtle or tender lover. She went for the money, not using her fingers because of her long nails, but employing her mouth like a mechanized suction device, devouring Laura's aching pussy so hungrily that it took under a minute for Laura to come.] I love sex all ways but I will never turn away a woman who attacks my pussy with the mad passion of a Sholandra. I can just feel her attacking my tender kitty and trying to suck my clit down her throat. Oh geez, just felt a "Laura" clench here.

They have the nice dynamic that they continue their lovemaking with romantic feelings and bring each other rolling waves of blissful orgasms. Their relationship has progressed enough to where the competition and jealousies have been left behind. Sholandra now requests some 69 action, telling Laura she doesn't like it with guys. I fully understand that. Laura inquires about Rhonda and Sholandra informs her that Rhonda is now avoiding her and she senses a separation between Rhonda and Stevie. Laura files this away but tells her she meant about sex. Sholandra informs Laura that Rhonda is a demon in 69 and they just consumed each other to orgasm after orgasm. Again Laura finds that Rhonda is skilled and at other times, actually a nice person. I am so happy they have buried the hatchet. They get in position and start their feasting but we get a big surprise. Suddenly someone is ringing Laura's doorbell incessantly and Sholandra confesses she has invited Danny over for some fun. Sholandra is one sly cookie, she knows to get Laura all primed with great sex and then have Danny come over. Laura's motor is revving at full speed and is more than happy to invite him up.



Chapter 206:

While not a big fan of the male gender I did like how you had the dialog between the parties involved. It had you usual natural flow between them. Danny is so cute running up the stairs in his eagerness and being out of breath and Laura's catty thought of his being eager for beaver. Laura is bi (more so then) and can't help but think of his huge prick and the pleasures it can bring. She might prefer women the vast majority of the time, but she does desire a cock from time to time. She is just being true to inner desires. I'm just thankful it is a low desire for male cock. I am just so thankful that Laura comes from a het background and is not a politically correct lesbian who eschews penetration. I feel so sorry for lesbians like that who deny themselves this wonderful pleasure. Geez, they have brainwashed themselves.

Laura remarks on his good looks and the way he looks at Sholandra. With eyes filled with lust like Laura, only he desires to bury his cock and not his tongue up her sweet, sweet pussy. You allow your characters to have honest to goodness everyday conversation and they wonder if they are going to invite Eric over also. Laura decides one is enough though Danny lets the cat out of the bag and lets Laura know that Sholandra wants the brothers together for DP action. Danny refuses a drink because he wants to keep his edge and I love Sholandra's remark [Sholandra sidled up to him, kissing his jaw, his cheek, lightly rubbing his crotch with one hand. "We don't want to dull this," she said. "We want it sharp and hot and full of muscle."] I licked the way the disrobing starts. Danny helping Laura and Sholandra out of their bath robes and them helping him to get out of his clothes [Laura peeled off his shirt and began kiss his chest. Danny got her housecoat undone quickly and slid it off her shoulders, filling his hands with her naked breasts. He scooted his hips up to let Sholandra pull his pants down and off his ankles. His gigantic cock was already at full mast, a massive, thick, inflamed, pulsing truncheon, the bulb on the end purplish and swollen.]. Sigh, I wish they could develop a strap-on / dildo to mimic this. I keep thinking with microelectronics this would be possible. A girl can dream can't she? These little details are so pleasant and exciting to read. It is strange other authors don't focus more on this. Everyone has to do this disrobing to get to the sweet flesh underneath. I would think others would write this.

I do like how you describe the cocks of these guys. They are battering rams waiting for action. I can get almost the same with a strap-on but I must admit, only a large real cock has that sense of imminent power waiting to be unleashed. Women have to work for what one of these monsters just have. With skill and imagination, women for my money more than compensate. From my experimenting days in my youth, I do miss the warmth, pulsing and ejaculation. It is just the packaging I detest. Enough ranting for now, back to the story.

It is time for this lesbian to start blushing. The only thing I really loved about fucking

guys back in the day was oral sex. The rest was okay. I could orgasm if I was thinking about women and pretending I was going down on the guy's sister or some such. I loved sucking dick and having it explode in my mouth. You start it nice with [She and Sholandra slid down on their knees and began to attack this enormous throbbing pole lovingly with their hands and mouths. Since she often feasted on the monster, Sholandra deferred to Laura first, and Laura took the rock-hard, hot shaft in both hands, running her tongue all over it excitedly.] Nice dynamic of Sholandra deferring to Laura since she and Danny's monster are well acquainted. Women as a rule are just so thoughtful. Love how they already have Danny's hips bucking in heat. I smiled when Laura recalled that Danny's shots his load a couple of feet when he ejaculates and immediately attacks Danny's cock with the hopes of making him shoot his load to a spectacular show.

Love your usual details and heat [By now Sholandra, not to be left out, was taking turns with Laura, peppering the rigid rod with hot, passionate kisses, lacing her fingers around it, dropping warm spittle from her lips directly onto the head of Danny's cock, then diving on it with her mouth. And Danny was going wild. His whole long, stiff shaft was wet and shiny, bulging with ropey veins and ridges, ready to burst, jumping and twitching. Laura fought with Sholandra for it, pulling it from Sholandra's sensual mouth and sliding it into her own, throat-sucking him hard, delighting in the tight, desperate groans she aroused in him. "Unh! Unh! Ogghhmmm!" Danny grunted.] Sigh, great sex is great sex, doesn't matter if it is het. One thing I love about this section is the fun that Sholandra and Laura have in swapping their oral attentions. The reader can see the fun they are having. That is one of the things I must dearly love about your writings is you bring out the fun in lovemaking so clearly. Other authors just seem to ignore this important facet of lovemaking completely.

Danny delivers with an ejaculation that covers Sholandra's face and Laura's breast. After cleaning up, I liked how Laura found Sholandra and Danny's affections for each other both touching and reasons for jealousy. Laura tries and does control her feelings because she doesn't want anything to interfere with the wonderful fucking that is about to commence. Still I can understand how Laura feels, she wants all of these beautiful women for herself. I am pretty easy going when other women are involved but when a man is involved I do become jealous and competitive. So I can fully understand Laura when a guy is involved. Leave the women to the women. Hehehe.

Danny is wise and asks for Laura and Sholandra to continue their lovemaking. He knows this will soon revive his manhood. I fully understand Laura cooing to herself that "this is more like it" as she inhales Sholandra's nipples. Cute little dynamic when they shoo Danny off the sofa so they can get comfortable and do some 69 action. Once on the sofa they start face to face with Laura on the bottom, which allows her to inhale some more breast flesh. I will take 69 any way I can get it but I prefer the bottom, I love that weight on me and pulling a wet cunt down into my hungry mouth. Sholandra quickly reverses and this leads to another example of your perfect descriptions of lesbian sex [She ran her hands all over the smooth round moons of Sholandra's ass, pulling the girl's flowing pussy down into her mouth and stabbing her tongue up into the wet slit, tugging Sholandra's fat little clit with her lips. This time she slid two fingers up into Sholandra's slippery cleft at the same time, fucking her and licking her, bringing soft whoops and moans from the girl, who writhed on top of her, grinding her hips, pushing her cunt into Laura's face.] I am in paradise reading this. I can feel that wet heat in my mouth and vulva flaring and pressing around my mouth. Yum!!! It is doesn't get any better than this. I feel like I'm Laura attacking Sholandra's cunt. Everything is just perfect, that is the only way to describe it.

I liked how you mentioned that Laura had to take breaks from attacking Sholandra's pussy because of the fucking she was receiving [Sholandra was always searing and passionate. She fingerfucked Laura too, and sucked and probed her pussy relentlessly, slurping Laura's cunt juices, stabbing Laura's clit with her tongue. Laura gyrated her hips, quivering. At intervals she was unable to continue sucking and fucking Sholandra's pussy because of the wild fuck Sholandra was giving hers.]. This is so true. I often have to take breaks because I'm losing my mind through having my pussy utterly fucked senseless. Plus, I have learned to put a pillow or cushion under my head so my neck won't fatigue and keep me from love assaulting my treat the way I want. Always fun though when you do succeed in getting both off in this position though.

With the wonderful details you have already given and the ones about to come I am constantly thrilled how you are able to use pungent details to make the lovemaking so alive and breathtaking. You make it real life, plus you fill it with exuberance that no other author gives. It is this exuberance that really fills my soul with giddy pleasure. You and only you make your stories more than just that. Other stories may have great details (very rarely) or do a good job on this, but they are always just a story to me. For me "Laura's Story" is real life and this is really what draws me. I have totally fallen for every single woman in this story and want to know more about each individual and more important, experience every one of their orgasms with them. Hehehe.

I like how you know show how one's thoughts don't always happen. Laura is thinking about finding Sholandra's g-spot. All other authors, once they introduce something like this, it will happen. Here though, Sholandra has other ideas [But there turned out to be no time for that. Sholandra, even though writhing and whimpering on the edge of a thrilling climax herself, was completely determined to make Laura come too, at the same time. She sucked Laura's throbbing clit into her mouth and would not let go. "Onngghhh!" Laura groaned, her gyrating hips shaking and pumping furiously in the air as she felt the end of the world beginning deep in her convulsing body. "Unmmgghh! Oh god!"] Geez, my head is lolling to the side here. I so dearly love that detail of wildly thrusting hips up into the air and Sholandra's mouth because Sholandra has taken Laura's clit into her mouth and is doing totally imaginable things to it inside her warm sweet mouth. I can just feel her tormenting my clit with her lips and tongue, tugging it and lathing it with her tongue. Like that detail of Laura thinking the world is coming to the end. That is a great way to describe your body about to be torn apart. When you are stiff with need and you just feel your mind whiting out and that explosion deep in your womb is almost here.

You captured the beauty of a simultaneous orgasm [The two of them came at almost the same instant. Laura's living room was filled with the wild, strangled, tortured cries of fierce ecstacy as both girls melted together in a writhing mass of piercing, incandescent sensations. Even though they were being watched, Laura wondered if they had ever come together with such shocking precision and shared rapture. It was an experience that happened only rarely, and Laura realized that it came from the comfort they had with each other, borne of a couple of years familiarity with each other's body.] It is amazing how you touch on such truths will giving us such hot scorching sex. You have developed quite a talent, one I'm totally thankful for.

I smiled when Laura is basking in the sweet afterglow but is suddenly interrupted.

She looks up to see a pair of balls right above her nose and a battering ram being positioned to invade Sholandra's sweet tender asshole. I have to admit, I do like the way he thinks. He is swabbing baby oil up and down Sholandra's crack preparing for the sweet invasion. He is thoughtful not get any oil in Laura's face which is positioned still underneath in her 69 position. Where almost all other authors just have the dick / dildo inserted you give us [Then he pulled open Sholandra's tight, round little asscheeks and started pushing the huge, pulsing rocket right up into her ass.] This only adds about one thousand degrees to the heat let me tell you. Other authors make it sound like something out of anatomy class while you infuse it with the wonderful raw heat of human sexuality. You make sex the supreme event it is. Only you have truly touched my soul with your vivid and real life portrayals of sex. Thank You!

One of the things I get off from your descriptions of anal sex is that you truly capture the essence. Other writers just say they cram the dildo (cock here) in and that the receiving woman might groan once. Only you describe the initial pain and how it can be searing (as it is for me). By telling this, the reader can experience how it fades away into pleasure and how thrilling this process is. You capture how a skilled lover works the cock in. I love my dildos big and you capture this feeling of being impaled perfectly. I love the initial pained grunts that turn to pure rutting. Again so true. Sometimes you do have to tell your partner to ease up, even experienced partners might need some coaching. Every penetration is different, some more painful than others. Again, only you capture this.

You capture so perfectly what I wrote above. Sholandra herself feels that stab of pain even though Danny is an accomplished lover [Then he pulled open Sholandra's tight, round little asscheeks and started pushing the huge, pulsing rocket right up into her ass. "Owwnggghhh!" Sholandra cried out, suddenly going tense as she realized what was happening.] Danny is considerate by not plunging his pole in deep immediately. Some women can do this and not feel anything but a little discomfort but Sholandra is not one of them and Danny takes this into consideration. He [But Danny wasn't entirely lacking in sense, and skill. He held his body still, even though impaling Sholandra on his mammoth prick, until the initial white-hot pain began to pass. Slowly, her body came back to life, and the tight, panicky squeals of pain turned into half-demented, lowing grunts of acute sexual pleasure mixed with intense discomfort. Laura reminded herself that these two had done this before, done it often, apparently, and knew how to negotiate the first rocky, painful moments.] Other authors just have it happen with no dynamics. They are so antiseptic in their descriptions. They give little details and what they give is only the physical while you give all the emotional dynamics and show that part of great sex is that "pain" one feels in certain aspects of it. I love how you show Sholandra's pain and then how it fades to sexual pleasure still mixed with that curious pain that only heightens the pleasure to higher levels of rapture.

This is a totally hot description of anal sex [Soon Danny was pushing his huge shaft in and out of Sholandra's tightly-stretched anus, and Laura was watching the huge, greasy piston slide in and out.] This is the payoff that Sholandra has been longing for, feeling that rock hard pole probing your tender bowels and piercing your sphincter. I love to watch a woman getting ass fucked. It is so sensual. I like that cry by Sholandra telling Danny to ease off. Again you show that communication between lovers, letting the other know that they need to ease off or do it harder. Other authors just have their sex happen with a total lack of communication with a few pleasant exceptions. Still, you are the only author to bring communication up front and center and for that I thank you deeply. You then give us some non-verbal communication. Laura is feeling pressed in being on the bottom of this sandwich. Danny senses her efforts to get out and immediately shifts positions to free Laura.

This leads to a shift in position that I really like for DP sex. I like this basic position [It was just a natural motion for him to continue settling back into the sofa cushions, so that now he was sitting, and Sholandra was facing Laura, her ass still crammed by the rock-hard monster, her face torn by incredible pleasure and pain.] I have always loved doing DP sex on a sofa, divan or big chair (this is where Joann, Maria and myself do a lot of our strap-on sex). While one is sitting on the sofa piercing your cunt or ass, the other opening is totally open for the second invasion. I just love crouching their and feeling both my holes being totally plundered and having those cocks rammed balls deep into my love aching holes. Plus, the angles one can achieve on a sofa allow for all kinds of variations of attack. I like how when you have your back to your sitting lover you can observe the invasions going on down below. Love seeing that pole(s) slide into my cunt and or ass.

I love how Laura starts kissing Sholandra even though she getting totally fucked and seeing if she wants more (love how she thinks) [Laura's tongue snaked into her mouth, and she squeezed Sholandra's hard little breasts in her hands. "You want me to fuck you too," she panted, now kissing her in a savage, incendiary way. "Yes . . . yes!" Sholandra gasped, her eyes crazed by pain and lust. "Yes! Please!"] Laura knows how to maximize pleasure. Again, here we have communication and then Sholandra expressing her lust and passion. I recently discovered "literotica.com". A lot of the stories have some nice details (a few where you give me a plethora of details) but what has really become obvious is that the women almost fuck in silence until the actual orgasm. Even then, the author only says they came with shrieks or some such but don't give us the sounds of rapture. After getting spoiled by your vocalizations this has become a real thrill kill for me. The sounds of lovemaking are such an important part that I simply can't understand why other authors don't have their lovers vocalize their emotions.

