Laura - Chapter 146




In three minutes, Laura found herself on her back again, her hands handcuffed behind her, while Karen again encircled each of her breasts with rope. This time she left a long strand of rope at the side of each of Laura's breasts, and when they were tightly encasedóbulging, hard, and turning a deep rose color from the engorged blood, the nipples shiny and fiercely tautóshe pulled both ropes up, yanking Laura's painfully entrapped breasts apart, up, then down, then to the sides, making Laura yelp softly, and then whimper as her breasts filled with pain.

"Ohhh . . . awwnnggg oh oh please . . . oh shit, Karen, please no!" she gasped, looking down at her tortured breasts being jerked from side to side. "God . . . you're hurting me!"

Karen leaned down and kissed her, dangling her own luscious dark globes in Laura's face. "I'm going to hurt you more," she whispered seductively. "I didn't mention it before, but I found a new toy."

"Oh god," Laura thought, half in despair since she knew that every toy of Karen's meant a further descent into hopeless depravity and perversion.

Karen leaned over and pulled something out of her bag. She held it up for Laura to see, a device made of two parallel black bars about two feet long, fastened at each end by two long thin bolts. At the top of each bar was a wing nut. At first Laura didn't grasp its possible uses, especially for sex, but when Karen approached her with it, she understood immediately.

Her breasts, already strangled by the tight coils of rope, would go between the black bars, which would then be tightened by the wing nuts, squeezing them further, like a vise. Furthermore, the squeezing would be slow, potentially agonizing, and incredibly sexually stirring.

"You're not going to put that thing on me," she said to Karen.

"Of course I am. Your little pussy is going to be a butter churn by the time I get finished, darling. You'll probably come again before I even get it tightened."

"Oh . . . shit," Laura said, looking down as Karen fitted the device into place, and Laura's breasts protruded between the double bars.

"And then you're going to put it on me," Karen smiled.

Laura could hardly believe this was happening. Unable to do anything, she watched as Karen tightened the wing nuts and the bars slowly closed on the bulging, swollen globes of her breasts. When the bars began to sink into the flesh at the tops and bottoms of Laura's breasts, Karen paused.

"I think we're going to have to go for the gag again, honey," she smiled. "This is going to get a little loud."

Laura wanted to beg her to stop, but she knew it wouldn't help. Karen gagged her. Then she took the rope end that extended from the tightly-trussed ball of Laura's left breast. She pulled it tight, giving it a quick, extra yank that brought tears to Laura's eyes, then tied it to the bedpost behind Laura's left ear. Then she did the same thing with the rope that came from Laura's tightly-bound right breast, securing it behind Laura's right ear.

Now the fiercely strangled globes of Laura's breasts, still only lightly clamped by the fiendish vice, were pulled up in opposite directions toward the upper corners of the bed. They throbbed horribly, and the slightest movement of her body stretched the ropes tight and made her breasts flare with pain.

Her nipples now seemed twice their normal size, bulging and purplish with blood, the center stems shooting up erect from the taut areolas. And now Karen did something new and unexpected, pulling a ball of twine from her bag and uncoiling it to make a long strand, which she then snipped in two with a pair of fingernail scissors. She laid one strand aside and came to Laura with the other.

Laura's eyes pulsed with terror as she realized what Karen was about to do. Carefully, Karen looped the twine around the half-inch stem of nipple springing up out of Laura's swollen left areola. She knotted it, then yanked it a couple of times to see if it were tight enough. Daggers of pain shot through Laura's tortured nipple.

"Aauuggmmnnpghh!" she groaned piteously into the ball gag.

Karen kneeled on the bed beside Laura and lowered her mouth to Laura's nipple. She sucked it gently, so as not to loosen the knot in the twine. In spite of herself, Laura felt her body responding. As Karen had predicted, her pussy was a 'butter churn,' so wet that juices were running down her inner thighs. She was ready for a horrendous fucking, and yet she knew it wasn't coming yet.

