Laura - Chapter 241



Entering the foyer of Laura's apartment building, they ran into the Gibsons, Laura's new neighbors, who were just coming in at the same time.

"Hi there," Laura smiled with chipper enthusiasm. "And how are you this evening?"

She partially hated herself for sounding so phony, but even though they had been living there only briefly, and she had been very careful, she couldn't be sure they had not overheard something embarrassing going on in her apartment. The Gibsons were getting their mail, which Laura forbore, not wanting to be forced to stand there in the lobby making small talk with them. They smiled at her, keeping a neighborly distance, this nice, expensively dressed young woman with her black friend who seemed to need a clothing advisor.

The Gibsons were always very well-dressed themselves. Dawn, on the other hand, looked like she was majoring in Sloppy Dressing 101 in college, instead of economics. At least they know I like black people, Laura thought as she hurried Dawn toward the elevator. The Gibsons too were black and had already seen Laura with Ada one Saturday morning. They're going to think all my girlfriends are black, Laura thought, suddenly giggling as she realized it was true.

"My neighbors upstairs," she whispered to Dawn in the elevator, suddenly feeling her heart sink as she realized what their arriving home meant. "They live right over me. They can hear everything, I think. At least that's what the person who lived there before told me."

Dawn could see Laura's depression. She smiled a consoling smile. "Don't worry . . . I'm pretty quiet."

Laura looked at her, into her eyes. What a marvelous thing to say. Honey, I'm going to make you scream so loud, she thought. I'm going to make you think you're dying, when you come. Old Robert has never come close to what I'm going to do to you.

Laura felt like she was almost going to blush again as they got off the elevator. God, I sound like a rapist or something, she thought. I've got to get better control of myself.

Inside the apartment, still glum, Laura took the food to the kitchen, the showed Dawn the view at dusk from her window. They sat on the white sofa.

"You must have a great job to be able to afford this," Dawn said.

Laura put her hand on Dawn's, which was warm and supple and graceful, with long, tapering fingers, very smooth and black in the way that made a tiny pulse beat inside Laura's pussy just to touch it. If we hadn't run into the Gibsons in the lobby, I'd be all over you right now, my darling, she said to Dawn with her eyes. You beautiful creature, so fresh and healthy-looking and open-natured. I'm in love with you already.

"It's an okay job," she said. "Some people have a boat or a kid to use up their money. I use it up this way."

Dawn leaned her head back against the sofa, gazing soulfully into Laura's eyes. "You seem a lot sadder and unhappier now than you did over at my place," she murmured, while Laura's eyes fastened on her exquisitely sensual mouth.

Why doesn't everyone want to kiss you? she wondered. Just passing you on the street. Grab you and kiss you?

"That's because I want you so bad but I'm so afraid of the Gibsons upstairs. That they'll hear something."

Dawn smiled broadly, her beautiful even white teeth gleaming, her eyes dancing with deep sexual fires that made Laura yearn for her even more.

"You really do, don't you. I'm kind of looking forward to it myself. What if I promise not to moan?"

Laura giggled softly. She touched Dawn's incredibly smooth black cheek with her fingertip. "Oh yeah? What if I make it impossible for you to keep your promise?" she asked in a very faint voice, preoccupied with the girl's amazing lips.

There was a long, very meaningful pause while they simply fell into each other's eyes. "Try me," Dawn whispered.

"I've got an idea," Laura said, half-hypnotized, feeling her pussy ooze sweet, warm nectars. "Let's eat first. Then they might, you know, go back out. I think they go out to dinner a lot."

Dawn's face fell. "What if they don't?"

If you stood by the window, you could see down easily to the street below, not the front door itself, but the sidewalk beyond it. Dawn stood up mournfully and went over to look down at the street. Laura let her eyes linger on the girl, whose wonderful body, which Laura had touched part of already, was entirely concealed under her baggy pants and rumpled, oversized sweatshirt. Dawn looked out to the distance.

"I think I can see Berkeley over there," she said, her voice tinged with wonder.

"Probably can," Laura said.

"I think I see something even better," Dawn said. "Come here."

Laura stood up and went over to Dawn at the window. She put her hand on Dawn's shoulder, unable to keep from touching her. They looked down at saw the Gibsons getting into their brown Mercedes. The car's headlights came on, and they drove off.

Dawn turned her face to Laura. "Good news, eh?"

Laura took her hand again, drawing her back to the sofa, only a few steps. They sat down as before, but this time Laura took Dawn's face in her hands. Even though they were both quivering inside expectantly, they kissed with painstaking slowness and warm, romantic emotion, both agreeing implicitly that there was now no rush, that they could enjoy the build-up and the soft tenderness of this moment thoroughly.

After the very lengthy, exploratory, and thrillingly sensitive kiss, Laura looked dreamily into Dawn's deep, dark eyes.

"Want to take up where we left off?" she murmured.

"I think that would be just fine," Dawn said softly.

"Hold still a second. I want to brush my lips against your fantastic smooth cheek."

The enchanting, amused smile tugged at the corners of Dawn's sensual mouth. "Go ahead."

Still holding Dawn's face in her hands, Laura turned the girl's head ever so slightly to the side. With her lips slightly parted, she ran them slowly across the girl's incredibly smooth black cheek, not even kissing it, just feeling the amazing skin slide under her mouth. This was what she had lived for, and Laura could feel her body fill with heat, with trembling sexual excitement, feel her pussy flood with warm nectars as she ran her lips up and down Dawn's cheek, over her flawless forehead, down to her ear, nibbling the earlobe, making Dawn shiver.

"Ooohhhhh! Laura . . . I never felt this way when I still had my clothes on," Dawn giggled softly.

"Mmmm, maybe we'd better take them off," Laura breathed into her ear.

Dawn turned her face so that her lips brushed Laura's cheek too. She kissed it, then nipped Laura's earlobe, the same way Laura had nipped hers.

"You too, this time, okay?" she flirted.