I love how despite being ripped by a huge cock she wants more ["Yes . . . ungghh!

Aunngghh! Oh shit . . . it's so big!" Sholandra cried out. Her blurred, crazed eyes

caught Laura's. "Like last . . . time," she panted. "With your fist. Aungghh! Unghh!"] I love how you make it so clear that she is being pleasured by pain here. Having that large cock ripping up her ass is driving her insane with pained pleasure. She desires the ultimate thrill and is willing to do what is necessary to achieve it. I have picked up several techniques from you and then two new ways of actually making love. I had never thought of being fisted while getting fucked up the ass. It just never came up for some reason. I am ecstatic that I learned this from you and have shared the knowledge with Joann and Maria of course and a few others. The other thing I discovered from you is fisting two women at once. That thought never occurred to me I guess because I am very right hand dominant and a little lacking of imagination. I do have to concentrate a little to keep my left hand in rough sync with my right and make sure I control my thrusting with my left. Joann and Maria were very pleasantly shocked when I did this the first time. I was totally hypnotized watching my fist disappear in both cunts then having a woman coming on both my fists, feeling that jerking on my hands as their hips shake and buck in orgasm. That almost makes me come in and of itself. I love reading these stories looking for new weapons in my arsenal of lovemaking.

I love how Laura takes the time to assault Sholandra's nipples and Danny holds her hips to left her ass up and down to ride his cock up into her ass with deep strong strokes. You provide the always hot details of a love swollen vagina [Laura slid on down Sholandra's quivering body until she was facing the girl's wide open cunt, fiery red inside and wetter than Laura had ever seen it. Somehow the fact that Danny's huge, gristly, wet shaft was sunk deep in her asshole had the effect of swelling Sholandra's pussy, so that it looked bigger, fatter, more succulent and inflamed than ever before, her cuntlips gaping wide, inviting Laura, who want to lick them and slip her tongue deep into the fiery pit.] It is such a true detail of how a pussy gets all swollen when a huge pole is being driven up her ass. I just want to bury my face in it and suck it dry and feel that pole sliding underneath my chin as I plunge my tongue up her hole and lick her lower cunt. Nice detail of how Danny stopped his stroking long enough to allow Laura to get her hand up Sholandra's cunt. It takes time to do this and you show this. You always show the reader that supreme moment of penetration [Sholandra was stiff and tense, seized by a sexual intensity so piercingly acute that she could not breathe or whimper. But again, after the initial shock, her muscles relaxed some, and she became more malleable as both Laura and Danny began to fuck her. She began whimpering and moaning too, so loudly that now Laura was sure they could be heard upstairs, if anyone were home.] Other author's would just have the hand miraculous get inside the cunt. Then they both just pound her. Him jack hammering his cock up her ass with beautiful jabs to bury it as deep as possible and Laura balling her fist up and plunging it in the way you're supposed to. I can fully understand Sholandra's all caps screams of pleasure. This is rough sex at its must beautiful. Despite the seeming violence, the obvious caring and love shine through.

This is shown with this [Danny was strong and held her tightly in place, still up-jabbing his huge, iron spike of a cock into her ass, while Laura rotated her fist inside Sholandra's tight pussy, bringing further yelps and groans of sublime ecstacy from deep in her chest. Laura could hardly believe herself how hard they were both fucking the girl, though part of her envied it too, knowing how it felt to be completely consumed and obliterated sexually by two demanding, surging, pumping, devouring lovers. She and Danny had Sholandra pinned between them and were raping her in a near-sadistic fury.] This is how it is done, forcefully but with love guiding it. You are the only author to really show the pleasure of having both holes filled to capacity and the feeling of both those poles or fist pushing against either on that thin strip of muscle between cunt and rectum and having your sphincter and cunt stretched and rammed deep. This last part has made me totally wet with pleasure. Your ability to capture all facets of lovemaking totally leaves me stupefied sometimes.

Another thing you do without fail is show that often one can prolong the pleasure and coax another orgasm out of a lover by continuing the pleasuring and continuing to ram the holes with deep love. You show how the lover being plundered sinks into a mania of need and often falls into a deep fuck trance of animalistic instinct. I know I loose all track of everything except the pleasuring coursing through my plundered body and my striving for another cunt tearing and searing orgasm. This perfectly captured with the next two paragraphs [Even when she came, they continued fucking her. Now Laura couldn't keep her mouth or her free hand off Sholandra's bobbing, swaying breasts. She grabbed them and squeezed them, tearing at Sholandra's big, swollen nipples with her mouth. This, and the continued ramming of her fist up into the girl's tight pussy, and the vigorous, spearing action of Danny's huge, hammering cock as he pumped her viciously in anticipation of his own arriving orgasm, seemed to send Sholandra over the top, into a realm of sexual frenzy Laura had never seen from her. She began to quiver uncontrollably, shaking her head and growling, jamming her ass down on Danny's huge, up-rearing prick in a way that Laura knew had to send hot arrows of pain shooting through her body. At the same time, steadying herself with one hand as the three of them tried to break Laura's sofa by their lunging, pumping, violent fucking action, she used her other hand to pull Laura's face into her breasts, groaning and swishing her breasts, pushing them harder into Laura's open mouth as Laura sucked and bit them voraciously.] Sigh. Love how you bring your lover along by adding to the pleasure, here with Laura tearing into her nipples and trying to inhale them with loving violence. Plus, you continue to show the actual force of the plunging cock and fist. Other authors just say this is happening and don't use any words to describe the actual lovemaking. You show by using words like "hammering, quiver uncontrollably, bobbing, hot arrows of pain" etc.

This is what changes something from an anatomy paper to simply fucking hot divine sex.

I said earlier that other authors have their characters fuck in silence while you allow us to feel exactly what Sholandra is feeling here ["Oh god . . . yes! Yes!" she keened. "Bite them Laura! Ungghh! Fuck me harder . . . harder! Ungghh! Oh yes god yes! Fuck me fuck me! Ounggnngghh!"] This makes it abundantly clear to the reader the pleasure coursing through Sholandra's veins. Sholandra then has a soul crushing orgasm. I love the details of so much semen being pumped up Sholandra's ass that it starts to stream back out while Danny continues to pump viciously up her rectum. Then you make me agog describing how Sholandra's cunt is extra easy to pump with all the juices it is pumping out in exctacy.

Laura now turns evil in a good way. She unballs her fist and turns her hand up and starts to probe the front of Sholandra's love plunder cunt looking for her g-spot with the hopes of finishing her off with screaming exctacy. Pushing the flesh as far as humanely possible to giver Sholandra every once of pleasure possible. ["Oh baby . . . oh Sholandra!" Laura panted, ravishing the girl's beautiful naked breasts with her mouth and probing her pussy, probing, probing with her fingers.] Laura hits the mark and Sholandra ["Auungghhh . . . auungghhh! Oh Jesus oh shit ohhnnggg! Unghh!" she groaned, coming in quick, rapid-fire shocks, her body jolted by a string of orgasms as Laura continued to fist-fuck her and bite her swollen black nipples passionately.] Geez, I know her flesh must be totally exhausted. She can still give love but her pussy must one sensitive kitty right now that doesn't want any more attention at all for a while. My pussy has been left in that state many times, it just can't take anymore.

I think Sholandra and Dawn have a lot in common [Laura bent forward and kissed her tenderly. "You two guys tried to kill me," Sholandra croaked in a half-whisper, smiling. "I loved it."] You have the girls and Danny banter back and forth about the divine fucking that has just occurred. Sholandra mock complains about getting her ass drilled and sardonically asks why Danny can't fuck her gently like Laura ["Made my little booty cry," Sholandra said, making a sad face. "You are very rough. Why can't you be gentle . . . like Laura?" she turned a satirical smile to Laura, who had fist-fucked her mercilessly.] I love your writing for showing the humor and mirth that good loving brings one.

Watching all this hard fucking has got Laura all hot and bothered and needs some serious loving to cool off. She requests some loving but Sholandra says she needs a few minutes to recover. Sholandra lets her know that she will gladly suck her off but can't really do her digitally because of long fingernails. Can't really be a lesbian with long fingernails. Shows Sholandra's bi leaning toward male cock. Danny being the wonder he is has his cock reviving and they head toward the bedroom for Laura's brush with heaven. I like the banter about deciding which hole is be filled with cock. Laura lets it be known that it will be up her pussy. Sholandra's ass rape has scared her off a little. Me, I would be lubing my ass up for invasion. Love how you show their mirth and communication in their banter.

I love how Sholandra attacks her nipples and then bunches her tits together to attack them together and the sweet tit flesh. Now Danny is ready to invade Laura. Since Sholandra is attacking Laura from the front Danny slides behind and obviously is going to lunge his rock hard cock up Laura's asshole. Again you show how lovemaking is dynamic. Danny is going for Laura's booty hole but Laura literally takes matters into her hand [His cock was so big that it was no trouble to reach behind her and guide it up into her warm, gooey pussy, so well-lubricated already as a result of the earlier excitement. Still, she nearly fainted as she felt the enormous stalk penetrate her body. Not since Marshall's magnificent member had she felt anything this big or hard. Dildoes had their uses, but they never gave her quite the thrill that this hot, alive poker did when it slid forcefully up into her tight, slippery slit.] Yes, I can feel that stalk ramming up my tight cunt and filling me with divine pleasure. I love how you describe the exhilaration of having a huge cock sent up your cunt. Even if I have already been fucked and I'm totally wet it is still thrilling, feeling it going in rubbing along your tender flesh. I loved being stuffed to the cervix. Makes me feel totally filled and loved. I think Laura has now discovered that a strap-on on a skilled lover can match the pleasure of a male cock. Like a lot of guys it seems, he has no finesse, though, often that is all right. I love it when a strong woman can lift me off the bed with strong deep thrusting or a smaller woman is coiling herself and thrusting into me with wild abandon. Makes me squeal like a struck pig.

I love how Laura is roughly penetrated. Being fucked with gentle skill and skilled thrusts will make me come like I'm about to die, but I will never turn away a deep pounding [Sholandra was now squeezing and sucking Laura's breasts and nipples passionately, and Danny, as always short on finesse, began a straightforward hammering in and out of her pussy. He stabbed and probed and pierced and speared her pussy, lifting her physically off the bed with each thrust, and his cock was so long that each penetration caused her real pain, mixed with the incredible rapid swirl of hot sexual tension that propelled her toward a fast orgasm.] I can just feel my body filling with tension and my soul being overwhelmed with each vicious plunge of dildo, fist or fingers.

They give Laura the orgasm she sought [But not Danny, who was all pump and spew. This time, however, he had already come twice and could last longer, though Laura didn't need him to. She was fiercely horny and with both of them ravishing her, she came in under a minute. Sholandra's mouth was like a vacuum cleaner on her nipples, and Danny ripped his cock so savagely up into her pussy that he too came only seconds after her cunt-muscles began to contract around the shaft of his plunging prick. "Ooouugghnmmm!" Laura groaned, very loud, her body erupting in flames as a violent orgasm shook her. "Ahhnggg! Oh yes . . . oh god! Ungghhhh!"] I will never tire of how you have you lovers continue to ripe their implement of love up into a spasming cunt and or ass. This additional stimulation just adds so much to ones pleasure.

They end their lovemaking. They simply can't fuck anymore. They sit around and converse like the friends they are and have coffee. It was nice seeing Laura say that

Sholandra did seem more happy and fulfilled with Danny and Eric. Laura is thinking of Sholandra's happiness. Wish she preferred a woman, but I would rather see her happy. Cute last remark by Laura that Sholandra needs to take a rest. This is a woman who can almost out fuck Laura.



Chapter 219:

I thought it was cute how this chapter started. I can just picture Laura hiding in the kitchen in embarrassment. I would do exactly what she did. I would die from the looks the men would have been giving her. She knows exactly what they would have been thinking, and she would have been right. They would probably have the gender wrong though.

Then she looks in the vicar's secret magazine and doesn't see any photos except for an old one of her twin Stephanie Seymour. It is hell to think about getting older and not being quite as desirable as in the past.

Then Laura gets into the office and it only goes down hill. First, Tamara kicks her heart around by expressing to Laura the dreaded words "it was a mistake." I give Laura credit for putting heat on Tamara and not making her cowardliness easy for Tamara. Tamara shows her shallowness by accepting Laura's 'my lips are sealed' as being enough to forget about their night of sex. Mere words aren't enough. I could throttle her for giving up so easily and accepting society's rules instead of what she really wants. I feel for Laura and her damaged emotions and her hunger for Tamara's body not being satiated. I loved her getting turned on by Tamara's scent. Women smell heavenly. I can't wait for her return.

Then Randi appears and instead of bringing joy to Laura's life she attacks Laura for seeing Deshona and then has the gall to tell Laura that she is having dinner with Rhonda, and making it clear that they will be fucking each other's brains out. That is a bad day, I must admit. Having a lover twist a knife like that sucks. In Randi's defense, I know she gets really jealous when she thinks of Laura and Deshona together.

Geez, then Deshona calls and talks about her dick-head ex-husband and says she is having dinner with him. Then she springs that 'I have to be honest bullshit.' Sometimes I don't understand women, geez, just leave the guy behind for crying out loud. Of course, we need to keep Laura free, to fuck all these beautiful women. Hehehe. In Deshona defense, it is hard to give up what seems safe and secure and she is guilty of being jealous and striking back in way she knows will hurt.

Then Laura meets April. I felt so happy for Laura at this point but also sad for the pain in April's eyes. I hope that chapter 258 starts to remove that pain.

I am so happy that you give me all kinds of different women. [Seeing her now was a delight. Very pretty in a bright yellow sweater that contrasted beautifully with her smooth black skin, she looked fresh and innocent and sweet, the way she had first looked to Laura, a simple, unpretentious girl, not a flirt, but quiet and sensible. At the same time, she was blunt and intolerant of nonsense, and she had given Laura the brush-off more than once.] I love these calm sensible women to counter balance the fire of Randi and the aloofness of Deshona. April seems like the girl next door.

I love how Laura's depression can almost miraculously disappear with the appearance of one her beautiful angels. I can't blame April for the little bit of venom she throws at Laura though. Laura has been less than fair with April in the past when juggling her with her other lovers.

