Laura - Chapter 96




Not until a week later did Laura run into Rhonda. It was at a meeting where Rhonda was giving a presentation, and thus had to be on her best behavior. She smiled graciously, with an undercurrent of catty hatred, at Laura, and otherwise treated her with aloof contempt.

But Laura had the chance to watch her in action, and she was able to see what Rhonda had that won over girls like Barbara and Yvette. For one thing, she was stunning, a fact Laura had always tried to deny but no longer could. Rhonda was fairly tall, and blonde, with the kind of golden hair most blondes could only dream of. Her skin too was not pale and translucent but rich, smooth, and golden. She had burning green eyes, and her figure was a killer: tiny waist, breasts that were not too large but clearly firm and out-jutting, legs almost the equal of Yvette's, also smooth and tawny.

For another, she was very smart, and quick, and ready to praise others to get her way, a useful technique, Laura realized, when you were trying to get a reluctant girl into bed. She realized that had they both not preferred sleeping with pretty young black women, they would probably be sleeping with each other. It was a hard realization, and she swallowed hard after it.

But Rhonda seemed to realize something similar. She came up to Laura after the meeting, smiling a trifle more warmly, less hypocritically.

"Why don't we go get a drink together and try to bury the hatchet?" she said to Laura.

Laura shrugged. "Okay."

But if you think I'll forgive you for fucking Yvette, and for trying to fuck Sholandra and Karen, forget it, honey, she thought. I'd rather bury the hatchet in that furry blonde pussy of yours.

Still, Laura smiled sweetly and they went to a hotel bar nearby. The looks they got were astonishing, two perfectly stunning women, dressed to the nines, drinking together in a dark corner.

"So . . . how long have you been screwing Yvette?" Rhonda asked brusquely, lighting up a cigarette.

"What a question," Laura glared. "What a way to put it. She's a friend. We've been friends for almost two years."

"That long. She must have been getting bored. I've been screwing her for six months, at least."

"Maybe we shouldn't have done this after all," Laura said icily.

Rhonda put a hand on Laura's. "I'm sorry." There even appeared to be a flash of genuine pain in her eyes, quickly replaced by a hard glaze. "I . . . sometimes I lose my temper. Seeing you with her like that . . . in my office . . . it really hurt me."

"I imagine it did. It would've killed me."

"Then you know how I feel."

"Yvette is . . . reckless. You and I are . . . vulnerable."

Don't I know it, Laura thought.

Rhonda's fingers moved over the back of Laura's hand, in a sort of nervous caress. Laura was startled, but didn't move her hand.

"Did anyone ever tell you that you look like Stephanie Seymour?" Rhonda asked.

"A few people," Laura grinned.

"Except you're more beautiful."

"No, I don't think so."

"She has a flaw."

"Oh? What would that be?"

"Her navel. It's an outie."

"I never noticed."

"Is yours an outie or an innie?"

"Rhonda . . . it's such a personal question."

Rhonda's eyes burned into Laura's, and for the first time Laura realized that sex was a very real possibility. This was bothersome because she still didn't think of herself as a lesbian. I just happen to love beautiful black women, she thought. Not blonde women, not all women.

She wondered if Rhonda was thinking the same thing about herself. Rhonda grinned boldly.

"Mine's an innie. I don't mind telling you. It's actually a hall-of-fame innie."

Laura was afraid she was blushing. It seemed so intimate to be talking about their navels.

"How nice for you," she said to Rhonda, feeling this was a very bizarre conversation.

"I'm very jealous of you," Rhonda said. "For screwing Yvette. And I'll bet you're screwing Sholandra Mason too, aren't you."

Laura smiled sweetly. This was a chance to truly rub it in, if she wanted to. Her former hatred for Rhonda welled up quickly, but it was also mixed this time with a strong sexual undercurrent she couldn't ignore. She hated Rhonda even more for being physically desirable.

"I've been friends with Sholandra for quite a while," she said in a measured voice.


"Yes, friends. She's very lovely, isn't she."

"She's to die for," Rhonda said. She lowered her voice and bent close to Laura. "I could eat her alive. Have you fucked her?"

"Rhonda," Laura frowned.