Laura nodded. She began to unbutton her blouse while Dawn again pulled her sweatshirt up over her head and tossed it over the back of the sofa. Instead of removing her bra too, she waited until Laura was finished pulling off her blouse. Her eyes lit up as they fell on Laura's bra, a wildly sexy pale green one with low-scooped cups. Laura had not worn it with any sexual assignation in mind but only because it made her feel good to have sexy underwear on underneath her business clothes. At the time she had left for work that morning, it had seemed that things with Ada were still developing wonderfully. Who could tell what might happen?

Dawn reached out and slid one long, sinuous black finger into the valley between Laura's breasts. Her eyes were smoking.

"I want to kiss you right there too," she whispered. "I can't believe this bra. I've never seen one so sexy."

She leaned closer, now running her fingertip along the bulging tops of Laura's small breasts, which the bra cups pushed up a little and made even rounder than they were.

"I can get you one," Laura breathed, watching the finger.

"I love your skin," Dawn said, again dipping her finger between Laura's breasts. "So smooth . . . and creamy."

Now she leaned even farther forward and pressed her full, sensual lips into the valley where her finger had been. Laura thought she was going to come on the spot. The sexual tension was almost too sweet to bear. The brush of soft, wiry filaments that sprayed up from the white cloth Dawn had tied around her hair caressed Laura's face, and she found it wildly erotic.

Dawn was kissing the tops of her breasts.

"No fair," Laura said, holding her face again, pulling her up. "I love your skin too." Again she kissed Dawn's cheeks, then her mouth, savagely. "I want to kiss your whole body, all over," she breathed.

Dawn smiled slyly. "Guess we have the same idea."

"Shall we go into the bedroom?"

Dawn smirked sexily. "Why don't we just go ahead right here . . . in the moonlight? It's kind of . . . you know, extra sexy? I love the way your skin looks on mine in the moonlight. Look."

Again, she traced half-circles on the tops of Laura's breasts with her long black finger.

"Oh Dawn."

Laura couldn't restrain herself. She embraced Dawn and kissed her ravenously, and after the initial shock Dawn quickly returned the heat. Laura ran her hands all over the girl's nearly naked upper body, finally finding Dawn's bra clasp with her fingers and undoing it. Dawn's bra went limp and slid down her arms.

Her eyes twinkled as she unfastened Laura's bra between the cups and peeled it back. Laura could not take her eyes off Dawn's breasts, so black and plump and firm, with large, gleaming nipples, thicker, puffier nipples than she had first thought. She saw Dawn's eyes on her own. Slowly, she moved her body forward so that their nipples brushed, then pushed harder together. She heard a sharp intake of breath whistle past Dawn's even white teeth.

Now they kissed again, with their naked warm breasts mashing together.

"I think I'm starting to melt inside," Dawn panted into Laura's teeth.

Laura barely heard her, being half-delirious with desire, stroking Dawn's long, naked back with her fingers, rubbing her breasts into Dawn's, feeling the thick, hard nubs of Dawn's nipples rasp against hers. She lowered her mouth to the girl's smooth black neck, kissing it hungrily, bringing her hands around Dawn's body to her breasts, filling her palms with them, squeezing the firm globes urgently.

"I want to suck them," she whispered against Dawn's phenomenally smooth cheek.

"I was hoping you would," Dawn breathed. "Go ahead."

Laura did not want to deprive herself of any inch of Dawn's lovely body. She kissed her way slowly down to one large breast, exploring the smooth skin of Dawn's upper chest and her perfectly straight clavicles, roaming with her lips over one gleaming round shoulder, cupping the plump globe of Dawn's breast in her palm and running her wet tongue all over the wide areola. It turned out that Dawn had semi-puffy nipples after all, not the huge bulbous beauties that drove Laura so crazy with lust, but more the consistency of Karen's, or Camille's, thick buds that rose ever so slightly off the surface of her breasts. And Dawn's were indeed as black as obsidian, and almost as shiny.

Now this one was shinier than before, coated in Laura's warm saliva as she stroked it passionately with her tongue. Dawn gasped very softly as Laura finally opened her lips and drew the entire wet nipple, large areola and all, deep inside her mouth.

"Unnhhhh!" Dawn panted, looking down at her nipple inside Laura's mouth.

Laura, though crazy for Dawn's body, was in no hurry. She sucked Dawn's nipple tenderly, dropping her other breast and holding this one in both hands, swirling her tongue around the large, sensitive bud, hearing Dawn begin to moan deep in her throat, soft, delirious moans of extreme pleasure.

"Mmmm, you like that . . ." Laura murmured, letting Dawn's nipple out of her mouth for a brief moment, pinching and twirling it in her fingers as she looked up at Dawn, then sucking it back in deep.

"Unnhhhh!" Dawn gasped, biting her full lower lip, throwing her head back. "Unhhhh! Oh!"

"Dawn . . . I love your black nipples," Laura panted to her, slurping and sucking the first one more vigorously, hungrily, then switching to the other one.

"Oh yes . . . oh yes!" Dawn moaned, her fingers feathering Laura's hair spastically as Laura sucked harder. "Yes . . . do it hard! Yes, I like it like that . . . ohhhh Laura! Oh Laura, yes! Unhhhh!"

Now Laura was holding both breasts in her hands and moving with her mouth from one wet nipple to the other, devouring them more wildly, squeezing the full round globes. Dawn writhed and squirmed, out of control now, whimpering and keening deep in her chest, her hips even churning helplessly as Laura heatedly devoured her wet, erect black nipples.

Suddenly, Laura stopped. Dawn's eyes opened, her face contorted with sexual urgency, questioning Laura.

"Why'd you stop?"

Laura smiled. She slid up to kiss Dawn's mouth, stabbing her tongue deep into it and pinching Dawn's already excited, damp nipples.

"Is your pussy wet for me?" she purred into Dawn's shiny black ear.

"God, yes."

"Are you going to let me taste it?"

Dawn smirked, suddenly regaining at least half of her senses. She shook her head, flirting again, determined to make Laura wait. "Not until I get to suck yours too."

"You want to?"

Dawn nodded, making a provocative 'O' with her sensual lips.

Grinning, Laura scooted up, dangling her precious small beauties in Dawn's face, then grimacing with pleasure as Dawn's mouth quickly caught one of her nipples. Dawn sucked it sharply into her mouth.

"Ahhhnnnn!" Laura moaned.

