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Debasement of Donna

Author's note: On 4/2001 I have re-released this story. The work has undergone major corrections, and many narrative sections have been greatly expanded.

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When I was accepted into the Masterís of Fine Arts (MFA) program in English, my father forced me to take a job in the Ďreal worldí. Thatís how the whole thing got started, my introduction to being a sub, or submissive, in the tawdry under-world of lesbian bondage scenes at the hands of a woman old enough to be my mother.

Well maybe Ďforcedí is too strong a word. I live with my parents on the upper West side in New York City and had just finished my bachelorís degree at Columbia. My father paid a small fortune in tuition and was terrified that I was going to send the rest of my days lolling about in their apartment, collecting useless degrees. I find it highly ironic that my father, who works at a large publishing house, would call an MFA degree useless!

But Dad, being a Dad, was adamant about me getting a job if I was to go on living with them. He said that a young woman like myself, twenty-two years old with a college degree should be able to support herself and her own apartment. Yea right! We live in a large rent-controlled apartment on the upper West side. When was the last time he looked at prices in the New York City real estate market? Be Real! He suggested that I might fine something more affordable across the river in New Jersey. What is he trying to do? Destroy me?

Anyway, I LIKE living with my parents. The apartment is old but comfortable and they work so hard theyíre hardly ever home anyway. And quite frankly the idea of becoming another working slob like them, and the rest of this crazy city depresses me to no end. While I was an undergrad I arranged my schedule so I could sleep late and come home early and watch cable or bring over my boyfriend, Paul.

You see, Iím just not built for the working life! I avoid the subways at rush hour because of THE LOOK. You know, that look of haunted people schlepping between work and office, day in, day out. They scare me because it seems like theyíre already dead, just going through the motions of being alive. And I just donít want to go through the motions, I want to be fully FULLY alive!

So, life being what it is and Dad being what he is, you can see how the deck is stacked against me. He puts out the word among his business Ďconnectionsí that his daughter, recently graduated from Columbia needs a job.

Worse than that he even finds one for me!. Even worse than that my boyfriend Paul moves to an upstate college to finish his graduate work in geology.

Arrrh! Itís time for some damage control! I insist on working only part-time so I can attend my classes and insist to Paul that he comes down on the weekends.

The Ďjobí (what a horrid concept!) my father finds for me is through a woman who use to work for him. Her name is Lisa Lowens. I vaguely remember her as a tall, lanky blonde from when my father and mother would host office cocktail parties at the apartment. She now works for a different publishing house in the city.

As jobs go this one could be worse. The official title is Ďresearch assistantí for the companyís magazine division. Dumb reporters and columnists write inaccurate stories, my Ďjobí is to do the work they should have done. I research facts and figures for their articles. Itís amazing how they bandy around numbers with no regard to the truth.

On my way out the door for my first day as a Ďresearch assistant,í I check myself in the mirror. A young woman, short but pretty looks back at me. I have straight dark brown-black hair, which I have cut smooth into shoulder-length bangs. Iím a bit of a late bloomer, my breasts finally fully developed in my late teens (no implants for me!). I enjoy a healthy figure, not plump, maybe slightly on the thin side. I have a good appetite and enjoy food very, very much. I donít skip meals like my girlfriend Ashley does. I think that the extremely thin look currently in vogue is unhealthy and unattractive. I know for a fact that my boyfriend Paul doesnít go in for that Ďskinnyí look.

Iím dressed in comfortable clothes with black mini-boots. Damn, Iím just too darn cute!

But woe is me! I have to be at the midtown office at NINE in morning or Iíll be Ďlateí. What a horrible word. Iím on the packed rush-hour Number-4 subway going downtown. The train is filled with the living dead, and Iím joining their ranks! Commuters dressed in uncomfortable Ďnever-ironí synthetic clothes. Men and woman alike fill the bouncing subway car with ghostly expressions. Yep, itís yet another day at the office.

Help! Iím becoming a POD!

So I start my first real working day. In all fairness most people in the office are quite nice. Although my boss, Mrs. Takio is a little intimating. Sheís a tall, thin, attractive Japanese woman. As my manager she insists on looking over my shoulder, making sure Iím doing the work properly.

Iím seated in a cubicle in the middle of a busy office suite. The walls of the cubicle seem to be made out of some kind of rug-like material. There is no, NO natural light. Instead us PODS are luminated with fluorescence lighting that makes my eyes water. The windows cannot be opened. Why would PODS need fresh air? Iím told the office has an enclosed HVAC system (whatever that means) that provides us with Ďconditionedí air, well, thatís just wonderful.

My tools are the phone and the computer. I read the stories, confirm and check the facts. My mind wonders. Mrs. Takio comes by giving me a nasty look and I try to look as if Iím working. I notice the ceiling tiles. The tiles are made of a creamy-wavy matte that will probably be found to cause all kinds of health problems tens years from now.

Thereís a knock on my cubeís Ďrugí.

"Hi, You must be Donna, Bobís daughter," a woman asks.

I look up and see a smiling tall blonde in a sharp business suit in the Ďdoorwayí of my cube. I vaguely recognize her as Lisa Lowens.

"Oh, hi, you must be Mrs. Lowens," I get up and shake her hand, "I remember you from when you worked for my father. I guess I have you to thank for this job."

"Donít be silly, the pleasure is all ours, itís an honor to have a Columbia grad working in the research department. Iím sorry I havenít been by before to welcome you. How are you settling in?"

"Just fine, just fine, the people are very nice here."

"Yes, hmm, we try. I have to run now but was wondering if youíd be interested in lunch today."

"Sure, that sounds nice."

Over the next few months Mrs. Lowens and I have lunch once or twice a week. We get to know each. For me itís interesting to learn how this professional woman runs her life. Sheís very curious about my life too. Itís been a while since she was a student and likes to hear stories from academia. We both enjoy exercise, although Mrs. Lowens is much more serious about it than I am. She likes to work out with free weights and is quite muscular.

As we get to know each other better we disclose more about our personal lives. I tell Mrs. Lowens about my growing frustration over the decreasing frequency of visits from my boyfriend Paul. She tells me how she and her husband have been separated for the past ten years but are still very good friends.

Then there was the lunch where she told me she is a lesbian. We were eating in a quiet midtown restaurant.

"So Mrs. Lowens, when was the last time you went out on a date?" I ask while munching on my sandwich.

"Oh Donna, please call me Lisa, Mrs. Lowens is much too formal, actually I date quite often. I had a date last night as a matter of fact."

"Well, Lisa, youíve been holding out on me! So, tell me all about him, whatís his name?"

"Donna I donít mind telling you all about it, but you have to promise me to have an open mind."

"Oh, of course," I answer, my curiosity piqued.

"Okay Donna, you asked about my date, well, he is not a he at all, but a she."

"Really? Wow! Mrs..I mean Lisa, are you a a ah, lesbian?" I ask. For some reason my pulse picks up a little. It looks as if I didnít know Lisa as well as I though.

"Yes, Donna, I am." She answers, shifting slightly in her business suit.

"Lisa, I canít believe it, I thought we were friends? Why didnít you tell me before today?" Iím a little hurt, but also intrigued by this side of Mrs. Lowens.

"Oh Donna, of course youíre my friend. I just donít go blurting it out to everyone in New York. I was just waiting for the right time and figured the right time was now."

She told my about how she has been dating women for the past ten years and has a very active social life and is also into the bondage and discipline scene. Other then that not much changed between us. I continued to work part time at the company and attend my classes while living at home. Lisa and I continue having lunch together, where we joke around and blow off a little steam.

Lisa seemed rock solid and knew what she wanted out of life. While I, on the other hand, was turning in a wreck. My stupid boyfriend Paul told me heís getting Ďmore intoí studying geology. I was lucky if he came down to the city once a month. I was turning into a real horn-ball, spending more and more time locked away in my room with the vibrator.

Whenever I asked Lisa about her sex life she was always forthcoming but never pushy, I loved her for that. I began fantasizing what sex with Lisa would be like. I enjoy having sex with men and have experimented very little with women. Really the only lesbian experience I had was with my friend Ashley. We goofed around with tongue kissing after a party once. But nothing ever came of it. I think weíre both just too shy.

My ĎMrs. Lowensí fantasizes grow more intense. I find myself watching her at the office. She has a powerful yet feminine shape, with sharp shoulders and strong, long legs. I imagine what it would be like to be between them. She looks truly wonderful in a business skirt and blazer. I wonder if she would have any interest in a short twenty-two year old. The whole idea of sexually submitting to a woman twice my age is both terrifying and utterly delicious.

"So what do you do to these woman once you have them tied to your bed," I boldly ask Lisa at one of our lunches.

"Oh Donna, you silly girl, do you really want to know?"

"Sure, why not," I answer casually.

"Well, if you MUST know, I usually kiss them, lick them, talk dirty to them and then fuck their brains out. Sometimes I go fast, and sometimes I enjoy going-ever-so-slow," she answers with a smile and a giggle.