Rhonda bit her lower lip. "Sorry. I guess it's this drink. It's making me say things I shouldn't." She lit another cigarette. "Why don't we go to my place. You can show me whether you have an outie or an innie."

Laura felt a strong rush of sexual excitement. If she said yes, it almost certainly meant they were headed for the bed.

"I could show you that here," she said coyly, stalling for time, trying to figure out if she should really go to bed with Rhonda or not.

Rhonda's green eyes clouded over briefly, and Laura couldn't tell if she were aroused or she was going to cry. "You don't have to hate me," she whispered.

"I don't," Laura said.

"You and I have a lot in common."

Laura nodded, unable to deny it.

"Let's just go to my place," Rhonda said, sounding weary.

"You don't have to worry, I won't rape you. I like black girls. Just like you do. But I'm tired of this effing bar, and the looks we're getting."

"Okay," Laura smiled, unable to turn her back on any possiblity.

When they got there, Rhonda made them fresh drinks. Laura joined her in the kitchen. She could not help recalling how she had seduced both Rina and Sholandra in her kitchen. Now the tables were turned. Rhonda handed her a vodka tonic.

"Toast?" Rhonda said. "Friends, not rivals."

Laura raised her glass and clinked it, unwilling to quibble. They did, of course, want to fuck the same girls. And in the case of Barbara and Yvette, were actually doing it.

"Friends," she murmured.

Rhonda was actually stunning, and after one drink her apparent vulnerability along with her physical appeal made the moment sexually exciting for Laura.

"You know," she said, "you look a lot like Pamela Anderson. Know her?"

"The Baywatch one?" Rhonda grinned. "My boobs are not as big."

"Hers are too big," Laura said.

"Not for some people."

Rhonda turned off the kitchen light, and Laura followed her to the livingroom. Rhonda put her drink on the coffee table and turned to face Laura. Her eyes were smoking. Laura wondered if her own were too.

"But some people like them," Rhonda said softly.

She unbuttoned her suit jacket while Laura watched, then flung it in a chair. Her breasts seemed very firm, jutting out against her silk blouse. Laura glanced down at them.

"I'll bet they do," she said.

"Want to see if you do?"

Now Rhonda's eyes were throbbing. She undid the first button of her blouse, not taking her eyes from Laura's.

"What is this, a striptease?" Laura giggled.

"It's no tease," Rhonda said, undoing the second button.

Laura put her own drink down beside Rhonda's. She moved closer and undid the third button with her own fingers, while Rhonda looked down at them. Before Laura could reach the fourth button, their mouths came together.

It was a slow, sensual kiss. Their lips moved together, curving, melding, for several seconds before they opened. Then their tongues intermingled in a slow, sensual dance as they began to embrace too, finally digging their fingers into each other's flesh through their clothes.

When they stopped kissing, Laura tugged the tail of Rhonda's blouse out from her belt and unbuttoned the final button. Together they took off the blouse, and Rhonda flung it away. Her bra was black lace with a deep cleavage dip, very alluring.

Before Laura could even try to unfasten it, Rhonda began unbuttoning the front of Laura's blouse. Together they had it off in seconds. Laura too wore a black lace bra, a shockingly sexy one that Karen had nearly ripped once in her haste to get it off.

Rhonda smiled. "Did we both wear our sexiest underwear for each other?" she said.

"We wore it for somebody," Laura breathed.

She leaned forward until her lips met Rhonda's again. This time their kiss was hotter, and wetter. Laura succeeded in unfastening Rhonda's bra while they were kissing, and the straps slid down her arms as they pulled apart.

Rhonda was tan, but her breasts were creamy, with large reddish brown nipples. She obviously wore a bikini with two triangular patches over her breasts when she sunbathed, and the contrast was striking. She had also been modest about them, since Laura could see they were spectacularly beautiful, perfectly shaped, full and round. They were also unusually firm, almost hard, very much like Shawn's, who had had breast implants, though there were no telltale scars under Rhonda's swelling nipples. These were her own treasures.

"God, Rhonda . . . they're beautiful," Laura said, cradling each extraordinary globe of flesh in her palms.

Rhonda bent her head forward until her full lips barely brushed Laura's. Her tongue snaked inside Laura's mouth, then just as quickly withdrew.

"Don't you want to suck them?" she whispered against Laura's lips.

"Yes . . . I do."