Dawn's mouth was rough and hungry. Laura could feel her teeth and didn't know whether she was a rough lover by nature, or if she was just fiercely aroused by the way Laura had been sucking her breasts. But the way she nearly swallowed Laura's nipple made the hot blood leap in Laura's body.

"Oh yes! Ungghhhh!" she groaned, looking down at Dawn, who had a large chunk of Laura's breast inside her mouth.

Dawn was on the bottom, but she quickly rolled Laura onto her side, so that now they were stretched out side by side on the white sofa, groaning and panting softly, struggling out of the rest of their clothes, well aware that an explosion of major proportions was about to occur. Laura slid Dawn's baggy pants down her legs, caressing them feverishly with her hands, sliding her fingers under Dawn's panties.

"Don't rip your skirt," Dawn panted, half-grinning. "It looks expensive."

"It is."

"I'm still gonna let you fuck me . . . if you take it off slow," Dawn teased her.

"I don't care if it rips," Laura panted.

She meant it, too, and tore the skirt off, flinging it aside, nearly gasping at the beauty of Dawn's dark hands pulling her panties down her pale thighs. Ostentatiously, Dawn twirled them on one long finger, then flung them across the room, her hot, swirling eyes riveting Laura's. Now they were both naked, and when they embraced, pushing their damp, throbbing nipples together, they both felt molten lava beginning to flow through their veins.

"Oh god, I love you, you are so gorgeous, so beautiful," Laura panted, again kissing Dawn everywhere, devouring her black, silky, naked body.

She felt Dawn's hand sliding over her flooding pussy, Dawn's fingers entering her.

"Oooohhh, Laura, your pussy is wet for me too," Dawn chuckled softly, her soft giggles interrupted by a sharp gasp as Laura again tried to swallow one of her large, swollen nipples. "Anngghhh! Oh!"

"I want you . . . I've got to have you now . . . I can't wait!" Laura panted, mouth-mauling Dawn's luscious breasts, then sliding lower, kissing her hard, rippling stomach, her flat sleek belly.

"Yes Laura . . . yes Laura!" Dawn panted in reply, unable to contain her own lust either, her thighs yawning to receive Laura's descending body.

As she kept kissing and stroking her way down Dawn's wonderful naked body, Laura realized that she was not encountering the expected. She discovered that Dawn had no pubic hair. Laura lovingly kissed the smooth black skin where it would have been, unable to control her hunger for Dawn's pussy long enough to ask why she had shaved it off.

Moving her face only a few inches lower, she came to the delicious wet gash, the shiny black puckering cunt lips, the fat surrounding outer lips, and the glistening hot pink runny pit of Dawn's beautiful, aromatic pussy. It was everything she had dreamed. Lovingly, she ran the tip of her tongue down the crease between the thick outer lips and the slick, wet inner petals of Dawn's blossoming cunt, feeling Dawn's body twitch and quiver in response.

"Ohhhhh!" the girl moaned, twisting and flexing her legs uncontrollably.

"Oh Dawn, it's such a beautiful pussy!" Laura murmured, gently pulling the warm, soupy wet trench open with her thumbs and licking the copious cunt juices, swallowing greedily, then stabbing her tongue in deep for more.

She wanted to inhale the girl, and would have done it if it were possible. Dawn's fingers found Laura's face and caressed it as Laura, controlling her mad rapist frenzy, began to make love to this passion flower with painstaking tenderness, kissing Dawn's swollen vulva, insinuating her tongue up under the little tent that hid her emerging clitoris, slithering it into the squinchy, buttery channel. At first Dawn gave in to the sweet, feathery sensations Laura's mouth inspired in her throbbing cunt, but soon she was panting feverishly and twisting in a hot seizure of need, looking down at Laura, then flopping her head back into the sofa, arching her back, churning her hips.

"Oh! Oh! Oh Laura! God . . . it feels so good! Unhhhh! Oh god . . . I think you're making me come!"

"Mmmmm, not yet . . . not yet," Laura smiled, her chin and lips smeared with fragrant pussy juices, her head reeling and her body pulsing with deep sexual love for this girl.

She had no idea yet whether Dawn came easily and quickly, which she suspected, or whether she was one of those who took a little more coaxing. With Laura it mattered only because she could adjust her skills to make the girl come at any time, and she did not want Dawn to come too soon. I want to enjoy this delicious wet black pussy to my heart's content first, she thought selfishly, stroking Dawn's little purplish berry of a clit with her tongue, watching it swell and protrude further, hearing Dawn's increasingly desperate moans.

"Ohhhhhnnnnn Laura! Ohhhh please! Ungghhh! Oh god! Ungghhh! Yes!"

Dawn propped herself up briefly on her elbows, peering down at Laura's busy mouth in her crotch, but the sensations were so acutely intense that she fell onto her back again almost immediately, her large, beautiful breasts jiggling and rolling, her pelvis gyrating as Laura brought her closer and closer to a sharp climax but then pulled back just enough to cause a brief dip in the tension, sweetly tormenting Dawn until the girl was sunk in a vulnerable delirium of wild sexual need.

Slowly licking her inflamed pussy, Laura also ran her hands lovingly over the girl's sleek, very black thighs, enjoying the contrast of her pale fingers against the rich, satiny texture of Dawn's jet-black skin, then bringing both hands together at Dawn's festering quim and pushing her fingers against the edges so that the swollen cunt lips bulged and gaped open even more for her stabbing tongue.

Now she knew it was dangerously cruel to prolong Dawn's release any further, and she turned up the heat a few notches. You're going to come now, sweetie, really hard, get ready. Oh, I love your pussy, Dawn, you beautiful beautiful girl, I love you, and I love your sweet pussy! I'm going to make you come now. Now!

At this point she hardly had to do anything else. Dawn was almost coming already by the time Laura lip-pinched her taut little clit and lashed it savagely with her tongue. There was a split-second pause in the thrashing and churning of Dawn's lovely body, and then an orgasm hit her like a truck and she was wrenched by a sharp, horrific spasm.