"Wow, umm, s-so how do you fuck them?" I ask, a slight blush rising on my cheeks.

"That depends on the mood Iím in. I have a strap-on dildo that I use sometimes, it gives me the wildest sensations on my clit as my lover gets the business end. Iím also the proud owner of a double-headed twelve-inch dildo, which is incredibly soft but also incredibly firm. That can be lots of fun. Itís also nice to go totally raw, just pussy-to-pussy, clit-to-clit. But thatís the heavy stuff. Sometimes I just liked to neck softy on the couch, depends on the mood Iím in."

I attempt to concentrate more on my schoolwork. I barely hear from Paul these days. At night I masturbate with my vibrator. I pretend that Iím Lisaís love-slave, and that she has me strapped firmly to her bed and is fucking me silly.

Things are busy at work. Lisa and the other managers are occupied with a new marketing project and we donít go to lunch as often as we used to. Occasionally we see each other in the hallways, sheís all-professional when weíre in the office, but spares me a smile once in a while.

Letís face it, Iím going completely bonkers.

Every day Iím turning more into a POD. Those blank stares on the subway. The endless mind numbing hustle-bustle that is New York City. All around me are people slowly working themselves to death.

I finally decide to make a move.

One day at the office I march right up the stairs to the managerís suite where Mrs. Lowens office is. I walk right up to her secretaryís desk (who is very pretty, but I figure I should seduce one woman at a time here) and ask to see Mrs. Lowens.

"Iím sorry Donna, but Lisa is not in right now, sheís at one of the board meetings. Youíre welcome to leave a message or schedule an appointment."

Okay, so this is a little awkward. I opt for the appointment. Apparently the only time available is TWO DAYS away! I can barely wait. I have constant butterflies in my stomach. My and my old vibrator and in for a wicked two days.


Finally I get to see Lisa two days later. I carefully dress in a stunningly cute mid-length black skirt and light blouse. I can do Ďcuteí very well, sexy is a little bit tougher for me. Itís mid-morning in the busy office, but what can I do? Iím a girl with NEEDS! Lisa Lowens, the older woman of my dreams, of my nasty, wicked fantasies is there sitting in her executive office, looking oh-so prim in a dark tailored business suit. Her long legs crossed in black stockings!

I enter and close the door behind me.

"Hi, Donna, how ya doin?" She says smiling as she sits back in her chair, waving me in, "I hope you know that you donít need an appointment to see me."

"Yes, yes, Lisa I know, but youíve been rather busy lately," I stammer, suddenly quite nervous.

"I know, Iím sorry about that, things have been a little crazy around here. We should do lunch again soon."

"Mrs. Lo...I mean Lisa, well I guess Iíll just come right out with it."

"What Donna, is anything wrong?" She gives me a concerned look with those sharp blue eyes. Behind her is a great view of New York City, looking uptown over central park.

Well, Iíve come this far.

"Lisa I want to be your total fuck-slave. Iíve been having the wildest fantasizes about you for over a month now. I submit to you utterly and totally, you can do WHAT EVER you wish to do to me. Tie me to your bed, fuck my brains out. As a matter of fact, keep me tied to your bed, fuck me silly for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I just want you to know that if you want me, Iím YOURS!"

I blurted it out so quickly and nervously, sitting on the edge of the chair in front of her desk. Lisa, the tall, blond, professional woman looked somewhat shocked. But recovered quickly.

"Oh, Donna, my poor girl, why donít you come over here," she says, getting up.

Nervously I walk across the office towards the older woman.

She doesnít give me a tongue kiss, grab my ass or tits (which would of been fine by me!), instead she just gives me a big warm hug. I burst into tears and start bawling into her shoulder.

After we both calm down a little, she knows just how to proceed.

"Donna, listen, I enjoy my way of life very much but itís not for everyone. I appreciate that you find me attractive, many woman do. I think you miss your boyfriend a lot. My advice to you is to move on. Youíre really quite a beauty and thereís many men in this office and beyond who would give their left one to sleep with you..."

"But, I donít want ..."

"Okay, okay, you want to have a date with me?"

I sniffle and nod vigorously.

"All right then, Iíd like to go slowly, do you understand?"


"How about dinner at my place, this Friday oh, lets say about seven?"

"That sounds great," I say with a big smile and a sniffle

"Donna, I liked you a lot as a friend, think about whether or not you really want to be my lover. If you have any second thoughts, and donít show Iíll understand perfectly and weíll still be friends."

"Iíll be there."

"All right then, now scoot! Iíve got a ton of work here and youíve broken my concentration!" She chides me with a smile. I take a deep breath and walk back to my cube.

The next few days Iím walking on air. I buy a special outfit, a cute mini-skirt and stockings. I get my hair done up nice. I now have super-super-smooth bangs! I know itís a crazy, silly thing, but I feel like a teenager on her first date. And in an odd way itís true. This is my first date with a woman, and an older woman at that!

Lisa lives on the upper East side, on Second avenue and Seventy-Fifth street, in one of those big East side luxury monstrosities. I take a cab cross-town. Iím so nervous my hand shakes as I paid the driver. I check in with the doorman, then itís up to the ninth floor.

With butterflies twirling in my stomach I ring her apartment doorbell. After a few seconds my Ďdateí opens the door. Lisa greets me with a gentle kiss on the cheek then invites me in. Her apartment is huge. She looks wonderful in a long dark-blue evening gown.

Lisa has prepared a light seafood pasta dinner. We take our time chitchatting while we eat in her large kitchen. The lights are low and the table is candlelit. Soft, relaxing jazz is heard in the background. I force myself to slow down and chew slowly, and remember to breath, breath!

After dinner we retire to her living room. I sit on her overstuffed sofa as Lisa gets some red wine.

"So," Lisa says impishly as she hands me the wine glass, "where do we begin?"

"Um, are you going to tie me up now?" I ask haltingly.

"Oh Donna, not so fast, I want to make love to you, but tonight I think we should move slowly, see how you like it. Then if all goes well you can come back tomorrow night for the heavy stuff."

"Okay." I smile nervously and take a big sip of wine.

"Also, I want you to call me ĎMrs. Lowensí like you used to, for now on."

"Okay, umm, Mrs. Lowens."

"All right then, weíll do this nice and easy." She moves in front of me and takes the wine glass out of my hand. "Just relax and close your eyes. Iím just going to touch and kiss you now."

Sitting on her sofa, arms at my sides I close my eyes and try to relax. The bit of wine was very good and helps in this. I canít believe what is about to happen to me. To be seduced by this gorgeous older woman who has been haunting my dreams for weeks.

I suppress a nervous giggle as I feel her long cool fingers slowly caress the back of my head, and then down my shoulders. I guess sheís standing behind the couch.

"Oooh, Donna, youíre such a beautiful girl. I donít think you realize it, but you just ooze a kind saucy sexuality," her voice lowers to a whisper as I feel her lips press against my ear, "and I just want to suck it up." She slowly kisses and nibbles on my ear.

I feel a deep blush bloom on my cheeks. Damm it! It makes me feel like such a kid. Lisa hasnít even done anything to me yet and I can feel my breasts perk up and a wetness develop between my legs.

Lisa sits next to me on the couch. Iím still being good by keeping my eyes closed as she wraps an arm around my waist. She presses me to her and leans into me. It feels great as her firm breasts rub into my shoulder.

She begins to softly kiss me just under my neck, her lips soft and insistent, going up to my cheek and forehead. Her other hand gently traces along my thigh, mini-skirt, tummy, then ever-so-lightly to my breasts.

"So, lover, how do you like it so far?" she asks in a husky whisper.

"I-Itís n-nice, I like it." I barely manage to stammer out.

"I bet you do." Her hand lightly holds up my chin.

"Donna, you can open you eyes now." I comply to see her strong angular face close to mine.

"Donna Iím about to give you your a real womanly kiss. Itís going to be very wet and Iím going to use my tongue a lot. And you sure youíre ready?"

I nod quickly, looking into those wonderful blue eyes just inches from my own. Her soft lips touch mine. I close eyes again and tilt my head back slightly as Lisa increases the pressure on my mouth. Her hand holds the back of my head while she leans into me, kissing passionately. Her long body feels great next to mine.

As we continue our kiss Iím getting more excited. I push my chest out and open my legs slightly. I let out a whimper as her tongue sides into my mouth. My pussy becomes instantly wetter.

I canít believe this is actually happening! Sheís a woman and almost twice my age!

Our mouths open fully and our tongues swirl around each other. Lisaís tongue is long and forceful, she takes her time and explores my mouth with it. She breaks off but then starts kissing me all over my face. I kiss her back.

Her hands press up and down along my body, this time with more force. I return the touch and feel up her curving hips, her tummy and then onto her breasts. We still have our clothes on, but through her dress I feel she is deliciously firm, smooth and long.

