Laura - Chapter 212




Laura planned to spend Saturday night and most of Sunday at Deshona’s house in Burlingame, but on Saturday afternoon, before driving down, she ran into Brenda while shopping at Macy’s. Both were browsing the perfume counters, and sparks almost flew when they discovered one another. Their eyes met and locked, and palpable electricity seemed to flow between them.

After all, Laura thought, feeling her very skin tingle and glow with heat, they had done some pretty explosive fucking together. With very few preliminaries, Brenda said, under her breath, in a smoky, sensuous voice, her eyelids drooping over her flashing eyes with unmistakable sexual overtones, "My husband is in L.A. until tomorrow."

Oh god, Laura panicked. I have a date with Deshona. But she quickly realized it was only one-thirty. "How . . . nice for you," she whispered, looking around, wondering if anyone could tell that a lesbian pick-up was going on here.

Sparks were flying between them, invisibly. The counter girls must even know we’re dying to fuck, Laura thought. She even moved away from Brenda casually, as if taking precautions not to draw attention. Brenda followed her at a distance.

"Would you like to drop by my place for a cup of tea?" she said to Laura. "I live down in the Marina. We could be there in five minutes."

The words ‘five minutes’ were all it took to cause a hot, wet tingling deep inside Laura’s pussy. Oh yes. Oh god yes.

"Are you driving, or should we take a cab?" she asked.

"I’m parked in the underground garage, across the street. Come on."

Laura tried not to pay attention to all the stares they got as they left Macy’s and crossed the street to the garage. They were both stunning, Laura looking like a model, Brenda closely resembling a famous, drop-dead gorgeous porn star. Men nearly walked into buildings and risked whiplash as the two of them went by, and some women stared with envy or ambiguous sexual feelings.

As always, Laura was afraid that her lust and anticipation of exquisite sexual adventures showed on her face, and she looked down at the sidewalk as they entered the parking garage. Brenda drove a red Corvette. Of course she would, Laura thought, as she got into the passenger seat. Now that they were alone together, she could let her eyes feast on Brenda to her heart’s content.

This incredible, beautiful girl wants to have sex with me! she thought. She was never able to get over it. Brenda wore a short skirt, and her spectacular legs were visible as she drove. Laura’s eyes crawled hungrily all over her.

This gorgeous creature, why isn’t she in the movies or something? she wondered. She just walks around like she’s a normal person, but really she’s totally stunning. Perfect figure, beautiful face. But then, I don’t understand why Midori lets herself get fucked in the ass on camera for a living either. She should be a movie star too.

Brenda lived in a townhouse in the Marina with a view of the bay and the bridge, a light, airy place with many windows and a vigorous garden growing along the entry paths. It was beautifully decorated in the modern style with white walls, angular furniture, chrome, Mexican serapes on the walls. A stylish, breezy, and very clean-looking, uncluttered place.

"I love it," Laura said, looking around.

"My sister-in-law is an interior designer," Brenda said. "It wouldn’t look like this if I did it. You want a cup of tea, or something else?"

Laura looked at her slantwise, trying to keep the naked lechery out of her stare. "I was thinking of something else, actually."

Brenda smiled, beamed actually, then turned coquettish, tilting her head to the side, flirting with Laura. "Really? I was hoping you’d say that." She crooked her finger, beckoning. "Follow me."

Laura followed her up the stairs. The only thing that made her uneasy were how bright and full of sunshine the house was, and how many windows it had. Gosh, everyone will know what we’re doing, she thought.

But she followed Brenda into a beautiful bedroom where the windows were veiled in wispy, diaphanous, pale curtains that let in a very subdued and rich light, flattering them both and making Laura’s blood race faster. In the center of the room was a large round bed with silk pillows piled carelessly in the center. Laura had never been on a round bed. It looked like a playground. God, I’ll bet her husband loves to fuck this gorgeous woman on this huge bed, she thought.

Brenda saw the way Laura was looking at the bed. "You could get a good night’s sleep in that, couldn’t you," she said dryly.

"Mmmm," Laura nodded.