"Ungghh! Annngghiiieeeee!" she cried out, her body buckling, then arching, quivering, her pelvis shuddering in the air about six inches above the sofa. "Ohnnggg! AUUNNNGGHHHHHH! Oh god! Ungghhhh . . . oh Laur—" she groaned, screaming so hard that Laura, though she knew the Gibsons were gone, was briefly worried about her other neighbors.

Two or three more equally shattering spasms hit Dawn's quivering body, and she trembled and moaned through an orgasm of awesome strength, though now her cries subsided into long, plaintive moans of deep pleasure as the successive waves of her climax poured through her body. These seemed to last for a long time. Laura had wanted to make her come hard, but she had no idea it would actually be this hard.

She slid up next to Dawn and caressed her naked body tenderly as the shock waves slowly began to wane. It took several minutes, and seeing Dawn stretched out in the moonlight, naked on her white sofa, long and deeply black and luminously beautiful to Laura, quivering and mewling through the last, interminable wavelets of a truly stupendous orgasm, was a sight so beautiful that Laura realized she would not be unhappy for the world to end at that moment.

She was thinking this when she realized Dawn was staring at her. "You know," Dawn said in her raspy voice, having overstrained it while coming so hard, "I knew it was going to be a little different . . . but I really never came like that before. I mean, you didn't do anything but lick me. And I came harder than I ever do when I'm . . . you know, the other."

Laura smiled at her. "You were so beautiful when you came."

Dawn was a very sensual woman, and she immediately embraced Laura and nuzzled her neck. "I'll bet you're beautiful when you come, too," she whispered. "And I'm going to find out."

Laura kissed her very emotionally. "It won't take much. I'm ready to spill over."

"Do you think it'll take me long to get into this pussy-licking stuff?" Dawn asked. "I ain't never done it before."

"I think you'll do just fine," Laura smiled, shaking a little from the built-up sexual tension in her body which had not yet been relieved, and which was very much exacerbated by looking into Dawn's smoking black eyes. "If you don't want to lick, you can just rub."

Dawn squinted playfully, but with a real depth of emotion too. "I think I want to try the licking." She got serious. "I think you're really beautiful too, Laura. And I'm really happy you invited me here."

They kissed, slowly, a steaming, sweetly unbearable kiss to Laura. "If you don't fuck me, I'm going to die," she murmured against Dawn's cheek.

"Then I'm sure gonna do it," Dawn giggled softly. "Let me at it."

She slid down Laura's body, and Laura parted her thighs to make it easier.

As often happened with Laura when she was in love, it hardly mattered what Dawn decided to do once she got there. Just touch me, she thought. Just kiss my pussy once! Oh god, I'll just be blown apart!

"Yes, there . . . oh yes, oh yes . . . right there!" she gasped to Dawn, feeling Dawn's tongue probing tentatively in the oozing slit of her pussy. "Hhhhh!"

A sharp, delightful current of piercing pleasure shot through her whole body. Now Dawn's mouth became more aggressive, and her fingers too. All she needed was a little encouragement, and she began tonguing and slurping and sucking and fingerfucking Laura's aching pussy in a fevered frenzy of passion, until Laura was quickly overwhelmed by a gigantic orgasm that nearly throttled her. She could feel her toes curling and her insides clenching in sharp, palpitating spasms as white-hot, electrifying daggers shot through her flesh.

"Ungghh! Oh . . . god! Auungghhhhh!" she cried out, feeling her body wrenched by devastating inner explosions.

"Mmmmm, Laura, you coming hard," Dawn panted, looking up at Laura's convulsing body.

"Ohhnngggg! Oh Jesus . . . auungghhhhh! Oh!" Laura groaned, succumbing to another wrenching spasm, her body almost elevating off the bed as this exquisite seizure wracked her.

It had arrived very suddenly, almost without warning, but it took longer to leave. For another full minute Laura lay quivering and moaning softly, her body filled with warm, pulsating tremors, her pussy throbbing—even deep inside her belly there were feathery rumblings of molten hot bliss—from a series of wonderful aftershocks. She finally looked up, half-dazed, to find Dawn's face close to hers, Dawn's sensual lips moving across her cheek.

"I hope I did it good," Dawn whispered, "because you sure were beautiful. I never made anybody come before. I mean, a guy, he just comes anyway, right? Sometimes even before he wants to. But you don't have to help him much. Come to think of it, I didn't have to help you that much either. You always come that fast?"

"All you had to do was touch me," Laura giggled softly, half-embarrassed, she didn't know why.

"You went off, girl," Dawn shook her head in awe. "Went off."

Laura extended her arms, locking them behind Dawn's neck, pressing her breasts into Dawn's and kissing her deeply.

"I love you, Dawn," she confessed.

Dawn smiled, looking a little ashamed. "I'm . . . feeling sort of that way myself, you know? But it's a little embarrassing, what with Robert and all. He thinks I love him."

"Let's just not worry about it for now. Let's just love each other and forget about Robert and everything else. For a little while, at least."

They lay together, looking out the window, then looking at their entwined naked bodies in the moonlight. Dawn caressed Laura's creamy shoulder with her long, black finger.

"I did it with a white guy once," she said softly, her eyes suddenly solemn and distant. "I never told anybody about it. Something is making me want to tell you about it. You want to hear?"

There was something in Dawn's tone of voice that told Laura this was not an ordinary story. Dawn wasn't going to just run quickly over the deficiencies of a past boyfriend. Her face was very serious, almost hypnotic in its seriousness.

"About three years ago, when I was sixteen, I was walking home from school. Down by Third and Mariposa, you know where that is?"

Laura nodded, knowing it vaguely.

Hollow-eyed, as if in a trance, not looking at Laura, Dawn went on in a very soft, barely audible voice.

"I wasn't supposed to go through there. It was a warehouse area . . . but it was quicker. There were these two guys, working on trucks, or tractors, or something. A black guy and a white guy. They came out of this garage and were watching me. They were all dirty and greasy but kind of muscular and good-looking too, you know? Wearing tee shirts, and you could see their muscles and stuff. They smiled at me, and I felt kind of good all over."

"You weren't scared?" Laura asked, a little alarmed by the story.

"I think I was, a little. But I was also kind of excited by it. They look me inside this garage . . . in the back, where there was this office. There was a cot in the corner with a dirty old mattress on it, and one of them pulled it down onto the floor while the other one was groping me and unbuttoning my sweater."