Now Karen flicked Laura's entrapped nipple with her tongue, then jerked the twine, until Laura was whimpering hysterically. Quickly, Karen took the other piece of twine and did the same thing to Laura's right nipple. After tormenting it with her mouth in the same way, she found the nipple clips on the floor, where they had been flung after being removed from Laura's nipples the first time. Oh god, no! Laura thought.

But again, she couldn't stop Karen. Laura didn't think any more pain in her breasts was possible until Karen again fixed the nipple clips in place. She tossed her head from side to side, trying not to move since each small motion yanked her breasts upward. And now Karen held the two pieces of twine in one hand, pulling it toward her, so that the stiff centers of Laura's nipples were pulled and stretched shockingly, pulsing with fiery pain, made worse by the clips.

"And now . . . my darling," Karen purred. "Before you completely drench the sheet with your wetness, I'm going to bring you off. Only two or three more minutes, that's all you have to stand it. Oh . . . but it's going to get a little worse before it gets better."

She smiled at Laura, releasing the twine cords now, letting them dangle from Laura's tortured nipples. Now she began to tighten the wing nuts again, slowly closing the parallel bar vise on Laura's purplish, throttled, incredibly hard and swollen breasts. It was altogether the worst breast torture Laura had ever suffered at Karen's hands, and it wasn't over yet. As soon as the bars were embedded enough in the flesh of Laura's breasts, it was easy for Karen to turn both wing nuts at the same time. And so, as they both stared at Laura's beautiful but horribly abused naked breasts, Karen tightened the vise relentlessly.

"God, honey, they're so beautiful when they're all scrunched up and mashed like that," Karen murmured, short of breath herself from sexual excitement.

Laura whimpered and screamed softly into the gag, but she was afraid to move since each time she did fiery jolts of pain shot through her breasts and nipples. And yet it was a pain that only increased the flow of juices in her flooding cunt, paradoxically making her want the breast torture to stop and also want it to continue until she came. And she would come any second; they both knew it. Even though she tried to keep still, to keep the pain away, her hips and pelvis squirmed and gyrated almost instinctively, her pussy festering and red and wet and wanting to be brutally fucked.

She didn't have long to wait. The twin bars closed tighter and tighter on her poor, strangled globes, until it seemed impossible for the vise to close any tighter. Her beautiful breasts were now completely mashed and mangled in several ways, crushed by the parallel bars, throttled by the coils of rope, pulled violently up and back by the strands leading to the bedposts. And now Karen picked up the loose strands of twine and the chain that ran between the nipple clips, holding them in one hand while she drew the last, horrible surprise out of the black bag: a long, sinuous, and sinister cat-'o-nine-tails.

By this time, Laura was long gone in a delirious, half-crazed lust dementia, so over-stimulated and over-wrought with need that all she could do was quiver and moan and sob and pray for release. She knew what Karen intended to do with the cat-'o-nine-tails, and she obediently opened her thighs as far as they would go, exposing the inflamed, oozing crease of her aching cunt. Do it . . . oh do it! Please do it whip me fuck me whip me do it hard! she thought, her hips churning and bucking frantically.

Karen had said nothing for a long time, but she was panting and biting her lower lip, fiercely excited sexually by the torture of Laura.

"Now, darling . . . now," she whispered softly, beginning to pull on the cords that were fastened to Laura's stretched, flaming nipples.

Then she began to yank the chain and twine cords rhythmically: yank . . . yank . . . yank. Laura's nipples exploded in pain. Fresh tears poured down her cheeks, and she sobbed hysterically, looking down at her crushed breasts and painfully elongated nipples. Then she felt the soft stroke of the whip's tails against her exposed pussy, and she knew the end was near. Karen teased her, caressing her swollen, inflamed pussylips with the strands of leather, biting her full lower lip as Laura quivered in wild anticipation.