Lisa takes hold of my shoulders and lowers me down onto the couch. Iím now lying flat as the older woman squirms around on top of me like a snake. Her knee and thigh push between my legs, forcing them open and to squish against her pussy. Our legs are entwined and scissor-locked together. My mini-skirt is pushed up past my waist, Lisaís dress is in a similar state. Weíre both wearing stockings. She humps down against my thigh while grinding into my pussy with her own thigh. Clamped together tightly like this we immediately fall into a rasping rhythm.

"Oow, Donna, my little saucy one, this feel too good. If we want it to last weíre going to have to slow down a little."

"Ummm," is my only reply.

Lisa sits up a little, our legs still entwined. She holds my shoulders and wildly kisses me on the face again. She sits up again and quickly unbuttons my blouse. Her hands move up my tummy and onto my breasts. She kneads, pulls and twists them through my bra. She reaches under me and unclasps the bra. I raise my arms as she pulls off and casts aside my blouse and bra.

We stop grinding, Lisa kneels between my legs, forcing them wide open. Her hands grip my underarms, Lisa leans down and lowers her long tongue to my chest. I moan in pleasure as she slowly laps up my breast. She holds me firm as she opens her mouth to engulf my entire left breast. Her wicked tongue twirls around my nipple as she sucks up on it, then mashes her mouth into my breast slurping, twisting and pulling at me with her teeth and lips.

"Ooooh, Ooh, Oh Lisa, Oh God, your tongue, aah, ooh, your tongue," I moan and gurgle as she serious laps at my nipple.

I canít believe this is happening. Itís as if Iím moving through a haze of pure white-hot pleasure. This far surpasses my paltry girlish fantasies. I feel dream-like, but this is no dream! Her strong arms hold me to the couch, her questing mouth is ravishing my breasts, her long legs push insistently against my pussy and wide open legs.

Lisa smiles mischievously and leans up and reaches under my ass. She unzips the back of my mini-shirt. I push my lower back and butt off the couch to help her. She disengages from between my legs and grabs hold of my feet and brings them together. She takes my skirt all the way off. Then off came my shoes, and in one swift move she hooks her thumbs under my panties and socking and swoosh! She has finally has me bereft of clothing!

She gets up off the couch, kicks off her shoes and reaches behind her neck. Her stunning dark-blue evening dress comes up and off her beautiful long body. She stands before me in black bra, stockings and panties. Wow! She is quite muscular. Her exercise routine has really paid off. Iíd bet she could kick my boyfriends butt! No doubt she could kick mine. Now thatís a strange thought! She rolls down her panties and stockings and snaps off her bra. Weíre soon both naked, at last!

"Spread your legs sweetie so I can eat you out properly," she says slinking to the couch again.

"Oh! My," I murmur.

I do as she tells me. Iím still laying my back on her couch, Lisa kneels between my splayed legs and leans forwards. She slowly kisses my soft inner thigh and then gently bites and pulls at me, working her way towards my pussy. It feels wonderful, her soft lips and sharp teeth on my tender parts. I open my legs so far as possible to encourage her.

As her long tongue pushes up between my pussy lips I throw my head back and mewl in delight. She sucks, pulls and then gently bites my clitoris. This is the first time Iíve ever been Ďeaten outí by a woman. Lisaís expert touch is driving me crazy! Unbelievable rolling sensations of pleasure emanate from between my legs, rolling up my tummy, causing my nipples to hardened and stand up proudly.

She continues to lap me, I squirm my hips around, trying to impale myself on her long tongue. Her hands reach under my legs and hips to hold me fast to her mouth. The older woman opens her mouth wide, her soft lips engulf my entire cunt. I feel her long, wet tongue moving between my pussy lips, slowly and deliciously she slides it into my pussy hole.

I whimper and moaning in ecstasy. She begins to pump her entire tongue in and out of me, slavering up my now copious pussy juice. She goes crazy sucking, licking and nipping my pussy lips and clitoris, mashing her lips, mouth and chin up and down between my legs.

"Ooooh, Arrrrrrh!, Arrrh! oh God, Lisssssa! I-I-Aaaaaaah!" My orgasm builds from the pit of my stomach and I spasm all over Lisaís face. I reach up and hold her face to my twat. She sucks and licks me through my orgasm. Laying on my back on the couch with Lisa between my legs I fully relax, feeling that hazy dullness of post-orgasmic bliss. She rubs her hands slowly up and down the inside of my thighs, it feels wonderful.

"You seemed to enjoy that sweetie."

"Ohh, yes Mrs Lowens."

"Iíd like to go back to what we were doing before, rubbing pussy to pussy, except now weíll do it rawhide, I like that sort of thing a lot."

"Ummm, okay," I tell my new lover. I have a heightened sense of being right now. I feel fully open to this woman, she can be whatever she wants to me now.

Lisa look up and kisses my tummy, my breasts, neck. She moves up along the top of my body again, and gently brings her musky lips to mine. Her warm skin feels great against mine. I feel her gentle weight push lusciously against me as she snuggles over me. Her body feels fantastic, her mature breast press down on mine. Her hips push against my V open legs.

Mrs. Lowens slowly inserts her tongue into my mouth. I open my mouth wide to accept her probing as she slides her pussy against mine. She slowly grinds her cunt into me. Our pussies squish and squash together. The sensations are astonishing! Weíre lips-to-lips on both ends. Lisaís tongue feels wet and big in my mouth as she runs it along the roof of my mouth. Our hips and pussy thrust into each other. We slowly begin to find a delicious rhythm together.

The pace of our pussy grinding picks up, Lisa kisses my face my with a gentle force. Our tongues playfully slide and push together. Her pointed clitoris feels great as it rubs into me. Our arms wrap around each other. She holds me very tightly as our rhythm picks up. I wrap my legs around her slender waist, my ankles cross against her back as I the woman tightly to me.

Here we are on the couch, two women, separated in age by about twenty years, turning ourselves into one deliciously rutting beast and I love it! Iím pressed into her overstuffed couch, on my back with my legs around this sexy, older woman, she holds me incredibly tight against her body. My face is tilted back as she kisses me wildly on my face. One of her arms goes around my back and the other holds my neck to her, forcing us together. Her firm breasts mush and wonderfully rub against me, occasionally our stone-hard nipple make electric contact.

We hold each other tightly, sliding, thrusting and rubbing together. This goes on for a while as our crescendo builds. Lisa pushes forcefully and slowly into my pussy and begins to orgasm against me. Her tongue laps under my neck. She moves down near my arching chest. With both hands she grabs hold of my tits, pulls them upwards and bites and licks my nips. I moan and writhe under her, my own orgasm soon follows.

We lie resting together for a while. The naked older woman wiggles against me. She sits up between my open naked legs and looks down at me, rubbing her long fingers along my legs.

"Hmmm, your quite a good little fuck. For the rest of the night Iím going to tie you spreadeagle to my bed and continue to screw your slutty little-brains out."





"OH! Mrs. Lowens!" I gasp as she quickly gets up and lifts me up in a bride-like manner. Holding me in her strong arms, one arm is under my back, the other cradles under my knees. I feel a wonderful sense of safety, being held in her powerful arms. I am small and precious as she holds me. She lifts my face to her lips and kisses me softly.

"Ready to be fucked again, sweet cakes?" Mrs. Lowens asks me softly looking down at my face.

"Yyyyess!" I hiss back to my new lover.

She carries me through her living room, down the hallway and into a large bedroom. The walls are Robins-egg blue, with tasteful recessed lighting and wood floors. The far window looks out over New York City at night. In the middle of the room is a king-size futon bed with dark bed-sheets and pillows.

Mrs. Lowens sets me gently down on the futon bed. The bed sheets feel cool and soft against my naked butt.

"Okay, sweety spread-em! I want you on your back with your arms and legs straight out."

I comply with Mrs. Lownens request, stretching out my arms and legs and looking coyly up at my new loverís face.

"Oooh," I gulp as Mrs. Lowens pulls out a leather cuff from the bottom of the bed near the left corner. She quickly attaches it to my ankle. In no time she has both my ankles and wrists securely fastened to each corner of the bed-frame.

"And this little chain tightener on each cuff will pulled you nicely taunt," Mrs. Lowens tells me as she fiddles with the chain on each cuff. Soon my body is pulled taunt in the perfect spreadeagle position.

What an unusual feeling it is too be bound spreadeagle to this womanís bed. Pulling at my arms and legs I realize Mrs. Lowens has left me very little slack. The dark blue bed-sheets feel smooth and cool on my back. Iím naked and completely exposed to this older woman. I have very little freedom of movement. The leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles are actually quite soft to the touch, but incredible strong, holding me firmly in place. Being bound and totally at Mrs. Lowens mercy really turns me on.

She sits on the edge of the bed and softy strokes her fingers along my legs, my tummy, arms and breasts. Mrs. Lowens lays down along side me on her bed. The slight jostling of the bed causing my legs and arms to stretch against my wrist and ankle cuffs, reminding me of my bound predicament.

This older new lover lays on her side next to me and casually tweaks and caresses my tits and plays with my nipples (which are now quite hard).