I had totally forgotten that April and Rhonda had actually made love. I thought that it was a more implied event and not out there. I can definitely see them sleeping with each other women's to get at each other. Revenge in this case is truly sweet and tasty. I hope that this one upmanship has ended between Rhonda and Laura. One can never know for sure, because it so easy unfortunately to slip back into old habits

I see that April says that Rhonda is not a bad person to be around. That she likes her and being in her presence. I get the impression that Rhonda hears the same thing from these women when she queries them about Laura. Rhonda and Laura ARE nice and great to be around when they are not being jealous or feeling threatened by each other. I think they are just now realizing they have a lot in common and are fun to be around. . It is kind of funny how April tells Laura that it is their making love that allowed her to make it with Rhonda. I can just feel Laura's stomach just churning with this news. Laura is buoyed by the fact that April and all these other women may say Rhonda is nice and great in bed but only Laura is the bomb.

Again, I felt sorry for April losing her boyfriend because of Rhonda. Geez, the girl just can't catch a break. I love how despite everything see invites Laura up to her apartment. Again you show that there is a deeper bond her than sex. These women actually care for each other and thus are able to forgive each other for past indiscretions. Then you show with honesty that sometimes it is hard to pick up a relationship that has been strained. I love how Laura and April awkwardly feel each other out and try to get to a casual level in their relationship. Their past and the fact that they do care for each other allow them to succeed in doing this.

I like how they quickly start making out once in April's apartment. I like April's response of 'I didn't invite you over here to play patty cakes.' when Laura tells her that she doesn't feel like she can keep her promise to not try and seduce April.

Loved the hot kissing and how Laura is always running her hands under her women's outfits to run her hands all over their hot flesh. I love how April speaks dreamily of how Laura sucks her nipples so hard. That is one thing that I adore about your writing is how Laura just inhales her lover's nipples and surrounding tit flesh. Again, other writers just don't write this, which find a little strange. With this new April, I can really see this. She has the kind of tits that you can just cram in your mouth and suck, suck and suck. Oh yeah, I can just feel them in my mouth and her nipples tickling the back of throat.

Nice touch with them removing their clothes and looking in each other's eyes with smoldering intent. I love how Laura is always running her hands over her lovers. Stroking and squeezing them. Then you have them brushing their naked breast together and the feeling of their erect nipples rubbing each other's sensitive tit flesh. Again, other authors just never write this. This kind of foreplay turns the heat up to almost unbearable levels and just makes you devour your lover in hot lust.

I love this example of your famous fore play [April nodded, and they stretched out together, face to face, on the twin bed, kissing again, luxuriating in the feel of their two naked bodies rubbing and sliding together. Laura wondered if there were anything sweeter than this moment, before the urgent churning and moaning started, when she and her partner just caressed each other's warm, smooth, naked body, all yearning and expectation and melting love and desire. She knew April felt the same way, and they prolonged it as long as possible.] It is always nice to watch to women make love and not rut like most other authors.

I just adore the way that Laura loves breasts. I can never get enough of her breast worship. The way she licks them and plays with the areola and nipples and then the way she just inhales the nipples into her hot mouth. The subtle use of teeth to heighten the sexual tension. The way she will remove the nipple from her mouth and keep the heat on by rolling the nipple between her thumb and fingers. Laura is always pleasuring her lovers to the utmost level possible. Then you go for the kill by bunching her tits together and having Laura really squeeze and mouth maul them (a most pleasant wrinkle to Laura's technique that you use from time to time).

Loved April's intense orgasm and then she then made love to Laura. I loved how she first fucked Laura's mouth with her long tongue and then her cunt. I like how you describe that April has totally overcome her initial reluctance of girl / girl loving.

Enjoyed all the angst that Laura felt while April and she talked about April's seduction by Rhonda. It is always fun to read of Laura's jealousy fits over her women. It gives the story a punch that it just wouldn't have if everything was just a perfect little world.

Loved how the story ended with them sleeping and fucking throughout the night and the promise of more nights to come.



Chapter 222:

I thought this chapter started very cutely. I love how Randi comes into Laura's office all full of contrition and submissiveness. I'm not sure what she did with Rhonda to incur Laura's wrath but I love seeing Randi like this. It is so out of character that I find it hot. Makes me want to fuck her. I love how Laura starts out hard with her but melts completely at the first "please". I'm famous for capitulation when I hear that word (please). I have almost no defenses against it. Laura is simply in love with the girl. The tears in the eyes would have done me in too.

I can only thank you for giving us the visual details as to why Laura finds the women so appealing [On the other hand, she looked ravishing, as usual, in a short beige knit skirt and a snugly-fitting orange silk blouse that showed off her jutting breasts. Her long shapely legs were marvelously exposed, and her braids swirled sexily around her shoulders.] As you have said, even fully clothed, women are beautiful. Also, I like Randi's attitude that shows with this outfit. She is fucking hot and she knows it and wants to advertise it to the world. I love the confidence this broadcasts to the world.

Then you give a slice of life, of women interacting with each other. Laura is really being frosty and Randi gives her tears and pleadings. Laura has been hurt and she is expressing this. I think she has the right with all the games that Randi must insist in playing. Randi's very nature is to be coy and trying to get people to react to her. It is only natural that from time to time she will go too far.

They go back and forth, but eventually we know Laura will give in. She is being seduced by the very presence of Randi [Just the sight of Randi pinched her heart. She wanted her desperately, more than ever; it seemed, drinking in the sight of her beautiful face and long, lean, curvaceous body. They had fucked so heatedly, so many times. They had fought and scratched and bitten each other, and brought each other to repeated, wild, convulsive, incandescent orgasms. How could I not love her?] With such beauty and memories of blissful orgasms, Laura is weakening without any help from Randi. She can't resist Randi, period. Randi's tears and pleading are a force she can't fight for long. Eventually, Laura will want to comfort and then pleasure her.

I think it is so cool here how you describe Laura acting like Deshona by acting icy and aloof. It is so cool that your women are individuals that you can allude to and make comparisons and allusions too. Your women are such complete individuals.

Again we here that Rhonda is not a bad person. This was a constant theme throughout the story until Laura discovered it for herself. Now they are friends who can enjoy each other's company and more importantly fuck each other's brains out in hot passionate love without any complicating feelings of competitiveness or angst taking away from the sexual high. I love that now they can share their women from time to time. At this time it is very evident that Laura really does hate Rhonda. She sees her as only a rival. She is correct that Rhonda reveled in stealing Randi away from Laura, which in turn led Laura in taking Stevie away from Rhonda. Of course, Randi and Stevie made it very easy for themselves to be "stolen". They are both hedonist in their quest for sensual pleasures.

I love the dialog you have here. You actually have them conversing. True, there is no love being lost here, but is so nice to see the richness of their interactions, even when they are being unpleasant with each other. This allows us to see them being alive and vital with each other. ["Honey, if you are so crazy to have that cunt Rhonda Reardon praise your gorgeous little black pussy, then who am I to stand in the way."] I always love your dialog and your character's interactions with each other. I always read this dialog with anticipation and delight.

I thought Laura's capitulation was very touching. With Randi's forlorn "you don't care" Laura completely crumbles. She may feel raging jealousy over Randi and Rhonda fucking, she simply can't deny the love she feels for Randi and tells Randi she "cares for her". I believe Randi when she tells Laura here that she "loves her". When Randi gets scared that Laura may finally have reached a limit with her, Randi totally drops the mask she shows the world and confesses her true feelings. I don't find any duplicity here. Randi truly loves Laura in her own way. I found Randi's declaration to be touching.

I love how their passion for each other almost robs them of their sanity [Laura was out of her chair in a second. They grabbed each other and kissed ravenously, almost knocking over Laura's office chair in the process. Though they had had some very heated sex together in the past, Laura wondered if they had ever felt this hungry for each other. She devoured Randi's mouth, driving her tongue into it, digging her fingers into Randi's ass through her skirt.] Though they may hurt each other from time to time, their basic love for each other remains. I am always so happy that Laura is able to purge any negative feelings she may feeling for one of her angels. Laura is a very positive woman.

No foreplay here, they fall on each other like two rabid dogs. They immediately kiss with ravishing hunger. They desperately try to remove enough clothing to get at each other. This is raw heat and hunger. Then Laura works two fingers into Randi's cunt and starts pumping her. Normally, Laura seduces her women but I love the change of pace when she falls on a woman and totally fucks her insane from the word go. This is a raw animalistic fuck, kind of like a one night stand fuck with a totally hot woman. I love how you describe Randi's pussy as flooding with fuck juice. I can just hear that gasp of penetration. I have come to feel that one of the main reasons your women react so to penetration is because of their love for each other. When you marry lust with deep feeling, the result is just so explosive. So great is Laura's hunger she doesn't care right then about getting caught. Laura has thrown caution to the wind. She can't take the time to go to either of their places of residence.

I have always gotten a little thrill whenever your women throw their clothes around when they disrobe. I just love it when Laura almost rips Randi's panties off and then throws them across the room. I just love the wild abandon this shows in your women. They hunger for pussy.

Now Laura gets her on the floor and attacks her pussy which you so lovingly describe [Randi, though terrified, opened her thighs for Laura, revealing the inflamed, glistening magenta cleft of her open pussy, fringed with tight black curls, her sinuous black pussy lips all puffy and wet with juice. Randi had one of the most beautiful pussies of all, and Laura was enraptured at the sight of this familiar, exquisitely lovely feast.] I can't blame Laura for devouring it. Randi doesn't last long with Laura's impassioned attack. I love how she reduces Randi to a writhing mass on the floor. I love how you describe a woman's pelvis during orgasm [Randi came in a sharp spasm, her whole pelvis rising off the floor, jerking and pumping spastically as the jolts hit her.] I feel that this is close to heaven, to have my mouth glued to a spasming cunt with her pelvis just spastically humping up into my mouth, lifting her hips and my head off the mattress in exctacy.

I always love when your women express their confidence in their abilities or their beauty. I have always found that to be such a sexy turn on. I love seeing Laura with smug satisfaction [Nobody can eat this beautiful pussy like I can, darling, she thought, pressing her lips hungrily to Randi's hot, oozing quim. Apparently Randi felt that way too because as soon as Laura's lips touched her pussy, she began to toss and writhe on the floor, whimpering and churning her hips, swirling her pussy up into Laura's mouth.] Confidence always inspires one to new heights and Randi is the beneficiary of Laura's confident ministrations. Another thing her I love is you always show the results of those ministrations. Here we see Randi simply losing control of her body and falling into a wanton sexual rut. Her body has fallen into an instinctual swoon. Other writers write of the one woman giving head or some other act of giving pleasure and the other enjoying it. The problem is that almost all don't show the details of that pleasure. They forget the details that allows the reader to really believe that pleasure is being given and received. This is something that you never forget to show.

I love this description of Laura after Randi's orgasm [Laura's lips were coated with warm cunt juice, and she smiled as she looked up Randi's now-relaxing body to her face, seeing the expression of almost sublime pleasure that gripped the girl's beautiful features.] I always love to see a woman's face with that look of total pleasure. This is something I live for. What little afterglow time they have is cut short with Deshona sticking her head into Laura's office. Time for more angst. I now how Deshona must have felt with her personality. She has discovered great sex with Laura and thought it was all for. Her just quietly closing the door and leaving fits her personality just perfect. Seeing Randi all blasted from her orgasm and Laura with her head in Randi's cunt and covered with Randi's cunt cream. Me, I would have wanted to join in. I can see Deshona holding in her shock and anger till she starts to drive away and then the cold icy bitchy demeanor reappearing while she drove home. I can't wait to refresh my memory on how Laura gets through her ice shield.

Randi is right in character with finding the situation amusing ["Guess Miss Uppity got an eyeful this time, eh?"]. With no fear of losing their job because it was Deshona she can see the humor in the situation. I think I would have been upset a little if Laura ruined a beautiful moment by mentioning Rhonda. I love how despite everything she wants to get Laura off [Randi leaned closer to Laura, catching Laura's mouth with her own, slithering her tongue inside. She let her hand fall to Laura's hem, then slid it between Laura's thighs.] She is such a dangerous personality. I loved how she left Laura's room with tears of happiness in her eyes. [Randi tittered and looked scandalized. She put her hand on Laura's, communicating another 'I love you' with her eyes.] She is such a complex personality. That is just so perfect. I can't wait to see what happens later that night.

I liked how she got to play knight in white armor for Yvette. Yvette using her body to get ahead has now gotten into a position where she has to produce results without having time to develop the skill set or having the experience to do so [But she was not unintelligent and merely lacked experience with the tools and methods she was being asked to use.] Laura could have left her to hang or made her feel bad. Laura did none of this. Her only thought was to help a friend in need. I just love this. Laura is such a good person. She will do anything for one of these women. I like how you make it clear that Yvette is intelligent, just unseasoned.

It is interesting and true of human nature that while she is helping Yvette, Laura starts to reflect on Deshona. Reading these out of out of sequence, I see that Deshona has hurt her recently, probably fucking that loser ex-husband. I can understand Laura feeling some feelings of revenge. That is part of our darker human nature. Still, Laura quickly rises above this and feels for the pain she has caused Deshona. Laura starts to wonder if maybe Deshona had come over to fix their past spat and now wonders if she will ever have Deshona's wonderful body again. I love it when Laura gets in these conundrums of emotional angst.

Despite her desire to be virtuous with Yvette she can't help but drink in Yvette beauty. Having given Randi a monster orgasm and having things interrupted before she got some has her pussy all hot and bothered. Yvette knows this and plays the flirt. Of course, you describe Yvette with her beautiful hair and perfect body and her dress and how alluring she is. It is cute how she acknowledges the dynamic between them. Again, you are showing women who truly like each other and respect each other also. I always crave the interactions between these women. I love seeing them being themselves outside of the sexual dynamic. I love the day-to-day experiences you give us.

I love the fact that Yvette expresses her fears. This makes her so human. Laura can't help but show her human failings with her making catty remarks about Rhonda. Laura can't get over the fact that they compete for the same women. Yvette is a quick study and is quickly ready. I find it amusing that she immediately starts to flirt upon completion of the project. I do mean immediately. Laura is ready for sex, having been frustrated by not getting an orgasm after getting Randi off. I love the fact that Yvette hungers for Laura and wants to ravish Laura now, not later. I always love how your women hunger for each other so deeply and truly.

During Laura's time helping Yvette she contemplates over Deshona. She is human, feeling multiple things at once. She is perversely happy that they were caught to get back at her about Charles. Then she feels guilt when she realizes that Deshona was probably seeking to make peace. Finally, she settles on desperation thinking she might not get to have her anymore. It is nice to read of characters actually having feelings and complex thought processes.

I think that Laura is very daring here. I am very, very careful about having sex at work, I never want to get caught with my knickers down so to speak. I love the fact that she willing to go to a secrete love nest AFTER having been caught in her office. I always love how Laura expresses her love for her women in such positive and glowing terms [Laura followed her to the elevator, letting her eyes linger on the hard high curve of Yvette's lovely ass under her skirt, an ass second in beauty only to her sister Chanitra's. Then her eyes fell to Yvette's long legs, just as long as Randi's, though Yvette wore lengthier skirts. These tall lovely girls, Laura marveled, with their shockingly beautiful legs.]. I wish I had Laura's courage here. I love the fact that Yvette is turned on by Laura's jealousy, again, your women are complex persons [Yvette came over to her, raising her long, slender black fingers to Laura's face, caressing her cheeks. "I think it's so sweet that you're jealous. Making you jealous really turns me on. It makes me all wet and horny, and I want to do it with you, hard and fast, like we used to do it."] I love that sassy attitude.