"I want to model something for you, something I bought at Macy’s before I ran into you. You mind?"

"Of course not."

With a secretive, alluring smile, Brenda disappeared into a large walk-in closet, carrying a shopping bag with her. A minute later she emerged wearing a transparent pale-green babydoll with filigreed lace at the collar and fringing the bottom. Her magnificent, jutting, full breasts and swelling, bulbous black nipples pushed out against the thin fabric. Her long, perfect legs were completely bare, her thighs gleaming, her calves shapely. She had a frankly sexual smirk on her beautiful face.

"God, he’s going to love that," Laura said in awe.

Brenda gently gnawed her full lower lip. "I didn’t buy it for him." Her eyes smoldered, swimming with sex. "I planned to give you a call."

Laura’s hot blood hammered inside her excited body so loudly that she could barely stand it. The contrast between the petite women she had been sleeping with lately—Deshona and Tiffany—and this full-bodied, voluptuous goddess was acute. She adored them all, and would spend the rest of the weekend indulging herself in a passion for Deshona’s small, perfect body, but she couldn’t get over her joy at being here with Brenda, this stunning woman with her ripe, firm, voluptuous flesh.

Laura was drawn to her like an iron filing to a strong magnet. She came very close, looking down at Brenda’s large breasts, lusting after Brenda’s thick, protruding nipples, which seemed about to burst through the wispy pale-green fabric. Brenda’s dark eyes pulsed.

"It’s not fair for me to be half-naked while you’re still dressed," she said softly to Laura.

Laura nodded, and they both began to remove her clothes slowly.

"Have you been fucking my baby sister much lately?" Brenda asked idly as she unbuttoned Laura’s blouse, almost as if she just wanted to make conversation.

"You mean the one who seduced you?" Laura said, wanting to make a point. "Actually, I haven’t heard from her in a couple of weeks," Laura confessed. "She usually calls me."

"I think she’s in love with you," Brenda said, peeling off Laura’s blouse, kissing her shoulder sensually.


"Don’t forget, she’s sixteen. Pretty impressionable. She may be a little fast . . . but she still hasn’t made it with a boy. She talks about you all the time. I know why she hasn’t called you, I think."


Brenda reached both hands around Laura and unclasped Laura’s bra. She removed the limp garment slowly, kissing the upper slopes of Laura’s naked breasts as they came into view.

"She had a big pimple on her chin, and another one between her little titties, and she didn’t want you to see them."

"Oh god, she did that once before."

"She’s afraid you might---"

"I never would."

Talking about Mavis while Laura’s clothes came off, one by one, had somehow excited them both even more. They had both fucked her, Brenda for years in a hotly incestuous romance, and it was really because of Mavis that they were here.

"I know you wouldn’t," Brenda smiled, a half-sinister, knowing smile. "Nobody who had her would ever want to give her up."

"What about you?"

Brenda slowly, very slowly, unzipped Laura’s skirt, staring deeply into Laura’s eyes, a deeply sexual look of pure desire that made Laura’s blood sizzle. "I think I found someone I want more," she whispered.

As Laura’s skirt dropped to the floor at her ankles, Brenda raised her hands, cupping both of Laura’s naked breasts as her sensual mouth found Laura’s. They kissed hungrily, and Laura slid her own hands up under the babydoll, grasping the firm moons of Brenda’s ass. Brenda’s body reminded her of Rina’s and Trina’s, and the memory of the sweet—and scorching—moments she had spent with each of them only added to her thrill. Also, it was like caressing the astonishing Midori. She had them all rolled up in one right here, in Brenda.

Their tongues probed and danced together, and both were panting when their mouths finally came apart. Now Laura was wearing only her shoes and her panties, and Brenda only the diaphanous babydoll.

"Help me take the spread off," Brenda breathed, her full breasts bobbing under the wispy curtain of her garment as she and Laura carefully removed the bedspread from the huge round bed.