"Oh Donna, I going to have a good time with your sweet body. Itís so tender and firm. Just the way I like it." Mrs. Lowens pinches both of my nipples simultaneously. I groan with desire and pull at my bindings. Her strong fingers treat my breasts like soft bread dough.

"Hmmmm," she says while closely examining at my poor breasts. "I think itís time to make you into a nice tittie-snack."

Mrs. Lowens lays fully on-top of my spread-eagle form. Her well-toned body and smooth skin feel warm and slightly moist as she slides down against me. Her powerful thigh and hip press directly against my pussy, her other leg clamps against my right leg, grinding her own hot pussy into me. Her hands hold the sides of my body, right under my armpits as she brings her mouth up to fully engulf my right breast. I look down in amazement as the older womanís lips stretch around the base of my breast. Her mouth feels soft yet tight. She brings her tongue to play along my nipple.

"Oooh, hmm, ooooh!, mm-Mrs. Lowens that feels very nice, y-you make my nipples really fell good." I pull against my wrist and angle cuffs, trying to push up my chest into her mouth, but Mrs. Lowens has me bound too tightly to her bed for much movement. I tilt and roll my head backward in mounting frustration. Mrs. Lowens gently bites into my hardened nipple.

"They are special deary, quite special," she says looking up between mouthfuls of my breast. "And there mine, completely mine!"

With that she arches her back up and takes hold of the base of each of my breasts, squeezing, pulling and kneading them with more force than before.

I moan and whimper at her increased frontal assault. The soles of my feet tingle and curl with pleasure. Her hip and thigh snake and rub against my pussy and open bound legs.

Still holding my breasts in her long warm fingers, she brings her wide open mouth to my right breast. Her mouth and lips engulf about half my breast this time. She sucks up mightily on my nipple and plays her tongue along the top of it. I groan and pull against my bindings, thatís really all I can do. Sheís squeezing the base of both breasts now, causing my tits to Ďpop-outí slightly. She goes crazy biting, pulling, sucking and licking my nips, switching frenetically from breast to breast.

I roll my head back moaning, my hips bucking up against Mrs. Lowens.

"Okay, I think Iíve snacked enough now." Mrs. Lowens stops her assault. Letting go of my breasts she holds herself over me.

"Aaarh, ooh, ooh, Mrs. Lowens, please, please donít stop now." I pout and squirm under her firm body, pulling and testing my bindings. Our bodyís shared a sheen of slippery warm sweat.

"Is my poor baby all hot and bothered now?" She says smiling down at me while sliding her mature tits against my own. She softly kisses my neck. I whimper and groan in response. Our breasts slip and glide deliciously together.

She kisses me fiercely on the lips. I moan and open my mouth as Mrs. Lowens inserts her tongue into me. She breaks her kiss and looks down at me, inches from my face.

"Donna, I had no idea I would have so much fun turning into my complete Bottom. Youíre really quite a little slut, arenít you?"

"Y-yes," I whimper looking up in her sharp angular face. Her long blond hair cascades down her neck, tickling my bare shoulders. The older woman is fully on top of my bound spread-eagle form. Her legs and hips wedged between my open V legs, her breasts squashed into my own. The inside of my thighs are pressing into her own muscular thigh. I tremble with desire and lust.

She kisses the side of my face and slowly licks behind my ear.

"Well, my little girl-slut, I think itís about time I put on one of my favorite strap-ons and fuck your sweet young brains out."


She suddenly gets off my bound body. The shaking of the bed causes my legs and arms to stretch out slightly. From a nearby draw she pulls out a good size strap-on dildo. I gasp, not so much at the size of the thing, just at itís sheer perversity. The plastic phallus is jet-black and thickly veined. The tip is a wide mushroom shaped head.

Mrs. Lowens comes back to the bed with the dildo in one hand. With the other she feels up and down along my pussy and clit.

"Mmmm, seems like my baby is ready to take my plastic friend here. I call him ĎJohnny.í Great for drilling little sluts like yourself. The other end also gives me a lot of clitoral action. Now stick out your tongue, deary."

I do as Mrs. Lowens asks me. She runs the black plastic phallus, from base to head along my out-stretched tongue. It tastes a little salty.

"Thatís it baby, get a good taste of all the lovers that come before you."

Uck! I canít believe she making me do this. But Iím too far gone to really care. I just want her to fuck me!

Mrs. Lowens attaches the obscene dong to her hips. The older woman gets on the bed and kneels between my bound open legs. She positions the wide head of the dildo lightly on top of my pussy. I whine and groan as she looks down on me, smiling.

"Well Donna, arenít we in a hurry today! You really want me to fuck you with this thing donít you, my little whore?"

"Oooh, Ooow, yes, yes...please Mrs. Lowens..."

"I want you to admit that youíre a total slut now, who belongs entirely to me!"

"I...oh, ohh, oh!"

I can barely talk. Mrs. Lowens takes short stabs into my pussy with the dildo, and withdraws quickly.

"I...OH!...I..Iím a total slut and belong completely to you, Mrs. Lowens..Ooh!"

"Just one more thing, every little slut like yourself has a hidden, nasty fantasy. I need to know yours NOW! Or Iím simply have to put poor Johnny away."

Iím going out of my head with desire! I twist and squirm around in my bindings, trying desperately to impaled myself on Mrs. Lowens teasing phallus. But itís no use, my movement is too limited!

"Oh, OH! Pleaaaze! Mrs. Lowens, Please!"

"Tell me now Donna, or weíll call it a night and Iíll see you at the office tomorrow."


I blurt out my deepest, darkest fantasy to my tormentress.

"Hmmm, very nice, quite nasty! Well now, are you absolutely sure you want me to slip this thing into you? How about it slut-face?"

"Ooooh, oooh, oh, ooh please..." Iím crying, Iím shaking with desire. This woman is driving me crazy! Here I am, spread-eagle on my back, tied to her bed. Sheís naked, kneeling between my outstretched legs, her warm knees press firmly..oh-so-firmly against the insides of my open thighs, her strap-on is firmly in place. I feel delirious, out-of-control as this older woman lords over my prostrate body.

"All right, sweetie, my little honey of a lesbian twat, here it comes!"

Looking down along my bound body I see a delightfully depraved sight. Mrs. Lowens moves her hips forward, her thighs press into mine. The wide mushroom head of the dildo slowly pushes into my pussy, finally! The plastic dong feels truly wonderful as it moves up inside me. She goes very slowly. I can hear, and feel a wet squishing sound as the phallus moves deeper into my body. I arch my hips downward so the plastic dong will rub against my clit.

A warm, tingling sensations spreads outward from my pussy. Whimpering with desire my head shakes back and forth on the pillow. I pull against my secured legs and arms. Iím in heaven.

Mrs. Lowens ever-so-slowly pulls out of me. I whimper in disappointment. As if in response she inserts the dong fully back into my pussy. Then out again, and in. I moan and close my eyes as she begins to deeply pump into me with a slow rock-steady rhythm.


She closes down and top of me while maintaining her steady thrusting. I canít believe Iím doing this! Mrs. Lowens has played me very well, Iím very turned on now, countering each thrust back with my own hip movement up. Our breasts rub together as she gets down on her elbows over my bound form. She kisses me harshly on the lips.

With each thrust I canít help but let out a little moan. Iím so close to the brink. Mrs. Lowens slides her hands under my waist, holding our bodies tightly together, still maintaining her in and out, in and out. This allows her to thrust more deeply into me and gives us full body contact as she fucks me.

My orgasm blossoms out intensely from my tummy, causing me to tremble all over and against my lover. My pussy tingles, my breasts jut up proudly against the older woman. Mrs. Lowens stops thrusting into me. She body feels great on top of me, her tongue is deep is in my mouth, her thighs press wetly against my own. Iím completely impaled by her dildo, it all feels truly wonderful.

She gets off me quickly and takes off the strap-on and gets back on the bed. Standing directly over me she sits down gently on my breasts, with most of her weight on her knees at my side.

"Donna, sweetie," she says softly. "Itís time for you to learn how to lick and suck my pussy, right now! Itís - itís very important." Mrs. Lowens brings her wet muff forward, towards my mouth.

"Oh, I.." I still feel somewhat dazed. "I never really.."

"Well, thereís no time like the present, now is there." She grabs the hair in the back of my head and presses my face directly between her legs. Iím suddenly overwhelmed by her scent and wetness. Somewhat shakily I stick out my tongue and lick, tasting her pussy. Itís not too bad. I canít believe Iím doing this!

"Oooh baby. Umm, yes, just like that."

Over the next three hours, still bound spread-eagle to her bed, Mrs. Lowens carefully instructs me on the many, many ways to please her by just using my tongue. She cums on my face a number of times, leaving her sticky love-juice plastered to my face and hair. A good amount of her fluid dribbles down my chin and onto my neck and shoulders.

