Sex Stories by Jack Potter

Hello, stranger. Welcome to my web site. This is the home of several sexually explicit stories written by me, Jack Potter. As you can see I'm just getting started here, but I've really enjoyed writing these stories and am looking forward to writing some more.

Before I forget: Thank you for visiting. If you like my site, stories, love of the color green, name, or whatever please feel free to let me know via email. I've really appreciated all the comments, suggestions, etc, I've received so far and nothing motivates me to write more like email from my readers. Thanks!

Last, but certainly not least, I'd like to thank ASSTR for hosting this site.


Four Stories (text)
Lenth: approx. 3200 words
Codes: MF mf MF MF rom anal
Date: 8/24/2001
In Four Stories I write about one night in the sex lives of four different couples. Each couple's experiences are as different as their personalities. This is my personal favorite, and has been my most well received story to date.
Endgame (text)
Length: approx. 2100 words
Codes: MF MF rom cheat
Date: 8/28/2001
In Endgame I revisit the relationship between Bill and Cass (from Four Stories). Bill's friends disapprove of his relationship with the older Cass in this piece. I'm not sure this story works as well as I'd like. It leaves some unanswered questions that I may address in a follow-up or rewrite.
Ophelia (text)
Length: approx. 1550 words
Codes: Mf cons viol
Date: 8/30/2001
Ophelia is a short piece without much sex. There is also some violence so some readers may want to skip this one. That said, Ophelia is probably my favorite story so far.
The Babysitter's Discovery Parts 1, 2 (text: 1, 2)
Length: approx. 5550 words (unfinished)
Codes: Mf MFf Mf f-solo oral anal
Date: 9/2/2001 to ???
The Babysitter's Discovery is my attempt at a trashy serial. The codes indicated are for what I have planned as of now, and are subject to change. I'd love to receive story requests, so if there is anything you'd like to see introduced to this story, let me know.

If you are not familiar with the codes listed above, they are story codes used by authors on the usenet heirarchy. Basically they are used to convey a general overview of what variety of sex is present in a story. For more on interpreting these story codes try the Story Codes for Readers FAQ.

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