"Which one was doing that?" Laura asked, her voice hushed, shocked, her prurience deeply stirred, in spite of her shame over it.

"The brother. He was kissing me too, while the white guy started taking off his clothes. The brother got mine off too, in a hurry. He was a little rough. He even ripped my panties, taking them off."

"Didn't you scream? Or try to get away?"

Dawn looked lost in her dazed, abstracted trance. She spoke slowly, softly. "I thought about it. No one would've heard me. Wasn't anyone around there for a mile."

She turned her face to Laura and smiled ambiguously. "You know, you might not believe this. I know rape is bad. I mean, it's really an act of violence, not sex, right. At least that's what I learned in school. I sure wouldn't want that to happen to my little sister. Or to you, or Shayla, or Tamara. But I . . . kind of liked it, you know? They got me down on that mattress and raped me for about an hour. Both of them. At the same time."

Laura winced.

"First one guy on the bottom, the other guy on top. Then they'd switch. I think they switched four times. Fortunately, neither one of them had one of those giant cocks. Even Robert's cock is bigger than either of theirs. But he don't shove it up my ass, either. Cause I don't let him. I ain't let anybody do that since those guys, and I didn't even let them. They just did it. But I can't deny it really was a wild time."

She smiled the same ambiguous smile, the corners of her sensual mouth turning up fetchingly, as Laura had seen them do before. It was a delicious, alluring smile, though this time it seemed tinged with a streak of anguish. She turned her wide, dark eyes to Laura.

"I think I came about five or six times while they were doing it, even more than they did. That was the embarrassing thing, afterward. I mean, I wasn't embarrassed while it was happening. Wasn't time for that. But when I was mopping up later with a towel they gave me, then I realized that they thought I'd liked it, and I began to feel bad. That's really stupid, isn't it. I did like it, of course. But I felt guilty for liking it, and I sure didn't want them to know I liked it."

"I understand," Laura said, soothingly.

It was completely dark now, outside and inside, since they had not turned on the lights. Their naked bodies were illuminated only by the city lights through the window, and the faint moonlight. It was a very solemn, quiet moment, but also sexually charged, since Laura could not help seeing, in her mind's eye, images of this beautiful young girl being sexually assaulted on a dirty mattress in a warehouse by two men at once.

After a long pause, Dawn took a deep breath and continued.

"Anyway, I think the white guy liked me. The brother did too, but the white guy came over and touched my cheek and said he was sorry. Said I was too attractive, he just couldn't help himself. Did I hurt anywhere. Would I be okay. He hoped I wouldn't tell anybody. All I kept thinking of was his cock in my ass, how it felt, and all that cum they shot all over me. Slimy. Boy, I don't know, Laura, those guys really made me come hard. You know, they didn't really hurt me, but at one point the white guy yanked my hair—he was on top, behind me—he just grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked it really hard, pulling my head back. And the black guy, who was under me, with his cock up my pussy, had his hands around my throat, not tight, you know, not really strangling me, just sort of threatening to do it. And they shook me, and fucked me pretty hard, and growled at me, and the white guy yanked my hair and pulled my head back hard . . . and shit, I just had about three killer orgasms in a row right then. I never felt anything like that before or since."

By now, Laura was so aroused that she could barely keep her breath even and measured. She could feel her blood racing, and trickling warm juices running in her pussy. She could see from Dawn's eyes that Dawn too was aroused just from reliving the event, telling the story to Laura.

Laura didn't know whether to commiserate, or empathize, or kiss her, or embrace her. Oh god, I want to take you in the bedroom and fuck you as hard as they did and pull your hair and feel you come like that, she realized, unable to stop the feelings, but certainly unwilling to divulge them.

But somehow, Dawn had read her mind. She gave Laura her alluring half-smile and traced a line down Laura's cheek with her finger.

"I'll bet you could make me come like that," she whispered, her whisper so faint that Laura could barely hear it and wondered if she had imagined it.

Laura felt a rush of hot, overwhelming lust suddenly fill her body, starting in her throbbing cunt and gushing upward inside her until it caught in her throat and made it temporarily impossible for her to speak. She had loved a lot of women, but she had never felt desire any stronger than this.

She took Dawn's hand in both of hers and brought Dawn's fingertip to her lips, kissing it and staring into the deep black pools of Dawn's swirling, sex-pulsing eyes. "I'd sure like to give it a try," she whispered back.

Without a further word, she got up from the sofa and tugged Dawn's hand to get her to follow. In the bedroom, she lit two candles, one on either side of the bed, having been reminded during her recent bathtub episode with Karen how amazingly sexy it was to fuck by candlelight. As soon as the warm light filled the room, she could sense the renewed surge of sexual desire coursing through both of their bodies. How can we feel this way after we just fucked so excitedly out there on the sofa? Laura wondered. It's as if we haven't even touched yet.

"I have something you might . . . find interesting," Laura smiled hesitantly, stooping and fishing with one hand under her bed for it.

She came up with her quadruple bowed dildo, a toy she had not used for some time, since it was often an awkward device to introduce. But Dawn's story had reminded her of it immediately. Made of hard rubber and bowed into a flexible U-shape, it had two rubber cocks on each side, large ones near the top where the curvature was, smaller ones on the bottom, which were meant to go into your ass, though of course you could turn it around and use it either way.

Dawn's eyes widened as she ran a finger over one of the rubber cocks. Laura had seen this expression on other faces before.

"Where'd you get this fantastic thing?" Dawn asked, breaking into a grin.

"I guess you can figure out what it's for," Laura said.

Dawn's eyelids drooped sexily. She flirted lasciviously with Laura. "I'm ready when you are," she said softly.

Laura pulled down the bedspread all the way to the bottom of the bed, leaving a fresh white expanse of sheet for them. Enchanted and mysteriously aroused by Dawn's rich, smooth, deeply black skin, she pulled her down on the sheet, embracing her and kissing her emotionally.

"Turn over on your stomach," she coached, nuzzling her ear, her neck. "I am going to take you to heaven."