She finally undoes my restraints. We take a nap curled up together, totally exhausted. We get up a little while later, Iím floating on air. We clean up and get dressed. On my way out Mrs. Lowens wants to show me something.


"Come over here, sweetie," Lisa waves me over to a corner of her plush living room, "I want to show you a few things"

Lisa shows me her special Ďequipment.í Inside a slim cabinet she takes out an impressive array of strap-on dildos, short fat ones and spiky long ones and all kinds of leather cuff restraints and what looks to me like a horses harness.

"Donna, I had a wonderful time tonight, but here is where my heart really lies. If you decide to come back tomorrow night I will freely use this devices on your young sweet body without restraint."

"Oh Lisa, I will..."

"Hush my young one, I want you to think about what youíre getting yourself into here. If you decide not to come over tomorrow night, I will remember this wonderful night always and weíll continue our friendship. The choice is yours, I donít want you to give me an answer now, but think on it."

"Okay, Lisa, I think I understand." My mind is already made up of course.

Lisa pulls out what looks like a small squat table. Itís about a foot and a half tall, two feet wide and three feet long platform for the corner. The top of the platform is covered in a thick soft-rubber matt, strange round metal Ďeyeletsí are installed on the front and back and along the sides.

"This is my little piece de resistance. I call it my Ďpleasure table.í I can attach my slaves to it in a variety of amusing and accessible positions. If you come over tomorrow, I will secure you, bound and naked, to this platform. As you can see, it wonít be a polite Ďdiner-dateí like tonight, if fact you should eat before you come over because I will not be feeding you. Itíll be a different kind of date. If you decide to show up youíll become the key focus of one of my famous bondage scenarios. Do you understand Donna?"

"Umm, yes Lisa, I understand." I say as I stare, transfixed on the Ďpleasure tableí before me. I become excited just imagining myself attach to it and what Lisa would do to me.

"Donna, you still live with your parents, right?"

"Yes, Lisa, I do," I reply in a somewhat embarrassed admission.

"Well, if you do decide to come over tomorrow is there any way you stay the full night, into Sunday? I donít care how you do it or work it out, I just donít want anyone to get worried."

"Oh, donít worry about that, Iíll just tell them Iím staying over at Ashleyís, itíll all work out just fine."

"Great," smiles my beautiful, older lover. She gives me a full, but soft, kiss goodnight.



I go home late that night as if in a dream. I feel a constant level of excitement in the pit of my stomach. The next morning Iím pacing my bedroom and going out of my mind with anticipation. I just have to tell someone, so I call Ashley, my best friend since High-School.

"Wow, Donna, I canít believe you! She bound you to her bed, and you completely ate her out?"


I tell her the whole story and about my next meeting with Lisa. I think sheís duly impressed and even a little jealous of my new sexual experimentation.



I work everything out, Ashley is cooperative about the phony sleep-over. Lisa can have me until Monday, if she wants.


Standing in front of Lisaís door I feel my heart pounding in my chest. I canít believe Iím actually going through with this. Iím wearing a light mid-length dress with tasteful Ďcuteí pumps.

Lisa opens the door with a big smile and an intense look in her eyes. Her hair is pulled back into a tight bun. Sheís wearing a silk bathrobe and killer high heels.

"So, youíve come back for more," she says pulling me into her apartment. She quickly closes and locks her door. Lisa holds me to her and pumps her long tongue into my mouth, I gurgle in surprise and try to respond to her kiss. One arm goes around my back and presses me to her, her other hand roughly palms and squeezes my pussy, bunching up my dress between my shaking legs.

Wow, this is happening so fast! I tilt my head back, sucking up and down on her tongue. Her hand comes up to fondle and pinch my breasts. Just as quickly she brakes off contact on wheels me around, into her living room. I feel my nipples harden and a wetness develop between my legs just from that quick contact.

"Ow, Lisa, weíre not wasting any time tonight, are we?"

"No, sweetie, weíre not, just a few things before we begin," she tells me as we stand in front of her over-stuff couch. Memories of the night before flash into my mind. As Lisaís talks she takes off the robe to reveal black lacy panties and a tight black push-up style bra. I almost giggle, but she does look great!

"Umm, Sure Lisa, what is it," I say nervously shifting my weight from one legs to the other.

"Well, to begin with you must do everything I command you to do tonight. This is totally necessary for the scene weíll be creating, do you understand?"

"Yes, Lisa, I do."

"One more thing," Mrs. Lowens says as she spins me around and begins to unzip the back of my dress, "I will probably be the most dedicated lover youíll ever meet, but you mustnít be possessive of me. Just like I wonít be possessive of you. If you want to kept your boyfriend thatís fine, if you want to become the biggest cunt-licker in mid-town thatís fine too. You may see me with other woman from time to time, this doesnít mean I love you any less. Itís just that I need to be free to do my thing. Understand me sweety."

Mrs. Lowens gives me an affectionate pat on rump.

"I understand," I blurt out quickly. I look around her living room nervously, the low-platform table Mrs. Lowens call her Ďpleasure tableí is pulled out to the middle of the room.

Mrs. Lowens turns me face-out towards the living room, holding me tightly to her, weíre both in our underwear now, her pointy firm breasts press into my back sending chills down my spine. As she presses me to her, her lanky, strong body feels great across my softer skin. She begins to kiss the back of my neck and hugs me close around the waist. Her left hand reaches down and grabs me between my legs, palming my pantied pussy, her right hand moves up and pinches and squeezes my now-hard nipples.

I canít believe this is happening again! A keen sense of desire wells up from my pussy. My knees grow week as I let this tall, older woman have her way with my body. She roughly grinds the palm of her hand between my legs and pinches my left breast, still kissing the back of my neck.

"Aaaah, Donna, your so lovely, Iím a lucky woman to have such a beautiful girl in my arms," she tells me between her kisses on my neck, "weíre going to have sooo much fun tonight."

"Well, Donna my dear," Mrs. Lowens continues, "do you see that my pleasure table over there?"

"Y-yes," I answer in heated nervousness.

"Well, lover, take a good look at it because youíre going to spend a lot of time attached to it tonight. Itíll allow us to take our budding relationship to a whole new level, through restraint your pussy and body will become a true tool for my domination over you ..."

Her voice trails off and I stare at the table. My God! Mrs. Lowens is driving me nuts! Iím becoming quite horny as her wicked hands slides up and down my body.

"Yes, Mrs. Lowen, aah yes!"

She hooks her thumbs in my panties and rolls it down and off me. She unclips my bra and casually tosses it aside. She takes hold of the back of my neck and walks me over to her low platform table in the middle of the living room. I feel a blush on my face, itís from being totally nude in front of this older woman, which is kind of silly given what we did last night.

"Okay Donna, I need you to climb on top of my little table here in a kneeling position with your legs well spread, got it, sweetie?"

"Oooh, oh um okay," I say awkwardly. In a heated whirlwind I clumsily climb on top of Mrs. Lowens Ďpleasure tableí.

The platform is thickly padded and carpeted for easy kneeling, metal round eyeletís are installed along the edges. I kneel and await further instructions. Mrs. Lowens comes to my side and grabs holds of my left thigh and yanks my kneeling legs open even wider!

"I need you to be fully open my dear, now put your arms together and lean forward."

I comply with the older womanís order. Itís amazing how exposed I feel up on this little table. Mrs. Lowens goes to a side draw and pulls out all kind of ropes and things. She takes a few long lengths of long soft white rope and expertly ties it around my knee and then pulls it taunt, attaching it to one of the side eyeletís.

Soon both my knees and ankles and hands are tied firmly but not too tightly, to the platform. As she tied my other knee, my legs were spread even further apart. She then took my hands and tied them together to one of the eyelets in front of me. While still on my knees, this has forced me to lean forward on my elbows. My back is now level and my ass is sticking out fully exposed.

"My, my, my, arenít you quite a sight," Mrs. Lowens says, rubbing her hands gently over my back and down to my buttocks. "So, Donna, how do like being tied up naked to my little pleasure table?"

"Well, it-itís interesting, I...ah..OH!" Mrs. Lowens suddenly pushes her pointy finger directly into my pussy.

"Hmm, your quite wet, well you and my table seem to make a perfect pair. Just a few more items..."

I am becoming very turned-on while attached to Mrs. Lowensí strange little platform. A sense of unreality and anticipation hits me as waves of pleasure churn-up from my stomach. My nipples harden and my pussy is now very squishy.

Here I am, a restrained sex slave, tied up in the middle of a living room, under the command of a woman old enough to be my mother! I test my bindings, the ropes are strong and tight, but not enough to cut off circulation to my fingers and toes. I look out Mrs. Lowensí huge living room windows, I get a nice view of the sun setting over the city.

"All right now Donna, do you know what this is?" Mrs. Lowens stands in front of me holding what looks to be a black leather dog collar.

"Is-is it a doggie collar?" I gulp. She looks fantastic standing there in her black lace panties and bra. I wish she would let me suck on her breasts again.