Finally, she began to whip Laura's pussy lightly, which was perhaps the worst torture Laura had received yet, since she craved to be fucked hard, or whipped hard, if that was the alternative. She needed to come desperately. The trailing, tickling strands of leather grazing her open, flowing pussy as Karen dragged the whip across it only tormented her more grievously. She wailed and screamed into the gag, twisting her body even though it brought fresh, stabbing pain to her breasts and nipples.

Fortunately, even Karen couldn't hold out at this stage. She was well aware of the damage she could cause to Laura's nipples by brutalizing them too severely, but she pulled the chain and the twine cords just enough to cause excruciating torment to Laura's breasts, and began to whip Laura's pussy very hard and fast with the cat-'o-nine-tails. Two, three, four blows of the fiendish whip, and Laura absolutely exploded in the most horrific orgasm she had ever experienced. Her body wanted to pass out as the hot whirlwind of coming enveloped her, but the pain in her breasts and nipples wouldn't allow her to lose consciousness.

Karen kept yanking the cords, but she quickly dropped the whip when Laura began to come. Then she dropped those too and slid between Laura's yawning thighs, assaulting Laura's pussy with her mouth and fingers, bringing Laura to three more explosive climaxes that way until Laura was spent, and she collapsed, gasping for breath through the cruel gag, her body still throbbing wildly as the aftershocks of several stupendous climaxes washed over her.

She was only half-conscious as Karen quickly removed the gag, first, and then all the torture devices from her breasts and nipples. Then she turned Laura on her side and removed the handcuffs. Laura returned to consciousness, groggily stretching her body and wincing. She looked like she had been through the wringer, especially her breasts, those beautiful, perfectly-shaped treasures that so many lovers had worshipped. Now they looked mangled and bruised beyond belief, and they continued to hurt badly.

"I can't believe you did that to me," she said in a hushed, admonitory voice to Karen.

"Oh, you always say that," Karen smiled. "You wouldn't be with me like this time after time if you didn't expect the worst." She cupped Laura's naked, brutalized breasts, caressing them gently now. "I did hurt them kind of bad, didn't I."

"Don't touch me!"

"Now now, no need to get grouchy," Karen soothed her.

Instead of replying, Laura reached for the handcuffs herself. She grabbed one of Karen's wrists and snapped the cuff in place.

"Ooooh, I love it when you get mean," Karen said.

She put her other arm behind her back, and Laura quickly completed the handcuffing. Laura pushed her roughly down on the bed and filled her hands with Karen's luscious breasts, squeezing them very hard, pinching Karen's large, puffy black nipples.

"You made the mistake of letting me go last," she whispered to Karen. "Because these beauties are going to get much the worst of it."

"Oh god . . . I love it when you threaten me," Karen whimpered, beginning to shake. "Promise you'll fist fuck me in the pussy at the same time."

"The only thing I'll promise, you evil black bitch, is that yours are going to hurt worse than mine by the time I'm finished with them," Laura glowered at her.

"I think I finally got you hot enough to be really mean to me," Karen smiled.

Laura didn't reply. Instead, she put the gag into Karen's mouth and secured it immediately. Her fingers were itching for the rope, and in two minutes she had Karen's beautiful large breasts very tightly tied, so that they bulged horribly. In contrast to the slow, ingenious build-up that Karen had employed with her, Laura worked quickly. She had the clever idea of tying the ropes attached to the coils around each of Karen's breasts to Karen's knees, just below the joint, tying them in place with Karen's knees slightly bent, so that the slightest movement, which gravity made inevitable, pinched and strangled the delicious dark globes further.

Karen's eyes were swimming with terror. Now, working around the ropes, Laura fastened the parallel bar vise in place and began to tighten the wing nuts. Karen's breasts were as beautiful as Laura's, but much bigger, and watching them squashed between the two closing bars fascinated them both. When Karen's luscious breasts were only squashed about half of what was still possible, her black nipples swollen to almost double their normal, already large, size, Laura had to stop momentarily.

