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Roller Girl

Part 1 - Demonstrations

I finally get to return to Denmark.  My last visit was over fifteen years ago.  I am super excited.

My name is Mitch.  I’ve been a professional photographer for a few years now, ever since graduating from college.  However, I’ve been an amateur photographer for as long as I can remember.  It’s both my profession and my hobby.

I don’t have any siblings and, from the time I was in the fourth grade, my parents and I took an annual summer vacation to Europe.  We went to a different country each year, and typically spent the first two weeks doing tourist things, and the last few days at a resort.  The first two weeks were always exciting, as I got to see new places and take lots of pictures.

We went to Denmark the summer after I finished sixth grade.  That’s where I had my first sexual experiences.  We spent the last days of our vacation at a beach resort north of Copenhagen.  The resort area has a beach that faces east along the strait that separates Denmark from Sweden.  On a clear day, you can even see Sweden on the other side.   There is also a grassy park area along the beach, as well as beach huts and restaurants.  Lodging, shopping, more restaurants, and a theater are across the street from the main beach and park areas.  There are also residential areas nearby, and just to the north of the end of the beach.

The interesting thing about the beach, however, is that about half is topless-optional, and the other allows full nudity.  I think my parents knew about the topless part, but not the full nudity, at least until we arrived.  In any event, my mom gave me specific instructions to not take pictures of any nude people, as it would be seen as rude.  Plus, she pointed out, we really couldn’t have that kind of film developed.  Back then, I had a Nikon 35mm SLR that I loved.  Digital cameras were just starting to come out with high resolution, but I couldn’t afford those at the time.

My parents generally let me wander while they laid out or did other adult resort activities.  They usually gave me geographic boundaries to roam, as well as a specific time to return.  At the resort, I was confined to the beach and park areas, and to the place where we were staying across the street.  Since my mom had not told me I couldn’t wander over to the full nudity side of the beach and park, and I hadn’t asked her to clarify, I figured that I was free to do so.

As has often been said, there are people at a nudist beach that are not that attractive.  However, this particular beach also seemed to draw a lot of young adults from Copenhagen, some of whom were very good looking.  There were some young people as well, but not many my age.  Mostly teenagers and little kids.

As I neared the area where topless drifted into full nudity, I saw my first fully nude woman.  She was a gorgeous young woman coming down the walkway in the opposite direction.  She paused to look at me.  I suspect it was the camera that made her curious.  I wasn’t taking any pictures at that time, but I was holding it in a ready position.  I’m sure I had a stunned look on my face, which I think caused her to smile.  I pointed my camera down and gave her a nervous smile.  Her body was amazing.  She was very trim, with short curly blond hair, a super cute square-jawed face, small perky tan lined breasts, a patch or brown pubic hair indicating that her natural hair color was not blond, and long legs made even longer by the fact that she was wearing shoes with high heels.  I would see her one more time before we left, but that time fully clothed.  I’ll get to that later.

I looked the other direction, out across the beach and out toward the straights and snapped a picture, so that she wouldn’t think I was staring at her, which I certainly was a moment before.

The beautiful naked young woman walked past me.  I wanted to turn and look at her backside, but figured I better not be so obvious.  I also realized that my roll of film was all used up, and I needed to exchange it with a fresh roll from my pocket, so I walked to the edge of the walkway.

That’s where I met Gen.  She was on rollerblades, skating along the walkway.  Other than her knee pads, elbow pads, fingerless gloves, cap and sunglasses, she was nude.  Gen rolled up to wood post just in front of me, holding onto the horizontal bar to take a break.  She looked back at me.  I couldn’t help staring at the partial tan lines on her butt, which accented her young girlish figure.  She gave me a skeptical look at first.  But then she smiled.  I froze.

Gen turned around and smiled some more as I tried not to stare at her.   She was super cute and tan, with long straight blond hair in two pigtails, so it was hard not to gaze at her.  Gen also had partial tan lines from a bathing suit top, although she was perfectly flat chested and had small, light colored nipples.  The tan lines on her front from a bikini bottom were even more faded, probably due to being at the nudist beach.  Her mons was perfectly smooth, with a prominent crack separating her outer labia.  Combined with her cute face and magnetic smile, she was picture perfect cuteness.

Gen asked me something in Danish.

“I’m sorry, I don’t speak Danish,” I said, a bit embarrassed, and too fluttered to try and remember one of the Danish phrases I had studied on the flights over from home.

“I said, are you gonna take a picture of me or something?” she asked me.

I was caught off guard by the question, in perfectly fluent English with no sign of an accent.  But it was logical question, since I was holding my camera in front of me and loading a fresh roll of film.

“No, I can’t do that,” I muttered.

“How come?” she asked.

“My mom said I shouldn’t take pictures of naked people,” I replied.

“Oh,” Gen replied.  “Yeah, that’s probably best.  They might not like it.”

I nodded.

“Where are you from?” she asked.

“The United States,” I replied.

“Me too,” she said with a smile.

I smiled back.

Gen took off her cap and sunglasses.

“So what’s your name?” she asked.

“Mitch,” I answered.

“I’m Gen,” she said.  “With a ‘G.’  It’s short for Genevieve.”

I nodded.

“Are you on vacation?” she asked.

I nodded.

“You too?” I asked Gen.

