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Storms Never Last
Terry grew up in the wine country of Sonoma County, California. He fell in love with Annie, the girl from the next vineyard over,and they pledged to live their lives together. Life can be sweet but sometimes there can be storms. Join them in their search for love and happiness.
Slowly but Surely Slade Ransom gets shot by the Sheriff in Ogallala, mistaking him for a bank robber. Eluding the posse he hides out then makes his way to Northern Colorado to take over as foreman of a troubled ranch, the Circle R. Between rustlers, trail drives and two beautiful women maybe the posse was a better choice. This is a straight Western.
Within Your Crowd
Billy Ray finds the girl of his dreams, but get beat up by her dad's goons and thrown off the place. Is there room for him in Madison's crowd?

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