She was unable to keep herself from licking and sucking the huge protruding bulbs, and teasing the projecting centers with her teeth. They both knew what would happen to these bursting nipples soon, and the anticipation, along with Laura's dangerous teeth, made them both pant in frenzied excitement. Karen's panting was very audible since the ball was stuffed into her mouth and she had to breathe through her nose.

"I love to suck these beautiful, humongous nipples," Laura teased her, wrapping her tongue first around one, then the other, pinching and scissoring the thick bulbs with her fingers, then sucking them hard. "I'll bet you want to come already, don't you."

She dropped her hand to Karen's crotch and felt the pool of messy wet pubic hair and slick cuntlips. Karen's pussy was flooding, as Laura's had done earlier in the same situation. She withdrew her hand, not wanting Karen to come prematurely.

"Oh no . . . no you don't" she teased. "Not yet. Not until I say so. And we still have a long way to go, you evil black bitch."

She stopped and cradled her own breasts in her palms, showing them to Karen. Laura's breasts were bruised, with purple splotches and weals and broken blood vessels all over them. Her nipples didn't look harmed, though they had been harmed most of all and still throbbed hotly with lingering pain.

"See what you did to these? See?" she asked Karen. "Double that is going to happen to yours."

She saw the terror in Karen's dark, flashing eyes. Karen shook her head.

"Onngh uddd!" she grunted in desperation into the ball gag in her mouth, repeating it several times. "Onngh uddd! Onngh uddd! Eeeezz!"

Laura smiled, returning to the wing nuts. "Of course no blood," she reassured her victim. "I know the rules. You didn't make mine bleed. No blood. Of course. But everything else."

"Ummnngg!" Karen whimpered piteously, looking down at her luscious black breasts, which were now misshapen and bulging horribly as the parallel bars of the crusher closed tighter.

Just as Laura's had done, the springy, thick centers of Karen's nipples popped up from the surrounding bulbous areolas, pushing out a full half-inch, and Laura pinched each one hard as she twisted the wing nuts, bringing soft whimpers from Karen, and tears to her eyes.

"Mmmm, I think these are ready to tie and torture," Laura smiled, retrieving from the floor the twine cords Karen had earlier used on her, Laura's, nipples.

By now, the parallel bars would close no further on Karen's crushed and mangled breasts. They bulged out behind and in front of the bars, hard, misshapen balloons of flesh, shiny and painful-looking. Karen's nipples were huge, overripe, bursting, swollen black plums, the centers protruding, fat and long and tempting. Laura tied a strand of twine to each one, tugging them maliciously, enjoying the water that sprang instantly to Karen's eyes.

When a strand of twine was dangling from the protruding nub of each nipple, she found the nipple clamps. But instead of doing the obvious, she began by fastening one nipple clamp to Karen's right nipple, just at the edge of the puffy, swollen areola. Karen moaned. Then, instead of fastening the other one to Karen's left nipple, she placed it right next to the first one, just a little further out. Now Karen's right nipple was pinched unmercifully by both clamps, and the protruding stem of it was tied with the twine. Her cheeks were shiny and wet with tears as she watched Laura begin to toy with her horribly pinched nipple, knowing that the pain she had felt so far was nothing to what was going to happen now.

Laura bent her head down and teased it with her tongue. While doing this, she yanked the chain attached to the nipple clamps. She knew the pain from this was excruciating, and Karen howled into the gag, tossing her head and squirming, which only pulled the ropes attached to her knees tighter, thereby further strangling her trussed breasts. This too became unbearable, and she quickly bent her knees again to relieve the tension on the ropes.

Now Laura took the piece of twine that was tied to the protruding stem of that nipple. Karen's eyes widened in fear. Even though Karen's nipple was already pinched tight by two nipple clamps, it was large, and Laura wrapped the twine around it about three times in between the two clamps. Then she began to pull it sharply, at the same time pulling the chain that was fastened to the clamps in the opposite direction. Karen's nipple was pulled both ways at once, and she began to scream into the gag. Laura kept up this torture for about three minutes, then moved to Karen's other breast and did the same thing to it for the same period.