“Well, kinda,” she replied.  “My mom’s Danish and we spend our summers here.  She’s a masseuse, so it’s kind of like vacation and work for her.”

“Oh,” I said.  “What’s a masseuse?”

“It’s someone that gives massages,” Gen explained.  “Back home she’s a physical therapist.  But she mostly gives massages when we are here in summer.”

Just then another girl our age rolled up in roller blades.  This new girl was also naked, other than protective pads and a light, colorful scarf around her neck.

“This is Maja,” Gen explained.  “She’s my friend, but she doesn’t speak much English.”

Gen then spoke to Maja in Danish.  I could tell that she was telling Maja her who I was, since she used my name.

Since Maja had stopped with her back to me, she turned her head and gave me a smile.  I smiled back and said ‘hi.’

Maja said ‘hi’ back, then bent over to adjust her left skate.  For a moment, this gave me an amazing view of her ass and pussy, including her barely budding inner labia.  Maja glanced back at me, so I glanced over at Gen.

Gen said something more to Maja in Danish that I didn’t understand, but it was clearly about me.  Maja turned around and smiled, then adjusted her scarf.

Unlike Gen, Maja had no discernable tan or tan lines, and was very fair skinned.  I suspected her mom probably had put full sunblock on her body.  Like Gen, Maja was perfectly flat chested with small lightly colored nipples.  She also had a perfectly smooth mons, but it looked a little different.  Her outer labia were not as puffy as Gen’s, and her clitoral hood was visible at the top of her crack.  She had short, light brown hair that was in a bunch of short pigtails with different colored hair ties.

Gen explained that Maja was local girl she had met some years before, and they were together a lot.  Although Maja’s parents weren’t nudists, they didn’t mind that Maja hung out with Gen and her family in the nudist part of the beach and park.

Gen acted as translator for a few minutes, while each of us shared a little bit about ourselves.  Maja had a lot of questions about photography and my camera.  We also discovered that both of us like gymnastics.  Maja was also into dance.  Gen was mostly into sports.

Next, a boy on a BMX bike rode up to us.  Unlike the girls, he was fully clothed, with a sporty colorful bicycle riding outfit, socks and shoes, and a safety helmet.

After he stopped, Gen asked him something in Danish.  He answered.  For the next minute or so, he conversed with Gen and Maja in Danish while I just stood by.  Then I heard my name come up in the conversation.  The three of them turned to me.

“Hi,” he said to me in heavily accented English.  “I’m Greg.”

I said ‘hi’ and told him my name.

Gen explained that he was a local boy and a friend of Maja’s.  Sometimes he also hung out with the girls at the beach and park, and he had just come over to do that.  Gen told me a little bit about Greg in English, and a little bit about me to Greg in Danish.  Like Gen, Greg is really into sports.

Gen went on to explain that the three of them were going to head over to where Gen’s mom had laid out an area on the grass nearby for their blanket, cooler, and other things, so that Greg could park his bike and take his clothes.

“You can hang out with us too, if you want,” Gen offered with a smile.

I smiled back.

“But you’d probably have to take off your clothes too,” Gen added.  “Because we hang out in the nudist part.”

I nodded.

“Yeah, I probably shouldn’t do that,” I said, thinking that my parents would not likely approve.

“Okay,” Gen said.  “Well, it was nice to meet you.”

“It was nice to meet all of you too,” I replied.

Gen turned around to grab her cap and sunglasses again, leaning over the rail slightly, giving me a wonderful view of her slightly tan-lined ass and a glimpse at the crack of her pussy.

The three of them waved at me before they started off down the path, the girls skating alongside Greg riding his bike slow.

“Wait,” I exclaimed.  “I’ve changed my mind.”

The girls stopped and looked back at me.  Greg did as well.

“I think I’ll hang out with you for a while, if that’s okay,” I said.

Gen smiled broadly.

“Sure,” she said.

I walked fast to keep up with the three of them as they headed along the walkway toward the area on the grass that Gen had described.  It was located just off the walkway, so the girls simply walked the few paces in their rollerblades without taking them off.

Greg parked his bike next to the blanket and took off his safety helmet.  He immediately started stripping off his clothes while the girls sat on the blanket and chatted quietly in Danish.  He took off his shirt first.

I put my camera and ball cap down on the blanket, took a deep breath and started peeling off my own clothes, my tee shirt first.  I couldn’t help but notice the girls glancing at me as I stripped.  There were some smiles exchanged.

Greg took off his riding outfit next.  I worked on my pants.  We were both naked about the same time, except Greg kept his socks and shoes on, whereas I had kicked mine off.  Greg had a similar looking body to my own, being trim and fit, light complexion, with no body or public hair, and an uncircumcised penis.  Greg had medium length dirty blond hair, while mine was short cropped brown hair, which I still keep pretty short.

I was kind of worried that I might get an erection, which I was getting quite often back then.  But, thankfully, that didn’t happen, probably due to nervousness.  I had already started masturbating to orgasm the year before, although without any ejaculation of semen, other than sometimes a tiny amount of watery pre-cum.

Greg stood next to his bike.  I picked up my camera again.  I don’t know why.  It wasn’t as if I was gonna take any pictures right then.  I think it was just for comfort at the situation.  So I sat down on the blanket next to the girls.