Laura kicked off her shoes. She skimmed her panties down her legs, feeling Brenda’s hungry eyes on her body, loving the feeling of being so desirable to such a beautiful woman. When she was completely naked, she watched as Brenda lifted the babydoll over her head, shaking her hair loose, tossing it onto a chair, her round, naked breasts jiggling. She suddenly realized that Brenda was feeling the same way she was feeling, thrilled to have Laura desire her so much.

They lay down in the center of the huge round bed, embracing slowly, luxuriating in the feel of their naked bodies sliding together. It had been a few months since they did this, and they could feel their flesh re-awaken to the delicious stimuli of their contrasting bodies, Laura’s the long, lean, supple body of a model, Brenda’s the voluptuous, full, dramatically curvaceous body of a sex goddess.

"You wouldn’t believe how glad I am I ran into you," Laura murmured, kissing her feverishly.

Brenda smiled. "I don’t want you to think I have an agenda," she replied, "but I think we had a little unfinished business from last time."

Laura felt a sudden chill of fear and wild sexual excitement flood her body. Brenda was right. Last time she was just beginning, at Laura’s request, to push her whole hand into Laura’s pussy in order to fist fuck her, returning the favor Laura had just done her by nearly bringing her heart to a standstill with the same method, when Laura had climaxed prematurely. She had been so aroused that only the touch of Brenda’s fingers in her wet, aching slit had ignited her in a fierce explosion.

They both remembered it. "I want you to do it," Laura said, feeling the blood thunder wildly in her throat.

"Are you sure?"

Brenda had a bigger hand than either Mavis or Laura, and she had been reluctant to press the issue. But Laura, who had fist-fucked Brenda twice herself, and who had experienced some unbelievably stirring moments doing it with Mavis, Karen, and Earlene, was eager to do it. Fist-fucking somehow aroused feelings of intense intimacy in her, and she was very willing to explore those feelings with Brenda.

"I’m sure," she said quietly.

"I hope you won’t mind, but there’s something I want to do first," Brenda said, almost shyly.


"Remember last time, when you showed me how we could suck each other’s . . . boobs at the same time?"

Laura nodded, looking down at Brenda’s luscious breasts, their swollen black nipples now exposed and tempting her irresistibly. Sometimes, she realized, she couldn’t believe this was actually happening. This gorgeous, nubile, slightly perverted, naked woman wanted to do unbelievable things with her. Laura’s blood throbbed through her body.

"I remember," she said, swallowing. "How could I forget?"

"I dreamed of it, one night when I was lying here next to my husband. I just dreamed of doing that with you. It was so exciting . . . I almost came. Actually, it was kind of embarrassing," she giggled softly. "I got up and went into the bathroom. I was afraid he would notice."

Laura held both of Brenda’s magnificent naked breasts in her hands, looking down at them, brushing her thumbs across the large, puffy nipples. "He’s not here now."

"Mmmmm," Brenda smiled. "I get to be on top this time. It’s the way I dreamed it."

"I wouldn’t think of objecting," Laura smiled back, stretching out full-length on her back while Brenda reversed her own body.

She took both of Laura’s breasts in her hands and squeezed them gently, lowering her lips to Laura’s nipples. The firm, dark gourds of her own breasts dangled in Laura’s face, and again Laura blessed her good fortune as she held them in her hands and licked Brenda’s large, bulging, gleaming black nipples, then sucked them hungrily, as Brenda was now sucking hers.

The excitement of being naked together and knowing they were going to fuck pretty hard over the next hour or so had already aroused them to a pretty high level. Sucking each other’s nipples at the same time only stoked their lust, and in a few minutes they were panting and mewling softly, their mouths and fingers growing more urgent and rough. For the first time ever, Laura felt Brenda’s teeth as Brenda’s mouth tore excitedly at her sensitive nipples, and the sharp edges against her tender flesh brought her body a hot squirt of reminiscence—all the times with Karen, Barbara, Randi, other girls who had bitten her nipples in the heat of passion, and others she had bitten herself.

She let Brenda feel her own teeth, not savagely, only a gentle bite, holding the large, pulsing bulb of one erect, wet nipple between her teeth and clamping it rhythmically, while she pinched Brenda’s other nipple more sharply. Brenda responded immediately.