Laura bent her head down and began licking and sensually stroking one of Rhonda's large, soft nipples with her tongue. She was an expert at this, and for a full two minutes she held Rhonda's firm breasts in her hands and licked and sucked her nipples until they were hard and wet and pointing, and Rhonda was breathing very quickly. Then Laura realized that Rhonda's breasts were so firm she really didn't need to hold them. They just jutted out to her mouth. She released them and began to suck Rhonda's nipples even harder.

"Ohhnnnn . . . god, Laura . . . you're good!" Rhonda panted. "Quick, let's go in the bedroom."

"Yes," Laura breathed, following her.

Both of them seemed to sense that this would be no ordinary sexual event. Their feelings about each other were so mixed and complex, and yet their physical desire had quickly become so hot and urgent, that they surely weren't going to have a few quick orgasms and say goodnight.

Rhonda had a huge bed, a "California king," they were called, and just the sight of it excited Laura. Rhonda closed the door behind them, as Laura always did in her own bedroom, and came up behind Laura, unfastening Laura's bra clasp. She slid the straps down Laura's arms and let the bra fall at their feet, raising her hands and cupping Laura's naked breasts in them.

"Anngghh!" Laura groaned with surprise as she felt Rhonda's teeth sink playfully into the strip of muscle between her neck and shoulder.

A sharp tremor gripped her whole body. Rhonda bit her neck in the same way, giving Laura another sharp tremor, then turned her around and kissed her ravenously, mashing their naked breasts together. She pushed Laura toward the bed while they were kissing, and they fell onto it with the bedspread still on. The intensity level went up a notch.

Rhonda quickly unzipped Laura's skirt and began pulling it down, but Laura was just as insistent, unzipping Rhonda's too. In about twenty seconds they were both completely naked on the huge bed. Somehow neither wanted to go slowly, and they coiled together naked, kissing and squeezing and nipping and sucking and mewling like two cats in heat.

"Ungghh! Oh Rhonda!" Laura gasped as Rhonda tried to swallow one of her nipples.

Rhonda sucked a large part of Laura's breast into her mouth along with the nipple. Then she did the same with the other one.

"Oh Laura . . . you're so beautiful," she panted, swarming all over Laura's body, consuming Laura's flesh.

Laura could do nothing but yield. Rhonda was on top of her, kissing her, sucking her nipples, kissing her midriff.

"An innie . . . a gorgeous innie," she said as her tongue snaked into Laura's navel, sending a jolt of sexual excitment through Laura.

I'm being fucked, she realized. She brought me here to this huge bed, and she fucking me . . . and there's nothing I can do about it but let her.

"Ohhnnnn . . . ohhnnnn!" she moaned, twisting suddenly as Rhonda's mouth found her pussy.

"Oh honey . . . oh honey, what a beautiful pussy," Rhonda murmured, tongue-fucking Laura until Laura thought she would scream.

"Unh . . . unh! Oh! Oh yes! Please . . . yes!" she panted, her hips gyrating in slow, rhythmic fuck-motions.

Of course Rhonda was an expert at eating pussy. Laura had been eaten by experts before. Barbara. Kim. Girls who loved only other girls, and whose technique was the most important thing they possessed, since only it could guarantee success in their pursuits. But Rhonda was right up there in that class, and in fact might even have been the one who had taught Barbara.

She soon had Laura climbing the walls, moaning, writhing, whimpering, begging. Laura's body was on fire, throbbing, churning. She grabbed and twisted her own naked breasts, pinching her aching nipples, pushing her pussy up into Rhonda's clever mouth, gasping sharply each time the tip of Rhonda's tongue touched her clit, since Rhonda was deep into a scheme of teasing, and would only let Laura come when she thought he time was ripe.

Fortunately for Laura, it didn't take long. The anticipation and flirting had brought them both to the brink long before this. Rhonda made the mistake of tonguing Laura's distended clit a few seconds too long, and Laura began to come. Her body stiffened. Then the whole world exploded for her.

"Auungghh! Ohngghh!" she cried out.

"Oh yes baby yes!" Rhonda said, peppering her clit with hot kisses as Laura exploded again and again in spasms of sharp ecstacy.

"Annghhiieee!" she finally screamed, turning her face into her own arm to muffle the noise. "Ummnngggnneeee! Oh! Oh!"