The four of us chatted for a while, mostly about school.  Gen served as our interpreter.  Maja wound up taking the hair ties out of her hair, which she said she didn’t like after all, and was just trying something new.  It had looked kinda weird.

After a while, we got to talking about gymnastics and, with some urging from Gen and Greg, Maja demonstrated a bridge, backbend, and kickover.  She was super flexible, and I was amazed at how her mons really protruded when she was fully bent over.  I did one as well, although it felt like my cock and balls were on full display, much like Maja mons was on display a short while before.  May then did full splits, which I couldn’t do and didn’t even try.

A short while later a teen girl rode up the path on a mountain bike and stopped.  She was completely naked, with only sunglasses and a safety helmet.  She got off her bike and stood next to it.

“What are you guys doing?” the girl asked us.

“This is my sister Ella,” Gen explained.  “She’s sixteen.”

I nodded.  She was a very pretty girl.  Long dirty blond hair, mostly tied up in her helmet at that time, a cute face and smile, a trim and fit body with small perky breasts, and nice pink nipples.  Ella also had a small patch of neatly trimmed light brown pubic hair.

“This is Mitch,” Gen said to Ella, before explaining where I was from.

“Have you seen Oscar?” Ella asked.

“Nope,” Gen replied.

“Hmm,” Ella muttered.  “He said he was gonna stop by before his soccer game, and I haven’t seen him yet.”

“Gonna give him another freebee?” Gen asked her sister with a wry smile.

“No,” Ella responded with a bit of contempt.  “He was just gonna hang out.”

“Mmm hmm,” Gen tossed back at her older sister.

“It’s none of your business anyway,” Ella declared to Gen.

Gen shrugged her shoulders.

As if on cue, Oscar arrived.

“Well here he is right now,” Ella announced.

We all looked toward where Ella was looking, beyond us in the grassy area.

A teen boy that I later learned was also sixteen approached us holding a soccer ball.

Gen introduced Oscar and I to each other, who had put the soccer ball down, kicked off his soccer shoes, took off his shirt and stood next to the blanket in only his shorts and socks.

Oscar then peeled off his shorts as if it were just natural.  He folded them, before putting them down on the blanket.

Oscar was a trim and fit boy of average height for his age, brown hair, and a healthy amount of brown pubic hair around his uncircumcised cock and balls.  There was some discussion in Danish among everyone that I didn’t really understand, but I noticed that Oscar kept giving Ella knowing big smiles, which she returned.  Oscar and Greg mostly stood with their arms folded as the girls continued to talk in Danish.

Then another boy showed up.  He looked younger than Oscar, but older than me.  At the time I guessed he was about thirteen or fourteen.  He was fully clothed, and had sunglasses and a backpack.

He greeted Oscar, Ella, and Greg in Danish, and then the three of us sitting on the blanket.  It was clear he knew everyone, other than me.  Gen introduced him to me in English.  He was Maja’s older brother Lucas, and was just checking on his little sister at the direction of their mother.  He spoke fluent English, although with an accent.

The conversation switched back to Danish for a while.  Gen leaned over to me and whispered that she thought Lucas was really cute.  He must have overheard or guessed, because he gave her a big smile.

Lucas decided to hang out for a while, so he started stripping off his clothes, starting with his shirt.  His short pants came off next.

Like me, Lucas had short cropped brown hair.  He was fit and trim, although a little stockier and shorter than Oscar.  He also had a patch of brown pubic hair like Oscar, although not as much.  His uncircumcised flaccid cock looked a little longer than Oscar’s.

I saw Greg wave goodbye, and turned to see Oscar, who had drifted over toward Ella, leave with Ella down the path.

Greg and Lucas sat down on the blanket and the conversation continued in Danish, with Gen translating some of it for me.  We talked about a variety of things, mostly sports and school.

Oscar was mentioned at some point, which reminded me to ask Gen about the ‘freebee’ comment.

Gen laughed.  The conversation switched to English, so Gen could explain it easier, since Maja and Greg already knew the story, and Lucas fully understood English.

First, Gen made Lucas and I each promise that we would never tell anyone what she was going to share with us, not that anything was bad, just that some of it might get her sister in trouble with their mom.

Lucas and I agreed to keep it a secret.

Gen explained to us that, like her mother, Ella was providing masseuse services to the nudist community at the resort.  Their family owns a house just north of the park, which is where they perform their massage services.  Although the house is owned by their entire extended family, during the summer months it’s mostly occupied by Ella, Gen, and their mom, with some relatives stopping by for weekend here and there.  Ella and Gen’s mom is divorced, and their dad is an American, so they don’t see him during the summer.

Gen said that Ella started giving massages the summer before, once she had turned fifteen.  However, her mom only allowed her to give massages to boys and girls from the nudist community that were fifteen, sixteen, or seventeen.  Adults from the nudist community could get a massage from their mom.

The ‘freebee’ for Oscar that Gen had poked at Ella about was just that, a massage that she didn’t charge Oscar for.  Gen suspected her mom would not like that if she found out.

But then the story got really interesting.  Gen said that her mother and sister would provide, at no additional charge, a ‘happy ending’ for any of their clients.  Gen asked Lucas and I if we knew what that was.  We shook our heads.

Gen proceeded to explain what that meant.  For boys, that meant a hand job until they ejaculated.  For girls, that meant manual stimulation with fingers until they had an orgasm.  Lucas and I couldn’t help but laugh nervously.