"Unghh!" she gasped, her eyes watering as she momentarily dropped Laura’s breasts, looking down between her own pendulous beauties as if to catch Laura’s eye. "Oh god!"

"Did I hurt you?" Laura asked, stopping.

Brenda gnawed her lower lip. "Do it again," she panted, lowering her breast into Laura’s face.

This time, holding the firm round globe in both hands, Laura swathed Brenda’s shiny wet nipple in warm saliva, and then sucked it deeply into her mouth, closing her teeth on it slowly in order to let Brenda relish each miniscule sensation of sexual excitement as she felt Laura’s teeth closing. She moaned, her body quivering as Laura sucked hard and bit harder.

"Unhhhh! Oh god . . . oh god Laura!"

Now Laura held Brenda’s nipple in her teeth while pulling the firm globe of Brenda’s breast upward until only the springy center of her nipple remained in Laura’s mouth. Laura held it, threateningly, with her teeth, her eyes locked with Brenda’s. Smiling, Laura released her thick, rubbery nipple and swiped it hard with her tongue as she let it go.

Then she immediately attacked Brenda’s other nipple the same way, pinching the wet, already-bitten one now with her other hand. Brenda now nearly went wild. She had stopped sucking Laura’s nipples completely. Instead, she was shaking her head and moaning, whimpering as Laura again sucked and gently, persistently bit her other swollen, throbbing nipple.

"Oh god . . . I’m going to come if you keep that up!" she gasped.

"I want you to fuck my pussy with your hand first," Laura murmured back to her.

"Oh . . . yes!"

Both of them were pulsing and throbbing with hot sexual need. Brenda wanted to be fucked, but she also wanted to fist-fuck Laura or she would not have brought it up. She slid down Laura’s body to her yawning thighs, turning as she moved, settling between them. Laura knew how wet her pussy was. She could feel the burbling juices pooled there in her hot slit. She gasped in shock as Brenda’s tongue grazed her engorged clit.

"Unhh! Oh!"

Then she felt a wedge formed by Brenda’s fingers pushing between the greasy envelope of her cuntlips. Lifting her head, she watched Brenda’s black, shapely arm as Brenda twisted it, forcing her hand in further. It felt huge. It wasn’t really that big, she thought, only slightly larger than her own, but it felt like the business end of a baseball bat, only one with knobby knuckles, was being shoved into her.

"Anngghh!" she groaned.

Brenda glanced up, worried. "Hurt?"

"Oh god!" Laura gasped.

"It’s almost in."

Laura nodded, frantically. "Push. Fuck me . . . Brenda, do it. Please!"

It did hurt, but it also felt marvelously perverted and wildly stimulating, a wicked, forbidden act that carried a sharp electrical charge, scintillating and fiercely depraved. Laura gave her whole self over to it, pushing her pelvis forward to help the penetration of Brenda’s hand, gulping and wheezing helplessly as she suddenly felt it pop into her. Now tears came to her eyes as she looked down at Brenda’s thin black wrist protruding from her pussy.

Oh god! Oh yes! "Ungghhh!" she grunted softly as she felt Brenda make a fist out of the wedge of fingers inside her cunt. "Yesss!"

"Oh Laura!"


Laura’s head fell back to the mattress. Her body stiffened, then undulated as she felt Brenda begin the slow rhythm of fucking her with her balled-up fist. Laura had been fucked by huge cocks and huge sex toys too, once even by two huge cocks when Rob and his brother had forced their stiff poles into her poor pussy at the same time. That had been a painful, shocking experience, and the intensity of this one equaled it, but somehow this was different, a stirring, emotionally deep moment as well as a physically excruciating one.

Unlike the two stiff cocks, Brenda’s fist was bony, thick, and yet shapely and smooth, and she twisted it ever so subtly inside Laura’s clasping, tight channel, making Laura’s whole body shiver from sexual excitement. Laura’s eyes, dazed and glassy with incredibly intense lust, held Brenda’s hypnotically, pulsing, wincing as Brenda slid her hand in and out of Laura’s impaled pussy.