"Yes, indeed, it used to belong to my fatherís Golden Retriever, Lilly. Unfortunately Lilly passed on. Now I use it to train young bitches like yourself."

Her fingers gently brush the hair off the back of my neck. She puts the collar around my neck and tightens it. I feel a strange mixture of pure mortification and excitement as Lillyís collar closes around my neck. It as if Iíve become her Ďpetí in the process of being house-broken.

She attaches a short lease to the my collar and then pulls it down around a hook in the bottom of the table. This forces my neck and head even lower, about 5 inches above my bound wrists and hands, but the more insidious effect is too raise my ass even further in the air. My poor pussy is completely exposed to what ever Mrs. Lowens plans to dish out.

My lover, my mistress gets down on one leg and brings her face close to mine. Her hand gently lifts my chin, and our eyes meet.

"Itís interesting is isnít it? My young one..."

"Whatís that Mrs. Lowens?" I ask, looking demurely into her intense blue eyes.

"The more I bind you the saucier you become in a slutty kind of way. Your young, petite body stretches nicely over my little platform. The way your peachy breasts firmly sway under you. Those pouty little lips," Mrs. Lowen is talking softy now as she slowly closes in on my face, a wild blush blooms again across my cheek, for some reason I struggle slightly in my bonds, "which Iím just going to have to kiss."

This older woman lowers her lips to mine to in what at first is a gentle kiss. Her lips are soft and firm as they press against mine. I tremble slightly as her kiss becomes more urgent. She holds my face in her hands, tilting my head upwards. I whimper and moan, pulling at my bindings, Iím quite hot now. Her tongue forces my mouth open and swirls around my mouth, slathing against my own tongue. She breaks off the kiss and stands up. I wish she would get to it and put on the strap-on dildo or whatever.

"Ah, how sweet are the young," she says while tracing a finger along my spine.

"Please, Mrs. Lowens, I believe Iím ready for your dildo now," I shake as I say it, I canít believe Iím actually saying such things!

"and impatient too, we have the next two days together, right?"

"...Umm, yes."

"Well, relax my little slut, we have plenty of time," Mrs. Lowens is behind me, rustling among her equipment.

When she returns she holding what looks like two mini-vises attached to springs and ending with a hook. I immediately shutter upon viewing these new Ďdevices.í

"Now relax my little one, no need to be nervous," her right hands runs under my belly and gently squeezes my breasts. Her left hands hold these Ďmini-visesí in front of my face. "Now itís all going to be all-right. These are nipples-clamps with some nice springs on them. Iím going to clamp them tightly to your tender nipples, then hook the springs to eyeletís on the platform here. These clamps will greatly heighten your experience of our love-making."

"Umm, Mrs. Lowens, maybe we could skip the nipp...oh! oh! OH!," Iím taken by surprise as Mrs. Lowens leans under me and takes my breast into her mouth. She roughly ravishes my poor tits with her fingers, month, lips and teeth. Pinching each breast in her hand, she bites and sucks on my nipples. I pull my arms and legs against the ropes holding me fast to the table. I am completely bound and totally at the older womanís mercy. My pussy is very wet now, I wish she would stuff something into it!

"Oow, oh, Mrs. Lowens, please, please I, I ... "

"Hush, you little whore," she says as sheís concentrating on my left breast, pulling out my nipple.

"Okay, now Iím about to attach your first nipple clamp. Iím sure this will be the first of many, many more to come, because you have the perfect nipples for it, soft, long and tender, the clamp has plenty to bit into here. Sure, you may be a little uncomfortable to begin with, but in an hour or two youíll be thanking me when that darling little pussy of yours starts cumming in buckets."

I canít believe what Iím hearing! My pussy juice is beginning to run down my legs. Hours? Just how long does she intend to keep me tied up like this? Will she really attach me to those mean-looking Ďnipples-clamps.í

"Um, oh God!, Um Mrs. Lowww-ens? I ah..aah aarh aaarhhhhh oooooow!"

I feel the bit of the metal against my left nipple as Mrs. Lowens quickly tightens the clamp. A strange mixture of pure pain and intense pleasure shoots out from my left breast. I groan deeply and roll my head back and forth as tears of frustration and discomfort roll down my cheeks. I lower my head and brace myself for the right nipple clamp. Mrs. LowensĎ deft fingers pull and tease the nipple, when the clamp bites I whimper, moan and sob with my head down between my arms.

"Oh, come on now, take it like the easy bitch I know you are! These are baby clamps and springs to just get you started. Iíve clamped women and girls smaller than you with much bigger and nastier clamps than these puny things," she run her hands over my breast, pulling at my newly attached clamps. I moan and whimper, shake and shutter.

"Besides I havenít attached the springs to the eyeletís yet."

"Oh god, Oh god, M-Mrs. Lowen, Please Iím just not use too..I....OOOH!" I manage to stammer out as she attaches the spring and hook dangling from the bottom of the nipple clamp to the lower eyelet on the side of my Ďplatform.í




My right nipple and breast are pulled downward slightly. She attaches the spring and hook dangling from my left breast as well. Now my nipples are clamped and attached to short springs on the eyelet hook. Now if I move or sway left or right, or forwards and backwards, my clamped nipples will be pulled downward in the opposite direction.

"Oooh, oh God, Mrs. Lowens, you really got me secured here, thatís for sure."

"Yes, Donna, thatís the idea. Now lets take a look of that little pussy of yours!"

The older woman gets directly behind me. I can feel her fingers sliding up the insides of my thigh. Never before have I felt so totally exposed. Her fingers trace through the pussy juice dripping down the inside of my legs.

"Hmm, very nice, youíre certainly a wet little whore back here arenít you?"

I donít know why, but whenever she calls my a Ďwhoreí or Ďbitchí or Ďslutí I just get more turned-on. How do I answer such a question? By now Iím truly beginning to go out of my mind with lust!

I feel her thumb on the bottom of my pussy lips, then with a sudden loud "squish" she inserts it, full-length into my pussy. Iím pushed forward slightly causing my nipples to stretch downward and backward. Then she slowly moves her wonderful thumb forward slightly, sliding it deliciously along my clitoris.

"Oh, oh aah, Mrs. Lowens that feel so good."

"Tell me little one, I donít suppose youíve ever been bound and fucked in front of a group of people?" she asks me as she gently massages my inner pussy lip with her wonderful thumb and hand.

"Oh God, Well, aaah, well no I guess not," I stammer.

Itís hard to concentrate as I try to gyrate my hips against her beautiful hand. I try to push myself into her thumb but Iím thwarted by the fact that my nipples are Ďhard-wiredí into the table. I find myself testing just how far I can really Ďstretch.í I realize that Mrs. Lowens knows exactly what sheís doing, setting up this terrible dilemma for me.

She take her hand away. I whimper and moan, twisting in my bindings. I hear her rummaging through her stuff. I brace myself for whatever is next.

"Have you ever seen one of these?"The older woman holds a funny, squat looking dildo in front of my head. Itís bumpy black molded plastic with a spiky head, about five inches long, fat in the middle, then thinning off until it flares out into a wide disc.

"Um, No,/s Mrs. Lowen, Iíve never seen anything like it before."

"Good, good because one of my friends is publicly going to very slowly fuck you up the ass with it. Since this night is going along so well weíll make a bit of a party of it. Letís invite some friends over to document this special event!"

I gulp and turn white.

"P-public? D-Dódocument, h-how do you mean, document?"

"With video and photos of course, you silly girl!"

"Oh, oh, Mrs. Lowens please, no friends please, this is just between the two of us. I donít know how much I can take..." Iím trembling and shaking, my pussy is openly drooling. Here I am, tightly bound, nipples and all, to her special Ďpleasure tableí. Getting fucked in front of a group of total strangers would just push me over the edge.

"Well, Iím a firm believer in sharing among my special friends, and youíre just too good to keep to myself. Iím also beginning to realize that youíre a bit of a complainer, and I have the perfect cure for that. Youíll be so cute with those pouty little lips stretched around a nice, big red gagball, I know I have one somewhere here..."

In no time sheís standing in front of me with a big red ball with two ropes coming out of it. Mrs. Lowens holds the bottom of my chin, bringing my eyes up to look directly into hers.

"Donna, I think you know where my little scene with you is going tonight. My friends and I are going to completely humiliate you. Weíre going to perform perverse acts on your bound and gagged body, probably by fucking you in both holes at once." Mrs. Lowens gently caresses my bare backside with her hand, which only serves to further my mounting frustration. "Donna, my little dear, I want to give you a chance to leave, right now if youíd like, no questions asked. Iíll still be your special friend, always. In a little while our scene here is going to get very intense for a young woman like yourself. So how about it Donna? Leave now or enjoy the ride?"

"Oh, Mrs. Lowens, please, Iíll stay, Iíll stay." I blurt out quickly.


She tells me about the special safe-gestures I can use if I want to quick.