Gen also explained that, on weekends, the special room where they performed massages was usually booked up, with her mom’s clients mostly in the morning, and her sister’s clients in the afternoon.  On weekdays, the schedule was a lot lighter, with her mom carving out blocks of time for a variety of things, including family outings and laying out on the beach which is what her mom was doing all afternoon that day.  In fact, there were no massages on the calendar for that entire afternoon for either her mom or her sister.

Lucas had a number of questions, which Gen answered.  It turns out that men and boys almost always wanted a happy ending, but women and girls were about fifty-fifty.

We all laughed.

Gen also explained that her mom and sister used a special portable massage table, and a portable gynecological chair, to provide the massages, including the happy endings.  Although Lucas had heard the term ‘gynecological chair,’ I hadn’t, so Gen explained it to me.

Lucas seemed fascinated with Gen’s description of the portable table and chair, so Gen offered to show us all her family’s house, her room, and the massage room.  Among us, Maja was the only one who had been there previously.

I explained that I wasn’t supposed to leave the beach and park area, other than to cross the street to the place where we were staying.  But, after Gen said that their house was only a block or so north of the park, I agreed to join everyone.

As we were all starting to get dressed, Ella pulled up on her bike again, Oscar walking by her side.

“Where are all of you going?” Ella asked.

“I was gonna show them all our house,” Gen replied.

“Oh,” Ella said.  “I’ll go with you.  I was gonna head back to the house anyway.”

All seven of us got dressed and we wished Oscar luck as he headed off to his soccer game.

Ella led off walking her bike, with Greg walking his bike next to her, and Lucas waling by her other side chatting.  Gen and Maja skated around me as I followed.  A beautiful naked teen girl was walking toward us along the path.  I guessed she was about Lucas’ age.  She was thin with long brown hair in two pigtails, a cute face, small breasts, very little pubic hair alongside the slit of her outer pussy lips, and long legs which, like the woman I had seen earlier, were made even longer by high heeled shoes.  The girl smiled and greeted Ella and Lucas as she walked by, who greeted her in response.  It was obvious they all knew each other.

After the girl had passed I asked Gen who she was.

“Oh, that’s Emma,” Gen replied.  “She’s a squirter.”

Ella immediately turned to look at her little sister with a frown.

“How do you know that?” Ella demanded of Gen.

“I overheard you and mom talking,” Gen replied casually.

Ella shook her head.

“Her mom is a squirter too,” Gen declared.

Ella took a deep breath, rolled her eyes, and shook her head again, before proceeding on.

“What’s a squirter?” I asked Gen quietly.

“I’ll explain later,” Gen whispered back with a twinkle in her eye.

Further down the path Gen asked me if I wanted to take a picture of her, since she was closed.  I pulled up my camera and told her I did.  I snapped three pictures of her that I cherish to this day.  One of her looking back at me while pausing at the same wood rail where I had first met her earlier in the day.  A second one of her skating toward me and smiling.  And a final one of her looking at me out of the top of her sunglasses as she led them down from her eyes.

We proceeded to the end of the pathway through the park, which turned into a road.  We walked along the road and past a number of houses and driveways of residences to our right, each of which was along or near to the water.

Finally, we went down a driveway and to a small house.  It wasn’t on the water, but had a great view of the strait.  Ella and Greg parked their bikes and took off their safety helmets as Gen and Maja sat on the steps of the porch and took off their rollerblades.

We all went inside.  It was a cozy house that was more spacious than it looked from outside.  Ella and Gen gave us a quick tour of the kitchen and living areas, as well as the tree bedrooms, the largest of which was where their mom slept, and the other two being used by each of the girls.  We also toured the kitchen and dining area.

“I was gonna show them the massage room too,” Gen said to Ella.

“Yeah, I guess that’d be okay,” Ella agreed.

So we headed to a room next to the living area.  Ella opened the door to let us all in.

The room was about the same size as the bedrooms being used by the girls, but it was located at a part of the house that had a stunning view of the strait, just like the living area.  Except this room had large windows on two walls.  The windows had thin curtains that only partially obscured the view, and what appeared to be film on the window that I suspect made them one-way viewing only, which made sense for client privacy, especially if a ‘happy ending’ was being provided.

Ella described the features of the room.  First, there was a wood shelving unit against the wall.  On it were stacks of neatly folded white hand towels, as well as a shelf full of massage oils.  Next to that was an odd looking chair that Ella described as their massage chair.  I figured that must be the ‘gynecological chair’ that Gen had described earlier, which looked like this:

 Picture of portable gynecological chair

Next to the chair, over toward the windows, was a table with a couple holes that Ella said was their massage table, which looked like this:

 Picture of portable massage table

Finally, between the table and the chair was a large round wicker basket for used hand towels.  There were also a small chair and a handful of standing lamps with soft lighting that all came on when Ella first flipped the light switch.  It was a comfortable room.

“Well, that’s it,” Ella announced.  “You’ve seen the whole house.”

“So is that for happy endings?” Lucas asked Ella with a smile, as he pointed to the large hole in the middle of the massage table.

Ella rolled her eyes.

“Yes,” Ella admitted.  “Did Gen tell you about that?”

“Yeah,” I told them.  “But they promised they wouldn’t tell anyone.”

“Usually, we only tell people about that if they are part of the nudist community and want to become a client,” Ella clarified.