Dawn obeyed with a smile. "Or hell," she chuckled softly. "Either way, I want it."

Laura set the dildo toy down on the mattress next to them, unwilling to proceed quickly, very unwilling to surrender her opportunity to explore and worship this girl's incredible body. Dawn had a gorgeous back, and of course the phenomenal ass that Laura had already groped through her pants back at Dawn's apartment, a high, hard, sculptured masterpiece of round coal-black buns, smooth and jutting, so beautiful that it made the breath catch in Laura's throat.

For the next five minutes or so she squandered all her sexual skills lavishly on Dawn's beautiful naked body, beginning with a back massage, luxuriating in the feel of Dawn's smooth, resilient flesh under her fingers, kissing the hollows under her shoulderblades, licking her way down the wonderful groove that ran from the top to the curve of her sacrum, deepening as it sank toward her slender waist. Especially when Dawn wriggled and twisted her back in response to Laura's clever, passionate caresses, Laura found herself almost paralyzed with desire. She had experienced a similar feeling when rubbing and kissing Deshona's back, and this one was its equal in every way, and erotically even more magnetic to Laura because of the deep blue-black hue of Dawn's smooth skin.

"I love your beautiful back," she murmured, returning to the top of it, kissing the smooth back of Dawn's shoulders, then beginning gently to bite the firm strips of flesh that ran between her neck and her shoulders, massaging and biting them at the same time, until Dawn was moaning and panting.

"Ohhhhh! God . . . it feels so good!"

"Do you want me to fuck you?" Laura teased, frenching her ear, massaging her back more forcefully, letting one hand run down it to Dawn's shapely ass. "Do you want me to fuck you in the ass? And the pussy? Both at the same time?"

"Ohhhhnnnn . . . oh god, yes! Yesssss!" Dawn twisted, grimacing as the sensations Laura was arousing grew more and more intense. "Laura . . . rub your titties up and down my back. Ohhhhh, I love the feel of it! Do it more . . . yes! Yessss! Mash them into my back and bite me like that . . . oh yes, like that! Ungghhh!"

"You better be careful or you're going to come before I even get to the main business," Laura laughed softly, tickling Dawn's earlobe with the tip of her tongue.

"God . . . I am, you're right," Dawn smiled, looking up at Laura, her eyes glassy with fierce sexual pleasure. "You better get busy."

"Mmmm, not so fast. This beautiful body of yours is mine. I'm going to enjoy every inch of it."

Laura meant it, and she slowly made her way back down Dawn's long, sinuous, smooth, very black back, pushing her naked breasts into Dawn's firm, warm flesh every inch of the way, until she arrived at the girl's absolutely stunning bottom. Here she proceeded slowly to kiss each firm, round ass cheek, kneading the hard, bulging flesh with her fingers, running her lips all over each black moon, down to the backs of Dawn's sleek thighs, back up to the undersides of these marvelous spheres.

The swollen, puckered crease of Dawn's black-edged pussy was easily visible below the beautiful buns, all oozing wet and glistening, beckoning Laura's tongue, but her little asshole was still concealed in the dark valley between her large round ass moons, which Laura pulled slightly open with her thumbs to expose it. She pressed one fingertip against it, feeling Dawn's body suddenly clench slightly, an instinctive reaction.

"Ooohhh, we're a little sensitive there, right?" she teased again.

"Ungghhh! Yes!"

Wasting no time, Laura bent her face down and, pulling Dawn's tight little asshole open with her thumbs, slipped her tongue inside it, pushing it in about an inch deep.

"Aaiiieeeee!" Dawn cried out, her body suddenly flipping and jerking wildly up off the bed, so violently that Laura's tongue was expelled, and Laura herself pushed away by Dawn's wild movements. "Oh god . . . I'm sorry, Laura! Did I hurt you?" she asked, looking over her shoulder.

Laura smiled, sliding one hand over Dawn's incredible ass, caressing it, then letting it slide down further so that two of her fingers slid into Dawn's very juicy warm pussy, watching Dawn's eyes roll up.

"You'll have to do more than that to keep me from raping you," she said darkly. "Don't you like my tongue in your ass?"

"I . . . just never felt anything like that before," Dawn said, looking alarmed and embarrassed at the same time.

Laura's fingers found Dawn's clit and rubbed it, and Dawn's eyes promptly rolled up behind her lids again. I can't do it that way . . . she'll come, Laura realized. Some other time. She's very aroused already.

"Maybe you're ready."

"I'm ready," Dawn panted, now looking completely weakened and helpless with sexual need.

"Here, stuff this under your tummy to raise you up a bit," Laura smiled, pulling a pillow down from the head of the bed.

Together they doubled up the pillow into a small mound, and Dawn lay down with her belly on it, which made the delicious, black, incredibly round moons of her ass rise up magnificently above her waist.

Laura reached for the bedstand drawer, retrieving the small bottle of baby oil she kept there for these purposes. She realized that she was very sexually overwrought herself, seeing her hands shake as she slathered oil onto the smaller dildo that would go into Dawn's ass. Only at this point did she realize that the toy was meant for face-to-face fucking, and that using it this way meant that she would have to turn it over, that one of them would inevitably get the larger dildo up her ass.

They really weren't that big. Laura had had bigger cocks than this big dildo up her ass—bigger dildos, too, she thought, remembering the huge double monster under her bed that she had inflicted on several of her darlings, including herself—but she remembered that Dawn had said that neither guy in the warehouse had been over-endowed. Maybe I can handle it better than she can, at least the first time, Laura thought, quickly oiling up the larger one that was pointed in her direction.

"Ohhhhhnnnnn! Dawn moaned, looking back over her shoulder, her eyes streaked by frantic, urgent lust. "Laura . . . you're taking too long! Hurry."

"Yes, honey . . . yes," Laura panted. "It's coming . . . right now."

Since by far the easiest way, she had learned, was to embed the two on her side in her body at first, before attempting to fuck her lover with the others, she gritted her teeth and slid the greased dildo between her own ass cheeks, pulling one cheek away from the other with her free hand.

"Ugh!" she grunted softly as she felt the bulbous head of it slip past the tight ring of her anus. "Ahnnnn!" she gasped as she inched the thick shaft slowly into her ass.

