Welkome to Erotika by Khanundrum

All that is herein contained is not for the consumption of those under the legal age to be in possession of Adult Material or Materiel in any wise, guise, and shape or form in any region, municipality, county, state or nation. If you is not of proper age or legal station, then you should oughta not be a readin' this here!!!


That having been said…WELCOME!!! It is good to have you here! I hope you will enjoy the time you spend here and let me know what I could do better?
I am always looking for direction in this life.

You can ask my wife! lol

At last! Book I is finished! I hope you enjoy it!


Glasage et Noir 1 - Glasage et Noir 2 - Glasage et Noir 3 - Glasage et Noir 4 Glasage et Noir 5 - Glasage et Noir 6 - Glasage et Noir 7 - Glasage et Noir 8 Glasage et Noir 9 - Glasage et Noir 10 - Glasage et Noir 11 - Glasage et Noir 12 Glasage et Noir 13 - Glasage et Noir 14
Book I Complete (PDF)



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