Lucas nodded.

I half expected Ella to lead us out of the room.  But she seemed determined to provide some explanation.

“So that’s only one position that we use for a happy ending,” Ella continued.  “There are actually three more.”

Lucas nodded again.

“I usually use two of them for a client,” Ella explained.

“What do you do for the girls?” Lucas asked.

“The same four positions,” Ella answered.  “Just different approaches.  So you wouldn’t really go under the table with a girl who was face down on the table.”

I was fascinated, and Ella seemed willing to discuss it openly with us.

“So what position do you use for a squirter?” Gen asked with a laugh.

Ella rolled her eyes again before answering.

“I only have one client that’s a squirter,” Ella said.  “And I use two positions, one on the table, and another on the chair.  But I think she lies the chair best.  She can have more orgasms.”

“She has more than one?” Lucas asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Ella confirmed.  “She can have up to about five or six before she is wiped out.  Making a squirter cum can be really intense.”

“How come?” Lucas asked.

“Well, you have to use two of your fingers in her,” Ella explained, holding out the palm of her hand, but bending up her two middle fingers.  “And you move up and down really hard,” she continued, demonstrating the rapid movement she was describing.

“Wow,” Lucas replied.

“Yeah, she jerks around a lot when she’s squirting,” Ella said.  “And it kind of makes a mess too.  Goes all over the floor.”

Gen giggled, as did Maja.

“So what positions do you use for Oscar?” Lucas asked.

“Well, that’s different,” Ella said without hesitation.  “That’s more about the happy ending than the massage.  So I usually do all four positions for him.”

“Lucky guy,” Lucas.

Ella laughed.

“I don’t know about that,” Ella said.  “I kind of tease it out of him slowly.  He gets kind of gets a little frustrated before I make him cum.”

“You should do that for Lucas,” Gen suggested.

“No, I couldn’t do that,” Ella responded to her little sister.  “He’s not part of the nudist community.  Plus he’s not old enough.”

“I just turned fifteen,” Lucas protested.

“He did,” Gen confirmed as Maja nodded her head.

“Well, I’ll think about it,” Ella muttered.  “But if mom found out I’d be in big trouble.”

“She wouldn’t find out,” Gen said.  “We wouldn’t tell.”

“Well, I’ll think about it,” Ella restated, as she headed toward the door, giving Lucas a brief smile.

“Why don’t you do it now,” Gen suggested.  “We don’t have anything else to do, and mom is out on the beach all afternoon.”

“What do you mean we?” Ella shot back.  “You aren’t gonna do anything.”

“No, but we wanna watch and see how it’s done,” Gen said.  “You wouldn’t mind that, would you?” she asked Lucas.

“No, I wouldn’t mind at all,” Lucas said with a smile.

He was just angling to get a hand job, of course, from pretty Ella.  He probably would have agreed to just about anything.

Ella paused.

“Come on, show us how it’s done,” Gen urged.

“Well, he is kinda cute,” Ella chuckled.

Gen nodded.

“We’d have to all swear that we wouldn’t tell anyone,” Ella demanded.  “If our mom or your mom ever found out I’d be the one in big trouble,” Ella said to Lucas.

He quickly smiled and nodded.

Ella made all six of us stack our right hands atop each other in a big circle and swear, in both English and Danish, that we would never tell anyone.

Ella then explained that she would need to go change and wash her hands.  She instructed Lucas to strip off all his clothes, put them on the chair, and climb onto the massage table, lying face down.

“I’m pretty sure you know where to put your penis,” Ella added.

Lucas gave a big smile and nodded.

Ella again headed toward the door, but stopped just before opening it, and turned to look at Greg, Gen, Maja, and I.

“It’s gonna be weird with you all watching and the two of us naked,” Ella declared.  “I think the four of you should get naked too.”

“Okay,” Gen replied, without hesitation or any consultation with the rest of us.

Ella nodded and left the room.

We all set about removing all of our clothes and piling them up on the chair and an empty shelf of the wood shelving unit.

Lucas had a big grin on his face as he climbed onto the massage table, first getting on all fours.  I imagined that Oscar must have had that same reaction, remembering his smiling face when he glanced at Ella earlier.  Lucas prepared to lower himself flat onto the table, making sure his cock was in the right spot.  He didn’t have an erection, but I could still see the tip of his cock poking out below the table.  He had a big grin on his face as he laid there, and I again imagined that Oscar might have done exactly the same.

Ella returned to the room a few moments later.  She smiled and looked stunning.  She was wearing only a thin, mostly transparent, nighty with spaghetti straps.  Her nipples and public hair were clearly visible, although partly shrouded.  She had also let her hair down.  After closing the door Ella paused to think.  The she took off her nighty.  Holding it in her hand she thought some more.

“Whatcha thinking?” Gen asked.

“I’m just wondering what exactly to do,” Ella remarked.  “But I think I know.”

Ella set about with determination.  She told each of us where to stand and made a real lesson out of it, explained each step.

“So first I’m gonna give him a short back massage,” Ella announced, as she retrieved a bottle of massage oil from the shelf.  “This is gonna be more like the freebees I do for Oscar, not like a client massage.  I can show you more that way.”

After applying some massage oil to her palms and setting the bottle on the nearby window sill, Ella took a position alongside Lucas between the table and the window.  We all watched from the other side of the table.