"Ohhhh . . . Brenda!" she groaned, again pushing her hips forward, wanting to feel it fill her whole body. "Ohhhhh . . . yessss, fuck me! Do it hard . . . I’m going to come! Oh god, yes!"

She realized from watching Brenda’s face, even through the frantic, electric desperation of her own wild lust, that Brenda had never done this to anyone before. Both Mavis and Laura had done it to her, but she, due to the size of her hand, had never done it back, and her face showed her concern, even her reluctance, to cause further pain. It also showed the intense emotional connection to Laura’s throbbing, aching sexual center that Laura was feeling to hers, and had felt before when doing this. They were connected as they had only been before when Laura had her hand embedded in Brenda’s pussy. It was like the completion of a sexual circuit, and both of them were tingling and quivering in the grip of it.

She also realized that though she had made it this far, she was going to come again too quickly. The stimulus was too much for her. She almost always came quickly, and now she was so deeply aroused, her pussy flooding with warm juices, her body pulsing wildly, her hot blood thundering through her flesh, her eyes devouring the beauty of Brenda’s naked, flexing body as Brenda ravished her, that she felt the billowing of a shattering climax building from deep inside her body.

Torn between alarming Brenda further and giving in to her near-maniacal need, Laura fell into a sexual delirium of feverish, accelerating hunger. Groaning, arching her body, panting almost hysterically, she lunged forward, driving her pelvis into Brenda’s fist, feeling it slide deeper into her body.

"Ungghh! Ungghhh!" she grunted softly, feeling the orgasm build further toward explosion.

Lunging forward, she gripped Brenda’s forearm, the one protruding from her splayed, fist-crammed pussy, with both hands and began jamming her throbbing cunt down onto Brenda’s hand, bearing down with her pubic bone as she had felt Brenda do to her last time, and suddenly whinnying helplessly in a complete loss of control as the bubble finally burst inside her.

"Unngghhh! Oh . . . shit! Auungghhh!" she cried out, flipping and surging forward, her body convulsing in fierce spasms of acute, throttling pleasure as she came in a rush.

It was a rending, crushing, deeply searing orgasm that nearly made her pass out as she slumped forward, twitching and moaning, into Brenda, her face buried in the girl’s shoulder. Brenda’s fist was still deeply embedded in her aching pussy. Finally, the shockwaves subsided, and Brenda gently helped her to lie back again, then extracted her hand as gingerly as possible. Laura was a wreck, still stunned by this rending climax, her senses only gradually returning.

"Oh god . . . oh god!" she gasped, pathetically, overwhelmed by the ferocity of her orgasm.

It had been a long time since she had come that hard. Her pussy still throbbed and tingled with acute, repeated aftershocks. Brenda seemed taken aback. She kissed Laura’s cheek tenderly.

"I . . . I’ve never seen anybody come that hard," she said, still apparently in awe of Laura’s dramatic climax.

Laura broke into a wan grin. "You did."

Brenda grinned back sheepishly. "I guess I did. Are you okay? When you made me come that way, I don’t think I could even talk for several minutes."

Without replying, Laura drew her down and kissed her lovingly, then passionately. "I want to lick your pussy," she murmured against Brenda’s full, sensual lips. "I don’t want to fist you this time, I want to lick your pussy until you beg me to let you come."

A fierce, unexpected shiver gripped Brenda’s whole body at these words. Her eyes widened. "I don’t know if I can refuse an offer like that."

In their previous encounters they had been preoccupied with other matters: fucking Mavis together, Brenda’s desire to have Laura fist her, Laura’s excitement at being with both of them, and initiating a new relationship, slightly perverted, with the spectacularly built and beautiful Brenda. They had never had the opportunity yet to stretch out and have ingenious, slow, percolating sex in a way Laura had perfected with others.

