The following website contains material that may be considered offensive.

It's fairly tame, and I'm pretty broad minded, but the decency laws in most states would required it not be viewed by persons under 18 years.

Also, if you're offended by adult themes, please leave now.

More importantly, this website features women presented as sexual objects. This is alright as they are fictional characters. I urge readers, especially young males, to not regard real women in this way.

All text is to the author. Permission to freely distribute is granted so long as the text is not altered in any way. Content may not be posted to any website or included in any archive without the author's permission.

There is no Nicola. All characters are fictious. The events are made-up. This is only fantasy, so any similarity to real persons, events or institutions is pure conincidence. If there is a similarity between the names of characters presented here and real people, those people never took part in the fictional events portrayed, and no defamation is intended.