Welcome to the chronicles of Nicola Baron, B-movie starlet & model. Nicola's sexy exploits will titillate and amuse, as the gorgeous 'Knickers' strips her way from one hilarious misadventure to the next!

Nicola Baron

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Nicola Adventures 2001-2003

1. Nicola's Hot Screen Test (exhib no-sex)
Nicola's first audition for a commercial doesn't go too well.
2. Nicola & the Helpful Angel (exhib no-sex)
At an audition Nicola gets into a sticky situation, but a helpful angel is on hand.
3. Bikini Audition (MF FF exhib)
Nicola auditions for a B-movie and learns a few inside secrets to success.
4. Shutterbug Starlets (FF exhib)
Nicola and Jennifer hit the beach for some fun & sun, under the lustful gaze of the paparazzi.
5. Bikini Stewardesses Go Mile High (MMMFFF oral exhib)
During a photoshoot for Bikini Stewardesses 2, Nicola, Jennifer and Candy Barr are asked to serve as real stewardesses on a business flight.
6. Hollywood Party Hostesses (MF M+F interr exhib)
Nicola has alot of fun serving as a hostess at a wild Hollywood party.
7. Nicola: Live & Uncensored (MF oral exhib span humil)
Nicola gets a little "exposure" on The Tony Moroni Show, but there's a nasty shock in store.
8. Carwash Cuties (MF oral FF exhib)
To promote the new series of Bikini Carwash Company Nicola, Angela and Dizzy compete to see who can satisfy the most customers in a single day at a real carwash.
9. Nicola Gets A Woody (FF 1st celeb exhib)
Nicola is nominated for a prestigious award and ends up seducing a famous starlet. (AKA "The Starlets")
10. Bikini Christmas Carol (MF M+F reluc F-solo interr)
Nicola and Angela compete to give a network executive the best Christmas present ever.
11. Sex Kitten (Ffff exhib)
When the teen girl band "Sex Kitten" comes to LA to shoot a music video, Nicola is assigned to look after the tasty trio.
12. Bikini Sorority House Party (MF FF exhib)
When Nicola shoots a B-movie at a real sorority house, she must help the college babes raise $10,000.
13. Bikini Audition 2: The Wrath of Angela (MF exhib)
Nicola goes to another bikini audition, unaware that Angela has set it up to just to get her revenge.
14. Best in Show (MF FF exhib)
Nicola enters the Miss West Hollywood Beauty Pageant, but soon finds this is a very unusual contest.
15. Knickers Down in Acapulco (MF MMMMF exhib interr)
Robbie is a bellboy at a resort in Acapulco. His dreams come true when his favorite B-movie actress Nicola Baron checks in for a hoilday.
16. InfoNicola (mmF size 1st exhib)
Nicola is hired to do an infomercial demonstrating an exciting new product that claims to increase breast size. Who'd've thought the stuff actually worked?
17. Undercover Starlet (MF FF oral exhib)
Nicola teams up with FBI agent Bambi Thumper to infiltrate a gang of mobsters.
18. BikiniVivor (FF Fdom exhib)
When a reality show goes wrong, Nicola and Angela are stranded together on a deserted island with barely a bikini between them.
19. Topless Cheerleaders, Inc (MF FF M+/F+ exhib)
Nicola helps her friend Alison launch an exciting new entertainment enterprise.
20. Harem'd (MF FF M+F exhib interr reluc anal spank humil Mdom bd mc?)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Nicola and Angela are kidnapped by an African prince and whisked away to join his harem. Can our brainy Aussie beauty extricate herself from this tricky situation, or is this the end to her adventures?

Nicola Presents 2010

Prequels 2009

An Immodest Proposal (FF exhib mc? rape?)
A debt is repaid, and a model finds a new direction in her career.
Filthy Pictures (MF 1st oral exhib)
Nicola's first ever nude photo shoot leads to another first.

Lost & Found Adventures 2005-2006

IOU1BJ (MF exhib oral)
Did Nicola really promise a blow job to a stranger?
Weather Girl Showdown (MF FF exhib)
Nicola competes against a bevy of beauties to become a TV weather girl.

Lost Nicola Adventures 2003-2004

Cheerleader in Training (MF MMF exhib)
Nicola joins a team of pro cheerleaders, but a bitchy prude spoils her fun.
Takes place between Nicola: Live & Uncensored and Carwash Cuties.
Leopard Tale (M+F exhib)
Nicola will do anything to get her hands on a designer bikini.
Takes place between Bikini Audition and Shutterbug Starlets.
Gym Bunny (MF exhib)
Why does Nicola work out nude at her local gym?
Takes place between Best in Show and Knickers Down in Acapulco.
Master and Apprentice (MF MFF F-solo interr exhib)
A beautiful English babe learns from Nicola how to make the most of her assets, in order to win fame & fortune and annoy her over-bearing father.
Takes place between BikiniVivor and Topless Cheerleaders, Inc.
Writer's Cock (MFF exhib oral)
When a writer suffers from writer's block, a gorgeous Aussie starlet gives him more than just a helping hand.
Takes place between Bikini Audition and Shutterbug Starlets.
Maid in Australia (MF exhib)
Nicola struts her stuff as a French maid to convince a millionaire author to sign a contract.
Takes place between Hollywood Party Hostesses and Nicola: Live & Uncensored.

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