Finally it began to wane, and her body went slack. Rhonda slipped up to kiss her, her lips still wet with Laura's cunt juices. But Laura could see the fire of need in her eyes, and she knew Rhonda was herself so close that a few warm breaths on her clit would probably send her up like an ammo dump.

"Your turn," she breathed, gently rolling Rhonda onto her back and beginning to make love to her in return.

Laura, realizing the danger of an instant explosion, was even more skillful than Rhonda had been. She explored the girl's lovely naked body with painstaking care, and it really was a masterpiece, a Playmate of the Month kind of body. She had to remind herself that she had slept with an actual playmate, Gloria, but Rhonda's body was its equal, her tiny waist accentuating her swelling hips and out- jutting breasts, which pushed straight up into the air even when she was flat on her back, as she was now with Laura swarming all over her writhing body.

Again she lavished her skill on Rhonda's swollen nipples. Rhonda held each breast and squeezed it while Laura tongued and sucked it, until they were dark with engorged blood, thick and rubbery, and Rhonda was moaning helplessly. Now Laura explored the hall-of-fame navel, which really was a beauty, a deep cavity with a sexy fold of tawny skin above it, perfumed too, and sensitive within. When she finally reached Rhonda's lovely pussy, fringed with golden hair, it was almost dripping with juice, a pink, succulent slit that easily parted to her probing tongue.

"Ahhngg!" Rhonda groaned excitedly as Laura began to lick it.

"Oh . . . baby, you're so close, aren't you," Laura murmured, feeling Rhonda's body tense and clench.

"Oh yes . . . yes! Please . . . oh Laura! Please!" Rhonda whimpered.

"Oh, you want to come."

"Yes! Yes! Do me! Do me quick!"

"Ohhhhhh . . . not too quick," Laura soothed. "We want it to be the best ever, don't we?"

"Oh god, Laura! Oh god! Unh unh! Unhhhh!"

Laura tongue-teased Rhonda's pussy until Rhonda's hips were churning and bucking so hard she thought the girl might knock out one of her teeth. And still she pulled back, bringing Rhonda to the edge, then pulling back, then teasing her close again, then kissing her belly, her breasts, sucking her nipples gently, then harder, driving Rhonda nearly delirious with frantic need.

Finally she had her where she wanted her. Rhonda was completely vulnerable, a quivering mass of need, her face contorted in a desperate plea for release, her lovely body undulating and twisting in frantic unrelieved passion, her breath short, punctuated by helpless whimpering.

God, I should leave her like this, right now, the bitch, Laura found herself thinking, aware how mixed her feelings still were toward Rhonda, a welter of jealousy and lust. But the sexual excitement of the moment was too overwhelming. Rhonda really was a gorgeous creature, and Laura really did want to make her come wildly.

She slid two fingers up into the warm, greasy channel of Rhonda's pussy, then began fucking her hard while her lips descended on the girl's swollen clit. Rhonda came almost immediately, the breath leaving her arched, quivering body as a shattering orgasm wrenched her. For a brief, shuddering second, she remained arched, straining, but then her body collapsed into convulsions, and deep, ecstatic wails came from deep in her throat.

"Auuoonnggg!" she groaned, coming sharply. "Ungghh! Oh! Ohnnggg Laur---"

Laura sucked her clit again, and again.

"Auungghhh! Oh!"

Rhonda's climax lasted a good fifteen seconds as wave after wave of violent coming wracked her lovely body. Finally she relaxed, moaning softly, whimpering in the aftershocks, gazing through bleary, shocked eyes at Laura.

"Oh Jesus," she breathed softly.

"He won't help you now," Laura smiled, beginning to fuck her again before she recovered from the first one.

This time she moved up and began to suck and bite Rhonda's large brownish red nipples while plunging her two fingers hard in and out of Rhonda's flowing pussy.

"Unh! Unh!" Rhonda gasped, faintly delirious and excited by the unexpected rough treatment. "God . . . yes! Fuck me, Laura, yes! Fuck me . . . do it hard! Ungh! Oh! Unh! Yes! Oh god, I'm going to come again! Please . . . faster! Yes!"

