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Gail Harris Adoration Group
My Gail Harris Yahoo group

Midnight Owl Video
Discussion forum for fans of b-movies and soft porn

Softcore Reviews
More T&A reviews, slanted more towards newer movies

Vintage Erotica Forum
Share movies and pictures from before 1996

Unique Monique Forum
Free forum to discuss and meet actress Monique Parent

Monique Parent
Monique's pay site, great nude pictures

Nikki Fritz
Nikki Fritz pay site

Becky LeBeau
Becky's production company, some samples

Celebrity Nudity Database
Some material contributed by me under the name "Gailfan"

More great erotic literature

The ASN Story Board
Stories focusing on stripping & public nudity

Shon Richards
The Thigh vs Thigh series, and other stories

Maria Gonzales
Huge influence

Like the Trudi Tolliver stories!

Collected Works of Julius Zimmerman
Fantastic fantasy cartoons

Bikini Science
Everything you ever wanted to know about bikinis. Includes pics of bikini auditions. Free site.

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