"Thank you for helping me with my deliverable," Yvette said, suddenly sultry and seductive. "I'm going to give you something in return." I love how Yvette thinks. It is always such a turn on when Laura is not the aggressor. Yvette is so hot and horny that she is the aggressor. It has been to long since Yvette has had the beauty and perfection that is Laura.

I love how Yvette is the aggressor her. She tears at Laura's clothes to get at Laura's tits, which she immediately devours. I think this statement sums out why lesbian love can't be beat [Yvette smiled and kissed her mouth, still pinching Laura's wet, erect nipples. "You wouldn't deprive me of my pleasure, would you? I want to lick you. You want me to lick you, don't you?"] Her only goal is to bring Laura pleasure. She is focusing solely on Laura's needs. Men just don't do this. I really love this having sex while only partially disrobed. That is so true and hot.

Yvette wastes no time in getting at Laura's cunt after almost ripping her panties off [She did it all in one fluid motion, pushing apart Laura's thighs and pressing her mouth to Laura's flowing, throbbing pussy so quickly that Laura was overcome by an irresistible wave of sexual excitement. She knew she was so aroused that she would come in seconds.]. I love how your women always want to prolong the giving of head. They want to just feast on the sweet tender cunt meat before them. Of course the orgasm is loud and sweet ["Oh . . . Jesus! Ungghh! Auungghhhh!" Laura cried out, her body wrenched by fierce explosions of hot, quick coming. "Unngghiiieemmnnggeee!"]. I love how Yvette kisses her passionately with Laura's cunt juices still in her mouth. Yum! Yvette beams because she brought Laura pleasure, not herself. This is lesbian love. ["Wow, you really let it all out that time," Yvette beamed. "I love to make you come like that."]

Now it is time for Laura to reciprocate. I never tire of your beautiful description of breast worship [She was still leaning over Laura, and as her bra went loose, as Laura unclasped it, her small, beautiful breasts dangled in Laura's face. Laura guided one perfect dark globe into her mouth easily, sucking Yvette's thick, swelling nipple and pinching it between the roof of her mouth and her tongue. She heard a sharp intake of breath from the girl. Her mouth quickly moved to Yvette's other nipple, hungry, sucking hard, squeezing her firm breasts too, really wanting to devour her, as she had said. "Oh Laura . . . oh yessss!" Yvette moaned, pushing her breasts into Laura's face. "God, nobody can do it the way you do it."] This is how women make love to each other's tits. Only you do it right. Only you give it the justice it deserves. Just reading this is making my pussy wet and runny and ready for some hot fucking a little later let me tell you. All I can do is tell you yet again I am so thankful that I discovered your writings. You are the only writer who really makes my pussy very happy, story after story. You have given my little kitty many intense mind blowing orgasms.

Everything I said about Yvette doing Laura applies equally the other way. Loved these details [Together, they skimmed off Yvette's panties. Yvette truly had a beautiful pussy, a hall-of-fame pussy, with long wavy cuntlips, a perfectly shaped little glossy black tent at the top sheltering the round purplish berry of her largish clit. The interior was bright, hot pink, all glistening and runny with fresh juices, a succulent feast for Laura's hungry mouth.] I get all dreamy and starry eyed over these descriptions. Thank you so much for these loving descriptions of these women's pussies. I really love how after you describe the actual vagina you then come up with these mind-blowing descriptions of them being all love swollen and runny with juice.

I love the gentle humor of Yvette commenting that she is so hot only a few licks will set her off and Laura smiling and saying that "a few licks is better than no licks." I always love your humor. Love that first contact of mouth to pussy [Yvette seemed nearly to perish with ecstasy. She sighed, and her whole long delicious half-clothed black body undulated in one wave.] I nearly swoon when I read about Laura watching Yvette body reacting to her heavenly ministrations. Laura can't stop herself from instilling exctacy in Yvette's body knowing at the same time that it all must end even though she wants it continue forever. That is how I feel when I am feasting on a succulent cunt, all swollen and oh so heavenly tasting. But in truth all good things must come to an end and one must deliver the crushing orgasm [But this could only go on so long. Yvette was pumping now, pushing her pelvis up and grinding her pussy into Laura's mouth, her hips quivering spastically in the air as she tried to come, tried to make Laura do it harder, faster.]. I oh so love delivering ["Oh! Oh Laura! Yes! Oh god yes do it hard! Yes now! Oh now now . . .auunngghhh! Mmnngghheeee!"]. The next is so true [Laura had rarely seen anything more beautiful in life than Yvette coming. Or Randi coming, as she had seen earlier that same day. It was so exhilarating and erotic that she knew why watching a beautiful girl come only made her want to fuck the girl more. To make it happen again, and again.] I think this describes me perfectly. This was yet another beautiful orgasm sequence. How you keep delivering I don't know but I am oh so thankful.

Yvette can't resist teasing and to some degree taunting Laura about her other lovers. Laura can't help but turn beet red. She tries to deny it, but they both know the truth. Yvette is right about black women being wonderful fucks ["You just have a thing for the sisters. It's okay. I know we better. We better at fucking, we better at sucking, we better at making Laura come, we better at—"]. Black women are so in tune with their body's and their desires.

I like the comment that Rhonda is not a bad person again. I guess I have always pulled for her. I'm always root for the underdog. Throughout the later stories before Laura and Rhonda made peace with other, women were constantly remarking that Rhonda was not a bad person. I feel that both are basically nice women (with Laura, I know she is). The problem was when these two women started to compete directly for these lovely women. Then their darker and not so nice sides would come out. Jealousy and the resulting anger will make one to appear in a not so nice light. I love how Laura finally can't stand anymore ["Why are you being so mean?" Yvette's beautiful face fell. "I'm sorry. I . . . think it's jealousy. Nothing in my life is like you, Laura."]. Again, that jealousy thing.

I love how Laura gets hot and bothered at five o'clock thinking about Randi and races home. I know about having something at home waiting for me, or rushing home or her place with a co-worker. I of course loved the banter between Randi and Laura when they arrive at Laura's place. You always show that these women truly like each other way, way beyond just being one night stand fuck mates. A little more humor Laura being deathly afraid of meeting Kendra or Jane.

Thank you for giving me such sweet moments like this that have nothing to do with actual sex [They undressed slowly, enjoying the sight of each other's body being gradually revealed. Laura couldn't keep her eyes off Randi's. That morning in her office, she had hungrily eaten Randi's gorgeous pussy, but she had not touched the rest of her body, and now, seeing Randi remove her bra just about paralyzed Laura with desire and fascination. "How many times have we done this, do you think?" Randi asked, giving Laura a seductive smile, turning slightly so that her lovely young naked breasts swayed, her thick black nipples giving off a dark sheen. "Not enough," Laura said, finally naked herself, pulling Randi down with her on the bed. "I never can get enough of you."] Again, this is lesbian sex plain and simple. What this really shows is that they still hunger for each other. Because their attraction goes beyond the physical, they still hunger for each other. The years have only probably increased their desire for each other. This is simply sexual heat and they don't even touch each other. Other writers just don't understand this. This is how women (hell hets / gays) make love to each other. This is just so sweet.

Can't help but rave about some more tit worship (why can't other authors do this) [She spent a long time on Laura's breasts, longer than anyone had spent in months, Laura thought, toying with Laura's soft coral nipples, and squeezing the small, perfect globes, until Laura could feel the warm, buttery nectars in her pussy almost running down her thighs. "Ohhhh . . . Randi . . . you're so sweet, so good," she sighed, watching her wet, erect nipples disappear into Randi's sensual mouth, feeling Randi's tongue swirl around them and drive her into a sexual frenzy. "Oh god that feels good."] I keep ranting because other authors just say they suck each other's nipples and move on. That is not enough to even get me going. You give us so many rich and wonderful details. I really like the fact that Randi spends a lot of time sucking and loving Laura's tits. Yeah, spending time doing something that pleasures your partner when you only receive mental pleasure from the act.

Then Randi moves down to her cunt and quickly drives her insane with need [Laura wasn't going to argue the point. Randi's intention was to bring her to the edge of a sharp, shattering orgasm, and she had done it. Laura was clawing the sheets, gyrating her pelvis, then grabbing and pulling her own tingling nipples as she felt herself draw closer to the final spasms.] Just full of all the details I love. I get a little goofy eyed when Laura takes Randi's braids in her fingers and gently fingers them. That is just so romantic and lovely to read. Love Laura's declaration of love and Randi's response ["You love fucking, girl," Randi grinned. "You love me to suck your pussy like this. That's what you love. I don't blame you. I love it too."]. True and humorous at the same time. Then the great touch of Randi using her cunt slicked finger to insert in Laura asshole. I love looking down my heaving belly and seeing this ["Ahhnnn! Oh!" She looked down at Randi's beautiful face between her thighs, catching Randi's glistening, happy, hungry eyes. "Oh yes . . . honey. Anngghhh!"]. Again, only something you truly capture. I can just feel it going in. I love how I never know what you are going to do next. Only you have your lovers gently urge their lovers on ["You're going to do it, Laura . . . you're going to come . . . right . . . now," she chanting softly, fucking Laura hard, hard, hard with her finger, sucking Laura's clit between her lips.] Sometimes it is the verbal that changes great to mind blowing I'm going to die from coming. Randi is so Randi when she beams from Laura's compliment about this being one the best fucks ever. Every woman loves to be complimented. I think it was a true observation that sometimes getting all worked up by other women can simply make your cunt explode when your current lover gets her mouth on or fingers in it.

Now it is Randi's turn and she asks for the rope. This is kind of like guys for me. Not my cup of tea, but I still love to read it when you dish it out. As you know by now, I love to be roughed up, but I can't stand the thought of having my body so encased or hit with implements. I like how Randi immediately gets into submissive mode and tells Laura she has been bad and needs to be punished. She has cheated again. I am more than happy to get in submissive mode. Like Laura though, I will be the dom if it is required. In my relationship with Joann and Maria, Joann is the dom of the family who occasionally likes me to lead a "revolt" and have Maria and I take revenge. Maria doesn't have a dom bone in her body and follows where led.

We see here that Laura has started to pull away from the BDSM stuff. It is simply too much for her to exercise except in rare circumstances (like Dee Dee recently) which really isn't BDSM just great rough sex. She ties up Randi's breast and is getting into the act and tightens it up too much. Of course, I can understand Laura getting carried away a little with Randi taunting her about her other lovers. She immediately backs off, thinking to herself this is a game. I chuckled as Laura hums a tune while tying Randi up. I love the fact that she knows to keep it within limits. I'm happy Laura is not seeing Karen or Earlene anymore, because there, she has no limit. BDSM simply doesn't turn me on. Funny, I love it rough, but I just can't get into the later. I like rope or such to tie my hand or feet up, but keep it away from points in the middle. I can't tolerate the idea of having my breast or cunt throttled like Karen wants it.

I'm happy for Randi though. She is getting what she wants. You always must respect your lover's needs if at all possible. I love how she taunts Laura to get her mad enough to spank her savagely. I love how she says she and Rhonda fucked nine times and she died from coming. Now the spanking starts, now we are getting to what I love [Randi tossed her head and swished them around her shoulders. Laura delivered a stinging slap to her cheek before she could go on.] Laura knows how to stop the taunting. Hehehe. Loved Randi's reaction ["Ahhiiee!" Randi cried out, recoiling, her eyes again watering.] We use this at our house, pretending to be mad at the other's dalliances or with Joann she likes for Maria and I to start commenting and deriding her on being vertically challenged. She then gives us an academy award performance on being pissed off and distraught before she commences to make us so very "sorry" for our comments. She really knows how to fuck us hard and without "mercy". Needless to say, we die from coming so hard.

I love how Laura spanks Randi with abandon. That is how I like it when I want to be spanked. I want to feel it hurt and hear the sound of a hand striking my flesh. I want to be reduced to tears and whimpering for mercy (even though I don't really want any). I love Randi for being so like me in this. I then like how Laura roughly finger fucks Randi. Laura knows that Randi's cries for Laura to stop are really cries for her to continue. I love how Laura reflects on Randi's ass and I love the vivid descriptions of Randi's ass [It was not, as Laura had reflected before, a world-class ass in the same tier as Chanitra's, Jane's, Yvette's, or some others, because it didn't have the high, hard, taut, round moons that Laura prized so highly. Instead, it was a gently swelling bottom that many would have found the absolute pinnacle of beauty, smooth and modestly curved, and as she smacked it for the first time with the flat of her palm, she realized that it was maybe better than she had thought.] Again, this is so Laura, she finds the absolute beauty that each of her women posses. I absolutely adore you for putting these women's bodies and personalities in such a positive and affirming way.

I love the complex nature of Laura personality. Her feelings of guilt over her cheating only fuels her desire to spank Randi harder. This shows that Laura is a real person with many thoughts and desires driving her.

[Laura spanked her so hard that her own hand began to hurt too. Randi looked up at her, her cheeks streaked with tears, eyes still brimming. She was now moaning and blubbering, wincing from each hard blow Laura gave her. But at the same time, Laura knew that it was more erotic than painful for both of them. Instead of continuing to spank the girl's delicious, clenching buns, she thrust her whole hand down between Randi's thighs, sliding two fingers into the girl's warm, soupy quim, finding all the evidence she needed of Randi's arousal. She rubbed Randi's pussy roughly, fucking her, raping her, digging her fingers deep into the girl's squinchy, buttery channel.] I so love the details here. You show how the spanking is affecting Randi. Other writers again just say the character is getting spanked and is crying because of it but is turned on. They again forget the details of how the recipient is reacting to it. Love that little detail of Laura's hand stinging from her own blows. Woo wee, wish I were Randi here. Love how you again describe Laura plunging her fingers in Randi's festering quim. Love those adjectives you use.

One of the things I have always appreciated about you is when you have your women having rough sex you are able to make it clear that it is still consensual. Despite the fact that Randi is ["Ungghh!" Randi groaned. "Anngghh! Oh Laura . . . no! Unghhh . . . you're hurting me! Please!"]. The reader is still completely assured that this is all for play and that Randi wants every spank and every rough jab piercing her inflamed cunt. This is just women loving each other roughly, just the way they crave it at this particular time. I also love how you are able to sprinkle this rough sex in like fairy dust, thus making it so special. I love it rough, but only sometimes. This keeps it fresh and special.