Ella proceeded to massage Lucas’ back.  It wasn’t a deep tissue massage.  It was more of a sensual massage.  He gave quiet moans of pleasure.

“So what have you done with a girl before?” Ella asked Lucas.

“You mean like sex?” Lucas asked.

“Mmm hmm,” Ella confirmed as she continued to work on Lucas’ back, getting more massage oil every now and then.

“No much, really,” Lucas replied.

“So this will be your first real sexual experience with a girl?” Ella inquired.

“Mmm hmm,” Lucas confirmed.

“Okay, that’s fine,” Ella replied.  “I just needed to know.  It helps me to know what to do.”

The massage continued to Lucas’ lower back.

“You see,” Ella said for all to hear.  “Boys cum really quick.  And boys that haven’t done much with girls cum even faster.  So you need to go slow if you want it to last.”

Ella massaged Lucas’ butt cheeks, and he moaned softly.  Gen and Maja giggled, but Ella shushed them with a stare.  Ella moved quickly down the back of Lucas’ thighs and legs, stopping at his ankles.  She loaded up more oil on her palms and returned to his butt.  However, this time she focused on running her hands and fingers up and down his butt crack.  Lucas’ moans got a little louder.

“The anus is really sensitive and can give a lot of pleasure,” Ella explained.

This time the girls didn’t giggle.  But something was obviously happening below the table, as Gen was pointing quietly.  We all looked.  Lucas was getting an erection right before our eyes.  The shaft got longer, pointing a bit forward instead of straight down, and the head poked out from under the foreskin.

Ella gave a knowing nod as she continued to work on the crack of Lucas’ ass with her hands and fingers, separating his cheeks and exposing his puckered hole while she used her thumb to stimulate it.  Lucas moaned some more.

“Okay, let me show you what I usually do next,” Ella announced to the four of us.  “Just stay where you are Lucas,” she added.

Ella grabbed the bottle of oil and got down onto the floor, where she crawled under the crossbeam and sat on the floor with her head just about directly below Lucas’ head, facing the erect penis jutting out from above.  We all crouched down to watch.

Ella put more oil on her palms and then wrapped her right hand around the shaft of Lucas’ rock-hard cock.  He instantly moaned.

Ella worked both of her oiled hands up and down the shaft super slow, with Lucas giving little moans the whole time.  It occurred to me that, if Lucas had cum, it would have plastered Ella’s face and upper chest.  But Ella seemed to know exactly what she was doing.

“Okay, that’s all for now,” Ella said, letting go of his cock.  “Gotta be careful he doesn’t shoot off to quick,” looking over at us.

Greg and I both nodded. 

“There is one more thing that I do for Oscar,” Ella added, looking back at the erect penis in front of her.  “I’ll show you this real quick.”

With that, Ella proceeded to give the underside of Oscar’s penis a gentle lick with the tip of her tongue, from the base of the shaft to the very tip.  Oscar moaned again, and his cock twitched a few times after she was done.  Ella looked over at us and put her right finger against her lips, urging us to be quiet.  Then she smiled, before returning her attention to Lucas’ cock.

Ella returned her right hand to the base of the shaft, bending it down slightly, before opening her mouth and wrapping her lips around the head.  Lucas didn’t know it, but he was getting his first blowjob.  Ella moved her mouth up and down a couple inches of the shaft a few times, then pulled back and let go, the hard cock springing back up, nearly slapping the bottom of the table.

“Okay, let’s move on to the next part,” Ella announced.  “I think it’s getting a bit too dangerous down here,” she continued with a little chuckle.

Ella crawled out from under the table and stood back up.  We stood up again too.  The girls couldn’t help but notice that both Greg and I had full erections and giggled.  Our cocks were nowhere near the size of Lucas’ hard penis, but they were both rock hard and pointing up toward the ceiling.  There was a difference between the two, however.  Part of the head of Greg’s cock was poking out from his foreskin.  The head of mine was still completely covered, as it typically was back then when I got an erection.  Almost phimosis.  As I got older, that mostly went away.

“Okay, I need you to turn over onto your back,” Ella said to Lucas.

Lucas did as he was instructed, being careful to pull his erect penis out of the hole, his cock still glistening with a bit of Ella’s saliva.  The massage oil, however, didn’t seem to leave much shimmer on Lucas’ skin.

We watched as Ella slowly massaged Lucas’ cock and balls.  He moaned some more.  But she was being careful not to give him too much stimulation.  She was mostly massaging his balls with her left hand, with her right hand wrapped around the shaft, but not moving much.

“The scrotum and testicles can also give a lot of pleasure,” Ella announced.

Ella then did something I didn’t expect.  She moved completely away from Lucas’ crotch with her hands, spending the next long while massaging the rest of his body, avoiding any contact with his genitals.  She also appeared to use more pressure, getting close to a deep tissue massage on his arms and legs.  It was almost as if Ella was waiting for Lucas to lose his erection, which eventually happened.  But it took some time.

“Alright, I think we’re ready for the next position,” Ella announced.

Ella had Lucas turn over again and get on all fours, resting on his elbows and knees with his legs spread.  He was grinning from ear to ear again in anticipation.

Ella put more oil on her hands then moved behind Lucas, facing his butt.  She massaged the crack of his ass with her right thumb and his balls with her left hand.  It didn’t take long for Lucas to get a full erection again.  Lucas closed his eyes and moaned softly.