"Well, now that thatís out of the way, open-up sweetie." I am beyond resistance. I open my mouth wide and she stuffs the soft plastic ball into my mouth. For a moment I fear Iím going to choke on it, but it stops at my mouth. Indeed my lips do stretch thin around the ball. The ball forces my mouth to open as wide as itís ever been. My lips and cheeks to push forward and my tongue is pinned to the bottom of my mouth. Mrs. Lowens ties the ball-gag tightly behind my head.

"Mmmf, mmf, mmmf!"

"There, there now thatís a good little slut isnít it?" She tussles my hair slightly. If only she would shove one of her many thick dildos or vibrators in my pussy. Iím totally ready!

Being bound to the low table like this and having my nipples clamps and mouth gagged is making me unbelievably horny! Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. The restraints on my legs and hands hold me tight to the table. Iím on my elbows and knees with my head down. I can move a tiny bit, but the attached springs on my clamped nipples gives me good reason to hold as still as possible! I am completely open to this older woman, she can do whatever she wants to me now. This situation is turning me on to no end! Waves of tingling pleasure roll-up from my pussy!

"Just one more thing, Iíll need to tie a scarf around your eyes, just in case thereís someone you know coming over for our special event tonight, it just saves a lot of embarrassment to everybody." Suddenly my world goes dark as I feel Mrs. Lowens gentle hand tying another knot around my head.

Someone I know? I twist and turn against my bonds and try to talk but it comes out only as "mmmf!" Just how far Iím I going to be humiliated tonight? Why am I so turned on by this? My pussy continues to dribble down the back of my thighs. And people are going to see me like this! Oh my God! What have I gotten myself into?

The next twenty minutes are excruciating slow for me, in my bound, mute and blind world. Every time I move or shift slightly I feel my sore nipples are pulled by Mrs. Lowens wicked spring-clamps.

Mrs. Lowens is in her bedroom, making a long series of calls for her Ďspecial eventí tonight. I can hear snippet of her conversions:

"Yes, yes the poor thing is tied up right with the wettest pussy I ever seen, yes you know how some young woman are...."

"Sheís blindfolded and gagged, yes, photo are encouraged!"

"No, no, no I plan to have her for the rest of the night..."


I hear Mrs. Lowens return from the bedroom.

I try to communicate, but it only comes out as desperate whimpering and moaning.

"Hang in there my sweet little tramp. The guests will be arriving soon. I know at this point you desire penetration in the worst way, well it wonít be long now. And let me just say now you look truly divine, bound and clamped, with your little pussy oozing all over the backs of your thighs, simply lovely."

I gulp and nod. I canít believe this is happening! Iím a mass of crazy sensations, slowly rocking back and forth on her Ďpleasure table.í Being bound on my elbows and knees, blindfolded and ballgaged I find my sense of hearing acute as Mrs. Lowens shuffles around the apartment getting ready for her Ďguests.í I canít believe people will be viewing me in such a state!

Her doorbell rings and she briefly talks to the doorman.

"Our guests will be right up sweet-ums, theyíre in the elevator now."

I moan and whimper and pull at my bonds. She going to display me like some kind of farm-animal! Despite myself my pussy is churning out juice, which is indignantly oozing down my legs. I must be dripping on Mrs. Lowens carpeted platform.

The door buzzer rings and I hear it open and hear the sound of a number of people shuffling in. I canít believe this is happening! Iím completely mortified and embarrassed being seen like this, bound, clamped and naked with my bare pussy waving around in the air. I am also strangely thrilled and turned-on by my compromised position. In Mrs. Lowens bondage Iím find a total sensual liberation!

"Please, please come into the living room, thatís where sheís tied-up, and shh!" I hear my mistress admonish her guests.

I hear the group moving into the living. A shiver rolls up and down my spine. The group giggles. I hear their hushed exclaims as they view my bound and gagged state.


"Nice, very nice."

"Unbelievable, it really is Donna!"

"Oh my! Sheís oozing!

"Mmmm, I like the way the little bitchís titís are stretched!"

Oh God! I all most faint! All the voices are female, and some a vaguely familiar. It sounds like theyíre around the couch, with a full view of my ass and pussy!

"Can someone help me move the little slutís platform around, so you all can get a nice side-view of the nightís activities. Yes that fine, setup the video wherever itíll work best."


I feel people moving my platform around. Every shakes and wobble translates to the springs pulling on my poor, clamped nipples! Anyone on the couch now must have a profile side-view of my prostrate body.

"Thank you, thank you," Mrs. Lowens says as her fingers lightly trace up and down my back. I tremble at her touch, never have I felt more exposed, or turned on.

"Look and behold Ladies. Yet another young bitch is professionally attached to my Ďpleasure table.í And doesnít she look quite good in her predicament here? Itís as if this slut was born to be on her hands and knees. Lets take a tour of my little whoreís body."

I groan and tremble as I hear her walk around to my front.

"I just love the way her mouth takes the gag, notice how these pouty lips deliciously stretch around the ball." Her fingers move through my hair and pull up my head towards the crowd. Her wicked fingers trail around my ball-gag engulfed lips.

Mrs. Lowens moves down my body, she reaches under me and gently holds my clamped breasts. Even her slight touch causes the springs to pull on my sore nipples!

"And just look at these beautiful, peachy, young breasts. This little whore has great long nipples, donít they look great in these clamps. Sheís also very sensitive, watch what happens when I pull on the attached springs."

My torturess cruelly pulls down on my nipples Ďsprings.í Pain and pleasure wash over me through my clamped breasts.

"Mmmmmmf! Mmmmmmfth!" I moan and shake against my bindings as her guests murmur and giggle in response to my dilemma.

Her fingers travel up, then down my back. She gently caresses my bare ass.

"And hereís is my little slutís, Ďpiece de resistance,í her gorgeous, saucy butt, and her cute pussy. These are the reasons why youíre all here tonight." Mrs. Lowens cool fingers knead and pinch my ass, I moan and squirm around. My God! This older woman has turned me into a sex-show for her friends!

"What do you think folks? Isnít this beautiful young butt just crying out to be punished?"

Punished? I gulp and tremble in my bonds. Since Iím still blindfolded I can only hear her guests titter. Mrs. Lowens fingers trace down my ass and thighs, grazing my oozing pussy.

"Hmmm very nice, Perhaps the judicious application of a paddle to young Donnaís ass here would do the trick nicely. How many wacks do you think our little slut can take?"

Her guests giggle once again. I hear Mrs. Lowens moving around the living room. I hear womenís voices call out their feelings about how many Ďwacksí my poor bottom can take!

"Thirty, at least thirty for an ass like that."

"Thirty? This little bitch could take at least forty, maybe fifty!"

"I believe our saucy little wench here needs one hundred stiff wacks!"

Bound fast to Mrs. Lowens pleasure table, on my elbows and knees, I tremble and twist in my bindings. My poor clamp nipples are sore. One hundred wacks? Her Ďguestsí are absolutely relentless!

"Well, poor Donna is new to this scene. Lets start her off easy," I hear Mrs. Lowens tell the crowd. I feel a broad, cold surface caressing my ass. She must be standing near me with paddle in hand. "I think ten good wacks will do our little bound lady a world of good."

In relief I sigh into my ballgag. The crowd grumbles in disappointment.

The first wack hits me hard on the ass. A sudden sting and intense heat rises from my rear. But whatís so devilish is that Iím suddenly push forward in my bent-over and bound state. My clamped and hardwired nipples are pulled backward as the force of the blow pushes me forward! Mrs. Lowens planed this from the start!

"Woommmh! Owwwmmmph!" I moan and groan uncontrollably with my blindfolded and gagged head down.

"One!" Mrs. Lowens quips triumphantly.

As the spanking proceeds it has a delirious effect on me; the sharp sting on my ass, the pull on my clamped breasts. Mrs. Lowens has purposely forced me into this predicament, a crazy zigzagging of pain and pleasure washes through my prostrate body

It seems like an eternity, but the count finally gets to ten. My lips quiver around the large rubber ballgag, tears run down past the blindfold and streak across my hot face.

"There, there my little strumpet, that wasnít so bad was it?" Mrs. Lowens comforts me as her fingers trace lightly along my spanked bottom, her guests giggle.

"Wow! Donna," Mrs. Lowens tells me. "Your saucy little ass is quite hot. Okay, the time has finally come. Letís face it, our young whore here is sizzling and needs relief fast. I already fucked this little cunt once the other night, and now want to give one of you in the audience an equal chance to freely play with the body of our bound young friend here. You all know where my wide array of special toys are. Feel free to use them completely without prejudice on this bound twat before you. Do I have any volunteers?"

I canít believe Mrs. Lowens is doing this to me, saying these wonderfully awful things. Itís pretty close to my nasty fantasy she made me blurt out the other night when I was bound to her bed. I groan and shake on the table, feeling completely exposed to these unknown strangers, and tremendously excited.

"Hmmm, so many! Okay you, youíre most appropriate I suppose!"

