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So... who is this JiMC guy anyway?

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JiMC is a pseudonym that I use when I'm writing stories and want to be anonymous. My stories are usually (but not always) from a male perspective, and occasionally contain scenes of non-consensual sex, specifically Mind Control (MC).

In the picture to the left, I'm the one on the left of Christy Brinkley, receiving a kiss. (The image has been altered slightly to remove any personally identifiable information.)

If you want to find out more, I've written a bit of a FAQ Document that should answer any question you may have about me.

I have a web mail account that I try to keep SPAM-free where people can write to me, and if I receive a personal message, I will usually reply. I especially like hearing from readers and their thoughts about my writings. Of course, if you wish privacy, then sending email isn't an optimal solution. You could, instead, use the feedback page to write to me in an anonymous fashion. But I can only respond if you send me your email address. It's your call, but I promise to respect your privacy as much as I value my own.


Friday, 23 Sep 2005
The sequel to Lucky Tickets, called Lucky Stiff has been posted onto this site. I'll start posting chapters of the next sequel in this series sometime in 2006.
Monday, 15 Sep 2004
I'm currently posting the sequel to Lucky Tickets on StoriesOnline (SOL) on a weekly basis. I've just posted the sixth chapter of about forty, and will be posting regularly until the sequel is complete. There will be another sequel to follow, as well.
Monday, 2 Aug 2004
My longest story to date, Dream State is complete and now available on asstr.org. I started writing this story in late 2000, and only finished it now.

My (Favorite) Stories

Lucky Tickets II: Lucky Stiff
Posted: September, 2005
Size: 2.2M (HTML)
334,465 words (text)

Novel (46 chapters + Prologue and Afterword)
In this second entry of the Lucky Tickets saga, our hero learns about friendship, love, and other important lessons about life as this tale follows him through tenth grade and into eleventh grade. (46 Chapters, 334,465 words total)
Note: To get a good appreciation for this story, please read the original story first, which can be found at:
Link to spotlight.

MF FF mc, md, magic, romance

Dream State
Posted: August, 2004
Size: 1.3M
Novel (26 chapters + Epilogue)

What truly is the "stuff that dreams are made of?" Bogey's description of money aside, this is a tale of self-discovery for Jim when he confronts a rather strange and (hopefully?) unique ability. Or, is he just dreaming? (26 Chapters, 192,350 words total)

Link to spotlight and a digression. (Warning: spoilers!)

MF FF Mult fant rom cons mc Mdom oral

The Sox Bet
Posted: June, 2004
Size: 4K
Short Story

Sometimes, the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry can go too far. Regional pride is at stake, right?

Link to spotlight and a digression.

MF, MMF, ...

Posted: May, 2004
Size: 31K
Short Story

Lisa finds herself confused while having coffee with Harry.

Link to spotlight and a digression.

MF, oral, humor(?)

The Blouse
Posted: May, 2004
Size: 43K
Short Story

Tracy finds the most awesome blouse at the department store. She simply has to have it right now, but she has no money for it.

Link to spotlight and a digression.

Mf(2), oral

This describes (oral) sex between adult males and two sixteen year old females.

Lucky Tickets
Posted: October, 2003
Size: 852K
Novel (20 Chapters + Afterword)
Microsoft Reader eBook
MobiPocket Reader eBook

A teenage boy stumbles upon a roll of "lucky tickets." This is a coming of age story about this lucky boy.

Link to spotlight and a digression.

This story seems to be the most popular of my stories. I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe there's something about long stories that allows people to "get to know" the characters, allowing them to become friends. Or maybe, I'm reading too much into the responses that I receive. [smile]

mf, ff, 1st, humil, mc, md non-con, rom, teen

The characters engaging in sex in the story are all teenagers and are under the age of eighteen.

Rental Property
Posted: May, 2000
Size: 60K
Short Story

Bobbie's husband has been laid off, and they are finding it difficult to make ends meet. Bobbie decides to ask a co-worker for a loan.

Link to spotlight.

MF, fant, rom, cons

Don't Talk To Strangers
Posted: September, 2002
Short Story

Did your mommy ever tell you not to talk to strangers? Well, this is the story about a self-described "monster" who is the personification of what your mommy was trying to warn you about.

Author's note: I've been considering doing a sequel or two for this story. What do you think?

MF, Mdom, anal, caution, coer, mc, solo

Following Orders
Posted: April, 2001
Short Story

A random encounter brings Kay and Jim together in a supermarket. Jim finds that Kay has a rather unique quality about her. Read the story to find out more.

MF, fant, mc, Mdom

Hysterical Paralysis
Posted: October, 2002
Short Story

Sonja gets an attack during her commute home from work.

MF, non-con, rape, oral, pett

Second Base
Posted: February, 2001
Short Story

Helen sneaks out of her house to attend a party on a school night with her boyfriend, Matt. However, things don't turn out completely the way she had intended.

Author's note: One of my "Helen Stories," which are a bunch of vignettes that I write about a young girl named Helen. I do this mostly to practice writing from a female point of view. Occasionally, some of my "Helen Stories" turn into other stories or novels (eg, "Lucky Tickets").

mf, fant, blkml

The characters engaging in sexual situations in the story are all teenagers and are under the age of eighteen.

Note that this is not the definitive collection of my stories. There are other stories which I have written and posted on the internet, that do not fit here for one of three reasons:

  1. The stories are in progress. I am only posting completed stories on this page.
  2. The stories, in my opinion, are not as good as the other ones.
  3. The story was written specifically for a particular web site.

You can find these other stories at Stories Online.

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