“Just relax,” Ella told him, right before pushing her right index finger up against his oiled and puckered hole.

Maja gave a slight nervous giggle as Ella slowly plunged her finger past Lucas’ sphincter and into his rectum.  He moaned.

For the next minute or so Ella slowly finger fucked Lucas’ ass while massaging his balls.  We all watched in awe.  Ella wrapped her left thumb and index finger tightly around the base of Lucas’ scrotum, squeezing his balls pretty hard, and pushed her right index finger all the way into his ass.  Lucas groaned with pleasure, but it didn’t look like Ella was even moving.

“I actually made one boy ejaculate just doing this,” Ella said.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m massaging his prostate,” Ella announced.  “But I’m not ready to make this boy cum yet.”

Ella let go of Lucas’ balls and pulled her finger out of his ass.  Lucas was quietly panting.  But she wasn’t done with that position quite yet.  She stepped slightly to the side, a little closer to us, putting her left hand on Lucas’ left butt cheek, and used her right hand to slowly stroke the shaft of Lucas’ hard cock.  I noticed she avoided getting near the head, I presumed because she was still not wanting to make him cum.  This lasted for only a few strokes before Ella announced there was one more position to try.

Ella instructed Lucas to climb down from the table and get onto the chair.  She told him it was easiest to mount the chair from the front, facing away from the chair and using the rail at the bottom of the chair as a step.  It looked a little awkward for Lucas, especially with a full raging hard-on, but he managed to do it, and then put his feet into the stirrups as Ella instructed.  This gave Ella easy access to his ass and genitals again.

After getting more oil on her hands, Ella proceeded to insert her left index finger all the way into Lucas’ ass.  She also used the palm of her left hand to massage his balls, while at the same time using her right hand to stroke the shaft of Lucas’ penis, again avoiding the head to prolong the situation.  Lucas moaned quietly with pleasure the whole time.  In that position he could actually watch what Ella was doing, which I’m sure only intensified the stimulation.  Greg and I watched from one side of Ella.  The girls watched from the other.  Greg and I had full erections.

“I also do one other thing for Oscar,” Ella announced with a smile.

She leaned down and licked the shaft of Lucas’ cock from the base to the tip, like she had done in the first position.  But this time Lucas could see.  His mouth opened and he gasped.

Ella then bent his cock forward and took the head into her mouth.

“Ohh.” Lucas moaned.

Ella bobbed her head up and down a couple inches of the shaft a few times, then pulled back.  The head of Lucas’ cock was wet with saliva and swollen purple.  I was pretty sure he was ready to explode.

“Sometimes I let Oscar cum in my mouth,” Ella said.  “But I think I wanna have you squirt so everyone can see.”

Lucas nodded, his mouth still open.  He seemed a bit desperate for relief.

“Should I make him cum now?” Ella asked the girls.

They smiled and nodded.

Ella proceeded to stroke the full length of Lucas’ cock, this time including the head, while still massaging his balls and probing his ass with her finger.

It took only a few strokes before Lucas exploded.  His body jerked, his mouth stayed open, he moaned, and pulse after pulse of semen shot from his cock into the air before landing on his belly.

The girls giggled.

Ella expertly slowed her stroking during Lucas’ orgasm, and then slowly milked the last bit of thick white goo out of Lucas’s urethra by running her thumb up the shaft of his hard cock from base to tip.  Ella then smiled at Lucas, who was still breathing hard and moaning softly.  She leaned down and licked the small glob of pearly white cum from the tip of his cock into her mouth, as we all watched.

“Ooh,” Maja mumbled.

“Does it taste good?” Gen asked.

“It’s okay,” Ella said.  “A little salty.  I just wanted to see what his tasted like to see if it’s any different than Oscar’s.”

“Is it the same?” Gen asked.

“Pretty much, I think,” Ella answered.

“Do you ever taste the girls?” I asked.

Ella laughed.

“No,” Ella said.  “Just Oscar and now Lucas.”

Ella pulled her hands away from Lucas and told him to stay put while she got a towel to clean up the mess on his belly.

“I wonder if girls taste the same,” Gen wondered.

Ella laughed again.

“I don’t know,” Ella said.  “I guess you could ask Oscar.”

“Oscar?” Gen asked.

“Mmm hmm,” Ella responded as she retrieved a clean hand towel from the shelf.  “He’s tasted at least two.”

“Oh,” Gen said.  “Has he tasted you?”

Ella smiled.

“Mmm hmm,” Ella answered.  “He asked me to show him how to give me an orgasm.”

Ella proceeded to use the towel to clean up the semen from Lucas’ belly, some of which was starting to run down his side.

“Did he do it?” Gen asked.

“Do what?” Ella replied.

“Give you an orgasm,” Gen clarified.

“Mmm hmm,” Ella answered with a smile.  “In this very chair.”

“Wow,” Gen replied.

“Would you show me how to do that?” Lucas asked Ella as she tossed the used towel into the wicker basket.

“You mean show you how to make me cum?” Ella asked.

Lucas smiled and nodded.

“Hmm,” Ella said.

“I’d really like to try,” Lucas said with enthusiasm as he got off the chair.