I thought it was an interesting observation on how sometimes time seems to speed up. I can experience this in the heat of the moment. My blood is sizzling so much in my veins that I get frenzied in my motions and actions. I love to take my time, but sometimes nature intervenes. Now Laura grabs the big double head dildo and immediately rams it up Randi's tight fuck channel. I love how Randi whimpers at the force of the assault. ["Ummnngghphhhmm!" Randi gulped and grunted in disbelief, looking down at the thick, rippling rubber stalk that protruded from her splayed, engorged pussy. "Oh god . . . Laura!"] Laura and I know she wants it. She then inserts the other end into herself and rides her hard while viciously attacking her trussed up tits. Randi is still letting Laura know she is doing it right ["Annghiiieee!" Randi cried out in pain and wild sexual pleasure, writhing and struggling and pumping back. "Oh god . . .oh shit! Ungghmmnngghiieee!"] I never worry about Randi when she is squealing like this. This is a woman who likes it rough and gets the other woman fired up enough to deliver the fuck she desires. I love how this makes the come so hard. I might not want this trussing up with rope, but it sure is hot to read. I love how Laura attacks Randi's nipples to increase Randi's pleasure with extra squirts of fire to keep Randi's orgasm rolling. I thought your description of this orgasm was beautiful, this love fuck [She had forgotten how big the thing was, and how explosively it could make you come, especially when you were fucking another beautiful woman, and a woman you loved desperately, a love orgasm mingled together with a regular one borne of mere straight ahead fucking. It was like having two orgasms at once]. This is two women making love to each other. This is not two women simply having sex.

I love the sweet after glow and the banter between them. I always love how Randi talks about how Laura has just "raped" her and been cruel to her. Of course her next comments are that she loved every minute of it. I always get a hoot out of Randi's pleadings. I love her play-acting; she plays it to the hilt and thus makes the sex so much hotter and more exciting to read. They then talk like lovers who have a little bit of a rocky past. They make promises of fidelity that they both know deep down they can't keep. They might think so at that exact moment, but their true desires and lust will soon betray them, fortunately for ME!

Love how the chapter ends with Randi cupping her breast in a sweet offer to Laura for more fucking. What a beautiful way to end this story. Sigh, I sure wish this was me getting ready for another round of sweet fucking with Randi.



Chapter 223:

This chapter starts with Laura going to Dallas and that can only mean one thing (Jonelle and now Ada). I can't blame her for getting excited. I'm happy for Jonelle finding the happiness and stability she so desired. If it is with a man so be it. I hope that she can get over her reluctance to have lesbian sex. She needs to ditch society's fucked up rules and ideas. She should feel free to scratch her lesbian itch. Her husband should be thankful that her desires are for another woman. The way I look at it, she is not cheating. Hell, most places don't even admit it exists. This way she can get her lesbian desires fulfilled and then go back to him. No fear of her leaving. Married women on the prowl for lesbian sex make for hot starved lovers.

I remember reading this chapter for the first time and remembering how Laura always had to coax Jonelle into making love with her if I remember correctly. She was always reluctant, like my darling fellow Dallas angel Ada. Then she freaked out and left Laura and went to Dallas when she caught Laura with another woman. Then on Laura's previous trips to Dallas and Jonelle's visit to Oakland she was able to seduce Jonelle but again she had to work at it. You could tell that Jonelle hungered for lesbian sex, but she was trying to fight it. Her conditioning was keeping her from enjoying the pleasures that only lesbian sex can bring a woman. To be fair, I guess Jonelle was looking for a totally normal life, and most people would not define normal as having lesbian sex while one's husband is out of town. That is their loss. Thus, I was very curious to see what dynamic would to come to play in this visit.

I was curious and happy to see you using Jonelle to bring out some of the emotions that "straight" women feel when they engage in lesbian sex. I have seen a lot of them really freak out and try and reject what they are feeling. Thus, I am willing to fuck them but never, ever fall for them. I have had more than a few friends really get torn-up when the straight women couldn't handle it and ran back to "hetsville". On the other hand, I have seen some of the strongest relationships where one or both of the women once thought of themselves as straight. A few straight women who wanted to experiment have been cold fish in bed and I couldn't warm them up and boy was I pissed, but most have warmed right up and then nearly fucked my brains out. They have been like little girls in a candy store with twenty dollars to spend.

You are right that some do freak out afterwards and will do almost anything to escape what has been brought out of their soul. They cannot accept that these feelings and desires exist within themselves and thus run away from them. I often think that once these feelings have been awakened these women will always have that desire and itch. It is a shame to hide these natural desires and feelings away. What I really feel sorrow for are the women who so love it but feel shame for loving it. That is such a sad sight.

Okay, after all that, Jonelle has made a huge change. Now she is completely happy to hear that Laura is in town. I have to admit that I was totally surprised at this change in Jonelle and totally happy. This is a complete turn around of tone. I am used to Jonelle having to be coaxed and cajoled into first meeting Laura and then having sex. I loved Laura's vulnerability on the phone. I can understand Laura's feelings here. In the past she had to battle with Jonelle and now she seems totally relaxed. We discover that her husband and son are out of town camping. This explains part of her relaxed attitude, no fear of hubby hearing her, but I was thinking this girl has conquered her demons and is ready to accept her desires for lesbian sex. What really convinced me was when she told Laura that she could see any part of her body she wanted [Jonelle giggled softly. "You can see as much of me as you want. You want to see my toes? You want to see my wrinkled up elbows? You can see them all."]. This to me was a clear invitation that she wants sex from Laura. That, and she doesn't want to spend time in a hotel room and wants Laura to visit her at her house. Seems she is willing to bring Laura to her home despite any perceived risks. I will be curious to see if we discover what prompted this acceptance of Jonelle's desire to make hot love to Laura. We might not though, because in the finale analysis, it really isn't important and I don't know if Laura will pursue an answer.

Remembering Jonelle, I was again so pleasantly surprised by her greeting of Laura at the door to her house ["Come inside here so I can kiss you," she whispered. "We can't have the neighbors seeing, can we."]. This is such a wonderful one hundred-eighty degree turn. Again, you describe each woman in such a beautiful way [Jonelle was a couple of years older now than she had been when Laura first saw her, and if anything she had become more beautiful. Her face had a chiseled perfection, and on top of her smooth black swan's neck it was a breathtaking sight. Today she had her hair piled up on top of her head, and it made her look even more like some rare Nigerian princess, slender and dark and luminously lovely.] As I have said, other writer's just don't describe their women beyond the basic height, build and hair / eye color. You always go so far beyond that and make these women seem so alive and wonderful to me with your vivid descriptions. It is a nice change of pace, the fact that Jonelle is not stuck-up about her beauty and is a little embarrassed about it. This is you again making each woman unique and different from all the other women in the story.

Just a little aside, I love the two little cocker spaniels. I love animals and thought they were a nice touch throughout the story. I can just see those tails wagging away. I love affectionate dogs.

After the above description I love Jonelle even more. I had not looked at the photos of Jonelle in a while and I had forgotten just how beautiful she is. She is probably one of the prettiest women in the story. Her face is almost angelic in appearance in its ethereal beauty. Liked the tears of happiness they both share before their first kiss. [Laura felt a big tear well up in each eye. "I forgot how beautiful you are." Jonelle sniffed and wiped away a quick tear herself. "That makes two of us. You look better than ever."] This is absolutely beautiful how they can now share this unbridled joy without the past angst. This is such tender emotion, that again has been built up by all their past interactions. Without the past battles and reluctance on Jonelle's part, this sweet coming together would be no where as powerful. By creating this epic tale, you allow time and events to create moments of almost sheer perfection. This took years to develop. Thank you again for creating this wonderful masterpiece. We can now see that Jonelle shows no hesitation or guilt in her desires for Laura. Yea!

As I have stated, I so love the fact that Laura's devotes all her thoughts and passions on the woman she is currently with [Oh god! Laura thought. Her heart fluttered from wild excitement. She tried to be calm. I never wanted anyone more than Jonelle.]. For Laura at this moment, this is exactly how she feels. This is how she feels with all her angels. Each woman gets all that Laura has to offer. Now we find out that Jonelle is pregnant. Kind of cute how Laura notices something a little off cue visually with Jonelle. That probably explains some of her happiness. Most pregnant women I have known have that aura about them. Plus, I think her stable home life now makes her more free and comfortable to satisfy her lesbian desires.

I thought it was cute Jonelle not telling Laura she was pregnant for fear of rejection. With Laura this is never a concern, but I can understand Jonelle feeling the way she does. I would guess a lot of women must fret over their body getting bigger during pregnancy and feelings of losing ones figure and the loss of attractiveness this might bring. I know I would freak over those concerns if I ever decided to become pregnant. I am vain about keeping my figure I must admit. Who cares if she is pregnant, with all those hormones she must be really horny. While I have never made love to a pregnant woman, I still find them attractive. I like how Laura states her feelings about Jonelle's condition [Laura ran her hand down the smock, feeling the hard swelling there. "It doesn't feel so big to me. At least, not yet. But if it were as big as a watermelon, I still want you. Don't you know how much I want you?"]. Jonelle is the same beautiful woman not matter how many months pregnant she is.

I love how Jonelle is now able to flirt so sensually with Laura ["Laura, you're making me hot. You know you aren't supposed to get pregnant ladies hot. You never can tell what might happen." "I am so eager to find out," Laura purred, lowering her eyelids. "God, I have missed you! I just want to hold you." Jonelle flirted. "I hope you want to do more than that. I mean, they ain't coming home until Sunday night. This is only Friday."]. Again I am almost floored by this change. In the past it was fight for an hour of sex and now she is inviting Laura to spend the weekend. This is kind of like the progression I have seen with Ada. Laura is slowly getting her more comfortable with her lesbian self. Laura has gotten Jonelle to accept her desire for Laura. I wonder if they will meet each other again.

We still see that Jonelle has a little of the prude in her still. She still can't use strong language and won't say the word "fuck". That is cute. I had to grin at the idea of them doing it on the sofa because Jonelle doesn't want to do it on her bed because of some misguided idea about her husband. Still it doesn't really matter. What is important is that she is so willing and pliant. She hungers for lesbian sex. Then they bring a sheet out of the linen closet to protect the sofa from stains. That made me smile. I had to giggle at Jonelle's husband practicing abstinence because of the pregnancy. No wonder she is horny.

It is kind of dreamy how they start kissing and Jonelle unbuttons and then removes her smock with a natural ease. She is completely ready to make love to Laura. She may not want to fuck in the same bed as her husband sleeps in; she definitely wants to fuck with Laura. I love the desire that Laura feels for Jonelle. You always make it clear, the strong desires these women feel for each other [Even though Laura had known they were going to 'do it' before this, she couldn't control the fluttery feeling in the pit of her stomach, or the hot, insistent aching she suddenly felt in her pussy, already ripe and wet. Jonelle seemed to feel the same and returned carrying sheets, towels, a box of kleenex, and wearing a huge, delighted, anticipatory grin on her beautiful face.].

I like the observation about Jonelle's breasts having gotten larger with time. I love the fact that Laura remembers how she loved her body when her breast were mere swellings with nipples and she loves now that they have become larger with the additional weight Jonelle is carrying with her happy sedate lifestyle and baby on the way. Laura finds her equally beautiful. She always finds her women beautiful. I love the description of Jonelle's nipples here [Laura wanted to look at Jonelle's belly, but her eyes were captivated by her lovely small breasts, which were now even larger than they were when she had seen them last. She placed her hands over them, squeezing them with her palms, feeling Jonelle's large puffy nipples as soft as rose petals against her skin.] That is a beautiful line.

I smiled reading about Jonelle's husband shying away from having sex for fear of hurting the baby. I have read and been told that women can safely have sex to just before the deliver with certain restrictions. I can fully understand her frustration, with another four and half months of abstinence to go, she is going to be one horny woman.

Love how they initiate their love making ["I can't get over the feel of you in my arms," she murmured to Jonelle, nuzzling her ear, kissing her naked body hungrily. "I want to swallow you and eat you alive. You're so smooth and warm and wonderful." "You just go ahead and eat as much as you want, Laura," Jonelle smiled at her, panting more now, twisting as Laura dropped her mouth to the black, bursting plums of her large nipples.] Again, you bring such tenderness to these stories. This tenderness then makes sex even more powerful when it does appear.

I hope you don't mind me continuing to go and on about your breast worship, I just find it so hot, the way you are able to show story after story such hot foreplay. This is real sex, this seems real to me, not fiction, it is so on target [At one time there had been hardly anything but nipples to Jonelle's breasts, but even then they were big, swelling bulbs, and Laura had devoured them eagerly. Now there was firm flesh under them, and Laura gently sucked it into her mouth too, bunching up one of Jonelle's small breasts between the fingers of each hand and lavishing devout, passionate attention on the bulging black bud at the top, lip-pinching it, tonguing it, then sucking softly, harder, even harder.] She then backs off for fear they are tender due to the pregnancy. Instead Jonelle tells Laura to do it harder with a strong emphasis on the word harder. I can never get enough of how you describe massaging these women's breasts with both hands. You are the only writer who really makes love to woman's breasts. This is how women should have their breasts made love to.

I love it when Laura talks dirty. I love it when Laura asks Jonelle if she wants her to lick her pussy and then asks Jonelle is she wants to be "fucked" into a multitude of orgasms. I love to talk and hear dirty talk. It really makes me hot. I think it has the same affect on Jonelle ["Oh god, yes, Laura! Yes! Ungghhh! Hurry . . . please!"].

Another thing I have always adored about your writings is when Laura slowly descends a woman's body on the way to her vagina and some feasting. What makes your writing special is that you actually detail the journey. Most other writers just have move south with maybe a brief detour to suck the nipples a little. I thought it cool how Laura kisses and worships Jonelle's expanding belly some and then fucks her navel. Cute observation about her pregnancy making it not as deep as in the past. I like the details of Jonelle's belly, how it looks and seems to Laura. Love all the attention Laura gives to Jonelle's belly. I know this must have made Jonelle feel real special. That was nice comment of Laura stroking Jonelle's belly as if the child were her own. Of course, all this worship has it's affect on Jonelle ["If you don't do me fast, I'm gonna kill you, Laura," Jonelle whispered, her dark eyes throbbing, pulsing. "Please. Please . . . now."].

As I like to say, you alone describe a woman's vagina. You describe and make each woman's quim unique and give us the details so we can close our eyes and see them [but nobody had a more beautiful cunt, a lovely glistening ruby-red gash enclosed by long, dark, glossy lips, with a perfectly-shaped clit at the top that was about the side of a large pea. Looking at it, Laura realized for the first time that maybe part of its startling beauty was the fact that Jonelle's cuntlips were slightly larger than normal, just enough to give them a faintly exaggerated presence as they either enclosed or revealed the juicy red interior.]. I am reading a story with multiple chapters with female celebrates having sexual encounter after encounter. (Actually, the sex is the best I have read after you – still, not in your league though, yours is the only ones I want to read again and again). What I find frustrating about these stories is that the writer has never described these woman's breast or vaginas. I have no absolutely idea what their breast or vaginas look like. The writer has not described them at all. After experiencing this with your writing, it is a glaring deficiency.