The smaller dildo slid easily into her pussy, and after a few seconds, she was completely impaled on both thick prongs. Knowing how soupy and gooey the bright red-coral slit of Dawn's pussy was already, she knew the larger dildo on that side would slide into her easily. Laura guided the oiled, shiny, smaller dildo between Dawn's round, very firm buns, again pulling one to the side with her free hand to make the tight, wrinkled little aperture more available.

For a brief second, she swirled the knobby end of the dildo around just over Dawn's asshole, just to smear some of the lubricant there and make the entry easier. Then she pushed slowly forward, looking down to see the greased end of the dildo push into Dawn's ass.

"Ohhngggg!" Dawn groaned, suddenly wincing and burrowing her face into the sheet.

"Careful, honey . . . I'm going slowly," Laura purred to her, relentlessly pushing, watching the larger dildo also slide into the girl's beautiful, glistening, hot quim under the smaller one.

She pushed very slowly but did not stop, sinking both thick prongs into Dawn's body with infinitesimal patience, letting the tight flesh expand to receive them, watching the expression on the half of Dawn's face she could see turn from agony into a shocking mixture of fierce pleasure mingled with intense discomfort.


"Oh baby!" Laura murmured, stroking her round ass cheeks.

"Unhhh! Ohnngg! Laura!"

With just a tiny last nudge from Laura, both rubber cocks were completely sunk in Dawn's ass and pussy, and the other two in Laura's. Her pelvic bones were almost brushing the out-jutting moons of Dawn's ass, making it perfectly clear that they were joined and locked together by the fiendish toy. Laura could not prevent herself from leaning forward and kissing Dawn's naked back, stroking it with one hand, not moving her hips, letting both Dawn and herself get used to the feeling of being impaled on these stalks.

"Ohhhh . . . I love you," she murmured to Dawn, kissing her back sensually, loving the feel of the warm velvet skin under her lips. "I love your beautiful body."

Dawn moaned softly, half-wincing, half-smiling, eyes closed, sunk in all the intense sensations of this fiercely exciting double penetration. With one hand Laura held the dildo apparatus, unwilling to let it pop out of either of them, but eager to keep caressing and kissing Dawn's lovely naked back. Lying forward, arching over Dawn's upraised ass, Laura massaged her shoulders and kissed the small, delectable indentations below the wings of her shoulder blades, moving her hips now slowly, letting the four dildos slide in and out of their bodies, but never moving her groin away from Dawn's ass far enough to let them slip out.

"Ohhhnnnn!" Dawn moaned, turning her head back and forth in the wrinkled, wadded sheet, the smooth, sleek muscles of her back tensing under Laura's moving lips.

For a long time Laura fucked her slowly, fucking herself slowly at the same time, intentionally not accelerating the tempo, lavishing her caresses on Dawn's amazing back, cooing to her, murmuring love words and sweet sexual threats, enraptured and wildly aroused by the stark contrast of Dawn's deeply blue-black body against the whiteness of the sheets. The dildo in Laura's ass was about a third bigger than the one in Dawn's, and she could feel every gnarled and rubbery inch of it cramming her asshole, sliding along the smooth walls, filling her, over-filling her, making her gag softly as it rode up into the depths of her body. By comparison, the one in her pussy was barely noticeable, except that it scraped along the surface of her swollen clit as it slid in and out of her, making her quiver and mewl helplessly.

But she knew the one in Dawn's ass was plenty big enough, and she could see from the expression on Dawn's face that it was having the desired effect. When Laura pushed forward, Dawn's brow would furrow, her closed eyes tighten, her wide, sensual mouth grimace slightly, and a faraway clotted whimper would be half-choked off in her throat. But then, even before Laura drew back slowly for another thrust, she would see a look of deep sexual rapture spread over Dawn's face, wiping away the grimace.

Soon, however, she couldn't even pay attention to that sight, beautiful though it was. Her own body was quickly getting out of control, her blood raging, her sexual juices pumping, her ass throbbing and clenching against the huge invader, her pussy streaming with slimy, flowing nectars, the pulse throbbing in her head and neck as she now nipped and frantically sucked the silky flesh of Dawn's sinuous naked back.

"I love you . . . I love you!" she groaned incoherently into the girl's flesh, pumping more vigorously now.

"Ohnngghhh . . . god . . . Laura, ungghh! Oh yes!" Dawn panted, struggling under her, biting her lower lip, again wincing as the two hard cocks penetrated her body.

Again Laura arched herself up over Dawn's high-jutting buttocks, over her back, kissing her ear, breathing hotly into it, lunging deep with the dildos into Dawn's body. The two in her own body stabbed deep into Laura too, and she nearly came unglued, feeling fresh sparks spray through her ass and pussy.

"Awwwonnggg!" Dawn cried out, as the hard cocks speared her squirming, flexing body.

"I love to fuck you!" Laura growled into Dawn's ear, slithering her tongue into it and stabbing the two cocks deep into Dawn once more, feeling them jam in to the hilt in her own body as well. "Unh! Unh! Unh!" she grunted, still thrusting wildly, her small breasts jiggling and swirling as she lunged back and forth.

"Aughh! Ungh! Oh! Unghh!" Dawn gasped as each sharp thrust drove the thick stalks deeper into her. "Oh yeah . . . oh yeah! Ungghh!"

"Do you want me to fuck you harder?" Laura panted, still holding the dildo apparatus with one hand to guide it, to secure it and make sure it didn't slip.

She wasn't sure it was possible to fuck Dawn any harder than she was doing. They were both already past the point of no return, and she certainly didn't want any slip-ups now. Also, the bed was hammering against the wall and jumping on the floor, rocking and squeaking under the force of their surging, pumping bodies, making more noise than it had ever done since the time Laura and Jane had broken it while fucking, also as violently as this.

Dawn was gasping and writhing under Laura and could barely speak, panting and groaning, whimpering as Laura jacked up the intensity by ripping the four cocks into them both with shocking strength.

"Yes . . . ungghmmpphhh! Fuck me, Laura . . . yes . . . yeah oh yeah . . . oh fuck me hard yes ungghhh! Harder yes! Deeper! Aungghhh!"