By now, Karen was a wreck, writhing in agony from the pain Laura was inflicting on her breasts, and making it worse by her own flexing body, since this pulled the ropes throttling her breasts too. Laura knew she had had enough and set about bringing off the final explosion. She maneuvered a pillow under Karen's ass, raising it up for the final assault, and Karen began to quiver and moan, since she immediately guessed what was about to happen.

Crouching under Karen's bent legs, with Karen's heels resting on the backs of her shoulders, Laura quickly oiled her right hand with baby oil. Then she formed a wedge with her thumb and fingers and pushed it into Karen's ass, pushing hard, forcing it in quickly, a rough, insistent rape unlike her earlier gentle persistence. Karen groaned and shuddered. Laura kept pushing, until her entire hand slid into Karen's ass.

Now she knew Karen would come any second. With her other hand, she grabbed the strands of twine and the chain, pulling hard on them both to jerk Karen's entrapped nipples, and at the same time buried her mouth in the flowing pink cleft of the girl's inflamed pussy. She sucked Karen's clit and rammed her hand into Karen's ass, pulling the chain and twine at the same time, fucking Karen far more violently than she ever had even in their moments of deepest depravity in the past.

Karen groaned and screamed, her luscious, tightly-bound body flexing and shuddering, and she came in a series of astonishing explosions. Laura had, in their most perverted encounters, tortured Karen into intense orgasms before, but none had approached either the violence or the shocking magnitude of these. Karen thrashed and came, bellowing horribly into the gag, her face wildly contorted under the straps of the gag harness, her body surging and shuddering uncontrollably as wave after wave of excruciating sexual rapture wrenched her flesh.

Finally, she stopped coming, and Laura herself was out of strength. She pulled her hand out of Karen's ass and wiped it on a towel, then quickly untied and unscrewed all the various torture tools from Karen's body. Karen recovered gradually, as Laura herself had done after such an extreme experience.

She blinked, looking down at her breasts, which were as bruised and hard-used as Laura's, though her skin color made it harder to see the blotches and weals.

"Girl, if I ever want to be fucked to death, I'm gon' call you," she said weakly. "I probably won't be able to hold a shit in for a week."

"You wanted it." Laura kissed her.

"I wanted it. I got it. Coming that hard almost hurts."

"Tell me about it."

"But it doesn't hurt as much as my titties do."

"Mine too. Maybe we should try to . . . you know, just make love. To remind ourselves how we got into this in the first place? Because we . . . couldn't stop ourselves? Remember."

Karen smiled. They lay down side by side on the bed, pushing all the ropes and apparatus off on the floor.

"Can we really just fuck like two normal . . . people, without toys and pain?" Karen asked wryly, kissing Laura in a long, searching, passionate way. "I do love you so, Laura."

"I remember when I first saw your breasts, that night when we came to my apartment, in the rain. Remember? I wanted to kiss them so bad. And I'd never wanted to do that before in my life."

"If you touch these nipples now, girl, I'll kill you," Karen warned. "In fact, the only part of me you can touch is my pussy. The rest is in flaming pain, you bitch."

"My pussy still hurts a little, but you could try kissing it," Laura murmured softly, frenching Karen's ear, turning her body so that they could sixty-nine each other.

In this way, they tried to heal the shocking physical and emotional abrasions of their earlier perverted sexual encounter, and as usual the emotional freight was so intense that they ended up in a nuclear explosion of shared coming, as if their prior orgasms were only preparation for this shattering meltdown. And since their prior orgasms had nearly killed them both, this one left them barely alive in one another's arms.

"I'll see you in six months, darling," Karen whispered, kissing Laura. "We won't survive if we see each other more often."

Laura smiled. "I'm already dead."

"You better be alive next time I call."

"You, my dear, to paraphrase a famous song, could make a dead woman come."


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