I always love how Laura basks in the glory of the pussy she is going down on. She does this with Jonelle remarking to herself of its perfection while she is slurping to her hearts content. She knows that Jonelle can't last long and moves to start finger fucking her with the expected results [She knew it and slid two fingers up into the warm, greasy sleeve, knowing Jonelle would spill over in a matter of seconds.]. Also, as usual, Laura is so observant of the beautiful woman she's fucking currently [Oh god, she's going to come too fast! Laura thought, desperately wanting to prolong it, to enjoy the sight of Jonelle's splendid, sleek, writhing body, her little round belly swirling in the air as she pumped her groin up into Laura's face, trying eagerly to come.]. I always love how Laura observes each of her lover's so closely and, thus, we the reader gets to see this beauty and perfection also. And then she comes. Oh, how I so love your descriptions of that initial shock of an obliterating orgasm's first shockwave hitting one's lover [It hardly even took her that long. Looking up, as she stabbed her tongue deep into the inflamed interior of Jonelle's pussy, then drug it back out along the hard little nubbin of Jonelle's clit, Laura saw her eyes streaked by red-hot sexual delirium, saw her face grimace in a fierce shock, saw her thin, svelte body clench in a sharp convulsion. And then she stiffened, gripped by a fierce spasm, and dissolved into long, slow undulations, cawing softly deep in her throat as the beginnings of one of her epic climaxes struck her.].

I have seen many a mighty orgasm in my time but I feel that I have never seen one as deep as Jonelle's. That falling into an almost hypnotic state. I think you told me once that this is based on a woman you have made love to in the past. I am a little envious [It was also soundless, or nearly so. Jonelle didn't shriek or scream in uncontrollable pleasure. Instead, she quivered and twitched, her beautiful face overspread by the most sublime expression of bliss Laura had ever seen, her body completely possessed by convulsions and spasms of acutely intense pleasure as she swooned and came, it seemed, forever.]. I so love the depth and strength of these orgasms. I would dearly love to find a woman who could come with this heart stopping intensity. I would like to have Joann and Maria with me. I would want to make her come in my mouth nice, hard and deep, and then I would watch Joann and Maria take over so I could lie beside and watch. That would be so beautiful to observe up and close when I can focus totally on the orgasm. They are truly so deep and long. Love how Jonelle just caws deep in her throat for the longest of times until the orgasm starts to fade and only then starts to really moan her pleasure. Love this hot visual ["Ohhnnnnn! Oh . . . ungghh! Oh Laura . . . anngghhhh!" she gasped, twisting, gasping for breath, her small breasts shaking as she shuddered through another succession of wrenching spasms.].

In the sweet afterglow both Laura and Jonelle realize that they are free to fuck gloriously. There is no one to interfere with their sweet debauchery. I am always so happy to read when one of these women confess to Laura that only she gives them these truly mind blowing orgasms. Then Jonelle asks if Laura remembers hitting her g-spot and making her go multiple and more important, can she do it again. Everyone knows the answer to that question. I just so love Jonelle feeling free and comfortable enough to make this request. Had to smile at Laura's answer [Laura nuzzled her neck. "I think I could give it a try. You're the one who has to survive them."].

Now that Jonelle has recovered she is ready to reciprocate. Again, I love this total change in Jonelle. She no longer has any hesitation about going down on Laura and making love to her. This is the same elation that I felt when Tamara was so plaint with Laura and Dawn in chapter 262. Both of these women have accepted their desire for female flesh. I guess Jonelle will only get it occasionally (one can hope she takes some female lovers form the neighborhood). I had a great big smile on my face when their body's twine and then they start tickling each other and laughing as they fall off the sofa and onto the floor. This is such a beautiful picture of two women who truly love each other in their special way having fun with each other before they get down to some serious loving.

Jonelle immediately starts to feast on Laura's perfect little doves ["Mmmm," Jonelle smacked her sensual lips, tonguing and sucking Laura's nipple hungrily, and looking up to see the effect it had on Laura. "I never get to do something this good. I know you be doing it all the time to other girls, but I never get to suck on these beautiful titties of yours except once in a blue moon. You like that?"]. I always smile when one of Laura's lovers confess to her that only when making love to Laura do they have this supreme joy. Since must of these women basically consider themselves as heterosexual this really makes me feel good and warm inside. I just can never get enough of these kinds of comments from Laura's women.

I love how Jonelle feasts on first one tit and then the other. Now she is ready for the next treasure of the gods ["Ooohhh, you got a little wet honey pot going down here, girl," she murmured, smiling. "You ready for Mama's tongue to lap up the flow?"]. Laura has slowly liberated her from her inhibitions. I love it when these women talk to Laura in this slang. I loved to be talked to like this. You now hit me with another of these wonderful, positive, uplifting descriptions of these women [Laura almost blushed. Jonelle, who had once been so shy and reserved, was now a horny, lusty little tramp when they were together. She nodded, enchanted by the physical beauty of the girl, the woman, the girl/woman, a wife and mother, and Laura's hot, exquisite, beautiful lover. Laura was wildly in love.]. Like the emphasis again of how far Jonelle has come with her getting comfortable with her lesbian desires. I just so love Laura and her total love for these women. Jonelle quickly brings her to a crushing orgasm with your usual vivid eye for detail. I like how she uses the flat of her tongue to rub vigorously against Laura's clit to make her come hard. Then I love Laura's slow coming down and Jonelle's slow tender kisses [The second and third spasms seemed even sharper to her, making her whinny and shudder in the clutch of a helpless bliss that lasted for a long time before it began to wane and let her body fall back to the floor. The warm throbbing continued for another minute or two, while Jonelle stretched out beside her on the sheet, kissing her tenderly. Laura turned her head and smiled dreamily at Jonelle.]. Only you describe that slow mellow throbbing deep in your womb after the sexual shockwaves have dissipated.

I like the frank conversation that Laura and Jonelle have here. Laura in the flush of the moment comments that she could give up everything for Jonelle. Jonelle is frank and honest and says she couldn't. She has made a life with her husband that seems happy enough. I really think Jonelle is happy. She will not give that up, her security and good home environment for her children. She has become wise enough to take the opportunity to have good lesbian sex when she can get it and not have it threaten her suburban dream.

They then get ready for some trib after Jonelle brings up their past trib and how she nearly died from coming. Laura has to reassure Jonelle that she is still beautiful even with her swollen belly. It doesn't change her intrinsic beauty. I love how they prime the pump for the trib [Sitting face to face, they kissed in a lingering, lengthy way, caressing each other's breasts with their hands, both enjoying the anticipation. In a few seconds, their wet cunts would be pressed together, and all tender kissing and caressing would give way to grinding, pumping fuck mania. Still kissing, each dropped one hand to the other's groin and began gently massaging her pussy, opening it, getting the fresh juices flowing again.] Other authors would just have them go straight to trib without any real life foreplay and sharing of selves. Geez, I really love them massaging their cunts and getting the juices flowing, readying their tender cunts for a sweet mating.

As I have so often said, other authors are lazy and just say they brought their cunts together, only you actually show it [They maneuvered their legs so that they could bring their crotches very close. Then both reached down again to spread their cuntlips, exposing the wet hot inner meat of their pussies. Then they inched forward until the wet flesh of each girl's cunt pressed into the other's.] This is how it is done when you want to really open yourself up. I love doing this, feeling your naked flesh against her naked flesh. Again, the imagination you show in your trib sex alone is really mind-boggling. I was almost reading the trib in chapter 263 with my mouth hanging open. That was a trib fuck to end all trib fucks. That should definitely go into the erotica writer's hall of fame.

Then you give me a freaking marathon of trib sex. This was simply a masterpiece of intense fucking. I love how they scissor their legs and use their hands to open their cunt up and guide their clits together and then do so from time to time as they continue. [For both of them this truly was love-fucking, a piercingly intimate way of fucking that they had done together from the start, and that nothing had replaced or transcended. They felt completely linked and joined this way, slowly gyrating their pelvises, feeling the slipperiness of their wet, inflamed cuntlips sliding together, feeling their engorged, swollen clits brush randomly, sending fresh, intense thrills through both of them at the same time. Their eyes were locked, they were totally absorbed in one another, rhythmically undulating, their lower bodies dancing together in a slow crescendo that now began to accelerate as they both grew more aroused.]. This is just one paragraph during this whole marathon and it is so full of rich details and piercing word pictures. This is why I read your stories over and over again. I love it when your lovers make that eye contact [Instead, they gazed into each other's swirling, throbbing eyes, grinding their hips, gasping and gyrating more wildly by the second.] As always it is the little details that make it so hot [Jonelle had her full lower lip caught between her teeth and was biting it, her eyelids sagging, as she pushed her pelvis forward into Laura's thrusts. "Unmmggh!" she groaned softly. "Oh Laura . . . I think—"] now it is time for the as usual beautiful orgasms. I love how Laura fights to finish herself off ["Yes! Unghhh!" Laura grunted, digging her elbows into the floor and rubbing her wet pussy rapidly against Jonelle's oozing slit.] I love the desperation so evident in her frantic fucking here. I love you showing the desperation one feels to finish oneself off after a fabulous fuck and one is ready to have a heavenly mind blowing orgasm.

I always love how you give a little detail in the midst of an orgasm ["Aunngghiiieee!" she cried out, tossing her head, her pussy exploding in fierce shocks of violent pleasure. "Ohnngghhh! Unngghhnnghiieee! Oh Jonelle . . . ohhhh!"] Then we have Jonelle's orgasm, which is simply beyond descripition. They are truly beautiful to read. This is how all authors should describe orgasms. I have really come to almost dread in some ways the standard "she came hard". It sounds almost like a muscle cramp or something.

I smiled when she decided to go for a g-spot orgasm after observing the end of Jonelle all deep soul satisfying orgasm [Laura's own orgasm began to wane, dissipating into soft, feathery quivers that caressed every still-tingling nerve of her body, as she watched Jonelle's svelte, naked body begin to shudder helplessly in the grip of deep, intense spasms. Tight little squeals began to escape from her throat as the pleasure seemed to grow even more intense, making her grimace, her eyes tightly shut, her whole body shaking, her small breasts jiggling and her toes curling as she came in endless waves.]. Again, I think you capture something so true about women, if they still have strength in their bodies we so often want to try and increase our lover's pleasure. We think of our partner and not just our own selfish pleasure. Laura's lust has overridden her concern about violent orgasms and hurting the baby. The baby is totally safe in her womb and probably actually enjoying the ride. It is totally safe to have sex while pregnant. Still, I love how she made sure to avoid Jonelle's belly during the trib. That you should avoid and shows Laura's caring gentle side again. Now While Jonelle is coming down from her orgasm (which is still awesomely intense {lucky woman}) Laura slips two fingers up

into her flooded channel. Jonelle is still oblivious to the outside world at this point.

I love how Jonelle comes alive as Laura probes the top front of her cunt for that secret spot of nerve bundles. I can just imagine that jolt of electricity hitting Jonelle. I don't seem to have one but over the years I have hit it a few times in other women and it does seem like they stuck their finger in a light socket when you first hit it. Love that tightening of muscles and shocked look in their eyes when you find it. What I love here, also, is you show so much more than just the finger fuck, g-spot probing. You never forget that while doing the main "act" you can pleasure the rest of the body. [Laura knew this was just a pause that the fierce, throbbing pulse of Jonelle's orgasm had temporarily dipped allowing her to surface. Laura kissed her shoulders, her long smooth neck, her breasts, still fucking Jonelle with her two fingers but massaging the front side of Jonelle's inner pussy with her fingertips, searching, searching. It didn't take her long. She had found it before and knew it was there.]. Other writers always take things serially, it's almost like you can't start act B until one has finished act A. Please, I wish they would use their imagination like you do. You give us such beautiful lovemaking, chapter after chapter. You say you have trained yourself to do this. To develop these plangent details and then present them in focused and novel ways. All I can say is thank you for developing this skill and then sharing it with us the reader. Love Jonelle's reaction to Laura finding the g-spot ["Auungghhhh!" Jonelle cried out sharply, the loudest sound she had made that night.].

Your killing me with these beautiful orgasms [Her lovely, slender black body rose right off the floor into Laura, shuddering and twitching, and she began to come again, this time in quick, violent spasms that soon gave way to long waves of excruciating physical pleasure. She gasped and groaned, tossing her head from side to side, arching her back, her pelvis quivering in mid-air, her taut little round belly swirling and shiny. Laura, still fucking her, hoping for more, was still very careful not to touch the hard little basketball with her forearm.] Wow, that is simply beautiful. And I still get more paragraphs of Jonelle's paradise on earth. I just love how her pleasure just builds and builds until the normally quite Jonelle is screaming in exctacy. You add to the visual description of Jonelle's body being rocked from these devastating orgasms with your usual divine vocalizations ["Auunngghhh! Ungghnnmmnngghiieee!" she finally screamed, expressing the full power of her pleasure for the first time.]. This marrying of your great details with these dynamite screams of rapture combine to make the sex so much greater. I am just thankful that I discovered your writings so I get to bask in these women's screams of rapture. Jonelle has four soul shattering orgasms back to back that leave her (and me) totally spent. Wow, that is some intense fucking you gave us here. Each fucking orgasm can stand alone by itself, but you string them together for an epic.

Like the little humor of the dogs howling out in the backyard, hearing Jonelle's screams of rapture have got them confused. They don't know that those screams are not of pain but of the must pure rapture. I have a great big smile on my face as I read of Jonelle telling Laura that only she gives her truly supreme sex. I am always so happy to read of Laura's angels making this confession to her. Laura even gets Jonelle to use the "f" word [Jonelle moved slowly, gracefully but wearily, as she stood up. "I wonder if I am. Felt like you killed me with all that hot fucking there for a minute."] I always love these little touches that add so much to the story. It is these little things that make them so human and real to me. It is these things that allow the reader to really bond with these women.

I then like how over the next twenty-four hours we see them make love but we don't get any details. What we do see is them eating dinner, napping on the sofa and having a midnight snack. I love seeing Laura and her lovers just sharing time together. Loved how you describe them fucking themselves senseless like lovers who rarely see each other do. As they progress they try to prolong the orgasms to draw out the pleasure. They then share some more quality time together and then fuck heatedly again. It is amazing how you are still able to satisfy me with these last paragraphs of fucking. There are no real details, but I can still feel the heat and love between them. This is two women who are wild for fucking each other. Laura brings out the best in Jonelle's sexual nature ["He won't have a clue," Laura winked. "He doesn't know what a little fuck-slut you are when I'm around." Now Jonelle 'blushed'. "You bring it all out in me, Laura," she beamed. "I'm so bad."]. Smiled at the idea of them having a tickle fight and this dissolving into a 69 that leads to an almost debilitating orgasm for both.

I love the bittersweet parting. They have fucked themselves out and now the time for parting has arrived. Laura is the interlude that Jonelle needs to satisfy her deepest urges. Hopefully, they will join again in the not so distant future. I really love how Jonelle has totally overcome her hesitation to lesbian sex with Laura. This was some truly lovely and intense fucking.