"Are you going to come?" Laura asked, not wanting it to surprise her, which she knew it could since they were both so wildly aroused.

"Yes! Do it!" Dawn gasped.

Laura reached forward with her free hand and grabbed a fistful of Dawn's soft but wiry hair just beneath the white cloth she had used to tie it back. As she began to pull up on it, she realized she could let the dildo apparatus go with her other hand since their bodies were really locked together in this frantic embrace, almost ready to come unbelievably, and there was little chance the thing would spring loose now. She looped her other arm around Dawn's neck from behind, pulling up to catch Dawn's throat in the crook of her elbow.

Dawn's eyes fluttered open, streaked with terror as she realized what Laura was doing, but there was no time for either of them to stop it. Laura yanked up on her hair viciously, grappling Dawn's neck in her other arm at the same time, wrenching her whole upper body upwards off the bed, and thrusting hard with her hips at the same time to drive the two dildos deep into Dawn's body again.

"Aunnnrrnngghhuumpphhh!" Dawn tried to cry out, a strangled, desperate cry of fear and wild sexual excitement, but as Laura kept yanking and pulling her hair and wrenching her neck up and back, her cries died in her throat.

It only took about two more seconds for her to come. Laura was on the verge of coming herself, but she did everything in her power to push it off, to delay it. She wanted Dawn to squeeze every last orgasm she could out of this, and it looked like she might get her wish as Dawn seemed to dissolve into shuddering spasms of choking, spluttering, cawing, whinnying climaxes each time Laura again yanked back on her hair, and roughly throttled her neck with her arm.

"Mnnnnggeeeeee! Aunnrrrrghghhghhiieeee! Ouuhggnnn! Ungghh! Owwnnnggh! Mnnngghiieeee!" Dawn shrieked, though her shrieks were punctuated by gasps and long spasmodic moans as each orgasm shattered her in the middle of her screams.

She writhed and flexed under Laura, coming in great crushing waves again and again, until Laura could not hold on any longer, and began to come herself.

"Ungghhh! Oh! Aunngghhhh!" she cried out, releasing Dawn's hair and neck, leaning forward, her breasts mashing into Dawn's naked back as a firestorm of killing fuck-spasms began to rip her pussy and her impaled asshole.

By this time, Dawn's streak had run out, and she lay under Laura, completely stunned and stupefied by the experience, still glassy-eyed, her toes still curling, panting and whimpering in amazement. But Laura was still twitching and groaning, still wracked by spasms and aftershocks. She had come twice and knew Dawn had come at least three times. It had been a crushing experience for them both.

Oh god, this precious, wonderful girl! she thought as she slowly struggled to get her hands on the mattress and lift her body off Dawn's. Her limbs felt like they had iron weights attached. The fiendish dildo apparatus still linked their two bodies tightly, and she had to reach down and quickly pull it out of her before she could move any further.

It was still embedded in Dawn, the two wet dildos Laura had just extracted from her own body waving obscenely in the air above Dawn's peerless naked ass, the others sunk deep in the girl's ass and pussy.

"Hold your breath, honey, I'm taking them out," Laura murmured to her, carefully inching the thing out of Dawn's body.

"Unngheeee!" Dawn whimpered softly as they finally slid out.

There was always a towel on the nearby chair, and Laura flung the wet, wonderful thing over onto it. Wow. I don't know when I last had an experience like that, she thought. Good thing we actually saw the Gibsons leaving. I'm even a little worried about the neighbors downstairs. I thought the damn bed was going to come apart again. That was a workout.

Dawn appeared to be thinking the same thing as she dragged herself up off the sheet, blinking, still half-stupefied by the horrific swarm of violent fucking and more violent orgasms she had just endured. She squinted playfully at Laura.

"You worse than they were," she smiled. "God, I ain't never been fucked so hard. Not even by those guys."

She shook her head in disbelief.

"You're just trying to make me feel bad," Laura said, half-meaning it, feeling a little guilty, wondering if she had been too rough.

The beautiful half-smile that enchanted Laura so much tugged at the corners of Dawn's sensual mouth. "I'm trying to make you feel good," she said. "You really did it right." She shook her head again. "Shit, I hate liking that so much. I came three times. Thought you were trying to kill me."

"Not a chance. I love watching you come too much. Come on, admit it, they fucked you harder than I did."

Dawn looked down at the rumpled sheet, trying to act mysterious about it. "They did it longer, of course. Maybe a little rougher. They were guys, after all. Strong. You're pretty strong too, though." She rubbed her throat. "Thought you were gonna choke me."

"I thought you liked that. I wouldn't have done it otherwise."

Now Dawn beamed. She reached out and took one of Laura's hands, pulling her hard down onto the bed beside her. She embraced Laura, pulling her close, so close that their breasts pushed together, and their whole bodies.

Dawn kissed her. "I never been fucked so beautiful in all my life," she said softly into Laura's lips as she kissed her. "Never came so hard, either. Even when those guys were doing me."

"Liar," Laura teased, pinching her incredible ass.

Dawn giggled softly, swatting Laura's hand away. Then she was solemn. "It's true."

"Yeah, right," Laura grinned. "All I want is a few more chances." She stuck her face into Dawn's smooth, black neck, now damp with a film of dew that their heated fucking had caused. Laura breathed deeply. "I want to inhale you. I want to fuck you and inhale you, and I can't get enough."

"You are one hot lady, Laura," Dawn sighed, kissing Laura's neck too. "What time is it?"

Both leaned apart and craned their necks to see the clock on the radio. It was about eight o'clock.

"I don't know about you," Dawn crinkled her nose, "but that workout made me hungry. Why don't we eat that food I brought over, and then we can get back to inhaling each other."

"Are you sure?"

Dawn's black eyes twinkled. "Robert don't get home until after two-thirty. I guess we got the whole night ahead of us . . . unless your neighbors come back and spoil it."

Laura's face fell. "I forgot about them."

"Shit," Dawn giggled, "I think we already got the whole building all horny listening to us already. God, felt like an earthquake to me."

"Let's eat in a hurry," Laura said. "I think I'm going to have to inhale you again, and I don't know whether I can wait."






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