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End Reader License Agreement ("ERLA")
By proceeding beyond the end of this license you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth herein.
  1. Kenn Ghannon, his heirs and designates, (“the Licensor”) provide you ( “End Reader”) with a non-exclusive license to read, copy and display all erotic prose contained within the body of this web site (“the Site”) unless otherwise specifically noted and conditioned on the following clauses:
    1. The End Reader shall not by action or omission of action allow the Site in whole or in part to be made available on any medium for which there is an additional cost incurred beyond the intrinsic cost of the core medium (where core medium is explicitly defined as the cost of the final reader’s base Internet connection from his or her ISP; hereafter called “the Connection”).
    2. The End Reader shall not by action or omission of action allow a link, otherwise known as a hyper-link, or an FTP transfer or any other data transfer currently known or unknown to occur to the Site where the cost of that data transfer is subject to a fee separate from the fee of the Connection.
    3. The End Reader shall not by action or omission of action allow a minor (where minor is explicitly defined as being below the age of sexual consent in the county, state, municipality or country where the targeted reader lives) to read the Site in whole or in part.
    4. The End Reader is not him- or her-self such a minor as defined in article 1c.
    5. The End Reader is not morally, legally, or emotionally prohibited from or otherwise against the reading of erotic literature which may include but is not limited to written acts of sexual intercourse either protected or unprotected, sexual deviancy, intimacy, polygamy, incest, and/or pedophilia.
    6. The End Reader shall not, in whole or in part, refer to any part of the Site as your work.
  2. This license Agreement is made between the End Reader and the Licensor and is governed by the laws in the state of New York in the United States of America.
  3. This license Agreement is subject to revision at any time without advance notice of any kind.
  4. Kenn Ghannon retains complete rights to the Site, in whole and in all its parts.
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