Now she made love to Brenda, who willingly surrendered her gorgeous body to Laura’s skillful caresses. Starting with her magnificent large breasts, Laura toyed with each swollen black nipple, licking, lip-pinching, sucking, tooth-tugging, until Brenda was squirming and panting uncontrollably. Laura bathed each bulging nipple in warm saliva, curling her tongue around it, laving it, stabbing it, making Brenda whimper each time her lips closed over it to suck it, at first gently, then more roughly, passionately.

She could tell that no one had ever spent so much time on Brenda’s nipples. Men wanted to fuck you, and they couldn’t wait. "I love your nipples," she murmured, sucking and pinching them harder.


"They’re so big . . . and silky . . . and they get so hard in my mouth."

"Ahhh! Oh Laura! Yes . . . suck harder! Yes!"

"And I love your delicious pussy," Laura murmured, moving lower, kissing the smooth, black satin expanse of Brenda’s long stomach and firm, flat belly.

She had plunged her fist into this beautiful pussy but never had the chance before to examine it this closely. It was a lovely, fat, succulent flower oozing juice, not the thin crease of some girls but instead a thick, meaty pussy with large, curved inner lips, now glistening with a coat of fuck-juice. Between the gaping lips was a deep, wet, hot-pink groove just waiting for Laura’s tongue, and she slid it deeply into the core of Brenda’s being, feeling the girl shudder and hearing her moan.

"Ohhhhhh . . . god!"

"Mmmm," Laura stabbed her tongue in and out of it, feeling the copious, tangy, warm juices flow over her tongue and bathe her lips.

Nobody has ever made love to your pussy like I’m going to, darling, she thought. Not Mavis, not your husband, who just wants to stick his hard meat into this delicious tight slit and hammer until it spurts. No, they don’t love this juicy treasure the way I do.

And she gave Brenda what she had promised, the full treatment. She took long, agonizing minutes to explore every crease and fold and secret hollow of Brenda’s pussy with the tip of her tongue, avoiding the girl’s clit at the top, already a swollen, whitish bud of screaming, aching nerves dying for the feel of her tongue. But Laura was saving it for last.

Now she began to tease Brenda by letting her tongue and lips approach the girl’s throbbing clit, then pulling them back, then approaching again, pulling back, so that Brenda by now was churning her hips, whimpering desperately, biting her lip, begging Laura, as Laura had promised she would.

"Oh god . . . oh Laura please! Oh . . . you’re killing me! I need it! Please do it! Please suck me and make me come! Oh Laura . . . please!"

"Mmmm, I love this beautiful pussy," Laura murmured. "I want to lick and lick this beautiful pussy . . . I don’t want you to come yet, because if you come I’ll have to stop."

"Oh . . . please! Oh!"

Now, for the first time, Laura’s slowly-moving tongue took a long swipe across Brenda’s taut little clit, feeling the hard, fleshy berry slide along the groove in the center of her tongue as she pressed it down. This stimulated Brenda into a sudden frenzy of thrusting, groaning, churning, whimpering. She was sure Laura would now let her come, and she pumped her hips frantically, pushing her pussy into Laura’s mouth, grabbing her large breasts in her hands and pulling up on her nipples in desperate need.

"Oh! Oh!" she gasped, almost hysterically.

But Laura had no intention of letting her come yet. She knew she now had Brenda just where she wanted her, completely at her mercy, suffering a sweet agony of sexual need that only Laura could relieve. Quickly moving her tongue away from Brenda’s throbbing clit, she kissed the girl’s silky inner thighs, then her smooth belly again, reaching up with both hands to caress and squeeze Brenda’s large, resilient breasts.

"Ohhhhh . . . Laura, you’re so mean!" Brenda panted, squirming urgently under her.

Laura slid up her body further, coming face to face with her, enjoying the look of sexual torment that contorted Brenda’s beautiful face. She cupped Brenda’s breasts in her hands, tweaking and pinching her plump nipples, kissing her cheeks, her shoulders, her mouth passionately, teasing her unmercifully.

"You want to come, don’t you, baby," she murmured in Brenda’ ear, dropping her mouth again to one bulbous nipple and sucking it in deep.