Chapter 224:

This chapter starts with a major dose of angst. Though Laura is still basking from her weekend with Jonelle that is all she had. It sounds like Laura took the high road and didn't try to pressure Jonelle for more than she could give. Again this shows Laura's good character. She can be devious, but only when it doesn't really hurt anyone. She doesn't endanger Jonelle's marriage. Jonelle has setup up limits that Laura simply must obey them. Jonelle will do absolutely nothing to endanger her current life and the security it brings. I had forgotten that it was after a tryst with Jonelle that she first meets Kim. I love Kim's confidence to walk right up to Laura and boldly state that she knew Laura wanted to fuck her. I've almost had women that bold with me in the past, but, alas, I don't have the confidence to do this in reverse. I'm glad she has appeared recently. She is simply a hellcat in bed.

Then Laura gets back to her current pain of Deshona. She aches for her. [It was clearly over. Laura could hardly bear even to think about it. In her chest she felt a hollowness, an insistent yearning, a fierce, hot desire to see Deshona, to kiss her and cry in her arms, to confess, to accuse, to do everything possible to have her again. It was a burning, constant pain.]. I like how you constantly put in these little plot twists. Other author's usually keep the story simple and never add these little "complications" that their characters have to work out of. Again, this is something I expect to see in literature and not erotica. On top of the plot twists, is how real they seem. They are not contrived or false seeming. They flow from the story and are natural to the story's development. These developments appear and then are resolved in ways that always seem right for the situations and the women's personalities.

She is embarrassed and pained from her part of the estrangement. She knows she has some blame. One really can't blame Deshona being angry. If you thought you had an exclusive relationship, it must be disconcerting to catch that woman with her face buried in a perceived rival's pussy. I have to chuckle at Laura's predicament. Deshona is not innocent herself. The only reason she started sleeping with her ex again was to spite Laura for Laura's indiscretions. Still, two wrongs don't make a right. If Deshona really feels little for the cad, she should dump him and find her a nice hot lesbian. Again, I think old habits and patterns are hard to break. Also, gasp, maybe her bi-sexuality leans towards men. Deshona falls too easily into her frosty bitch from hell mode. She needs Laura to warm her heart. This seems to be happening with her last few appearances (251 & 257). I love that Laura is able to make some of her lovers more open and caring persons. I have seen persons who need that significant other in their life or this bitchiness and cynicism really starts to build in them. I have noticed a real softening in Deshona as the story has progressed. I give most of the credit to Laura. It will be interesting to see what chapter 265 brings.

Laura stews with the knowledge that she must meet with Deshona to finish a presentation. She can't put it off when she gets a phone call from Deshona's office to call Deshona at home to setup a work date to finish the presentation. That is simply heinous. That must be horrible not being able to run away from this "problem". Now Deshona proves my theory I just espoused. She is cold and distant before she even knows it is Laura on the phone. Of course she lowers the temperature even more when she discovers who is calling. Deshona has allowed a coldness to permeate her soul. [There was a long, painful pause that made Laura's heart sink. "Oh. Laura. What is it?"]. I have the feeling that Deshona practiced this response knowing that Laura would be calling. She has been planning on how to hurt Laura for hurting her. It does make for wonderful angst though. She needs Laura to thaw her out. I always love to watch Laura thaw these cold bitches into warm responsive lovers.

It is fun to read Laura's angst. I care for her of course, deeply, but I love it when she is gulping in distress and mentally wringing her hands. Deshona is really killing her with her aloofness and frigidness. Even though Deshona knows they must meet to finish the presentation, she makes Laura almost beg to have the meeting. She is trying as hard as possible to cause Laura pain. Deshona then goes for the kill with the comment about skiing with her ex-husband. Serves her right breaking her ankle.

I can feel and see in my mind Laura shrinking from the phone while talking to Deshona. I so love all this emotion you put into your stories. Other stories really avoid all the complicating emotions of relationships. They just focus on the lust of course and the emotions of love in general. Only you make it real with these women experiencing the negative emotions of relationships. You explore the jealousies and fears of relationships (Shontay being a good example). You show how complicated relationships can be. By having these lows in the relationships you allow them to feel and find their way out of the lows and back to the glorious highs. Another thing I like is that these women don't have the answers, they must work and fight with each other and themselves to find the answer. This is how relationships work. You focus and make them sharper; to tell the story but the emotions and complications are so true and on target. I like how you end the phone conversation with the observation that despite the fact Laura knew Deshona would hurt her, she couldn't stop her heart from aching from the assault. That is so true, one can't stop one's heart from feeling, no matter how hard you try.

I love how Laura tries to put on her armor of a severe business suit and bucks herself up. I love her conflicted emotions [That bitch. Treating me like this. That lovely bitch. I love her.] Again you show Laura to be a multifaceted person. She is definitely not one-dimensional. The way she torments herself with visions of Deshona's big dicked husband ramming her cunt full of cock is so on target. We humans know how to play to our own worse fears and jealousies. Of course, now Laura has rammed Deshona's cunt full of rock hard cock herself until she screamed in ecstasy. I don't think her husband ever did better. Yeah!

Then we have the meeting. First Laura steels her nerves even though she is really a nervous wreck inside [But when she got there, she was a nervous wreck. Her hand shook when she got out of her car. She took two deep breaths and grabbed her briefcase vigorously, marching up the stairs to the door with military authority, as if daring herself to falter.]. That is such a cute picture. Then Deshona answers the door in short shorts with a smirk on her face. That would have pissed me off. Trying to rub it in my face. Look at what you can't have ever again. That would have hurt.

I love the curtness between them. They both work in frosty silence. I can just feel the tension between them. Each are sure not to show any emotion. It sets the stage for blistering sex later. What I just realized is by doing these conflicts you get to seduce these frosty women again from a slightly different angle. I love it! Deshona coldness makes her thawing all the more powerful. They are making tea and suddenly Deshona makes a comment about Laura doing it in the past in the nude. Deshona can't forget, she might try, but Laura has touched her soul. So often these women make these comments while trying to resist Laura. This always shows me that on the outside they are cold and aloof but on the inside they must be fighting a war with themselves. Trying to resist what their minds and souls are telling them. Deep down they want to succumb to Laura. Only Laura truly satisfies their deepest longings and desires. Now we get watch Deshona's will slowly crumble.

First we get to watch them hurl accusations and insults at each other. Deshona throws Randi and Laura the ex husband. Deshona is right, her husband is a man, I can't compete against that directly. I have to let my feminity win the hour. It is just so hard to hear those words, that a "man has a cock" and what is the problem. This can really make me pull my hair out. I am getting better with time accepting this desire for male cock by bi-sexual women. I don't really mind as long as I get some. Hehehe. Plus, Deshona is so on target about Randi having her boyfriends ramming their big dicks up her tight pussy.

I was surprised to see Deshona actually admit her distress at sharing Laura and then the glistening eyes. She truly wants Laura all to herself. I guess I can see that. She has found this wonderful woman and wants to keep this treasure all to herself. I have had women try and be possessive with me in the past. But I am like Laura; I need my freedom to explore new women and experiences. What this does show is that Laura has really rocked her world.

What I really like about this situation is that the cast signing is what causes the start of the seduction. You are constantly able to transform innocent events into modes of achieving seduction and then nuclear sex. Her words on the cast and close proximity to Deshona melt Deshona's defenses. I congratulate Laura for having the courage to kiss Deshona here. My fear of rejection would probably stop me dead with such deadly aloofness. Laura is so brave to continue with the beginnings of this seduction with Deshona still telling her "no" and "stop".

Now Laura has the kaputz to start kissing Deshona's legs. I love how Deshona breathing accelerates though she tries to hold it in and her thighs part ever so slightly. [Boldly, Laura began to caress Deshona's leg above the cast, the firm, shapely part of her calf muscle, her knee, the lower part of her thigh, running her fingertips tenderly along the smooth, taut, dark skin. With a sideways glance at Deshona, whose face seemed momentarily paralyzed, she bent her lips to the leg and began to kiss it. She kissed Deshona's leg slowly, skillfully, lovingly, at first not going above the kneecap, but then, when she heard a little soft panting coming from Deshona's mouth, running her lips up farther, onto the warm flesh of Deshona's lower thigh.]. I love these gentle seductions. This is such more sophisticated than what most authors write. Almost always the seduction is so full bore ahead and overheated. This is just so pleasing to read these gentle seductions by Laura. Deshona's pleas to stop are so hollow. Laura ignores her calls and tells Deshona she wants it. Laura slowly and tenderly works her fingers up Deshona's Legs and gets her fingers under Deshona's short shorts. Now Deshona does call up the fire to grab Laura by the hair and pull her head up. Is a catfight going to ensue was my initial question the first time I read this story.

No it doesn't, Deshona releases her and now Laura proceeds. If Deshona had really wanted it to stop she would have made Laura break all physical contact. Instead she plays the game of I say "no" and Laura "says" yes. She wants it. [Laura had not moved her hand when Deshona yanked her head up by the air. Her hand was still between Deshona's warm thighs. She deliberately slid it up all the way into Deshona's crotch, pressing her fingers into the fabric of her shorts, pushing them directly against Deshona's pussy through the fabric. Deshona's eyes never left Laura's, but they grew wider as she felt Laura's fingers pressing into her crotch.] Laura is not really forcing herself on Deshona. Deshona wants to be seduced. Every chance she has to stop Laura she submits, maybe not so submissively, but still she submits. I wonder if she is digging the seduction herself. I was totally convinced that Laura had won the battle when she [Laura rarely forced herself on anyone, but at this moment she knew she had to force herself on Deshona. Still rubbing Deshona's pussy through her shorts, she quickly moved the rest of her body upward and kissed Deshona's mouth ravenously, pushing her body back into the sofa cushions, thrusting her tongue between Deshona's teeth. It took several seconds for

Deshona to kiss her back, but Laura was so hungry for her and devoured her mouth so eagerly that she didn't notice.]. This was a very dreamy seduction for me. I just so loved the slow gentle pacing intermingled with sudden fire. I was beaming with the apparent victory.

Now Laura proceeds with her victory. Though Deshona is once more "pleading" with Laura to stop, she isn't really fighting it. Reading her body language, I was convinced she had been seduced. Cute ploy by Deshona to try and break the mood by asking to let the dog out. This beautiful slow seduction continues with Laura getting her shorts unbuttoned and asks Deshona to raise her hips [Obediently, Deshona raised her ass slightly off the sofa so that Laura could pull her shorts and panties down. Laura skimmed them both slowly down Deshona's beautiful legs to her knees.]. I was starting to get wet thinking of what was to come. Deshona resists her again but Laura [Laura slid up to her again, face to face. She held Deshona's face between both of her hands, looking deep into her eyes. "Now listen, I am going to stick my tongue into your beautiful pussy and make you come so hard. Put your other foot up." A tiny grin tugged at the corner of Deshona's mouth. She shook her head.]. Laura gives her a scorching kiss while groping those spectacular tits. I was starting to do my victory dance. Boy, was the air ever let out of

my balloon.

Wow. I was blind sided by Deshona coming up with an argument that made Laura fold her cards. The threat of her husband maybe coming home to check up on her. Wow. Deshona had let Laura proceed up to the point of getting her pants and panties over her cast. Now this. I did love how things proceeded to just before the bombshell [Laura slid up to her again, face to face. She held Deshona's face between both of her hands, looking deep into her eyes. "Now listen, I am going to stick my tongue into your beautiful pussy and make you come so hard. Put your other foot up."] I love this confident aggressive forwardness. Unfortunately, just as Laura is feeling happy about her seduction, Deshona crushes her. That comment about him having a key because he used live here would have really hit me hard. This goes way beyond cruel. I know I would have been reduced to tears here. Deshona saved this "he might come by" for last knowing it would have a devastating effect. Knowing she saved this bomb like this just to destroy me would have killed me. I can't fight that.

Laura tries to save some face by turning away to not show her threatening tears. I would have done the same. Deshona knows Laura is near tears, but there is no reason to let her get the visual satisfaction of seeing the tears. Now Deshona adds to the pain level by using her dead flat voice again. At the door Deshona keeps adding to Laura's pain like the bitch she can be [At the door, Deshona was cold again, her eyes blank and icy, her face expressionless.]. If you have made it clear to me that you don't want to sleep with me, I can live with that, but not all this deliberate baiting and taunts.

Okay, time for a third wow. Deshona really seemed to have thawed. The last two chapters with her had totally made me forget just how cruel she could be. She has Laura down and defeated and then throws Randi in her face again. She is being cold and curt in every remark. This after almost having sex. I think I would have been blubbering like a baby by now. I know women can be this cruel but it is always shocking to experience it first hand. I really feel for Laura having to experience this. If Deshona were completely innocent it would be a little easier to handle. The problem is she's not, she started sleeping with her "ex" before chapter 222.

Again I give Laura credit. She has a big heart. With Deshona's phone call on the cell, I don't think I could have found the courage to drive back. Laura quite reasonably tries to get Deshona to tell her what she forgot. Deshona won't tell her, becoming more emotional ["Too big." Deshona paused, and when she resumed, her voice was more plangent, insistent, serious. "Laura . . . please come back. Just for a minute."]. The emotion in her voice makes her seem vulnerable, but I know I couldn't have gotten over the just inflicted pain. Laura goes over all the ways that Deshona could hurt her and still she returns. Though she is expecting more attacks, she is giving Deshona a chance to redeem herself. I really admire Laura here. She is willing to open herself to attack again; I couldn't have done it. I would have kept driving away. I would have needed some time to heal a little first. This once more shows Laura's positive attitude and caring nature.

When Deshona greets her at the door she is totally changed. She tells Laura that her husband won't be checking up on her this afternoon. I wonder if Deshona didn't let him know she was all right, she didn't checking today. Heck, she may have called him to make sure he didn't come by today. She openly admits she is ready for sex now. Deshona created the circumstances to make her seduction happen. She wants it. Heck, she even put the dog in the back yard. Having seen this, I would have forgiven her also, but I'm sure I wouldn't have given her the chance to begin with. She was too coy on the phone; I would not have been able to conquer my fears of her attacking me some more. I admire Laura so much for putting her heart at risk again. She drives back and Deshona greets her at the door but her attitude has changed completely ["What did I leave?" she asked. Deshona looked down, embarrassed, at the cast on her foot. "Me," she said, almost inaudibly. "Let's go back in and sit down."].

Of course they do feel the need to hurl a little more venom at each other. Jealousy is hard monster to fully control for most of us. These two women want each other only for themselves. Again it is nice that you go to so much trouble to show these women as having complex emotions and complicated ways. I know other authors would have spent maybe a page on the whole scene so far. No details that make it all seem so cardboard. This is two women feeling pain and anguish who desperately care for each other and are dying to consummate their love for each other.