"Mmmmm, you like it hard, don't you, you tramp," Laura murmured, bearing down, leveraging her plunging fingers by resting her thumb on Rhonda's pubic bone, then fucking her harder, with sharp, jabbing thrusts.

"Unh! Unh! Unh! Yes . . . unghh! Oh ungghh yes!"

At the same time, Laura was fascinated by Rhonda's up-jutting breasts, perfect mounds that didn't slacken out, though she was on her back. They reminded her suddenly of Rina's, which had been the same, phenomenally firm and upswept. She sucked both of Rhonda's big nipples hard, jabbing her fingers into the girl's pussy, making Rhonda cry out twice with shock and pain.

"Unggh! Ownnchhh! Oh! Fuck me . . . oh Laura you dyke fuck me!" Rhonda panted deliriously.

Laura was so aroused that she felt she might come again herself. She locked her legs around one of Rhonda's long, shapely thighs, tormenting the girl's thick, pulpy nipples with her teeth, and fucking her hard. Laura pumped her own cunt vigorously into Rhonda's silky thigh, and they both groaned and came together in a wrenching, gagging convulsion of burning ecstacy.

It was one of those uncontrollable mutual immolations that occasionally happened. Neither of them had expected it, or its power, or the insults that had escaped their mouths as they were caught up in its irresistible force. Both of them were stunned by it, and it took a while for each to recover.

"Honey, you really mean business, don't you," Rhonda finally said, rolling onto her side to face Laura. "You like to fuck."

Laura grinned. "You seem to like it too."

Rhonda's arms came around her, and she mashed her naked breasts into Laura's, kissing her with passionate intimacy. "I like it with you. You do it hard and hot and heavy."

"Mmmmm, I can do it softly too," Laura purred, rolling Rhonda over onto her stomach and straddling her beautiful ass, also striped white from her bikini.

She began to rub Rhonda's back and kiss it, then to drag her naked breasts over it, kissing the back of Rhonda's neck, teasing the backs of her ears with her tongue. Rhonda squirmed and moaned softly. Laura made love slowly to the beautiful, shapely expanse of Rhonda's long, smooth, tanned back, finally reaching the creamy moons of her delectable bottom.

Of course Rhonda's ass couldn't match a paragon like Chanitra's--even in the midst of fucking Rhonda, Laura was clutched by a sharp pang of longing for the bewitching, adolescent Chanitra-- or even Chanitra's sister Yvette's. Or Sholandra's, or Rina's. Of course not. But still . . .

Rhonda's bottom was superlatively beautiful, her buns firm and round and shapely. Laura kissed each one all over, slipping her hand forward between Rhonda's thighs until her fingers found the wet flower of her pussy. Now she rubbed Rhonda's pussy and began nipping the firm, creamy flesh of her ass at the same time. Rhonda moaned and began undulating her hips, biting her lower lip.

"Ohhhhnnnn . . . Jesus!" she gasped. "No wonder they like you."

"Mmmmmm, and you like me too, don't you," Laura purred. "You like me to fuck you."

"Oh! Oh! Unggh . . . god, Laura!"

Now Laura's tongue slithered between Rhonda's buns, tickling the tiny ring of her asshole, even slipping momentarily into it, and Rhonda went wild. Somehow the sensations sent her immediately over the top. She came in a shocking, quick spasm, squealing uncontrollably.

"Mmmnnggiieee!" she squealed, overcome by a sharp climax.

And somehow at this point, Laura didn't want to stop. She wanted to rape Rhonda, rape her hard, fuck her roughly, make her come and come even more, consume and devour her. While Rhonda was still groggy from her climax, Laura rolled her over onto her back and swarmed over her naked body, using every technique she had ever developed to bring the girl to an absolute fever pitch of need.

And Rhonda was already plateauing from her previous orgasms, twisting and moaning incoherently, suspended in the maelstrom of sexual stimulation that Laura was providing. Finally, Laura could take it no longer either. She maneuvered her legs in order to bring their pussies together, and then began fucking Rhonda for real in a rough, violent, almost savage way.

Rhonda was flat on her back, and Laura rose up over her, holding one of Rhonda's shapely legs for leverage and grinding her cunt into Rhonda's, pumping, thrusting fiercely, watching the look on Rhonda's face as each thrust made her wince and reel. Laura instinctively knew that Rhonda had never been fucked like this, and she jammed her flowing pussy sharply into Rhonda's again and again.

