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This is my humble stories archive. Within, you will find stories mostly regarding exhibitionism, voyeurism, some humiliation and also non-consensual, all straight.

Although I've published a few stories, I still feel like a beginner at writing, so any feedback is appreciated. Send it to:

Note 2010: I write very seldom nowadays, so don't expect anything even though a new story was just posted...

Finished stories

Crowded (FF+) [HTML]

A woman dreams of a very strange and pleasant train ride

Bored at Work, part 1(F-solo) [Text] [HTML]

What happens when a woman has too little to do at work, and both mind and fingers wander

Bored at Work, part 2(FF) [Text] [HTML]

The events continue as the female boss surprises the main character

Claudia, part 1(FF) [Text] [HTML] Reworked, extended!

A woman gets abruptly woken up from her sleepy house-wife life, when her husband sets up a swinging meeting for them.

Roots (MMF, reluc, bond) [Text] [HTML]

A woman gets stuck while investigating old folklore, and gets 'help' from two strangers.

The Collector: The Chance Meeting (sexless) [Text][HTML]

The main character stumbles upon the person who had sex with his wife and stripped her in public, and decides to follow him.

The Collector: The Bikini (MF, exhib, humil) [Text][HTML]

How the collecting started, by meeting the ex at a public bath.

The Collector: The Uniform (MF, l-bond, humil) [Text][HTML]

How a rare item was achieved: a police uniform.

Rosby Park (voy, exhib, humil, FF) [Text][HTML] Revised!

A woman finds out why you should be nice to homeless, and how to handle being naked at the office.

Flight adventures I: the soiled dress (FF, exhib) [Text] [HTML]

First part of what I hope becomes a serie. An accident on an airplane leads to unexpected lust and uncovering.

Flight adventures II: The dreaming (FF, exhib, oral) [Text] [HTML]

Second part of a serie. Continuing the flight, Susan has strange but pleasant dreams

The concert (voy, exhib, MF, humil, M+F) [Text] [HTML]

A woman has a sexual encounter with a twist during a rock concert. The husband has to watch all the time. Getting out isn't easy, either.

Stuck (exhib, m-solo, public) [Text] [HTML]

This is a rather old one that reappeared, about the problems of wearing too tight dresses.

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