"Unhhh!" Brenda gasped, her body quivering, stiffening, her need suddenly escalating to a fever pitch. "Oh god . . . yes! Please!"

"You want to feel my tongue stabbing your clit."


"You want to feel me suck it . . . and suck it."

"Oh god . . . ungghhh! Yes!"

"You want me to suck it and make you come, then push my fist up into your sweet pussy and make you come again, a second time?"

"Oh god, Laura . . . pleeease!" Brenda nearly wept, her body convulsed in need.

Unable to resist the woman’s large, delicious, beautifully-shaped breasts, Laura lowered her mouth to them one more time, now sucking Brenda’s swollen, flaring nipples hungrily, more passionately than before. This alone nearly took the writhing, frantic Brenda over the top, and Laura had to stop before she came.

She slid lower, back down between Brenda’s splayed thighs, down to the fiery wet blossom, hot and runny and festering with urgent fuck-need, all puckered and gooey with juice, waiting for her mouth. Laura was going to give her a double-whammy, as promised, but the first climax was to be tongue-only, and she relished the opportunity. By now the girl was so overwrought that the mere touch of Laura’s tongue against her inflamed clit would probably be enough to ignite her.

"Oh baby . . . oh baby, I love your pussy," she murmured, again licking Brenda’s fat, fleshy cunt from top to bottom, slithering her tongue into the center.

Brenda’s voluptuous body began to quiver, and Laura feared that the dam would burst before she could take Brenda’s hard little clit into her mouth. She began, again as promised, stabbing it with her tongue, which made Brenda go into quick, uncontrollable preliminary convulsions. Oh god, she’s coming already, Laura thought.

Without further delay, she took the tumid, pulpy little marble of flesh into her mouth and sucked it rhythmically, bringing Brenda to a sharp, sudden climax almost immediately.

"Aunngghh!" Brenda cried out, wincing as a fierce shock of coming gripped her entire body. "Anngggmmnniiieeee! Oh god . . . ohhhhhhh god ungghhhiieeeee!"

Her full breasts swayed and jiggled, and she thrashed uncontrollably in the sheets, pumping, her pelvis gyrating into the air as Laura held on, still sucking, feeling the girl come in amazing, jolting shocks. When there was a brief lull in the spasms, broken only by Brenda’s desperate panting and mewling, Laura seized the opportunity to form the fingers of one hand into a small wedge and insinuate them into the wet groove of Brenda’s flowing pussy.

Still overwhelmed by her climax, Brenda scarcely knew what Laura was doing until Laura’s hand slipped into her cunt up to the wrist.

"Unghh!" she groaned in sudden shock and pleasure, looking down at her groin, her eyes still glazed over by a blast of ecstacy mingled with fresh lust.

Laura was looking too. She could never get over the thrilling sight of her forearm protruding from a beautiful woman’s pussy. She knew how it felt herself, and she also felt the familiar deep feelings of intimacy wash over her. Brenda’s face had taken on a trance-like, hypnotic stare as Laura balled up her fist inside the squinchy channel and began to fuck the girl by slowly moving her hand up and down.

"Oh!" Brenda gasped, piteously, and yet her face, though locked in a trance, reflected her intense sexual excitement.

She had not entirely descended from her first orgasm, and the excitement of what Laura was doing to her quickly brought her back to a feverish need. But this time too Laura controlled the arrival of her orgasm, fucking her slowly and carefully, twisting her fist, scraping the edge of her wrist bone along Brenda’s clit in a way that soon had Brenda cawing and writhing in a nearly demented mania of fuck-need.

"Ungghh! Oh god . . . do it hard!" she begged Laura, gyrating her hips, pushing her cunt into Laura’s arm, which penetrated her pussy up past Laura’s wrist each time Laura pushed it further into the girl.

Brenda was a veteran of fist-fucking, and once past the initial, difficult penetration, she had a definite appetite for rough, rapacious, even fierce thrusting, which resulted, Laura knew, in spectacular and horrific orgasms. With her sister, she had never dared to venture as far into this depraved territory as she permitted herself to do with Laura. She knew Laura would do it as she liked it, and Laura could hardly refuse.