I noticed that, for the first time since Ella was under the table, I no longer had an erection.  Neither did Greg.  I also noticed that Greg actually had little wisps of blond pubic hair above his cock and on his scrotum.  At that time, I was still perfectly bare.

“Well, when would you want to do that?” Ella asked.

“How about now?” Lucas offered with another smile.

“We’ve got plenty of time,” Gen added.

Ella looked over at her little sister.

“You mean you wanna watch that too?” Ella asked.

The two younger girls nodded.

“I don’t know about this,” Ella muttered.

“I’d really like to learn how to do that,” Lucas encouraged, his cock finally deflated after his orgasm.

“Well, it’s different for every girl,” Ella replied.  “And I don’t know if you’d like doing all the things that get me off.”

“I would,” Lucas replied.

Ella pondered for another moment.

“I guess we could try,” Ella said.  “But I don’t know if you’ll be able to make me cum with everyone watching.”

“Well I really wanna try,” Lucas responded.  “Even if I can’t make you cum, I wanna learn how to do it.”

Ella nodded and smiled.

“Well, you are kind cute,” Ella conceded.  “And I am kinda horny.”

Lucas smiled and nodded.

“And I guess it could be educational for you two,” Ella added, looking over at Greg and I.

We both nodded.

Ella told Lucas to get the chair and bring it over.  She then proceeded to lift herself into position on the gynecological chair.  Lucas quickly moved the clothes piled on the chair to the floor and brought the chair over.

Ella confirmed that he had sex education and knew the various parts of a girl’s genitals, but then realized that some of the younger audience members, namely Greg and I, probably didn’t.  So Ella had Lucas sit down in the chair so that he was staring at her spread open crotch area.  As before, Greg watched from one side of Lucas, and the girls from the other.

Ella spread herself open with her left hand and pointed out her inner lips, clitoris, urethra, and entrance to her vagina.  It was awesome.  Greg and I got erections again.

Ella explained that each girl is a little different, and that she would show him how she liked it done.  She first had him lick her pussy, but not her clit, which she covered up with the tips of her fingers.  She had him lick lightly up and down her slot, and then push his tongue into her as far as he could.

“Do you like my taste?” Ella asked Lucas.

“Mmm hmm,” he mumbled into her pussy.

“Good,” Ella said.  “You’re doing a good job.”

Ella took a deep breath and her facial expressions suggested she was finally letting herself enjoy the stimulation.

“Okay, so now I want you to play with my butt a little,” Ella said.  “If you don’t want to do it with your mouth, I’ll show you how to do it with your finger.”

But Lucas didn’t hesitate.  His mouth slid down over Ella’s taint and down to her puckered hole.

Lucas lapped at Ella’s anus.  Ella moaned quietly in approval.  Her pussy looked sopping wet from the earlier cunnilingus.

I felt like masturbating, but didn’t want to be the first one to do that, and Greg hadn’t touched himself at all, probably for the same reason.

“Ohh,” Ella moaned.  “That’s naughty.”

It looked like Lucas was actually stabbing his tongue into Ella’s tight hole, and I guessed that maybe Oscar hadn’t done that to her.

“Okay, back off for a second,” Ella hissed.

Lucas did so.  His mouth was covered in Ella’s wetness and his own saliva, as was Ella’s pussy, taint, and anus.

“Put a finger in me,” Ella directed.

Lucas smiled as he rubbed his right index finger along Ella’s wet slot and pushed it into her vagina.

“Mmm,” Ella moaned quietly.  “Get it really wet.”

Lucas slowly finger fucked Ella until she gave the next command.

“Now take it out and put it in my butt,” Ella directed.

Lucas did as he was told, and slid his wet finger out of her pussy and moved it down to her anus.  Lucas pushed gently as Ella moaned again.  His finger went in all the way.  Without prompting, Lucas slowly finger fucked Ella’s ass like he had done to her pussy a moment before.

“Okay, just push it in and out slowly like that,” Ella continued.  “And now you can lick my clit.”

Ella moved her hand away.

Lucas smiled and moved his head back toward Ella’s crotch.

“Just lick it lightly at first,” Ella said.  “Real gentle.”

Lucas followed her instructions.  Her mouth opened and she moaned approval.

“Mmm,” Ella muttered.  “You can do little circles around it too.”

Ella closed her eyes at the burst of pleasure she must have felt.

This went on for a minute or so, with Ella showing increasing signs of an approaching orgasm.  She put her hands on the back of Lucas’ head and pulled his head down harder against her body.

“Faster,” she hissed.

More moans and heavy breathing then came from Ella.

“A little faster,” Ella hissed again.

Ella’s body started jerking around a bit, although not enough to move the position of Lucas’ mouth, especially with her holding his head hard against her.

“Oh, you’re gonna make me cum,” Ella moaned.

Her body started jerking more dramatically, and her moans got louder.  She also barked commands at Lucas, telling him to slow down, and eventually pushed his head back down and away from her clit, such that he could lap at her pussy again.

“Okay, okay,” Ella said, letting go of Lucas’ head.

Lucas backed off and I saw Ella’s groin area pulse in what must have been the last moments of her orgasm.  Her pussy looked very wet and a darker shade of pink.

Ella took a deep breath and stared at the ceiling for a moment.

“Well, you did it,” she announced with a chuckle, looking down at Lucas, who was smiling broadly with a mouth covered in wetness.

Lucas smiled.


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