I love how Deshona leads (or should I say hobbles) Laura back to the sofa. Deshona is wasting no time in starting the seduction over again. The whole seduction is repeated almost act for act. The kissing followed with thigh caressing and then the shorts are undone and taken down to the cast. Along the way you give the reader your usual great dialog [Oooohhh, you know how to turn a girl on," she sighed, smiling. "It takes a lot of heat to melt some icicles," Laura purred, sliding her hand back down between Deshona's firm, warm thighs where it had previously been about a half an hour ago. Deshona's eyelids drooped sexily. "This one's beginning to melt. Shall we try again with the shorts?"]. I thought the icicles comment was so dead on target. Deshona is like the coldest ice when she wants to be bitchy and mean. Only this time, Deshona doesn't hesitate to lift her ass to get the shorts off. I actually got a little tingly because I know hot fucking is about to commence. All this fighting that seems so real life and difficult seduction have got me totally primed. I love Laura's comment of 'victory' with the panties removal.

Something just hit me. This seduction would not have the impact it does without the first half of the story to set this up. The conflict has intensified the coming lovemaking. I guess this is something you plan on and are able to deliver. It is amazing, some stories take for ever for the sex to start and I'm drumming my fingers on the whatever waiting for it to start (come on!) and other stories just have sex without ANY story and I'm saying ho-hum. Just more cardboard cutouts. You are the one author who scores time after time with that perfect balance of sex and story. You devote up to half a story to set the sex scene up and when it happens it is BAM. Sometimes I am almost overwhelmed when I first read or haven't read a story in while. I guess what it comes down to is you are able to invest emotion into the story. It is emotion that truly makes sex special. I think it is this investment that makes you so special and treasured by me. Most other sex stories only touches the body (if great sex is there, else I think of them as corn beef), yours touch the soul with almost perfect synthesis of physical sex and sweet emotion.

After writing the above you now commence to give me the rich physical details I so crave [With one hand she again unzipped Deshona's shorts. Then she slid down and pulled them and her panties down her thighs, as before. She pushed her nose into the sparkling black curls of Deshona's pubic hair and waggled it back and forth.]. This is such a small thing, but when I read it I find it almost stupendous. Almost everyone else goes for the obvious, straight ahead sex, while you take a moment to smell the flowers so to speak. You give these little sweet details that almost stand-alone in the field of erotica. These are things that female lovers actually do.

I had forgotten that Deshona has a history of loving rough sex [Deshona looked at her alluringly, coquettishly. "Are you going to fuck me?" she said, not speaking but mouthing the words. Then she whispered. "Are you going to girl-fuck me? Did I make you mad enough to do it hard?"] Got to love that girl. Actually, I have read these Deshona stories many times and only now is it really sinking into my conscious that Deshona is like Randi in this love of rough sex. Deshona seems so in control and almost prudish that I at first found it wild that she so loved to be roughed up. Just goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover. I think Laura's description here sums it up [Deshona's eyes were veiled and sexy. She had done a complete turnaround—which never failed to astonish Laura—from frigid bitch to smoldering, palpitating, fuck-me-please-and-do-it-hard temptress.].

I love how you make removing clothes into something heat generating. I love for my lover to devour my body as I remove my clothes [Laura enjoyed the way Deshona looked at her body, and she removed her underwear slowly, seductively, to enjoy it further, feeling Deshona's eyes devour her breasts, her thighs, her naked ass.] This little detail adds so much. Again, this is something I'm not sure I have read in another story. One lover just sitting and watching their lover disrobe before them. Plus, you give the wonderful details of the watcher's lust being so evident.

With all my ranting about Deshona wanting to be seduced, which was pure conjecture on my part is verified by the expensive green lace bra and Deshona's admission she bought it for Laura. She bought and wore it for Laura only. Yes, I'm definitely thinking she definitely convinced the ex to stay away. Now as I think about, did she plan the whole thing? I don't think so, but at the least she wanted it to happen subconsciously. Geez, I really love it when you describe a woman slithering her tongue into another woman's mouth. Then you have the great line about why Laura is such a great lover of breasts ["I never knew a man who liked boobs the way you do, Laura. You like to suck them until they want to explode."]. Deshona is right; most men only do foreplay because they think they have to do it to get to the pumping part.

Now we get to some breast worship. What I like is you first spend a whole paragraph describing her breast [Deshona did not have the sort of nipples that Laura almost worshipped, the large, soft, cone-shaped, puffy areolas, satiny black and swollen, with thick, protruding centers that Jane and Trina and Jonelle and Sholandra and Cecilia and Karen and Earlene and so many others had. Instead, her dark brown areolas were flat, spread out, even misshapen at the edges like imperfect circles, with stubby, thick centers that sprang up higher than normal, maybe half an inch. Laura loved licking the wide brown areolas and watching the tiny, stippled bumps appear on the tender skin. She also loved flicking the stiff, rubbery centers with the tip of her tongue before opening her lips and taking the whole large bud, areola and all, deep into her mouth.] Even without the photos I can close my eyes and see her breast. By taking the time to make her breast so detailed, the reader can now put themselves in Laura's place and love fuck her with our imaginations. These descriptions make it so plain as to why Laura loves these women. I will always crave these details that you so load your stories with.

You now give me five paragraphs of breast worship between these two women. I love how Laura just inhales Deshona's nipples and bits around her areola and later kisses the valley between and the flesh where her breast meets her body. I love that beautiful hidden crease that so many ignore. While all this is going on you are of course giving us all the beautiful vocalizations that you are famous for ["Ohhnnggg! Oh shit ungghhhh! Oh god Laura Laura oh god yes ungghhh! Oh!"]. These are sprinkled liberally throughout the breast worship. Then I love how Deshona, when she gets her chance, just attacks Laura's nipples with rough treatment. Treatment, which Laura loves.

Now there is some talk about wanting to get prodded from time to time. I accept that Laura has a taste for cock in her and I'm okay with that (especially now that has discovered strap-on sex - yes!!). I'm happy now that Laura has discovered and taught Deshona about strap-on sex. I bet her husband never fucked her as good Laura did in 257. To be fair, I can see how women with men in their past would crave a nice rough pounding from time to time. Men do bring that raw power to the bed. Most women just don't have the muscle mass nor the desire to just maul and pound you hard and deep.

Now you describe Deshona's pussy as the paragon of perfection that it is [she raised the temperature a couple of notches, sliding down the girl's delectable body, slipping between her thighs, and pulling apart her slippery, very wet labia with her fingers, exposing the inflamed, fiery crease between them. She was overcome by love for Deshona and for Deshona's exquisite pussy, one of the most beautiful she had ever kissed like this.]. This is so true. Each pussy is a wonder to discover and behold and then explore. Laura feels this way for every pussy she devours. Each one is the penultimate of creation at that precise moment. Laura is so beautiful in how she completely adores and worships the woman she is with.

Now you start the tongue fucking. I love how it starts [She slid her tongue deep into it, feeling Deshona's body arch and quiver in excitement at the penetration.] That is just so beautiful. She now devours her cunt but because of Deshona's talk of being penetrated she gives a little surprise [Her finger was completely coated with warm fuck-juice, and she withdrew it from Deshona's cunt and slipped it down between her hard, round little buns. In the past she had been tempted by the girl's pretty, dark little rosebud, but she had never invaded it until now. Beginning to tongue and gently suck Deshona's swollen and very sensitive clit, she slipped her well-lubricated finger up into Deshona's ass almost before Deshona realized what was happening.] I love doing and having this done to me. I love feeling that finger invade my ass and then probing my tender insides as my cunt is sucked and tongued. I love how Deshona's eyes roll to the back of her head in total surrender. I love how you show your women being overwhelmed with passion like this.

This is the perfect description of a woman being royally fucked [From that point to the end was only seconds. Laura began to twist her finger inside Deshona's tight asshole, then slide it in and out, fucking her ass more rapidly with it as Deshona's orifice expanded to permit the invasion. At the same time, she sucked Deshona's clit even harder, lashing with her tongue inside her mouth. She glanced up to see Deshona clasping her own rolling, jiggling breasts, pinching her own nipples violently, her face torn in spasms of fierce, agonizing pleasure.] Deshona's whole body is being made love to. Love the details of twisting the finger up Deshona's rectum and lashing the clit while it's safely nestled in ones mouth. I can understand the all caps scream of rapture and the gushing climax. Lucky minx. I love how Laura gently kisses her exhausted cunt, thighs and belly up to her mouth. That is so tender and loving. Other authors don't have them do anything even remotely romantic like this (except for one other female writer). The other writers just keep it purely physical with no sweet emotional bonding. No gentle caresses or tender kisses are given or received during the afterglow. At best they just lay in each other's arms. Wake me up please. Like the observation that Laura went along for the ride with Deshona feeling the intensity of the moment. It is so possible to ride along with your lover while they come. I love in basking in my lover's orgasm.

I chuckled that they had to move from the sofa to the bedroom to get away from the mess that Deshona made with her ejaculation during her orgasm. I have had a few women who ejaculate like this and it does make a mess. It can shock the hell out of you when it gushes into your mouth and onto your face, which you know me, I love.

I had to shake my head and chuckle a little when Deshona tells Laura to wash her finger and her mouth. This is just so cute, Deshona having a little of the prude in her. I love tasting my own come and I always chuckle when I find a woman who doesn't like her own pussy taste. I love to kiss my lover after she has gone down on me. I had a great big smile on my face when Laura smiles in the mirror in the bathroom thinking about the hot fucking she is about to experience. I would have a great big smile on my face if Deshona were waiting for me.

In the bedroom Deshona brings Laura to two quick orgasms. I love how they just coil around each other like two snakes mating [This time, in spite of the cast, they were all over one another, rolling side to side, sucking, kissing, biting, kneading, moaning.]. Now it is Laura's turn again. She starts by worshipping Deshona's back and remarking of its beauty. What I love about your writing is your eye for detail. You tell of Laura loving Deshona's back and then you take it to the next level by showing us the actual beauty of Deshona's back [Her back was a deep molasses color, smooth and shapely, without the slightest flaw. The wings of her shoulder blades were perfectly shaped, and the smooth depression in the middle began as a shallow dip, then grew deeper as it descended to her marvelous round buns.]. You have really made me appreciate backs and I now give them a lot of attention, which I have discovered make my lovers very hot. Thanks for the tip.

I had to smile at Laura once more going through an attack of jealousy about Deshona's husband, the cad. In several chapters Laura gets all hot and bothered when fucking Deshona from behind because her ex-husband likes to do it that way. Love to see Laura go through her angst. I chuckled some more when they have a back and forth between them about invading Deshona's backtrack with digital penetration. Even though Deshona says no more you can tell by her tone that she liked it and won't stop future invasions. I like it when your women are so coy with each other.

I really love how you start the feasting of Deshona's cunt ["I never ask," Laura purred, letting her eyes drift down lower to the puckering wet blossom of Deshona's exquisite, freshly wet cunt, ruby red inside and invitingly gooey-looking. Without warning, she began to gently bite the smooth moons of Deshona's ass while sliding two, then three fingers into the soupy warm pit of Deshona's gaping pussy.]. Just this segue into this part of the sex drama is so far above the norm. I can't quite put my finger on it, but so much of your writing has a little of poetry in it. You are so able to put neat and great twists on sex. You come up with new ways to start the act of sex that seems almost real life. So many other stories seem like an xxx sex film script (i.e. not that good) while yours seems to flow naturally from life itself.

Then you penetrate Deshona's pussy from the rear with Laura's fist. I love how you first describe working in two, three fingers then putting the thumb into a wedge and working it in. I like how Laura's small fist just seems to slide right into Deshona's little cunt. I Love It. I find Deshona's reaction to be cute and very true to an unexpected invasion ["Unghh!" Deshona gave a soft, faintly horrified grunt, again looking back, trying to figure out what had penetrated her.]. You describe the plunging and twisting of the hand. You tell us how tight it is. Other times you have told about having to work the knuckles pass the entrance and the shock of penetration. How the cunt expands to accept this gift. Only you give the details. Other author's just say they fist fucked like it happens every day and the penetration is no big deal. Your real life details make all the difference. [Laura's eyes caught hers, and both felt the conflagration start. Deshona's eyes rolled up.

She dropped her head to the mattress as Laura twisted her hand inside the tight, wet channel. She began moving it slowly in and out, making Deshona moan and quiver uncontrollably. "Ohhhnnn! Ohhnn god! Unghhhh!"]

Then Laura buries her tongue in Deshona's rectum. Again other authors would say only that. You have Laura use her free hand to pry open her ass cheeks, then she observes the lovely rosebud before burying her tongue in it. It is these details that one needs to really get into the sex. She then tongue fucks her lovely grasping asshole. Another thing here is the fact that you are giving us two great things at the same time. I can almost guarantee that other authors would first have one or the other but never, never ever together. I love how you almost overload my senses by putting these great things together.

I love how Laura gets rough with her [Her body strained and shuddered, but Laura drove her tongue as far as it would go into the moist, clenching little hole between her buns, and drove her fist deep into Deshona's tight pussy, twisting it, fucking her hard with it, so hard in fact that Deshona had another orgasm immediately following the first one.] I dearly love these love "rapes". I can just swoon along with Deshona and all the other women in this epic when they are having their bodies pleasured so lovingly and deeply. I just simply adore those sounds these women make in orgasm. I simply can never get enough of this. I think this is what first got me going about your stories. Finally, a writer who captured this dynamic so well ["Ungghh! AUUNNGGHHHHH!" she cried out sharply, her body this time almost jackknifing under Laura as a fresh series of jolting orgasmic shocks shook her flesh. "Ohhhhnnnn!" she finally cooed, falling back to the bed, still writhing and coming in waves of delirious ecstasy.]. On top of the sounds you give such great visual cues that allows the reader to just see this in their mind. Add to the previous two are your divine descriptions of what these women are experiencing during their orgasm and you have a heavenly mix that just can't be touched.

I love how some of these women fake glower at Laura after a 'love rape'. They usually have to come out of a stupor to do this. They often tell her to never do whatever she just did, but it is so clear that they will willingly, quickly submit to the same exact thing in the future. [She glowered again in mock anger at Laura, clearly not meaning it. "I ought to kill you, after that," she half-whispered, as if unable to speak, wiping the tears away with her wrist. "If a man did that to me, I'd have him arrested."] She willing submits to the exact same treatment in chapter 251, and that was after having her ass blistered by Laura. Again I so love the fact that you make these "rough" sex episodes so loving. There is never any touch of anything even remotely smacking of degradation. I hate stories where any character is not treated with respect.

I like how you show that one partner may get it rough and yet she is totally satisfied and doesn't want a tick for tat situation. Deshona has just been 'raped' and blasted by orgasms unlike anything she has ever experienced. Her only desire is to make sweet gentle love to Laura in gratitude. Most other authors always repeat the type of sex on the other partner. Again this is life. I am always amazed at how you do this. The reason I'm amazed is because so many other authors just don't do this.

They spend an hour of sweet relaxed fucking. Though they have repaired the major damage from there past jealousies we know they still have work to do on this. They are both such emotional women. I loved their romantic kiss by her car. It is a shame they have to worry about prying eyes. Still it does add some spice to the story. I liked the parting comment from Deshona about not using a tongue or finger up her ass in the future. When Laura asks what Deshona would do if Laura would do it again, Deshona only giggles. I think that says it all.




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