"Ohng! Unh! Unh! Ungghh!" Rhonda groaned, grunting softly, then exploding in uncontrollable cries as the tension grew tighter, and Laura fucked her even harder.

Their bodies struggled and strained together, and Rhonda pumped just as frantically as Laura as they neared the inevitable. Finally they both erupted in jolting strings of coming, a cataclysm of wrenching orgasms that welded their hot, wet pussies together in sympathetic mutual spasms as the rest of their flesh quivered and throbbed in unison. Rhonda was totally destroyed by this orgasm, and Laura nearly so. They lay throbbing and shuddering together for a long time, panting, moaning softly, kissing one another's leg, not daring to move their groins for fear of stopping the intense pleasure that welded their cunts together.

"I only wanted to fuck with you, Laura, not to get put in the hospital," Rhonda croaked hoarsely as she began untangling her legs from Laura's. "God, you're a monster. A beautiful monster . . . but a monster. I never came that hard, or so many times, in my life."

"Really?" Laura smiled.


"But I'm not even finished with you yet."

"You're kidding."

"Your body was made for love, Rhonda."

Rhonda had climaxed many times. At her peak, with certain girls who brought out the best in her, Laura had approached an unbelievable number of orgasms. She wasn't ready to try for a record, but she knew Rhonda could come many more times.

And they spent the next two hours trying to prove it. Laura had not been through a real sexual marathon since Dallas, with Kim the airport girl, and she and Rhonda fucked until they could no longer even lift a finger.

Finally, Rhonda struggled to her elbows, looking bleary-eyed and hammered by continual climaxing, and winked wearily at Laura.

"Well, I've certainly reached my personal best," she sighed. "Nobody ever fucked me this much. I didn't even know my body would come that many times. The last one sort of even hurt, it was so intense."

Laura nodded. "I know. Me too."

Rhonda pushed Laura down on her back and kissed her. "You know, if you fucked Yvette like this, it's no wonder she turned to me . . . just for a little rest," she giggled softly.

But this had a bad effect on Laura, who had been trying to forget all evening that this stunning woman had been doing this with Yvette, and wanted to do it with Sholandra and Karen. Even the thought of her doing it with Barbara, though more understandable, was nauseating. Laura smiled tightly.

But Rhonda could see she was hurt. "Look . . . we can be friends now, can't we? I mean, we spent the night screwing. I never had so much sex. My pussy is sore. You fucked me. Laura, you fucked me and fucked me. Now give me a break, please?"

"I didn't fuck you just to get even," Laura said softly.

There were tears in Rhonda's eyes. Laura felt like a jerk. But she still hated Rhonda for manipulating Yvette, and Yvette for being willing to trade her beautiful black pussy for any favor or promotion Rhonda could offer her. On the other hand, she couldn't really hate Rhonda after this.

"We'll . . . have to work out the Yvette business," she half- whispered. "I care about her."

"I care about her too," Rhonda said.

Now a tear slid down one cheek. Laura believed her. She reached out her hand and brushed the tear away.

"I know," she whispered.

"Laura . . ."

"Don't say anything. Please don't cry."

Laura was getting horny again. Rhonda's vulnerability made her wildly sexy. In seconds they were embracing and devouring each other again, whimpering and churning, unbelievably overcome with fresh lust. This one was like the first one, totally uncontrollable, a quick, urgent firestorm of fucking that resulted in both of them coming in only about two minutes, even after all they had been through already.

"I don't believe it . . . I still don't believe it," Rhonda breathed as they finally separated their throbbing bodies. "How can anyone come this much?"

"You did. You weren't dreaming."

"I feel like I could go a year without sex."

"I'll bet you won't," Laura winked. Just leave Yvette alone. And Sholandra.

"I won't if you . . . don't forget to phone," Rhonda said, suddenly shy and flirtatious.

"Works two ways," Laura smiled. "I think we both found something good tonight."

"Good is hardly the word. I'm sorry I called you a dyke."

"I'm sorry I called you . . . whatever it was."

They kissed at Rhonda's front door. Laura left actually feeling good about what had happened. Her body was satiated, and she felt Rhonda and she would be able to work things out.


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