Thereís some shuffling. I then hear someone opening drawers, they must be gathering Mrs. Lowensí Ďtoysí to try out on me. Someone approaches my rear. I feel cool, wet lips gently kissing my now-sore bottom. I canít believe this is happening! A total stranger is kissing my butt! I canít believe what Mrs. Lowens is putting me through! I want to tell them all that Iím not a twat, cunt or a whore. Iím a good college girl who lives at home with her parents, Iíve always tried to be a good girl!

Of course itís a little hard for me to say anything with this over-sized rubber ballgag stuffed into my mouth. And would anyone take seriously a girl who let herself be blindfolded and bound, legs, arms and tits to a homemade Ďpleasure table?í

"Well Donna," Mrs. Lowens tell me. "Iím going to step aside and let our volunteer take over now. Just relax. I suspect youíll cum like never before." I feel Mrs. Lowens fingers gently rub the back of my neck.

"The crowd is really enjoying your little show, my slutty one. Maybe I should narrate a bit since you canít see whatís coming. Your volunteer is a woman, a pretty one at that. She has selected an anal vibrator and spiky strap-on dildo from my equipment drawer. Sheís now naked and lubing up the anal vibrator. Sheíll probably take you up the ass with it, and then fuck you silly with the strap-on. Oh, it looks like your sweet little bottom is about to be licked!"

I shiver and moan into the ballgag. A deep blush blooms across my face as I feel the strangerís lips touch my ass. Iíve never been fucked in the ass before! Her lips travel back and forth along my heated bottom. A long pointy tongue lathers me up from my pussy to rosebud. I yelp as I feel the strangerís teeth bit hard into my left ass cheek.

The crowd in Mrs. Lowensí living room laughs in amusement. I blush even deeper and tremble in anticipation. The strangerís hands take hold of both sides of my naked, swinging ass. Long, sharp fingernails dig into my soft skin.

"Donna," Mrs. Lowens says. "Itís my duty to inform you, that our volunteer is about to take you up the ass with one mean-looking vibrator."

Her guests laugh. I canít see a thing through this damn blindfold! I groan into the ballgag in surprise as I suddenly feel a bumpy, hard plastic surface pushing against my asshole!

I moan and wiggle at the bizarre touch to my backside and desperately try to relax. Oh! I canít believe this is happening! Iím on my hands and knees, blindfolded, gagged and bound naked to a pleasure table, while a crowd watches a total stranger sodomize my rear end! Iím swamped with lust and desire from being stimulated for so long! I want to be fuck, need to be fucked, even in front of all these people!


I shiver and arch atop the platform as the tip of the anal intruder pushes slowly against my bottom and is withdrawn. I startle, shaking in my bindings as the wide, blunt bulbous head instantly returns with more force pressing down on my anal ring.

"Oooommmh!" I squirm and groan as the thick shaft repeatedly presses against me with increasing force and vigor, and is then pulled back. Iím finally broken, the rounded tip presses hard into my backside and slowly enters my body. It feels huge and hard inside me. I gasp and shudder, involuntarily clenching around the depraved, beastly invader. I canít believe Iím really doing this bound naked in front of a group of people that I canít even see!

I pant and shake as the woman pushes into me a few good, obscenely thick inches, and then slowly withdraws. I whimper at the incredibility gratifying, yet completely disgusting sensations shooting through my rear as the oily, raspy dong slowly slides out of me.

My ass is slowly being fully opened up by this bumpy phallus-like object. The crowd oohs and aahs with each languid penetration. This cycle of in and out goes on for a while, a long while, until the thing is completely inserted inside me.

A most strange feeling of fullness and pleasure wells up out of my rear, causing my exposed pussy to tingle even more. I gasp as I feel the shaftís wide disc depressing hard against my ass cheeks. The thing is finally inside me. Itís so gross, so uncompromisingly solid and wickedly thick. I intimately feel the shaft sticking straight into my bottom, skewering me like a little pig at the roast!

I whimper into the ballgag as my poor anus repeatedly attempts to close and clench around the hefty plastic invader, but of course it canít! I groan and tremble on the platform, my thighs and legs shaking with pure desire.

"Oh my. Donna," Mrs. Lowens resume her wicked narrative. "It was such fun watching a proper young lady like yourself get impaled up the ass with that nasty vibrator. But it seems to have fit inside you quite, quite well. Now it looks like our guest is going to fuck you doggie style with a strap-on dildo. Youíre gonna get fucked like the little bitch in heat."

"Oooowph!" I squirm and wiggle, intensely aware of the huge dong up my butt, and of my wicked predicament of being strapped over the matted table like this.

The womanís warm thighs and hips press against my backside. Her hands come down. I gasp as a contoured dildo slowly slides easily into my wet pussy. Strong warm hands take hold of my waist for purchase. I whimper and twist as she slowly begin thrusting into me

She quickly sets up an intense, forceful pumping action in and out of my sopping pussy. I let loose a long groan as I feel her warmth thighs repeatedly slapping into the back of my splayed backside.

I put my head down. I feel the unstoppable welling-up of a deep climax fast approaching. Between the strange womanís thrusting and the presence of the object up my ass, it wonít be long now. Adding to these sensations are the clamps and springs holding my nipples firmly in place, with each plunge into my pussy my breasts stretch a bit back and forth. The womanís thighs smack loudly against me with each thrust of the dildo into my cunt. I feel loose and crazy, bucking out of control like an animal in heat. Iím well beyond any kind of civility, or embarrassment. I just want her to fuck me good, good and hard!

Oooh! Iím so very close!

My unknown, seeable lover thrusts into me more forcefully. I bounce and rock over the platform within the merciless limits of my bindings and nipples springs. She somehow turns on the anal vibrator deeply embedded up my bottom. The harsh joyous buzzing it creates inside me instantly rocks me into a higher orbit. The woman leans over my back grabbing my clamped and bound breasts. I feel her own pointy breasts push into my back as she pushes up on my tits with her hands, causing my poor, bound nips to stretch downward with each thrust into my pussy. This woman is driving me crazy; Iím beginning to lose my mind! I feel her completely over me, dominating me, fucking me senseless like some kind of bitch-dog in heat!

While thrusting and pulling up on my poor, bound titties, she bites the back of my neck and licks behind my left ear.

"Okay slutty-whatty, you can cum now," my unknown, demon lover whispers softly in my ear with a vaguely familiar voice.

I do just that. Wailing loudly through my ballgaged mouth, I buck hard against the woman over me. I cum in wave, after delirious wave, shuddering hard as hot molten lava courses through my aching, twisting body over the platform. The vibrating anal phallus, her endless forceful thrusting and pulling against my clamped breasts, the feeling of her soft tits pressing into my back, all mix together until I feel as like one big hole, taking in massive amounts of sensual input, filling up completely and exploding outward.

I feel slightly dazed as the woman dismounts from me and withdraws her dildo. I groan as she slowly draws the phallus out from my ass. Someone takes off my ballgag and I gasp and sputter through my mouth, head down, my lips and cheeks tingling and slightly cramped from being gagged.

Otherwise Iím kept blindfolded and attached to the table. I spend an eternity in an other-worldly afterglow, barely aware of the room around me. After a while I hear Mrs. Lowensí guests leaving the apartment.

Mrs. Lowens finally unattaches my breasts, legs and arms from the table and takes off my blindfold.

She holds me tightly and slides her tongue into my mouth. We stand there in her living room french kissing for a while.

"Oh Donna," Mrs. Lowens says breaking the kiss, "you were just wonderful. I hope my scene wasnít too much for you."

"It-it was wonderful Mrs. Lowens, a little intense at times, but you were right, I never had an orgasm like that before. I think, I think Iím really, really falling in love with you.."

"Well, thatís nice sweetie. But now letís go to the bedroom, I really need some of that loving myself now."


For the rest of the weekend we made gentle love. Mrs. Lowens occasionally ties me up, or clamps my nipples but nothing like her earlier scene on the pleasure table.

No matter how hard I press her, Mrs. Lowens refused to tell me who my demon lover was. But did say it was somebody I knew, which only drives me crazy for piquing my curiosity. I just have to find out!


On Monday Iím back at the office, doing the boring fact checking research as usual. I notice some of the woman in the office giving me odd looks and smiles. Could they of been part of Mrs. Lowens crowd? How awful!

Iím in the copy machine room when Mrs. Takio walks in. As my demanding boss and manager she always make me a little nervous.

"Donna, I thought you had those reports copied last week," Mrs. Takio addresses me sharply.

"I, I, Iím sorry Mrs. Takio, but I was a little distracted last week," I stammer like a fool.

Mrs. Takio leans close to me and gently rubs my back.

"Thatís okay Donna, as long as youíre still my slutty-whatty."

I look up stunned at the beautiful Japanese woman. Iím still holding the report binders absently over the copy machine. Was SHE the one? My demon lover? I blush unwittingly.

Mrs. Takio gives me a wink and quick smile. She leaves the room, turning gracefully in her high heels. I watch her attractive form as she struts down the office hallway.



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