Clenching her teeth, she began to fuck Brenda with her fist the way she knew Brenda wanted to be fucked. With her other hand, she stroked the girl’s silky black flexing body, squeezing her breasts, caressing her firm flesh roughly, aggressively, really fuck-mauling her now with both hands as Brenda gave every sign of being on the edge of a crushing climax. She whimpered in keening desperation, panting hysterically, pumping her pelvis up into each deep-plunging, piercing thrust of Laura’s fist into her body.

And finally she turned the tables on Laura, doing exactly what Laura had earlier done herself. She didn’t lunge up to a sitting position, as Laura had done, but her arms were long, and she reached down with both hands for Laura’s forearm, lacing her fingers around it and grinding her cunt and pubic bone down onto Laura’s wrist.

"Annngghh . . . anngghhh . . . annghhh!" she groaned rhythmically, bearing down, pumping, raping Laura’s fist with her pussy now, then absolutely exploding in a savage, rupturing orgasm.

She came so hard that it almost scared Laura, who had seen partners have some pretty shattering orgasms, and had experienced some herself. Brenda looked paralyzed by a rapture too deep to fathom, and too strong to release her. She stiffened and croaked incoherently, rocking back and forth and clenching all her muscles as the waves of excruciating pleasure wracked her lovely body. Finally, deep sobs of uncontrollable relief and intense bliss seemed to pour out from deep inside her body.

"Ouungghh . . . annghhoounnggghh!" she groaned, the shock waves visible as they undulated through her flesh. "Oh god oh shit . . . auunghhhhh!"

Laura was just glad to see her come back to life. She barely moved herself, somehow paralyzed too by the sheer intensity of Brenda’s killing orgasm, holding her arm steady while Brenda, still undulating and grinding her cunt down into Laura’s wrist bone, rode out the debilitating spasms. They left her nearly destroyed.

She finally went limp, falling back, her delicious large breasts and glimmering black nipples jiggling seductively as she continued to pant. Laura eyed them hungrily, wanting to swarm all over her and fuck her again. Brenda’s devastating climax had only aroused Laura again. But she got control of her urges, carefully extracting her wet hand from Brenda’s plundered cunt, then wiping it on the sheet.

She bent close, kissing her cheek, her ear. Brenda was still reeling, obviously. "Are you okay?" Laura whispered.

Brenda opened one eye, cocked one eyebrow. "Didn’t I ask you that, a few minutes ago?"

Laura grinned. "I believe you did.

"Nobody ever fucked me the way you do," Brenda said, hoarsely, propping herself up on her elbows, still blinking away the awe of it. "Not my husband . . . not any other guy . . . certainly not Mavis. And she’s the only other one who’s done that to me."

Laura felt briefly embarrassed. She knew it was a compliment, but it also sounded like a complaint. "I . . . hope it felt good."

A broad smile spread over Brenda’s face. "Good? Oh, I’d say about a hundred on a scale of one to ten."

Looking at her, propped on her elbows, still dazed from a shattering climax, her luscious breasts and swelling black nipples swooping up from her body like an irresistible invitation, her flat, silky stomach dipping down to the treasure Laura had just plundered with her fist, Laura was unable to ignore her renewed lust. And Brenda could see the obvious. Her eyes flickered with amusement.

"It looks like raping me with your fist wasn’t enough," she smiled in a sensual, inviting way.

"I don’t know if I’ll ever get enough of you," Laura confessed.

Brenda lay back down again, letting her arms slide forward and up, beckoning to Laura. Now they embraced in a slow, erotic dance, having put out the most urgent flames and indulged their mutual perversities. Those were behind them, and now they could make love in a patient, exploratory, sensual way they had never really experienced together yet. It took them about half an hour of loving before they both came together in a hot, throbbing, groaning union of bliss that involved nothing more than some adroit kissing and rubbing. But it sealed the afternoon for them both in an intimacy they had not dreamed of.




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